Louisa Lewis and George Lewis v. Henry N. Hart
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her husband at Chicagoabouta
year and a half ago.- her husband
died at Chicago. she then came back
& lived & washed&worked where & as she had
lived before - plffs mother boarded with
her about a month before she got
her house on Wash Street.- her mother
told me LouisaLouisa & her child should be free
at her death. This was while she boarded
with plaintiff - plaintiff rentedhouse
from the same Landlord I did -
This admitted that plain
tiff acted as a free person

Witness - plaintiffs mother
knew she rented the house - she
worked for the many to pay the rent
Louisas mother told me that plain
tiffs child should have all
of her property at her death She told
me this before she bought the WashWash
street house & while she boarded with
plaintiff - I saw her frequently during
the day -

Cross Examined - I could not help but see her when
I went to my door.ourhouses were
near joining - I with her

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& my husband did - he sometimes went
to see her when he wanted washing done
& when I sent him or he had an errand.
we were friendly but not intimate-
I saw her sometimes every day -
she eat sometimes with me & I with
her - her mother boarded a while with
her - Dont know whether it was for
pay - or only staying with her daughter.
knew plffs husband - welivedjoining.
I becameacquaintedwith him in the yard - he belonged to Mr.-
Mr. set him free he was nearly white
as LouisaLouisa - GeorgeGeorge is Louisas child -
I dont know who is his father - hard
to tell who is a childs father now a days - I have
children. I know the father of my
children - when I say I dont know
GeorgesGeorges father I mean I have no know
ledge about the father

MrsBrownBrown testified
I have known plaintiff about
eight years, have known her
mother about same time