Louisa Lewis and George Lewis v. Henry N. Hart
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LouisaLouisa , the plaintiff lived at Chicago
about two months. This was about a
year and a half ago. She returned from
there to St LouisSt Louis about a year ago - she
returned here after her husband died at
Chicago - her mother lived on 6th street - her
mother gave up her house & boarded with plain
tiff about one month & then moved to her
home on Wash Street - plaintiff lived by
washing & her son GeorgeGeorge went to school
from her own house - during her
life time. I heard LizzieLizzie (plffs mother) say
that Louis a was as free as she was, that
she never bought her to be a slave for
any person. I have heard her say that often
I suppose one hundred times - I
knew plaintiffs mother well. I lived
about five years in the same house
she lived in. I heard her speak of
plaintiff often during that time -
always when she spoke of her
she said "plaintiff was free, as free
as she was herself." she spoke also of
GeorgeGeorge , plaintiffs son. she said GeorgeGeorge
was free as well as his mother, and
that all the property she owned was GeorgesGeorges
I have heard her say this more than
once. I lived at same house with
LizzieLizzie up to about two years before

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she gave up the 6th street house - These
Conversations I have spoken of were
frequent - LizzieLizzie sent plaintiff to
live as a free person - - I heard her
say so -

LizzieLizzie knew all about plaintiffs
going to Chicago - she said she could
stay as long as she pleased. she said
she did not care whether she ever
cameback or not. I dont know
what her purpose was in going to Chicago.
If her husband had not died she
would have remained there. I know her
mother knew all about it - I heard
plaintiff say in her mothers presence
she wanted to go to Chicago to see
her husband. she did not say in her
mothers presence about how long she stayed
then - Her mother said "go along &
stay as long as she pleased she did
not care if she never came back -
plaintiffs husband was then living
in Chicago - LizzieLizzie had spells of
sickness while I lived there. she was
always very sick, she had several spells -
plaintiff always came when she was
sick, & when she would get well, plff
would go home again - LizzieLizzie would