Louisa Lewis and George Lewis v. Henry N. Hart
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go two or there times a year to
visit plaintiff & plaintiff would
return her visits -

CrossExamined - witness said -
I live on 7th Street between Wash &
FranklinAvenue. have lived there
a year the 10th of March I lived
one year on Morgan Street before I
lived on 6th withLizzieLizzie Dickson - I went
then when she bought the house, that
was five years ago. I left there two
years ago. LizzieLizzie died July 4thlast.-
It might be more than two years
before LizzieLizzie died that I left her
home - I did not live with her
I rented from her. have known
LizzieLizzie eight years - I lived there
five years - I am married, when
I lived at that home I was not
married, I lived by myself -
LizzieLizzie never talked about "any" thing else
than this - I always heared her say
plaintiff & GeorgeGeorge were as free as
herself, of course I have hered
her talk about other things, I
was intimatewith her. I always
took her money to bank for her
LizzieLizzie said in the same Conversations
she had bought LouisaLouisa to be free

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she said she had bought her from MississippiMississippi from aMr- she said
she never bought her to be a slave
but to be as free as she was herself.
she said her property was to [ bee ] the
George's she said she would set Louis & GeorgeGeorge free
at her death I recollect it
Re examined- testified, that
LizzieLizzie said she had bought
LouisaLouisa to be free & not to be a
slave; from the time I first
knew her, I heard her often say
frequently plaintiff was free
was as free as she was

GeorgeGeorge - recalled
Deft objected - overruled &

Witness testified I have heard
plaintiffs mother many times
say that LouisaLouisa was free &
could go where she pleased. I
cant say when I first heard
her say this, have heard her say
this at different times for the
last twelve years - she said
she intended giving her property