Louisa Lewis and George Lewis v. Henry N. Hart
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By Court


If the jury find from the evidence that
LizzieLizzie Dickson the mother of the Plaintiff
LouisaLouisa , and the grandmother of the boy
GeorgeGeorge was a free negro, - that before the
birth of GeorgeGeorge she purchased LouisaLouisa
for the purpose of securing her freedom
that she treated LouisaLouisa as her daughter
and as a free person - That she per
mitted her to live by herself and to
act as a free person - that she allowed
her to go to IllinoisIllinois to reside and to remain
there as long as she pleased - that on
her return after the death of her
husband she permitted her to live
alone - that she allowed her in all
respects to act and deal as a free person. -
that she frequently declared that
LouisaLouisa and her child were free and declared her purpose to give
her property at her death to GeorgeGeorge
or to LouisaLouisa and GeorgeGeorge , then the
Jury are authorized to find that
the Plaintiff is a free person