Isham Shaw v. Augustus H. Evans
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IshamShawShaw by next friend
Aug H. EvansH Evans

In the St LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court
Sept Term A.D. 1860.

JuliaJulia Shaw AnnShawJulia Shaw , by
her next friend


Now comes the said next friend to wit,
John JacksonJackson as agent of the plaintiff in each of the
above entitled causes, and being duly sworn
on his oath says, that he has the
entire management of said cases to C.C.
CarrollCarroll Esq; that there are many facts
with said cases of a Kind which it
would take a long time to explain to any other at
torney, and that in as much as the said casesare
set for trial in the 8Cirt, he is certain the
intersets of the plaintiffs in said causes would
be greatly if any other attorney
s have & try said causes without having reasonable time
to prepare for the trail of them: this affiant is
informed & believes that said CarrollCarroll is expected to be absent
from the City on the day said causes are set
for trial, on a sudden call of Judicial
duty- This affiant therefore prays the

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Honorable Court to continue the
said Causes to the next Term of Court, or to
some other day in this CurrentTerm:

John JacksonJackson

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this 27th day of November A.D. 1860

JohnJohn M MJohn M .WaltonWalton Clerk

of the Law Commissioners Court