Julia Ann Shaw v. Augustus H. Evans
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Julia ShawJulia Shaw
AugustusAugustus H. EvansH Evans

In the St LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court .

Defendant for answer to the
petition of plaintiff states and says as
follows. He denies that plaintiff is entitled
to her freedom. He denies that plaintiff
was born free. He admits that plaintiff
was born in the City of St LouisCity of St Louis but
states and avers that defendant at the
time of her birth owned the mother
of plaintiff as his slave, and that
said plaintiff was born while his
mother was the slave of defendant
that he never set the defendant
free and that the said plaintiff now
is and has always been a slave.
He states that the mother of plaintiff
ran her off out of this state several
years ago and pretended that she
said plaintiff was dead, and so
soon as he knew of plaintiffs return to this
state he caused her to be apprehended
as his slave and lodged in jail for
safe keeping and which in jail tha plain
tiff obtained leave to bring this suit- Defendant
asks to be hence discharged & C.

Johnson & Tucker