Julia Ann Shaw v. Augustus H. Evans
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IshamShaw &
JuliaAnn Plaintiff
AugustusAugustus H. EvansH Evans

In the St. LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court
February Term, A.D. 1860.

John JacksonJackson agent of each
of the plaintiff, being duly sworn, on his
oath says, that Oliver Bennett, who is a
merchant, and a resident, as this affiant is
informed & believes, of the City of Boston in the
State of Massachusetts, and has been a resident
of that place for the last year & more
is a material witness for the plaintiff in the
trial of each of the above entitled cases:-
that he has not been in this state since
the institution of said suits that cases; that
within the last week, it has been described
that said Bennett is a material witness
in said cases for the Plaintiff: that no other
witness is in attendance, or within the reach
of the process of this Court to the Knowledge of affiant or plaintiff upon which testimony
the plaintiff can safely rely to prove
the particular facts that the absent witness
is expected to prove; that the said JacksonJackson
agent of each of the plaintiffs believes that
plaintiff cannot safely go to trial without
the testimony of such absent witness; that
he is not absent by the consent
of the plaintiff: that there has not been
time to procure the deposition of said witness
since his materiality was known; that this ap
plication is not made for vexation or delay
but in sincerity & truth, for the purposes of
justice: that if these causes are continueduntil

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the next Term of this Court, the plaintiff will he able
to procure the testimony of the said Oliver Bennett by
deposition. He therefore prays, that the Court will continue
said causes until the next Term of this Court.

Sworn to subscribed before
me May 11 1860

John JacksonJackson

S Rice Clk