Julia Ann Shaw v. Augustus H. Evans
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JuliaJulia Shaw ShawJulia Shaw
AugusH. EvansH Evans

In the Saint LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court .
February Term 1861.

And now comesAugustusAugustus H. EvansH Evans ,
the above named defendant, and,
by leave of the Court here first had,
files this his Answer
to the petition of the plaintiff and
states that he denies that JuliaJulia Shaw
ShawJulia Shaw , the above named plaintiff,
is entitled to her freedom. Defen

dant admits that said plaintiff
was born in the City of Saint LouisSt Louis,
but denies that said plaintiff
was hour for and that the
defendant unlawfully holds her
in slavery.

Defendant for further
answer avers and states that
defendant at the time of the
birth of the plaintiff held and
owned the mother of the plaintiff
as his slave; that some years
ago the said mother of the
plaintiff removed said plaintiff,
or caused said plaintiff to be re

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moved out of this state and repre
sented to defendant that plaintiff
was dead; that so soon as the
return of plaintiff to this state came
to the Knowledge of defendant,
defendant caused her to be apprehended
and lodged in jail
as his slave and soon thereafter,
that is to say on or about the Ninth
day of June in the year 1859 without notice that said plaintiff claimed to be entitled to freedom sold
and delivered said plaintiff as a
slave to me Alexander Williams
and that plaintiff is now the
property of said Williams.

Defts Atty.