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Title: David Stone Co. et. al. v. Executors of Manuel Lisa et. al.
Plaintiff: David Stone Co. (a partnership)
Stone, David
Bellow, Josiah
Bostwick, Oliver N.
Defendant: the Executors of Manuel Lisa
Lisa, Mary
Hempstead, Charles
The Missouri Fur Company (a partnership)
Hempstead, Thomas
Pilcher, Joshua
Perkins, Joseph
Zenoni, John B.
Woods, Andrew
Carson, Moses B.
Hempstead, Charles
Date Filed:
Cause of Action: Petition to Forclose Mortgage

Case Number: 35
Court: St. Louis Circuit Court
Publication Info: St. Louis, Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis, University Libraries

The original document is part of the Missouri State Archives St Louis Circuit Court collection.

Availability: PDM