Pierre Menard et. al. v. Calise Montardy
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No 1

St. LouisSt Louis Common Pleas

Pierce Menard
Wm Monsour &
George DruillardGeorge Druillard
Calise Montardy

200 $

This is an action of trespass
on the case to receive,
money due on a note
hand payable in during
the clerk will
issue a capias ad -
respondendum and
order bail to the amt.
of $ 200 -

EastonEaston plffs atty

$2 for & fee
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St. LouisSt Louis District . Pierre MenardPierre Menard
WilliamWilliam Morison Manuel LisaManuel Lisa and GeorgeGeorge Druillard
DruillardGeorge Druillard Plaintiffs merchants late in company
trading under the name and title of,
Msrs,Pierre MenardPierre Menard WilliamWilliam Moison
Manuel LisaManuel Lisa and company the name,
of their said Copartnership complain of
Calise Montardy of a plea of trespass
on the case for that the said Montardy
the defendant on the twenty fourth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight
at St. LouisSt Louis in the District of St. LouisSt Louis
and within the jurisdiction of this court
made his certain promissory, note in writing, under his
signature of that date and then there
delivered the same to the said plaintiff,
in the words and figures following to wit,
âje Calise Montardy sur ma maigue
ordinaire et presence ales, sermoin Certifie
âdevoir et promet payer a l'ordre de Mrs
"L. Menard M. Morison dollar Manuel LisaManuel Lisa , et
âcomp a la somme de cent soixante
âquinze piastres douze sols, en peaux de
cheuseuil de aux, prix du cours
âpour solde de toute compte jusqua, a cell
âjour au fay de quoy je flais le signe d'une
craix epres lectuse faite St. LouisSt Louis24 Aou & 1808â
Calise X Montard


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and thereby acknowledge to owe,.

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promised to pay the said plaintiffs by the
stile and name of their paid copartnership,
the sum of one hundred seventy five dollars
and twelve cents in deer hides
at the currant price
to balance all accounts to the date of the
said note.

Yet the paid defendant although after
paid the said sum,
of money, or any part thereof in deer
skin, at the currant price or other
wise howsoever to said plaintiffs but the same to pay
to paid plaintiffs or any part thereof he
said defendant has hitherto wholly refused
and still does refuse to the said plaintiffs
their damage of two hundred dollars
and therefore they bring suit by
dated March 28th 1809.

EastonEaston their Atty

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Territory of LouisianaLouisiana
Diestrict of Saint LouisSt Louis

The United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica to the sheriff,
of Saint LouisSt Louis district, Greeting

We command you to take Calis Montardy if he may be
found within your bailiwick, and him safe keep so that you may
have his body before the, judges, of our Court of common pleas to be
holden at the town of Saint LouisSt Louis within and for the district
of Saint LouisSt Louis on the first Monday of July next then there to
answer unto Pierre MenardPierre Menard WilliamWilliam Morrison ,MorrisonWilliam Morrison ,, Manuel LisaManuel Lisa
& George DruillardGeorge Druillard Merchants trading, in company under the
that of Pierre MenardPierre Menard , WilliamWilliam Morrison MorrisonWilliam Morrison ,ManuelManuel Lisa ,
LisaManuel Lisa & Company, of a plea of trespass on the case to the damage,
of the said Menard Morrison, Lisa &, Co. the sum of, two hundred
dollars and have you then there this writ.

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Witness the honorable Silas BentSilas Bent , presiding,
judge of our said court at St LouisSt Louis aforesaid
this twenty eight day of March in the year one thousand eight hundred and nine and
of the Independency the United StateUnited States
the thirty third

Thos FThomas F Riddick .RiddickThomas F Riddick

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That is required for $200


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Defendant not found
denied, by plain
tiff not to take him.

JerJeremiah Connor .ConnorJeremiah Connor shf.

Now. est. 50 cts
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