Antoine Dubreuil v. Manuel Lisa
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DistrictDistrict of Saint Louis of SaintDistrict of Saint Louis LouisDistrict of Saint LouisSs.

Antoine Dubreuil complains of ManuelManuel Lisa
LisaManuel Lisa a of a plea that he render to him the sum of the thousand
Dollars lawful money of the United StatesUnited States which to him the
said ManuelManuel owes and from him unjustly detains, for that
the said ManuelManuel at the town of Saint LouisSt Louis in the District
aforesaid the Tenth day of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and seven, by one certain writing of that
date, by signed and the plaintiff then there
delivered, bound and obliged himself to pay to the plaintiff
the sum of one thousand dollars lawful many of the
United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica, on demand as by a copy of the
said writing hereunto annexed and in the court here shown
will appear

and also for that whereas on the Tenth day of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and seven
at the Town and DistrictDistrict of Saint Louis of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis, the said plaintiff and one BenitoBenito Varquez made and certain articles of
agreement with the said Manuel LisaManuel Lisa one part where of
the hands of the said plaintiff and ManuelManuel is in
court produced, written agreement
the said promised and obliged to give and
furnish to the said plaintiff BenitoBenito , two men, the one
namedPierrePierre and the other calls men , and in
case of the death of -then also other good men, for
the purpose of hunting and working for the benefit and profit
of the said BenitoBenito and the plaintiff on the expedition to be
taken by the said ManuelManuel up the MissouriMissouri for there
year successively, from the time of the departure of the
and the said ManuelManuel therein thereby obliged himself
to pay the said to permit them with pro-
visioned, and to transport them at his costs and changes the
said expedition, and the said ManuelManuel further and among
other things obliged himself to furnish to the said DubreuilDubreuil
and BenitoBenito , at his own costs and charges, sixteen good beaver
traps:- also good guns or rifles. ""
and other ammunities necessary for the said
hunt? to carry the said DubreuilDubreuil and BenitoBenito in the
place, and to permit then constantly

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at his the said Manuel's table: and the said DubreuilDubreuil and
BenitoBenito among other things therein promised the said ManuelManuel to go with
the said ManuelManuel on said expedition to take care and have care
taken of the effects of the said ManuelManuel to obey him in case of
attack by the Indians: to in all which he should
do in this respect to which when necessary for
the common safety, and work will the said ManuelManuel , at all
the labour he should employ himself about to render an
account of the produce of their said hunt, and of the
HuntHunt of the said two men before named, the offer and proceeds
of which said hunt were thereby to be divided two thirds thereof
to the said ManuelManuel , and the other one past to them
the said DubreuilDubreuil and BenitoBenito to the true performance
of all of which the said Manuel, Dubreuil and BenitoBenito
bound themselves reach to the other in the sum of One
thousand Dollars money of the United StatesUnited States and
the plaintiff was he died in of said contract
or agreement afterwards on the tenth day of May in
the same ManuelManuel
from Saint LouisSt Louis in and upon the said expedition and
has well and truly kept, done and performed all and
singular the conditions in the said contract or agree-
ment, in his part to be done kept and performed, yet-
the said ManuelManuel not being ignorant of the premises
but contriving and maliciously intending the said
plaintiff in his behalf to injure and deceive, did
not furnish to him the said plaintiff the said
nor either of them before mentioned to it PierrePierre Cruzal and
calis Montardy - although neither of them were dead.
nor did the said ManuelManuel furnish the said plaintiff
with one good Rifle, Furre, Gun, for Caraline : nor did
he permit him to at his the said Manuels table: nor did
the said ManuelManuel labour works at the same labour which
he compelled the said plantiff to work and labour
at-:- and to the saidManuelManuel his promises afore-

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Territory of LouisianaLouisiana
District of St LouisSt Louis


The United StatesUnited States of AmericaAmerica to the Sheriff of
the District of St. LouisSt Louis Greeting


We command you to summons Manuel LisaManuel Lisa if he may be found
within your bailiwick that he be and appear before the judges of our court
of common pleas to be holden at the town of StSt Louis. LouisSt Louisin and for the
District of St LouisSt Louis on the first Monday of July next then there
to answer unto AntoineAntoine Dubreuille of a plea of trespass on the can
to the damage of the said AntoineAntoine the sum of thousand
dollars and have you then there this writ

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Witness the honor Silas BentSilas Bent presiding judge of
our said court at the town of St. LouisSt Louis aforesaid
this ninth day of June in year of our lord one- thousand eight hundred and nine of our Inde-
pendence the thirty third

Thoff RiddickThoff Riddick clk

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July Term 1809
Antoine Dubreuil
Manuel LisaManuel Lisa


Jer ConnorJeremiah Connor Shf.

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This action is brought to
recover money due on breach
of contract - Let a
summon is trespass on the
case, damage p1000, issue


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Sevices $0, 80
Mileagr $0 10
$0 90

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said hath not kept, although often though required, to the
damage of the Plaintiff the sum of one thousand
dollars wherefore by

E. HempsteadEdward Hempstead