Gilbert Russell vs. Edward Hempstead
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of the said , have been often required
but the same to him to pay altogether refused,
the same to him to pay, the said EdwardEdward
May still both refuse whereupon the
said GilbertGilbert says he is da
mage to the value of Four hundred dollars
he brings said.

I. A. Graham

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District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis

The sheriff of the district of
Saint LouisSt Louis Greeting

We command you to summons Edward HempsteadEdward Hempstead admin-
istrator of all and singular the goods and chattels , Rights and credits which
were of Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis accused that accused -> declared ? he be & appear before the judges of
court of common pleas to be holder at the town of Saint LouisSt Louis in and for
the district of Saint LouisSt Louis on the first Monday of March than there
to answer unto GilbertGilbert C. RussellRussell of a plea of trespass on the case to the
damage of the said GilbertGilbert C. RussellRussell the sum of four
hundred dollars have you then there this writ

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Witness the honbl Silas BentSilas Bent Esquire presiding judge of our said
court at the town of saint louis aforesaid this fourteenth day of december in the year our lord one thousand eight hundred & Ten
and four independence the thirty fifth

Thos. Riddick, clk

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No 7
GilbertGilbert C. RussellRussell
Edward HampsteadEdward Hampstead

Administrator of the
estate of Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis
March Term 1811

Issue summons

J. A. Graham


A McNairA McNair Shf

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District of St. LouisSt Louis


Gilbert C. RussellRussell complains of Ed-
ward HempsteadHempstead , administrator of all & singular the goods rights , which
were of MeriwetherMeriwether deceased at the time
of his death after pleas of a upon
whereupon the said
GilbertGilbert complain, that whereof the said MeriwetherMeriwether in his lifetime, to wit on the
twenty seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun-dred & nine, at St. LouisSt Louis of did makes
his certain note in writing called a promi
sory note, with his proper hand subscribed,
the same day & year and that
note to the said GilbertGilbert C. Rufsell did
by which said note, the said MeriwetherMeriwether
did promise to pay to the said
GilbertGilbert on order on the fourth day January
then next evening, the sum of Three
hundred & seventy nine dollars & fifty
eight events

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for value by whereof the said MeriwetherMeriwether become changeable to pay the said Gil-
bert the sum of hundred of seventy
nine dollars a fifty eight only only -> cents , according to the
of the said note, and being so chargeable.
The said MeriwetherMeriwether afternoon afternoon -> afterwards , to writ, the same day a year of , at the district of in consideration
there faithfully promised that the of sum of money when he should be to required
he would will treaty pay bimonthlys , the said MeriwetherMeriwether , his promises affirmaytion [affirmation]
, in form of made, not regarding, but
contracting contracting -> contriving fraud intending him the
said GilbertGilbert , in this behalf, craftily subtilely to deceive and defraud, the of three
hundred seventy nine dollars eight
cents , or any part thereof , during his life time
to the said GilbertGilbert hath not paid , not the
said EdwardEdward administrator as since his
death (altho' to do the same, the said MeriwetherMeriwether in his lifetime, of the said EdwardEdward , since
the death

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filed March 9th 1811

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2449 89




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have come to his hands, all which
he is ready to verify wherefore


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Edward Hemstead administrator
of Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis deceased.

The defendant in proper
person pleads:- that at the time of exhibiting the
plaintiffs writ. day of in the year
of our Lord. One thousand eight hundred & Eleven at
the Form and District of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis, - then had
come into his hand . Goods, . and property of the said , to the
amount as appraised according to dan,, of One
thousand one Dollar, a seventy cents:- That on
the twenty second day of August last part, a part
of the said estate. by him to public
sale, on a credit of Six months, and sold to
the amount of four hundred & thirty eight Dollars:
and there remains in his hands unsold. So the
amount of the appraised value of five hundred
& ninety two Dollars, seventy cents, in
territorial certificates uncollected and unpaid
(out of which is to be Deducted the charges few of
administering on the said estate & the amount of
compensation to this Defendant not yet allowed
that the following Demands
have been presented to him as administrator of the
said estate-..- To Jacob Philipeon on a
Mortgage: The promises decreed to be sold
a balance of $361.61- charles note of hand against the said LewisLewis
for the sum of one hundred & twenty five Dollars.
-..- against the said
Louis Louis -> LewisLewis , for the sum of seven hundred eighteen Dollars
& forty five cents. -..-

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A a Bill of exchange by said LewisLewis in
of PeterPeter proven chou on JamesJames MadisonMadison Secretary of State, for the sum of of Eighteen Dollars
and Seventy five cents. - Said Lewis's note to
Antoine Saugrain for Thirty Dollars Seventy five cents.-
Said Lewis's note to AugustAugust Chouteau ChouteauAugust Chouteau for
Ten Dollars. A Judgment against this Defendant
as Administrator as aforesaid , in favor of Shined G fraine by a the peace for the of SaintSt Louis LouisSt Louis, for the
Sum of Forty Eight Dollars: which said Judgment
this Defendant has caused to be removed to the Court
of Common Pleas for the DistrictDistrict of Saint Louis of Saint LouisDistrict of Saint Louis
And an account of John against said
LewisLewis to the amount of Five hundred fifty nine Dollars A note in favor of Alexander StuartAlexander Stuart for
Seven hundred fifty Dollars, under Seal WilliamWilliam H Thomas protested Gift of Exchange against the Estate
of said Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis for the sum of Two Hundred
Twenty Dollars of
hand against said LewisLewis for the sum of Two Hundred
thirty one Dollars forty five one half cents ,
which with the plaintiff's demand in this suit
makes in the whole the sum of Three thousand and
four Hundred Fifty Two Dollars Fifty nine
one half cents, which the said estate
not calculating the fee, change, of
the administration not yet to the
amount of Two Thousand and four Hundred and
nineteen Dollars Eighty Nine one half cents
and that no other Good a chattels of the said

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Bond for Costs

filed 14th December 1810

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Know all by these presents that I Forgus MoorheadForgus Moorhead firmly bound to Thomas
J. Redick for the sum of forty dollars
for the payment of which I find myself to a
firmly by payments, sealed with my seal
the twelfth day of Dec. A.D. eighteen hundred ten

The condition of this obligation
is such that if the said Forgus will
pay the of a suit brought by
GilbertGilbert C. RussellRussell against EdwardEdward Hempstead HempsteadEdward Hempstead
admininstrator of the estate of MM Lewis . LewisM Lewis dec./ in there is not Judg against
administration/ this obligation to be said
otherwise to remain inform & virtue

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Forgus MoorheadForgus Moorhead