Sally Jourdain v. Francis Jourdain et. al.
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To the HonoblNathanielNathaniel Barrby TuckerTucker , Judge


the Circuit court for the county of St LouisSt Louis

Your Petitioner SallySally Jourdain JourdainSally Jourdain , alias Labrosse,
represents, to your Honor that on or about the 24th day of May eighteen hundred and four she was, carefully married,
to Francis Jourdain, alias Labrosse, that previously to
their joining in matrimony to wit on the 23rd day of May eighteen,
hundred & four your petitioner entered, into a certain, agreement
commonly called a marriage, contract by which the said
Francois JourdainFrancois Jourdain & Sally Russel ( now,SallySally Jourdain JourdainSally Jourdain , alias
Labrosse,) the future couple engaged, and promised one to the
other, the faith of marriage and to have it celebrated as
soon as possible, or as soon as one should required the other
the contracting parties, agreed to have the
their properties personal & real, acquired or that they
might acquire during their joint life,, which shall be by
equal share. Your Petitioner further states that she brought
into her into matrimony the sum of five hundred & five
dollars & five seals, ( bits,) which sum the said Francois JourdainFrancois Jourdain
recognized, in said marriage contract as a privileged sum.
The said FrancoisFrancois Jourdain JourdainFrancois Jourdain furthermore, by the aforesaid contract
fixed a jointers, on dower of three hundred dollars, to &
to be taken by your petitioner as soon as dowary shall
takes place upon all the properties of said Francois JourdainFrancois Jourdain
which property shall from now remain, affected & mortgaged
The aforesaid marriage contract further stipulates, that the
survivor, of the aforesaid couple should have from the common funds,
the sum of one hundred dollars without prejudice, to the aforesaid
five hundred & five dollars & which was brought by your

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and the said contract also made provision, that in case there
should be no child of the said marriage the survivor of said
couple should have and enjoy the whole, of the property, of the

Your petitioner further represents that she with the
said Francois JourdainFrancois Jourdain until the, day of eighteen hundred &

she applied for and obtained a divorce from the said bonds, of matrimony,from the said
FrancoisFrancois , that the said FrancoisFrancois was at that him possessed, in his
own right and that of your petitioner, of a house, and lot situate,
on church street in the town of the St LouisSt Louis and county aforesaid
bounded, on the east, by said church street south, by the
lot of AlexanderAlexander Billisms,, North by the lot of Oliver, & Smith &
West, by.

The said lot fronts, on church street
about fifty eight feet, french measure, and sums, back about
one, hundred feet,; that subsequent to the last mentioned time
the aforesaid to wit on the day of August 1819 the aforesaid
lot (before your petition aforesaid of the )
under execution to satisfy a dabt of the said FrancoisFrancois above,
and was to John Mullanphy; that the said MullanphyMullanphy ,
afterwards to wit on the day of eighteen hundred
and twenty conveyed, the same house, & lot to WilliamWilliam Louis
. Bishop of Louisianna AugusteAugust Chouteau ,ChoteauAugust Chouteau , David,
& Walker, William ClarkWilliam Clark & Alexander M. Main, to be
held by them for certain purposes in the mentioned, mentioned. Your
petitioner further states that the aforesaid Gubourg Choteau Walker,, Clark & Mc, Main now in possession, of said house
and lot have, refused & do refuse, your petitioner being endowed
and possessed, of said house, & lot according to the aforesaid marriage
contract. Therefore your petitioner hopes that your honor,
will have right, & justice, done unto her according to the effect
of the aforesaid contract, to wit that the said Choteau
Walker Clark & Mc. be decreed, to convey, the interest, &
right of half the aforesaid house & lot to your petitioner & that the remaining half,

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be sold, to pay your petitioner the said eight hundred and five,
dollars & five cents, mentioned in the aforesaid contract, & your
petitioner will ever, pray


& for Petitioner

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County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis

The State of MissouriMissouri

To the Sheriff of Said County

We command you to summon Louis,WilliamWilliam Dubourg, Bishop
of LouisianaLouisianaAugusteAugust Chouteau ,ChouteauAugust Chouteau David Walker Alexander, M Main, and
William ClarkWilliam Clark that they be and appear before the Judge of our Circuit
court at the next term, thereof to be held at the Town of St LouisSt Louis
within and for the county of St. LouisSt Louis on, the third monday of
august then and there to answer the petition,SallySally Jourdain JourdainSally Jourdain ,
alias Labross, and why the right and interest, of half
of the house and lot in the said petition mentioned should not be con,
veyed, to the said petitioner and that the remaining half be sold
to pay the petitioner the said Eight hundred five dollars & five cents,
in the contract in the said petition mentioned and have you
then there this writ

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Witness Archibald GambleArchibald Gamble , Clerk of
our, said Court at office the 2nd day of august 1821

ArchibaldArchibald Gamble GambleArchibald Gamble , Clerk

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No. 177
SallySally Jordain ( aka Labross,)

Mc Main, Walker Dubourg Clark,


filed,august 2nd 1821

A GambleArchibald Gamble ,

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this writ on WilliamWilliam Clark
ClarkWilliam Clark & AlexanderAlexander McMain,
as will, appear from their
- judgement, on the of august
on Louis,WilliamWilliam Dubourg, by
a copy of the same,
with of the
- this
him the
on august
- the same to
on WalkerWalker
of the
to the
- of St. LouisSt Louis

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$ 1.50

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Circuit february term 1822

The of WilliamWilliam Clark Louis
Dubourg Auguste ChouteauAugust Chouteau David Walker,
WilliamWilliam ClarkWilliam Clark , & Alexander McNain, the
defendants, to a petition of complaint, of SallySally ,
Joudain alias Labrosse,

The said defendants, by parts,
taken, not or all or any,
of the matters or things in the complainants bill,
of petition of to be
as the same are then
and for the and for
to the said petitioners bill of petition then
defendants in the and for of
that it of the
in petition of complaint,
that she claim of the in
question, in the petition as a
a with
FrancoisFrancois Jordain, alias Labrosse, and by

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Marriage, with the said,FrancoisFrancois Jourdain JourdainFrancois Jourdain , alias
Labrosse, and it does not appear nor, is it allowed,
in, the said petitioners bill of petition of complaint,
that FrancoisFrancois Jourdain JourdainFrancois Jourdain , alias Labrosse, is saw
when the saw bill of petition
was filed and if this was contained, in
the said bill of petition of complaint,, it
of the own showing, in the said,
bill of petition of complaint that the she claims, a
portion, under marriage, contract which is a
with & law. on the of
this writ wherefore, & for as much as the petitioners,
was bill of petition of complaint has, not an
as these, defendants an any matter,
sufficient, to establish, any right or demand
against the defendants in other of them to draw,
them into court by petition under an in the year 1814 upon the at of

and for further of
defendants county and say that it
by the said petitioners bill of petition of complaint,
that the is indebted, against them the defendants.

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for several distinct, matters and causes, that
so related, to or dependence upon each other, by
of which matters the complainants, bill of
petition is out to a and
defendants to make, a copy of the
whole and together in one,
bill of petition in the process, of the suit,
the pleadings, orders,, and proceedings will be a
& and then, defendants put to
all & is
which and other and
in the said petitioners, bill of petition,
of complaint and, approving these defendants do
deliver, to the said, petition of complaint, and
humbly delivered, the judgement, of this court
whether they shall be to any
further, or other answer thereunto, and humbly,
with them â


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filed February 26 1822

A GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk