Pelagie vs. Francois Valois, J.P. Cabanne
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FrancoisFrancois Valois ValoisFrancois Valois

Circuit CourtCircuit Court
February Term 1822

on motion of
ordered that JohnJohn P Cabanne PJohn P Cabanne .CabanneJohn P Cabanne and
FrancoisFrancois Valois ValoisFrancois Valois be sum moned to be and
appear before the Court on Saturday
the 23rd instant to show cause why
an attachment should not issue
against them for a contempt
in disobeying a former order of this
Court by sending Pelagie, a Negro
applying for her freedom, and
of the jurisdiction of this Court

Acopy of the writ

Archibald GambleArchibald Gamble

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Executed this
summons on
the Defendants
on the 22nd Feb.y 1822. at their
respective places
of residence
in the township
of St LouisSt Louis

Jno K. WalkerJohn K Walker D Shff
Sheriffs fees $1.00

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Rule to showcause
FrancoisFrancois Valois ValoisFrancois Valois &
JnoJohn P Cabanne PJohn P Cabanne CabanneJohn P Cabanne

23rd Feby