Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
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J.C. Dinnies &
Booksellers & Stationers ,
(Near The Auction Houses)
Corner of Main and Olive streets, St. Louts,
Offer for sale, at wholesale and retail, on liheral terms, an extensive assortment
of Books in every department of Science and Letters, and are at all times able
to supply Colleges, Schools, public Libraries, and country Merchants, with every
work in use in Missouri and Illinois. They also keep a large supply of ruled and
plain Writing Paper, Quills, Ink, and Stationery, generally.

They have connected with their establishment a
with a full stock of the best Papers and Materials, and are prepared to manufacture
for Public Offices, Banks, Insurance Companies, and Merchants, any kind of
Blank work, as well as it can be done in the eastern cities.

They also keep a constant supply and large assortment of
Musical Instruments,
comprising Italian, French and German Violins and Violincellos ; 5, 6 and 12 key'd
Clarinets; common and patent 1, 4, 6 and 8 key'd Flutes; double and single Fla-
gelels; 6 and 8 key'd Kent Bugles; maple, satinwood and cocoawood Fifes; Bass
and Snare Drums; Trombones; common and patent Guitars; Bassoons, Triangles,
Horns, Accordions, Trumpets, and Boston Piano Fortes of superior tone and finish,
together with every article in the Musical line.

Fine Cutlery;
consisting of Wade & Butcher's, Elliott's, 'Rogers & Sons' and Wostenholm's supe.
rior Razors; Pen, Pocket and Dirk Knives, and Scissors.

Paper Hangings;
embracing landscape, French, imitation of French, glazed and common Wall Pa-
per ; velvet and imitation Bordering, and Fireboard Patterns.


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single and double barrell'd Guns and Pistols; and a general assortment of
Storting Articles.

Printers' and Playing Cards, of Crehores', Bartlett's and Cohen's manufacture;
gold and silver Pencil Cases, Thermometers, Pocket Books and Wallets, Mathe-
matical Instruments and Spy-glasses, Backgammon Boards, Chessmen, Dominoes,
sword and walking Canes, and various Fancy Articles.

☞ New Publications received direct from the publishers, by the speediest

B. L.Turnbull, ,

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Bookseller And Stationer ,
No. 132, First street,
St. Louis,
Has on hand a valuable and extensive assortment of Law, Medical, Theological,
Classical, Miscellaneous and School Books.

All kinds of Blank Books on hand, or made to order: Day Books, Jour-
nals, Ledgers, Record Books, Letter Books, Bill Books, Note Books, Bank Books,
Freight Books, Pass Books, Steamboat Books, &c.

B.L.T. has opened a Paper Warehouse on First street, where he will
keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Paper, consisting of Demy,
Medium, Royal, Super Royal, Imperial, and Mammoth Printing Paper; Cap, Let-
ter, Folio Post, Wrapping and Tea Paper; Bonnet Boards, &a. &c.

Having accepted of the agency for the Clinton Paper Mill, he will engage to
furnish Printers of newspapers with a constant supply of Printing Paper to their
order, at short notice.

☞ All new Publications received direct from the publishers, by the earliest

☞ Orders for Binding thankfully received, and executed with punctuality and

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B. F.M'Kenney, ,
Justice Of The Peace,
Notary Public, And Conveyancer ,
Office No. 19, Olive street,
St. Louis.

WilsonPrimm, . Charles D.Drake, .

Primm & Drake ,
Attorneys At Law,
No. 25, Pine street,
St. Louis.

W. W.Amos, ,
Dealer in

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Hatters' Stock & Trimmings,
Hat Bodies, Furs, &C.

No. 106, First street,
St. Louis.

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James Lyman &
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Addlery - Hardware,
Carriage Trimmings,

[missing figure]

Saddles, Harness, Trunks, &c.

Also, a constant supply of Leather,
(sign of the white horse,)
No. 19, north First street, St. Louis.

☞ Orders from Country Merchants, Saddlers, and Carriage Manufacturers,
promptly and faithfully executed.

Dr.C. J.Carpenter, ,
Office 20, Chestnut st.street
Residence 57, Elm street,
St. Louis.

Missouri White-Lead.

Jos.Charless, . Henry T.Blow, . Edwd.Charless, .

Charless, Blow &
Are now manufacturing at their works in this city a superior article of
White-Lead in Oil,
Which they warrant equal to any made or imported in the United States, and
which they can afford at a moderate price. Dealers and consumers will find it to
their advantage to call and examine the article, at the warehouse of
Charless & Blow , corner of First and Pine streets,
Or at the Manufactory, west Market street, near Chouteau's Pond.

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Watches, Jewellery,
Military Goods.

Mead &A Driance ,
Corner of Pine and First streets,
St. Louis,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Watches, Clocks, Vases, Silver plated Brittania and Ja-
panned Ware, Lamps, Table & Pocket Cullery, Guns,
Pistols, and Sporting apparatus; Military Goods,
Jewellery, Looking-glasses & Plates, Perfumery,
Musical Instruments, and Fancy Goods
generally; Watch Glasses, Tools,
and Watch materials.

Mead & Adriance are constantly receiving additions to
their stock, making their assortment at ail times full and
complete, which will be sold on liberal terms. They would
respectfully invite country dealers to examine their stock
and prices.

St. Louis Hat Store.

[missing figure]

John W.Paulding, ,
Silk And Fur Hat Manufacturer ,
No. 86, north First street.


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Loaf And

[missing figure]
Pilot Bread,
Crackers, Etc.

In any quantity, for Stores or Steam Boats, furnished to order, at short notice,
By J. F.Randolph, ,
Corner of Pine and Second streets, St. Louts.

F. W.Southack, ,
Dealer In

[missing figure]

Bronze and Brittania Ware,
Window Glass, Castor Frames. &c.

No. 18, First st.street (3 doors from Chestnut,)
St. Louis.

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JosephCharless, . Henry T.Blow, .

Charless & Blow ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Dye-Stuffs, Oils,
Surgical Instruments, Perfumery,
Pittsburgh Window-Glass, Hollow Ware, &c.;
Manufacturers of Castor Oil,
And Agents For
Charless, Blow & Co'S . White-Lead Factory,
Corner of Main and Pine streets,
St. Louis.

Bridge, Rayburn &
Dealers in
Stoves, Tin Plates, Copper,
Sheet Iron, Iron Wire, &c.

(Chouteau'S Buildings,)
No. 152, First street, St. Louis.

H.N. Davis &
Forwarding and Commission Merchants,
Wholesale Grocers,
And Dealers In Produce,
St. Louis.

John D.Davis, ,
Wholesale Grocer,
Forwarding And Commission Merchant ,
Pittsburgh, Pa.

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P.Powell, . T. L.Fontaine, . J. H.Wilson, .

Peter Powell &
Importers Of Foreign And Domestic
Hardware, Cutlery, &C.

No. 16, nnorth First street,
St. Louis.

Dr.B. B.Brown, ,
Surgeon Dentist ,
Office No. 18, Chestnut St.street
St. Louis.

☞ Refer to the Medical and Literary Faculties of St. Louis University.

J. M.Buckley, ,
Dealer in
Boat Stores & Family Groceries,
No. 40, Front street, St. Louis.

Berthold & Tesson ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Commission Merchants ,
No. 5, Front street, St. Louis.

Female Academy ,
By PhilipMauro, And The Misses Mauro, ,
S.W.southwest corner of Market and Fifth streets,
St. Louis.

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S.O. & N. Coleman ,

[missing figure]
In Wood,
No. 73, north Second street, St. Louis.

Beltzhoover & Robb ,
Manufacturers Of

[missing figure]
& Caps,
Wholesale And Retail,
No. 32, nnorth First street,
St. Louis.

☞ Hats and Caps made to order.

Charles F. Hendry &
No. 32, S. W.southwest corner of Market and Second streets,
(Directly under the St. Louis Museum,)
Wholesale Dealers and Importers of

[missing figure]
Shoe-Makers' Tools & Findings,
And Finished Leather Of Every Description.

☞ Extensive assortment of the above articles kept
on hand, and orders filled on moderate terms.

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RobertAllen, ,
Real Estate Agency,
Auctioneer, And Commission Merchant ,
Office No. 12, corner of Olive and First streets,
St. Louis.

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Missouri Insurance Company
Of St. Louis,
[Chartered January, 1831,]
Capital $100,000—privilege $400,000.

WilliamGlasgow, , President .

JohnFord, , Secretary .

Wm.WilliamGlasgow, , Directors .

EdwardTracy, , Directors .

H. VonPhul, , Directors .

JohnWalsh, , Directors .

Aug.Kerr, , Directors .

John H.Gay, , Directors .

John F.Darby, , Directors .

James C.Way, , Directors .

John D.Daggett, , Directors .

J. B.Brant, , Directors .

D. D.Page, , Directors .

BernardPratte, , Directors .

P.Chouteau, Jr.junior Directors .

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Farmers' And Mechanics' Insurance
[Incorporated Jan. 30, 1837,]
Capital $300,000—privilege $400,000.

Wm.William C.Anderson, , President .

Andrew J.Davis, , Secretary .

Wm.William C.Anderson, , Directors .

CharlesCollins, , Directors .

HughO'Neil, , Directors .

D. A.January, , Directors .

S. S.Rayburn, , Directors .

AlonzoChild, , Directors .

DavidCoons, , Directors .

John L.Blaine, , Directors .

AbnerHood, , Directors .

Daniel D.Page, , Directors .

I. Y.Munn, , Directors .

Wm.WilliamVandeventer, , Directors .

John J.Anderson, , Directors .

St. Louis Floating Dock & Insurance
[Chartered 1836-7,]
Capital $100,000—privilege $400,000.

John D.Daggett, , President .

John F.Hunt, , Secretary .

J. D.Daggett, , Directors .

E.Price, , Directors .

W.Risley, , Directors .

L.Deaver, , Directors .

Jno. F.Darby, , Directors .

J. F.Comstock, , Directors .

J. C.Laveille, , Directors .

W. CarrLane, , Directors .

W. H.Pococke, , Directors .

P.Ferguson, , Directors .

SamuelMerry, . Directors .

J.Jeffery, , Directors .

J. M.Buckley, , Directors .

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Marine Insurance Company
Of St. Louis,
Capital $100,000—privilege $400,000.

AlfredTracy, , President .

DanielHough, , Secretary .

GeorgeSproule, , Directors .

J. ParkerDoan, , Directors .

Ed. H.Beebe, , Directors .

S. S.Rayburn, , Directors .

Wm.William L.Sublette, , Directors .

E. P.Tesson, , Directors .

Wm.WilliamSmith, , Directors .

H. VonPhul, , Directors .

N.Patterson, , Directors .

H. N.Davis, , Directors .

TitusHale, , Directors .

John R.Shaw, , Directors .

Citizens' Insurance Company
Of Missouri,
[Chartered by Legislature 1836-7,]Capital $100,000—privilege $500,000.

H. L.Hoffman, , President .

Wm.WilliamRenshaw, , Secretary .

JamesClemens, Jr.junior Directors .

HenryChouteau, , Directors .

J. R.Stanford, , Directors .

JosephPowell, , Directors .

H. L.Hoffman, , Directors .

John O.Agnew, , Directors .

Wm.WilliamFinney, , Directors .

George K.Budd, , Directors .

JosephCharless, , Directors .

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St. Louis Perpetual Marine, Fire
and Life Insurance Company ,
Capital $300,000.

☞ Office No. 75, corner of First and Olive streets.—
Hours of business from 9, A.M., to 1, P.M., and from 3 to
5, P.M.

Jno. B.Camden, , President .

George A.Underhill, , Secretary .

WaymanCrow, , Directors .

JosephStettinius, , Directors .

Herman A.Carstens, , Directors .

Sherman J.Bacon, , Directors .

W. M.Tompkins, , Directors .

John J.Annderson, , Directors .

The Boonslick
Marine & Fire Insurance Company ,
Of Rocheport, Mo.Missouri

Are prepared to insure the hulls or cargoes of Steam Boats
or other vessels, from loss, either of sea or river navigation;
merchandise in stores; stores, dwellings or other buildings,
and property, from loss or damage by fire; shipments of
bullion or specie; remittances by mail, etc.

GeorgeKnox, , President .

J. W.Wilson, , Secretary .

GeorgeKnox, , Directors .

C. R.Harris, , Directors .

J. A.Hadwer, , Directors .

JohnWard, , Directors .

WarrenWoodson, , Directors .

WashKnox, , Directors .

O.Parker, , Directors .

C.Peebles, , Directors .

H. L.Boon, , Directors .

The undersigned having been appointed agent for the
company is now prepared to take risks at the customary

DavidTatum, ,
15, Front street, St. Louis.


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[missing figure]

Saint Louis Insurance Company ,
[Chartered in 1836, for 30 years,]
Capital $100,000—privilage $500,000.

Office, corner of Front and Olive streets, up stairs.

G. K.M'Gunnegle, , President .

RobertCollet, , Secretary .

EdwardTracy, , Directors For The Present Year.

B.Clapp, , Directors For The Present Year.

C. P.Billon, , Directors For The Present Year.

N. E.Janney, , Directors For The Present Year.

R.Campbell, , Directors For The Present Year.

SamuelRussell, , Directors For The Present Year.

Wm.WilliamChristy, , Directors For The Present Year.

Christ'R.Rhodes, , Directors For The Present Year.

T.Labeaume, , Directors For The Present Year.

A. G.Farwell, , Directors For The Present Year.

Edwd.Brooks, , Directors For The Present Year.

AdolphusMeier, , Directors For The Present Year.

This Company will insure all descriptions of Marine and
River Risks; Remittances by Mail; Specie or Bullion, by
land or water; and will Insure Buildings from loss or dam-
age by Fire.

They will also insure the lives of Slaves, whhether work-
ing on shore, or on boats navigating the rivers.

This Company will also Insure the Lives of Persons,
generally, and on fair terms.

Persons at a distance desirous of effecting insurance
either on the lives of their Slaves, on their own life, or on
the lives of others, can receive any information relative
thereto, by addressing a line (post-paid) to Rob'T.Collet, ,
Secretary Saint Louis Insurance Company , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

December 31, 1838.

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☞ The customs of Life Insurance being as yet less common than that of
Insurance against Fire, is probably from that cause less understood—for were it
generally as well understood, there can scarce be a doubt but that the practice of
Insuring Lives would become a custom of almost universal adoption; for the
cases are so numerous and various in which its benefits would be felt, that they
could not fail to be appreciated.

A few examples may perhaps place the subject in a clear point of view, and con-
vey a better idea of its advantages.

1st. A married man at the age of 30, being engaged in such a business that a
continuance of his life for seven years would furnish him with a competency,
could readily affford to lay by $100 per annum: this sum invested in a policy on
his life, would secure to his family, in case of his death (within that period), the
sum of $6,900.

2d. Or the same premium of $100, at the same age, (say 30 years,) will secure
to his family, or other heirs, the sum of $7,500, should his life fail in one year.

3d. Suppose a man 30 years of age, the product of whose labor, or business,
enables him to support his family in comfort, but who, on his death, must be left
destiture,—this man could readily lay by $24 80 a year, (which is but little more
than $2 per month,) and by adopting the prudent course of insuring his life, and
paying that sum annually to the office, he from that moment secures $1,000 to his
family whenever he dies, even if his death should occur the next day—and small-
er or larger sums in proportion may be secured.

4th. A man at the age of 20 years by paying $10 35 annually to the office,
will entitle his family to receiv e $500 on his death, whenever that may occur.

5th. A man of 35 years of age, in a public office from which he derived an an-
nual salary of 81,500, which enables him to support his family respectably, but
which at his death must of course cease, and his family left utterly destitute;—if
this man invests $18 in a life insurance, his family will be entitled to $1,000 if he
dies within a year; or if he pays an annual premium of $19 10, his family will be
entitled to $1,000 in case of his death happening within seven years; or by pay-
ing $28 per annum, his family will be entitled to $1,000 whenever his death oc-
curs, be the same sooner or later.

6th. Again, imagine a young man of 18 years of age, who, by the untimely
death of his father, has become the only support of his widowed mother, and a
large family of brothers and sisters; and suppose that this young man by his ex-
ertions is just able to support them, and lay by some trifling sum. If his life is
spared a few years, his younger brothers will then be in a situation to take care of
themselves, and assist their mother and sisters in their turn; but if sudden death
overtakes him, they are all left utterly destitute. Now it is evident, if this young
man pursues the prudent course of investing that trifling sum, (probably not a great
deal more than is spent in cigars, &c.) in an insurance on his life—say the sum of
$27—this will entitle his bereaved family to receive $2,000 on his death, should it
occur within seven years. Now, this is a case in which the family is provided for
to a certainty, whether he lives or dies—if he lives they are provided for by his
exertions—if his life fails, the office provides for them by giving them the $2,000.

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Union Insurance Company ,
Capital $100,000—privilege $500,000.

Office the N.W. corner of Main and Vine streets, se-
cond story; entrance second door from the corner on
Main street, nearly opposite the Bank of the State of Mis-
souri. Business hours from 9, A.M., to 1, P.M., and from
3 to 6, P.M.

Jesse G.Lindell, , President .

Julius DeMun, , Secretary .

GeorgeCollier, , Directors .

Robt. A.Barnes, , Directors .

AugustusKerr, , Directors .

Edwd.Walsh, , Directors .

John B.Sarpy, , Directors .

T. L.M'Gill, , Directors .

P.Chouteau, Jr.junior Directors .

Wm.William G.Pettus, , Directors .

Singleton W.Wilson, ,
Counsellor At Law,
Office, No. 22, Olive street,
(Under C. Keemle'S Job Office.)

Grimsley & Young ,
Dealers In

[missing figure]
Trunks, Leather, &c.

No. 37, North First Street.

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Shipp & Woodbridge ,
Importers &

[missing figure]
Dealers In
Watches, Jewellery, Cutlery,
Guns, Pistols, & Fancy Goods,
No. 119, north First street.

[missing figure]

M. & N.H. Stout ,
Plane Manufacturers ,
No. 20, Olive street.

☞ Old Planes Neatly Repaired.


Sparring and Fencing Room,
In the building rear of No. 90, First street.

Will give lessons in Sparring or Fencing, at his room, ev-
ery day, from 8 in the morning, 'till 9 in the evening.

☞ Terms made known at the room.


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White, Cobb & Smith ,
Wholesale & Retail Grocers
Also, Sealers in
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuff,
Window Glass, Glass Ware, &c.
No. 91, (2nd floor,) north First street.

Wm.William D.Marrigan, ,
Tailob ,
No. 74, Second street,
(A few doors above the Tremont House.)

Respectfully informs the public, that, in consequence of
his expenses being low, he is enabled to work at least
20 per ct. cheaper
Than any person in the city.

AugustinKennerly, ,
Agent For Periodicals,
General Collector .

Office No. 8, north Second street,
St. Louis.

Union Steam Mill,
Walsh & Cathcart ,
Proprietors ,
Central St. Louis.

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James R.M'Donald, ,
No. 52, N. First street,
Stock & Exchange
Broker ,
Buys and sells uncurrent Bank Notes, Gold and Silver,
Bank and Insurance Stocks, etc.; also, agent for the mana-
gers of the Missouri State Lottery, for the benefit of the
St. Louis Hospital.

S.H. Mudge &
Exchange Brokers ,
Corner of Main and Ollbe streets.

Uncurrent Bank Notes Bought.

Drafts Bought And Sold.

J. B.Gibson, ,
(Late Of The Firm Of Crowl & Gibson .)
House Carpenter
And Joiner ,
Shop on Third street, a few doors south of St. Louis Theatre.

☞ Plans, specifications and estimates furnished at the
shortest notice, and all business in his line attended to with
neatness and despatch.

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China, Glass And Queensware.

Taylor & Holmes ,
Importers of
Queensware, Glass And China,
No. 34, north Front street.

☞ Orders promptly filled, and every attention paid to

New Bakery.

John P.Reily, ,
Loaf and Pilot Bread,
And Biscuit Baker,
No. 50, Elm street.

☞ Families, Boats, and Stores, promptly furnished.

Rialto House,
By J. J.M'Clelland, ,
No. 122, north First street.

[missing figure]
This establishment (recently opened) is supplied with
the choicest Liquors, &c., the market affords.

Andrews & Beakey ,
Manufacturers of, and Dealers in,
Copper, Tin And Sheet-Iron Ware,
No. 27, north First street,
☞ Keep constantly on hand, a general assortment of
every article in their line, warranted to be made of good
materials, and in a durable manner.

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Job Printing,
Of every description, In Fancy Colors,
Books, Pamphlets, Cards, Checks, Circulars,
Notes, Bills Of Lading, Bills Of Exchange,
Handbills, Showbills, Druggists' Labels.

Chas.Keemle, ,
Book, Job, & Fancy Letter-press
No. 22, Olive Street,
St. Louis.

Steamboat Bills,
(With A New And Beautiful Plate.)

Constantly on hand, a general assortment of
Justices' and Other Blanks.

☞ Orders for Printing respectfully solicited, which
will be promptly executed, on moderate terms.

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