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The publisher of the St. Louis Directory, in presentin to the
public to third edition, begs leave respectfully to return his thanks for
the very liberal patronage with which the work has met, and of which
the present number will be found more worthy than either of its prede-
cessors. Great care and pains have been bestowed in the compilation
of this edition, in the hope of rendering it entirely acceptable to the
public, but the publisher is aware that he cannot claim to have achiev-
ed entire success. He feels satisfied, however, that no inaccuracies will
be found which can be autributed to neglect, or inattention, on his part.
Such as exise are necessarily incident to the work, which it is impracti-
eable to a make as perfect as might be wished.

An apology is, however, due from the publisher to his patrons for the
failure that has taken place in fulfilling one part of his proposals, _that
in which he promised to present with the Directory a Map of the City.
He formed it impossible to obtain the map without an expense far beyond
what the price of the Directory would justify, and he hopes for the in-
dulgence of his subscribers, particularly as he now presents them for the
man price that has been heretofore charged more than double the quan-
tity of matter. He intends to publish a Directory for 1842, when he
will endeavor to present the map with an increased quantity and variety
of matter

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