Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
List of Removals, and New Establishments
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Containing a list of Removals, and New Establishments opened,
since the body of the Directory was written out.

Anderson, Thomas, (at Anderson & Thomson’s ,) 27 nnorth Front
Bateman W. C. & Co.Company , auction and commission merchants ,
c Front and Locust
Bacon, H. D., strage and commission merchant , 23 nnorth Front
Bent, Johan, circuit attorney , office basement story of the new
Bennett, O., dealer in boots and shoes , 101 nnorth First
Belmont Hotel , by —, , c Seventh and Franklin avavenue
Browning, Wesley, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church ,
Sixth near Morgan
Brigham, D. T., attorney-at-law , 22 Olivel; rresidence 145 Market
Brooks, Edward, wholesale and retail druggist , 26 nnorth First
Brenner, John C., produce and commission merchant , 24 Locust
Camden J. B. & M. , wholesale and retail dealers in drygoods ,
c First and Laurel
Chouteau Pierre, jr.junior & Co.Company (American Fur Company,) Laurel b First and Second
Chambers, Henry W., grocer and commission merchant , n Front
Charles, George, type foundry , 63 Market
Chouteau & McKenzie , office 17 nnorth Front
Charless Joseph & Co.Company , wholesale dealers in drugs, medicines,
paints, oils, etc. , 47 Frist c Pine
Clark, Eck & Co.Company , wholesale dealers in drygoods , 73 nnorth First
Colburn & Coolidge , wholesale dealers in wooden ware, chairs,
etc. , 13 nnorth Front
Coleman, Nathan, (S. O. & N. C. ) 73 1/2 nnorth Second
Dougherty, J., attorney at-law , office basement story of the new
Dox, Eldert V. W., attorney and counsellor-at-law , office on
Chesnut b Second and Third
Drake, Charles D., attorney-at-law , r c Fifth and Market
Duncan, T. O., r Stacker’s row, Broadway
Edwards & Cabanné , office Olive b Front and First
Edgell, S. M. (Geo. Smith & Co.Company , Chicago, Ill.Illinois ) exchange broker ,
125 nnorth First
Farwell A. G. & Co.Company , grocers and commissions merchants , 64
Fisher, W. P., r c First and Laurel
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Glasby, A. H. (Gaty, Coonce & G. ) Franklin avavenue near Eleventh
Hill & Lockwood , grocers and commiss.commission merchants. 71 nnorth Front
Knox, Gen.General A., attorney at-law , 26 Olive; r c Franklin avavenue and
Ninth, (the O’Fallon Place)
Ladew, A. P. (St. Louis Type Foundry ,) 63 Market
Low, William, grocer and commission merchant , 13 nnorth Front
McGunnegle & Way , grocers and commission merchant , 63 nnorth
McMeal, John P., accountant with J. & E. Walsh & Co.Company
Michael, G. B. (late firm of Amery & Co.Company ) dealer in staple and
fancy drygoods , 54 Market
Monroe, Victor, attorney at law , 48 ssouth First
New-York Branch, (late Marshall House,) by MosesJoseph, ,
157 nnorth First
Norriss Charles C. & Co.Company , dealers in hardware and cutlery , 123
nnorth First
Peters, Thomas, r 31 nnorth Second
Risque, Murdock & King , attorneys-at law , office 36 Chesnut
Rowan & Brown , grocers and commiss.commission merchants , 73 nnorth Front
Sparr John & Co.Company , Virginia Hotel, Vine b First and Second
Thorburn, John, seedsman and florist , 14 Market
Townsend, James B., attorney-at-law , office on Chesnut near the
corner of Third, O’Blenis’ new row
Valentine, C. H., grocer and commission merchant , c Front and
Warrens, Edward, attorney-at-law , office 48 ssouth First
Wells William, G., dancing academy , 34 Market
Whittlesey, C., attorney-at law , office Laurel near First
Whittemore H. & A. O. , importers and wholesale dealers in
caps, hatters’ furs and timmings , 12 nnorth First
Wood, G., r 16 Pine
Xaupi, —, dancing academy , Concert Hall, Market street
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