Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
68 St. Louis Directory.
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Chamber of Commerce
of the
city of St. Louis.
EdwardTracy, , President .
HenryVon Phal, , Vice-President .
F. L.Ridgely, , Secretary and Treasurer.
Tariff Of Charges, &C.
Established and recommended for general adoption, when no
agreement exists to the contrary.

Commissions. Per Cent.
On Sales of Merchandise or Produce, 5
On Sales of Lead, 2 1/2
Guarantee of Sales, on Time, 2 1/2
For Purchasing and Shipping Merchandise or Produce, with
Funds in hand, on the aggregate cost and charges,
2 1/2
For Accepting Drafts, or Endorsing Notes, or Bills of Ex-
change, without funds, produce, or bills of lading in hand,
2 1/2
For Cash Advances, in all cases, even with Produce or Bills
of Lading, (and interest from date,)
2 1/2
For Shipping to another market Produce, or Merchanise,
upon which Advances have been made,
2 1/2
For Negotiating Drafts or Notes, as Drawer or Endorser, 2 1/2
On Sale or Purchase of Stocks, 1
On Sale or Purchase of Boats, without guarantee 2 1/2
For Procuring Freight, on the amount of freight, 5
" Charterin Boats, 2 1/2
" Collecting Frieghts or Accounts, 2 1/2
" Collecting delayed and litigated Accounts, 5
" Collecting Dividends on Stocks, 1/2
" Adjusting Insurance Losses, 2 1/2
For Receiving and Remitting Moneys, from which no other
remuneration is derived,
For Effecting Insurance, when the premium amounts to forty
dollars or less,
$2 00
For Effecting Insurance, when the Premium exceeds forty
dollars on the amount of premium,
On Outfits and Disbursements, 2 1/2

[missing figure]
The above Commissions to be exclusive of Storage, Bro-
kerage, and every other charge actually incurred.

The risk of loss by fire, unless insurance be ordered, and of
robbery, theft, and other unavoidable occurrences, if the usual
care be taken to secure the property, is in all cases to be borne
by the owners of the goods.

Interest to be charged at the rate of Ten per cent. per annnm
on all debts, after maturity, until paid.

St. Louis Directory. 69
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Rates for Receiving and Forwarding Goods, exclusive of
charges actually incurred

Sugar, per hhd $0 50
Tobacco, per hhd 50
Pork, Beef, and Whiskey, in bbls., per bbl 10
Flour, Beans, Wheat, Beeswax, etc., in bbls., per bbl. 6 1/4
Corn, Wheat, Salt, etc., per sack, 4
Lead, per pig, 2
Merchandise, assorted, per 100 lbs. 10
Lard, per keg, 4
Gunpowder, per keg, 25
Carriages, each, 5 00
Gigs, each,
And other articles in proportion.
3 00

Rates Of Storage Per Month.
On each hogshead of Tobacco, $0 50
" " of Sugar, 50
" " of Molasses, 75
" " of Bacon, 37 1/2
" pipe or hhd. Liquor, 50
" hogshead of Oil, 50
" tierce Oil, 37 1/2
" " Rice or Flaxseed, 25
" bbl. Salt, 8
" bbl. Oil, Molasses, or Foreign Liquors, 12 1/2
" bbl Whiskey, Cider, Sugar, Fish, Lard, Pork or Beef 10
" bbl. Flour, Apples, Bread and Beans, 6 1/4
" bbl. Bacon, in boxes, 8
" keg of Lard, 3
" box Soap or Candles, 3
" box Wine, 6 1/4
" Raisins or drum Figs, 3
" box Window Glass, 5
" half box do., 3
" 100 pounds Hempen Yarn, 5
" 100 " Hemp, in bales, 6 1/4
" 100 " Bale Rope, 5
" piece of Bagging, 50 yds.yards b or less, (longer in pro-
" 100 pounds Cordage, (tarred or white,) 5
" 100 " Salted Hides, 6 1/4
" 100 " Dried do., 10
" crate and cask Queensware, (small size,) 25
" do. do. do. (large size,) 37 1/2
" bag Coffee, Pepper and Pimento, 10
" 100 pounds Iron, Steel, Lead and Shot, 5
" 100 " manufactured Tobacco, 6 1/4
" 100 " Dry Goods, or other Merchandise, in
assorted lots,

70 St. Louis Directory.
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Per Month.
On each bag Salt, (large size,) 10
On do. do. (small size,) 6 1/4
" keg White Lead, 2
" " Nails, 5
" ton Dye-wood, 1 00
" hamper Botttles, 18 3/4
" ream writing and wrapping Paper, 1
" cask Cheese, 8
" 100 pounds Tea, 10

Other articles in proportion.

For the second and succeeding months, one-half of the above
Rates to be charged. The rule, under the head ‘‘Commission,’’
respecting fire, robbery, theft, &c. to apply, also, in the case of

Agency for steamboats.

Per Trip.
Under 150 tons, $10
Over 150 ", and less than 300 tons, 20
Over 300 ", and less than 400 tons, 25
Over 400 ", and upwards, 30

Municipal Government.
City Officers.
John F.Darby, , Mayor .
Joseph A.Wherry, , Register .
Richard B.Dallam, , Auditor .
R.Simpson, , Comptroller .
WilliamRenshaw, , Treasurer .
WilsonPrimm, , City Attorney .
AugustinKennerly, , City Collector .
JohnMcCausland, , City Assessor .
HenryKayser, , City Engineer .
AlexanderKayser, , Street Commissioner .
John B.McDowell, , M. D., Health Officer .
John H.Ferguson, , Harbor and Lumber Master .
James J.Wilkison, , Inspector of Beef, Pork and Flour, and Guager
of Domestic Liquors .
JohnLeach, , Weigher of Hay and Stone Coal, North Scales .
JohnCowie, , Weigher of Hay aud Stone Coal, on Front-st.
EdwardMerren, , Clerk of the South Market and Weighter S. Scales .
PeterBrooks, , Superintendent of the Water Works .
WilliamYeoman, , Deputy Superintendent of the Water Works .
Bartholomew S.Hollingsworth, , Clerk of the Market .
JohnPaca, , Street Inspector, First District
Benjamin F.Mason, , Street Inspector, Second District .
ElliotLee, , City Marshal .
John H.McMillan, , Deputy Marshals .
William W.Kitzmiller, , Deputy Marshals .
[missing figure]
St. Louis Directory. 71
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Board of Aldermen
First Ward—Benjamin W.Ayres, ,
James G.Barry,
Second "—ThomasCohen, ,
Adam L.Mills, , President of the Board .
Third "—Archibald E.Orme, ,
WilliamBurd, .
Fourth "—ArchibaldCarr, ,
Joseph A.Wherry, Clerk.
Board of Delegates.
First Ward—ElkanahEnglish, ,
GeorgeMaguire, ,
HiramShaw, .
Second "—JamesClemens, jr.junior
StewartMathews, .
EdwardBrooks, , Chariman of the Board .
Third "—ThomasDresser, ,
GeorgeTrask, ,
Thomas H.West, .
Fourth "—George K.Budd, ,
SamuelGaty, ,
DavidWeston, .
William>S.Allen, , Clerk .
Board of Health.
James G.Barry, ,
Archibald E.Orme, ,
J. B.McDowell, , M. D.
A. L.Mills, , President of the Board .
H. N.Davis,
Township Officers.

Justice of the Peace Deputy Constables
SamuelDaniels, , JamesGordon,
Isaac B.Thomas, , Louis DuBreuil,
Chalres G.Chesley, , Charles R.Du Breuil, ,
Charles H.Gregory, , John D.Mount, ,
Charles D.Pridy, , Henry D.Evans, ,

County Officers.
Justices of the Peace residing in the city
First Ward—JohnBlack, , ---- Law Day 2d Saturday in each month.
Fred.Kretschmar, , " last " " ".
Second "—Joseph W.Walsh, , " last " " "
Elihu H.Shepard, , " 3rd " " "
Third "—B. F.McKenney, , " 1st " " "
Louis T.Labeaume, , " 3d " " ".
Fourth "—CristopherGarvey, , " 2d " " "
George A.Hyde, , " 1st " " ".
Luke E.Lawless, , Judge of the St. Louis Circuit Court .
JohnRuland, , Clerk and ex-officio Recorder .
72 St. Louis Directory.
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MarshallBrotherton,Sheriff .
EsromOwens,Coroner .
LewisPatterson,County Assessor .
DanielHough,Treasurer .
M. P.Leduc,Justices of the St. Louis County Court .
HenryWalton,Justices of the St. Louis County Court
JosephLe Blond,Justices of the St. Louis County Court
State Officers
ThomasReynolds,Governor .
M. M.Marmaduke,Lieutenant Governor .
James L.Minor,Secreary of State .
AbrahamMcClelland,Treasurer .
Hiram H.Baber,Auditor .
S. M.Bay,Attorney General .
GeorgePenn,Receiver General .
Jacob P.De Forest,U. S.United States b Surveyor and Collector of the Port of
St. Louis .
St. Louis Public Schools
Fourth Ward—JosephTabor,President of the Board .
Third "—AsaWilgus,,
TrustenPolk, .
Second "—SamuelWilli,
John H.Baldwin, .
First "—HughO’Neil, .
IsaacMcHose, .
WilsonPrimm, , Secretary .
JohnMcCausland, , Bailiff .
WilliamRenshaw, , Treasurer .
Bank of The State of Missouri at St. Louis.
Capital, $5,000,000.

Branches at Fayette, Howard County, and Palmyra, Marion Co.Company

Insurance Compaines.
Missouri Mutual Insurance Co.Company of St. Louis.
H. S.Coxe,Pres’t.
T. O.Duncan,Sect’y.
Missouri Insurance Company
Citizens’ Insurance Company
H. L.Hoffman,Pres’t.
Union Insurance Company.
Theodore L.McGill,Pres’t.
F. L.Ridgely,Sect’y.
St. Louis Directory. 73
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Marine Insurance Company of St. Louis.
H.Von Phul,Pres’t.
St. Louis Perpetual Insurance Company.
John B.Camden,Pres’t.
W. C.Kennett,Sect’y.
Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Insurance Company.
Daniel D.Page,Pres’t.
Edward Y.Ware,Sec. pro tem.
St. Louis Insurance Company.
Geo. K.McGunnegle,Pres’t.
Saint Louis Floating Dock and Insurance Co.Company
John D.Dagget,Pres’t.
John F.Hunt,Sect’y.
St. Louis Gas—Light Company.
Religious and Benevolent Societies.
St. Louis Cathedral —on Walnut, between Second and
Third streets
Rt. Rev.P. J.Verhaegen,Bishop
Very Rev.Reverend Francis B.Jamison, ,Vicar General
St. Francis’ Cathedral, (unfinished,)
Corner of Ninth and Greene streets
First Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Church —corner of Fifth and Pine streets.

This church, whose name does not indicate her principles, had her
origin in a secession from the General Assembly of hte Church of Scot-
land, A. D.1733.

She is Presbyterial in her government and discipline, and Calvanistic
in her doctrines.

Among the principal promoters of this secession were the Rev.Reverend Ebe-, and RalphErskine, , and JamesFisher, , (author of a large Cate-
chism, explanatory of the Westminster divines’ ‘‘Shorter Catechism.’’
This large catechism is highly prized throughout the Presbyterian
churches of the United States, and is commonly known by the name of
Fisher and Erskines’ Catechism)

Another promoter of this secession was the Rev.Reverend ThomasBoston, , ce-
lebrated in the Presbyterian churches of these United States as the author of various standard theological works, of which the most generally
known is that one entitled, ‘‘Man’s four-fold state.’’ Many of these se-
ceders having in the progress of time emigrated to America, considered
that many of the same reasons for separation from the General Assem-
bly of Presbyterians existed also in America, and therefore continued a
distinct denomination, and assumed the name of Associate Reformed

[missing figure]
74 St. Louis Directory.
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Christ’s (Episcopal) Church —corner of Fifth and
Chesnut streets
Rev.Reverend F. F.Peake,Pastor
St. Paul’s (Episcopal) Church — corner of Fifth and
Wash streets
Rev.Reverend Peter R.Minard,Pastor
Methodist Episcopal Church —corner of Fourth-st.
and Washington avenue.
Rev.Reverend W.Browning,Pastors
Rev.Reverend W.Forsyth,Pastors
First Presbyterian Church —corner of St. Charles
and Fourth streets.
Rev.Reverend ArtemasBullard,Pastor
Second Presbyterian Church —corner of Fifth and
Walnut streets.
Rev.Reverend William S.Potts,Pastor
Unitarian Church —corner of Pine and Fourth streets.
Rev.Reverend WillaimG.Elliot, jr.junior ,Pastor
Baptist Church —corner of Chesnut and Third streets.
Rev.Reverend R. E.Pattison,Pastor
German Lutheran Church —corner of Seventh and
Clark streets
Rev.Reverend GeorgeWall,Pastor
African (Methodist) Church —corner of Greene and
Seventh streets
JohnAnderson, , Pastor
African (Baptist) Church —south Ffith street
Convent Of The Sacred Heart —on Fifth between
Labadie and Soulard streets
St. Louis Sacred Music Society — Concert Hall.
[Meet every Friday evening.]
M. V.Hall,Vice-president
Vocal Conductor , C.Webb,
Instrumental Conductor , C.Balmer,
WilliamDowning, , Directors
M. C.English,Directors
H. E.Thomas,Directors
N. G.Hopkinson,Directors.
L. D.Baker,Directors.
T. B.Targee, .Directors.
St. Louis Directory. 75
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St. Louis Hospital —under the care of the Sisters of Cha-
rity—on Spruce street, between Third and Fourth.
Sister FrancisXavier, ,Superior
Protestant Orphan Asylum —on Seventh street, be-
tween Morgan and Franklin avenue
Mrs.MathewKerr,First Directress
Mrs.JohnTorode,Second Directress
Mrs.Ann M.Perry,Treasurer
Orphan Asylum —under the care of the Sisters of Charity,
corner of Walnut and Third Streets
Sister AngelaHughes, ,Superintendent
St. Louis Male Orphan Association

For the purpose of aiding in the maintenance and education of
destitute Orphan Boys, under the care of the Sisters of Charity

M.Tesson, , President
Jno. P.McMeal,Secretary
Missouri Bible Society .
H. R.Gamble,President
WilliamHolcombe,Corresponding Sect’ySecretary
J. D. G.Manny,, Recording Sect’y.
DavidKeith,Treasurer and Agent of Depository
Missouri Sunday School Union .
JamesLyman,Corresponding Sect’ySecretary
J. D. G.Manny,Recording Sect’ySecretary .
DavidKeith,Treasurer and Agent of Depository
Missouri Tract Society .
George K.Budd,Corresponding Sect’ySecretary .
N. B.Atwood,Recording Sect’ySecretary
DavidKeith,Treasurer and Agent of Depository
Total Abstinence Society of St. Louis.
John M.Weimer,President
Vice-presidents ---Rev.Reverend JosephTabor,Thomas G.Settle,Rev’d
ReedWilkinson, .
Executive Committe ---Henry D.Bacon,HarveyHolman,Z. N.
Roberts,Samuel T.Hyde,Ira Y.Munn, .
John R.Kimball,Recording Sect’ySecretary .
S.Knox, Esq.,Corresponding Sect’ySecretary .
76 St. Louis Directory.
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Missouri State Temperance Society
H. R.Gamble, Esq., President
Vice Presidents ---Rev.Reverend ArtemasBullard, , John H.Fielding, , Thos.
L.Anderson, , P. F.Cowan, , RobertBollet, , J. S.Fa, , Amasa
Executive Committee ---Dr.F.Knox, , JosephPowell, , Rev.Reverend Geo.
C.Light, , WyllisKing, , Dr.Thos.Jones,
Samuel T.Hyde, , Treasurer
SamuelKnox, Esq., Corresponding Sect’ySecretary
WilliamDowning, , Recording Sect’ySecretary
Medical Department of Kemper College ,
(St. Louis, Mo.Missouri b)
Rt. Rev.JacksonKemper,, D. D., President of the Board
Rev.Reverend S. A.Crane, , President of the College
Trustees ---EdwardTracy, , JosiahSpalding, , AugustusKerr, , Her- L.Hoffman, , HenryVon Phul, , Jos. C.Laveille, , Wilson
P.Hunt, , RobertWash, , J. ParkerDoane, , DanielHough, , Chs.
Jabine, , Rev.Reverend Peter R.Minard, , Henry T.Coxe, , James L.En-, , N. P.Taylor,
Joseph N.McDowell, , M. D., (late Professor of special and sur-
gical Anatomy in the Cincinnati College,) Professor of Anato-
my and Surgery
J. W.Hall, , M. D. (late of Kentucky,) Professor of Theory and
Practice of Medicine
Hiram A.Prout, , M. D. (late Professor of Chemistry and Bota-
ny in Lagrange College, Ala.) Professor of Mat. Medica and
Med. Botany
John S.Moore, , M. D. (late of Tennessee,) Professor of the In-
stitutes of Medicine and Obstetrics
Johnde Wolf, , M. D. (late Professor in Burkshire Med. School,)
Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy

[missing figure]
The aggregate cost of tickets in Kemper College in $80. Dis-
secting ticket, which will be taken at the discretion of the pupil, $10
Graduation fee, $20; Matriculation fee, $5.

Students before applying for the degree of M. D. are required to at-
tend two full courses in this institution, or one in some respectable school,
and the last in this, and to be of good moral character.

If a practitioner of Medicine apply, he shall give evidence of his hav-
ing been in a reputable practice for three years, and have attended one
course in this institution.

The regular lectures will commence on the first Monday of Novem-
ber next, and terminate on the 1st of March. The room for practical
Anatomy will be open during the month of October, and lectures free of
expense will be delivered to the pupils in attendance.

Board can be obtained in the city of St. Louis as cheap as in any city
in the West where there is a medical school. A cheaper ;market cannot
be found in any city on the continent; and there is no good reason why
boarding should not be cheaper here than elsewhere. Good boarding
can be obtained for from $3 to $5 per week.

St. Louis Directory. 77
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St. Louis University,
Between Ninth and Tenth streets, and Greene street and Wash-
ington avenue, Block 173.
JamesVandevelde, , President
Medical Society of Missouri.
(Instituted 25th December, 1835. Incorporated January, 1837.)
MeredithMartin, , M. D., President
JamesSykes, , M. D., Vice-president
J. V.Prather, , M. D., Corresponding Sect’ySecretary
W. BrownGildea, , Recording Sect’ySecretary
S. W.Adreon, , M. D., Treasurer
Auxiliary Colonization Society of St. Louis.
BeverlyAllen, , President
Vice-presidents ---Hon. Wm.William C.Carr, , Rt. Rev.J.Kemper, , Rev.Reverend
A.Bullard, , Rev.Reverend William M.Daily, , Rev.Reverend Wm.William S.Potts, , Hon.
Wm.William bCarrLane, ;Gen.General Ranney, , of Cape Girardeau ; Hon. D.
Dunklin, , Washington Co.Company ; Samuel L.Hart, Esq., Jefferson
Co.Company ; Hon. DavidTodd, , Boone Co.Company ; Major W.Blakely, , M-
rion Co.Company
Managers ---H. RGamble, , H. S.Geyer, , P. G.Camden, , Jno. C.
Dinnies, , Rev.Reverend J.Tabor, , Geo. K.Budd, , WaymanCrow, , Jo-Spalding,
J. B.Camden, , Treasurer . TrustenPolk, , Sect’ySecretary
St. Louis Lyceum and Library Association.
[Basement Unitarian Church.]
BeverlyAllen, , President
J. B.Walker, , 1st Vice president
N.Holmes, , 2d Vice-president
WilliamNorris, , Recording Sect’ySecretary
J. D.Daggett, , Corresponding Sect’ySecretary
A.Todd, , Auditor
J.Bayfield, , Treasurer
ThomasPeters, , Librarian
Directors ---M. P.Leduc, , WaymanCrow, , C. F.Hendry, , B. B.
Dayton, , A.Van Alstine,
St. Louis Law Library Association.
JosiahSpalding, , President
H. R.Gamble, , Vice-president
J. D.Johnson, , Secretary and Librarian
P. DexterTiffany, , Treasurer
Directors —BeverlyAllen, , Henry S.Geyer, , John F.Darby, ,
St. Louis Museum,
Corner of Market and Second streets.
AlbertKoch, , Proprietor
78 St. Louis Directory.
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Western Academy of Natural Sciences, of
St. Louis

[Instituted Jan. 1st, 1837. Incorporated Feb. 9th, 1837.]

B. B.Brown, , M. D., President
GeorgeEnglemann, , M. D., Vice-pres’t
C. J.Carpenter, , M. D., Cor. Sect’y
Wm.WilliamWeber, Esq., Recording Sect’ySecretary .
M. P.Ledue, , Treasurer.
B. B.Brown, , Zoology
G.Schuetze, , Botany
F. A.Wisligenus, , M. D. , Natural Philosophy and Meteorology
G.Englemann, , M. D. , Chemistry and Mineralogy
H.King, , M. D. , Geology
Society of The Illuminati.
JamesSykes, , M. D., President.
C. J.Carpenter, , M. D., Vice-pres’t.
S. W.Adreon, , M. D., Sect’y.
E.Owens, , Janitor.
Illuminators for present term — B. B.Brown, , M. D. ; G.Engle-, , M. D. ; F. A.Wislizenus, , M. D. ; H.King, , M. D.
Native American Association.
VespasianEllis, , President.
David B.Hill, , Vice-president.
JohnRiggin, , Corresponding Sect’ySecretary .
Wm.WilliamStuart, , Recording Sect’ySecretary .
PhilanderSalisbury, , Treasurer.
St. Andrew’S Society of St. Louis.
John S.Thomson, , President.
KennethMackenzie, , Vice-presidents.
R. B.Fife, , Vice-presidents.
WilliamStrachan, , Treasurer.
Douglas E.Melne, , Sect’y.
Thomas P.Stewart, , Assistant Sect’ySecretary .
Rev. Dr.Macaulay, , Chaplain.
Dr.AlexanderMarshall, , Physician.
Board of Managers ---JohnCowie, , Jas. L.Brown, , Alex.Robert-, , AlexanderFerguson, , Dr.Macaulay, , DavidYeoman,
Hibernian Society.
HughO’Neil, , President.
JohnEnnis, , Vice-president.
JamesMcKenney, , Secretary.
Ringrose D.Watson, , Treasurer.
St. Louis Typographical Association.
WilliamPrescott, , President.
— Frazier, , Sect’y.
St. Louis Directory. 79
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St. Louis German Academy.
FrederickKretschmar, , President.
EdwardHutawa, , Secretary.
TheodoreKimm, , Treasurer.
JuliusWeyse, , Teacher.
German Benevolent Society of St. Louis
L.Degenhard, , President.
TheodoreKimm, , Vice-president.
E.Kutawa, , Sect’y.
T. J.Meier, , Assistant Sect’ySecretary .
CharlesMueller, , Treasurer.
German Union Club—Club Room No. 17 Market street.
H. A.Carstens,
Dr.Gempp, , Secretary.
WilliamTewes, , Treasurer.
Grand Lodge of Missouri.

Priestly H.M’Bride, , G. M.
A. B.Chambers, , Dep. G. M.
Alex. T.Douglas, , S. G. W.
Wm.William C.Vane, , J. G. W.
G. H. C.Melody, , G. Treas.
R. B.Dallam, , G. Sec.
Rev.Reverend H.Chamberlain, , G. Ch.
EsromOwens, , G. Tyler.

St. Louis Lodge, No. 20.

EdwardKlein, , W. M.
JoabBarnard, , S. W.
Wm.William S.Stewart, , J. W.
G. H. C.Melody, , Treas.Treasurer
R. B.Dallam, , Sec.
EsromOwens, , Tyler.

Naphtali Lodge, No. 25

JosephFoster, , W. M.
ClarkHooper, , S. W.
James B.Biscoe, , J. W.
FreemanLittle, , Treas.Treasurer
JamesMagehan, , Sec.
EsromOwens, , Tyler.

Missouri Royal Arch Chapter.

JosephFoster, , M. E. H. P.
Elihu H.Shepard, , King.
JoabBarnard, , Scribe.
R. B.Dallam, , Sec.
G. H. C.Melody, , Treas.Treasurer
EsromOwens, , Tyler.
J.Simonds, , P. Sojourner.
GilbertNourse, , Capt. Host.
Wm.William S.Stewart, , R. A. C.
JohnFallon, , Masters Vails.
J. B.Biscoe, ,
J.Magehan, ,

80 St. Louis Directory.
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Independent Order of Odd-Fellows.
Grand Lodge of Missouri.

W. S.Stewart, M. W. G. M.
B. M.Backensto, , D. G. M.
GeorgePatch, G. Sec.
G. D.Darlington, , G. Treas.
H. M.Brown, , G. Warden.
T. B.Hudson, , Rev. G. Chap.
T. M.Darlington, , G. Conduc’r.
JohnHunter, , G. Guardian.

Travellers’ Rest Lodge, No. 1

David W.Dell, , N. G.
John D.Field, , V.G.
Wm.William S.Stewart, , Treas.Treasurer
Gerard B.Allen, , Sec.

Wildey Lodge, No. 2.

Fred.Kretschmar, , N. G.
S. J.Levi, , V. G.
Geo. A.Hyde, , Sec.
H. M.Brown, , Treas.Treasurer

Germania Lodge, No. 3.

HartzmanMiller, , N. G.
A.Merkel, , V. G.
ConradKatz, , Sec.
Wm.WilliamBecker, , Treas.Treasurer

Far West Lodge, No. 4 (Boonville.)

WilliamChilds, , N. G.
WilliamCunningham, , V. G.
Jas. G.Martin, , Sec.
HamiltonLyons, Treas.Treasurer

Wildey Encampment of Patriarchs, No. 1.

W. C.Corley, , C. P.
E. H.Shepard, , H. P.
L. T.LaBeaume, , S. W.
J. D.Field, , J. W.
Wm.William S.Stewart, , Scribe.
B. M.Backensto, , Treas.Treasurer

Post Office,

No. 15, south side of Chesnut street, corner of Second.

ThomasWatson, , Postmaster.

[missing figure]
Officed open on Sundays, for delivery, from 9 to 10, A. M.,
and form 4 to 5 P. M. On all other days, from sunrise ’till sunset.

[missing figure]
Persons wishing to pay postage on letters to be sent, can,
at any time when the office is shut, envelope the moeny with
the letter and drop it in the Box, which will insure attention.

Arrivals and Departures of Mails at St. Louis.
Springfield, via Edwardsville, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Tuesdays, Thursadays and Saturdays, at 12, M.
Closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10, A. M.
Springfield, via Jacksonville, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 6, P. M.
Closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 9, P. M.
St. Louis Directory. 81
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Vandalia, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8, P. M.
Closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9, P. M.
Vincennes, Ind.Indiana b
Arrives daily, at 10, A. M.
Closes daily, at 1, P. M.
Shawneetown, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays, at 10, A. M.
Closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 1, P. M.
Kaskaskia, Ill.Illinois
Arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 4, P. M.
Closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 9, P. M.
Potosi, New Madrid, Arkansas, &c.
Arrives Sundays and Wednesdays, at 12, M.
Closes Tuesdays and Saturdays, at 12, M.
St. Charles, Mo.Missouri b
Arrives daily, at 11, A. M.
Closes daily, at 11, A. M.
Fulton, &c., Mo.Missouri b
Arrives Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 11, A. M.
Closes Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 11, A. M.
Pinckney, &c., Mo.Missouri b
Arrives Fridays, at 11, A. M.
Closes Sundays, a 11, A. M.
Palmyra and Iowa Territory,
Arrives Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 11, A. M.
Closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 11, A. M.
Jefferson City, South Side of Missouri River.
Arrives Tuesdays, Thurdays and Saturdays, at 11, A. M.
Closes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 11, A. M.
Old Mines, by Richwoods.
Arrives Sundays, at 4, P. M.
Closes Mondays, at 6 1/2, A. M.
Owen’S Station, Waltonham, and Florisant.
Arrives Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 11, A. M.
Closes Tuesdays and Fridays, at 11, A. M.
Rates of Postage on Letters.
6 cents for any distance not exceeding 30 miles
10 cents, if over 30 and not exceeding 80 miles
12 1/2 cents, if over 80 and not exceeding 150 miles
18 3/4 cents, if over 150 and not exceeding 400 miles
25 cents, if over 400 miles.
Double letters are charged double; treble letters, treble; and
quadruple letters, quadruple these rates.
Postage on heavier packages, in proportion.
Not carried over 100 miles, or for any distance within the
State where they are printed, are charged one cent each. If
carried over 100 miles, and out of the State where they are
printed, one and a half cents each.
82 St. Louis Directory
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Periodicals, Pamphlets, and Magazines.
Carried not over 100 miles, one cent a sheet.
Carried over 100 miles, two cents a sheet.
Those not periodicals, for 100 miles or less, four cents a sheet.
Those not periodicals, over 100 miles, six cents per sheet.
No deduction will be made on postage of letter charged dou-
ble, treble, or quadruple, unless they are opened in the presence of the postmaster, his assistant, or some one belonging to the of-
Planters’ House and Insurance Company of
St. Louis.
William CarrLane, , President
Charles D.Drake, , Sect’y.
Charles R.Hall, , Treasurer.
HenrySpence, , Suprintendent of Building.
[missing figure]
St. Louis Hotel—by Stickney & Knight —Fourth street,
between Chesnut and Pine.
City Hotel —by Barnum, & Patton, —corner of Third and
Vine streets.
Green Tree Tavern —by Benjamin W.Ayres, —No. 68
south Second street.
Globe Tavern —by David P.Dana, —No. 8 Market street,
(south side.)
Missouri Hotel—by Webb & Billings —No. 194 north First
Street, corner of Oak.
National Hotel —by Stickney, & Knight, —corner of Mar-
ket and Third streets.
Union Hotel—by Fox & Blossom , corner of First and Prune
Jefferson House —by ElijahCurtis, , No. 46 1/2 north First,
corner of Pine street.
Virginia Hotel —by A. L.Corson, —on Vine street, between
First and Second.
Mansion House —by C. D.Walton, —corner of Fourth and
Locust streets.
Pension Francaise —by Henry F.Viguer, —on First street,
between Myrtle and Spruce streets.
Southern House —by B. F.Watkins, —corner of Second and
Chesnut streets.
Commercial Hotel —by Mrs.Pasteur, —Laurel street, be-
tween Front and First.
St. Louis House —by H.Moore, —corner of First and Market
St. Louis Exchange —by UriahRaple, —corner of Second
and Prune Streets.
York House —corner of Second and Prune streets.
St. Louis Directory. 83
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Fire Companies.
Union Fire and Hose Company
[Fourteen hundred feet Hose.]
ThomasDresser, , President
Henry A.Winstanley, , Vice-president.
BenonaSeverson, , 1st Engineer.
ConradFox, , 2d Engineer.
George A.Hyde, , Sect’y.
AugustusGuelbreth, , Treasurer .
Missouri Fire and Hose Company.
[Seven hundred and fifty feet Hose.]
NathanColeman, , President
J. C.Edgar, , Vice president
CharlesLaguerrea, , 1st Engineer
Thomas B.Targee, , 2d Engineer
W.Allen, ,Secretary
William A.Lynch, , Treasurer
Z. N.Roberts, , Collector
Directors —L. D.Baker, J. N.Hammond, J. C.Holbrook,—
St. Louis Fire and Hose Company.
J. W.Paulding, , President
BenjaminAmes, , Vice-president
J. H.Bayfield, , Sect’ySecretary
Oliver Harris, Treas
C. G.Chesley, , Collector
Directors —J.Southack, , T.Jordan, , M. W.Hopkins, , L.Sumner, ,
J. T.Green, , J.Briggs, , C. D.Walton, , G.Deacon, , A.Brewster, ,
D.Woodman, jr.junior , R.Boyd, , D.Simpson.,
Washington Fire and Hose Company.
[Number of feet of Hose, 800.]
B. W.Ayres, , Captain
IsaacMcHose, , Lieutenant
JohnCarn, , 1st Engineer
DanielColver, , 2d Engineer
Ezry O.English, , Sect’ySecretary and Treas.Treasurer
Central Fire and Hose Company.
[Number of feet of Hose, 1700.]
EdwardBrooks, , Captain
Charles F.Hendry, , Lieutenant
AsaWilgus, , 1st Engineer
Edward W.Trask, , 2d Engineer
J. W.Dougherty, , Secretary and Treasurer
84 St. Louis Directory.
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Mechanics’ Institute
of St. Louis.
Thornton, Grimsley, President
J. W.Chadwick, , Vice president
JohnFord, , Treasurer.
JohnMcNeil, , Secretary
John H.Ferguson, , Curators
RobertBoyce, , Curators
School for apprentices and minors , under the direction of a com-
mitte consisting of
B. B.Brown, , M. D.
Wm.William H.Pococke, ,
P.Brooks, ,
M. LewisClark, ,
D.Woodman, jr.junior
Dr.Macaulex, Preceptor. .
Mississippi Foundary,
Situated on First street, the first square above the Missouri
Gatey, Coonce & Glasby, Proprietors .
St. Louis Foundary,
Situated on Broadway, corner of Biddle street.
Kingslands, & Lightner, , Proprietors .
St. Louis Type Foundry,
No. 26 Market street,
G.Charles, , Proprietor .
Centre Market,
Occupying the block between From and First streets, and Market and
Walnut streets.
Richard B.Dallam, , Clerk
North Market,
(The property of a joint stock Company ,)
Situated at the junction of Third street and Broadway
South Market
Situated at the junction of Fourth and Fifth streets, opposite Convent
Edwd.Merren, , Clerk and Weigher of South Scales .
[missing figure]
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