The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
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Printing Office,
No. 45,
Main Street, St. Louis.

Book And Job
Of every description, neatly executed at
Low Prices.


[missing figure]
In colors of plains,
Printed in a neat and handsome manner.

Missouri Republican,
Printed By
Chambers & Knapp
Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly,
Advertisements & subscriptions respectfully
solicited, at 45, Main street.

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Advertising Directory. 1
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Mississippi Foundry,
No. 202,
North Main Street,
Saint Louis.

Gaty, M'Cune & Glasby ,
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Steam Engines, Brass and Iron Castings,
Saw Mill Wrought And Cast Irons,
Mill Machinery, Oil Screws and Presses, Tobacco
and all other kinds of Screws; Smithing
in all its branches.

s. Boat work done at the shortest notice.

The highest price given for old copper and brass.

Celebrated Vegetable
Universal Pills,
An effectual assistant of Nature,
56½ Office, 56½
Market Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Donaldson & Hall ,
Plane And Edge Tool Manufactory
And General
Hardware Store,
No. 25, Main Street,
Saint Louis.


2 Advertising Directory.
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[missing figure]

Fresh Garden Seeds
(Of direct importation,)
Warranted Of The First Quality, For Sale By
Dinn & Grubb ,
At The Missouri Seed Store,
No. 6, Main Street, near the Market, St. Louis.

The collection consists of every variety of Garden, Farm and Flower
Seeds; Dutch Bulbous Flower Roots; fine Roses; superb double Dahlias,
of above 100 choice varieties; Green House Plants; Ornamental and
Fruit Trees; Gooseberry and Currant Bushes; Strawberries, Raspber-
ries, Asparagus Roots, &c. &c.

Also, red and white Clover seed; Lucern or French Clover; Timothy;
Orchard Grass; Herds and Blue Grass; Wheat, Barley and Rye; fine
Scotch Potatoe Oats; Mangel Wurtzel and French Sugar Beet, with full
directions for culture and manufacture of Sugar; Morus Multicaulis
Trees, with treatise on culture.

Country Merchants supplied with seed, neatly put up with labelledpa-
pers, ready for retail, or in boxes from $10 to 100, or by the dozen papers,
or pound and bushel, (if they prefer making their own selection from the
general catalogue) for which a separate price list will be furnished.

Planters furnished with boxes well assorted, at from $5 to $50 each.

Market Gardeners furnished with the best quality of articles and on
reasonable terms.

These seeds are imported direct from the most eminent and experi-
enced growers in the Eastern States, and from the first seed establish-
ments in France, Holland, England and Scotland, and may be depended
on as fresh and genuine.

Also, Ploughs, Cultivators, Corn Shellers and Straw Cutters of the
most approved varieties; Garden and Farming Tools.

Canary birds of the finest song; breeding and fancy cages. Bird seed
of every sort, with a treatise on the care of Canaries, Goldfinches and
other song birds.

Advertising Directory. 3
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Paper Hangings Warehouse.

B. B.Michael, ,
Wholesale and retail dealer in French and American
Paper Hangings,
No. 45, Market street, opposite Concert Hall,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

The above establishment being connected with one of the largest
American Manufactories in the East, an extensive and elegant assort-
ment of every description of Paper Hangings will be kept constantly on
hand. New patterns regularly received as soon as manufactured.
Dealers, merchants & others are respectfully invited to call & examine.

Johnleach, ,
150 & 152,
North Third St., North Market,
Dealer in choice
Family Corceries,
Fine Wines, Country Produce,
Staple Dry Goods, &c.

To which he invites the attention of families.

Wm.William P.Harrison, . Edw. A.Chouteau, .

Harrison & Chouteau ,
Fancy And Staple
Dry Goods,
At Retail,
No. 40, Market Street,
Under Concert Hall,
Saint Louis.

4 Advertising Directory.
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Wilson & Brother ,
Importers & Wholesale Dealers In
Foreign and Domestic
Cutlery And Fancy Goods,
Sign of the Golden Anvil,
No. 84, Main Street,
Saint Louis.

G. B.Michael'S,
Dry Goods Store
Is At
56, Market Street.

G. B.Michael'S,
Paper Hangings Warehouse
Is At
45, Market Street,
Opposite Concert Hall.

Advertising Directory. 5
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A.Adams, ,
Importer And Dealer ,
54, Main Street,
Is Continually Receiving
New Goods,
And has on hand at all times, an extensive assortment of
American And European
Fancy Goods,
The Following Are Some Of The Articles Comprising
His Stock, Any Of Which The Subscriber Can Sell
So As To Compete With Any House In St. Louis.

Linen cambric Hdkfs.
Percussion Caps,
Spool Thread,
Eau de Cologne,
Ivory Combs,
Cord for ladies dresses,
Looking Glasses,
Tuck Combs,
Silver Pencil Cases,
Violin Strings,
Drilled Eyed Needles,
Pocket Knives,
Shell and horn side Combs,
Ladies' Work Baskets,
Needle work Collars,
Travelling Baskets,
Boot Laces,
Tooth Brushes,
Shoe Brushes,
Portable Desks,
Ambrosial shav'g Cream,
Ivory & horn dres'g combs
Persian Otto of Roses,
German silver Spoons,
Hook and Eyes,
Puffs and Boxes,
Pearl Shirt Buttons,
Bone and horn do.
Cotton Thread,
Hair Brushes,
Violin Strings,
Linen Collars,
Indellible Ink,
Pearl Powder,
German and English Pins,
Horse Brushes,
Sewing Silk,
Metal and Ivory Eyeletts,
Of Every Description,


6 Advertising Directory.
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Charles C. Norris &
No. 97,
O'Fallon'S Row, Main Street,
Three doors south of Locust, south side, sign of the
Pad Lock,
Importers of

[missing figure]
Cutlery, Saddlery,
Brass, Japaned & Plated Wares,
Guns, Pistols, Rifles, Nails, Castings, Steel, &c.

Together With Almost Every Article In Their Line.

City Dealers and Country Merchants are respect-
fully requested to give them a call, previous
to making their purchases.

Premium Boots
Boot And Shoe Manufactory.

EdwardFord, ,
Premium Boot Maker ,
No. 92, Second Street, between Locust and Vine,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Advertising Directory. 7
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[missing figure]

WilliamBurd, . Richard S.Tilden, . John W.Burd, .

Burd, Tilden & Burd ,
No. 43, North Main Street,
Tin-Plate And Sheet Iron Workers,
Fancy Grate Makers,
Brass Founders,
Hydraulic Plumbers and Pump Makers,
Steamboat Work ,
Such As
Copper Pipes, Chimneys and Britches.

Bells, Brass Cocks, &c.,
Made to order.

They have also established a
For Making
Sheet Lead and Lead Pipe,
On Factory Alley, between Pine and Olive Streets.

8 Advertising Directory.
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JacobBlattner, ,
Mathematical, Optical And Philosophical
Instrument Maker ,
Second, between Olive & Pine Sts.streets , St. Louis.

Has constantly on hand a large assortment of
Levelling Instruments, Surveying Compasses & Chains
Mathematical Instruments,
Spy Glasses, Barometers,
Spectacles, &c.

In the above branches will be altered or repaired
in the best manner.

All Instruments Manufactured By Him Will Be
Warranted Correct.

J. Goodell &
Dealers in
Fancy And Staple
Dry Goods,
Italian, French And India
Silk Goods,
No. 34, Market Street,
St. Louis.

JohnGoodell, ,
JamesPorter, ,
Silas C.Booth, .

Ribbons, Laces, Gloves, Embroidery, Filet Shawls,
Fancy Hdkfs., French Prints, Thread Lace, Rich
Colored Silks, Plaid Cravats, Challies, Mous-
selin de Lains, Fig'd Satins, Crapes, Silk
Hose, Filet Veils, Sinchews, &c.

Advertising Directory. 9
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Hay, Agens &

[missing figure]

Wholesale & Retail Dealers In
Hats and Caps
Furs, &c.
No. 104,
North Main Street.

Gist & M'Kay ,
Dry Goods,
No. 114, Main Street,
Saint Louis.

N.B. A constant supply of Pittsburgh Cotton Yarn.

P.Salisbury, ,
Wholesale And Retail
Dealer In
Boots & Shoes,
No. 6, North Main-st.street
Saint Louis.

10 Advertising Directory.
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Chouteau & Valle ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Commission & Forwarding Merchants ,
No. 52, Water Street,
Saint Louis.

Davis, Tilden & Richards ,
Dry Goods,
Groceries, &c.
7 & 9, Market Street,
(Opposite the Market,)
Saint Louis.

[missing figure]

J.B. Sickles &
Manufacturers Of Saddlery,
And Importers Of
No. 140, Main Street, St. Louis,
Opposite The Bank Of Missouri.

They have constantly on hand, an extensive assortment of Saddles,
Bridles, Martingales, Harness, Trunks, Valises, Carpet-bags,
Bits, Stirrups, Harness Furniture, Leather, Webb, &c.

Advertising Directory. 11
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Jos.Charless, . Henry T.Blow, .

Joseph Charless &
Main Pine Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Wholesale Dealers In
Drugs, Paints
Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Medicines,
Surgical Instuments, Perfumery, Window Glass
Druggists' Ware,
Writing & Wrapping Paper,
Quills, Ink, Etc.

Agents for Shriver, Motter and Campbell's superior
Crown Glass,
And Manufacturers Of
White Lead,
Red Lead And Lytharge,
Cold Pressed
Castor Oil,
Varnishes, Paints, &c. &c.

Terms fair to punctual men, and Goods low for
Or City Acceptances.

12 Advertising Directory.
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EmanuelCanter, ,
No. 160,
North Main Street,
Where will always be found,
Choice Groceries,
Pure Liquors,
Together with an extensive assortment of
Crockery, Glass, China, &c.
Wholesale And Retail,
On the most liberal terms.

John G.Shelton, ,
Draper And Tailor ,
33, Locust,
Between First And Second Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Where At All Times May Be Found,
A Superior And Extensive Assortment,
West Of England Cloths, Cassimeres,
Vestings, &c. &c.

Which will be made up to order in a
Fashionable And Correct Style,
At short notice, and terms reasonable.

Advertising Directory. 13
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H.N. Davis &
Forwarding & Commission
Wholesale Grocers,
And Dealers In Produce,
Saint Louis.

John D.Davis, ,
Wholesale Grocer,
Forwarding & Commission
Merchant ,
Pittsburgh, Pa.

[missing figure]

P. Wonderly & ,
Copper And Sheet Iron Workers ,
No. 9, Locust Street,
St. Louis.

Copper Pumps, tinned in and out, and Still, Brewing
and Hatters' Kettles manufactured to order.

☞ Particular attention paid to Steam Boat Work.

14 Advertising Directory.
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Wm.William J.Pigott, . Ww. H.Anderson, .

Pigott & Anderson ,
Wholesale And Retail
Druggists And Apothecaries ,
No. 14, Market Street,
Saint Louis.

[missing figure]

Keep constantly on hand a complete stock of
Drugs, Chemicals, Surgical Instruments
[missing figure]

Oils, Varnishes, Paints, Dye-Stuffs,
Druggists' Furniture, Vials, Corks, Window Glass, Putty, Painters'
Brushes, Artists' Pencils, Printing and Job Ink, do. fine assorted colors,
Gold, Silver and Copper Bronze, assorted colors; Thermometers, Hy-
drometers, Patent Medicines, &c., which, they will sell for cash, or to
punctual men on liberal terms.

Wolff & Hoppe ,
17, Market Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Direct importers of
German & Fancy Goods,
Such as
Hosiery, Laces, Fringes, Tapes, Bind-
Ings and Trimmings, Silk Cravats,
Handkerchiefs and Ribbons.

Also—Dealers In
Combs, Looking Glasses, Cutlery, Perfumery,
Brushes, Toys, Dolls,
And Fancy Goods Generally.

Advertising Directory. 15
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F. W.Southack, ,
[18] No. 18, [18]
Main Street,
Importer And Dealer In
China, Glass
Wholesale And Retail.

Families, Hotels, Steamboats
Boarding Houses
Supplied on the most favorable terms.

Ware Carefully Packed And Delivered At Any
Part Of The City, Free Of Expense.

Ernest C.Angelrodt, . EdwardEggers, . RobertBarth, .

Angelrodt, Eggers & Barth ,
No. 165,
Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Importers And Dealers In
Groceries, Liquors, Wines,
Commission & Forwarding
Merchants .

16 Advertising Directory.
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[missing figure]

W. H.M^Kinstry, ,
Fashionable Hat And Cap Manufacturer ,
No. 13, Market Street,
Keeps constantly on hand a large and elegant assortment of
Hats And Caps,
Of the very latest Eastern Styles, comprising all the kinds worn by gen-
tlemen of fashion. He also keeps a large stock of Hats and Caps suitable
for the wholesale trade, which he will sell very low for cash.

M.Brown, ,
Cheap Cash Clothing Store,
No. 52, Main Street,
Second Store above Pine Street,
Saint Louis.

A complete and general assortment of
Ready Made Clothing
Always on hand, which is mannfactured in a fashionable and superior
manner, by a
Wholesale Clothing House
In the city of New York, with which he is connected, and will be sold
at a small advance on the New York cost.

Advertising Directory. 25
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Academy And High School
Young Ladies ,
South Fifth street, near the corner of Market,
St. Louis,
By Mr.P.Mauro, and the Misses Mauro, .

Colburn & Coolidge ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Wooden Ware And Chairs,
Brushes, Matches And Brooms,
No. 13, Water Street,
St. Louis.

Jones, Bacon &
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines, Oils,
Paints & Dye-Stuffs, Glass & Glassware,
And Manufacturers Of
White Lead,
St. Louis.

Thos.Jones, .
Sherman J.Bacon, .
Sam'L. T.Hyde, .

Drs. Mullowny & House ,
Office 41, North Third Street,
Between Olive and Pine,
St. Louis.


26 Advertising Directory.
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John C.Shepherd, ,
No. 184, Main Street,
Between the Union and Missouri Hotels,
St. Louis,
Manufactures and keeps constantly on hand a general assortment of
Which will be sold at as low prices as any other shop in this city.
Harness, Trunks, Carpet Bags, Valices, Halters, Circingles, Girtles, Col-
lars, Hames, Whips, &c. always on hand.

AlbertTodd, . John M.Kbum, .

Todd & Krum ,
Attornevs At Law ,
Office, No. 41, Pine Street,
Saint Louis.

E. B.Bateman, ,
Wholesale And Retail
Druccist ,
No. 3, Water Street,
Three Doors Above The Market, Opposite the Ferry Landing,
Keeps constantly on hand a complete assortment of
Fresh Drugs,
Medicines And Chemicals,
Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Window Glass,
Glassware, Etc.

To which the attention of the
City And Country Trade
Is Respectfully Invited.

Advertising Directory. 27
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Beasley & Johnson ,
Commission of Forwarding Colloerchants ,
No. 12, Front Street,
St. Louis.

Edwin C.Beasley, ,
Ashton P.Johnson, ,

J. MBullard, ,
Dealer In
Drugs, Medicines,
Surgical Instruments,
Fancy articles, and Perfumery of every description,
Planters' House, Fourth Street,
Saint Louis.

Physiciians' Prescriptions will be attended to with care at all hours.

E. Vaudry Deroin &
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Oils,
Dye-Stuffs, Varnishes,
Glass, &c. &c.
No. 46, North First Street.

Thos.Lawson, ,
Prune, between Second and Third,
Sheet Lead And Lead Pipe Factory,
Plumber & Hydrant Maker,
N.B. Hatters' Kettles and every variety of Lead Ware
manufactured to order, at the shortest notice.

28 Advertising Directory.
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Carstens & Schuetze ,
No. 163, main Street,
St. Louis.

And Wholesale Dealers In
Drugs, Medicines,
Essential Oils, Herbs, Extracts,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
Window & Apothecary Glass, &c.

[missing figure]

They will keep constantly on hand, an extensive assortment of
Chemical Preparations,
From the most celebrated Chemists in London and Paris.

Seidlitz and Soda Powders prepared by them and warranted of
superior quality.

Geo.Wilson, ,
[Late of the firm of H.L. Hoffman & ]
Wholesale And Retail Dealer In
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs.

Perfumery, Window Glass,
And Surgeons' Instruments,
No. 5, Main Street, St. Louis.

R. R.Field, ,
Dealer In
Cloths, Cassimers, Vestings,
Tailor'S Trimmings,
No. 153, Main-st.street , corner of Laurel,
Saint Louis.

Advertising Directory. 29
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[missing figure]

J. Goodell &
Manufactures And Wholesale
Dealers In
Parasols And Umbrellas,
No. 34, Market Street,
Saint Louis.

Dr.W. B.Gildea, ,
Surgeon Dentist ,
No. 27,
Chesnut Street,
Nearly Opposite the Post Office.
Saint Louis.

JosephChauvin, . Andrew H.Maxfield, .

Chauvin & Maxfield ,
House, Sign And Ornamental
Painters ,
No. 16, North Third Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

30 Advertising Directory.
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[missing figure]

Smith'S Garden.

Fruit Trees, Flowers & Shrubbery,
Ornamental Trees
Green-House Plants,
Strawberries, &c.

Double Dahlias,
Of upwards of a hundred varieties, of the choicest colors, and
every thing in the
Florist And Fruit Line.

Gentlemen's Gardens laid off in the most tasteful manner, and planted
with Shrubbery, Flowers, &c., by the subscriber,
JamesSmith, ,
Park Avenue, Morton's Addition.

Chas. H.Ruggles, . CbomwellChace, .

Ruggles & Chace ,
Commission and Forwarding
Wholesale Dealers In Staple Dry Goods,
No. 55, Main Street,
St. Louis.

C.Garvey, ,
Justice Of The Peace,
Notary Public ,
Remits money, in small or large sums, to all parts of
Ireland, England and Scotland, with punctuality.

Office, No. 39, Laurel Street.

Advertising Directory. 31
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John L.Blaine, . W. M.Tompkins, . Wm.William D.Barret, .

Blaine, Tompkins & Barret ,
Wholesale Grocrs,
Commission & Forwarding Merchants
And Dealers In Produce,
No. 25, Water Street, St. Louis.

Especial attention paid to sales of Tobacco, Bale Rope and Bag-
ging, Sugar, Molasses and Coffee.

JohnHelgenberg, ,
Manufacturer Of
Military Goods,
And all objects in the above line, in the last fashions, as
Fringes, Tassels, Cords, Buttons, &c.

Corner Of Third And Myrtle Streets,
Saint Louis.

Looking Glass & Picture Frame
Printesller , &c. &c.
71 Market Ststreet , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

N.B. Maps & Drawinas mounted & uarnished
Old Frames righilt, Pictures cleaned & repaired

32 Advertising Directory.
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H. L.Hoffman, ,
Wholesale & Retail
Dealer In
Drugs, Medicine, Dye-Stuffs,
Paints, Oils, Window Glass, Brushes,
Perfumery, &c. &c.

[missing figure]
No 3, North Main Street, St. Louis.
[missing figure]

RobertCampbell, ,
Engraver on Wood,
No. 71, Market Street,
(Mr. Wool'S Picture Store,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

John F.Thornton, ,
Architectural, And Ornamental
Carver ,
Corner of Fourth and Walnut Streets,
St. Louis.

Advertising Directory. 17
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G. F.Filley, ,
Importer and Wholesale
Dealer In
Queensware, Class & China,
No. 145, Main Street,
St. Louis.

F. W.Beltzhoover, . Wm.WilliamRobb, .

Beltzhoover & Robb ,

[missing figure]

Hat & Cap
Manufacturers ,
[missing figure]

No. 86, North Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

N.B. Hats and Caps made to order.

Edwards & Francis ,

[missing figure]

Druggists ,
[missing figure]

Corner Of Third And Green Streets,
Saind Louis.

Every Article Pertaining To Their Business Se-
Lected With The Greatest Care, And Warranted

Physicians Prescriptions and Family Recipes, accurately


18 Advertising Directory.
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Cheap For Cash
At 26, Pine St.

[missing figure]

New And Second Hand
Household and Kitchen
Of All Kinds.

Chairs and Furniture made to order. Old Furniture bought
repaired or re-varnished.

W. C.Corley, .

R. I.Curle, . H. L.Bateman, .

Curle & Bateman ,
General Agents ,
No. 31, Locust Street,
St. Louis.

Will attend to the purchase and sale of Real Estate and Personal
Property of every description.

Also, Collecting Rents, Leasing Property, Hiring Servants, &c.

A. Miller &
Wholesale Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs,
Varnishes and Window Glass,
No. 94, Main street, St. Louis.

Advertising Directory. 19
View original image: Page  0019

Chas. F. Hendry &

[missing figure]

No. 32,
South-west corner of Market and Second Streets, Up Stairs.

Wholesale Dealers And Importers Of
Saddler Y - Hardware,
Shoemakers' Tools and Findings,
And Finished Leather Of Every Description,
Consisting of
Sole Leather, first, second and third qualities; Calf Skins, first, second
and third qualities; Harness Leather, Bridle Leather, Skirting Leather,
Band Leather, Welt Leather; Bag Hides, Lining Hides, Japaned Hides,
Chaise Hides; Buck Skins, Morocco Skins, Lining Skins, Binding Skins,
Sheep Skins, Hog Skins; together with a general assortment of
Shoemakers' Tools, Lasts, Boot Trees & Findings, &c.

Extensive Assortments Of The Above Articles
Constantly Kept, And Orders Filled Upon
Moderate Terms.

White & Smith ,
Wholesale Crocers,
Commission & Forwarding Merchants,
And Steam Boat Agents ,
No. 53, Water Street,
Saint Louis.

A Gard.

B. B.Brown, M.D.
Dentist ,
No. 27, Chesnut St.
Between First and Second Streets, north side.

20 Advertising Directory.
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S.O. & N. Coleman ,
Turners In Wood,
Pump, Box And Block Makers,
At Cincinnati prices,
On Centre Alley,
Between Olive And Locust And Main And
Second Streets,
Saint Louis.

Keep a general assortment of
Bed Posts, Ten Pin Balls
Hatters' Finishing Blocks

EdwardMead, ,
Successor To Mead & Adriance ,
Wholesale And Retail
Dealer In
Watches, Clocks.
Fine Pocket And Table Cutlery,
Plated And Britannia Ware,
Military And Fancy Goods,
And manufacturer of
Silver Ware,
No. 48, Main, Corner Of Pine Street,
Saint Louis.

Particular attention paid to the repairing of Watches, Clocks,
and Jewelry.

Advertising Directory. 21
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J. & W. Vandeventer ,
Wholesale And Retail
And Wholesale
Dry Goods,
No. 156,
Corner of Main and Laurel Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

EdwinAdriance, ,
No. 32,
Main Street, Saint Louis,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Clocks, Watches,
Jewelry, Cutlery,
Silver, Plated & Britannia Ware;
Fancy Goods, Watch Tools
Clocks And Watches
Repaired And Warranted.

22 Advertising Directory.
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[missing figure]

F.Dings, ,
And keeps constantly on hand
An Extensive Assortment Of
Of various sizes and patterns,
Made To Order,
Second Street,
Between Pine And Olive Sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

R.B. & G.W. Goodwin ,
Drapers And Tailors ,
No. 41,
Market Street,
Opposite Concert Hall,
Have constantly on hand a full assortment of superfine
Cassimeres And Vestings,
Which they are prepared to
At short notice, in the most
Fashionable Manner.

Advertising Directory. 23
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To the Afflicted!

Doct.James M.Martien'S,
Invincible Remedy
For the Treatment and Cure of
Antibilious Universal Life Pills,
And Anti-Consumptive Pills,
And His Never-Failing
Worm Destroying

At the urgent solicitation of his numerous friends, Doctor M. has
been induced to offer the above Medicines to the public, he having
been engaged for the last sixteen years in bringing them to a state of
perfection, and can now confidently recommend them to the notice of
his fellow citizens. Kept constantly for sale, either wholesale or
retail, by
H. L.Hoffman, ,
No. 3, North Main-st.street

Thomas S.Nelson, ,
Attorney And Counsellor At Law ,
No. 30, Pine Street,
Between Main & Second Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

24 Advertising Directory.
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Wm.William A.Lynch, ,
Cabinet Maker,
And Undertaker ,
No. 104, Third Street,
(Opposite City Hotel,)
St. Louis.

Constantly on hand a general assortment of
Furniture, Chairs, Mattresses and bedding, Sacking bottoms,
Mahogany Plank, Boards, Veneers, Hair Cloth and Curled
Hair, Ready-made Coffins and Shrouds.

[missing figure]

Welsh & Wilgus ,
Manufacturers and Wholesale and Retail dealers in
Copper, Tin
And Sheet Iron Ware,
Corner of Second and Spruce Streets,
St. Louis.

Particular Attention Paid To Gut-
Tering And Jobing Of All Kinds.