The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
St. Louis Directory.
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St. Louis Directory.

Western Mill-Furnishing

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203, North First Street.

Ira Toddd & Sons ,
Manufacturers And Importers Of
French Burr Mill Stones
A constant supply of the genuine improved
Square-Mesh, Anchor Stamp, Dutch
Bolting Cloths;
Mill Irons;
Screen Wire, & ,
In short, every requisite for furnishing complete both Flouring
and Saw Mills. Also, a ladge suppiv of calcined
Plastic Of Paris,
Of superior quality, selected with greal care, expressly for plasterers.

Gentry'S Patint French Burr Mills.

Owing to the increaned command and the universal satisfaction they
have given, we have nited up large supply of these celebrated Mills.
Great care has been taken in selecitng the best French Burr and no
pains has been spared in having the workmanship of the most perfect
manner possible. It is unnesesary to add that is so generally known,
namely, that the "Gentry Mill," for economy, utility and durability,
stands unrivalled.