Green's St. Louis directory :
City Officers
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BernardPratte, , Mayor .
M. LewisClark, Recorder .
John M.Parker, Register .
Richard B.Dallam, Auditor .
RobertSimpson, Comptroller .
JohnBell, Treasurer.
Charles D.Drake, City Counsellor.
Charles D.Priddy, City Marshal.
JohnShade, Superintendant of the Workhouse.
CharlesRecordon, Street Inspector First District.
WilliamHouston, " Second do.
J. H.McMillan, " Third do.
PeterStoffel, Market-master Centre Market.
UriahRaplee, Market-master North Market.
Elias T.Laugham, Weigher Front-street Scales.
John C.Vogel, " North Market do.
B. S.Hollingsworth, " Market-street do.
FerdinandProvenchere, Collector First Ward.
HenryAlmstedt, " Second do.
John R.Dicks, " Third do.
Samuel B.Bullock, " Fourth do.
Isaac S.Smyth, Fifth do.
HenryMcKee, " Sixth do.
HenryKayser, City Engineer.
PeterBrooks, Superintendant of the Water Works.
J. D.Manny, City Weigher.
William W.Greene, Harbor Master.
HenrySpence, Lumber Master.
A. Z.Hilbert, Flour Inspector.
EnochScott, Inspector of Weights and Measures.
John C.Core, Inspector of Liquors.
James L.Thorp, Inspector of Beef and Pork.
JamesMcDonough, Captain of the City Watch.
LouisDuBreuil, First Lieutenant do.
Henry A.McGee, Second Lieutenant do.
MichaelSutter, Third Lieutenant do.
(Thirty-six Privates.)
xxvi City Officers And Institutions.
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City Council.
First Ward MatthiasSteitz, ; JohnWithnell, .
Second Ward EllisWainwright, ; JohnBlack, .
Third Ward EdwardCharles, ; George K.McGunnegle, .
Fourth Ward Luther M.Kennett, ; J. B.camden .
Fifth Ward ArchibaldCarr, ; Joseph W.Ormsbee, .
Sixth Ward William S.Stamps, ; GeorgeMead, .
EdwardCharled, , President.
T. O.Duncan, ,Clerk.
First Ward JohnCorcoran, ; EdwardWarrens, .
Second Ward GeorgeMortan, ; CharlesBobb, .
Third Ward DavidChambers, ; FranciesJones, .
Fourth Ward George A.Hyde, ; CharlesTodd, .
Fifth Ward C. J.Carpenter, ; SamuelKnox, .
Sixth Ward JamesGordon, ; HughRose, .
GerogeMorton, ,Chairman.
John J.Anderson, , clerk.
Board Of Health.
First Ward M.Steitz, .
Second Ward JohnBlack, .
Third Ward G. K.McGunnegle, .
Fourth Ward L. M.Kennett, .
Fifth Ward ArchibaldCarr, .
Sixth Ward William S.Stamps, .
L. M.Kennett, ,President.
Health-officer , J. N.McDowell, , M.D.
Circuit Court.
Hon. John M.Krum, ,Judge.
JohnRuland, , clerk.
Terms — Third Mondays of April and November.
Common Pleas Court.
Hon. MontgomeryBlair, ,Judge.
NathanielPaschall, , Clerk.
Terms — First Monday of February, and Third Monday of September.
Criminal Court.
Hon. AlonzoManning, ,Judge.
Julius D.Johnston, , Clerk.
MironLeslie, ,Circuit Attorney.
Terms — First Monday of January, and the First Monday of every alternate
month throughout the year, as March, May, & c.
Probate Court.
Hon. PeterFerguson, ,Judge.
Terms — First Mondays of March, June, September and December.
City Officers And Institutions. xxvii
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County Court.
HenryWalton, , Presiding Justice.
James J.Purdy, , Associates
John K.Walker, , Associates
Thomas D.Yeats, , Associates
ArchibaldGamble, , Associates
JosephSale, , Associates
HenryMcCullough, . Associates
Stephen D.Barlow, , Clerk.
Terms — First Mondays of March, June, September and December.
United States Courts.
JohnCatron, , of Tennessee, Circuit Judge, and Associate Judge United
States Supreme Court.
Robert W.Wells, , of Missouri, District Judge.
JosephGamble, , Clerk of Circuit Court at Saint Louis.
JosephHarrison, , Clerk of District Court at Jefferson City.
William M.M’Pherson, , of Saint Louis, Circuit and District Attorney.
Robert C.Ewing, , Marshal, and Richmond I. Curle and Horseley Ray,
Deputies, resident in Saint Louis
Terms of Courts: — Circuit, at St. Louis, first Mondays of April and october
District, at Jefferson City, first Mondays of March and September.
Ministerial Officers.
WilliamMilburn, , Sheriff.
Henry B.Belt, , Deputies.
Nicholas C.Osborne, , Deputies.
James L.Harris, , Deputies.
Benjamin S.Garland, , Deputies.
Ernst W.Decken, , Deputies.
RichardDowling, , Deputies.
HughMiller, , Coroner.
William S.McKnight, , Marshal.
James W.Richardson, , Deputies.
James A.Felps, , Deputies.
Joseph C.Brown, Deputies.
DavidM’Cullough, , Deputies.
Literary Institutions And Societies.
Board Of President And Directors Of The St. Louis Public
Schools .
Thomas H.West, , President.
Z. B.Curtis, , Secretary.
WilliamRenshaw, , Treasurer.
William H.Pococke, , Bailiff.
First Ward — AdolphRenard, ; CharlesHuth, .
Second Ward — JamesMaguire, ; ElijahHayden, .
Third ward — SamuelWilli, ; JosephCharless, .
Fourth Ward — Thomas H.West, ; DavidWeston, .
Fifth Ward — T. B.Edgar, ; C. J.Carpenter, .
Sixth Ward — EdwardJones, , J. C.Beideman, .
xxviii City Officers And Institutions.
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Public Schools.

There are nine Public School, supported bu a fund arising from lots of
ground within the city of Saint Louis, granted by Congress for the support
of public instruction. This fund, as well as the schools, is managed by a
Board of President and Directors, consisting of two members chosen by the
people, from each ward of the city. The following are the names of the
teachers of the several schools, and the average number of scholars in each,

Male —Stibbs First Ward 70
Female Miss S.Wing, " Ward 70
Male S. M.Sill, Second Ward 90
Female Miss F.Burgess, " Ward 90
Male D. H.Armstrong, Fourth Ward 150
Female Mrs. Armstrong, " Ward 150
Do Mrs Green, " Ward 90
Male A.Chute, Sixth Ward 90
Female Miss Salsbury, " Ward 80

These Schools are all free, in a flourishing condition, and under the con-
trol of able and well qualified instructors.

Kemper College.

This Institution is situated on a commanding eminence, about five miles
from Saint Louis, and is surrounded in all directions by a landscape, which,
for extent and beauty of scenery, has scarcely an equal in the Western
country. The location has been selected with great judgement, as well as
taste; being sufficiently near to the city to enjoy all of its advantages, and
yet sufficiently remote to avoid the evils incident to a large and rising
metroplis. The principal buildings, which are of brick, consist of a main
edifice, seventy feet long and four stories high, with which are connected
two wings, of equal length, and three stories in height; thus affording
ample room and every convenience for the various purposes of the Institu-
tion. The libraries, accessible to the various students, contain about four
thousand volumes; and a cabinet of valuable specimens, to illustrate the
natural sciences,enables the student in that department to do full justice
to the various topics which he discusses.

It is the great design of this foundation, to combine a high standard of
general education with domestic discipline, and systematic religious su-
perintendence. While the course of studies embraces all the branches of
the most finished English, classical, and mathematical education, the in
ternal arrangements are essentially those of a well-ordered Christian family,
in which strict attention is paid to the habits and manners of the students,
as well as to their moral and intellectual culture. Particular prominence
will be given to the department of modern languages, and every possible
facility afforded to those who are preparing for Holy Orders. The religious
principles of the Institution are a strict adhesion to the doctrines and wor-
ship of the Protestant Episcopal church; but members of all Christian de-
nominations are cheerfully received, and are only required, in connection

City Officers And Institutions. xxix
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with their fellow student, to attend the celebration of the public duties of
The annual session of the College commences on the first Monday of Oc-
tober, and ends, at Commencement, on the last Thursday of July. The
public examinations of all the classes begin on the Monday immediately
preceding Commencement, and continue three days. It will be seen that
there is but one vacation in the year, which embraces the months of August
and September. The usual academic degrees are conferred at the annual
Commencement, upon such students as are found qualified to receive them;
and literary merit is encouraged and distinguished by appropriate and
sigmificant honors.
The terms of this Institutions are one hundred and fifty dollars per annum,
payable, in all cases, semi-annually, in advance. This sum includes, not only
board and tuition, but also fuel, lights, use of beds and furniture, attendance
of servants; together with the necessary quantity of washing and mending.
It is worthy of special observation, that there are no extra charges, with the
exception of a small additional pension for lessons in the modern languages,
and for the exclusive use of private rooms. Candidates for Holy Orders,
the sons of clergymen, and Indian youths, pay only one hundred dollars per
Visits to the Institution are particularly invited by the Faculty, and will
be agreeable at all times except Sundays. The most minute information
can be readily obtaines by application to any member of the Board of
Trustees, or the College Faculty.
The Right Rev. JacksonKemper, , D.D., President of the Board;
The Right Rev. Cicero S.Hawks, , M.A., Bishop of Missouri;
The Rev. E. CarterHutchinson, , M.A., President of the College;
Rev. Peter R.Minard, ;
" Frederick F.Peake, ;
" Chapliin S.Hedgres, ;
" WhitingGriswold, ;
EdwardTracu, , Esq.;
JosiahSpalding, , Esq.;
AugustusKerr, , Esq.;
Doct. Herman L.Hoffman, ;
HenryVon Phul, , Esq.;
RobertWash, , Esq.;
I. ParkerDoan, , Esq.;
DanielHough, , Esq.;
CharlesJabine, , Esq.;
Henry S.Cox, , Esq.;
James L.English, , Esq.;
N. P.Taylor, , Esq.;
B. H.Randolph, , Esq.;
The Rev. WhitingGriswold, , Secretary.
EdwardTracy, , Esq.; Treasurer.
Nr. Jude C.Mansfield, , Steward.
Rev. E. CarterHutchinson, , M. A., President, and Professor of Moral and
Intellectual Philosophy.
Rev. George W.Sill, , Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy.
— —, Professor of Divinity, and the Hebrew and Greek Languages.
EdwardBarry, , Esq., Professor of the French and Spanish Languages.
GeorgeClark, , Esq., Professor of Civil and Ecclesiastical History.
L. WilsonDavies, , A. B., Adjunct Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages.
John A.Harrison, , A.B., Tutor in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy.
John DeWolf, , M.D., Lecturer on Chemistry, Geology, and Botany.
Mr. J. E.Goodson, , Professor of Music.
xxx City Officers And Institutions.
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Catholic Literary Institutions.
1. Theological Seminary of the diocess of St. Louis, on Decatur-street,
near Park-avenue.
2. St. Louis University , corner of Ninth and Green.
Board Of Trustees.
The Very Rev. J.Vandevelde, , President;
The Rev. George A.Carrell, , Vice-President
" J. L.Gleizal, , Chancellor;
" J. B.Druyts, , and F. P.O’Loghlen, .
Rev. George A.Carrell, , President, and Professor of Rhetoric.
Rev. J. B.Druyts, , Vice-President, and Professor of Modern Languages.
Rev. F. B.Jamison, , Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy.
Rev. F. P.O’Loghlen, , Professor of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy.
Rev. P. Arnoudt, , Professor of Ancient Languages.
A.Litton, , M.D., Professor of Chemistry.
F.Horstmann, , Treasurer ; CharlesDriscol, , J.DeBlieck, , D.Kenney, , P. DeMees-, , GeorgeWatson, , J.DeMortier, .
Theological Department.
Rev. I. Irisari, , Professor of Moral and Dogmatic Theology, Scripture,
and Canon Law.
Medical Department.
Located on Washington-avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. Organized
in 1836; re-organized, 1844.—The regular course of Lectures commence annu-
ally on the first Monday of November, and continue four months.
Charles A.Pope, , M.D., Professor of Special, General and Surgical Anatomy.
J. V.Prather, , M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery, and
Dean of the Faculty.
J. W.Hall, , M.D., Professor of Physiology, Pathology and Clinical Practice.
M. L.Linton, , M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine.
J. G.Norwood, M.D., Professor Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Medical
A.Litton, , M.D., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy.
M. M.Pallen, , M.D., Professor of Obstetrics, and Diseases of Women and
W. D.Stirman, , M.D., Prosector.
3. Convent Of The Sacred Heart, and Academy for Young Ladies ,
Madam EleanorGray, , Superior,
4. Academy And Boarding School For Young Ladies , on Broadway,
near Biddle Street, under the charge of the religious ladies of the Visitation.
SisterIsabella, , Superior.
5. Young Ladies’ Academy And Day School , under the care of the Sisters
of the Visitation, Sixth street, between Pine and Olive.—SisterFrancis, , Superior.
6. Catholic Male Orphan Asylum , corner of Walnut and Third streets,
under the care of the Sisters of Charity.—SisterFrancis, , Superior.
7. Catholic Female Orphan Asylum , Biddle-street, between Ninth and
Tenth, under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.—SisterBenedicta, , Superior.
City Officers And Institutions. xxxi
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Catholic Free Schools.
1. Male Free School , corner of Ninth and Green, attached to the St. Xa-
vier church, and attended by five teachers.—Rev. A.Dahmen, , S. J., Director.
2. Male Free School , on Third-street, between Market and Walnut.
Mr. McDonald, , Director.
3. Female Free School. , corner of St. Charles and Tenth, attended by five
Sisters of Charity.—Sister MaryOlympia, , Directress.
4. Female Free School , attached to the Convent of the Sacred Heart,
opposite the South Market.—Madam E.Gray, , Directress.
Associate Reformed.
Corner of Fifth and Locust—
Rev. H.Johnston, .
1. First Church —North-west corner Third and Chesnut.
2. Second " —West side of Fifth, north of Franklin-avenue.
1. Cathedral Of St. Louis —Walnut, between Second and Third—Rev.
AugustusParis, , Rector ; JosephLutz, ; B. Roux, ; JosephRenard, .
2. St. Francis Xavier —Corner of Ninth and Green—Rev. George A.
Carroll, , S. J.; JohnGleizal, , S. J.; Herman G.Allen, , S. J.
3. St. Vincent Of Paul —Decatur-street, near Park-avenue—Very Rev.
JohnTimon, , C.M; F. S.Dahmen, , C.M.; M.Ceretta, , C.M.; N.Collins, ,
4. St. Mary’s —Corner of Third and Mulberry—attended by Rev. J. P.
Fisher, .
5. St. Joseph’s —Corner of Eleventh and Biddle—attended by Rev. James
Cotting, , S.J.
6. St. Patrick’s —Corner of Sixth and Biddle.
7. Chapel Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus —Opposite the South Market—
attended by the Rev. J.Raho, , C.M.
1. Christ Church —Corner of Fifth and Chesnut—Rev. Cicero S.Hawkes, ,
Rector and Bishop of the diocess.
2. St. Paul’s —Corner of Fifth and Wash—Rev. P. R.Minard, , Rector.
3. St. John’s —Almond, between Fourth and Fifth—Rev. W.Geiswold, ,
German Lutheran.
Lombard, between Third and Fourth—C. F.Wallter, .
German Protestant Evangelical.
Corner Seventh and Clark-avenue—Rev. FrederickPicker, .
xxxii City Officers And Institutions.
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Methodist Episcopal.
1. First Church —Fourth-street, between Washington-avenue and Green
—Rev. WesleyBrowning, and — Marvin, .
2. Centenary —Corner of Fifth and Pine—Rev. JosephBoyle, .
3. Edmund Street —(Not yet supplied.)
4. Mound Church —North St. Louis—Rev. — Pollock, .
5. German —Wash, between Tenth and Eleventh—GeorgeDoneker, .
6. African —Green, between Seventh and Eight.
Methodist Protestant.
Corner Sixth and Franklin-avenue—(Without regular supply.)
1. First Church —Corner of Fourth and St. Charles—Rev. A.Bullard, .
2. Second ’’ —Corner of Fifth and Walnut—Rev. William S.Potts, .
3. Third ’’ —Sixth, between Franklin-avenue and Wash—Rev. H. M.Field, .
4. Fourth Church —Corner of Sixth and St. Charles—Rev. JosephTem-,
5. Free Church —Washington-avenue, between Eight and Ninth—Rev.
Mr. Townsend, .
Corner of Fourth and Pine—W. G.Elliot, .
St. Louis Lyceum.
This Institution was incorporated some years since, by an aet of the legis-
lature. Lectures and public debates constitute its exercises. The number of
members is about one hundred and fifty. The Library contians about three
thousand volumes of standard and miscellaneous works, and is increasing by
gift and purchase. The hall is spacious, and located on the north-east corner
of Pine and Third streets.
The following gentlemen are the officers for the current year.
Thomas J.White, President.
John M.Eager, First vice-president.
C. G.Hoyt, Second vice-President.
D. A.Magehan, Recording Secretary.
L. M.Shreeve, Corresponding Secretary.
Britton A.Hill, Auditor.
Nathan D.Allen, Treasurer.
Public Offices.
United States Offices.
Circuit District Attorney’s office —William M.M`Pherson, —51 Pine
Collector’s office (port) , OliverHarris, , 23 Pine.
Circuit Court (U.S.), Clerk’s office —JosephGamble, —North wing of
City Officers And Institutions. xxxiii
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Marshal’s office —Richmond J.Curle, —North-west corner second and
Post office —S. B.Churchill, —87 Chesnut.
Receiver’s office —SamuelMerry, —North side Almond, east of First.
Recorder of Land Titles —F. R.conway —Sevent, opposite Elm.
Register Public Lands’ office —W. S.Allen, —25 North Fourth, upstairs.
Surveyor-General’s office —SilasReed, —87 Chesnut, upstairs.
County Offices.
Circuit Attorney’s office —MironLeslie, —53 Pine.
Circuit Clerk’s office —JohnRuland, —South wing of Court-house, ups.upstairs
Common Pleas Clerk’s office —N.Paschall, —South wing court-house, ups.upstairs
Coroner’s office —HughMiller, —Fourth-street, in old Court-house.
Country Clerk’s office —S. D.Barlow, —South wing of Court-house.
Criminal Clerk’s office —Julius D.Johnson, —south wing of court-house.
Marshal’s office —William S.McKnight, —Fourth-st.street , in old court-house.
Probate Clerk’s office —P.Ferguson, , Judge —South wing of court-house.
Recorder’s office —Stephen D.Barlow, —South wing of court-house.
Sheriff’s office —WilliamMilburn, —North-east corner Fifth and Market.
City Offices.
All In The Centre Market Buildings.
Mayor’s office —B.Pratte, .
Auditor’s office —Rich’d B.Dallam, .
Engineer’s office —HenryKayser, .
Marshal’s office —Chas. D.Priddy, .
Recorder’s office —M. L.Clark, .
Register’s office —John M.Parker, .
Treasurer’s office —JohnBell, .
The Bank Of The State Of Missouri,
At St. Louis.
FredinandKennett, , President.
HenryShields, , Cashier.
E. C.Angelrodt, ,
W. T.Christy, ,
J. O.Fallon, ,
W. L.Sublette, ,
R. A.Barnes, ,
G.Collier, ,
J. B.Sarpy, ,
E.Walsh, ,
RobertCampbell, ,
O. D.Filley, ,
T. M.Horine, , of Stee. Genevieve;
Wm. C.Hardin, , of Pike county.
Other officers In The Bank.
H. L.Clark, , Teller;
N.Childs, , jun., Specie Teller;
A. J.Robinson, , General Book keeper;
L. C.Hirschberg, , Second ditto;
HarryBoggs, , Discount and Note Clerk;
W.Hammond, , Porter.
Branch at Fayeete —J. J.Lowry, , President ; W. C.Boon, , Cashier.
Branch at Palmyra —W.Blakey, , President ; S. D.Spouth, , Cashier.
Branch at Jackson —A. H.Brevard, , President ; T. B.English, , Cashier.
Branch at Springfield — — Morton, , President ; J. R.Danforth, , Cashier.
xxxiv City Hotels and Newspapers.
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Military and Fire Companies.
There are seven Military, and as many Fire companies in this city.
The names of the officers of fourof the former, and of two of the latter,
have been furnished for insertion; but, lest they might be mistaken, by
strangers, as all of each that there were in the place, I have concluded to
insert none of them. As their insertion is a matter that concerns the com-
panies themselves, or their officers, a triffle more than it does the balance
of the world, their ommission is wholly attributable to themselves, or rather,
to the remissness or difference of the secretaries of those companies who
furnished no statement, and by which I am subjected to the necessity of
apologizing to those who did furnish statements, or abstracts.
Principal Hotels in St. Louis.
City Hotel —Barnum, & Moreland, —corner of Third and Vine.
Fifth-Ward House —WilliamBranagan, —corner of Seventh and Franklin-
Glasgow House —E. H.Robbins, —corner of Second and Olive.
Green Tree Hotel —W. H.Ayres, —Second, below Myrtle.
Henri House —WilliamKraut, —Main, between Chestnut and Market.
Indian Queen —Colton, & Moulton, —Locust, between Main and Second.
Jefferson House —WilliamCurtis, —Main, betweeen Pine and Chestnut.
Mansion House —C.Walton, —corner of Fourth and Locust.
Missouri Hotel —JesseSeymour, —corner of Main and Morgan.
National Hotel —A.Vancourt, & B. J.Vancourt, —corner of Third and Market.
Planters’ House —BenjaminStickney, —Fourth, from Chestnut to Pine.
Paul House —Corner of Second and Walnnt.
Vine-street Hotel —T. V.Cannon, —Vine, between Main and Second.
Virginia Hotel —Sparr, & Green, —corner of Main and Green.
York House —Abraham M.Swart, —corner of Second and Green.
Exening Gazette —McKee, , Ruth, & Flagg, —corner of Main and Olive.
Missourian —Van Antwerp, & Dougherty, —149 North First, up-stairs.
Missouri Reporter —S.Penn, , jr., proprietor —35 Locust, up-stairs.
Missouri Republican —Chambers, & Knapp, —47 nnorth First, up-stairs.
People’s Organ —R. S.Higgins, —corner of Second and Locust, up-stairs.
St. Louis New Era —Charles G.Ramsay, —corner of First and Chestnut.
St. Louis Reveille —Keemle, & Field, —22 Olive.
St. Louis American —H. H.Holton, —23 Pine.
Anzieger des Westens —WilliamWeber, —42 Pine.
Presidential Vote for Missouri. xxxv
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Herald of Religious Liberty —HiramChamberlain, —25 nnorth Fourth, up-stairs.

Missouri Democrat —L. F.Volland, —20 Pine.

Monthly Periodical.

Catholic Cabinet —WilliamMullin, —West side of Second, nnorth of Walnut.

Presidential Election in 1844.
Polk. Clay.
Adair 450 204
Andrew 941 384
Audrain 163 175
Barry 478 142
Bates 307 206
Buehanan 1162 599
Benton 664 252
Boone 602 1190
Callaway 793 940
Camden 247 70
Caldwell 212 129
Cape Girardeau 914 518
Carroll, 311 242
Chariton 602 371
Clark 220 225
Clay 552 765
Clinton 567 310
Cole 1122 418
Cooper 783 901
Crawford 367 237
Dade 690 255
Davies 446 318
Decatur 208 57
Franklin 796 386
Gasconade 326 71
Green 817 351
Grundy 365 346
Henry 283 280
Holt 378 185
Howard 969 1013
Jackson 852 614
Jasper 242 115
Jefferson 349 327
Johnson 511 367
Lafayette 576 820
Lewis 403 380
Lincoln 683 578
Linn 494 269
Livingston 351 198
Llacon 457 327
Polk. Clay.
Madison 399 183
Marion 723 1017
Miller 369 74
Monroe 578 792
Montgomery 232 359
Morgan 544 262
New Madrid 208 298
Newton 663 189
Niangun 345 76
Osage 434 120
Platte 1386 900
Perry 463 385
Pettis 319 228
Pike 809 861
Polk 636 273
Pulaski 325 86
Ralls 322 422
Randolph 571 596
Ray 734 599
Ripley 266 31
Saint Charles 503 480
Saint Clair 342 177
Saint Francois 234 391
Ste. Genevieve 3329 3688
Saint Louis 446 591
Saline 442 317
Scotland 442 317
Scott 480 258
Shannon 271 57
Shelby 209 244
Stoddard 323 115
Taney 297 36
Van Buren 443 257
Warren 341 364
Washington 588 613
Wayne 366 86
Wright 486 97
Total 41,369 31,251
xxxvi Total Presidential Vote.
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Popular and Electoral Votes for President and Vice-Pres-
ident of the United States, At the Election Of 1844,

As published, in the newspapers as official, with the exception of the entire
Vote of Arkanaas, andhte Abolition Vote of Illinois, not received—as also the
popular vote of South Carolina, which elects Electors by the Legislature.

Clay & Frelinghuysen, Polk & Dallas,
Popular. Electoral. Popular. Electoral. Abolition.
Maine 34,346 46,719 9 4,837
New Hampshire 17,866 27,160 6 4,161
Massachusetts 67,418 12 52,546 10,860
Rhode Island 7,323 4 4,848
Connecticut 32,832 6 29,841 1,913
Vermont 26,770 6 18,010 3,984
New York 232,473 237,586 36 15,513
New Jersey 36,318 7 37,945 131
Pennesylvania 161,203 167,245 26 3,126
Dalaware 6,257 3 5,989
Maryland 35,984 8 32,676
Virginia 43,677 49,570 17
North Carolina 43,232 11 39,287
Georgia 42,104 44,153 10
Alabama 24,875 36,822 9
Mississippi 19,206 25,126 6
Louisiana 12,818 13,417 6
Tonnessee 60,030 13 59,917
Kentucky 61,255 12 51,988
Michigan 24,237 27,403 5 3,632
Ohio 155,113 23 149,061 8,060
Indiana 67,867 70,181 12 2,105
Illinois 45,528 57,920 9
Missouri 31,251 41,369 7
Arkansas 3
South Carolina 9
1,291,983 105 1,325,291 170 53,542
1,291,963 105
Total Vote 2,675,916 65
Polk’s plurality over Clay 33,368
Clay and Birney’s majority over Polk, 25,334