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N. B.Atwood, ,
Wholesale And Retail Druggist ,
No. 6 South Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

EmanuelDeroin, ,
wholesale And Retail
Druggist And Apothecary ,
No. 48 Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

General Depot for Dr. Le Roy’s Medicines.

A Complete And Fresh Supply of
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery,
Spts, Turpentine, Window Glass, Putty, & C. ,

On hand, and for sale cheap for Cash.

Seltzer & Brother ,
Importers and Manufacturers
Of All Kinds Of
Cigars, Tobacco & Snuffs,
Wholesale and Retail ,
No. 59 Fourth Street,
(Opposite The Planters’ House), Saint Louis.

194 Advertisement Directory.
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Dr. Preston, ,
(From New York),
Can Be Consulted At The National Hotel ,

On Chronic, as well as Acute Diseases, of both Northern and Southern
Climes, as he is familiar with both, having practised some time in the
West Indies. He will prescribe Mesmerism, where it is the choice of rem-
edies, as he has been long familiar with its phenomena, as a remedial
agent. The first, as well as the most satisfactory experiments ever made
west of the Mississippi, it is acknowledged, were made by him, in the Fall
of 1841, in this city.

Office, over the Drug Store, corner of Third and Market,
Opposite The National Hotel.

E. A.Johnson, ,
Dealer In
Hardware And Cutlery,
Wove wire of every description ;
Also, Agent for
Carding Machines And Machine Cards,
No. 12 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

A. & L. Forbes,
Looking-Glass & Picture-Frame
Comb Cutlery and Variety Store,
Watches, Jewelry, & c.,
Wholesale and Retail ,
No. 14 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
Combs Repaired.—Plates put in Old Frames.—Old Frames Re-gilt.

Avertisement Directory. 195
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Surveying And Civil Engineering,
Within the City and County of
Saint Louis, And Its Vicinity.

Coote & Cozens ,
Surveyors And civil Engineers ,
Offer Their Professional Services To The citizens Of The
City And County Of St. Louis And Vicinity.

Office, S.W. Corner of Second and Pine streets,

C. W.Coote, , having been for some time past engaged in the Engineer
department of this City, as Assistant Engineer , hopes, that from his knowl-
edge of the City and attention to business, he may receive a liberal share
of the public patronage. He will attend more particularly to surveys within
the City and vicinity.

William H.Cozens, , having been long engaged in the City and
County in the practice of his profession, returns his thanks to the public for
their former patronage, and respectfully solicits its continuance. He will
attend more particularly to surveys in the County and vicinity.

[missing figure]
Plats and Maps of Surveys executed with despatch and accuracy.

N. B. Levellings, Calculations, and Examinations of Land Titles
made at short notice, and on moderate terms.

Clement W.Coote, ,
William H.Cozens, ,
and Civil Engineers .

St. Louis, May, 1844.

Botanic medicines.

L. P.Britt, ,
Wholesale And Retail
Dealer In Botanic Medicines ,
No. 164 Fourth Street,
(Near Morgan Street), St. Louis, Mo.

S. W.Ball, .

HenryWhitmore, .

S. W. Ball & ,
Commission Merchants,
Dealers in Produce ,
No. 29 Water Street, St. Louis, Mo.

196 Advertisement Directory.
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New Music Store

[missing figure]

Umbrella, Parasol & Cane
(Sign of the Golden Violin ,
No. 40 North Second, between Pine and Chesnut sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

The subscriber would respectfully inform his friends and the public, that
he has received, and will continue to receive, a complete assortment of
every kind of Musical Instruments And Musical Merchan-
dise, among which will be found — Orphyclide’s Bass Horns; Concert
Horns; Cornet A’Pistones; Value Post Horns; Bass ad Tenor Drums;
Clarionets and Flutes, from 5 to 10 keys; Violins and Bass Viols, of all
prices; Guitars, of all kinds; Cymbals, Tamborines, and Banjos; E Flat
and C Key Bugles; Stage and Hunting Horns; Bass, Tenor and Alto
Trombones; Flageolets and Fifes; Trumpets, of various kinds; Accord-
ions, with and without semi-tones; Violin and Bass Viol Bows; English,
French and German Clarionet Reeds; Music Boxes, all prices.

A complete assortment of Violin, Bass Viol, Double Bass Viol, and Guitar
Strings, of the best quality; Mouth Pieces, for all instruments; Tuning
Forks; Patent Heads, for Bass Viols and Guitars; Bridges, for Violins,
Bass Viols and Double Basses; Tail-Pieces; Finger Boards and Pins, for
Violins and Guitars. Also, Refined Rosin, Bugle Crooks and Set Pieces,
and various other articles.

Instruction Books, And Music ,
For All Instruments, In Great Varieties .
Also, Backgammon Men and Boards, Dominoes, Dice and Chessmen.

Umbrellas and Parasols Covered and Repaired.

[missing figure]
Musical Instruments, of all kinds, repaired: Violin and Bass
Viol Bows Re-haired: Canes Mounted and Varnished.

[missing figure]
The subscriber manufactures, and keeps constantly on hand, a complete
assortment of Umbrellas, Parasols, and Walking Canes, of every price
and finish. — Being a practical Turner of Ivory, will keep on hand, or make to
order, Billiard, Bagatelle and Rondo Balls; also, Cues and Maces.

N.B. The above establishment is not connected with any other music store in
this city. — Cash Paid For Old Whalebone Umbrella Frames.

JamesPhillips, , Agent.

Advertisement Directory. 197
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Nathaniel Philips
Has constantly on hand, and for sale, at his
Music And Military Store ,
No. 42 Market Street,
Saint Louis,
A complete Catalogue of Vocal and Instrumental Music;
Also. A Large And Elegant Assortment Of
Chickering’s And Gilbert & ’s


[missing figure]
Musical Instruments, & c.

Melodians, Accordings, Harps, Violins, Bass Viols, Bass Horns, French
Horns, Bass, Tenor and Alto Trombones, Bass and Tenor Drums, Orphy-
clides, Tambourines, Kent Bugles, Clarionettes, Flutes, Fifes, Bassoons,
Serpents, Flagcolettes, Clarionette and Bassoon Reeds, Violin Bridges and
Pegs, Pitch Pipes, Tuning Forks, Music Paper, Hair for Bows, Patent
Screws for bass viols, Rosin for bows, Clarionette Mouth-Pieces, & c.

Plano Fortes Tuned, And Musical Instruments, Of
Every Description, Repaires.

Violin, Bass Viol, and Guitar Strings,
Choirs, and Military Band

[missing figure]

Military Goods.

The subscriber would respectfully inform the officers of the United State

[missing figure]

Army, Volunteer Companies, and Military Bands, that he keeps constantly
on hand a large and complete assortment of Military Goods.

198 Advertisement Directory.
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Professor & Mrs. Bonfils’
English & French Collegiate Institute
For Young Ladies ,
No. 11 South Fourth Street,
No. 11 South Fourth Street,
Saint Lous, Mo.

The Plan on which this Institute is established in St. Louis, is similar to
that which has been so highly approved in Washington City and Boston,
and which secured to Professor and Mrs. Bonils the patronage of distin-
guished individuals and foreign legations. It is select and limited, and
designed for young ladies intended to be privately, carefully, and liberally

The following features will give an idea of the general character of the

1. A system of Education which holds the moral training paramount to
the intellectual.

2. A course of Instruction, regular, graduated, and analogous to that of
colleges; modified, however, and adapted to the particular duties of the sex.

3. A union of the French, Italian, and Spanish Languages, in their vari-
ous branches of literature and classics, with a finished English education.

4. A mode of Teaching, analytical, simple, and relative to the age and
character of the different individuals.

[missing figure]

Smith’s Botanic Garden ,
Park Avenue,
(Morton’s Addition), Saint Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
Greenhouse Plants Of Every Variety; Fruit And
Ornamental Trees, & c.

Bouquets furnished at the shortest notice.

JamesSmith, .

Advertisement Directory. 199
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GeorgeWilson, ,
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer In Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, Oils,
Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery, Window-Glass,
And Surgeon’s Instruments ,
No. 5 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

JamesBeakey, . JosephBeakey, .

Beakey & ,
Manufacturers of
Coal Crates And Stoves,
Tin, Cooper And Sheet-Iron Ware,
Of every description ,
No. 171
North Main Street,
(Just Below the Virginia Hotel), St. Louis, Mo.

William A.Lynch, ,

[missing figure]
And Cabinet Maker ,
No. 132 Third Street,
No. 132 Third Street,
(Residence, next door),
Will give his personal attention, and superintend and prompbly furnish all
articles for Funerals as low as any undertake in the city.

Coffins and Shrouds Ready-made.

[missing figure]
Hearse and Carriages furnished to order, and graves procured at short
notice, wihout extra charge.

Constantly on hand, a general assortment of
Furniture And Chairs,
Of my own manufacture, at prices to suit the times.

200 Advertisement Directory.
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Fowler & Arthur’s

[missing figure]

Phrenological Office ,
Lucas’ Row,
Opposite the Planters’ House,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

C. A. M’Phetridge ,
wholesale Jobber, and Dealer in
Tin, Iron & Cooper Ware.

All kinds of Produce taken in exchange,
From A Pound Of Rags To A Steamboat-Load Of Buffaloes,
At the Sigh of the Trumpet,
No. 22 South Main Street,
(Opposite The Old Market), Saint Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 201
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In All Its Various And Improved Forms.

Mueller & Deitz ,
BookBinders ,
No. 54 Chesnut-street, Saint Louis, Missouri.

``We Bind and preserve the knowledge of past ages,
For the benefit of future generations.’’

We are pleased to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of St. Louis, and
this Western section in general, that we have established ourselves in this
city, and are prepared to do all kinds of work in our line at reduced prices.

We have supplied ourselves with a new and full set of Fancy Finishing
Tools, Stamps, Rools, Scroles and Fancy Ornaments to suit all tastes.

Having worked in all the principal cities of the Union, and from our long
experience in the business, feel safe in promising work equal in durability
and neatness to any that can be done in this or other cities.

Albums, Souvenirs, Music Books, &c., bound with gilt edge and extrs
gilt; Scrap Books, Portfolios, &c., bound in the neatest manner; fancy
work of all kinds, such as Jewelry Boxes, Pocket Books, Cigar Cases,
Screens, &c., done in a style not to be surpassed. Old books neatly re-
bound, at the shortest notice.

Books belonging to Colleges, Bookstores, Libaries, and public institutions
generally, bound and re-bound neatly, at a fair deduction from our general
prices. Persons having a library, and wishing it bound in a uniform style,
will find it to their advantage to give us a call.

Periodicals. — Arrangements have been made to supply all numbers
missing, in any volume sent to us to be bound, such as Graham’s Magazine,
Godey’s Ladies’ Book, Ladies’ Companion, &c. All orders will be punctu-
ally attended to.

[missing figure]
Persons having work, and desire it being sent for, will please address
a note through the Post-office, where we shall be happy to call for it.

N. B. Specimens Of Our Work Can Be Seen At Our Place Of Business.

IsraelMorris, ,
General Agency Office ,
Pine Street,
Between Fourth And Fifth Streets, South Side,
(First door west of the Planters’ House),
St. Louis, Mo.

202 Advertisement Directory.
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Job Printing.

T. W.Ustick, ,
N.W. Corner Of Main And Olive Street,
(Over Clark & Brother’s Banking-house),
Is Prepared To Excute Every Description Of Letterpress Printing.

Devoting his attention mainly to the Job Printing, and constantly
adding to an extensive establishment the newest and most approved styles
of ornamental type, he is enabled to assure his old customers, and all
others, that the execution of his work shall equal that of any establish-
ment in the West.
His prices are graduated by the lowest rates at which good Printing
can be done, and he trusts will continue to give general satisfaction.

Steamboat Bills, Dray Tickets, Bills Of Lading, Handbills, Circulars,
Bill Heads, Labels, Cards, Etc., Promptly Executed.

John Bunding ,
Dealer In
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Dye-Stuffs, Varnishes,
Window Glass, Glassware, &c.,
Wholesale and Retail ,
No. 100 Main Street,
(Sign Of The Good Samaritan), St. Louis, Mo.

Ernest C.Angelrodt, . EdwaredEggers, . RobertBarth, .

Angelrodt, Eggers & Barth ,
Importers And Dealers In
Groceries, Liquors, Wines and Cigars,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants ,
173 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 203
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Improved Leaden Pipe,
Composition Gas Tubes,
and Sheet Lead ,
Manufactured By
Wm. W.Thompson, ,
St. Louis Mo.

Water Pipes For Hydrants, Pumps, &c.

Calibre. Weight per yd.
3/2 inch, light 2 lbs. 9 oz.
" medium 3 lbs. 3 oz.
1/2 inch, light 3 lbs.
" medium 4 lbs.
" strong 5 lbs.
" extra strong 6 lbs. 6 oz.
5/2 inch, light 5 lbs.
" medium 6 lbs. 8 oz.
" strong 7lbs. 8 oz.
" extra strong 8 lbs. 4 oz.
7/2 inch, extra light 5 lbs.
" light 6 lbs. 4 oz.
" medium 8 lbs.
extra strong 10 lbs. 8 oz.
1 inch, extra light 6 lbs. 14 oz.
" light 8 lbs. 5 oz.
" medium 10 lbs. 5 oz.
" strong 12 lbs. 4 oz.
1 1/4inch, extra light 8 lbs. 2 oz.
" light 9 lbs. 12 oz.
" medium 11 lbs.
" strong 12 lbs. 8 oz.
" extra strong 14 lbs. 10 oz.
1 1/2 inch, extra light 10 lbs. 8 oz.
" light 13 lbs.
" medium 15 lbs. 8 oz.
" strong 19 lbs.
Calibre. Weight per yd.
1 3/4 inch extra light 11 lbs.
" light 13 lbs. 6 oz.
" medium 16 lbs.
" strong 20 lbs.
2 inch, light 16 lbs. 12 oz.
" medium 20 lbs. 8 oz.
" strong 23 lbs.
2 1/2 inch, 3-16 inch thick 23 lbs. 8 oz.
" 1-4 " 33 lbs.
" 5-16 " 41 lbs.
" 3-8 " 50 lbs.
3 inch, 3-16 " 28 lbs.
" 1-4 " 38 lbs.
" 5-16 " 48 lbs.
" 3 8 " 59 lbs.
3 1/2 inch, 1-4 " 45 lbs.
" 2-16 " 55 lbs.
" 3-8 " 65 lbs.
" 7-16 " 80 lbs.
4 inch, 1-4 " 49 lbs.
" 5-16 " 63 lbs.
" 3-8 " 76 lbs.
" 7-16 " 90 lbs.
4 inch, waste pipe 15 lbs. 14 oz.
4 1/2 inch, " " 17 lbs. 4 oz.

Will accommodate to any other size
or weight per yard, provided the order be
not less than ton.

Fountain or Aqueduct Pipe.

Very light leaden pipe, for conducting water from springs at long dis-
tances, under slight pressure or head of water, and for chemical or other
uses, from 1/4 to 1 1/4 inch, and No. 1, stronger size, from 1/4 inch diameter

Composition Gas Tubes.

Calibre, form 1/4 to 1 inch diameter.

204 Advertisement Directory.
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Sherman J.Bacon, . Samuel T.Hyde, .

Bacon & Hyde ,
Importers Amd Wholesale Dealers In
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, varnishes, Bruches,
Dpe Stuffs, Apothecaries’ Furniture,
Window Glass, Spices, &c., & c.,
Manufacturers Of White Lead And Lard Oil ,
156 Main Street, St. Louis.

Smith & Blackwood ,
Wholesale Dealers in
English, French And American
Dry Goods ,
No. 67 North Main street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Sales Made for Cash, Or In Exchange For Country

[missing figure]

Donaldson & Hall ,
Plane And Edge Tool Manufactory,
general Dardmare Store ,
No. 27 Main Steet,
(Second Door From Chesnut St.) St. Louis, Mo.

Cooper’s Tools Always On Hand.

Advertisement Directory. 205
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JohnM’Neil, ,
Hat And cap Maker ,
No. 36 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
M&N.H. Stout ,
Plane Manufacturers,
And Tool Store ,
Keep constantly On Hand All Kinds Of
Planes And cooper’s Tools,
Of The Best Quality, For Sale Low, Wholesale Or Retail,
At No. 96 Main street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

JohnWinwricht, ,
dustice of the Deace .
Office, No. 79 Morgan street, St. Louis.

Conveyancing, In All Its branches, Attended To With Accuracy And
Dispatch, And In The Most Valid Form Of Execution.

Fashinable Cabinet Warerooms.
Geisel & Vogel ,
No. 116 North Main Street, saint Louis, Mo.,
Have constantly on hand a large assortment of
Cabinet Furniture,
Chairs And Sofas Of The Most Fashionable Style.

206 Advertisement Directory.
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DavidChambers, . Charles F.Hendry, .

Charles F. Hendry & ,
Wholesale And Retail dealers In
Platbo saddlert,
Finished Leather,
And every article appertaining to the manufacturing of Saddlery ,
No. 48 Market Street,
south west sorner of second, in the rooms formerly occupied by the Museum.
Saint Louis, Mo.,
Where may be had, on moderate terms, all kinds of finished Leather, con-
sisting of

Sole Leather, First, Second and Third Qualities.

calf skins, do. do. do.

Harness Leather,

Bridle "

Skirting "

Band "

Lining Hides,

Bag "

Chaise "

Welt "

Japanned Hides,

Buck Skins,

Lining "

Sheep "

Morocco Skins,

Binding "

Hog "

Together with a general assortment of shoemaker’s Tools, Last, Boot-Trees
and Findings

N.B. Extensive assortments of the above articles constantly kept, and
orders filled upon moderate terms.

Leather sold On Commission.

Barron & Rothwell ,
Wholesale Druggists ,
Nos. 10 and 12 Vine Street, St. Louis,
(Between Main and Water sts.),
Manufacturers And Importers Of
Drugs, Chemicals, Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery, &c,;
Oils, Paints, Varnishes,
Black And colored Printers’ Inks, Brushes, Patent Medicines,
Druggists’ Labels of all kinds,
Instruments, glass, glass-Ware, Glue, Essences,
Syrups, Cordials, Botanic Medicines, Fancy Articles, Blue, Black and Red
Inks, Matches, and Blacking.

Advertisement Directory. 207
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J.B. sickles & ,
Manufacturers Of Saddlery,
And Importers of
Saddlery Hardware ,
No. 144 Main Street,
(Opposite the Bank of Missouri,) St. Louis, Mo.

They Have Constantly On Hand An Extensive Assortment Of Saddles,
Bridles, Martingals, Harness, Trunks, Valises, Carpet-Bags,
Bits, Stirrups, Harness, Furniture, Leather, Web, & c.

Upholstery And Bedding Manufactory ,
No. 134 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Manufactures, and keeps constantly on hand,
Spring, curled Hair and Husk Mattresses, comforts,
Sheets, And Fillow slips :
Feather Beds And Bedding,
Well made, of good materials, at the most reasonable prices.

Papering done in the neatest and best manner, at the shortest notice.

[missing figure]
Lewis Bauman ,
[missing figure]

Importer and Dealer in
Watches, Jewelry, Etc. ,
No. 40 Market Street,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Keeps constantly on hand a choice and splendid assortment of
gold And silver Watches, Rings,
Ladies’ And Gentlemen’s Breast-Pins, Lockets, Necklaces, Pencils,
Thimbles, Gold And Silver Guard-Chains And Spectacles ;
Also, a choice assortment of silver, Britannla and Plated Ware;
All of which he will sell low for Cash, wholesale or retail.

Wathces, clocks And Time Pieces Repaired And Warranted.

208 Advertisement Directory.
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Fashionable Cabinet-Ware Rooms.

James M.Teel, ,
Cabinet & Chair Maker ,
N.W. Corner Sixth and Morgan,
St. Louis, Mo.,

Keeps constantly on hand a complete stock of Cabinet-Ware And
Chairs, of the most fashionable styles, and best materials and workman-

[missing figure]
Old Furniture Cleaned And Repaired.

George W.Martin, ,
General Agency And Collector’s Office ,
No. 21 Front Street,
(Between Elm And Myrtle), St. Louis.

Old-Established Real Estate, Negro Slave, Money Agency,
and Intelligence Office.

[missing figure]
Office Hours, from 9 to 11 A.M., and 1 to 3 o’clock P.M.


[missing figure]

Noonan & Masterson ,
Importers And Wholesale Dealers ,
No. 168 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
Rich Cut-Glass Ware.—Solar, Hall And Mantel Lamps.

Britannia, Japanned Ware, &c., at reduced prices.

Advertisement Directory. 209
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Depot of Paris Millinery Articles,
French Fancy Dry Goods.

A. R.Thompson, ,
Importer Of French Dry Goods ,
Is constantly receiving,per every packet from Havre, large consignments of
Paris Goods, direct from the manufacturers, inclulding
Silks, Ribbons, Artificial Flowers, Feathers For Ladies’
Hats, And Embroideries,
And Offers Them For Sale, On Reasonable Terms, At
No. 52 Beaver Street,
New York.


[missing figure]
& Pumps.

LinusJackson, ,
Pump And Block Maker ,
Corner of First and Cherry Streets,
St. Louis,
Keeps Constantly On Hand
Spars, Dericks, Oars, Capstan Bars, Hand Trucks, Ten-
Pin Balls, &c.

Boarding House ,
Nos. 138 and 140 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

By Mrs H. L.Greene, .

This house, situated in the most active business part of the city, and but
one block from the Wharf, renders it one of the most convenient locations
within the city, whether for the permanent resident or casual sojourner.

210 Advertisement Directory.
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Plitt & Meyer ,
Family Crocers,
Distillers of all kinds of Liquors ,
No. 20s North Eleventh Street, St. Louis.

Manufacturers of Mustard, and Grinders of all kinds of Spices.

E. J. Bodrio & ,
Manufacturers of Their Newly-Improved

SmutMaghing, ,
At The Foundry On Bank Alley ,
(Between Pine and Chesnut streets,)
Have Constantly On Hand, and In Course of Manufacture,
Smut Machines of different sizes,
St. Louis, Mo.

J. B. Kimball & ,
Dealers In Boots And Shoes ,
No. 186 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
Cash Paid For Hides.

J. C.Barlow, ,
Commission And Forwarding Merchant,
Wholesale Groecer,
Importer and Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars ,
No. 19 Front Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 211
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John M.Eager, ,
Commissioner Of Deeds ,
Powers of Attorney, Depositions, &c.,
For New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina,
Delaware, Connecticut And New Hampshire.

Office, on Pine Street, near Main,
Saint. Louis, Mo.

Mississippi Foundry ,
No. 202 North Main Street, St. Louis.

Gaty, M`Cune & Glassy ,
Manufacturers Of All Kinds Of
Steam Engines, Brass and Iron Castings,
Saw Mill Wrought And Cast Irons ,
Mill Machinery, Hydraulic Presses, Tobacco And All Other
Kinds of Screws.—Smithing In All Its Branches.

Steamboat Work Done At The Shortest Notice.

[missing figure]
The highest price given for old Copper and Brass.

Freeman Little,
No. 6 North Second-street,


[missing figure]

Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut And Poplar,
Coffins, Ready Made.

[missing figure]
Shrouds, Scarfs, Gloves, Hat Crape, Hearse And Hacks.

N. B. Graves Dug, And Interment.

212 Advertisement Directory.
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Buck’s Patent Cooking-Stove.

[missing figure]

The subcribers have now on hand an assortment of the above celebrated
Cooking Stoves, and feel confident they can supply persons wishing to buy
Cooking Stoves, at wholesale or retail, with the most perfect article in the
Wester Country. It possesses all the advantages of any other Stove now
in use, with at least one-third more oven, which is heated with perfect
uniformity in every part. There are flues in the oven so constructed as to
carry off the steam arising from the cooking of varioius kinds of meats, into
the pipe, thereby preventing the mixture of flavors. The economy, conven-
nience and despath in all the operations of cooking, render this Stove de-
cidedly the most preferable to any other ever offered to the publc.

This celebrated Stove standd unrivalled before the world!

We, the undersigned, have each now in use one of Buck’s Patent Cooking
Stoves, and we confidently recommend them to our friends and the public
generally, as superior in all the operations of cooking, to any we have ever
tried or seen used. It has a decided advantage over all others with which
we are acquainted in the size of the oven, which is so constructed as to
afford a horizontal surface equal to that of the whole body and hearth of the
stove. It bakes equally well in the front and back part, and is no inferior
in any resect to a brick oven. With an excellent draught, it consumes a
very small amount of fuel.

W. W.Dodge, ,

A. W.Fagin, ,

W. H.Witherill, ,

SamuelBassett, ,

H. Chamberlain, ,

JosephEllis, ,

M. Washburn, ,

J. F.Williams, ,

A. Icenhower, ,

IsaiahTownsend, ,

LouisMontany, ,

Rev. W. Griswold, ,

NahumAldrich, ,

D. W.Graham, ,

F. Reichard, ,

S. Turner, & P. Turner, ,

A. S.Rutherfurd, ,

W. D.Skillman, ,

S. Thorp, ,

Charles C.Norris, ,

ThomasJones, .

To show that these stoves are held in the highest estimation in Ohio, we
are at liberty to refer to the following gentlemen, of Cincinnati, where they
have been in use for the last three years:

Rev. Dr. Aydelotte, ,

Dr. Woodward, ,

AlphonsoTaft, , Esq.,

Dr. Rives, ,

JosiahDrake, ,

AugustusIsham, ,

David T.Disney, ,

Rev. J. T.Brook, ,

Dr. J. Allen, ,

W. H. H.Taylor, ,

Dr. Richards, ,

Gen. JohnSnyder, ,

Dr. A.Curtis, ,

PeterCampbell, .

D. Buck & , 184 Main-st.street

Advertisement Directory. 213
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I.Forbes, ,
Dental Surgeon ,
No. 46 North Second Street,
(Between Chesnut And Pine), Saint Louis, Mo.

Southack & ,
Importers and Dealers In
China, Glass
Earthen Ware,
Wholesale and Retail ,
No. 17 North Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
Country Merchants, Steamboats, Hotels, Boarding-houses and Families
furnished on the most reasonable terms.

Ware Repacked To Order In The Best Manner.

H. D.Hart, ,
Cut-Glass Manufacturer,
And Dealer In
Cut, Pressed And Plain Glassware,
Lamps, Britannia Ware, &c. ,
No. 70 North Second Street,
(Between Olive And Pine, West Side), St. Louis, Mo.

Glass Cutting, In All Its Variety, Executed To Order.

Glassware Ioaned to Parties.

[missing figure]
Highest Price Paid For Broken Glass.

214 Advertisement Directory.
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FrederickDings, ,
Brush Manufacturer ,
No. 15 North Second-Street,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Has Constantly On Hand A Great Vareity Of
Fancy And Other Brushes,
Comprising Hair, Cloth, Flesh, Tooth, Shaving, Sweeping, Scrubing,
Wall, Dusting, Horse, Paint, Varnish, Sash Tools,
And Every Article In The Brush Line.

[missing figure]
Large Dealers, and the Trade generally, supplied on the
most liberal Terms.

J. & W. Vandeventer’s
Wholesale And Retail
Clothing Emporium ,
No. 162 Main Street,
(Corner Of Washington Avenue), St. Louis, Mo.

WilliamBurd, . Richard S.Tilden, . John W.Burd, .

Burd, Tilden & Burd ,
Stove Dealers,
Copper, Tin & Sheet-Iron Workers,
Grate Makers,
Brass Founders, Hydrant Plumbers, Sheet Lead And
Lead Pipe Manufacturers ,
No. 45 Main Street, Saint Louis.

215 Advertisement Directory.
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Saint Louis
Type Foundry

[missing figure]

Printers’ Warehouse.
A. P.Ladew, ,
(Successor To G. Charles ,)
Corner Of Locust And Second Sts.,
Keeps constantly on hand
Type, Presses, Ink,
And Printing Materials,
Of Every Description, At Greatly Reduced Prices.
Also, a large assortment of
Printing And Writing Paper.

[missing figure]
Editors and Printers wishing to start a paper, will be furnished with
an estimate of the cost of the same by stating the size and kind of type to be

N. B. Sorts supplied to Founts purchased at the Foundry, at the shortest
notice, and at the same rate per pound.

216 Advertisement Directory.
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Horatio N.Davis, .

John D.Davis, .

H. N. Davis & ,
Produce, Forwarding And Commission
Merchants ,
No. 98 North Front Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

John D.Davis, ,
Auctioneer & Commission Merchant ,
Pittsburgh, Pa.


B. B.Brown, , M.D.
Doctor Of Dental Surgery ,
Rooms, No. 19 Chesnut-street,
(Between Main and Second, north side), St. Louis, Mo.

198 Boarding 198
At No. 198, Corner of Fourth Street and Franklin Avenue.

Can accomodate a few gentleman with the best the market affords, at
his residence, as above.

Terms Very Moderate,

[missing figure]
But Prompt Payment Will Be Invariably Demanded.
[missing figure]

217 Advertisement Directory.
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H. W.Chambers, ,
General Agent
For Collecting Money, Buying, Selling, Leasing, And Rent-
ing Real Estate, Dwelling Houses, Stores,
Rooms, Offices, Shops, Etc. :
Also, For Procuring Situations
For Clerks, Laborers, Servants, Negroes, &c.:
Loans of Money, Exchange of Property of every description,
Writing Deeds, Conveyances, &c.:
All on liberal terms, with strict attention to all business entrusted to him.

Office, No. 95 Chesnut Street,
(Two Doors Above The Post-Office),
St. Louis, Mo.

Messrs. L. A.Benoist, , JamesGordon, , J. G.Soulard, & H. G.Soulard, ,
John F.Darby, , Esq.

Newspaper Advertisements.

Missouri Republican ,
Chambers, & Knapp, , Proprietors ,
No. 47 North First Street, Saint Louis, Mo.

Daily Paper, &10—Tri-Weekly, &5—Weekly, &8.

Cards, Handbills, Pamphlets, Blanks, And Every Variety Of
Book and Job Printing,
Done At The Shortest Notice, And In The Neatest Manner.

Missourian Office,
Jos. W.Dougherty, , Propreitor —V. P.Van Antwerp, , Editor ,
No. 149 Main Street,
(First Floor, Upstairs) St. Louis, Mo.

218 Advertisement Directory.
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St. Louis New Era ,
Charles G.Ramsay, , Proprietor , — Wm. M.Campbell, , Editor
S. E. Corner Main And Chesnut,
St. Louis, Mo.

Daily Paper, $8—Tri-Weekly, $4—Weekly, $2, per annum, in advance
Book and Job Printing.

Connected with the above, we have an extensive Printing establishment
in which we are prepared to excute any kind of Printing
at the shortest notice, such as
Books, Pamphlets, Cards, Hand-bills, Steamboat-bills, &c.

On The Most Reasonable Terms.

St. Louis American ,
Is published, Daily and Weekly ,
At No. 23 Pine Street, (upstairs,)
By H. H.Holton, .

Daily People’s Organ ,
R. S.Higgins, , Proprietor ,
N. E. Corner Of Second And Locust Streets
St. Louis, Mo.

Circulars, Cards, Bills Of Lading, Note And Check Books
Printed At The Shortest Notice.

Herald Of Religious Liberty ,
A Weekly Newspaper , edited by
Reverend HiramChamberlain, ,
No. 25 North Fourth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

The already extensive, and rapidly-increasing circulation of this paper
throughout the States of Missouri and Illinois, renders it one of the best
advertising channels in this city, to our wholesale and commission houses.

Advertisement Directory. 219
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St. Louis Reveille:
Keemle & Field ,
No. 20 Olive Street, Saint Louis, Mo.

Cards, Handbills, Blanks, And Every Variety Of
Book and Job Printing

[missing figure]
Done At The Shoretst Notice, And In the neatest Manner.
[missing figure]

Missouri Demokrat ,
A Weekly German Paper , published by
L. F.Volland, ,
No. 20 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
All Kinds of Printing, in German and English, neatly done, at the
shortest notice.

220 Advertisement Directory.
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Insurance Company
Capital, $100,000, With Privilege of Increasing It To $500,000.
Office--Corner of Pine and Main streets,
St. Louis, Mo.
F. L.Ridgely, , Secretary . Geo.Collier, , President .

GeorgeCollier, , JohnSimonds, , John B.Sarpy, ,
HenryVon Phul, , James M.White, , EdwardBredell, .
EdwardWalsh, , HenryChouteau, ,

[missing figure]
This Company insures upon every description of Marine Risks by sea or river, including all inland insurance by lakes,
railroads, canals, &c., and upon every and all insurable interests against loss or damage by Fire; and upon the hulls of steam
boats, against the dangers of the rivers or of fire.

From the known punctuality with which losses have been adjusted and paid, the Directors confidently ask a portion of the
public patronage.

The Company now offer inducements to the assured, by returning on all Marine Premiums, at the time the risk is taken, one-
tenth of one percent., loss or no loss; and on Fire Premiums, one-tenth on all risks expiring without loss.

January 1, 1845.

Advertisement Directory. 221
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The Saint Louis Insurance Company .
Capital, $100,000, With Privilege Of Increasing It To $500,000.
Office--S.E. corner Main and Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

EdwardTracy, , J. C.Rust, , William T.Christy, ,
BenjaminClapp, , J. E.Yeatman, , N. E.Janney, ,
RobertCampbell, , EdwardBrooks, , LymanFarwell, ,
N.Berthoud, , ThomasShore, , KennethMackenzie, ,
George K.McGunnegle, ,
A.Ricketson, , Secretary . Geo. K.McGunnegle, , President .

The Saint Louis Insurance Company ,
Incorporated by the Legislature of Missouri,
Offers To Insure
Their Fellow Citizens, Throughout The United States,
Against Loss Or Damage By Fire,
On Buildings Of Every Description, And Their Contents;
Against the dangers of the Sea and Inland Navigation on all descriptions of Goods and Money: also, Remit-
tances of Money by Mail, and the Lives of Persons or Slaves.

[missing figure]
Assuring them that the affairs of the Company shall be conducted with such fairness, candor and liberality, as they trust will entitle it
to the public confidence and patronage.

222 Advertisement Directory.
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Marine Insurance Company
Of Saint Louis,
(Chartered in 1837,)
Capital, $100,000,
With The Privilege Of Extending It To $400,000.
No. 102 North First Street, St. Louis.
WaymanCrow, , President.
DanielHough, , Secretary.
Directors .
WaymanCrow, ,
William P.Scott, .
HenryVon Phul, ,
JamesHarrison, ,
JosephEck, ,
JohnTilden, ,
Carlos S.Greely, ,
S. H.Allen, ,
J. ParkerDoan, ,
UnitRaisin, ,
Winthrop G.Ray, ,
John D.Harvis, , Jr.
[missing figure]
The Marine Insurance Company Of St. Louis having adopted
the Mutual System, all persons doing business with said Company will be
entitled to share in the profits of the same, in the profits of the same, in proportion to their respective
amount of premiums.
Citizens’ Insurance Company
Of Missouri ,
No. 65, (upstairs,)
East Side Of First, Between Olive And Pine Streets,
Capital, 100,000,
(All Paid In,)
With The Privilege Of Extending It To $500,0000.
Directors .
Joshua R.Sanford, ,
John B.Sarpy, ,
CharlesMullikin, ,
HenryChouteau, ,
AndrewChristy, ,
GreenErskine, ,
JohnCavender, ,
Charles R.Hall, ,
John O.Agnew, .
Joshua R.Stanford, , President.
WilliamRenshaw, , Secretary.
Advertisement Directory. 223
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Etna Fire
Insurance Company ,
Of Hartford, Conn.,
Capital, $200,000,
(Chartered in 1819.)
This Company insures against loss or damage by Fire, on
every description of Buildings, Goods, Wares, Merchandize,
and Furniture, Mills, Manufactories, &c., on the most favorable
All losses adjusted and paid, at the agency in this city, with
liberality and promptitude.
HenryStagg, , Agent ,
St. Louis.
Office---No. 131 Main Street, (upstairs.)
Directors At Hartford, Conn.:
Thomas K.Brace, ,
Silas B.Hamilton, ,
SamuelTudor, ,
FrederickTyler, ,
GriffinStedman, ,
RobertBuel, ,
JosephMorgan, ,
Samuel G.Boughton, ,
JesseSavage, ,
Whitehead J.Cornell, ,
JosephProt, ,
Miles A.Tuttle, ,
JamesThomas, ,
EzraWhite, , Jr.,
WardWoodbridge, ,
JosephChurch, ,
EbenezerSeely, .
Thomas K.Brace, , President.
S. L.Loomis, , Secretary.
224 Advertisement Directory.
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Fire And Marine Insurance.
Insurance Company ,
Of Hartford, Conn.,
Capital, $150,000,
With Privilege Of Increasing To $500,000.
(Chartered in 1825.)
HenryStagg, , Agent ,
St. Louis.
Office--No. 131 Main Street, (upstairs.)
Directors at Hartford, Conn.:
Daniel W.Clark, ,
William W.Ellsworth, ,
Charles H.Northam, ,
WilliamKellogg, ,
LemuelHumphrey, ,
William A.Ward, ,
WillisThrall, ,
ElleryHills, ,
EdwardBolles, ,
EzraStrong, ,
ElishaPeck, ,
JohnWarburton, .
Benjamin W.Greene, .
D. W.Clark, , President.
WilliamConner, , Secretary.
Every description of building, Goods, Wares, Merchandize
and Furniture; Mills, Manufactories, &c., insured on the most
favorable terms, against loss or damage by fire: also, the Car-
goes of steam, keel and flat boats, sea vessels and freight lists,
insured at the lowest rates, against the perils of the rivers, seas,
lakes and canals.
[missing figure]
All losses will be adjusted and paid, at the agency in this
city, with liberality and promptitude.
N.B. Open Policies Granted On Very Liberal Terms.