The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
Advertisement Directory.
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Wilgus & Watson ,
House, Sign Steamboat & Ornamental
Glaziers, Paper hangers, &c., &c.,
No. 52 and 54 pine street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Dealers in
Paints, Oil, Turpentine, Varnishes, Window Glass,
Putty, &c.

Also—American and French
paper hangings,
Of the newest and most fashionable styles.

They have constantly on hand a large supply and every variety
of the above articles, which they will sell
wholesale and retail,
upon the most favorable terms, and warrant all articles sold
by them to be the very best, and always such as represented.

P. S. Prompt attention paid to all orders in our line.

☞ Mixed paints, of every description always on hand.


258 Advertisement Directory.
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Callender & burchsted ,
family grocery
tea store,
Corner of Fifth and Olive Streets, St. Louis.
choice fresh teas,
and every article in their line of business constantly on hand,
at the lowest cash prices.

David Pearce & Co.Company ,
dealers in
hats, caps, muffs,
straw goods,
No. 120 N. first street.

SamuelTreadway, ,
manufacturing jeweller
silversmith ,
No. 65 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ All kinds of Jobbing done with neatness and dispatch.

N.Coleman, ,
Pump, Block, Hoisting and Pilot Wheel
271 North First Street, between Cherry and Wash.

Advertisement Directory. 259
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Getzendanner & Madden ,
ladies’ boot and shoe manufactory,
no. 5 north fourth street,
(Opposite the Court House,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Ayers & Bromley ,
painters, glaziers,
paper hangers,
no. 15 north fifth street, rear of planters’ house,
St. Louis, Mo.

H. Kilburn’s
daguerreotype rooms ,
South-east corner of Fourth and Chesnut Streets,
(over the Drug Store of Messrs. Wheaton & CoCompany .)

Charles T.Meyer, ,
and dealer in all kinds of
liquors & cordials ,
17 Franklin Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

260 Advertisement Directory.
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Kingsland & Ferguson ,
PhŒnix Foundry,
Corner of Second and Cherry Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.,
manufacturers of
castings and mill machinery,
of every description.

Stoves, grates, bark mills, plough castings,
Fanning Mill Irons, Corn Shellers, Castings for Page’s
Portable Circular Saw Mill, Threshing Machine
Castings, Wagon Boxes, &c.

☞ Orders will be received by

George Kingsland

, 202 N. First St.

GeorgeKingsland, ,
No. 202 north first street,
(Between Virginia and Missouri Hotels,)
dealer in
cooking stoves, grates, hollow-ware,
peoria premium steel ploughs,
fire proof safes, &c.

R. Clark & Co.Company ,
Portable Saw Mill Manufactory,
machine shop
No. 202 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 261
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[missing figure]

NathanielPhillips, ,
old established
music & military store,
No. 42 Market Street,
St. Louis,
sign of the golden eagle.

Piano Fortes , music,
Musical Instruments.

The subscriber keeps constantly on hand the largest and
most complete assortment to be found in the western country.
Travelers are particularly invited to examine this stock, which
will be sold at eastern prices. Chickering’s Pianos—
These instruments, for superiority of touch, readiness of tone,
and elegance of workmanship, have always obtained the Gold
Medal, and are not equalled by any in the country. A most
satisfactory guarantee is given with every instrument sold,
and great care taken packing. Music published and constantly
received from all parts of the country. Seminaries,
Music Dealers, Military Bands and Officers of the Army, supplied
on the most reasonable terms.

Masonic and odd-fellows’ regalia;
also—flags and banners, of all kinds,
constantly on hand, and made to order. sole agent for
chickering’s pianos,
J. F. Brown’s Harps, and Carhart’s improved melodian.

This establishment has no connection with any other in the
city. All orders must be addressed to

N. Phillips

, 42 Market Street.
262 Advertisement Directory.
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Greene & Co’s .

Express transportation

(Connecting at baltimore with adams & co.)

Boxes, Packages, Specie, and every description of Freight,
forwarded to Baltimore, Washington City, Philadelphia, New
York, Boston, or any of the eastern towns, at low rates. Persons
ordering goods from the east, may obtain through receipts
at Adams & Co.’s Express Offices, in any of the above mentioned
cities. For speed, safety and responsibility, this line is

☞ Eastern Express leaves daily—packages also forwarded
to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

G. W. Sandford

, Agent ,
Washington Avenue between First and Second Sts.

Boatmen’s saving institution ,
No. 16 locust street.

Chartered by the Legislature of Missouri.

Office hours from 10 o’clock, a. m., to 4 o’clock, p. m.

Interest at the rate of four cent. per annum allowed on deposits,
in conformity with the charter.

☞ Deposits received at this Institution subject to draft at
any time.

R. Simpson

, Treasurer .

A. L. Mills

, President .

B. B. Chamberlain

, Secretary .

B. B.Chamberlain, ,
notary public ,
at The Boatmen’s Saving Institution,
16 locust street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 263
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Jaccard & Co.Company ,
importers and manufacturers of
patent lever, anchor, duplex & cylinder
jewelry & spoons
no. 36 n. first street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Watches, Clocks, Musical Boxes and Jewelry, carefully repaired
and warranted. Engraving neatly done, and old Gold
and Silver purchased.

John C.Meyer, ,
dealer in
hides, leather and findings ,
No. 4 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

French, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Ohio,
and Indiana Wax Calf Skins always on hand. Patent Calf
Skins, of best quality, of own and direet importation. A large
and general stock of Spanish, Hemlock and Oak Sole Leather,
Morocco, Kids, Linings Upper Kip, &c. Also, from the eastern
manufacturers and importers direct, Thread, Lasts, Sparables,
Knives, Webbing, all kinds of Tools and Findings.

The Missouri PEG Manufactory ,
No. 63 South First Street,
Under the superintendenee of Mr. Ferdinand Meyer, will
furnish PEGS of all kinds and sizes. Office of delivery at
the Store, No. 4 North First Street.

264 Advertisement Directory
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John D.M’murray, .

James M.Dorman, .

Iron Railing Manufactory ,
Corner of Third and Pine Streets.

[missing figure]

M’murray & Dorman

Continue to manufacture, at the above establishment, all kinds
of Plain and Ornamental Iron Railing, Balconies, Bank and
Jail Doors, Book Safes, Fireproof Vaults, Iron Window Shutters,
Iron Awnings, Lightning Rods, Bedsteads, Gratings, and,
in fact, any thing which can be formed of Iron.

Union Fire and Marine
Insurance Company ,
St. Louis, Mo.

Office no. 127 north first street.


HenryVon Phul, ,
HenryChouteau, ,
ThomasWebster, ,
Robert K.Woods, ,
EdwardWalsh, ,
Joseph A.Sire, ,
D. A.January, ,
J. C.Reyrolds, ,

EdwardBredell, .

Henry von Phul

, President .
Advertisement Directory. 265
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[missing figure]

Beard & Brothers,
Patent Premium
Pump Manufactory ,
No. 66 locust street,
St. Louis.

The celebrated Warner’s Patent Lifting, Forcing, and Anti-Freezing
Pump, constantly on hand. Wherever this has been
introduced, it has given the most entire satisfaction. The simplicity,
durability, efficiency, and utility of this Pump, cannot
fail to recommend it to the public.

Superior Anti-Freezing Lift Pumps, and Beer Pumps, of
every description, on hand. All kinds of Pumps made to order,
at the shortest notice.

☞ Day’s Patent Gum Elastic Hose for sale.

G. CollierRobbins, ,
Manufacturer of
Gold Pens,
dealer in
watches, jewelry, &c. ,
No. 43 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Particular attention paid to all kinds of repairing.

266 Advertisement Directory
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Missouri Hotel,
A. & B. J. Vancourt ,
Corner of First and Morgan Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

IraStansbery, .

EzraStansbery, .

I. & E. Stansbery,
fancy & variety goods,
toys, &c. ,
No. 58 market street, under Concert Hall,
St. Louis, Mo.

Worsteds, Patterns, and Canvas, Purse Silks, Steel Goods,
Floss Silk, Fans, Hosiery, Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, Buttons,
Scissors, Gloves, Mirrors, Baskets, Beaded Bags, Purses, &c.

ThomasCampbell, ,
no. 91 N. second, Corner of Locust Street,
manufacturer and dealer in
tobacco, snuff and cigars,
Would respectfully inform his friends and the public, that he
keeps on hand, constantly, all kinds of chewing tobacco,
snuff and cigars, of the most approved brands
and finest quality. His Tobacco is manufactured of the finest
leaf in the market, and in the most careful manner. He has
received the premium for the last three years, for making the
finest article of chewing tobacco in the State. Country merchants
and dealers in the above articles, will find it to their
advantage to call and examine his stock, before purchasing

JamesNicol, ,
seedsman and florist ,
Missouri seed store,
no. 6 north first street, up stairs,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 267
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[missing figure]

Of every description of queensware, china, glass,
britannia lamps, girandoles, mantle ornaments
and bar fixtures, &c. I would respectfully
request persons wishing to purchase, to call and examine my
stock. It has been selected from the first manufactories in
Europe, imported direct, and is of the very latest styles and

James Masterson

, 165 North First Street.

No. 76 Chesnut Street,
(nearly opposite the post office.)

The subscriber keeps constantly on hand a general assortment
of the best article of gentlemen’s boots and shoes,
which he makes to order at the shortest notice.

None but the best French and Philadelphia calf skins used.

James O’connor

268 Advertisement Directory.
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Home Mutual
Insurance Company
of St. Louis. Office No. 120 North Third Street.


Isaac L.Garrison, ,
John M.Krum, ,
Daniel D.Page, ,
Joseph A.Eddy, ,
JohnWhitehill, ,
JohnKern, ,
A. P.Ladew, ,
Isaac H.Sturgeon, ,

HenryKayser, .

I. L. Garrison

, President .

C. C. Cady

, Secretary .

D. D. Page

, Treasurer .

J. M. Krum

, Solicitor .

Montesano Place.

This new and splendid Hotel, situated four miles south
of St. Louis, in the village of Carondelet, is beautifully located
on a high bluff, one hundred and fifteen feet above the river.
The convenience and salubrity of its position, in connection
with the beauty and variety of the surrounding scenery, is,
doubtless, unequalled in the Union. To persons visiting St.
Louis for pleasure, the “Montesano Hotel” offers
every inducement as a resting place for a few days or months.
Travelers who have visited it, pronounce it one of the most
commanding, lovely spots in the valley of the Mississippi.

The improvements are an extensive and substantial Hotel,
sufficient to accommodate sixty boarders; large stable, &c.

The flower garden, alone, covers two acres. The park about
the same; and no expense has been spared, to make this one
of the most magnificent Hotels in America.

The omnibusses run hourly to the house. Parties of eight
to twelve persons, wishing to visit Montesano Place, can charter
omnibusses of Michael Suter, to go and return for $2 50.

John H. Corl


CharlesDerby, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Foreign and Domestic Liquors ,
71 Front Street, St. Louis.

Advertisement Directory. 269
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T. J.Albright, ,
No. 21 Chesnut Street, Saint Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

Manufacturer and Importer of
Guns, Pistols, Rifles, &C.

Furniture Warehouse ,
No. 81 Market Street,
St. Louis.

Stillman D.Willis,

Having established himself permanently at the above premises,
will keep constantly on hand and offers at wholesale and
retail, a very extensive assortment of all kinds of Splendid
Furniture; of which he has the most recent style and greatest
variety in the west.

Country and city purchasers are invited to call and examine
his stock.

I. B. Burbbayge’s
Ten Years Old Established Office of
Intelligence, Information,
and General Agency .

Situations procured. Agencies and Wants, of all kinds,
brought about.

Post paid letters, with $1, soliciting information on any business,
will receive a return answer.

☞ Any citizen can tell you in what part of the city my
office is located. Address,

I. B. Burbbayge

, General Agent ,
St. Louis, Mo.
270 Advertisement Directory.
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Secure the Shadow ’ere the substance fade;
Let Nature copy that which Nature made.

J. H.Fitzgibbon, ,
Daguerreotype Miniature
Rooms ,
N. E. Corner of Fourth and Market Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Pictures taken in the latest and most improved style, from
8 A. M. to 6 P. M., in rainy, cloudy, or fair weather. Invalids
waited on at their residence; also, likenesses of deceased
persons taken.

J. H. F.

J. D.Learned, .

J. R.Strother, .

Learned & Strother ,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
And Solicitors in Chancery. Office No. 44 Fourth Street, Under the Plan-
Ters’ House.

HiramCrittenden, ,
Commission Paper Warehouse,
and Wholesale Dealer in
School Books,
Blank Books ,
Stationery, Printers’ Cards & Ink,
Book Binders’ Boards and Leather, Gold
Leaf, Pocket Cutlery, &c.,
No. 135 Main Street,
(Third door below the Bank,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 271
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J.Henwood, ,
Hat & Cap Manufacturer
37 Market Street,
St. Louis.

RobertThornburgh, ,
House, Sign, Steamboat & Ornamental
Painter . Cherry Street, between First and Front.

John Bunding & Co.Company ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Drugs, Paints, Oils,
Window-Glass, Glassware, Brushes, Spices, Perfumery,
Patent Medicines,
Chemicals, Surgeons’ Instruments, &c.,
No. 100 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

P.Wonderly, ,
Manufacturer of
Copper, Tin
Sheet Iron Work,
For Steamboats and Distilleries ,
No. 233 North First Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

272 Advertisement Directory.
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St. Louis Perpetual
Insurance Company ,
Capital $300,000,
No. 77 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.


WaymanCrow, ,
JohnCavender, ,
SamuelRussell, ,
LawrasonRiggs, ,
Wm.William N.Switzer, ,
Edward J.Gay, ,
R. M. V.Kercheval, .

Wayman Crow

, President .

S. A. Ranlett

, Secretary .

JohnShaw, ,
Agent for
Dr. Brandreth’s Pills ,
No. 115 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.,

The only Agent in St. Louis for the Sale of the genuine Brandreth’s Pills.

B. Brandreth

, M. D.

CharlesRodermann, ,
Auction & Commission
Merchant ,
No. 53 N. First Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

RobertAllen, , Auctioneer .

Advertisement Directory. 273
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Insurance Company ,
Agency at St. Louis.

Office No. 111 North First Street.

James M. Clendenin

, Agent .

A. & L. Forbes ,
Looking Glass and Picture Frame
Comb, Cutlery and Variety Store,
Watches, Jewlery, &c., &c.,
Wholesale and Retail,
No. 92 N. vFist Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Watches and Jewelry repaired—Combs repaired—
Plates put in Old Frames—Old Frames regilt.

Emporium of Fashion ,
No. 60 Chesnut Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

All Garments made at this establishment, for neatness of fit
and style, are unsurpassed.

Henry C.Smith, ,
Trunk Manufactory ,
No. 10 North Second Street.


274 Advertisement Directory.
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Insurance Company ,
of Missouri.

Capital $100,000,
with the Privilege of Increasing to $500,000.

in House No. 65, East Side First Between Olive & Pine Sts.streets ,
City of St. Louis, Mo.


JohnSimonds, ,
John B.Sarpy, ,
HenryChouteau, ,
JamesClemens, Jr.,
GeorgeBuchanan, ,
EugeneKelly, ,
W. S.Gilman, ,
Charles B.Wiggins, ,
AndrewElliott, .

John Simonds

, President .

Wm.William Renshaw

, Secretary .

M.Friede, ,
(Late of the Firm of “L. Baumann & Co.Company ”)

Watchmaker & Jeweller ,
No. 202 Broadway,
St. Louis, Mo.

B. F.Townsend, ,
Wire Worker and Seive
No. 144 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wm.William J.Stephenson, R. B.Dallam, & GeorgeParsons,
Turners in Wood ,
67 Locust Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 275
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Planters’ House ,
Stickney & Scollay,
Fronting on Fourth, Chesnut and Pine Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wm.William P. Henry & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers of
Young’s Improved
Patent Smut Machine,
No. 182 North Second Street.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith ,
Seminary for the Education
Young Ladies,
No. 19 North Sixth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

M. H.Patten, ,
Seminary for the Education
Young Ladies,
Corner of Olive and Tenth Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

D.Gezzi, ,
Boulevard of St. Louis,
No. 104 North Fourth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Importer of Havana Cigars, viz: Regalias, Panetelas, Plantation,
Principe, Millares, Damas, Cigarritos, &c., &c.

Also, the best Virginia Chewing Tobacco constantly on

276 Advertisement Directory.
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Hook & Miller ,
Wholesale and Retail
Clothiers & Drapers,
No. 69 South Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
[missing figure]

Mill Stones

G. & C. Todd ,
North First
Main St.,
St. Louis,
(Near the Missouri Hotel,)
Importers and Manufacturers of
Mill Materials,
Bolting Cloths,
Mill Stones, Iron Screws, &c.

Harry of the West
Coffee House ,
NicholasBrazeau, and LouisHoward, ,
43 Front Street.

JacobKleiber, ,
Cabinet & Coppin Maker ,
No. 106 Carondelet Avenue,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Manufactures and keeps on hand a general assortment of
Furniture, viz: Tables, Bedsteads, Lounges, Stands, Cupboards,
and Coffins. Work made to order and with despatdh, at the
shortest notice.

Advertisement Directory. 277
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E. W. Clark & Co.Company

E. W. Clark, Dodge & Co.Company
New York.

J. W. Clark & Co.Company

E. W. Clark & Bros. ,
Dealers in Exchange and Money,
N. W. Corner of First and Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

FrancisLepere, ,
Groceries, Wines and Liquors ,
Wholesale and Retail,
Corner Seventh and Franklin Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

E.Hale, ,
Dental Surgeon ,
95 Washington Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

Charles F.Hendry, ,
Forwarding and Commission
Merchant ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Leather, Hides, Tanners’ Oil,
Wool, &c.,
No. 54 Front, corner of Vine Street, up stairs,
St. Louis, Mo.

278 Advertisement Directory.
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[missing figure]

E. E.Williams, ,
Architect ,
121 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis.

StephenRidgley, .

AbnerStone, .

S. Ridgley & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers of
Alcohol, Spirit Gas,
Chemical Oil,
Every Variety of Lamps on Hand and Manufactured to
Order, at the
Old Gas & Lamp Establishment,
No. 69 Locust Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

N. B. Alterations and repairs in Lamps at the shortest

W. L. & J. H. Sloss ,
Attorneys at Law and Land Agents,
56 Chesnut Street.

Advertisement Directory. 279
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AlonzoChild, .

AsaFarr, Jr.

O. W.Child, .

Child, Farr & Co.Company ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Foreign and Domestic
147 N. First Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

R. & W. Campbell ,
Wholesale Dry Goods,
and Dealer in
Indian Goods,
137 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Kenneth Mackenzie & Co.Company ,
Commission Merchants,
and Importers of
Fine Wines & Liquors,
No. 18 N. First Street,
St. Louis.

St. Louis
Woolen Manufactory ,
Sixteenth Street, North of Biddle,

Blankets, Flannels, Jeans, Linseys, Duffils, Pilot and Beaver
Cloths, Yarns, &c., manufactured to order at the shortest
notice. Enquire of

K. Mackenzie & Co.Company

No. 18 North First street.
280 Advertisement Directory.
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Insurance Company
of St. Louis.

Capital $100,000, may be Increased to $400,000.

No. 100 North First Street, (up stairs,)


JohnTilden, ,
WaitBarton, ,
J. P.Doan, ,
C. S.Greeley, ,
Wm.William H.Barksdale, ,
U.Rasin, ,
James M.Riley, ,
S.Humphreys, ,
Wm.William P.Scott, ,
S. M.Edgell, ,
James A.Bryan, ,
Geo. A.Humrickhouse, ,

JohnTilden, , President .

D.Hough, , Secretary .

☞ No Fire Risks taken by this Company.

C. D. Sullivan & Co.Company ,
Watch and Clock Makers,
No. 42 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

A large and well selected assortment of Clocks, Watches,
Jewelry, and Silver Spoons, constantly on hand and for sale

Land Agency .

Real Estate Bought and Sold,
Lands, Houses and Lots Leased,
Money Procured on Mortgage, &c., by
H. W.Leffingwell, ,
No. 119 Chesnut Street, opposite the Court House.

Advertisement Directory. 281
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[missing figure]

Saint Louis
Type Foundry
Paper Warehouse .

A. P. Ladew & Co.Company ,
No. 31 Locust,
(Between First and Second Streets,)
Saint Louis, Mo.,
Keep constantly on hand, and manufacture to order,
Type, Presses, Printing Ink,
Printing Materials,
of Every Description.

Printing Paper:
A very large assortment of all the various sizes, from 32×52 to
18×24, for sale low.

Cap and Letter Papers:
A large stock on hand, and for sale at manufacturers’ prices.

Of every description, executed to order, with neatness and

282 Advertisement Directory.
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[missing figure]

C.Dubois, ,
Builders’ Furnishing
Hardware Store,
Lock Factory
141 Third Street, Corner of Washington Avenue,
Saint Louis, Mo.,

N. B. Sliding Door Trimmings, Silver Plating, Bell Hanging,
and all kinds of Jobbing attended to at the shortest notice.

James S.Pool, ,
Gold and Silver Leaf, Dentists’ Gold
Foil and Plate Manufacturer ,
No. 123 N. Fourth Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Money Loaned on Deposits,
by J. S.Freligh, ,
Pawn Broker ,
☞ Checkered Office, ☜
No. 18 Locust Street.

Advertisement Directory. 283
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GeorgeMyers, ,
Pekin Tea Warehouse ,
No. 32 Vine Street,
(Between Main and Second,)
St. Louis, Mo.

A. Guelberth & Co.Company ,
Dealers in
Watches, Clocks, and Fine Jewelry,
No. 130 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

G.Conzelman, ,
Importer and Manufacturer of all Kinds of
Paper Hangings,
Upholstery Goods ,
Wholesale & Retail,
64 Market Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Alex. Philippi & Co.Company ’s
Brass Foundry and Machine Shop,
N. W. corner of Cherry and Second sts.,
Saint Louis.

284 Advertisement Directory.
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Franklin Fire, Marine and Life
Insurance Company ,
of Louisville, KY.

Thomas E.Courtenay, , Agent ,
Office 111 North First Street.

N. B. A statement of this Company is on file in the office
of the County Court of St. Louis, where the public are invited
to call and examine it.

Francis & Walton ,
(Late Edwards & Francis,)
Druggists & Apothecaries,
Corner of Third and Green, Fourth and Market, Fifth
and Carondelet Avenue, and Broadway & Benton,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand, a superior assortment of
Drugs and Medicines,
French & English Chemicals, Perfumery, &c.

Physicians’ Orders Carefully Attended to.

Soda, Blue Lick and Congress Waters.

S. Baldwin & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers of
Cotton Batting,
Steamboat Caulking, &c.,
No. 151 N. Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand at wholesale and retail, the above ar-
ticles, manufactured from Pure Cotton.

Advertisement Directory. 285
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[missing figure]

M’Cortny & M’Coy ,
Manufacturers of
Threshing Machines & Horse Powers,
of the Most Approved Kinds.

Mill Machinery, Screws, Stocks & Dies . No. 194 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Doan, King & Co.Company ,
Wholesale Dry Goods,
No. 131 and 133 North First Street.

JosephCharless, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Drugs, Oils, Paints,
Glass, &c. ,
No’s. 37 and 39 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

286 Advertisement Directory.
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D. W.Graham, ,
82 N. First Street,
Saint Louis,
Fashionable Clothing
Furnishing Store.

☞ A complete and general assortment of Superior
Ready Made Clothing and Furnishing Goods,
always on hand. Buyers are invited to call and examine my
stock, where they will not only find the best and most fashionable
made garments, but decidedly cheaper than at any other
Clothing House in the city of St. Louis.

David S.Lamme, ,
Commission Merchant ,
57 Front Street.

J. C. Louderman & Co.Company ,
Carpet and Clothing
No. 161 N. First Street,
(Corner of Washington Avenue),
St. Louis, Mo.

Green & Devericks ,
Drapers and Tailors,
80 North Second Street,
St. Louis.

Advertisement Directory. 287
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JamesVirden, ,
Wagon Maker & Blacksmith ,
No. 38 South Third Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wolff & Hoppe ,
Direct Importers of
German, French and English Fancy
179 North First Street, St. Louis.

E. A.Johnson, ,
Dealer in
Hardware and Cutlery ,
Wove Wire of every description.

Also—Agent for
Carding Machines & Machine Cards ,
No. 12 N. First Street,
St. Louis.

Thomas & Thornton ,
Livery Stable,
Walnut Street,
Between Third and Fourth, one square south of Court House,
St. Louis, Mo.

288 Advertisement Directory.
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St. Louis
Insurance Company .

Capital Stock, paid up and unimpaired, $100,000, with priv-
ilege of increasing to $500,000.

Office South-East Corner Olive and First.


EdwardTracy, ,
J. E.Yeatman, ,
RobertCampbell, ,
KennethMackenzie, ,
Edward J.Gay, ,
G. K.M’Gunnegle, ,
EdwardBrooks, ,
LymanFarweell, ,
William T.Christy, ,
N.Berthoud, ,
AdolphusMeier, ,
N. E.Janney, ,
A. G.Switzer, .

Geo. K. M’Gunnegle

, President .

L. B. Clark

, Secretary .

Petruse & Co.Company ,
No. 15 South Second Street,
Distillers, and Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in
Domestic and Foreign Liquors,
Cordials, Syrups, &c.

Wines, Liquors, &c.

Eau Verte Stomachique; Maraschino; Anisette; Curacoa;
Cordials, assorted; Cognac; Kirschwasser; Brandy; Peach
Brandy; Extrait d’Absinthe; Kumin; Gin; Syrups, of all
kinds; Peppermint; Bitters.

N. B. Every article sold by this Establishment is warranted;
and, if found defective, may be returned.

Chas. Wolff & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers of the
Latest Improved Cooking Stoves,
195 N. First Street, St. Louis.

Advertisement Directory. 289
View original image: Page  0289

Clement W.Coote, ,
County Surveyor .

William H.Cozens, ,
Deputy County Surveyor .

Coote & Cozens ,
Surveyors and Civil Engineers,
Office 38 Chesnut Street, between Second and Third,
St. Louis, Mo.

Money to Loan,
by E.Storrs, ,
Pawn Broker
Office 37 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo.

☞Second hand Watches and Jewelry bought and sold.

C. M. Ligget’S
Double Entry Book Keeping
Stylographic Card Marking Academy ,
for Males and Females,
No. 86 N. Fourth Street.

John B.Shepperd, ,
Dealer in
Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods ,
of Every Description. No. 47 North Fourth Street,
(Opposite the Planters’ House,)
St. Louis, Mo.


290 Advertisement Directory.
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Wm.William A.Lynch, .

Wm.William L.Lynch, .

Geo. N.Lynch, .

Wm.William A. Lynch & Co.Company ,
Coffin Makers,
Office No. 1 St. Charles Street,
(Opposite City Hotel,)
Residence No. 132 North Third Street.

John W.Skinner, ,
Attorney at Law and Notary Public ,
No. 19 Chesnut Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Acknowledgment of Deeds taken for all the Western and
New England States.

Thornton Grimsley’s
Patent Dragoon Saddle ,
Manufactured at
No. 41 N. First Street,
St. Louis.

All kinds of Military Work constantly on hand, or made to
order, at short notice.

ThomasJones, ,
Gilder & Picture Frame
Manufacturer ,
102 N. Fourth Street, St. Louis.

Advertisement Directory. 291
View original image: Page  0291

Fire and Marine Insurance.

Protection & Ætna
Insurance Companies
of Hartford, CT.

John B. Camden and Moses Forbes, have been
appointed the permanent Agents of those old and substantial
Companies, and will continue the business of the agency at
their old office,
132 North First Street,
where they will be pleased to serve the public on the most favorable
terms of those well known institutions.

All losses will be adjusted and paid with liberality and
promptitude, at the agency office in this city.

The business of the Agency will be conducted under the
name and style of

Camden & Forbes


EdwinEllis, ,
Corner of Second and Chensut Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Would respectfully call the attention of the public, and his
friends in general, to his assortment of superior Wines and
Liquors, Wooden and Willow Ware, superior Groceries, &c.,
&c., Fresh Teas, Coffees, Chocolate, Sugars, Molasses, Mustards,
Preserves, Pickles, Sauces and Ketchups, Luxuries, Bottled
Cordials, Fruits, Sundries, Wooden and Willow Ware.

He is prepared to supply boarding houses, hotels, steamboats,
and private families, with the above articles, as cheap
as they can be furnished by any other store in the city.

T. R. Cooper & Co.Company ,
House and Sign Painters,
No. 109 North Second Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Orders executed with neatness and dispatch.

292 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0292

JamesPhillips, ,
Apollo Hall,
39 Market Street, St. Louis,
Has constantly on hand and for sale, at his Music and Umbrella
Store, a complete catalogue of Vocal and Instrumental
Music. Also, a large and well selected assortment of Piano
Fortes, among which are Grow & Christopher’s, of New
York, and Hallet, Cumston & Allen’s, of Boston. These
manufacturers have received gold medals from the three last Fairs
in Boston and New York, for fine touch and good toned

[missing figure]

Musical Instruments
Musical Merchandise
Umbrellas, Parasols, Canes,
And every variety of
and Military Goods.

[missing figure]

Wrought, Shell and Buffalo Combs, of
new patterns; Work Boxes, Card Cases, Card
Receivers, Jewel Boxes, Jenny Lind Silver
Candlesticks, Silver Fruit Knives, Polka
Bells, Fans, elegant Dressing Cases, Odor
Cases, Head Ornaments, Purses, Trimmings,
&c. Dr. Ward’s Tooth Powder, of Boston;
Lubin’s and Roussel’s Perfumery, &c.

The above establishment is not connected with any other Music Store
in this city.

Remember, there is but One Apollo Hall—39 Market Street.

Advertisement Directory. 293
View original image: Page  0293

Pawn Broker’s Office .

Money Loaned on Deposits or Pledges,
Gold and Silver Watches,
Silver Ware, Jewelry, Guns, Pistols, Dry Goods, Clothing,
And various other articles received in pawn, on which liberal
advances will be made, at the Sign of the
Three Golden Balls,
32 Olive Street,
Nearly opposite the Monroe House, between First and
Second Streets.

Goodall & Co.Company

EdwardMead, ,
Importer and Dealer in
Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Britannia & Plated Ware,
Military and Fancy Goods ,
Fine Pocket & Table Cutlery, Guns & Pistols.

Manufacturer of Silverware ,
No. 52. N. First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Watches and Jewelry repaired.

Shapleigh, Day & Co.Company ,
Importers of
Cutlery and Heavy Goods,
No. 175 N. First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

294 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0294

Jackson & Stillwell ,
Manufacturers of
Chemical Oil, Spirit Gas,
Alcohol and Neutral Spirits.

Also, every variety of Chemical Oil and Gas Lamps
on hand, and for sale on reasonable terms, at
No. 42 South First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

F. Dings & Co.Company ,
Importers of German, French and English
Toys, Fancy Goods, &c.,
No. 25 Market Street, St. Louis.

Also—Manufacturers of
All Kinds of Brushes ,
at No. 15 N. Second Street.

JamesPelloux, ,
(Successor to D’Œnch, Pelloux & Co.Company ,)
Wholesale & Retail Druggist,
N. E. corner of Market and Second streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

LarkinDeaver, ,
Wholesale and Retail,
Carpet Warehouse .

Wilton, Velvet, Axminster, Tapestry, Brussels, 3 Ply,
Venitian and Ingrain Carpets,
Stair Rods, &C.,
No. 60 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 295
View original image: Page  0295

Marine and Fire Insurance.

Firemen’s Insurance Company of Louisville, Ky.

Capital, $120,000.

Merchant’s Louisville Insurance Company .

Capital, $100,000.

The undersigned, having been appointed Agent for the above
popular and well known Companies, is prepared to make
insurance on hulls of steamboats, on buildings and merchandise,
against loss or damage by fire, or cargo by river, lake or
sea navigation, or any of the transportation lines in the United
States. Losses promptly adjusted.

No. 68 Front Street,
(Over McAllister & Co.’s)
Entrance on Commercial and Front Streets.

W. R. Carter

, Agent .

Wheaton & Co.Company ,
(Successors to McCloud & Wheaton,)
Chemists & Druggists,
Corner of Chesnut and Fourth streets, and Thirteenth
street and Franklin Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

Dealers in English, French, German, Mediterranean, East
India and South American
Drugs and Medicines,
French, English and German Chemicals,
Mineral Tests, Perfumery & Fancy Articles.

Surgical & Dental Instruments.

296 Advertisement Directory.
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Tennessee Marine and
Fire Insurance Company ,

Capital $300,000.

J.Throckmorton, , Agent ,
4 Commercial Building, on Olive near First.

St. Louis.

Monroe House
Corner of Olive and N. Second Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.

By Wm.William Munroe.

Hooper & Speilman ,
House, Sign and Ornamental
No. 20 North Third Street.

R. J.Byron, ,
Byron House,
No. 18 Vine Street,
St. Louis.

Wm.William J.Austin, ,
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer ,
37 Locust Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 297
View original image: Page  0297

Insurance Company ,
Marine and Fire.—Capital $150,000.

Wm.William M. Morrison & Co.Company , Agent.

No. 67 Front Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Field & Beardslee ,
Dealers in
Cloths, Cassimeres,
Vestings and Tailors’ Trimmings,
60 N. First Street,
(Corner of Washington Avenue,)
St. Louis, Mo.

A. F. W.Webb, .

EdwardHepp, .

A. F. W. Webb & Co.Company ,
No. 96 North First Street, St. Louis, Mo., up stairs,
Wholesale Dealers in
Fancy and Staple
Dry Goods,
Bonnets, Alpaccas,
Millinery Goods,
Fancy Handkerchiefs,
Of the latest styles, and at very low prices, &c.

298 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0298

Wm.William T.Knapp, ,
Blank Book Manufacturer ,
in the Republican Office Building,
16 Chesnut Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Blank Books of all kinds, furnished at short notice.

Libraries fitted up and repaired, and every description of
Binding executed promptly, upon reasonable terms.

Burd, Rucker & Co.Company ,
No. 45 North First Street, St. Louis, Missouri,
Manufacturers of
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead,
☞ Bells, weighing from 20 to 400 pounds, ☜
Brass Castings, Beer and Soda Pumps,
General Stove Dealers.

E. P.Perkins, ,
Whitening & Wall Coloring ,
No. 119 North Fifth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Orders left at his residence, or with Messrs. Wilgus & Watson, will receive prompt attention.

Arsenal Park,
by Bartholomew,
Near the Arsenal.

Wine, Beer, Soda, and Refreshments of all kinds.

Advertisement Directory. 299
View original image: Page  0299

St. Louis
Telegraph Office ,
Corner of North First and Olive Sts.

Sanford J.Smith, , Secretary .

Hiram Shaw & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers of
Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars,
at Wholesale and Retail,
18 South First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

How, Claflin & Cook ,
Dealers in
Boots, Shoes & Leather,
142 North First Street, (opposite the Bank,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Washington Foundry,
Engine and Machine
Manufactory ,
No. 183 North Second Street,
(Near Missouri and Virginia Hotels,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

Steam Engines, of various sizes; Mill Machinery and Castings,
of all kinds, made to order, on short notice. Machine
Cards, Comb Cleaners, Double and Single Carding Machines,
Condensers, and Spinning Machines, of our own manufacture,
warranted of superior quality.

J. T. Dowdall & Co.Company

300 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0300

Page & Bacon ,
Dealers in Exchange and Money,
No. 80 N. Fist Street,
St. Louis, Mo.,

T.Mullen, ,
Tobacco Commission Merchant ,
21 Washington Avenue,
(Between Main and Second Streets,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

Will keep a constant supply of Leaf Manufactured Tobacco
and Cigars, such as Havana, Cuba, Florida, &c., &c. Virginia
Tobacco, Regalia and Principe Cigars, received direct
from the manufacturers.

John H. Koppelmann’s
Furniture and Chair
Manufactory ,
No. 121 Morgan Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

JohnMullery, ,
Premium Horse Shoer
Alley Opposite the Post Office ,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 301
View original image: Page  0301
[missing figure]

JacobBlattner, ,
Mathematical & Surgical
Instrument Maker ,
No. 40 North First Street,
(Between Pine and Chesnut Streets,)
St. Louis, Mo.

R. S.Tilden, .

F.Dwyer, .

Tilden & Dwyer ,
Coppersmiths & Tinners,
Sheet Iron Workers,
and Dealers in Stoves,
119 North First Street,
(Between Vine and Locust Streets,)
St. Louis, Mo.

JohnShaw, ,
Importer and Dealer in
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Britannia & Plated Ware ;
Daguerreotype Stock & Fancy Goods, Fine Pocket
Cutlery and Pistols;
Also—Manufacturer of Silverware,
No. 34 North First Street.

Watches and Jewelry repaired.

302 Advertisement Directory
View original image: Page  0302

N. E.Janney, .

JohnFord, .

N. E. Janney & Co.Company ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
China, Glass & Queensware,
American, British and German Glassware,
Astral and Mantle Lamps, Britannia and
German Silver Wares, Window Glass,
No. 23 First Street,
(Corner of Chesnut,)
St. Louis, Mo.

J. A.Matteson, .

Jno. B.Preston, .

Matteson & Preston ,
Commission, Storage and Forwarding
No. 21 Front Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Agents for the Transportation Lines on the
Illinois and Michigan, Erie and Oswego
and for
Steamboats, Propellers and Sail Vessels on the Lakes,
Also—Commission Dealers in
Produce, Provisions, Salt,
Hydraulic Cement, &C.

☞Particular attention given to orders from the Country,
for the purchase of Groceries, or any article in this market.
Cash advances on property for sale.

J. L. & A. G. Jamison ,
Pamily & Variety Store,
Nos. 95 and 97 Market Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 303
View original image: Page  0303

L.Pechmann, ,
Importer and Dealer in
China , Glass & Queensware,
Looking Glasses, &c.,
No. 22 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

R. L.Campbell, ,
No. 25 Chesnut Street,
(Opposite the Republican Office,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Every description of Engraving executed in the best style, and on moderate terms.

Dixon & Smith ,
Book Binders & Blank Book
No. 80 N. First Street, St. Louis.

New and old Books bound in any style of Binding. Blank
Books ruled and bound cheaper than can be done at any Bindery
in the west.

Every description of Paper Boxes made to order, and all
kinds of fancy work, such as Jewellers Show cases, Cigar Cases,
Chess Boards, Portfolios, &c., neatly made.

Ellet & Harriott ,
United States Furniture
Corner of Second and Green Streets,
St. Louis.

304 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0304

Bridge & Brother ,
158 North First Street,
Manufacturers of
Stoves, of Every Description,
and Dealers in
Tin Plate, Copper, Sheet Iron, Iron Wire,
Tinners’ Tools, Machines, &c.

Also, Manufacturers of
Jewett’s Improved Patent
Cary Ploughs .

Stove Works & Plough Factory , Corner of N. First & Almond.

Orders received at Store No. 158 North First Street.

St. Louis Shirt Depot.

Gentlemen’s Furnishing Store,
No. 85 N. First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Parker & Co.Company ,
Dealers in
Stocks, Shirts, Collars,
Bosoms, Undershirts, and Drawers.

A. F.Hummitsch, ,
Starch Manufactory
No. 283,
Corner of Convent and Third Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 305
View original image: Page  0305

Tea Company ,
Wholesale and Retail.

Abner T.Woodward, , Agent ,
Corner of N. Fourth and Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

PhŒnix Printing Office ,
62 Chesnut Street, St. Louis,
Where will be neatly executed, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Embossed,
Book, Job, Plain, Blank, and Fancy Colored Printing.

Druggists’ Labels,
Cheaper than Eastern Prices.

French Perfumery Labels,
Copper Plate, Xylographic,
And every description of
Letter Press Printing.

H.Meyer, .

J.Tamm, .

H. Meyer & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers of
Lard Oil, Neats’ Foot Oil,
Ivory Black and Clue.

No. 17 South Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.,


306 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0306

Gooch & Hequembourg ,
Looking-Glass, Portrait, and Picture Frame
No. 93 Market Street, north side,
(Between Third and Fourth Streets,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Plain and Ornamental Window Cornices and Curtain Ornaments
of all descriptions, made to order. Old Frames Re-

Price & White ,
Lock Manufactory,
84 Second Street, (opposite Monroe House,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

The above Establishment will keep on hand, and manufacture
at the shortest possible notice, a general assortment of
Locks, particularly
Bank and Vault Locks,
of every description, warranted inferior to none manufactured
in the United States. All kinds of Builder’s Hardware manufactured.
Also, Bell Hanging of every description done, and
Brass, Composition and Light Iron Castings, &c.

Jobbing, of every description, connected with the business,
executed with the greatest possible despatch, and on the
most favorable terms. Vaults and Book-Safes repaired in the
most satisfactory manner.

Bolton & Wilson ,
House & Sign Painters,
No. 108 North Second Street.

All orders executed with neatness and dispatch.

Advertisement Directory. 307
View original image: Page  0307

Artificial Flower
Manufactory ,
No. 122 Market Street,
(near the Court House,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

The subscriber manufactures and has constantly for sale, in
quantities to suit, Wreaths, Bunches, Sprigs, Roses, Camillia,
&c. Materials and Stamps, for flower makers, for sale as

L. Mills


John Leach & Co.Company ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Best Family Groceries,
Staple Dry Goods
Nos. 190 and 192 Broadway.

George B.Mann, ,
No. 68 Market Street,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Furnishing & Fancy Goods
Keeps constantly on hand a full stock of
Gold and Silver Fringes & Laces.

Also, a large assortment of
Millinery Goods,
And in addition, a receipt of a well selected lot of fine
Philadelphia Shoes,
by the Package.

308 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0308

William . G.Fife, .

George A.Kerr, .

Fife & Kerr ,
Forwarding and Commission
No. 71 N. Front Street, St. Louis, Mo.

L. C.Welbourn, ,
Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of
Ready Made Clothing ,
Gentlemens’ Furnishing Goods,
No. 201 N. First Street,
St. Louis.

Clothing of all kinds made to order at short notice.

Wm.WilliamSchrimpf, ,
Sign and Ornamental
Painter ,
No. 175 South Second street.

JacobRueff, ,
Boot and Shoe Maker ,
No. 6 Vine Street.

A stock of ready made Boots and Shoes always on hand,
made of the best materials.

Advertisement Directory. 309
View original image: Page  0309

L.Baumann, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry,
and Watchmaker’s Tools & Materials ,
30 Market Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Gilbraith & Ferguson’s
Tea Store ,
30 S. Main Street, (below the Old Market,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Wm.William H.Tasker, ,
Gas and Steam Pitter ,
No. 121 Fourth Street,
(between Olive and Locust,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Private and Public Buildings, Offices and Stores fitted up
in the most approved style. Wrought Iron Pipe for Gas,
Steam, Water, &c. Always on hand, wholesale and retail,
Gas Fittings, Brackets, Burners, &c.

All work warranted. Orders thankfully received and promptly
attended to.

Joseph Siebler’s
Tavern & Boarding House ,
No. 100 Green street, near the New Market,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Pension Francaise.

310 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0310

Mrs. CarolineHospes, ,
Daguerrean Artiste,
Teacher of Drawing & Painting
57 Market Street, opposite Concert Hall.

D. AshbyMillion, ,
Practicing Physician and Accoucheur ,
Will give especial attention at all times, to diseases of Females.

Office 94 Morgan Street.

Residence corner of Hempstead and Ninth Streets.

Dr. J. H.Potts, ,
Dental Surgeon ,
No. 119 Locust Street,
(between Fourth and Fifth Streets,)
First Door West of Odd-Fellows’ Hall,
St. Louis, Mo.

H. L.Joy, ,
21 Market Street, Near First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Housekeeper’s Furnishing Store,
of Hardware, Cutlery,
Silver Plated, Britannia, Planished and
Plain Tin and Japanned Ware,
and Manufacturer of and Dealer in
Cedar, Willow, and Wooden Ware; Mats; Brushes; Baskets;
Brooms; Cords; Meat Safes; Sieves; Refrigerators;
Brass Clocks, &c., wholesale and retail.

Advertisement Directory. 311
View original image: Page  0311

New Music Store. JohnGass, ,
No. 46 Market, corner of Second street, St. Louis,
Has constantly on hand

[missing figure]

Piano Fortes

Of the very best eastern manufacture.

Musical Instruments, Sheet Music & Musical Merchandise,
Of every description, of the best quality, and at prices that
cannot fail to please.

Umbrellas, Parasols and Canes,
Of every quality, manufactured and kept constantly on hand.

Being a practical turner in ivory, keeps on hand, and makes
to order, Billiard, Bagatelle, Rondo, Poule and Kino Balls,
Cues, Cue Wax and Cue Leather.

Umbrellas and Parasols covered and repaired; Musical In-
struments, of all kinds, repaired; Canes mounted and var-
nished; Piano Fortes tuned, by a first rate tuner. A first rate
Quadrille Band supplied, by applying as above.

Wholesale Candy
Manufactory. J. C.Staffelbach, ,
Wholesale and Retail Confectioner,
No. 54 Market Street, (under Concert Hall,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand a large and fresh assortment of all
kinds of Fancy Candies, which, for cheapness, quality and
variety, cannot be surpassed by any other establishment in this
city. Packages delivered in any part of the city, without ex-
tra charge.

312 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0312

Daguerreotype Miniatures,
Giving all the Colors True to the Life, by
J. A.Mauzy, ,
No. 45 North Fourth Street,
(Opposite Main Entrance to Planters’ House, over Lamalfa’s Saloon,)
St. Louis.

G. M.Hawks, .

E.Wallingford, .

Hawks & Wallingford ,
(Successors to H. B. Hawkins,)
Pattern Makers and Jobbers
55 N. Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wm.William S.Stewart, .

BernardBryan, .

Stewart & Bryan ,
Tobacco, Produce,
Commission and Forwarding
Commercial Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

☞ Liberal advances made on Consignments for sale in
this market, or for shipment.

Noel & M’sherry ,
Workers in Copper, Tin & Sheet Iron,
And every thing in their line appertaining to
Steamboats and Distilleries,
231 N. First Street, between Morgan and Cherry,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Advertisement Directory. 313
View original image: Page  0313

Murdoch & Dickson ,
Auctioneers & Commission
Nos. 55 and 57 North First Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

R.Scott, , St. Louis.

B. F.Otis, , Boston, Mass

Scott & Otis ,
General Commission Merchants,
No. 67 North First Street,
St. Louis.

☞ Advances made on Consignments.

Dr. E.Easterly, ,
South-East Corner of Third and Chesnut Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in, and General Agent for, all
Family Medicines.

Clayton & Dickson ,
Manufacturers of
Grates and Fenders,
No. 33 North Fifth Street (Near Pine,)
St. Louis, Mo.

314 Advertisement Directory.
View original image: Page  0314

C. H.Rigdon, ,
St. Louis Scale Factory,
N. Second, between Olive and Locust Streets,
Manufacturer of all kinds of
Platform Scales, Platform Counter Do., Brass & Common
Do., Druggist and Prescription Balances, &C.

Repairing done with neatness and dispatch. All work war-

R. P.Perry, .

C.Enness, .

R. P. Perry & Co.Company ,
(Successors to Franklin & Perry,)
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Hardware, Cutlery,
Fancy Goods,
No. 86 N. First Street, St. Louis.

WilsonHenley, ,
Brick Mason ,
No. 137 Market Street,

Grates set, chimneys repaired, and all kinds of Job Work
in his line attended to, and promptly executed.

JosephNeill, ,
Livery Stable ,
No. 16 North Sixth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.