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Saint Louis Remarkable Events
Remarkable Events in the History of St. Louis.
Remarkable Events. ix
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1762 LaClede, Maxent & Co.Company , obtain exclusive privilege of trading with
the Indians upon Missouri and upper Mississippi rivers.
1763 LaClede selected St. Louis as the site of his trading post, and gave
it its present name.
1764 First building erected in St. Louis.
" April 21—Secret treaty ceding Louisiana to Spain first made public.
1765 Government of the Post of St. Louis assumed by St. Ange, and the colony organized under French ordinances.
1768 Aug. 11—Spanish troops under Rious, by order of Capt.Captain Gen.General Don
Antonio d’Ulloa, first take possession of St. Louis.
1769 July 17—St. Louis evacuated by the Spanish troops.
" Aug. 27—Count O’Reily, Gov.Governor Gen.General of Louisiana, lands at New
Orleans, and takes definite possession of the country, in the name
of the King of Spain.
1770 Spanish forces again take possession of St. Louis.
" Don Pedro Piernas Lieut.Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana. *May 20th.
1772 Don Martin M. Duralde completes his cadastre of the surveys of
the common field lots of St. Louis, commenced under order of
Lieut. Gov.Lieutenant Governor
" Same approved by the Lieut. Gov.Lieutenant Governor
1775 St. Ange, former Governor under the French government, dies—
Aet. 76.
" Don Francisco Cruzat, 2d Lieut. Gov.Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana. *May 19th.
1778 Pierre Liguest de Laclede—the founder of St. Louis—dies at the
Post of Arkansas, June 20. Aged 54.
1778 Don Fernando de Leyba, 3d Lieut. Gov.Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana. *June 14th.
1780 May 6‖l’Annee du Grand Coup. St. Louis attacked by 1,400
British and Indians. This date is given on the authority of the
late Col.Colonel Aug. Chouteau. Others give the year 1778 as the true
one. The event occurred, however, in the spring season, and
during the administration of de Leyba—and the fact that the Gov-
ernment Archives fix that from the fall of 1778 to the spring of
1780, proves the superior accuracy of Col.Colonel Chouteau’s statement.
1780 Don Francisco Cruzat again Lieut. Gov.Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana, in
place of de Leyba, deceased. *September 24th.
1785 April—l’Anne des grandes eaux—Year of the great flood. The
Mississippi reached a height only 7 feet less than in the flood of
1844, or 20 feet above highest water mark then known.
x Remarkable Events.
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1787 Don Manuel Perez 5th Lieut. Gov.Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana. *Novem- ber 25th.
1788 L’Annee desdix batteaux. The haunts of the Mississippi pirates
broken up by an armed convoy of ten boats, which arrived in tri-
umph at St. Louis. The event occurred near the mouth of Riviere
aux Liards, (Cottonwood Creek.)
1790 Murder of the son of the king of the Loups, near the place now
called Rock Spring.
1792 Don Zenon Trudeau, sixth Lieut. Gov.Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana.
*July 21st.
1797 L’Annee des Galeres. Several Spanish Galleys arrived at St. Louis
with troops under the command of Don Carlos Howard.
1799 Don Carlos Dehault Delassus seventh and last Lieut. Gov.Lieutenant Governor of Up-
per Louisiana. *August 29th.
1799-1800 L’Annee du grand hiver. Winter of intense cold.
1800 Oct. 1—Louisiana ceded by Spain to France by the treaty of St.
1801 L’Annee de la Picotte—Year of the Small Pox. A disease not
known in the Colony until the 13th of April of this year.
1803 April 30—Louisiana ceded by France to the United Stales.
" July 9, 7 o’clock, p. m., the news of the transfer first received at
St. Louis.
" Dec. 20—Formal possession of Louisiana delivered to the United
States Commissioners by Laussat, Colonial Prefect of the French
Republic at New Orleans.
1804 March—Formal possession taken of Upper Louisiana by Captain
Amos Stoddard, U. S.United States Army, who assumed the powers of “Civil and Military Commandant.”
" March 26—Upper Louisiana made the “District of Louisiana,” and
the executive powers of the Governor of the Indiana Territory,
(then William H. Harrison,) extended over the same.
" Nov. 3—Spanish troops evacuate the country.
1805 July 2—Territorial Government established over the District of
Louisiana under the name of the “Missouri Territory.”
1812 January 23—Severe earthquake—New Madrid destroyed.
1819 Arrival of the first steamboat at St. Louis.
1820 Missouri admitted into the Union.
1821 Constitution sanctioned by Con pipff.
1826 Great rise in the Mississippi, the height attained by the river was
not again reached till 1844.
1844 The great flood—river stood 38 feet 1 inch above low water mark;
greatest height ever attained since the settlement of the country.
Population of St. Louis.—Ancient Names. xi
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1845 New constitution framed by convention of delegates.
1846 Same rejected by the people.
1847 City lighted with Gas.
1848 Telegraph in operation.

* Dates on which the Archives were transferred to the Lieut.Lieutenant Governors by
their predecessors.