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Wm.William Jessop & Son's

Store 201 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

H.Bakewell, , Agent .

The subscriber begs to recommend the above article to dealers
and consumers, especially, the latter, it being entirely a new article
in the west. He referers to the largest manufacturers in the East-
ern States, where it is consumed more extensively than any other

W.J. & Sons are the largest manufacturers of Steel in the world,
and import more into the United States than any other House,
which is of itself sufficient guaranty of its excellence.

An assortment of double refined Best and Machinery Cast Steal,
double and single Shear. Hoop ( L)'and other Blister; Coach Springs.
Plough and all th e varieties of German Steel in store. Also, Importers Of Tin Plate. H.Bakewell, , Agent , 901 Main Street, St. Louis.

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384 Business Cards.
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Cist Steel Saws ,

H. Bakewell, Ag'tagent ,

[missing figure]

201 Main St.street , Louis.

Manufactured By
Welch & Griffiths,
62 Congress Street, Boston.

Circular Saws,
Of every description, from two inches to any size required;
Mill, Pit, Cross-Cut, Segment & Hand Saws
With Felloe, Web, Bow, and Wood Saws,

Of every gauge, length, and width used. These Saws are all
manufactured from the very finest of Best Cast Steel, made
expressly for us.

☞ The proprietors of this establishment inform their friends and the public that
they are determined not to be surpassed in the mannfactnre of the above articles.

Twsenty years practical experience, with a firm determination to make every possible im-
provement in each process, has enabled them to prodnce Saws combining more good qual-
ities than any other Saws ever offered to the Mechanics of the United States.

These celebrated Saws are around and Turned by the best machinery ever invented for
the purpose ; bnt the result, not the process, is the matter that concerns the consumer.
If an article is all that can be required, it is not material to him by what process the
result is produced.

Numberless certificates of the superior excellence of these celebrated Saws can be
given,but we deem it unnecessary to resort to such means. Reference can be given to
consumers and wholesale dealers who have been supplied for years, and have not return-
ed one Saw defective.

☞ The above Sous can be obtained from the principal Hardware dealers in the United
Terms of warranty on Welch Griffith's Saws.—Each Saw is warranted to be perfect-
ly true, and if not so, and returned before using, to the merchant who sold it to the consu-
mer,it will be exchanged.

If a Saw break, in consequence of ajZav in the Steel, or split at the teeth, owing to a
seam in the Steel, and is returned to said merchant, within thirty days from, date of pur-
chase, a new on* will be given in exchange.

Business Cards. 385
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M'L Gaty
H. Glasby.

John S. Mccune,
Gerard B. Allen.

Gaty, M'Cune & Co, , Mississippi Foundry,
Main And Second Streets,
Between Morgan and Cherry,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Manufacturers Of
Steam Engines, Mill Machinery,
Steam Boiler and Sheet Iron Work,
ard Tanks and Coolers, Tobacco, Oil and Mill Screws,
And every description of
Brasswork And Balcksmithing.

T. R.Cooper, , House, Sign & Ornamental Painter,
No. 72 Locust Street, Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

S.L. & B.F. Porter ,
Painters & Glaziers,
No. 95 Olive Street,
(Between Third and Fourth Streets.)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Whitening Done To Order.☜

386 Business Cards.
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Nos. 52 and 54 Pine Street.

Chas.Charles T. Wilgus ,
Successor To
Wilgus & Watson,
house, Sign, Steamboat and
Glazier, Paper Hanger, Whitener
Wall Colerer:
Dealer In
American and French Wall Paper,
White Lead, Linseed Oil, Spirits Turpentine, Varnish,
Window Glass, Putty and every variety of Paint,
Wholesale And Retail.

☞Particular attention given to country orders for Paper.
Glass cut to any size or shape, and Paint mixed ready for use.

N.B. Glass packed with great care, and paint wartafittd

Promptitude and the entire satisfaction of his
Patrons, are his Mottoes.

Business Cards. 387
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John S.Watson, ,
(Late Of Wilgus & Watson,)
House, Sign, Steamboat &
Grainer, Glazier, Paper Hanger, And
No. 54° 40' Pine Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Having sold out and withdrawn from the old firm of
Wilgus & Watson, he tenders his sincere thanks to
his friends for their kind patronage and encouragement while in
he old firm, end now takes great pleasure in giving them the
information that he has opened a new establishment first door
west of the old stand, where he will be prepared at all times
to attend, as heretofore, to all orders in his line, hoping by
strict attention to business, with promptness, neatness, and
cheapness, to merit and receive a liberal share of patronage.

He will keep constantly on hand and for sale, a large assortment of
Window, Coach and Picture Frame Glaas,
Of The Most Superior Kind—Also,
White Bmlead, Oil, Turpentine, Varnish, Putty, and every variety of
Paints, mixed ready for use, or otherwise as desired.

Persons wishing their houses refitted, painted, papeeed, or whi-
tened, or wishing Signs, from the most plain to the most superior,
can be accommodated to their entire satisfaction.

All orders for city or shipment will be carefully and promptly
attended to. He has prepared himself with the very best workmen
in all the various branches that the country can produce. He is
ajae prepared to furnish his customers with
Paper Hangings

Of the latest elegant styles, as well as the more common article, at the very lowest
prices. Especial attention paid to estimating for builders and jobbers, and the work
done promptly aad satisfactorily.

☞Steamboats painted open the shortest notioe and most reasonable terms.☜

388 Business Cards.
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St. Louis Wire Works ,
Main Street, Between Pine & Chesnut
Sign Of The Mammoth Cage,
F.B. Turnbull, Proprietor.

Wove Wire, Seives, Riddles, Safes,
Screens, Door & Window Blinds,
Flower Stands, Fenders,
Annealed, Broom and Hard Wire, Rat and Mouse Traps, Bird
Cages, &c.,
Wholesale And Retail.

Robbins' Celebrated

[missing figure]

Intend eating
at Robbins'.

Eat regular at

Have just commenced
at Robbins'.

Fresh Oysters, Wild Game, Fish, Mushrooms, and all other lux-
uries of this and the foreign markets, served up in superior style.

Pure old Brandys, Wines, &c., &c., for families.

Fine Chewing Tobacco and Havana Cigars for the connoisseur,
E.H. Robbins', 45 Fourth Street,
opposite the Planters' House, St. Louis, M.

Business Cards. 389
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Frederick Dings. William Stein.

F. Dings & Co.Company
Brush Manufacturers,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Always on hand, a well assorted stock of Brushes of all kinds,
their own make, and at the lowest prices, viz.: Shoe, Scrub-
bing, Horse, Dusting, Sweeping, White-wash, Paint, Sash,
Hair-cloth, Tooth, Nail, Shaving, Jewellers' and Fancy Brush-
es in great variety.

Importers And Wholesale Dealers In
Toys And Fancy Goods ,
No. 47 Main Street, St. Louis.

Mill Stones

[missing figure]

G.&C. Todd
North First
Main St.street ,
St. Louis.
[missing figure]

Importers and manufacturers of
Mill Materials,
Bolting Cloths,
Mill Stones, Leather and Rubber
Belting, &c.

Most Improved Portable Mills.

French Burr Mill Stones, Dutch Anker
Bolting Cloths, Wove Wire for Fanning
Mills and Screens; Screws; Patent
Corn Mills, Spindles, &c., &c.

☞All Articles Warranted.☜

390 Business Cards.
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John H.Adams, ,

[missing figure]
No. 1,
[missing figure]

South-West Corner Of Main & Market Sts.
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Wholesale & Retail

☞Always on hand, a large and general assortment of
Men and Boys' Clothing, which I pledge myself to sell
as low as any house in the United States.

☞Terms Cash.

John D.M'Murray, ,
Iron Railing Manufactory,
Corner Of Third And Pine Streets,
Continue to manufacture at the above establishment, all kinds
of Plain and Ornamental Iron Railing, Balconies, Bank and
Jail Doors, Book Safes, Fire Vaults, Iron Window Shutters,
Iron Awnings, Lightning Rods, Bedsteads, Gratings, and in
fact, any thing which can be formed of Iron.

J. Bigelow & Co'S
Great Western Wholesale
Clothing Emporium,
Nos. 124 And 126,
South-West Oorner Second & Vine Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Manufacturing Depot, No. 51 Cedar Street, New York.

Nelson & Co.Company

Business Cards. 391
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M.Pawley, . H. B.Hawkins, .

Pawley & Hawkins ,
Manufacturers Of
Fire Proof Vaults,
Iron Window Shutters,
Safes & Doors
Cast and Wrought Iron Railings,
And All Kinds Of
Ornamental Iron Wobk.
Heaters for public & private buildings.

In the manufacture of Iron Bailing, either Wrought or Cast, over
five hundred designs in their possession may be examined, embrac-
ing all the most beautiful patterns of the Eastern countries, public
and private buildings.

Every article in their line, made with despatch, and warranted
equal to any manufactured in the United States. No. 118 Third
Street, St. Louis Mo.Missouri

Sensenderfer, Rinehart & Co.Company
Importers And Dealers In
Cigars, Tobacco, &C.
No. 178 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

We will always keep on band a full assortment of Regalia,
Principe, and all other qualities of Cigars. Also,
Virginia Fine Cut And Smoking Tobacco
☞Of The Best Brands.☜ A3

392 Business Cards.
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Queen of the West

[missing figure]

Stove Warehouse,
No. 188 North Main Street,
(Two doors South of Virginia Hotel.)

Joel F. Lightner. J.H. Lightner.

Joel F. Lightner & Co.Company ,
Dealers in
Stoves And Grates,
Hollow-ware and Ploughs.

J. B.Baumer, ,
(Successor to J. & C. Etter,)
Dyer, Scourer and Tailor,
No. 97 Third Street,
(Next door to the Walton House,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Gentlemen'S, Youths' & Children'S Garments
Made To Order.

Orders Promptly Attended To At The
Great Western Dyeing Establishment.

Business Cards. 393
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S. Simons ,
Township Constable,
May be found at John H. Watson's office, No. 11l Chesnut Street,
and at the office of Justice Butler, No. 28 Olive Street, and at Jus-
tice Langton's No. 79 Morgan Street, and at Justice Wetmore's in
Bremen, where he will attend to the collection of rents and other

Lindsay'S European Agency ,
Office No. 82 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

[missing figure]
The subscriber is prepared to draw Sight Drafts on England, Ireland,
and Scotland, payable on presentation at any of the Banks in the United
Kingdom. Persons living in the country and wishing to tend money
to their friends in Europe, may enclose the sum they wish to send, addressing to the sub-
scriber, who will immediately forward the same, and return the 2d of exchange to the
parties sending, without delay.

In all cases it is necessary for persons living at a distance, to give the name of the
party who is to receive the money, as also the townland, post town and county, coun-
try, &c., &c.

The subscriber also grants Passage Certificates for emigrants from Liverpool to New
Orleans, or any of the Northern ports in the United States.

He has the honor of giving the following References :

St. Louis—The Most Rev.Reverend the Archbishop and clergy of the Diocese ; the Rev.Reverend gen-
tlemen and Faculty of the St. Louis University; Hon.Honorable EdwardBates, , Hon.Honorable Montgomery
Blair, , Messrs, J.E. Walsh, Finn & Gorman , Brownlee, Homer tt Co.Company , JohnWith-, , Esq., Hon.Honorable J. F.Darby, , Col.J.O'Fallon, , KennethMackenzie, , L.A. Benoist & Co.Company ,
James M.Hughes, , Esq., President Bank Missouri; Messrs Harnden & Co.Company , Boston, New
York, and Liverpool; Rev.Reverend J. O'Reilly, Lasalle ; Rev.Reverend Mr. Carroll, Alton; Rev.Reverend Mr.
McElhearne, Quincy ; Hon.Honorable Jomes Shields, Illinois ; Rev.Reverend Mr. Colgan, Springfield, Ills.Illinois

N.B.—Persons can have the original Drafts and Passage Certificates drawn at this
office, so that they may forward them in their own letters.

Wm.William Lindsay, 82 Chesnut Street.

Bread And Cracker Bakery,
No. 32 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Samuel Turner

Keeps constantly for sale, on the best terms, Butter, Soda, Water,
Sugar and Boston Crackers; Pilot and Navy Bread.

Orders left at the Store will be punctually attended to, and sent
to any part of the city, free of charge.

394 Business Cards.
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J.Niemeyer, ,

[missing figure]

Bell Hanger
Locksmith ,
No. 140 N. Seventh Street,
(Between Green Street and Washington Avenue,)
Saint Louis.

A. F.Lupus, ,
Paper Box Manufacturer ,
North Second Street, between Chesnut and Pine,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

All kinds of Fancy Boxes for Jewellers, Homoepathists, &c., made
to order.

JohnMaurer, ,
Bonnet And Fancy Box Manufacturer,
Corner of Second and Locust Streets,

[missing figure]
No. 100.
[missing figure]

Business Cards. 395
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Republican Bindery And Blank Book Manufactory .
At the Republican Buildings,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Blank-Books, of all kinds, furnished at short notice. Bind-
ing in all its branches, promptly executed.

Orders from the country punctually attended to
W.T. Knapp.

JamesHogan, ,
Blank Book Manufacturer ,
49 Locust, corner of Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

All kinds of Blank Books, made of the best paper, ruled to any pat-
tern, and sewed in the new improved patent mode.

Libraries, Periodicals, Music, &C.,
Bound in any style, and at the shortest notice. Having been
awarded the premium at the late Mechanics' Fair, he feels confident
in insuring satisfaction to all who may give him a call.

Union Hall,
H. Detert & Kraut.

Boarding and Lodging.

396 Business Cards.
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C. A.Lohmann, ,
And Manufacturer Of
Fancy Paper Boxes :
And All Kinds Of
Pocket Books, Cigar Cases, Port Folios And Gold Frames
: Neatly Made On The Shortest Notice.
No. 16 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

A. Edwards. J.F. Adams.

Edwards & Adams ,
Stationers and Auctioneers,
No. 124 Fourth Street, Glasgow's Row,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

N.B. Constantly on hand, a general assortment of School, Clas-
sical, Medical and Miscellaneous Books. Also, being connected
with the firm of Ansel, Edwards & Co.Company , N.Y., we are pre-
pared to furnish any Foreign or American Works at the shortest
notice, and at the lowest prices.

Robert Fisher. Benoni Bennett.

Fisher & Bennett ,
Booksellers, Stationers
Paper Dealers,
No. 98 Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Always on hand, a large assortment of School Books, Cap, Letter,
and Printing Papers, Writing and Printing Inks, &c.

N.B. The highest price paid for clean Linen and Cotton Rags.

Business Cards. 397
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F.Schuster, ,
St. Louis, Mo, Walnut Street, No. 38,
Corner Of Second Street,
Stock Of
German, English, French, &C.,
Books, Engravings, Maps, & Stationery
Repository Of Arts.

W. D.Skillman, ,
Bookseller & Stationer,
No. 55 Fourth Street,
(Opposite the Plasters' House,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,
Dealer In
Law, Medical, Theological, School And Miscellaneous
Paper, Blank Books, Etc. ;
Fancy Stationery,
Of every description.

SchrœTer & Eby ,
Manufacturers Of
Boots And Shoes,
Of every description,
No. 184 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

398 Business Cards.
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ThomasO'Keefe, ,
Boot Maker,
No. 118 Second Street,
Saint Louis.

Boots and Shoes made to order on the shortest notice, and on
the most reasonable terms.

P.J., Sprecher, ,
Boot and Shoe Maker,
No. 78 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

All work done in the neatest manner, at the shortest notice,
and of the best materials.

R.H. Miller & Co.Company
Importers and Wholesale and Retail
Dealers In
China, Class And Queensware,
Britannia Ware,
Looking Glasses, Tea Trays,
No. 34 Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Business Cards. 399
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D.D. Page. H.D. Bacon.

Page & Bacon ,
Banking House,
No. 138 Main Street,
(First door South of Bank of Missouri,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

N.B. Deposits received. Drafts and notes from all points
of the Union collected, and Exchange on the East and South
for sale at all times.

San Francisco And Sacramento, California.

Exchange & Banking House.
Page, Bacon & Co.Company ,

Under the above name, the undersigned have opened, at
San Francisco and Sacramento City, Cal. We shall be pre-
pared at all times to purchase Gold Dust, Coin and Bullion,
at the highest market rates, to furnish sight and time exchange
on New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans,
St. Louis, and the principal cities on the Ohio and Mississip-
pi rivers, and to transact punctually, any buaineat that may
be committed to our charge.

Daniel D.Page, , St. Louis.
Henry D.Bacon, .

DavidChambers, , San Francisco and Sacramento,
HenryHaight, ,
Francis W.Page, .

AdamDannefelser, ,
Manufacturer Of
Carriages, Rockaways & Buggies ,
Market Street, At Camp Springs,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Repairing of all kinds done to order. Orders promptly
attended to.


400 Business Cards.
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[missing figure]

And Retail.


L.Deaver, .
No. 62 N. Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Carpets, Oil Cloths, Hearth Rugs, India Matting,
House and Steamboat Furnishing Goods, Table Covers, Stair
Rods, and a general assortment of Linen Goods, Damask, De
Laine and Embroidered Curtains, &c., &c.

Business Cards. 401
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Laureal & Taylor ,
Commission Merchants,
Importers Of Fine
Wines, Liquors, &C.
Nos. 18 And 20 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

J.B. Laureal. T. Mark Taylor.

W.M., Myers',
Men'S Boys' And Children'S
Clothing Emporium
No. 115 North Third Street,
(Between Locust and Vine, east side,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Constantly on hand, a choice assortment of Children's
Clothing and Furnishing Goods.

John Hager. William Hager. Henry Hager

Hager & Brothers ,
Manufacturers And Dealers In
Carriages, Rockaways,
Buggies, &C. &C.,
N.W. Corner Of Sixth And Chesnut Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Repairing doNe at the shortest notice.


402 Business Cards.
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Mahlon Osborn. Robert Dougherty.

Osborn & Dougherty ,
Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds of
Corner Of St. Charles & Fifth Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Second hand carriages taken in exchange for new. Repairing
executed with dispatch.

TheodoreSalorgne, ,
Carriage Manufacturer
And Dealer ,
Seventh, between Washington Avenue and Green street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,

Keeps, constantly on hand, of the very best style, materials and workmanship,
Carriages & Harness, of all descriptions.

☞All orders promptly attended to. Carriages stored, or sold on commission, upon
the most reasonable terms. Repairing done at the shortest notice.

S. V.Farnsworth, ,
Copper, Tin And Russia Greate
And Stove Dealer ,
Sign Of The Still & Tea Kettle,
No. 27 Main Street,
St. Louis.

Business Cards. 403
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H.B. Osborne. J.P. Camp. T. Ward.

Osborne, Camp & Co.Company ,
(Successors to the late Albert Jones,)
Carriage Manufacturers
And Dealers,
No. 41 Third St.street ,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Having a practical knowledge of the several branches
connected with said business, offer to manufacture for the cit-
izens of St. Louis and vicinity, to their entire satisfaction,
Carriages of every description—in the construction of which
with the best of materials, taste and durability will be espe-
cially combined. They have always on hand a choice assort-
ment of new and second-hand work.

☞A11 orders promptly attended to. Carriages stored or
old on commission upon the most reasonable terms, and re-
pairing done at the shortest notice.

Keane & Hartshorn ,
Wholesale and Retail
Nos. 88 and 90 Washington Avenue,
(Between Fourth and Fifth Streets,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Keane'S Cod Liver Oil Cough Candy
Will Cure. Try it. For sale by all the principal
Druggists in the west. Manufactured at 88 and 90 Washing-
ton Avenne, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri


404 Business Cards.
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John Leach. Gladdin Gorn.

John Leach & Co.Company ,
Nos. 190 And 192 Broadway,
St. Louis,
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
Fine Wines, Brandies, Fruits,
Teas, and best
Family Groceries & Dry Goods.

☞Orders promptly executed Goods sent to any part of
the city.

Weil & Brother ,
Importers And Wholesale Dealers In
Staple And Fancy
Dry Goods,
Cutlery, &C.
82 Main Stt., Bet.between > Locust & Olive,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Charless & Blow ,
Importers And Wholesale Dealers In
Drugs, Medicines, Paints,
Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Window Glass,
Glassware, Perfumery, Etc.
Nos. 70 & 72 Main Street, two doors Sooth or Olive,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

The subscribers are now permanently located in their new build-
ing, and with very great increased facilities in business, respectfully
invite the attention of dealers to an examination of their stock.
C.& B.

Business Cards. 405
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J.M. Easterly,
Daguerrean Artist .
Rooms, 103 Fourth Street,
(Corner of Olive,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Among His Specimens May Be Seen Likenesses Of
Distingruftstied Statesmen, Eminent Divines, Pro-
minent Citizens, Indian Chiefs, and Notorious
Robbers and murderers.
Beautiful Landscapes, Perfect Clouds, and
A Bona Fide Streak Of Lightning,
Taken on the night of June 18th, 1847.

To the subscriber, for this rich and rare collection, the first
premium was awarded by the St. Louis Mechanics' Institute, at
the last annual Fair.

Every description of Daguerreotype work done at this estab-
lishment on short notice, and in the best possible manner. All
whom interest or curiosity may prompt, are respectfully invited
to call and examine his work, which will speak for itself.

Bowling Saloon ,
304 Broadway,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri
James M. Stewart, Proprietor.

406 Business Cards.
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Saint Louis
Type Foundry
Paper Warehouse.

A.P. Ladew.

[missing figure]

T.F. Purcell.

A.P. Ladew & Co.Company ,
No. 31 Locust Street,
(Between Main and Second Streets,)

Keep constantly on hand and manufacture to order,
Borders, Ornaments,
Printing Presses,
Chases, Composing Sticks, Brass and Wood Rule, Brass & Wood
Galleys, Furniture, Quoins, Cases, & c.

☞Old Type received in exchange for new, at nine cents pound.☜

[missing figure]
[missing figure]

A large assortment of Book Printing Paper, all sizes to order; News Printing Paper
all sizes manufactured to order; Colored Printing Paper, 20×25, 24× 38; ditto, glazed,
20×25; Lotter and Cap Paper, blue and white, all qualities; Commercial Post, blue, for
Circulars; Packet Post, ditto, ditto; Folio Post, American and French; Steamboat Bill
Paper; genuine Manilla Eavelope Paper, Cards—Colored Printing Cards; Enameled
Cards; Card Boards, &c.

Printing Inks—Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White, of all quali-

Stereotyping of all kinds, done with neatness and despatch.

Engraving in all its varions branches, inolnding Seals for S. of T., I.O.O.F.
and Masonic, Notarial and County Seals, with or without presses.

Business Cards. 407
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Byron Exchange
Olive Street,
Under The Monroe House.

Byron Oyster Saloon,
No. 95 Second Street,
Under The Monroe House.

Rialto ,
No. 70 Third Street,
Opposite The Theatre.

At this favorite place of resort, can be had at all times
Choice Liquors And Prime Segars.
A Set Of
New Ten-Pin Alleys
In Full Operation.

L.H. Dwyer, Proprietor.

SamuelKosser, ,
Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Worker
And Dealer In All Kinds Of
Stoves ,
No. 147 Third Street,
(Between Washington Avenue and Green Street,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Job Work attended to on short notice.

408 Business Cards.
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Z.F. Wetzell & Co.Company ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Brushes,
Instmments, Spices, Varnishes, Matches, and Blacking.
Window Glass & Apothecarics' Were,
At Faotory Prices,
No. 43 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Selling only for cash or approved paper.☜
Z.F.W. & Co.Company , having no losses by bad debts to make up
off of those customers who do pay, therefore can and will
sell very low. All Goods Warranted.

Bunding & Voigt ,
Wholesale Dealers In
Drugs, Oils, Paints, Dye-Stuffs,
Window Glass, Glass Ware, &C.,
No. 100 Main Stree,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Daniel H.Donovan, ,
Wholesale And Retail
Dealer In
Teas, Wines, & Liquors ,
S.W. Corner Green and Sixth Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Business Cards. 409
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John B.Sheppard, ,
Dealer In
Gentlemen'S Furnishing Goods ,
Of every description,
No. 47 Fourth Street,
(Opposite the Planters' House,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Shirts And Drawers

Made to order at the shortest notice, and due regard paid to
promptness and dispatch.

Edward N.Parker, ,
Importers And Wholesale Dealer In
Furnishing Goods ,
And Manufacturer Of
Shirts, Drawers, &c., Woollen and Cotton Hosiery,
Of Every Description,
No. 80 Main Street, St Louis.

Philip Barry. Thos.F. Hogan.

Barry & Hogan ,
Gentlemen'S And Youths'
Clothing & Furnishing Store
No. 151 N. Third Street,
(Between Green Street tad Washington Avenue,)
Saint Louis.

Garments made to order at the shortest notice, and on the
most reasonable terms.


410 Business Cards.
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Sky-Light Gallery,
No. 101 N. Fourth Street, south of Olive,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Having opened a Gallery with the finest Sky-Light in the
city, I am prepared to take pictures of delicacy of shade and
strength of outline, unsurpassed by any. My light being up
only one story, is easy of access and convenient to all.

All pictures warranted. I operate all days and at all hours.

C.N. West.

"Secure the shadow ere the aubstance fade;
Let Nature copy that which Nature made."

Great Sky-Light Daguerreotype
N.E. Corner Of Fourth And Market Sts.
Over D. Dicholsou's Grocery Store—Entrance on Fourth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Pictures taken in rainy, cloudy, or fair weather, from 7 A.
M. to 6 P.M., in the most improved style.

Daguerreotypes, miniatures, and portraits copied; invalids
waited on at their residences; also, likenesses of deceased per-
sons taken. Cameras, Chemicals, and Stock for sale. The Art
taught on the most reasonable terms, and by the most approved
method. J.H. Fitzgibbon.

JohnBrooke, ,
Lock And Gunsmith
In The Alley Back Of The Cathedral,
(First door eatt of Third Street,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

N.B. Particular attention paid to Bell Hanging.

Business Cards. 411
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F.Robb, . A.Douglass, .

F. Robs & Co.Company ,
24 Olive Street, Exchange Buildings.
Manufacturers And Dealers In
Hats and Caps,
Expressly for the retail trade, together with all goods usually
kept by hatters, to which they respectfully invite the attention
of purchasers.

Hats And Caps!
Broadway Emporium,
No. 255 Broadway.

The proprietors of the oldest stand on Broadway, continue to
sell at reduced prices, for cash.

☞Hats And Caps Made To Order.☞

JohnM'Neil, ,
And Dealer in
Caps, Ladies' Furs,
And Straw Goods ,
No. 21 Market Street,
(One door west of Main,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Fashions received semi-annually direct from Paris.☜


412 Business Cards.
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M'Creery & Essex ,
Wholesale Dealers In
Hats, Caps, Bonnets,
And Artificials
Of every variety and quality. Also in
Laces, Edgings, Silk Fringes & Gimp, Hosiery.
Gloves And Suspenders,
Combs, Sewing Silk, Threads and Buttons, and a great variety
of small Wares,
No. 94 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Nourse, Crane & Co.Company ,
Hat And Cap Manufacturers,
And Wholesale Dealers In
Panama, Leghorn, Straw & Palm Leaf Hats
No. 102 Main Street,
(Corner of Locust.)

Nourse, Crane & Co.Company 's
Hat Manufactory
Corner of Market and Second Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Hats Of The Fall Style For 1850.

Also, the most splendid stock of
Silk, Plush And Cloth Caps
To be found in the city.

Business Cards. 413
View original image: Page  0413

S.Johnston, Jr.,
No 108 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Hats end Caps made to order on the shortest notice.☜

DavidPearcze, ,
Manufacturer And Deaier In
Hats, Caps,
Muffs & Straw Goods,
Ladies' Bonnets, Palm Leaf, Leghorn, Panama & Straw Hats ,
No. 130 N. Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Walton House
Livery Stable ,
93 Third Street, between between Olive & Locust,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Boarding per month, $10; Man and Horse per day, $1 50;
Man and Horse, per meal, 50 cts.; Single meal, 25 cts.
N. B. Horses bought' and sold at all times.

C.D. Walton, Proprietor.

Hack & Cab Stand,
On Locust between Second and Third Sts.streets

Funerals undertaken and attended to with promptness and
dispatch, by C.D. Walton & Co.Company


414 Business Cards
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City Hotel ,
Corner Of Third And Vine Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,
By Theron Barnum, Formerly Of Baltimore.

JamesVerdin, ,
Wagon Maker
Blacksmith ,
No 38 North Third Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

I.B. Burbbayge'S
Intelligence Office,
General Agency ,
Ten Years Established.

Wanted and Agencies brought about in the line of Farms,
Houses, Lots, Negroes, Moneys, Steamboat Stocks, Bars, Sit-
uations procured, Helps furnished, general information, &c.

One Dime will buy, at the office, Guide Books of Distan-
ces, on all Western Rivers, Lakes, &c. &c.

Post paid letters with one dollar, on any business, will re-
ceive a return answer.

Office No. 52 Vine Street, Any citizen can inform you !
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Business Cards. 415
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Home Mutual
Fire & Marine Insurancec Co.Company

Chartered 1845.—Capital $500,000.

This Company has been in successful operation since the
time of its charter, and numbers between five and six thousand
members. The principle of mutual insurance is the only true
one. No profits are made, as in stock companies, and distri-
buted to stockholders, for a few years, untu some great con-
flagration like the unfortunate one in this city in May, 1849,
happens, and then the holders of Policies are compelled to
take hair, or less than the amount insured. The insured in
this Company pays only his proportion of actual loss, and if
a great calamity comes like the one in 1849, holders of Poli-
cies in this Company are sure of their whole amount Of in-
surance, as all will testify who held Policies at that time.
This Company continues to issue Policies on buildings, stocks
of merchandise, furniture and other personal property, at fair
and equitable rates.


Daniel D.Page, ,

I. L.Garrison, ,

David W.Dixon, ,

DwightDurkee, ,

Joseph A.Eddy, ,

JohnWhitehill, ,

TheronBarnum, ,

A. P.Ladew, ,

Luther M.Kennett, .

I. L.Garrison, , President.

D. D.Page, , Treasurer .

T. L.Salisbury, , Secretary .

☞Office 120 Third Street☜

Saint Louis Floating Dock
Insurance Company ,
Main Street, between Olive and Locust Streets,
Over L.A. Benoist & Co.Company 's Banking House.


William L.Ewing, ,

LymanScott, ,

CharlesSemple, ,

Samuel B.Wiggins, ,

John J.Hoppe, ,

Pierre A.Berthold, ,

Henry T.Chiles, ,

Rufus J.Lackland, ,

Edward F.Pittman, .

Richard J.Lockwood, ,

JosephStettenius, ,

James E.Woodruff, ,

Walker R.Carter, ,

Walker R.Carter, , President .

Wm.William G.Pettus, , Secretary .

416 Business Cards.
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Insurance Company
Of St. Louis,
Corner Of Main And Locust Sts.
Up Stairs.

JohnTilden, , President .

D.Hough, , Secretary .

Tennessee Marine
Fire Insurance Company ,

Capital $300,000.

J.Throckmorton, , Agent ,
126 North Main Street, up stairs,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Merchants' And Planters'
Insurance Company of New Orleans .

Permanent Fund, by act of Incorporation, $200,000.


Wm.WilliamLaughlin, ,

CuthbertBullitt, ,

JosephMenard, ,

ElliottRobbins, ,

PeterMarcy, ,

KendallDunbar, ,

SamuelJamison, ,

C. S.Cutter, ,

Abm. VanBibber, ,

Ig.Szymanski, ,

C.A., Bulkley, ,

Wm.William H.Pattison, ,

Wm.WilliamChristy, ,

CharlesPride, ,

JohnHall, .

WilliamLaughlin, , President .

CuthbertBullitt, , Vice President .

Jos.Nash, , Actuary.

The undersigned having been appointed agent for the above well known and reputable
Company, is prepared to receive applications and make insurance on Marine, River, and
Fire Risks, on the most liberal terms. All losses promptly paid in St. Louis.

This office has a capital subscribed in cash and well secured notes, amply sufficient
for all contingencies. The public are referred to the exhibit of the affairs of the Com-
pany on file in the office of the clerk of the county court.

Refer to Messrs. George Buchanan & Co.Company ; Bull, Warren & Woods; F.B. Cham-
berlain & Co.Company , and U. Rasin, Esq., St. Louis.

D. F.Pendleton, , Agent ,
No. 126 Main Street, corner of Vine.

Business Cards. 417
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Saint Louis
Insurance Company
Capital $300,000.
Office S.W. corner Main and Olive Streets,
merchants' Exchange, St. Louis.

This Company continues to insure on sea and inland navi-
gation, rail roads, &c, and on buildings and their contents, at
the lowest rates, making a discount on all marine risks of 12½
per cent

All losses, as heretofore, promptly adjusted and paid.


James E.Yeatman, ,

LawrasonLevering, ,

J. C.Rust, .

J. D.Osborn, ,

LymanFarwell, ,

Samuel H.Peake, ,

J. A.Brownlee, ,

GeorgeBuchanan, ,

KennethMackenzie, ,

S. K.Wilson, ,

G. K.M'Gunnegle, ,

A. G.Switzer, ,

Thomas H.Larkin, .

Geo. K.Mcgunnegle, , President .

L. B. Clark, Secretary .

Fire And Marine Insurance .
Knox Insurance Company.
☞Capital, $200,000.☜


Hon.Honorable V.Carna, ,

Wm.William J.Heberd, ,

SamuelWise, ,

Peter B.Bailey, ,

Henry D.Allis, ,

SimonBittroff, ,

JacobPea, ,

John W.Maddox, ,

Thomas T.Benbridge, ,

Walter W.Early, ,

JamesKegwine, ,

LeviSparks, ,

WilliamHughs, .

R. V.Carnan, , President .

SimonBittroff, , Vice President .

W. J.Heberd, , Treasurer .

C. M.Allen, , Secretary .

The agency of the above Company having been transferred to the udersigned, be is
prepared to insure buildings and their contents against loss or damage by Fire. cargoes
of steamboats, and sailing vessels; also, hulls of steamboats.

A. R.Mcnair, , Agent .
Office, No. 126 Main Street, corner Vine, up stairs.
Refer To Unit Rasin, Esq.; Messrs. George Buchanan & Co.Company ; William L. Ewing &
Co.Company , and John C. Bull.


418 Business Cards.
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fire and marine insurance
By The
Lafanette, End Insurance Company.
Capital, $200,000,

(Of which, $150,00 is actually paid up and securely in-
vested—vide statement condition, etc., on file at county court
Clerk's Office, this city.

G. S.Orth, , President .

A. M.Crane, , Secretary .

This Company in character, safety, solvency and ability to pay promptly all losses,
will compare with any in St. Louis. The undersigned is prepared to issue Policies on
favorable terms. All losses promptly adjusted and paid at this agency, by sight draft on
New York.

C. M.Valleau, , Agent ,
Corner Main and Olive Streets, over Banking House of E.W. Clark Jr, Bros.

State Mutual Fire and Marine
Insurance Company ,
Of Saint Louis.

This Company is taking risks, upon real estate, stocks in
real and personal property at the lowest rates, and upon the
mutual plan. Policies issued for thirty days to six year;
thereby effecting a permanent insurance ax actual cost of

Amount of premium notes received the first year of its
operations, $100,000, its yearly increase of premiums are
secured in addition for the payment of loses.


JohnO'Fallon, ,

C. M.Vallean, ,

Joseph A.Eddy, ,

JohnSigerson, ,

Daniel D.Page, ,

John S.McCune, ,

W. A.Conn, ,

True W.Hoit, ,

C. H.Peck, .

C M.Valleau, , President .

H. D.Bacon, , Treasurer .

Application can be made at the office of the Company, in Exchange Boilding, over E,
W. Clark & Bros, corner of Main and Olive Streets, St. Louis.

S. F.Ledyard, , Secretary .

Business Cards. 419
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Cowperthwait & Co.Company
Pawn Brokers
No. 23 Locust Street, Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Money Loaned
On Watches, Jewelry, Silver-Ware, Guns, Pistols, Dry
Goods, Clothing, and Personal Property generally.

For Sale—Gold and Silver Watches, Chains, Clothing, etc.

OttoHenkle, ,
Fashionable Tailor ,
No. 9 N. Third Street, St. Louis.

Garments of every description manufactured in the neatest,
most durable and most fashionable style, upon the shortest no-
tice. ☞Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, constantly on-
hand, direct from the Eastern cities.

Garments made warranted to please. Terms as reasonable
as at any similar establishment in the city.

FrancisBeehler, ,
Upholsterer ,
No. 86 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Steamboats & Hotels
Furnished in the best manner, cheap for cash,
Feather Beds, Hair, Moss, Shuck, Palm Leaf
And Straw Matresses,
Constantly On Hand Or Made To Order.

Carpets and Oil Cloths cut and made; Beds and Metresses
re-filled ; Chairs and Sofas repaired at short notice. Fami-
lies supplied cheaper than any other house in St. Louis.

420 Business Cards.
View original image: Page  0420

Hewitt & Steinacker ,
Saddle, Harness and Trunk
Manufacturers ,
(Wholesale and Retail,)
No. 67 Fourth Street
Corner of Pine Street, opposite Planters' House,
St. Louis.

L.Forbes, ,
L0Oking Glass And Picture Frame
Manufacturer ,
Comb, Cutlery And Variety Store,
Watches, Jewelry, &C.
Wholesale and Retail,
No. 92 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Watches and Jewelry repaired—Combs repaired—
Plates put in old Frames—Old Frames Re-gilt.

[missing figure]

F.Kempf, ,
Manufacturer Of
Hempen Hose ,
No. 86 Second Street,
(Between Olive And Locust Streets,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Constantly on hand an assortment of

☞Hose of every size and variety made to order on the
shortest notice, and on reasonable terms.

Business Cards. 421
View original image: Page  0421

GeorgeFlick, ,
Picture and Looking Glass Frame
Maker , Jobbing in wood work, of all descriptions, exe-
cuted with neatness and despatch.

☞Shop In The Alley,☞
Rear of 48 Chesnut.

St. Louis Sheet Lead
Patent Improved Lead Pipe

A full assortment of the above always
On Hand At These Long
Established Works,
Corner Spruce and Water Streets.

J. W.Roberts, .

E. W.Blatchforo, ,
Manufacturer Of The
Improved Patent Lead Pipe.
Bar Lead

Also, constantly on Hand, an assortment of
Iron Pumps & Hydraulic Rams,
Pig Lead And Block Tin,
No. 31 South Water Street,
(Between Myrtle and Spruce.)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

422 Business Cards.
View original image: Page  0422

Rogers & Barney ,
Wholesale Dealers In
English, German & Domestic
Hardware & Cutlery ,
No. 154 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Charles Rogers. G.C. Barney.

Saint Louis Hardware And Tool Store.

HenryMiller, ,
Wholesale And Retail Dealer In And Importer Of
Hardware, Cutlery
Mechanics' Tools ,
No. 34 Vine street, between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Gosnell & Hall ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Builders' Hardware,
Mechanics' Tools
Of All Kinds ,
No. 25 Main Street,
(Between Chesnut and Pine Streets,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Business Cards. 423
View original image: Page  0423

Donaldson & Hall ,
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
Hardware, Cutlery
And Mechanics' Tools, of all kinds ,
No. 96 Main Street,
(Between Olive and Locust Streets,)
St. Louis.

G. & W. Rogers ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Cigars, Tobacco And Liquobs ,
74 Commercial Street, or 37 Levee, below Locust,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Liquors—Cognac Brandies, Pale do; Holland Gin, Jamai-
ca Spirits, Irish Whisky, Scotch do.

Wines—Madeira, Port, Teneriffe, Sherry, Lisbon, Sicily
Madeira, Sweet Malaga.

Pure Spirits—Peach Brandy, Cherry do, N.E. Rum.

Cigars.—Regalias, Principes, Havanas and half Spanish.

Extra Fine Old Monongahela and Bourbon Whisky,
From 2 to 5 years old ; the flavor cannot be surpassed.

ThomasCampbell, ,
Importer and Manufacturer of
Fine Chewing
Snuffs And Cigars ,
Corner of Second and Locust Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

442 Business Cards.
View original image: Page  0442

M.Pendzinski, ,

[missing figure]

Premium Trunk Manufacturer ,
No. 42 N. Second Street,
Saint Louis.

Constantly on hand and made to order, at the shortest notice,
Hard Leather Trunks,
Valises, Carpet Bags,
Packing Trunks, Ladies' Dress Trunks,
&c. &c.

Trunks Repaired in the best style.

The Mechanics' Institute of St.Louis, Missouri.

This is to Certify, That M. Pendziwski, exhibited for com-
petition, at the Fifth Annual Fair of this Institute, held in
March, 1848, the best manufactured Leather Trunk.

M.LewisClark, , President .

John C.Ivory, , Secretary .

Business Cards. 425
View original image: Page  0425

J. R Sickles & Co.Company ,
Manufactureres Of
Saddles, Harness & Trunks,
And Importers Of
Saddleby-Hardware ,
No. 144 Main Street, opposite the Bank of Missouri,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Julius Schrick & Bros. ,
Manufacturers And
Dealers In Leather And Findings ,
44 Main Street, Between Chestnut And Pine,
Saint Louis,Mo.Missouri

B.Muller, ,
Dealer In All Kinds Of
Shoemakers' Leather,
And Findings ,
No. 59 Pine Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Always on hand, the best imported French Calf and
Nees' Lining Patent Leather.

426 Business Cards.
View original image: Page  0426

GeorgeShaffner, ,
Commission Merchant
And Dealer In
Leather, Hides And Oil ,
Corner Of Main And Chesnut Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

J.V. Robinson. Wm.William Waller. Samuel Coles.

Comprising tha Firms of
Waller & Robinson, And Coles & Robinson, Portsmouth, Ohio.

Robinson, Waller & Coles ,
Manufacturers of, and Dealers in
All Descriptions of Leather ,
No. 83 Second Street,
East side, between Locust and Olive,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,

☞A constant apply of Shoemakers' Findings. Highest Market price paid at all
times for Hides and Skins.

John Flintham & Co.Company ,
[Successors to Isaac Lockwood,]
Dealers in every description of
Leather, Hides, Oil, Findings, &c., &c.,
And wholesale dealers in
Boots, Shoes And Brogans ,
No. 20 South Main street, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Business Cards. 427
View original image: Page  0427

Mrs. Graham'S
Fashionable Millinery
Dressmaking Establishment,
Nos. 113 and 115 Market Street,
[Near Fourth — North side,]
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Old Straw Bonnets Bleached to look at white as new, and pressed with a soft and
handsome finish.

JohnHelgenberg, ,
Manufacturer Of
Fringes, Tassels, Cords, Buttons, &c. ,
In The Latest Fashion,
No. 86 Market Street, between Third and Fourth Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

From Paris.

Madame EugenieMuller, ,
New Millinery Establishment,
French Fashionable Goods, Children's Clothing,
Of the latest Parisian Fashion,
Market Street, No. 91,
(Oppoiite Scott's Hotel,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Gentlemen's Shirts made to order.

Business Cards. 425
View original image: Page  0428

Geo.Meixner, ,
Manufacturer Of
Tassels, Cords, Fringes,
Buttons, And Gimps ,
Of The Latest Style, Also,
Hair Braiding,
No. 86 South Third St.street , St. Louis.

Lucius F.Comstock, ,
Family Medicines,
No. 57 John Street, New York,
No. 47 Third Street, Saint Louis.

JohnShaw, ,
Agent For
Dr Branbreth'S
Pills ,
No. 115 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

The only Agent in St. Louis for the sale of the genuine
Brandreth's Pills. B.Brandreth, , M.D.

429 Business Cards.
View original image: Page  0429

New Marble Works
Washington Avenue,
Between Fifth And Sixth Streets.

Constantly On Hand Evert Variety Of Egyptian And Italian
Marble Mantles,
Monuments, Tomb, and Grave
Together with every thing connected with the trade.

Having been engaged in the above business for a long time, in Philadelphia, I have
made such arrangements as to supply my establishment, and fill the largest orders on the
shortest notice. M.P.

Kept By
J. & A. Arnot,
No. 52 Chesnut Street,
(Between Second and Third,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Business Cards. 430
View original image: Page  0430

W. H.Tasker, ,
Gas & Steam Fitter ,
No. 121 Fourth Street,
(Between Olive and Locust,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Private and Public Buildings, Offices and Stores fitted up in
the most approved style.

Wrought Iron Pipe for Gas, steam, Water, &c.

Always on hand, wholesale and retail.

Gas Fittings, Brackets, Burners, &c.

All work warranted. All orders thankfullly received and
promptly attended to.

☞Reference—Geo.F. Lee, Engineer of Gas Works.

Bedding Store,
No. 42 Second St, between Chesnut and Pine.

☞Mattresses, Feather Bedding, Comforts, Blankets, Sheetings and Bed Clothing of
every description, on hand and made to order at the very lowest cash prices.

Steamboats and Hotels furnished. Also, old Mattresses renovated and made over

Dr.Stickel, ,
Office, corner Third and Chesnut,
Up Stairs,
St. Louis.

431 Business Cards.
View original image: Page  0431

O'Reilly's, Telegraph!
Illinois And Mississippi Line,
Office, Exchange Buildings, Third Story
Corner of Main and Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Communications strictly confidential.

J.Henwood, ,
Hat Manufacturer ,

[missing figure]

Market Street, St Louis, Mo.Missouri

Washington Steam Sash Factory.

B.Philibert, ,
Washington Avenue and Fourteenth Street, (south side.)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri ,

Makes Doors, Sash and Blinds. Also, Door and
Window Frames. Terms moderate.

☞Slitting, Ripping and Planing done here.☜

Business Cards. 432
View original image: Page  0432
Money To Loan On Deposits.

Cash Advanced
Watches, Jewelry,
Dry Goods,
Personal Property

[missing figure]

J. S.Freligh, ,
Broker ,

At No. 103, corner of Locust and Main Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

WilliamThomas, ,
Importer And Dealer In
Corner Variety Of Foreign & Domestic
Fruits, Nuts,
Groceries, Wines, Liquors, Cigars, &C. ,
Corner Second And Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Paper Mill Warehouse!

enry Stauffer. Wm.William McDonald. Richard H. Beeson.

H. Stauffer & Co.Company ,
Paper Manufacturers ,
Have always on hand,
Printing Paper,
Of various sizes. Also,
Writing and Wrapping Papers,
Of a great variety, at
No. 116 N. Second Street,
(Between Locust and Vine Streets,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

Business Cards. 433
View original image: Page  0433

Saint Louis
Paper Box Manufactory,
By C. A.Fredeking, ,
No. 163 North Third Street,
(Between Washington Avenue and Green Street,)
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

All kinds of Fancy Paper Boxes manufactured neat and
durable at short notice and reasonable prices.

J. P.Hortiz'S,
Permanently Located,
Corner Third St.street , & Washington Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Terms and Course of Instruction in the Book-
Keeping Department.

Mercantile and Commission Operation, $15 00
Steamboat Book-Keeping, 10 00
Commercial Penmanship, 5 00
Arithmetical Calculation by Prof.Professor Chas.Charles Stewart, 10 00

☞Each Department is entirely separate, and fitted up in
the most comfortable and agreeable manner.

Competent assistance will be in attendance in each Depart-
ment, and every possible pains taken to complete the opera-
tion of each pupil, in the shortest period of time.


434 Business Cards.
View original image: Page  0434

Kingslands & Ferguson ,
Phoenix Foundry,
208 N. Second And 52 Cherry Street, St. Louis,
Manufacturers Of
Castings And Mill Machinery ,
of every description,
Stoves, Grates, Bark Mills,
Plough Castings, Fanning Mill Irons, Corn Shelters, Cast-
ings for Page's Portable Circular Saw Mill, Threshing
Machine Castings, Wagon Boxes, &c.

☞Orders will be received at Warehouse, No. 202 North
Main street, between Virginia and Missouri Hotels.

Kingslands & Ferguson ,
No. 202 Main Street,
(Between Virginia and Missouri Hotels,)
Dealers In
Cooking Stoves
Grates, Hollow Ware,
Preoria Premium Steel Ploughs, Fire Proof Safes, &c.

ThomasLawson, ,
Plumber ,
171 North Second St.,
Dealer In, And Keeps Constantly On Hand,
Hydrants, Pumps, Etc.
Of Every Description.

Also, Manufacturer Of
Sheet Lead And Lead Pipe.

View original image: Page  npn

"Industry! rough power,
Whom labor will attends, and sweat and pain;
Yet the kind source of every gentle art,
And all the soft civilities of life."

The Hatters Of Corinthian Hall

Will continue, during the year 1851, to practice the popular system of business adopted by them nearly two years since, and now working so satisfac-
torily, of Sales For Money, At Money Rates! Under the protective, true, and fraternal principle of equal and exact dealing
with all men, the resident of the city, or the stranger, can confidently visit The Head Quarters to purchase Hats, Caps, or other Seasonable
and peculiar Goods, in full reliance of an equapoise, literally, of "Justice Equal Scales," being at all times, under eery circumstance,
and towards all persons, religiously observed.

The proprietors will continue to sell,

[missing figure]
As A Leading Article,
[missing figure]

The Best Fashionable Hats At $4 Each.

(The Most Approved Styles Periodically Adopted.)

In addition to which, purchasers will be always enabled to find the following goods, in their due season, viz: Fine black and drab Bearers; Low crown,
broad rim Far Hats, of general qualities; Soft Tampico and California Hats, of kinds and colors generally worn; Mens' and boys' far, plash, cloth, and
glazed Caps; Military Caps, with covers; Panama, leghorn and straw Hats; Muffs and Fancy Furs. Also, Misses' And Infants Fancy Hats,
of plastl, fur, velvet or straw fabric.

Wholesale Purchasesr For Cash
Will find they can effect a material saving per cent. by making selections from the stock at
"Corinthian Hall," 297 Broadway, right opposite Wash street.

There Is Mammoth Sign, "Corinthian Hall Hats,"
On The House-Top.

Saint Louis
Stove Warehouse,
No. 237 Broadway,
(Opposite Franklin Avenue,)
By John J.Gill,
N.B.—The Stoves of this Establishment being cast in St. Louis, odd
Plates, Doors, &c. can always be furnished for them.

St. Louis Ofen - Sandlung,
No. 237 Broadwan, bee Itanelin Avenue gegreuber,
John J. Gill.

Wm.William H.Almeida, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals, Perfumery,
Patent Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Window Glass, Glassware,
Brushes, &c., &c.

With a general assortment of articles usually kept in Drug Establishments,
all of which I guarantee pure and fresh, and free from adulteration, and at
prices as low as can be furnished at any house west of the mountains.

Being in montly receipt of merchandise direct from eastern Importers
and Manufacturers enables me, at all times, to keep my stock complete, to
which I solicit the attention of the city and country trade, being assured
that they will be satisifed as regards prices and quality. Those desirous of
purchasing or examining, will pleast call at
☞Nos. 298 and 300 Broadway,☜
Corner of Wash Street, directly opposite Corinthian Hall.

Keemle & Hager, Printers, 26 Olive st.street

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The Hatter'S Guide To
"Corinthian Halll,"

Embracing localities of the City, where Strangers and Business Men most do congregate—extending East to the River; West to Fifth Street; South to
Walnut Street; North to the Store Of The Hat Company,

[missing figure]
Corinthian Hall, 297 Broadway,
☞The Shrine Of Fashion, And The Best Hats At $4 Each!☜

[missing figure]

A Key For The Above,

[missing figure]
To Unlock Corinthian Hall.

A—Planters' House, on Fourth street, occupying from Chestnut to Pine.

C—Scotts' Hotel, corner of Market and Third streets.

F—Walton House, Third street, between Olive and Locust.

G—Barnum'S City Hotel, N.E. corner Third and Vine street.

I—Monroe House, north-east corner of Second and Olive streets.

K—Virginia Hotel, N.W. corner Main and Green streets.

L—Missouri Hotel, south-West corner Main and Morgan streets.

Q—American Hotel, northside of Vine street between Second and Third streets.

Public Buildings.

The Court House occupies the square from Market st.street to Chestnut on Fourth st.street

B—Post Office, Chestnut street between Third and Fourth.

D—Temperance Hall, north-east corner of Third and Pine streets.

E—St. Louis Theatre, south-east corner of Olive and Third streets.

Bates' New Theatre, N, side and Pine between Third and Fourth streets.

H—Planters' Tobacco Warehouse, cor.corner Washington Avenue & Second sts.

J—American Fur Co'S, Warehouse, Wash. Av.b'twnbetween , Main & 2d, cor.corner Alley.

M—Merchants' Exchange and Telegraph Office, S W. corner of Olive
and Main streets.

N—Bank of Missouri, east side of Main st.street , between Washington Av. and Vine st.street

P—Starting place of the Market street and N. St. Louis omnibusses, corner Third and
Market streets. 'Busses of this line pass Corinthian Hall every three minutes.

Odd-Fellows' Hall, N W. corner of Fourth and Locust.

Masonic Hall, north-east corner Third and Chestnut.

O.U.A.M. The Order of United American Mechanics hold their meetings on east
side of Fourth between Morgan and Green sts., and Market st.street S. of Third street.

B.O. of S.B.M.—Benevolent Order of Steam Boat Mates, do do do.

☞Corinthian Hall, Emporium of the Hat Co.Company 297 Broadway, (Third street
extended,) opposite Wash street.

☞Wm.William H.Almeida, , Drugs, Dye-Stuffs and Chemicals, corner Broadway and Wash street, opposite Corinthian Hall.

☞John J.Gill, , Stoves and Tinware, 237 Broadway, opposite Franklin Avenue.

Observe The Large Sign, "Corinthian Hall."

Business Cards. 435
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Citizens' Insurance Company
Of Missouri,
This Company's Office is situated on the North-west cor-
ner of Main and Vine Streets, up stairs.


JohnSimonds, ,

JamesClemens, Jr.,

John B.Sarpy, ,

AndrewElliott, ,

AlonzoChild, ,

AlfredVirton, ,

Quincy A.Keith, ,

B. I.Gilman, ,

NerieValle, .

This Company takes risks against loss by fire and by sea,
rivers, lakes, railroads, and any other mode of transportation.

JohnSimonds, , President .

Wm.WilliamRenshaw, , Secretary .

A. B.Lathrop, ,
Manufacturer And Wholesale And Retail Dealer In
Trunks, Valises,
Carpet Bags, Ladies' Satchel
Dress And Bonnet Boxes ,
No.60 N. Third Street,
[Between Pine and Olive,]
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Terms, Cash.

Wm.William L. Sloss. Jas.C. Sloss.

W.L. Sloss & Co.Company ,
Land Agents ,
No. 73 Pine Street.

☞Houses, Lots, Lands and Farms to sell, buy, lease, or barter. Titles examined,
and conveyancing done with neatness and dispatch.

William L.Sloss, ,
Attorney at Law ,
No. 73 Pine Street.

☞Practices In Illinois And Missouri.

[missing figure]


436 Business Cards.
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Charles H. Buck. Wiley S Wright.

Buck & Wright ,

[missing figure]

Proprietors Of
Buck'S Patent
Cooking Stoves ,
(Decidedly the best Stove yet invented,)
No. 209 N. Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,
(Opposite the Missouri Hotel,)
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
All Kinds Of Stoves,
Hollow Ware, &c.

Business Cards. 437
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Rheutmatic Compound
Blood Purifier!

This justly celebrated medicine stands without a rival in
the history of discoveries, either in this or any other country.
During the past year thousands have realised its beneficial
effects. Under the personal treatment of the original discov-
erer and proprietor, as well as from the use,of it in various
portions of the United States, hundreds of the most obstinate
and confirmed cases of severe Chronic Rheumatism have been
effectually cured. Many of these had long been given op by
the most eminent physicians, as incurable, and they had come
to the conclusion that they were cripples and invalids for life.
But, in the hour of despair, they obtained thia Rheumatic
Compound, and by the use of it were effectually cured.

Certificates and letters, from Merchants and Citizens of the
highest respectability, not only in the city of St. Louis, where
the proprietor resides, but various cities of the Union, have
been furnished the proprietor, testing the virtues of this medi-
cine, and recommending it to all the world, as the only sure
and certain remedy for the speedy and effectual cure of this
dreadful disease. Rheumatism, it has been discovered, has its
origin in an impure state of the blood. This impurity forms
a caustic sediment, which settles upon the membranes, muscles,
and tendons, It is generally in the system a long time before
it is felt. It is generally developed by exposure or sudden
changes of the weather, and in a majority of cases, its first de-
velopment is that of an acute or inflammatory character, and
if not soon removed, it assumes a chronic, form, often disloca-
ting the joints or contracting thae limbs so as to ruin the indi-
vidual for life.

This Rheumatic Compound is an internal remedy, purifies
the blood, neutralizes and removes this impurity, and restores
the individual to perfect health.

Manufactured and sold, wholesale and retail, at D. Mortimore
& Co.Company 'S Medical Depot, corner of Third and Vine streets, St. Louis,
Mo.Missouri , and also for sale in the various cities in the United States.

Price $5.00 Per Bottle.

438 Business Cards.
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J.B. Turner. T.D. Turner.

Turner & Brother ,
Plumbers ,
100 Olive Street,
(Near Fourth,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Hydrants, Bathing Tubs and Apparatus, &c, furnished and
put up with neatness and dispatch.

N.B. Repairs attended to at short notice.

T. G.Thomas, ,
Plumber ,
No. 109 Olive Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.Missouri

He respectfully requests attention to his
Plunge, Shower, And Foot Baths, Wash-Hand
Bevet English Ware Basins,
As being fitted up on a new and improved principle, never hitherto
practiced in this city.

William T.Hazard, ,
Proprietor of Albion and Planters' Mill ,
Franklin Avenue,
Between Thirteenth And Fourteenth Sts.streets

☞Flour and Offal delivered in any part of the city free
of charge.

Business Cards. 439
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Wm.William M. Plant. Wm.William Salisbury.

The Old Original

[missing figure]

Saint Louis
Agricultural Warehouse
And Seed Store,
Corner of Fourth and Green Streets.

Established January, 1845, by Wm.William M. Plant, partner in the late firm of Plant & Brother.

Plant & Salisbury ,
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In

[missing figure]
Grass, Flower, Hedge
[missing figure]

Bird And Other Seeds .

Contry merchants supplied with Fresh Garden Seeds by the 100 or 1000 papers, as
sorted, with printed directions for cultivation, at lowest garden prices.

Agricultural Books.

A large collection of standard works, such as Allen's, Downing's, Johnston's Bridge
man's &c., for sale very low.

Green House And Garden Plants,

With Fruit and Shade Trees, Roses and other Shrubs, &c.

Implements and Machines.

Plows, Harrows, Seed Sowers, Shovels, Spades, Post Augers, Hoes, Mannre and Hay
Forks, Garden and Hay Rakes, Horse Rakes, Scythes, Scythe Snaths, Stones and Rifles,
Hay Cutters, Corn Shellers, Cultivators, Budding and Pruning Knives, Saws and Chisels.

We invite thhe inspection of the public generally to our stock, as we are confident we
can suit those who wish to purchase, both as to quality and prices, which shall be as low
as at any other house in the city.

☞Best market Rates paid in cash, for prime Grass and Mustard Seeds, by
Plant & Salisbury,
Corner of Fourth and Green Streets.

440 Business Cards.
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Rollin Clark, John Renfrew, Alexander Crozier, Philander Braley.

Eagle Foundry.
Corner Of Main And Biddle Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Clark, Renfrew & Co.Company ,
Manufacturers Of
Steam Engines and M31 Machinery;
Stewart'S Rotary Engines;
Page'S Portable Saw Mills .

☞Steam Boiler and Sheet Iron work of all kinds.

Wm.William A. Lynch & Co.Company
Undertakers ,
No. 96 N. Fourth Street,
Between Locust and Olive Streets,

Where will always be found a large assortment of Mahog-
any, Red Cedar, and Walnut Burial Cases of superior finish;
also, fine Cloth, Satin and velvet covered Comas;-White
Cashmere, Silk and Flannel Robes, Shrouds, Crape, Gloves,
and every article required, or used on such occasions.

Ice Boxes and Skiff's Patent Metallic Burial Cases. Always
on hand, and prompt attention given at all hours.

Laying out and dressing the dead, attended to personally, or
by a lady, on application at the office.

Also a new and elegant Hearse, (the only me with wWte
plumes and trimmings in the city,) with good carriages and
careful drivers.

Business Cards. 441
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Stencil Brand Cuting.

L. M.Prince, ,
Stencil Brand Cutter ,
33 Olive Street, near the Monroe House,
(Between Main and Second,)

Large and small Brands of every description cut in a supe-
rior style, on the shortest notice.

Name plates for marking linen with indelible ink, or for
books, visiting cards, &c., neatly cut.

☞Always on hand, a variety of Alphabets and Fig-
Ures, of all sizes. ☞33 Olive street.

Cronthal Brothers ,
No. 10 Third Street,
(Between Chesnut and Market,)
St. Louis.

Manufacturers Of A
New Kind Of Spirit Gas Lamps,
All Other Kinds Of
Lamps, Lanterns, And Other Utensils,
Made of Brass, Bronze, German Silver Plate, Tin, &c. &c.

All kinds of Repairing done in the neatest manner.

☞Spirit Gas and Chemical Oil prepared and sold,
wholesale and retail.

LorengeMetten, ,
Dealer In
Watches & Jewelry ,
No. 90 Morgan Street,
(Between Fourth and Fifth,)
St. Louis, Mo-

☞Repairing Watches and Jewelry promptly attended to.

442 Business Cards.
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L.Baumann, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry,
And Watchmaker'S Tools And Materials .

Constantly on hand an extensive assortment of gold and
wbrer Lever, Lepiqe and Verge Watches: in* gold and gilt
Jewelry ; gold, silver and common Spectacles; gold and silver
Peaeils; Spectacle Glasses; Revolving Pistols; Razors; Knives; Scissors, &c.

No. 44 1/2 Main Street, between Chesnut and Pine,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

☞Time pieces of all descriptions repaired and warrant
ed. Also, Jewelry of all kinds made to order and repaired at
the shortest notice.

Wm.William F.Dieterichs, ,
No. 126 Franklin Av., St. Louis, Mo.Missouri ,
Manufacturer And Dealer In
Foreign And Domestic Segars,
Chewing & Smoking Tobacco And Snuffs .

I have constantly on hand and for sale, wholesale and re-
tail, at the lowest cash prices, the following articles, viz:

Segars.—Regalias, Principes, Canones, Half Spanish
and Melees, of the finest quality.

Chewing Tobacco.—Fine Virginia and Missouri.

Smoking Tobacco.—Varinas Canaster, Fine Mis-
souri Canaster, Maryland Canaster.

Of every variety and quality.

Business Cards. 443
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J.F. Comstock, Anson Comstock.

J.F. Comstock & Co.Company ,
Wholesale Dealers In
Boots And Shoes,
Of All Kinds ,
No. 152 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

F. A.Beauvais, ,
Manufacturer Of
And Silverware ,
No. 48 Second Street,
(Between Pine and Chesnut,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

J. T.Sullivan, ,
Watch And Clock Maker ,
Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri
(Between Chesnut And Pine Streets,)

A large and well selected assortment of Clocks, Watches,
and Jewelry and Silver Spoons constantly on hand for sale
low. All kinds of Jewelry made to order and neatly repaired.
Engraving neatly executed. The highest price for old gold
and silver.

☞All orders punctually attended to.

444 Business Cards.
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Wilson & Brothers ,
Wholesale Dealers In
Haroware ,
Corner Of Main & Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Jewelry Store,
No. 225 Corner of Broadway and Cherry Street,
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

M.Friede, ,
Watchmaker and Jeweller ,

Has constantly on hand a large assortment of gold and silver
Watches, Chains, Jewelry of all kinds; silver and plated
Ware, &c., which he offers at wholesale and retail, at the
lowest possible rates.

☞Watches of all kinds carefully repaired and warranted.
Jewelry of all kinds made to order and repaired at the short-
est notice.

CharlesLevy, ,
Draper And Tailor ,
No. 55 Chesnut Street,
(Third door east of Third Street,)
St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

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Plan of a Labyrinth for a Pleasure Garden.

The plan above will probably be found to accord with the object
in view more completely than would be supposed possible from em-
ploying so few lines and in so small a space as this might be con-
structed on. The difficulty here designed, (like that of the labryrkith
within which-tradition tells that Fair Rosamond was concealed,) js to
find the way in, and not out, as was the difficulty in the Cretan laby-
rinth. Indeed, one part of the purpose and effect of this is to bring
the seeker frequently outside of the entrance, when he supposes he is
making fast progress towards the centre. A labyrinth constructed
according to this plan, with a passage of four feet between the walls
, and allowing thirty feet square in the centre for a booth or summer
house, would occupy considerably less than half of an acre. If erec-
ted in a public pleasure garden of a City, it would serve to furnish as
much amusement to visitors and profit to the proprietor as could be
obtained at no greater cost.

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