Morrison's St. Louis directory
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W. L. Sloss r 25
Book Keeping.
Jonathan Jones 3
China, Glass, &c.
E. A. & S. R. Filley 26
Commission and Forwarding.
Douglass & Beer 6
John Baker & 6
Z. T. Woolfolk 6
C. F. Hendry Inside first cover.
Carriage Manufactory.
Fallon & Wright 25
Candy Manufactory.
W. H. Heth 15
Car Manufactory.
Linus Jackson 24
Cotton Factory
Adolphus Meier & 6
Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron.
Wonderly & Ransom 11
Warren & Bolton 11
Chair Manufactory.
Bird & Armstrong 14
T. Keys 14
Drugs and Medicines.
William D’Oench 5
Hovaker & Johnson 5
Dry Goods.
Eddy, Jameson & 8
R. E. & W. H. Auld 8
Daguerrean Artists.
J. H. Fitzgibbon 16
W. H. Douglass 16
J. J. Outley 17
Express Line.
Lathrop & 10

290 Index To Cards.
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Fancy And Variety Goods.
F. Dings & 10
D. H. Lackman. 10
J. Merrick. 1
Wm. M. Harlow. 14
Kingslands & Ferguson. 12
Clark, Renfrew & 12
McMurray & Pawley. 12
File Factory.
E. McLeran. 7
Gent’s Furnishing Goods.
J. B. Shepperd. 8
Hardware And Cutlery.
Wilson & Brothers. 7
Henry Miller. 7
Adolphus Meier & 6
Hats, Caps, &c.
Woesten & Harig. 10
Insurance Companies.
Home Mutual. Inside first cover.
St. Louis Lumbermen and Mechanics’. Beginning of Book.
Iron Railing.
McMurray & Pawley. 12
Leather, Hides And Findings.
C. F. Hendry. Front part of book.
F. Meyer. 17
Charles Boswell. 14
Liquors, Wines, &c.
K. Mackenzie. 13
Ambs & Lane. 13
Magistrate And Notary Public.
Mann Butler. 15
M. C. Cook. 17
Painters And Glaziers.
Charles T. Wilgus. 4
Betts, Conway & 5
T. R. Cooper & 5
Laflins & Smith. 1
Pawn Brokers.
J. S. Freligh. 9
W. Hollister. 9
Paper Warehouse.
P. Ladew & 18

Index To Cards. 291
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Printing Offices.
Missouri Republican. 19
St. Louis Union. 20
St. Louis Intelligencer. 20
Morning Signal. 21
Evening Dispatch. 21
St. Louis Times. 22
Anzeiger des Westens. 23
C. M. & H. M. Warren. Card inside first cover.
J. M. Cannon & 23
E. H. Robbins. 26
Real Estate Agent.
W. L. Sloss & 25
Saws, Steel, &c.
William Jessop & Sons. 24
H. Bakewell. 24
Lee & Leavitt. 11
Steam And Gas Fitter.
M. Ashdown. 7
Spirit Gas, &c.
S. Stilwell. 13
J. M. Cannon & 23
Tailor And Draper.
J. B. Wolf. 25
Type Foundry.
A. P. Ladew & 18
Tobacco, Cigars And Snuff.
C. F. Mosler. 15
C. L. Holthaus. 15
Watches And Jewelry.
C. D. Sullivan & 2
A. H. Menkens & Brother. 2
T. & G. W. Hequembourg. 2
Wire Workers.
William M. Hough. 9
B. F. Townsend. 9
Western Journal and Civilian. 22

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F. W.Cronenbold,
Nos. 15 and 152 Carondelet Ave.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Dealer in
Builders’ Hardware,
Mechanics’ Tools,
Cutlery, Nails, Castings, Stoves.

Constantly on hand, a complete assortment of
Sligo and Tyrone Iron,
Buggy Springs and Axles,
Wagon Boxes, &c., &c.
Also, four sizes of Jewett’s Improved Cary Ploughs.

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Book-Bindery ,
Blank-Book Manufactory,
And Paper Ruling Establishment ,
Permanently Located In The
Republican Buildings,
Chesnu street, between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

The subscriber, having always on hand, a full supply of Blank
Book Paper, he is at all times prepared to furnish
Blank Books,
Of every description, at very short notice.

[missing figure]
Magazines, Peridicals, Music, in plain sheep, or
in the finer or more costly styles of Turkey Moroceo, Rus-
sia, English, French, or American Calf Skin Binding,
promptly executed.

[missing figure]
orders from Clerks of Courts, Bank and State Offi-
cers, Insurance and Railroad Companies, faithfully attended to.

[missing figure]
In all cases, the very best of material, with strength
and beauty combined, may be relied upon.

W. T.Knapp, .
St. Louis, May, 1852.

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LutherLaflin, , Saugerties, N. Y.S. A.Smith, , N. Y. City, S. H.Laflin, , St. Louis.
Laflins & Smith,
Manufacturers of
Gun Power,
And Wholesale Dealers In
Safety Fuse.
office No. 29 Levee, Corner Of Olive Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

JohnMerrick, ,

[missing figure]
No. 7 Front St.,
Bet. Market, and chesnut
Importer, Agentand Wholesale Dealer in
English and German
Cutlery .

Single and Double Barrel
Rifles, Revolvers,
Belt And Pocket Pistols,
Combs, Brushes,
Fancy Goods

[missing figure]
The attention of city and
country Merchants, Peddlers &
Dealers, is called to the above
Goods. As they are direct from
manufacturers, they will
be sold as low as they can be
bought in the Eastern cities.

ii Business Cards.
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C. D. Sullivan & ,

[missing figure]
[missing figure]

Watch & Clock Makers ,
No. 39 Fourth Street,
Bet. Chesnut & Pine, St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
A large and well selected assortment of Clocks, Watches, Jewelry and Silver Spoons,
Constantly on hand, and for sale low.

All Kinds of Jewelry made to order and neatly repaired. The highest price paid for Old
Gold and Silver. All orders punctually attended to. Engraving neatly executed.

A. H. Menkens & Bro. ,
Importers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fine Gold And Silver Watches,
Every Description of
Jewelry, Silver Spoons, Cups, &c.
No. 103 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Missouri.

[missing figure]
Fine Watches Carefully Repaired And Warranted
[missing figure]

[missing figure]
T. & G. W. Hequembourg.
[missing figure]

Watch Makers
And Jewellers ,
No. 24 Second st., cor. of Chesnut,
Opposite Post Office, St. Louis, Missouri.

Watches, Clocks, Musical Boxes and Jewelry, carefully re-
paired and warranted.

Silverware and Jewelry made to order.

Sons of Temperance Emblems on hand.

Seals made to order, and engraving neatly and promptly done.

Old Gold and Silver purchased.

Spectacles for all ages.

Business Cards. iii
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Commerical College ,
Of St. Louis, Missouri.

Incorporated By the General Assembly, January 24th, 1849, with Full Authorithy

[missing figure]
"To grant Diplomas, award Degrees, confer Honors, and Exercise all
and Singular trhe Privileges common to Commercial Colleges, authorized by
law in other States, -Charter, Section 2.

A Full Course of Instruction In This Institution Embraces
Double Entry Book-Keeping,
Commercial Calculations,
Commercial Law,

Gentlemen can enter for the Courses separately, and at any time, as
instruction is imparted individually, and not in classes; and each Depart-
ment is independent, and under the control of its respective Professor, who
alone is responsible for the progress of his Pupils.

Young gentlemen wishing to prepare themselves for business pursuits,
are respectfully invited to call during business hours and examine the mode of
imparting instruction, the progress of the pupils, and the superior facilities
extended to those desirous of qualifying themselves for the practical duties
at the Couting House. Personal reference given to above one hundred and
eighty (180) Practical Accountants now in charge of Books in this city, all
of whom have completed their business education in this Institution.

[missing figure]
N. B.—For Circulars containing information in regard to the terms,
the course of instruction, and all business connected with the above, call at the
Book-Keeping Department,
Corner Fourth And Chesnut Streets;
—0r Address—
"Jonathan Jones, St. Louis, Mo."

iv Business Cards.
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52. Pine Street. 54.

Chas. T.Wilgus, ,
House, Sign, Steamboat And
Glazier, Paper Hanger,
Whitener And Wall Colorer ;
Dealer In American & French
Wall Paper,
White Lead,
Linseed Oil, Spirits Turpentine, Varnish,
Window Class,
Putty, And Every Variety Of Paint,
Wholesale Ane Retail.

[missing figure]
Particular attention given to country orders for Papers.
Glass cut to any size or shape, and Paint mixed ready for use.

N. B.---Glass packed with great care, and Paint warranted

"Promptitude, and the entire satisfaction of his Patrons,"
are his Mottos.

Business Cards. v
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Wm.William B.Betts, . Wm.William H.Conway, . Ewing C.Ketchum, .
Betts, Conway & ,
House, Sign, Ornamental & Steamboat
Painters ,
No. 42 Second Street,
Bet, Chesnut & Pine, St. Louis, Mo.

Particular attention given to Paper Hanging, Glazing, Whitening, and Wall
Coloring. Mixed Paints kept constantly on hand and ready for use.

T. R. Cooper & ,
Successors To John S.Watson, ,
House, Sign, Steam Boat And Ornamental
Paper Langers, Glariers & Whiteners ,
No. 54. 40’ Pine Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
Particular attention given to Estimates for Jobbers and Builders. Mixed Paints, and
every other article in their line, constantly on hand.

WilliamD’Oench, ,
Wholesale Dealer And Importer Of
Drugs, Chemicals, Oils, Paints, &c. ,
37 South Main St.,
Between Walnut and Elm, St. Louis, Mo.

P. C.Hovaker, . G. K.Johnson, .
Hovaker & Johnson ,
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs,
Painters’ Material, Soaps,
Window Glass, Glass-Ware, &c. ,
No. 5 North Main St., St. Louis, Mo.

vi Business Curds.
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St. Louis Cotton Factory.
Adolphus Meier & ,
-Manufcturers Of-
St. Louis cottion Yarn, &c.,
Importers And Dealers In
Hardware And Cutlery ,
No. 50, Cor. Main & Chesnut Sts., St. Louis, Mo.

Z. T.Woolfolk, ,
United States Hemp Agent,
General Forwording and Commission
Merchant ,
No. 18 North Levee, St, Louis, Mo.

John Baker &
Wholesale Grocers,
Commission & Fprwardomg
Merchants ,
S. W. Corner of Second and Morgan Streets,
Merchants’Row, St. Louis, Mo.

Alwys on hand a large supply of sugar, Coffee, Molasses, Rico, &c.

J. T.Douglass, . H. J.Beer, .
Douglass & Beer ,
Storage & Commission Merchants ,
No. 242 N. Main St.,
Proprietors Hemp Warehouse,
Nos. 286, 288 & 290, North Main St.,
St. Louis, Missori.

Busincss Cards. vii
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St. Louis Hardware

[missing figure]
and Tool Store.
[missing figure]
HenryMiller, ,
[missing figure]

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in and Importer of Haardware, Cutlery & Mechanics’ Tools ,
No. 157 Main Street,
Second Door Below Washingrton Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wilson & Brothers ,
Wholesale Dealers In
Hardware ,
Corner Main And Olive Sts.,
St, Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis File Factory.
E.Mcleran, ,
Manufacturer Of Every Description Of
Files; Old Files Re-Cut,
Warrranted As Good As New ,
Factory N. St. Louis, nextt the St. Louis Saw & Scale Factory.

A Few more File Cutters can get employment by calling upon the subscriber

M.Ashdown, ,
(Successor To Wm.William M.Ashdown, ,)
Gas & Steam Fitter ,
on Third Street,
Between Chesnut and Pine, St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
Private and Public Buildings, Offices and Stores, fitted up for the use of Coal Gas, in
the most approved manner. Oil Chandeliers altered to burn Coal Gas.Also Brass Castings
and finishing. Bu strict attention to Neatness, Cheapness and Dispatch, I hope to merit
a share of public patronage.

viii Business Cards.
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Shirt Manufactory,
And Gentlemen’s Furnishing Store ,
No. 47 Fourth St., Opposite the Planters’ House.

Where may be had at all times, the very best Shirts, Under-Shirts, Drawers,
Stocks, Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Half-House, &c., together with every article
usually kept in a Gents’ Furnishing Store. Particular attention will be paid to the
Manufacture Of Shirts "To Order,"
A fit guarantied, and due regard paid to punctuality and dispatch.

Having adopted the system of doing business strictly for Cash, we will be en-
abled to offer Goods in our line at greatly reduced prices, and to manufactgure our
Shirts, Drawers, Collars, &c., better and with more promptitude than any other
House in the Western Country.

The public are invited to call, and we will use our very best efforts to please,
by selling at the very lowest prices for Cash, at
No. 47 Northy Fourth Street, Opposite The Planters House.

J. A.Eddy, . J. A.Jameson, . J. P.Eddy, .
Eddy, Jameson & ,
Wholesale Dealers In
French, German & Domestic
Dry Goods ,
151 Main St., St. Louis, Mo.

142 R. E. & W. H. Auld , 150.
Fancy And Staple
Dry Goods ,
Nos. 142 & 150 Third St., Brant’s Row,
St. Louis, Mo.

N.B.--You are respectfully invited to call before purchasing elsewhere.

Business Cards. ix
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Money To Loan! Pawnbroker’s Office .

[missing figure]

Cash Advanced On
Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware,
Dry Goods,
And Personal Property Generally ,
At No. 103 Corner of Locust & Main Sts.

The Oldest Licensed Pawnbroker’s Estabnlishment In The City.

J. S.Freligh, .

Money To Loan!
In In Sums Of Any Amount,
From One Dollar To One Thousand ,
On Gold And Silver Watches,
Gold Chains, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Dry Goods, Hardware, Guns,
Pistols, Land Warrants, Warehouse Receipts, Clothing, & c. ,
By W.Hollister, , No. 30 Vine Street.

Private entrance from Alley in rear of the building.

Wm.William M.Hough, ,
Wire Worker ,
No. 55 North Second Street,
Between Pine and Olive, St. Louis, Mo.

Manufacturer of Fenders and Fire guards of all kinds; Sand, Malt,
Wheat and Corn Screens; Bird Cages of all kinds; Rat and Mouse Traps; Wo-
ven Wire of every description; Patent Gauze Wire Window Blinds; Riddles and
seives of every description; Meat Safes and Dish covers, and every other kind
of Wire Work too numerous to particularize.

B. F.Townsend, ,
Wire Worker and Seive Manufacturer ,
No. 144 North Second Street,
Bet. Washington Av. & Green St., St. Louis, Mo.

The Proprietor is prepared to execute orders for Wire Seives, Riddles,
Rolen, Screen and Fan-Mill Wire, Fenders, Safes, Rat and Mouse Traps, Bird
Cages, Mineral and Sand Screens, Wove Wire of all numbers,
At The Lowest Price.

x Business Cards.
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PrederickDings, . WilliamStein, .
Importers of German, French and English
Fancy Goods & Toys,
Wholesale Dealers in
American Varierty Goods,
And Manufacturers Of All Kinds Of
Brushes And Curled Hair .
No. 47 North Main St., St. Louis, Mo.

D. H.LackMan, ,
Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
Fancy & Variety Goods & Toys
No. 153 North Third Street,
Between Green Street And Washington Avenue,
Opposite Brant’s Row St. Louis, Mo.

PerderickWoesten, . AlbertHarig, .
Woesten & Harig ,
Manufacturers Of
Hats & Caps ,
No. 140 Third St., Cor. Washington Avenue,
No. 32 Franklin Avenue,
Between Fourth & Fifth St., St. Louis, Mo.

Lathrop & ’s
Eastern, Western & Sourthern Express
St. Louis Office,
No. 20 Olive St., Merchants’ Exchange.

Principal Offices.
Boston, New York, Erie, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Galena,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Cineinnati, Louisville, St. Louis.

Business Cards. xi
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Wonderly & Ransom ,
Manufcatureres of
Copper, Tin,
Sheet Iron Work,
Such as Copper Pipes for Steamboats & Distilleries,
Breeching & Chimneys, Soda Fountains,
Copper Kettles,
Well And Cistern Pumps,
And every other article in their line of business ,
No. 233 Main Street,
South-East Corner of Cherry, St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
They also manufacture and keep constantly on hand Premium Steam-
boat Cooking Stoves. Tin Ware always on hand, Wholesale and Retail.

JohnWarren, . R. E.Bolton, Jr.
Warren & Bolton ,
Wholesale & Retail Dealers In
Stoves And Hollow - Ware,
Manufacturers Of
Copper, Tin & Sheet Iron Wares,
Roofing, Guttering, Spouting And Job Work Of All Kinds,
Done In The Best Manner ,
No. 119 Second Street,
Between Locust and Vine, St. Louis, Mo.

St. Louis Saw & Scale Manufactory.
Lee & Leavitt ,
Manufacturers of every description of
Cast & German Steel Saws;
Cunter, Plantform & Floor Scales ,
No. 36 Vine St., St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
Factory On Broadway, North St. Louis.
[missing figure]

xii Business Cards.
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Kingslands & Fergusont’s
Phœnix Foundry ,
Nos. 204

[missing figure]
and 206
Second street,
Between Cherry
and Morgan,
Manufacturers Of
Page’s Portable Saw Mills
And Horse Powers; Clark’s Combined Grinding & Bolting or Merchant Mill;
threshing Machines; Corn Shellers;
Plows; Stoves; Castings, and Mill Machinery,
of every description Warehouse .
No 202 Main street.

J. D.M’Murray, . MorrisPawly, .

St. Louis Iron Railing Manufactory.
M’Murray & Pawly ,
On chesnut, Bet. Ninth & Tenth Streets,
St. Louis, Missouri.

[missing figure]
Manufacture at the above Establishment all Kinds of Wrought and Cast Iron Rail-
ing.Plain and Ornmental: Bank, Jail and Store Doors: book Safers, Fire and Rogue proof;
Vaults, Window Shutters, Awnings, Iron Lightning Rods, Wrought Iron Window Sash, Bed-
steads, Grating, and in fact, any thing in the building line which can be formed of Iron, at
the lowerst possible prices.

RollinClark, . JohnRenfrew, . Alex.Crpzier, .

Eagle Foundary ,
Corner Of Main & Biddle Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.
Clark, remfrew & ,
Manufacturers Of
Steam Engines And Mill Machinery,
Page’s Portable Saw Mills,
Steam Boiler and Sheet Iron Work Of All Kinds .

Business Cards. xiii
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S.Stillwell, ,
(Successor To S.Ridgley, ,)
Manufactures Of Alcohol,
Neutral Spirits, Spirit Gas,
Cjemical Oil Lamps, &c. ,
No. 53 Olive Street,
Between and Third, St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
At The Sign Of The Golden Barrel.
[missing figure]

KemmethMackenzie, ,
Importer Of
Foreign Liquors,
General Commission Merchant ,
No. 12 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo.

PeterAmbs, . JuliusLaue, .
Ambs & Laue ,
Importers Of
Wines, Liquors,
Cigars .


Otard, Dupany &

Pinet,Castillon &

Jules, Robin &

A.Seignette &

Holland Gin.

Jamaica and Santa
Cruz Rum.

Scotch & Irish Whisky

Swiss Absinthe.



Swiss Cheese.




In Casks And boxes.

Haut Sauternes.



Port Wine.


Port Wine.



Khine Wine.


Native Catawba.

And Wholesale Dealers In
Domesric Liquors ,
No. 9 Pine Street,
bet. Main & Second, St. Louis, Mo

xiv Business Cards.
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Wm.William H.Harlow’s, ,
St. Louis Furniture Store ,
Nos. 86 & 88 Second Street,
Bet. Olive & Locust, St. Louis, Mo.

Most Fashionable Furniture of every variety manufactured to order.

St. Louis Chair Manufactory.
125 Second st., betw. Vine & washington av.avenue ,
Where Can Be Found, All Kinds Of
Wood Seat Chairs, of St. Louis Manufacture.

Steamboats, Hotels & country Merchants,
Would do well to ca’l before purchasing elsewhere.

Back Shop on the corner of Seventh & Wash sts.

ThomasKeyes, .

Bird & Armstrong ,
Cane and Wood Seat Chair Manufacturers ,
S. W. Corner Of Vine & Second Sts., Up Stairs, St. Louis.

Wholesale and Retail dealers in Chairs are respectfully in-
formed that we will keep constantly on hand, a large and general
assortment of Cane and Wood Seat Chairs, of our own manufac-
ture, which we will sell to the trade on the most liberal terms,
and warrant them to be unsurpassed in beauty of style or finish.
Having large manufacturing facilities, we can offer to purchasers
such inducements as will insure general satisfaction.

Steamboats, Halls and Hotels furnished at the shortest notice.

CharlesBoswell, ,
(Late Morrison & Bswell, ,)
Lumber Merchant ,
corner of Second and Walnut streets
St. Louis, Mo.

A general assortment of
Plank, Boards, Joist, Scantling, Shingles,
Weather-Boarding, Laths, Worked-Flooring, Window-Sash, &c.,
Constantly on hand.

Business cards. xv
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C. F.Mosler, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Snuff, Of All Kinds,
Virginia Tobacco,
Cigars, Smoking Tobacco, Pipes, &c. ,
Corner of Locust & Third St., St. Louis, Mo.

C. L.Holthaus, ,
Removed from Green and Sixth to
No. 155 North Third street, between Green st.
and Washington av.avenue , St. Louis,
Tobacco, Cigar and Snuff
Wholesale And Retail.

Wm.William H.Heth’s, ,
St. Louis Star
Candy Establishment ,
Cor. Broadway & Hempstead st.,
Office, 34 Levee.

MannButler, ,
Justice Of The Peace
Notary Public & Commissioner Of Deeds ,
Virginia, Kentueky, Ills, Iowa, Wiseonsin & Minnesota,
No. 28 Olive st., between Main & Second.

xvi Business Cards.
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Celebrated Gallery of
Daguerreotype Miniatures ,
No. 1 Fourth Street,
Corner Of Market, St. Louis, Mo.

Secur the shadow ere the substance (ade, let nature copy that which nature mads.

The subscriber returns thanks to his numerous patrons for the liberal patronage that has
been extended to him during the last five years in St. Louis, during his practice in the Daguer-
reotype Art, and being determined to let no Establishment in the West surpass him, either in
fine Pictures, fine Gallery, or polite attention.

The Ladies and Gentlemen of St. Louis, and Strangers visiting the City, will find at this Gal-
lery the Largest and Finest Pictures to be seen in the West, among them will be
found likenesses of all the distinguished persons that have visited St. Louis lately. Also, speci-
mens of the Largest Size Pictures now taken in the United States, this being the only Gallery in
St. Louis that takes those large Pictures. This extensive Establishment has over a Thousand
Pictures on exhibition, and is fitted up regardless of expense, in the most chaste and becoming
manner, with all the Improvements of Sky and Side Lights, and other conveniences for the
patrons of this Gallery. Pictures taken by the most Imorived Method, and Colored true to Na-
ture, from the finger ring to the double who size plate, and put up either in cases or frames,
to suit tastes. No inferior Pictures will ever go out of this gallery, if it is left to the judg-
ment of the Artist.

[missing figure]
Gallery open from sun rise to sun set. Pictures taken in rainy, clowdy, as well as fair
weather. Daguerreotype Portraits, Miniatures, and Copied Views of Buildings taken. Inva
lids waited on at their residences; also, Likenesses of Deceased Persons taken.

Best hours for Children, from 11, A. M., to 2 o’clock, P. M. The most suitable dress is always
dark or figured, avoiding white or light blue.

[missing figure]
I wish it distinctly understood, that I take no Pictures less than Three Dollars, or
higher than Forty.

St. Louis, January, 1852.

J. H.Fitzgibbon, .

W. H. Douglass’
Daguerreotype Establishment ,
No. 5 Fourth st., St. Louis, Mo.

This Establishment was constructed expressly for the business, and has supe-
rior facilities for producing Choice Daguerreotypes. Embracing the Northern
Sky Light, makes Pictures almost instantaseously, thus enabling sitters to al-
ways keep a good expression. Children of the ages taken in beautiful style.

Pure Silver Plates only are used. Pure Gold, to prevent fading
and the Pictures are finished with Preservers. Single persons, or groups
of any number, are taken, from the smallest ring picture to the full size.

Daguerreotypes, Portraits, &c., of all sizes accurately copied, by the best ap-
paratus made for copying purposes. Daguerreotypes colored, by Douglass’ Im-
proved Process; also, plain Daguerreotypes taken.

Dark Dresses take best for Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children.

[missing figure]
Particular pains are taken by Mr. D. in finishing all Pictures, as he is
determined to please every customer, and furnish them with Daguerreotypes
worth preserving.

Business Cards. xvii
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Outley’s Sky-Light Daguerrian Galery ,
Corner of Third and Washington avenue,
(Formerly Outley & Bennison.)

I would solicit an examination of some of the very fine speciemens in this Gallery,
by all in want of a good toned life like Picture. As they are all taken by myself, in
this city, and Not Brought From The East, I will warram as Good and
Perfect a Picture as can be had at any other rooms, or refund the money. Our ac-
commodations and modesof access and egress are second to note in the ciyt, and our
prices; are low and uniform, ranging from 61 to 910. Pictures, eicher single or in
groups, taken in clowdy as well as fair weather, and at the shortest notice. Stran-
gers, or those living out of town, are assured their work can be donein the based pos
sible manner, for one half what is charged at other Galleries.

By endeavoring to please all, and gentlemanly attention to our customers, I hope
to receive, as heretofre, a share of the public patrenage. 3. 3. Outley, seties.

F.Meyer, . F. W.Backman, , AMeyer, ,
F. Meyer & ,
Dealers in All Kinds of
Leather & Findings,
Shoe Thread, Lasts, Pegs, &c.
Also, Hides and Tanners’ Oil ,
No. 88 North Main street, St. Louis, Missouri,

Orders will be punctually attended to.

U. S. Hull Inspector.
H.Singleton, ,
Port Warden,
Office—Commercial Insurance Comapny
North West Corner Main and Olive sts., (upstairs,) St. Louis.

Eye and Ear.
M. C.Cook, M. D.,
Office, Corner of Second and Pine streets, St. Louis, Mo.

Doctor Cook respectfully informs his friends and the public generally,
that having devoted the Last Fifteen Years to the
study and practice of the Discause of the
Eye And Ear ,
He tenders his professional services to the afflicted, and from his long experieses and annual
success in restoring to healthful action, diseased Eyes and Ears, he fells eyetialual
in restering the most investgates cases.

xviii Business Cards.
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A. P.Ladew, . T. F.Purcell, .
A. P. Ladew & ,
St. Louis
Type and Stereotype
And Paper Warehouse ,
Nos. 31 and 33 Locust street,
Between Main & Second, St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

In addition to Printers’ Stock,of all kinds, they keep always on hand,
a large supplu of
Cap & Letter Paper, Lithographic Pajper & Playing Cards,
All of Which will be sold low, in quantities to suit the trade. Stereotyping of
books, Pamphlets, Labels, cards, &c., done to order, at eastern Prices.

xix Business Cards
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A. B.Chambers, . GeorgeKnapp, .
Missouri Republican
Book and Job Office
And Bindery.

No. 11 Chesnut St., betw. Main & Second, St. Louis,

Chambers & Knapp , Editors and Proprietors.

[missing figure]

Terms of Subscription per Annum.
dail (in advance,) $10 00
Tri-Weel;u, " 5 00
Weekly " 2 00
" not paid in advancem invariably, 3 00
Sunday Republican 2 00
To Clubs of five Dailies, 40 00
" " Tri-Weeklies 20 00
" of fourteen Weeklies, 20 00

Rates of Cash Advertising.
One Squaare, (8 lines or less.) $ 50
" each additional insertion 25
" one week, Without alteration 1 50
" two week, " 2 00
" onemonth, " 3 00
" twomonth, " 4 00
" three months " 5 00
" six months, 7 00
" twelve months, without alteration, 12 00

xx Business Cards.
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St. Louis
Union Printing House , No. 35 Locust st., above Main.

Having lately Enlarged and Much Improve the
Bock And Job Departments

Of this extensive Establishment, we take this mode of calling the attention of
our old patrons, and the public generally, to our New Arrangements.

This Office is now one of the largest and best appointed Printing Houses
in the Western country, and equal to any in the East, as regards
its facilities for executing with
Neatness, Cheapness & Dispatch,
Printing of every variety, and of any color. It cannot be surpass-
ed by any Establishment East or West. All kinds of work,
either in Plain or Ornamental Types, Plain Black,
Colored Inks, Gold Leaf, or Bronzes, in every man-
ner known to the profession at home or abroad.

Of The
St. Louis Intelligencer ,
No. 86 North Third street,
Intelligencer Buildings,
Where all kinds of
Job Printing
Is Done With
Neatness and Dispatch,
On Reasonable Terms.

Terms Of The Intelligencer

Daily Morning Paper, (year,) $8 00
Tri-Weekly, " 4 00
Weekly, (year,) $1 00
Evening Addition, " 6 00

Business Cards. xxi
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The Morning Signal,
Published every morning, (Sunday excepted,) by
Macdonald, Libby, Gonter & ,
At No. 50 Noth Third street.

[missing figure]
The Signal will be independent on all subjects; and, in addition to a
full digest of all the local, foreign and domestic news of the day, its contents
will embracethe best original and selected tales; choice poetry, humorous anec-
dote, &c.; editorial articles, written with ability, upon every subject of impor-
tance; agricultural information; a carefully prepared review of the market—
is short, embodying everthing of interest in every department.

The Signal has the largest circulation, with but one exception, of any
paper in the West. Its size, appearance, and extensive circulation,
among all classes, renders it the
Best Advertising Medium In The City.

The "Weekly Signal," a family paper, is published at the
same place, every Friday, at the low price of
One Dollar Per Year, In Advance.

Evening Dispatch,
Office, 83 Chesnut st., up-stairs,
St. Louis, Missouri.


Daily Evening Dispatch,
Five Dollars per year.

Tri-Weekly Dispatch,
Two Dollars and Fifty Cents per year.

Weekly Organ and Reveille,
One Dollar per year.

xxii Business Cards.
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Western Journal And Civilian,
Tarver & Cobb ,
Editors and Proprietors.
Office, No. 97 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Missouri.

The Western Journal and Civilian, devoted to Agriculture, Manufactures,
Mechanic Ars, Mining, Internal Improvement, Commerce, Public Policy, and
Polite Literature.

[missing figure]
This Work, containing eighty pages, is published monthly—price, three
dollars for one year, payable in advance.

Back volumes from the commencement of the Work, January, 1848, may be
obtained by application at the office of publication.

St. Louis Times
Printing Office ,
Corner Pine & Second Sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Terms of Subscription.

Daily Paper, per year, $8 00

Tri-Weekly, "$5 00

Weekly, "$2 00

Advertising at the lowest city rates.

Plain And Ornamental
Book & Job Printing
Of Every Description,
Executed with Neatness and Dispatch, and at the very
Lowest Cash Prices.

Business Cards. xxiii
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To Whlesale and Retail Merchants!
To Businss Men & Advertisers Generally!
The "Anzeiger Des Westens ,"
Office, No. 16 North Thrid street,
Between Market and Chesnut sts., st. Louis, Mo.

German Newspaper, of St. Louis, Mo., published Daily, Tri-Weekly and
Weekly, is the best medium for spreading advertisements of any kind, among
the numerous German population of our Western States. The Anzeiger has
now a total circulation of more than 5,000 copies, and is the favorite paper of
all German Farmers, Merchants, Workingmen, &c., in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa,
Wisconsin, and the entire West. In this city alone, its circulation is 2,600
copies, besides numerous subscribers in Belleville, St. Charles, Carondelet, and
all other places in the vicinity of St. Louis.

The Weekly Anzeiger is at present the most extensively circulated paper, not
only in Missouri and Illinois, but also in Iowa, Wisconsin, &c., it also has nume-
rous subscribers in Minnesota and Oregon Territory, and in the Southern States:
Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Georgia, &c., its circulation already exceeds
2,000, and in every German Settlement in the West the Weekly Anzeiger can be
found. The Proprictors feel confident that they offer to the merchants, real estate
agents, and to the public in general, rare opportunities of spreading a knowl-
edge of their varied commodities among all classes of our population, and over
great parts of the surrounding country, which an energetic and discriminating
business community will not neglect to avail themselves of.

N. B.—All translations made gratis.

The Daily Anzeiger des Westens, (Yearly subscription,) $5 00

This paper has the largest circulation of any newspaper in the West.

The Weekly Anzeiger des Westens, (yearly subscription,) $2 00

John M. Cannon & ,
Nos. 15 and 17 South Sixth street, St. Louis, Mo.,
Would respectfully inform the public, that, having now completed our arrangements,
we are prepared to make contracts for any work in our line. We have in our employ
practical Slaters and well prepared to execute, ind workman-like manner, and with
dispatch, all orders entrusted to our care. We keep constantly on hand, and for sale,
Welsh Slate, Ridge Tiles,
Sheet Lead,
Slate Flagging, Slate Hearths,
Copper, Brass & Iron Slating Nails,
Rosendale Cemnet,
And all other articles pertaining to our business.

We will strip from roofs Zinc, Sheet Iron, Tin, or other covering, and substitute
therefor Slate. Slate removed from one roof, can be used to advantage on any other,
which is not the case with any other roofing material.

xxiv Business Cards.
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Wm. Jessop & Son’s
Steel Warehouse!
No. 213,
South-East Corner Main & Morgan sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Steel, Of All Sizes, Kinds and Froms,
Wholesale And Retail ,

Constantly on hand, or imported to order, and for sale,
on as good terms as at any other respectable house.

H.Bakewell, , Agent.

St. Louis Car Manufactory ,
Corner Biddle and Main sts., St. Louis.

The subscriber is prepared to manufacture
Railroad Cars, Of All Kinds,
Such as Passenger, House, Platform, Gravel, and Dumping Cars. Also, keap
on hand, Warehouse Hoisting Wheels, Tackle Blocks, Wheel-barrows,
adapted for the use of plank and railroads, at reasonable prices .
LinusJackson, .

The Metropolitan .

A Weekley Paper,
Published In Jefferson City.

This paper circulates in every county in the State. Mer-
chants and others will find it to their interest to send their
advertisements to the Metropolitan.

Business Cards. xxv
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WesleyFallon, . James A.Wright, .

Fallon & Wright ,
Rriage Manufacturers ,
Nos. 90 & 92 Fifth st.,
Locust & St. Charles sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

Keep constantly on hand, a large and
superior assortment of Carriages. All
Carriages sold by us are warranted.
Orders for Carriages or Carriage Stock
punctually attended to.

J. B.Wolf, , Merchant Tailor ,
No. 39 North Second street,
Five doors North of the Post Office,
Keeps constantly on hand, a General Assortment of
Cloths, Cassimeres & Vestings,
Which he will make up to order, in the most approved styles, and at the lowest
cash prices. Constantly on hand, and at reduced prices, a good assort-
ment of Ready-Made Clothing, all of which are
manufactured under my own superintendence,
and warranted to give satisfaction.

W. L.Sloss, . Chas.Fereday, . Jno. J.Dobbins, .

W. L. Sloss & ,
Land Agents ,
Office, No. 73 Pine st., St Louis, Mo.,
Attend punctually to Buying, Selling, Leasing and Renting
Houses, Lots, Farms and Unimproved Lands in Mis-
souri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, &c.

[missing figure]
Titles examined and Conveyancing done with neatness and dispatch.

W. L.Sloss, ,
Attprmeu At Law ,
No. 73 Pine st., St. Louis, Mo.,
Practices in the States of Missouri and Illinois.

xxvi Business Card
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Edward A.Filley, . Samuel R.Filley, .

E. A. & S. R. Filley ,
Direet Importers,
And Wholesale dealers in
China, Glass &

[missing figure]
Solar Lard Lamps,
Britannia Ware,
Tea Trays, &c., &c.
No. 149 Main St., 4 Doors North of the Bank Of the State of Missouri,
St. Louis, Missouri.

Robbins’ Celebrated

[missing figure]

Intend eating at robbina’.

I Eat regular at Robbins’.

Have Just commenced at robbins’.

Fresh Oysters, Wild gmes, Fish, Mushrooms, and all other luxuries of this and the
foreign market. served up superior style.

Pare old brandies, wines, &c., &c., for families.

Fine Chewing Tobacco and Havana Cigars, for the connissenr, at
E. H. Robbins’ , 45 fourth atret,
Oppoaite the Planters’ House, St. Louis, Missour.

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[missing figure]

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