The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Public Schools.
Board of Directors.
First Ward —FerdinandGottschalk, , BenjaminBrison, .
Second Ward —John F.Thornton, , LouisWinkelmaier, .
Third Ward —Carlos S.Greely, , GeorgePartridge, .
Fourth Ward —JosiahForbes, , Wm.William C.Kennett, .
Fifth Ward —Wm.William S.McKee, , Charles L.Tucker, .
Sixth Ward —SolonStark, , John R.Hammond, .
John H.Tice, , Secretary .
Charles A.Putnam, , General Superintendent .
Office of Board of Directors, in Blow’s Building, south side Market, between Fourth and Fifth.
List of Public Schools and Names of Teachers.
Lafayette School.
(On Anne Avenue, between Seventh and Eighth streets.)
CalebOliver, ,
ElizabethCatick, ,
LouisaBoggs, ,
K.Furlong, ,
Mary E.Byrne, ,
Clark School.
(On Stventh, between Labadie and Hickory.)
CeceliaLeavy, ,
M. E.Shackleford, ,
ElizaHawxhurst, ,
Mary AnnTiernan, ,
EllenClement, ,
Susan S.Clark, .
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Laclede School.
(Corner of Poplar and Fifth.)
JohnLeavy, ,
J. A.Gilfillan, ,
EdwinHandley, ,
Eliza C.Dunham, ,
Mary B.Carroll, .
Laclede Primary School.
(Corner of Spruce and Fourth.)
Harriet B.Naylor, ,
Eliza H.Brotherton, ,
Virginia B.Brua, .
Seventh Street Primary School.
(Seventh, between WashWashington avenue and Franklin avenue.)
MarthaMcClure, ,
Harriet E.Snodgrass, .
Eliott School.
(Corner of Fifteenth and Pine.)
Mercy B.Carroll, ,
Martha J.Downey, ,
M. K.Hawley, ,
HenriettaWalker, ,
Sarah E.Liggett, ,
JaneAulds, .
Benton School.
(On Sixth, between Locust and St. Charles.)
LuciusKingsbury, ,
Ellen E.Stowell, ,
SylviaGarwood, ,
Amanda M.Leary, ,
Martha J.Goodrich, ,
CarolineCollins, .
High School.
(In Benton School.)
J. D.Low, ,
S. H.Bushnell, ,
Jefferson School.
(Corner of Ninth and WashWashington avenue .)
Augusta E.Severson, ,
Catherine N.Corbett, ,
AchsahWeaver, ,
D. AnnieHaile, ,
E. J.Rountree, ,
N. D.Tirrell, ,
Mary E.Burchsted, ,
A. L.Chamberlain, ,
Elizabeth S.Child, .
Mound School.
(Corner of Eighth and Howard.)
ClarkStrong, ,
CatherineScales, ,
HarrietScofield, ,
SarahHarrison, ,
HannahTirrell, .
Webster School.
(Clinton Place, west of Eleventh, and head of Jefferson street.)
EllsworthMiller, ,
M. AugustaChapia, ,
R. M.Gass, ,
ElizabethBurrell, ,
AbbyStone, ,
E. J.Isbell, ,
Maria L.Robinson, ,
Margaret AnnMcClure, .
Mercantile Library Association.
(Founded in 1846.)

Any person engaged in mercantile pursuits may, if approved by the
Board of Directors, become a member of the Association. Terms:
subscribing the Constitution, and, if a clerk, paying an initiation fee of
two dollars, and seventy-five cents, quarterly in advance; those in busi-
ness on their own account, pay an initiation fee of five dollars, and two
dollars and fifty cents, semi-annually, in advance. All other persons,
not engaged in mercantile pursuits, pay five dollars, annually.

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In 1852, the number of members were 774.

The Library at present, (June, 1853,) contains 9352 volumes, to which
daily additions are making. Seventy-five of the best Magazinea and
other Periodicals, American and foreign, are regularly received.

The following gentlemen constitute the “Board of Directors” for

Joshua H.Alexander, , President .
John T.Douglass, , Vice President .
Walter E.Sell, , Treasurer .
AlbertPearce, , Recording Secretary ,
M. V. L.McClelland, , Corresponding Secretary .
SolonHumphreys, , Directors .
R. D.Van Nostrand, , Directors .
Henry W.Birge, , Directors .
Jas. J.Cartledge, , Directors .
JohnGoodin, , Directors .
Chas. E.King, , Directors .
Wm.William H.Gilman, , Directors .
Wm.William P.Curtis, , Librarian .

The Library, at 112 Fourth street, Glasgow’s Row, is open every day,
from 9, A. M., to 10, P. M. On the 1st of January, 1854, the Library
will be moved to the new and spacious building, at present in course of
erection by the “Mercantile Library Hall Company,” (at a cost
of $100,000,) for the use of the Mercantile Library Associatioa, on
Fifth st., sw corsouth-west corner of Locust.

Mercantile Library Hall Company.
Board of Directors.
AlfredVinton, , President .
James E.Yeatman, , Vice President .
Henry D.Bacon, , Treasurer .
John A.Allen, , Secretary .
Hudson E.Bridge, , Directors .
WaymanCrow, , Directors .
Conrad R.Stinde, , Directors .
SolonHumphreys, , Directors.
Wm.William M.Morrison, , Directors .
Missouri Institution for the Education of the Blind.
(North-east corcorner Broadway and Howard.)
Board of Trustees.
Rev.Reverend Wm.William G.Elliott, , President .
Hudson E.Bridge, , Esq., Vice President .
CorneliusHaywood, , Esq., Secretary .
Dr. S.Pollak, , Trustees .
JosephCharless, , Trustees .
James E.Yeatman, , Trustees .
RobertHolmes, , Trustees .
JohnSimondp, , Treasurer .
Dr. Pollak, , Visiting Physician .
Eli W.Whelon, , Principal .
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HermanStrachauer, , Assistant .
JosRamsay, , Teacher of Music .
W. G.Yates, , Sup’t of Work Department .
Mrs. E. W.Whelan, , Matron .

This Institution was incorporated by act of the Legislature, approved
27th Feb. 1851. The blind of both sexes are instructed in the various
branches of education, by the most approved methods for imparting in-
struction to that unfortunate class; and different kinds of useful labor, by
which they may earn a livelihood after leaving the institution. The
blind poor of the State of Missouri are admitted free of charge. Those
from other States, and those belonging to the State, who are able to pay,
are charged $150 per annum, which includes all charges for board and
education, &c. The vacation of the Institution is from the first Mon-
day in July, to the first Monday in September.

Number of pupils at present in the Institution, 15.

Visiters admitted every day in the week, except Saturdays and Sun-
days, from 2 to 5, P. M.

Masonic Bodies in St. Louis.
(Hall corcorner Chesnut and Third streets.)
St. Louis Encampment, No. 1, meets 1st and 3d Monday.
Missouri Chapter, No. 1, meets 2d and 4th Monday.
Saint Louis Chapter, No. 8, meets 1st and 3d Friday.
Saint Louis Lodge, No. 20, meets 1st and 3d Tuesday,
Napthali Lodge, No. 25, meets 1st and 3d Wednesday.
Missouri Lodge, No. 1, meets 1st and 3d Thursday.
Geo. Washington Lodge, No. 9, meets 2d and 4th Tuesday.
Polar Star Lodge, No. 79, meets 2d and 4th Wednesday.
Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 40, meets 2d and 4th Thursday.
Beacon Lodge, No. 111, meets 4th Tuesday, at their hall, corcorner Broad-
way and Monroe st.
Board of Trustees meets 4th Saturday in each month.
Independent Order of Odd-Fellows.
Traveller’s Rest, No. 1, meets at Odd-Fellows’ Hall, corcorner Fourth and Lo-
cust sts, Mondays.
Wildey No. 2, meets at Odd-Fellows’ Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locust
sts, Tuesdays.
Germania, No. 3, meets at Odd-Fellows’ Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locust sts, Thursdays.
Saint Louis, No. 5, meets at Odd-Fellows’ Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locust sts, Saturdays.
Missouri, No. 11, meets at Odd-Fellows’ Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locust sts, Fridays.
Excelsior, No. 18, meets at Odd-Fellows’ Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locust sts, Wednesdays.
Laclede, No. 22, meets at their Hall, on Market, above Fourteenth st.
Wingenund, No. 27, meet at their Hall on Broadway above the Mound.
Goethe, No. 59, meets at their Hall, corcorner Chesnut and Second sts, over Ellis’ grocery, Wednesdays.
Degree Lodge meets at Odd-Fellows’ Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locust sts, 2d and 4th Thursdays.

Any information concerning the Order of Odd-Fellows, will be fur-
nished on application to S. G. Wheatley, Tobacco and Cigar dealer,
Fourth st, under Odd-Fellows’ Hall.

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Wildey Encampment, at Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locsut sts, 1st and 3d
Hebron, No. 4, Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locust sts, 2d and 4th Mondays.
Order of United American Mechanics.
State Council of Missouri.
John L.Moone, , State Councillor .
G. W.Bowlin, , Vice State Councillor .
W. S.Stewart, , Secretary State Council .
RichardJones, , Treasurer State Council .
J. L.Faucett, , Junior Ex. State Councillor .
M. B.Loughlin, , Senior Ex State Councillor .
Meets third Friday, in July, September, October and January.
Ben Franklin Council, No. 1.
A. LSappington, , C.
Sam’lYoung, , R. S.
Meets every Wednesday evening, on es Fourth street, bnbetween Green and
Washington Council, No. 2.
JamesHealy, , C.
MathewFaucett, , R. S.
Meets every Monday Evening, at their Hall, nw cornorth-west corner of Third and
Fulton Council, No. 3.
R. H.Mather, , C.
W. G.Ottinger, , R. S.
Meets every Thursday evening, at their Hall, on es of Fourth bnbetween
Green and Morgan.
Warren Council, No. 4.
Jno.Crawford, , C
W. S.Stewart, , R. S.
Meets on Tuesday evening, at same place as Nos. 1 and 3.
Sons of Temperance.
St. Louis Division, No. 1, meets every Thursday evening, at Temper-
ance Hall, corcorner Third and Pine.
Harmony Division, No. 2, meets every Friday evening, at Temperance
Hall, corcorner Third and Pine.
Missouri Division, No. 4, meets every Saturday evening, at Temperance
Hall, corcorner Third and Pine.
United Ancient Order of Druids.
Grand Grove of the State of Missouri.
C. A.Braitigam, , N. G. A.
LouisKrieg, , D. G. A.
E.Alcan, , Grand Secretary.
Grand Grove meets first Friday in February, April, June, August,
October and December, nw cornorth-west corner Second and Spruce.
Missouri Grove, No. 1, meets every Monday evening, nw cornorth-west corner Second
and Spruce.
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TeutoniaGrove, , No. 2, meets every Wednesday evening at nw cornorth-west corner
Second and Spruce.
United Brother Grove , No. 3, meets Tuesday evenings, nw cornorth-west corner Second
and Spruce.
HarmoniaGrove, , No. 5, meets Thursday evenings, nw cornorth-west corner Second and
George Washington Grove . No. 6, meets every Friday evening, nw cornorth-west corner
Second and Spruce.
WesternGrove, , No. 7, meets every Friday evening, at Hall, on Fourth
bnbetween Green and Morgan.
Mississippi Valley Degree Grove, No. 1.
C.Schmidt, , D. A.
L.Rotenhagen, , U. D. A.
N.Berg, , Secretary .
Meets first and last Saturday of every mouth, corcorner Second and Spruce.
St. Louis Printers’ Union.
(U. A. M. Hall corcorner Third and Chesnut.)
Charles WalterColburn, , President .
Henry C.Lyle, , Vice President .
Geo.Hager, , Recording Secretary .
Thos. GalesForster, , Corresponding Secretary ,
John W.Barnfield, , Treasurer .
P.Purcell, . Janitor .