The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Gas Light Company Detail
Gas Light Company.
Gas Works Station , corcorner Second and Convent; office nsnorth side Pine, bnbetween
Second and Third. Edward Style, Clerk.
Louis A.Labaume, , President .
Jno. D.Dagget, , Secretary .
EdwardStagg, , Assistant Secretary .
ThomasPratt, , Superintendent .
JosephDickeley, , Inspector .
E. E.Dunn, , Superintendent of Public Lamps .
Board of Directors.
James H.Lucas, ,
John G.Shelton, ,
GeorgeTrask, ,
A. B.Chambers, ,
AsaWilgus, ,
Franklin A.Dick, ,
Robt. S.Holmes, ,
Oliver A.Hart, .
Cordwainer’s Association.

Meets second Monday in each month, in Durkan’s school-room, corcorner
Pine and Third, at 7 o’clock P. M.

PeterCollins, , Secretary , Third, bnbetween Olive and Locust.
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The Orphan’s Home.

Chartered, 1845; for “Orphan and Destitute Children,” and to “re-
ceive Sick and Destitute Persons;” located on the Natural Bridge
Plank Road, west of Sturgeon Market. Under the Episcopal supervi-
sion of the Bishop of the Diocese.

Right Rev.Reverend BishopHawks, , Visitor
Rev.Reverend F. J.Clerc, , Rector .
Mrs. Walker R.Carter, , First Directress .
Mrs. EdwardBrooks, , Second Directress .
Mrs. Z. B.Curtis, , Treasurer .
Miss MaryChaderton, , Secretary .

The Board of Managers consists ot four ladies from each of the five
parishes in St. Louis.

Mrs. Martin, , Matron .

Regular meeting, at the “Home,” last Thursday in every month.

The Diocesian Missionary Society,

(For propagating the Gospel in Missouri.)

Under the direction of the Bishop and Standing Committee of the
Diocese. Subscribers to the amount of $3 00 per annum are members.

Mr. JohnHalsall, , bookseller , 124 nnorth Main, Treasurer.