The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Business Cards
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D. T.Card, ,
Carriage Manufacturer
and Dealer in Carriage Materials ,
Third st., between Olive and Pine, St. Louis, Mo.,
Is manufacturing and receiving one of the most extensive assortments of Carriages
ever offered to the public. Also, Harness, Carriage Springs, Axles, Leather,
Cloths, Varnishes, &c. For sale on most reasonable terms.

[missing figure]


T. L.Rives, ,
(Successor to Francis & Walton)
Apothecary and Druggist
S. E. corner of Fourth and Market Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Wholesale and Retail Draler in
Drugs, Medicines, French, English and German Chemicals,
Perfumery, and Surgical Instruments.

Physicians’ orders solicited and promptly attended to.

Dental Depot.

☞ Constantly on hand, a full assortment of Dental Instruments, Tools and Mate-
rials: Such as Jones, White & Co.’s Artificial Teeth; Abbey’s Dunlevy’s and Jones’
Gold and Tin Foil; Chevaller’s, Kern’s and Goulding’s Instruments; Lathes; Grinding
Apparatus; Corundum and Emery Wheels and Slabs; Anvil, Bench and Pin Vices;
Blow Pipes; Gold Plate; Dental Books, &c.; in fact, every article appertaining to
the profession, which I will sell for a small advance on eastern prices. Give me a call.

☞ Dentists’ orders promptly attended to.

Soda, Blue Lick and Congress Water.


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New Fancy Goods
and Stationers’ Warehouse.

Griffin & Cheever ,
125 Fourth street, three doors south of Locust street,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Would offer to the city and country trade, a new and fresh stock of
Fancy Goods.
Which they are constantly receiving, in every variety and style, and of
of the newest patterns of Foreign Manufacture.

English, French and American
Staple and Fancy Stationery,
A large and unusual assortment of every article in the line.

Artists’ and Drawing Materials
Of the choicest kind. We keep a large and well selected stock of
Wall Papers, Borders and Window Shades,
Of the newest patterns, which we will sell at lower prices than can be
obtained elsewhere. All who will favor us with a call, either for in-
spection of goods, or for purchase, we will guarantee perfect satisfac-
tion as to qualities and prices.


J. B.Wilcox, .

A.M’dowell, .

Carpet Emporium ,
Twenty Years Established---(Wholesale and Retail.)

Wilcox & M’dowell ,
Successors to Larkin Deaver,
No. 62 North Main street, St. Louis, Mo.

Carpets, Oil Cloths, Hearth Rugs, India Matting, House and Steamboat Furnishing
Goods, Table Covers, Stair Rods, and a general assortment of Linen Goods, Silk,
Damask, DeLaine and Embroidered Curtains, &c.


R. H. Miller & ,
Importers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
China, Glass and Queensware,
Britannia Ware, Looking-glasses, Tea Trays, &c.,
No. 34 Main street, between Chesnut and Pine sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Fire, Marine and Life Insurance .

Protection, ÆTna and Hartford
Insurance Companies
of Hartford, Conn .

Protection Insurance Company , Capital, $300,000
ÆTna, $300,000.

St. Louis Agency Office , No. 132 Main street, up-stairs,
Over the Banking House of Loker, Renick &

Insurance on Slaves.

David H.Bishop, , Agent .


E. G.Simons, ,
Importer and Dealer in
Brandies, Gin, Wines, Cigars, &c. No. 22 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.


Tutt & Watson
Wholesale Dealers in
Boots and Shoes,
No. 116 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.


J. B. Sickles & ,
Manufacturers of
Saddles, Harness & Trunks,
And Importers of
No. 144 Main street,
Opposite the Bank of Missouri, St. Louis, Mo.

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Wolff & Engert ,
Importers and Dealers of
Paper Hangings,
Colors, Fancy Papers, &c.,
No. 43 South Second street, between Elm aud Myrtle,
St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand, all kinds of Colors, Artists’ Tools, Brushes, Lead Pencils, Paint
Boxes, &c. ☞ Paper Hangings, Borders, Chimney Screenes, Window Shades, &c.
Gold, Silver and Marble Papers, Gold and Silver Bronze, Gold and Silver Leaf.


Gre & Guenaudon ,
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Importers of all kinds of
Brandies, Wines, Liquors,
Hardware and Cutlery,
No. 16 South Main street, opposite the Old Market,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Sole Agents in this City for Henry Laforge & Co.’s Cognac Brandy,
Chas. Lesage & Co.’s Rochelle Brandy, Samuel Dubois & Co.’s Bor-
deaux Brandy, Berthoud Sons Swiss Absinth and Kirschenwasser.

M.Labalette, , Agent , No. 13, Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux.


J. & C. Maguire ,
Druggists and Apothecaries,
Corner of Second and Olive streets,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Dealers in Medicines, English and French Chemicals, Per-
fumery, Dye Stuffs and Paints, Varnishes, Oils, Window
Glass, &c., &c.

[missing figure]

N. B.—Particular attention paid to putting up Prescrip-
tions, Family Medicines, Medicine Chests, &c.


FrancisLepere, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Groceries, Wines, Liquors,
and Provisions ,
South East corner of Franklin Avenue & Seventh sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Outfits for California, Salt Lake, or Oregon Emigrants, put up
with dispatch.

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DavidKeith, .

Wm.William S.Woods, .

Keith & Woods ,
Booksellers and Stationers,
88 Market street, between Third and Fourth,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ School, Theological and Miscellaneous Books, Staple and Fancy
Stationery, Pen Knives, Wafers, Blank Books, &c., &c., wholesale and


FrederickDings, .

WilliamStein, .

F. Dings & ,
Importers of
German, French and English
Fancy goods and Toys,
Wholesale Dealers in
American Varietv Goods
And Manufacturers of all kinds of Brushes and Curled Hair. No. 47 North Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.


E. F. Kraft & ,
Importers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Hardware, Cutlery,
And Mechanics’ Tools of all kinds,
No. 25 Main Street, Two Doors Above Chesnut,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ N. B.—Coopers’ Tools always on hand.


Robert P.Hall, .

EustaceHydeSmith, .

R. P. Hall & ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Commission Merchants,
No. 18 Main St., St. Louis.

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Woods, Christy & ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Foreign and Domestic
Dry Goods,
Nos. 73 and 75, North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.


Wm.WilliamClaflin, .

John A.Allen, .

Conrad R.Stinde, .

Claflin, Allen & Stinde ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Boots and Shoes,
No. 84 Main street, St. Louis, Mo.


P.Hayden, , Columbus, Ohio.

P.Wilson, , Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hayden & Wilson ,
Importers and Manufacturers of
Saddlery Hardware,
Carriage Trimings,
Saddle Trees, Hog Skins, Skirting, Harness and Bridle Leather,
Wood and Iron Hames, &c.No. 11 North Main street, bet. Chesnut and Market,
St. Louis, Mo.


R. F.Toomer, ,
[Successer to L. Newberry & ]

Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Tin and Sheet Iron Ware ,
Stoves, Grates, Hollom-mare,
Plows, &c.No. 65 Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.

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AlonzoChild, .

Elon . G.Pratt, .

O. W.Child, .

Child, Pratt & ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Foreign and Domestic
Hardware, Cutlery
And Guns,
No. 147 Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.


John Flintham & ,
Dealers in
Leather of Every Description,
Hides. Oil, &c. Also, Saddlery Hardware and Coach Trimmings,
No. 142 North Main St., Opposite The Bank.
St. Louis, Mo.


LeonardForbes, ,
Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
American, German and French Goods ,
Looking-Glass Plates,
Watches, Clocks. and Jewelry, Silverware, Looking-
Glasses, Picture Frames, Combs, Cutlery and
Variety Goods.
No. 92 Main street, St. Louis.

☞ Watches and Jewelry Repaired—Plates put in old frames—Frames Regilt.


D.Glazier, ,
Hat Manufacturer ,
89 Market Street,
Six Doors East of Nicholson’s Grocery Store,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Always on hand, a general assortment of Men’s and Boys’ Hats and Caps,
wholesale and retail, very low for cash.

Hats made to order, in a style not to be excelled.

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Bakery !
No. 68 Commercial street,
In the rear of M’Allister & Co’s Boat Store, between Vine street
and Washington avenue;
Also, 174 South Fourth St.,
Manufacturer of
Loaf Bread, Pilot Bread,
And all the varieties of Crackers, viz:
Sugar, Soda, Boston, Butter, & Water

☞ Orders filled as though the person was present. ☜


Bartlett & Pegram ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats,
Caps, Boots, Shoes.
Wines, Liquors, Boat Stores, &c.
No. 13 Levee, Corner of Walnut Street,
(Opposite Illinois River Packet Landing.)


St. Louis, Mo.


Cutter & Tirrill ,
Commission Merchants,
And Wholesale Dealers in
Groceries, Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
No. 39 Levee, Corner of Locust Street,
St. Louis.

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J. P.Capelle, ,
and Jeweler ,
Dealer in
Watches, Jewelry, Silver-ware, Fine Pocket and Table
Cutlery, Dickinson & Son’s Britannia-ware, with a general assortment
of Fancy Goods, &c.,
at No. 114 Fourth Street, Glasgow’s Row, St, Louis.

☞ N. B.—C’ocks, Watches and Jewelry carefully repaired.


E.Jackard, .

A. S.Mermod, .

Eugene Jaccard & ,
Importers and Manufacturers of
Watches, Jewelry, Silver-Ware
Fancy Articles,
No. 37 Fourth St., St. Louis.

☞ Watches and Jewelry carefully repaired.


New York Music Store .

Henry P.Sherburne, ,
No. 36 Market street, St. Louis, Mo.,
Agent for Edward Baack, New York, for the sale of
Musical Instruments and

[missing figure]
Of every description. Wholesale at New York prices; Retail at less than can be
bought west of the Mountains. Billiard and Ten Pin Balls, &c. Lighte & New-
ton’s, Wm.William Hall & Son’s, and Crow & Christopher’s Piano Fortes.

By E. B. Carpenter, Geo. A. Prince & , and Alexandies & Fils of Paris.

N. B.—Old Billiard Balls turned, colored and rendered as good as new. Melodeons, Fluti-
nas, Accordeons, Guitars, Violins, Flutes, Cornets, Trumpets and all kinds of musical instru-
ments repaired at the shortest notice and by the most skilful workmen.


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JosephMogridge, .

FrancisMcFaul, .

Mogridge & McFaul ,
Commission & Forwarding
Corner of Commercial and Pine streets, St. Louis.

☞ Consignments will receive prompt and personal attention. ☜

☞ The Forwarding and Receiving Business entrusted to us, guaranteed to give satisfac-
tion. Orders for purchasing filled at the shortest notice and lowest market prices. Liberal
Cash Advance on Produce and Merchandise, in hand.


GarrettWorthington, .

J.Ensminger, .

G. Worthington & ,
Commission and Forwarding
Corner Commercial & Chesnut sts.streets , St. Louis.

Agents for Beatty , Liggett & , New Orleans.

Liberal Cash Advances made on Consignments for sale here, or shipment to other markets.

Personal attention given to sales and filling orders.


JohnTriplett, .

J. M.M’fadin, .

MilesSells, .

Triplett, McFadin & ,
Commission & Forwarding
No. 10 Commercial st., betw. Washington avavenue . & Vine st.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Dealers in Hemp, Pork, Bacon, Flour, Grain, &c.


ThomasBurke, ,
Dealer in Produce ,
29 Commercial street, St. Louis.

Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Flour, Apples, Potatoes, Onions,
&c., always on hand.

☞ Orders promptly attended to. ☜

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E. & C. Robyn’s
Lithographic, Engraving, Drawing
And Color Printing Establishment,
No. 44 N. Second st., St. Louis.

Showbills, Portraits, Landscapes, Labels, Business and Visiting Cards,
Maps, Plans, Diplomas, Bills of Lading, Bills of Exchange, Promissory
Notes, Checks, Illustrations, Titles, &c., neatly executed.


[missing figure]

CharlesSteller, ,
Manufacturer of
Piano Fortes ,
S. W. corner Fourteenth & Market sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo. Repairing Done.


Noyes B.Meech, ,
Dealer in
Books, Stationery,
And Paper ,
North West corner of Main & Chesnut sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo.


George H.Thorpe, ,
and Copper Plate-Printer ,
18 N. Second street, St. Louis,
Opposite the Post Office.

☞ General Engraving, in Card, Letter and Copper-Plate Printing. Wedding,
Visiting, and Business Cards, Seals, Brands, &c.

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E.Vallat, ,
Fancy Dyer and Scourer ,
45 Fifth street, between Pine & Olive,
St. Louis.

Dyeing in all its Branches,
Executed with neatness and dispatch.

☞ Mrs. Vallat, French Milliner and Dress Maker.


RudolphFritsch, ,
Dealer in
Glothing and Gentlemen’s
Furnishing Goods ! No. 60 Third Street,
Between Pine and Olive, next door to Bartling Saloon., St. Louis, Mo.


PeterAmbs, .

JuliusLaue, .

Ambs & Laue ,
Importers of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
No. 9 Pine Street,
Between Main and Second street, St. Louis, Mo.

Otard, Dupuy & ; Pinet, Castillon & ; Jules, Robin & ; A.
Seignett & ; Holland Gin; Jamaica and Santa Cruix Rum; Irish
and Scotch Whisky; Swiss Absynthe, Kirschwasser.

Wines:—In casks and Boxes.

Haut Santernes; Barsac; Claret; Port; Sherry; Madeira; Rhinewine;
Champaign; Native Catawba.

Sardines, Swiss Cheese, Herrings, Cordials, and
Wholesale Dealers in Domestic Liquors.

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A. E.Koels, ,
Commission Merchant ,
And Importer and Wholesale Dealer in
Brandies, Wines and Liquors,
No. 37 Second Street,
Between Chesnut and Pine, St. Louis, Mo.


Livermore & Cooley ,
Wholesale Grocers
Commission and forwarding Merchants,
136 Second st., St. Louis, Mo.

Also, Agents for A. F. Cochran & , of New Orleans,
Importers of Fruits, Nuts, Wines, Liquors, Cigars, &c.


Ice! Ice! Ice!

J. S. Johnston’s
Mammoth Ice Houses ! Depot on Commercial St.;
Between Vine street and Washington Avenue.
St. Louis, Mo.


Jacks, Keiler & ,
Wholesale Dealers in
and Importers of
Cloths, Cassimers and Vestings, and other Goods adapted to the Clothing Trade,
No. 56 Main, between Pine and Olive streets.

St. Louis, Mo.

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Charles T. A.Lohman, ,
Importer and Manufacturer of
Gilt and Rosewood
Picture Frames ! 36 Walnut street, between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand, all sizes of French Picture Glass. All kinds of
Farcy Boxes, Jewelry Cases, &c., made to order.


RichardConner, ,
Engraver and Copper-Plate Printer ,
44 Second Street,
Three Boors South of Pine, St. Louis, Mo.

Professional. Visiting, Wedding, Invitation and
Business Cards.

Seals, and Seal Presses of all Descriptions.

Engraving on Gold, Silver and other wares.


John Brooks ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Furnishing and Fancy Goods! No. 58 Market Street, St. Louis.

Keeps Constantly on Hand, a Full Stock of
Gold and Silver Fringes and Laces,
Millinery Goods, &c.


T.Grimsley, .

G. L.Stansbury, .

J. J.Grimsley, .

T. Grimsley & ,
Dealers in all Kinds of
Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Trunks,
Carpet Bags, &C.,
68 Main street, four doors below Olive street,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Gentlemen’s Furnishing Store,
Fourth st., opposite Planters’ House,
St. Louis, Mo.

Where may be had, at all times, the best

Shirts, Dressing Robes, Gloves,
Collars, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders,
Stocks, Shoulder Braces, Coat Links,
Scarfs, Money Belts, Combs,
Cravats, Cravat Stiffners, Brushes,
Razors, Under Shirts, Ties,
Razor Strops, Port Monaies, Drawers,
Fancy Soaps, Cigar Cases, &c., &c., &c. Perfumery,

Particular attention will be given to the manufacture of
Drawers, Collars, Stocks and Ties,
To order, in the best possible manner, of any desired
style or price.

A “Fit” Guaranteed,
And due regard paid to punctuality and despatch.

John B.Shepperd, .

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Nathan Coleman’s
Turning Shop
Corner of Tenth and St. Charles sts.streets ,
Manufacturer of
Hoisting and Pilot Wheels,
Block and Tackle,
Capsen Bars & Spars,
Of all sizes. I also take
Contracts for rail Road Burthen & Dirt Cars,
Of the best materials, and warranted.

WheelBarrows, ,
Wagon Hubs,
And Stair Banisters
Kept constantly on hand.

Awning Posts and Bed Posts,
Furnished to order.

Circular & Scroll Sawing
Done to order in the best manner,

N. C.

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EdwardBoyle, ,
Boiler Maker and Sheet Iron Worker ,
Main street, between Cherry & Carr, St. Louis,
Second-hand Boilers bought, sold and exchanged for new ones. Sheet-Iron Work done of every description, such as Chimneys, Brichen, Escape Pipes, Fire Beds, Condensers, Stoves. Forges, &c., &c., and Steamboat Work in general.

[missing figure]

Repairing Done,
At the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms.

Also, I have on hand,
Life Boats,
Made according to the provisions of the new steamboat law, which I guarantee comes up to the letter of the new law.


New No. 82
Old No. 88

J. H.Lightner, ,

New No. 82
Old No. 88

Second st., betw. Locust and Olive, opposite Monroe House,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Latest and best Patterns for cooking and other uses.

[missing figure]

Hollow-Ware, and Castings, also,
Ploughs, Peoria & Moline Ploughs & Breakers
Rail Road Iron Ploughs, for contractors’ use,
Jewett, Peacock and other patterns.

[missing figure]
[missing figure]

Also, Hall, Dodd & Co.’s Patent
Fire and Thief Proof
☞ A superior article, ☜
having a run of public favor unprecedented.

Call and Examine.

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[missing figure]
[missing figure]
[missing figure]

H.Kallmann, ,
Manufacturer of all Kinds of
Optical, Mathematical,
Philosophical Instruments ,
No. 47 Second street,
Between Chesnut and Pine, St. Louis, Mo.


[missing figure]

T.Smith, ,
Wholesale Dealer in every variety and style of
Eight-day and Thirty-hour Brass
Clock Trimmings,
Looking-Glasses, &c.,
No. 88 N. Main street, Up-Stairs,
☞ Orders punctnally attended to withcare.


W.Dobson, ,
Truss Maker ! Fourth street, opposite the Court House,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

W. D., having had several years experience in the
practice of his profession in one of the largest Hospitals
in England, can guarantee an effective, comfortable truss.

☞ Instruments for distortion, and laced stockings for
varicoso veins, &c., &c.

W.Dobson, , Fourth st., opposite Court House.

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P. F.Dunn, ,
Manufacturer of Superior
Bank , Jail and House
No. 90 Washington Avenue,
Between Fourth and Fifth streets, St. Louis, Mo.,
Constantly on hand, all
kinds of
Bolts, Hinges, &c.

[missing figure]

Bells Hung,
Locks Repaired,
And Keys Fitted.

Hotel and Steamboat Locks
made to prevent being opened
by outsiders.


Geo. N. Lynch &Co ,
Office No. 71 Fifth street, East Side, betw, Olive & Locust,
Opposite Mercantile Library Hall,
Furnishers of Funerals
in all its Branches.

Also, Agents for the Sale of the
Patent Metalic Burial Cases!

[missing figure]

A large supply constantly on hand, and sold at the
manufacturer’s prices.

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Dr. A. G.Bragg, .

G. W.Westbrook, .

A. G Bragg & ,
Proprietors of the Celebrated
Mexican Mustang

☞ This Liniment has been before the American people nearly four years. Over six millions of bottles have been sold and used, for a great variety
of complaints, both of man and animals, and it has always given satisfaction, because it has performed just what we said it would.

It has healed Cancers and other Scrofulous and Ulcerous Sores, that had resisted the treatment of the entire Medical Faculty. For
Rheumatism, Inflamed or Swollen Joints, Lumbago, Sciatica, Gout, Hard Bony Tumors, Contracted and Hardened Cartilages,
Ligaments, Tendons, or any of the appendages about the articulations, there is nothing can surpass the Mustang Liniment in arresting inflammation,
reducing the swelling, softening, discussing, lubricating and restoring to healthy action all derangements, obstructions, or injuries of Bone, Muscles,
Cartilage, Nerve or Skin; Sprains, Bruises, Burns, or Scalds, recent Sores or Wounds; as also, Piles yield to its soothing and healing influences like a
charm. For Horses, it is invaluable, as it is a guaranteed remedy for Spavin, Ringbone, Splint, Poll Evil, Scratches, Sweeny, Saddle,
Harness or Collar Galls, and Bruises or Sprains of any kind.

☞ For sale by all dealers in Drugs and Medicines, throughout the United States and British Provinces.

Principal Offices :
No. 304 Broadway, New York, and corner of Third and Market streets, St. Louis, Mo.

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H.King, .

F. W.D’kantzow, .

King & D’kantzow ,
and General Agents,
Corner of Second and Chesnut Streets,
Over the New Post Office,
St. Louis, Mo.


JosephRowe, ,
Lumber Merchant ,
Wisconsin Lumber Yard,
Office on Broadway,
Opposite Ashley and near Biddle street,
Residence, E. S. Collins, N. Of O’fallon,
St. Louis, Mo.


StephenHoyt, .

G. C.Greene, .

Stephen Hoyt & ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Commission & Forwarding Merchants,
47 Second street,
Between Olive and Pine, St. Louis, Mo.

Wines, Fruits, Nuts, Cheese.

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[missing figure]

Goodin & Tooker ,
Gas and Steam-pipe

Brass Founders
and Finishers ,
No. 125 N. Third st., between Vine st. and Washington avavenue ., St. Louis.

We are constantly manufacturing and in receipt of a large assortment of Gas Fixtures
of every description and
the latest styles. Also, Oil Chandeliers, Solar and Spirit Gas Lamps, Lard and Chemical Oil Hanging Lamps, Hall Lamps, Hand Lantherns,
Girandoles, Candlesticks, &c. Constantly on hand, Wrought Iron and Brass
Tubing; Plain, Brass and Iron Cocks; and Globe Valves for Water, Steam and Gas;
Iron and Brass Steam and Gas Fittings, &c. We are prepared to execute all jobs of
Steam fitting for drying and heating with despatch.


Peter J.Peters, .

[missing figure]

Saddle, Harness & Collar
Manufacturer ,
No. 2, corner Main and Market & 19 Market st.
St. Louis, Mo.

Sole Agent, for Burgess’ Patent Self Adjusting Buckle.

Always on hand a large assortment of Stock.

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College ,
Has Been Removed to the
South-East Corner of Washington Av.
and Third street.

A full course of instruction in this Institution embraces
Double Entry Book-Keeping,
Commercial Calculations,
Commercial Law and Penmanship.

☞Gentlemen can enter for the courses separately, and at anytime, as instruction
is imparted individually, and not in classes, and each department is independent and
under the control of its respective Professor, who alone is responsible for the progress
of his pupils.

☞Young gentlemen wishing to prepare themselves for business pursuits, are respectfully
invited to call during business hours and examine the mode of imparting
instruction, the progress of the pupils, and the superior facilities extended to those
desirous of qualifying themselves for the practical duties of the counting house. Personal
reference given to above one hundred and eighty (180) practical accountants
now in charge of books in this city, all of whom have completed their business education
in this Institution.

N. B.—For Circulars containing information in regard to the terms, the course of
instruction, and all business connected with the above, call at the Book-keeping Department,
corner of Washington Avenue and Third street, or address

Jonathan, Jones, St. Louis, Mo.

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For Hats, Caps, Furs, &c. ,
Go to New York Hat Store,
170 Broadway,
Above Green,
C. H.Frederick, , Proprietor .


ThomasMathews, ,
Dealer in Every Description of
Leather and Findings ,
No. 20 South Main street,
Opposite the old Market,
St. Louis, Mo.


MarkHamilton, ,
Wholesale Grocer ,
Dealer in Foreign Wines and Liquors,
Manufacturer of all kinds of
Domestic Liquors and Rectified Whisky,
No. 82 Levee,
St. Louis, Mo.


JohnClemens, ,
Sail Maker ,
85 Levee, corner of Green street, St. Louis.

Constantly on hand, all kinds of Canvas, and Canvas Work. He is
also prepared to make, at short notice, Awnings; Tarpaulings; Tent,
Dray and Wagon Covers; Traveling Bags; Grain Bags; Oil Cloth Clothing;
Bed Bottoms and Hammocks; Blocks and Tackle.

☞All kinds of Rope Splicing, and Canvas Work done to order, cheaper than any
other establishment of the kind in the city.

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[missing figure]

Herman H.Meier, ,
Successor to Thos. J. Meier,
Dealer in
Hardware & Cutlery,
N. E. cor. Green & Broadway,
St. Louis.

Keeps constantly on hand, a general assortment of
Hardware and Cutlery!

Consisting, in part, of Building Materials, Chains, Tools, Grinding
Stones, Farming Tools, Household Utensils, &c., &c.

☞ All of which will be sold at the lowest cash prices.


Cheap Book Store .

James M. Crawford’s
Book Store !

Is at No. 36 Chesnut street,
From which place he will supply all orders for Books, at lowest cash
prices. He respectfully solicits Country Merchants, Booksellers, Canvassers,
Agents, and Strangers in the city, to call and examine his extensive
collection of Cheap Publications, where they will be sure to find
all the latest and cheapest works published in this country.

He has also for sale, every cheap publication and magazine issued
in this country, and all other cheap editions published of any of the
foreign authors. Any work, new or old, can be obtained by leaving
their orders with him, or sending through the post office, post paid.

Agents, Pedlars, Country Merchants, Dealers in Cheap Works, and
all others, will be supplied with any thing in my line, at publishers
lowest cash prices, and their orders will be filled at as low prices, if
not lower than any other house in the city.

Remember, Jas. M.Crawford, , 36 Chesnut street.


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Dr. Easterly’s
Valuable Family Medicines ,
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail,
South East corner of Third and Chesnut streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

The following is a list of his articles:

Dr. Easterly’s Iodine and Sarsaparilla;
Dr. Easterly’s Fever and Ague Killer;
Dr. Carter’s Cough Balsam;
Dr. Hunter’s German Bitters;
Dr. Easterly’s Pain Killer;
Dr. Easterly’s DiarrhŒa Syrup;
Dr. Allen’s Rheumatic Balm;
Dr. Easterly’s Nerve and Bone Liniment;
Dr. Easterly’s Vermifuge;
Dr. Cook’s Magic Hair Oil;
Dr. Easterly’s Medicated Strengthening Plaster;
Gridley’s Salt Rheum and Tetter Ointment;
Dr. Hooper’s Female Cordial;
Dr. Baker’s Specific;
Worsdell’s Vegetable Pills;

☞ Families, Country Merchants and Druggists are
invited to call, examine the stock and prices.

Dr. E.Easterly, .


J. H.White, ,
Lumber Dealer ,
Corner Third and Vine Streets,
Opposite the City Hotel, and
Corner of Broadway and O’Fallon streets,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Has constantly on hand, a general assortment of Plank; Boards; Joists;
Seantling; White and Yellow Pine; White and Yellow Pine in the
rough; White and Yellow Pine Dressed Flooring Boards; Dressed
Flooring; Poplar and White Pine Weather Boards, Dressed and
Undressed; Shingles and Lathes: Cedar Posts and Fencing; Doors;
Blinds; Window Sash aad every variety of stock usually to be found in
Lumber Yards.

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Marine, Fire and Hull Insurance.

Delaware Mutual Safety
Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

Agent’s Office , south-west corner of Main and Pine sts.streets ,
Up-stairs, in Rankin’s Building, at St. Louis, Mo.

Marine, Inland and Fire Insurances .

Marine Insurances on Vessels, Cargo, Freight, to all parts of the

Inland Insurances on Goods by Rivers, Canals and Lakes, and by
Land Carriage to all parts of the Union, including the risk by Fire
until arrived.

Fire Insurances on Merchandise generally, on Stores, Dwelling
Houses, &c., &c.

Assets of the Company.

Bonds, Mortgages, and Ground Rent, $25,000 0
$33,055 Pennsylvania six per cent. loan, 33,255 00
$12,000 Pennsylvania five per cent. loan, 11,640 00
$30,000 Philadelphia City, six, 32,700 00
$2,000 United States six per cent. loan, 2,380 00
$10,000 Spring Garden six per cent. loan, 10,500 00
$3,000 Kensington Water Works six per cent. loan, 3,100 00
$1,000 Kensington District six per cent. loan, 990 00
$27,500 Camden and Amboy Railroad six per cent. loan, 27,510 00
$10,000 Camden and Amboy Railroad five per cent. loan, 9,000 00
$15,000 Wilmington Railroad six per cent. loan, 14,850 00
100 shares Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 4,775 00
5 " Pennsylvania Steamship Company, 3,250 00
50 " Merchants’ and Manufacturers’ Bank, Pittsburgh, 2,750 00
5 " Philadelphia and Havre de Grace Steam Tow
Boat Company,
250 00
20 " Cape Henlopen Steamboat Company, 500 00
2 " Philadelphia Exchange Company, 100 00
Scrip and Stock of sundry Insurance Companies, 8,162 70
Bills receivable, 120,183 52
Cash on hand, 21,706 64
Balances in the hands of agents and premiums on Marine
Policies recently issued,
87,137 27
Subscription notes, 100,000 00
$519,769 13


WilliamFolwell, ,
WilliamMartin, ,
Joseph H.Seal, ,
Edmond A.Souder, ,
John C.Davis, ,
RobertBurton, ,
John R.Penrose, ,
EdwardDarlington, ,
Isaac R.Davis, ,
John S.Newlin, ,
Dr. R. M.Huston, ,
James C.Hand, ,
TheophilusPaulding, ,
Samuel E.Stokes, ,
H. JonesBrooke, ,
HenrySloan, ,
HughCraig, ,
WilliamEyre, Jr.,
Charles W.Kelly, ,
J. G.Johnson, ,
George G.Leiper, .
JamesTraquair, ,
SpencerM’Ilvaine, ,
JamesTennant, ,
Joseph S.Burnett, ,
Joshua L.Price, ,
J. T.Logan, , Pittsburgh,
D. T.Morgan, .

WilliamMartin, , President .

Thos. C.Hand, , Vice President .

Joseph W.Cowan, , Secretary ,

By the act in corporating this Company, the parties insuring property therein are entitled to
a share of the profits of the institution, without subjecting themselves to any liability beyond
the premium paid.

The undersigned having been appointed Agent of the above Company, is now ready to insure
buildings and their contents against loss or damage by fire. Cargoes of all descriptions by
river, lake or sea navigation, on the most favorable terms. Also, on hulls of steamboats navigating
the western waters.

EdwardBrooke, , Agent .

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H. B.Osborne, ,

J. P.Camp, .

T.Ward, .

Osborne, Camp & ,
Manufacturers & Dealers,
41 Third street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]
[missing figure]

Having a practical knowledge of the several branches connected with
said business, offer to manufacture for the citizens of St. Louis and
vicinity, to their entire satisfaction, Carriages of every description—in
the construction of which, with the best of materials, taste and durability
will be especially combined. They have always on hand a
choice assortment of new and second-handwork. All orders promptly
attended to. Carriages stored or sold on commission upon the most
reasonable terms, and repairing done at the shortest notice.


Horton & Macy ,
Manufacturers of
Enameled Iron Mantles
and Grates,
Iron Railing,
And all Descriptions of Fine Castings,
No. 43 Fifth Street,
Between Olive and Pine,
St. Louis.

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P.Chouteau, Jr.,

Jas.Harrison, ,

FelixValle, .

Chouteau, Harrison & Valle ,
Proprietors of
St. Louis Rolling Mills,
Manufacturers of
Sheet and Boiler Plate,
Iron Mountain Iron Nails,
Importers of Steel and Dinners’ Stock,
Warehouse, 110 Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.


L. F.Hastings, .

L.Mower, .

Hastings & Mower ,
Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Workers,
Dealers in all kinds of
Stoves and Trimmings,
Also, Roofing, and Bright Work, suitable for Steamboats, Hotels, &c.No. 70 Second street,
Second door from Olive, or S. W. corner from the Monroe House.

☞ All orders in our line executed in a workman-like manner, with
promptness and dispatch, and satisfactory terms.


W. G.Ashdown, ,
(Successor to Wm. M. Ashdown)
Gas & Steam Fitter
No. 43 Third Street,
Between Pine and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Private and Public Buildings, Offices and Stores, fitted up for
the use of Coal Gas, in the most approved manner.

Oil Chandeliers altered to burn Coal Gas. Also, Brass Castings and
Finishing, By strict attention to neatness, cheapness and dispatch, I
hope to merit a share of public patronage.

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[missing figure]
[missing figure]
[missing figure]

Greenfield, Sluder & ,
Importers and Dealers in
Pianos and Musical Instruments! Lamps, Girandoles,
Plain and Fine Furniture, Looking-Glasses, &c.,
96 North Fourth street, between Olive and Locust,
St. Louis, Mo.


FrancisBeehler, ,
Upholsterer ,
N. W. corner of Second and Olive streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Steam Boats and Hotels,
Furnished in the best manner, cheap for cash.

Feather Beds, Hair, Moss, Shuck, Palm Leaf and Straw Mattresses,
Constantly on hand, or made to order.

☞ Carpets and Oil Cloths cut and made; Beds and Mattresses refilled, Chairs and
Sofas repaired at short notice. Families supplied cheaper than any other house in
St. Louis.


S. B.Flint, ,
Dealer in
Cabinet Furniture, Chairs,
Mattresses, Looking-Glasses,
No. 9 Main street, St. Louis.

Mahogany and Rose Wood Plank and Veneers, Faney Moulding, Var-
nish, Glue, Castors, Screws, Locks, &c.; Looking-Glass Plates, Hair
Cloths; Plush, of various qualities and colors; Tacks and
Twine; Webbing Springs; Curtain Fixtures; Cords;
Tassels, Fancy Window Shades, &c., &c., &c.

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JamesBeakey, ,
167 North Main street, one square above the Bank,
Dealer in
Cook, Parlor & Heating
And Manufacturers of
Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron-ware, Grates
and Fenders.


[missing figure]
[missing figure]

Francis Mayer & ,
Brass Founders
South Convent street, betw. Third and Fourth.

☞ They cast Bells of any size, tone or description; also, in Brass,
all kinds of work whatever.

Old Copper, Metal, Brass, Zinc, Tin and Lead at the highest prices
will be taken in payment and bought.


W. Wiswell & ,
No. 36 North Main street,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Wholesale and Retail Dralers in
Stoves, Grates & Fronts,
And Manufacturers of Tin, Copper and Sheet-iron,
Also, constantly on hand,
Steam Boat Stoves & Hollow - Ware,
Kitchen Furniture and Plows.

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Bryan & Miltenberger ,
Wholesale Grocers
And Commission Merchants,
No. 34 Levee,
on the Corner of Vine Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Agent for Eagle and Lebanon Cotton Yarns, Iron
Mountain Nails, &c.


Braun, Krug & ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Importers of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
Nos. 33 & 35 S. Main street,
Nos. 5 and 7 Commercial street, [opposite the old stand.]
St. Louis, Mo.


JohnCorcoran, ,
Commission & Forwarding
And Wholesale Dealer in
Butter and Cheese,
No. 9 Commercial street,
In the rear of the Bank of the State of Missouri,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Paper Hangings Warehouse !

Geo. B.Michael, ,
Importer and Manufacturer of
Paper Hangings ! Borders, Views, Tester Pieces, Statuary,
Chimney Screens, Upholstery Goods,
Transparent, Venitian and India
Window Shades, &c.,
No. 100 Fourth street, near Locust,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Keep constantly on hand, an extensive and splendid assortment
of every description of French and American Paper Hangings, Borders,
Chimney Screens, &c., &c., which, for cheapness, quality and
variety, cannot be surpassed by any other establishment in the United
States. ☞Orders from dealers, merchants and others, executed with
promptness, accuracy and dispatch.


Dobyns & Spauldings’
Gallery ,
Corner of Fourth and Olive streets,
Over Porter, White & ,
St. Louis, Mo.

Furnished with Every Article
Used in the Art,
At the Lowest Market Prices.

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Mudgett & James ,
Retail Dealers in
Fancy and Staple
Dry Goods,
Curtain Materials, &c.,
Corner of Fourth and St. Charles streets,
in Glasgows’ Row, St. Louis, Mo.


M. Pfeiffer’s
Boys’ Clothing Establishment ,
No. 21 Market street,
Also, a Large Assortment of
Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods,
After the newest style—at the lowest prices.

Men and Boy’s Clothing made to order.

“No Trouble to Show Goods.”


John H.Adams, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Ready Made Clothing,
No. 50,
Southwest corner of Main & Pine streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Terms as reasonable as any other Clothier in the city.

☞Prices a little lower.☜

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St. Louis Insurance Company ,
Office, S. W. corner of Main and Olive streets,
Insurance Against Loss by Fire and Marine,
Sea and Inland.


Saml. K.Wilson, ,
J. C.Rust, ,
J. B. S.Lemoine, ,
J. E.Yeatman, ,
ThorntonGrimsley, ,
CharlesMiller, ,
LaurasonLevering, ,
J. D.Osborne, ,
AbnerHood, ,
GeorgeKnapp, ,
E. Y.Ware, ,
J. D.Houseman, .

Geo. K.McGunnegle, , President .
ThomasWebster, , Secretary .


Presbury & ,
No. 105 Main street, corner of Locust,
Money Brokers,
Publishers of the Coin Chart,
Counterfeit Detector.


D. Kirkham & Bros. ,
Commission and Forwarding
and Dealers in Land Warrants.

Also, Mamufacturers of
Chewing and Smoking Tobacco,
23 South Levee, corner of Elm,
St. Louis.

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A. M. Bacon’s
Wire Factory
No. 59 Market street,
Between Second and Third,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Manufactured, and constantly on hand, a complete assortment
of Seives, Riddles and Traps, Coal, Sand and Grain Screens, Fanning
Mill and Rolling-Screen Wire Cloth, and Screenery of all kinds.

A large supply of Fence Wire will be kept, with plans for con-
structing Fences.


Great Western
Ox Yoke and Bow
Manufactory .

Andrew Bow,
General Builder and Contractor,
200 Second Street,
Between Morgan and Cherry, St. Louis.

Altering and repairing attended to.


Outley’s Sky-Light
Daguerrian Gallery !
Corner of
Washington Avenue and Third Street.

I would solicit an examination of some of the very fine specimens in my Gallery, by all in
want of a good life-toned picture. As they are all taken by myself in this city, and Not
Brought from the East, I will warrant as good and perfect a picture as can be
had at any other rooms, or refund the money. Our accommodations and modes of access and
egress are second to none in the city, and our prices as low and uniform, varying frnm $1 to
$10. Pictures, either single or in groupes, taken in clowdy as well as fair weather, and at the
shortest notice. Strangers, or those living in the City are assured their work can be done in
the finest possible manner for one-half what is charged at other Galleries. By endeavoring to
please all, and gentlemanly attention to my customers, I hope to receive as heretofore, a share
of the public patronage.

J. J.Outley, , Artist .

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Townsend, Robinson & ,
Wholesale Grocers,
and General
Commission Merchants,
27 Levee—54 Commercial st.,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Strict attention paid to the sale of every description of Country Produce,
Manufactures and Merchandise.


Page & Bacon , St. Louis. Fuller & Kellogg , New York.
John S.Thompson, , C. P.Peck, ,
Hatch, Hill & , Boston. Hodges, Gould & Rockwell , Chicago.
T. B.Bigelow, , Henry VanBerger, , Cincinnati.
WilliamCuddy, , Wheeling. Wood & Low , New Orleans.


E. C.Angelrodt, .

RobertBarth, .

Angelrodt & Barth ,
Commission & Forwarding
No. 123 North Second street,
Between Vine street and Washington avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

We are prepared to make remittances to, and collections
in all parts of Germany.


Geo. R.Borrowman, .

DavidBorrowman, .

Borrowman & Brother ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Groceries, Teas,
Wines, Liquors,
and Provisions,
N. W. coruer af Sixth and Green sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Lynch & Tanguay ,
89 Chesnut street,
Between Third and Fourth streets,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Family Groceries,
Wines, Liquors, &c.,
for Sale at the
Old Post Office Buildings Grocery.


83 H. A.Conant, , 83
Successor to Robinson, Waller & Coles,
Cash Dealer in
Hides and Leather
No. 83 Second street,
Between Olive and Locust,
St. Louis.


A. S. W.Goodwin, .

S. C.Stewart, .

Goodwin & Stewart ,
Manufacturers of
Lard Oil, Soap & Candles,
No. 65 Commercial street,
One Door North of Olive,
Corner of Washington av.avenue and Fifteenth st.
St. Louis, Mo.

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EdwardCoons, ,
Dealer in
and Cutlery ,
Mechanics’ Tools,
Builders’ Hardware and Farming Utensils,
No. 208 Market street,
Between Eighth and Ninth Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.


Henry G.Bilstein, .

HenryHenneke, .

H. G. Bilstein & ,
Importers of and Dealers in
Cutlery & All Kinds of Toys,
Wholesale and Retail,
No. 13 North Main street,
Betw. Market & Chesnut, above Old Market, Block No. 8,
St. Louis, Mo.


Geo. M.Wolff, .

John D.Shaffer, .

St. Louis
Venetian Blind Factory .

Geo. M. Wolff & ,
No. 143 Locust st.,
Between Fifth and Sixth street, [on the North side,]
St. Louis, Mo.,
Keeps constantly on hand, and makes to order,
Inside Venetian Blinds,
Of the best quality.

N. B.—Old Blinds re-painted and trimmed at the shortest notice, and upon the
most reasonable terms.

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A. W. Sproule & ,
N. W. corner of Main and Vine sts.streets ,
Importers aud Dealers in
Fine Clothing,
and Gentlements’
Furnishing Goods!

N. B.—Weekly supplies received throughout the season, from our Manufactory
in New York.


C. Franck & ,
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in
Hats, Caps & Straw Goods,
and Importers of
Cloth, Plush, Mohair, Cap and Hat
No. 155 Main street,
Between Vine street and Washington avenue, St. Louis, Mo.


JohnM’Neil, .
and Dealer in
Caps, Furs, and Straw Goods ,
Wholesale and Retail,
17 and 19 Market street, St. Louis.

Fashions received semi-annually direct from Paris.

Single Hats Made to Order.

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John R.Jennings, ,
Importer of
Fine Wines and Liquors,
of all Countries.

Vins De Grave,
Rhenish Wines,
Paris Cordials.

Old Cognac Brandies,
Jamaica Spirits, Holland Gin, Whisky, Blackberry and
Cherry Brandies, Scotch Ale, London
Porter and Stout.

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Choice Teas and Coffee,
Preserved Fruits, English Pickles, Sauces, Dried Fruits, Pates de Foie
Gras, Cepes, &c., &c.,
No. 41 Fifth street,
Between Pine and Olive,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ J. R. Jennings invites the attention of Families and Con-
noisseurs to his assortment of Fine Wines and Liquors, on draught and
in bottles, carefully selected by him in person in the different Wine dis-
tricts of Europe, and which are offered under the most positive guaran-
tee of their genuineness and purity. J. R. J. keeps his stock always
complete by direct importations from the principal Wine Dealers of
Europe, and as regards quality or price, he can safely warrant every
article he sells to give entire satisfaction.

☞ All Wines and Liquors sold directly from the original packages
in watch imported.


C. P. Ford,
Engine & Machine
Corner Ashley & Main Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Manufactures Steam Engines, and all kinds of Saw and Grist
Mill Machinery. Particular attention paid to Steamboat Blacksmith-
ing and Job Work of all kinds. Also, keeps on hand and is constantly
manufacturing Portable Corn and Gram Mills. Portable and Sta-
tionery Saw Mills, applicable to Steam, Water or Horse-power.

Orders from the country promptly attended to, and any information
with regard to Machines cheerfully given.

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L.Smith, ,
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Boots & Shoes
236 Broadway, opposite Franklin av.avenue ,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Has always on hand a general assortment of Ladies, Gents’ and
Children’s Boot and Shoes,
at the Lowest Prices.


James H.Tooke, ,
Goldsmith and Jeweler ,
Broadway, betw. Warner and Benton sts.streets ,
Near Cases’ Omnibus Depot,
St. Louis, Mo.

All orders neatly executed at moderate charges.


Mrs. Charlotte Heidenberg’s
And Cook-Shop,
212 Market St.,
Between Eighth and Ninth sts.streets , St. Louis, Mo.

Families supplied with Cooked Provisions of every kind, and in every
style, at short notice. Spiced Round and coll’d Beef, Turkeys, Chick-
ens, Roast Beef. Roast Mutton, Roast Pork and all other Meats on hand
at all times. Meats and Confections of every description, prepared to
order. Physicians can procure Broths Gruels and Jellies of every kind
for their Patients at this establishment.

☞ Every variety of Ice Cream.

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Wm. N. White,
Late White &

FrancisHafkemeyer, .

JamesPorter, ,
Late James Porter &

New Firm.

The subscribers take much pleasure in informing you that they have
formed a copartnership under the name and style of

White, Hafkemeyer & ,
For the purpose of conducting a
Fancy Silk and Staple
Dry Goods!

Carpet and Oil Cloth Business,
In all its various branches, at their newly fitted up Store,
No. 166 Broadway,
Between Green & Morgan Sts.,
(The recent location of the late firm of White & )

One of the firm will reside in the city of New York, for the purpose
of purchasing new and desirable Goods as they are received from foreign
markets, and no pains or expense shall be spared in placing or our
shelves the latest and most fashionable style of
Rich Dress Goods,
As well as the best descriptions of
Staple, House, Steamboat Furnishing Dry Goods,
Carpets, Oil Cloth, Matting and Rugs,
Particular attention has been paid to the
Children’s Department,
To procure for them every thing required. They would most respect-
fully invite a continuance of that patronage which you were pleased to
bestow upon their predecessors. Intending to make their store second
to none in the city, and in no case will our clerks be allowed to repre-
sent our goods above what they will bear.

White, Hafkemeyer &

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W. L.Maddock, ,
Apothecary and Chemist ,
On Green st. 2 doors above Main, under Virginia Hotel,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ American, French, English and German Chemicals, Drugs,
Medicines, Instruments, Perfumeries, &c., &c.

Citrate of Magnesia or Purgative Mineral, Soda, Congress, Bedford
and Blue Lick Waters constantly on hand.

Particular attention given to Physicians and Family Receipes. Also,
to Medicine Chests for Steamboats.


Patrick, Morrison & Co.’s
Lumber Yards
Corner of Biddle and North Main streets,
and Eleventh & Market Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ A general assortment of Building Materials for
sale low, for cash, including White and Yellow Pine
Flooring, Shingles, Laths, &c.


[missing figure]
[missing figure]

JohnBusby, ,
Farrier ,
Shop, No. 54 Morgan Street,
Between Second and Third, South side.

☞ All work in his line neatly executed, at the shortest notice, and
on moderate terms.

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Branch, Crookes & Frost,
Saw Manufacturers,
Office, 36 Vine Street,
Between Main and Second Street,
Factory on Broadway, N. St. Louis,
St. Louis, Mo.

Particular attention paid to repairing all kinds of Saws.


GeorgeKingsland, .

LeRoyKingsland, ,

David K.Ferguson,

Kingslands & Ferguson,
PhŒnix Foundry ,
Nos. 202, 204 and 206 Second street,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Manufacturers of Page’s Patent Portable Saw Mills, and
Horse Powers; Child’s Patent Double Saw Mills,
and Horse Powers.

Clark’s Portable Grist Mill; Shingle Machine; Corn and Cob Crush-
ers; M’Cray’s Smut Machines; Corn Shellers, Threshing Ma-
chines, Plows, Stoves, Bark Mills, Mill Machinery.

Castings of every description, made to order and at short notice.


[missing figure]

D.Morris, .

T.Andrews, .

Morris & Andrews ,
Steamboat Joiners
Corner of Levee and Biddle Streets,
Near the Dry Docks,
St. Louis, Mo.

We are prepared to put up new Cabins in the most improved manner.
Particular attention paid to repairing at short notice, and on reasonable
terms. A large supply of good materials on hand.

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St. Louis Spoke Manufactory!

JacobWoodburn, ,
On Main street, between Biddle and Ashley,
Proprietor of Blachard’s Patent.

Spokes, of White Oak and Hickory, of all sizes and patterns, turned and furnished,
and a large supply constantly kept on hand, at the following rates. viz:

Spokes, all under 2 1-2 inches. from $4 to $5 per hundred; " for four horse wagons " $5 to $5 50 "

Also, Hubs, Felloes, Bows, Shafts, Swingle Trees, Spring Bars, Handles
for Sledge Hammers, Hatchets, Axes and Pick Axes.

☞ All articles made of the very best timber, and will seasoned.

N. B.—The highest price paid for Oak and Hickory Spokes. None
but the best quality of timber will be received.


H. G.Biglow, .

Wm.WilliamSmith, .

J. N.Hood, .

St. Louis Felloe and Hub
By H. G. Bigelow, Smith & ,
Main, between Biddle and Ashley streets.

We manufacture and keep constantly on hand, bend Felloes. Shafts,
Bows and mortised Hubs of all sizes, of the best quality of timber.

Felloes 1 3-8 and under, $1 75 per set and 25 cents for each addi-
tional 1-8 in depth, up to 2 inches; Buggy Bows, 75 cents per set;
standing Top Bows, $1 50 per set; bend Heel Shafts, 60 cents per pair;
Straight Heel do., 50 cents per pair; Hubs mortised 5 inches and under,
$1 25 and 25 cents for each additional inch in diameter.

N. B.—The highest price paid for Hickory and Ash Lumber. None
but the best quality will be received.


[missing figure]
[missing figure]

A. B.Rodgers, ,
Manufacturer and Dealer in

Corner of Sixth and St Charles streets,
Having a practical knowledge of the business, offers to manufacture for
the citizens of St. Louis and vicinity, Carriages of ever description, to
their entire satisfaction, with the best materials, taste and durability.

☞ Repairing done on the shortest notice and on the most reasonable
terms. A choice assortment of Carriages always on hand.

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R.M’Cardell, .

R. M.Argust, ,

M’Cardell & Argust,
Drapers & Tailors,
No 75 Olive Street,
One door East from the corner of Third street,
St. Louis, Mo.

All orders in our line will be attended to with neatness and dispatch.

Repairing Neatly Done.


House Furnishing Goods.

J. L.Conklin, ,
Dealer in
Furnishing Goods,
Including Cutlery, Brass, Britannia, Enameled Japanned, Tin, Iron,
Wooden and Willow Wares.
and Manufacturer of
Pine and Cedar Tubs, Churns, Buckets, Water Coolers, &c.,
brass and iron hooped,
No. 357 Market street, between 14th and 15th,
Tubs, Buckets and Churns of every description repaired in the better manner.


FerdinandSchmitz, ,
Dealer in
Dry Goods,
Boots, Shoes, and Clothing,
No. 275,
Corner of Market and Eleventh sts.streets ,
St. Louis.

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Washington Steam
Sash Factory!

B. Philibert & Bros. ,
Corner of
Washington avenue and Fourteenth street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Manufacturers of
Doors, Sash and Blinds,
also, Door and Window Frames,
Terms Moderate.

All kinds of Planing & Sawing done here.


CharlesVallat, ,
from Paris,
Fancy Dyer and Scourer ,
No. 168 Market street,
Between Seventh and Eighth street, St. Louis, Mo.

Dyeing in all its Branches,
Executed with neatness and dispatch.


Enfield Powder Company .

Manufacturers of
Gun Powder,
Office, corner of Pine and Commercial sts.streets ,
California Rifle Powder,
Sea Sporting "
Prairie Shooting "
American Eagle Powder.
Blasting "
Safety Fuse "

☞ Orders filled at short notice.

Vansyckel & Brother , Agent .

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J. F.Adams, ,
Book-Seller and Stationer ,
No. 112 Fourth street,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Constantly on hand, a variety of Medical, Theological, School
and Miscellaneous Books. Also, Paper, Blank-Books and Fancy Sta-
tionery, of every description.

Importer of French Engravings, of every description; also, Baxter’s
Patent Oil Pictures, Pictures for Drawing-Rooms, Albums, &c.


AnselEdwards, .

LyndeBushnell, .

Edwards & Bushnell ,
Stationers and Auctioneers,
124 Fourth Street, Glasgow Row,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Constantly on hand, a general assortment of
School. Classical, Medical and Miscellaneous Books,
Blank-Books, Stationery, &c.,
Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest market prices.


H.Crittenden, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Paper, Books,
Stationery, &C. ,
135 Main street,
Second Store below the State Bank,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Doan, King & ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Foreign and Domestic
Silk and Fancy Dry Goods!

Nos. 123 and 125 Main street,
Union Buildings,
Betw’een Vine and Locust Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.


L.Nieters, ,
Merchant Tailor!

No. 29 Locust street,
Between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ He is in constant receipt of all the latest fashions, and is well
supplied with Cloths of the best quality. He will warrant all work
done by him to give satisfaction.

Prices Moderate.


P. L.Van Deventer, .

H. B.Van Deventer, .

Van Deventer & ,
Wholesale and Retail

No. 162 Main street,
Corner of Washington Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

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JohnHow, .

Rob’tCook, .

How & Cook ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Hides and Leather!

Shoemaker’s Findings,
Tanners’ Oil, Curriers’ Tools, &c.,
No. 142 Main street,
Opposite the Bank, St. Louis, Mo.


AbrahamMeyer, .

Adolphus G.Braun, .

Meyer & Braun ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of
Leather & Findings
Shoe Threads, Webbings and Shoe Pegs,
No. 48 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Agent for Mr. AbramFrank, , superior New York
Last Manufacturer,
A complete assortment always on hand. Orders from the country and
city will be punctually attended to.


Julius Schrick & Bros. ,
Importers and
Dealers in Leather,
Findings, &c.,
No. 14 South Main street,
Opposite the Old Market,
St. Louis, Mo.

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CharlesTillman, ,
and Dealer in
Foreign and Domestic
No. 67 Water street,
Between Washington avenue and Vine street,
St. Louis, Mo.


S.Russell, .

W.Bennett, .

Russell & Bennett ,
Wholesale Grocers and Commission
Dealers in Foreign & Domestic Liquors
Corner of Olive and Second streets, opposite the Monroe House,
St. Louis, Mo.


William G.Fife, ,
(Successor to Fife & Weirick,)
Forwarding & Commission
Merchant ,
No. 17 Commercial Street,
Between Washington avenue and Vine street,
St. Louis, Mo.

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R. P. Perry & ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Hardware! And Cutlery,
No. 86 Main street,
St. Louis, Mo.


SamuelMcNeilly, ,
No. 12 Front street, corner of Chesnut,
St. Louis, Mo.

Dealer in
Iron, Nails, Steel, Castings,
Anvils, Vices, Smiths’ Bellows,
Springs and Axles, &C., &C.,
Keeps a general assortment of the best Juniata Bloom Iron. Also,
Iron Mountain Nails and Missouri Nails, which he will
sell very low for cash.


C. Wolff & ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Hollow-Ware and Sheet Iron,
No. 193 and 195 Main street,
Between Green and Morgan — opposite Virginia Hotel,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Humphrey, M’bride & ,
Manufacturers of Silk and
Straw Bonnets! And Importers of
Millinery Goods, Trimmings, &c., &c.,
☞ No. 91 Main street, ☜
St. Louis.


DavidPearce, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Caps, Bonnets, Muffs,
And Artificial Flowers ,
120 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.


MorrisRosenheim, .

HenryCook, .

Rosenheim & Cook ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Ribbons, Silks, Flowers,
and all other Millinery Goods,
Also, Laces, Embroideries, Parasols &c.,
No. 60 Main street,
Over Livingston, Fargo & Co.’s Express Office,

N. B.—Constantly receing fresh Goods from New York and Phila-
delphia, which we offer to the trade at the lowest prices.

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St. Louis Chemical Color Works,
by Cuno & Kuhn & Co .

Clark avenue, between 12th & 13th sts.streets ,
Office at Charles A. Cuno’s, 31 South Main street,
Between Walnut and Elm.

The following articles constantly on hand and prepared to order at
short notice: Paris Green, Chrome Yellow, Orange, Paris Blue, Pru-
sian Blue, WashWashington avenue Blue, American Vermillion, Inkf, &c.

St. Louis.


Charles A.Cuno, ,
Dealer in
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods ! Cloths, Cassimeres,
And Tailors’ Trimmings,
No. 21 South Main Street,
Between Walnut and Elm,
St. Louis, Mo.


JosephBrunner, ,
Manufacturer of all kinds of
Trusses and Bandages! For Females and Males, at the lowest prices,
Wholesale and Retail,
No. 66 Myrtle Street,
Between Second and Third street, St. Louis, Mo.

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Jas. J.M’Clelland, .

R. M.Scruggs, .

M. V. L.M’Clelland, .

M’clelland, Scruggs & ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fancy and Staple
Dry Goods,
No. 116 Fourth street, St. Louis.


Webster, Marsh & ,
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in
Clothing! And Furnishing Goods,
No. 99 Main street,
St. Louis, Mo.,
A complete assortment of Boys’ Clothing always on hand.


F. M. Wood & ,
Manufacturers, Wholesale and Retail
No. 2, corner Main and Market sts.streets
St. Louis, Mo.

All kinds of Clothing made to order at short notice and

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John J. Anderson & ,
Banking House
Corner of Main and Olive streets,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Interest paid to Depositors; Drafts and Notes Collected;
Sight and Time Bills purchased, and Sight Exchange on
the principal cities for sale at the lowest rates, in sums to


G.Conzelman, ,
Importer and Manufacturer of all kinds of
Paper Hangings
Upholstery Goods,
Wholesale and Retail ,
No. 54 Market street,
St. Louis, Mo.


George F.Lewis,
Great Western
Venitian Blind Factory
Bedding Warehouse ,
127 N. Second Street,
Between Vine street and Washington avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Every article in the Bedding Line constantly on hand, or made
to order. Old Blinds painted and trimmed at the shortest notice.

A large assortment of Plain and Fancy Trimmings, always on hand.


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[missing figure]

Warne & Merritt ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Steam-Boat, Hotel and House
Furnishing Goods! Including
Hardware & Cutlery
Silver Plated, Brass, Britannia, Enamelled, Tinned & Iron
Japanned, Planished and Custom-made Tin-Ware and
Manufacturers of Wooden and Willow-Ware,
Refrigerators, Baths, Water Coolers, Brushes, Baskets,
Mats, &c., &c.,
Nos. 29 and 31 Main street, between Chesnut & Pine,


[missing figure]

JohnVan, ,
Agent . Dealer in
And Hollow-Ware,
and Worker in
Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron,
Bright Planished and Kitchen Furniture. Hotels, Families and Steam-
boats furnished on the shortest notice. Repairing promptly and ex-
peditiously attended to. Metalic Roofs.

[missing figure]

New Furnace
For Boiling Clothes & Heating
The Iron, Bathing Apparatus, &c.,
No. 6 Main st.,
Between Market & Chesnut sts.

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EdwardMead, .

Wm.William H.Maurice, .

Edward Mead & ,
Importers and Dealers in
Watches, Jewelry,
Plated Ware, Cutlery,
Guns, Pistols, Daguerreotype & Fancy Goods,
and Manufacturers Of
No. 54 Main street, corner of Pine,
St. Louis, Mo.


[missing figure]

RichardArnold, ,
Manufacturer of
Jewelry! No. 71 Vine Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

California Gold
Worked in Every Style of Jewelry.

☞ Clocks and Watches carefully repaired.


[missing figure]
[missing figure]

L.Baumann, ,
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry
And Watch-makers’ Tools & Materials .

Constantly on hand, an extensive assortment of
Gold and Silver Lever, Lepine and Verge Watches; Fine
Gold and Gilt Jewelry; Gold, Silver and Common
Spectacles; Gold and Silver Pencils; Spec-
tacle Glasses, Knives, Scissors, &c.

No. 32 Market street, between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

Time- of all discriptions repaired and warranted. Also, Jewelry of all
kinds and repaired at the shortest notics.

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D.Francis, .

Robt. R.Walton, .

T. H.Warren, .

Francis, Walton & Warren ,
Druggists! No. 15 North Main stret,
St. Louis.


J. F.Meyer, .

E.Walter, .

Meyer & Walter ,
No. 70 North Second street,
Between Olive and Pine,
St. Louis, Mo.


LouisPeters, ,
Importer and Manufacturer of
Fancy Furs ,
and Purchasers of
All Kinds of American Furs,
No. 94 North Fourth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Muffs, &c., taken for preservation during the summer, and the
promptest attention given to all orders.

☞ Residence, Washington avenue, between Eighth and Ninth sts.streets

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Edward W.Shands, ,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Notary Public ,
Commissioner of Deeds, &c., for all the States in the Union,
Office, Room No. 10, Over the Post Office,
St. Louis, Mo.,

With authority delegated to take the acknowledgment of Deeds to be recorded in any
one of the United States, and to take depositions, &c., to be used in any Court in the
United States.

Deeds, Mortgages, Powers of Attorney, Affidavits, &c., to be used in Missouri or
other States, drawn and acknowledgment taken, or oath administered, in conformity
with the laws of the State in which the instruments are to be recorded or used.

Accounts certified under Commissioner’s Seal for collection in any State.

Strict and prompt attention paid to business matters of a legal character. Fees moderate.

Refers to
Messrs. Lucas & Simonds , St. Louis:
" Jas. E. Woodruff & , "
" Chouteau & Benoist , "
" P. Chouteau, Jr., & "
" Greely & Gale , "
Messrs. Hartnett & Taylor , St. Louis;
" Taylor, Harrisgton & , "
" Roberts, Kerr & , "
" E. R. Violett & , "
" EdwardWyman, , "


H.Kraatz, ,
Merchant Tailor !
36 Third Street,
Between Pine and Olive,
Next to Bartling House.
St. Louis, Mo.


CharlesPenniman, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Boots & Shoes
No. 20 South Main street,
Opposite the Market,
St. Louis, Mo.

Gent’s Coarse and Fine Boots made to order.

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Merchants’ Hotel !
Corner Fourth and Locust st.,
St. Louis, Mo.

In the most pleasant location in the city—this House
has undergone a thorough renovation and is now in fine
condition for permanent or transcient boarders, the rooms
are unequalled by any House in the city.

Price, Per Day, $1.

Moody, , Proprietor .


The Bartling House
Third street, between Pine and Olive,
St. Louis, Mo.,

[missing figure]
[missing figure]
[missing figure]

Hulme & White, Proprietors of the above Establishment, avail themselves of this medium
to return thanks to their friends for the very liberal encouragement
extended to them from the date of their assuming the directorship of
the Bartling House. The Restaurant will be always found pleantifully
supplied with the substantials and delicacies of the season—the cellars
with Wines and Liquors of approved brands.

Their Saloon is fitted up on the most extensive scale, being supplied
with every variety of the choicest Wines and Liquors of their own im-
portation. An inviting Lunch served at 10½ A. M., and 9 P. M., daily.


Frederick House !
By JohnScholten, ,
No. 115, corner of Second and Vine st.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Boarding per day, 75 cents.

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WilliamRumbold, ,
Architect ,
Office, No. 9, New Post Office Building,
Corner Second and Chesnut Sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Designs for Residences, Public Buildings,
Churches and Stores,
Execeted Promptly and Neatly.


KŒnig Brothers ,
Engineers & Surveyors,
North-East corner of Second and Chesnut streets,
St. Louis, Mo.


Logan Sleeper ,
Collector and Newspaper Agent,
No. 49 Market street,
St. Louis.

Gives special attention to collecting small accounts, and to publishers’
and editors’ business in general.

All persons entrusting business to him may rely on having all the ad-
vantages (minus much of the expenses) of an agent sent from home,
at regular seasons, for their individual convenience. Editors of news-
papers, and others, far and near, may rely upon having all matters of
business, regular or irregular, small or great, attended to with care and
faithfulness equally alike special and personal.

Orders left at the store of Wm.William A.Nelson, , Dealer in Paper, Eastern
Type and Printers’ Materials, No. 11 Locust street, shall receive early
and regular attention.

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R. L.Melville, ,
No. 43 Fourth street,
St. Louis.


Julius Hutawa ,
And Map Publishing Office,
89 Second street,
Between Pine and Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Autographic Printing,
At the shortest notice.



Great Attraction
N. W. corner of Main and Elm sts.

We, the undersigned, wish to inform the citizens of St. Louis, that we
can supply them with the best quality of
Dry Oak and Hickory Wood,
At as cheap a rate as can be purchased elsewhere. We also have our
Sawing Machine in full operation, and will saw, split and deliver Wood
to order. Long Wood delivered from the yard or boats in any quantity
to suit purchasers. Persons wishing to buy will find it to their interest
to call upon

J. L. & W. A. Adams .

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Established 1845.

PhŒnix Label Factory
Printing Office!
Nos 11 and 13 Washington avenue,
North-West corner of Commercial street, between Main
street and the Levee.
Saint Louis, Missouri.

Bills, Circulars, Dray-Tickets, Bill Heads,
Books, Pemphlets,
Checks, Drafts, Bonds, Notes, Receipts,
Steamboat Bills,
Manifests, Bills of Lading, Bills of Fare, Registers,
For Manufacturers, Perfumerers, Hatters, Tobaconist,
Druggists’ Work,
And every other description of business; constantly on
hand and made to order.

Show Bills,
Legal, Commercial, Financial and Justices’ Blanks.

Ball Tickets, Milk Tickets, Bread Tickets, Bar
Tickets, Brands and Fac Similies,
Printed Equal to any Copy,
In from one to four languages, and from one to
seven colors.

Stereotyping and Engraving,
Done to order.

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Embossed & Decorative Colored
Executed in the finest style of the art.

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Stone and Marble
Manufactory .

N. W. corner of Washington av.avenue and 11th st.
St. Louis, Mo.

The subscriber is prepared to finish every description of
Monumental Work,
In the most chaste, beautiful and elaborate style of Modern Improve-

Italian and American
Marble Monuments, Tombs, Grave Stones, Counter Tops, WashWashington avenue
Stands, Hydraulic Cement, Plaster Paris, Marble Dust, &c.

Also—Every description of work in his line, in the building way,
done with neatness and dispatch.

JohnMcEvoy, .


J. B.Turner, .

T. D.Turner, .

Turner & Brother ,
94 Washington avenue,
Between Fourth and Fifth Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Hydrants, Bath Tubs, WashWashington avenue Basins, Water Closets and Kitchen
Ranges, furnished and put up with neatness and dispatch.

☞ Repairs attended to at short notice.


Hassinger & Peterson ,
Mineral and Soda Water
Corner of Walnut and Fifteenth sts.streets ,
St. Louis.

Soda Fountains,
Charged with the best materials at customary prices.

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Augustus P.Ladew, .

Thomas F.Purcell, .

A. P. Ladew & ,
Type Founders,
And Dealers in Paper,
In addition to Type of their own manufacture, they have
Type from all the principal Foundries; also,
Printing Papers and Printing Inks.

Nos. 31 and 33 Locust street,
St. Louis, Mo.


Smith & Boggs’
Picture & Looking-Glass Frame
Pine st., second door above Fourth, opposite Planters’ House
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ All kinds of Plain and Ornamental Gilding done at the shortest
notice; Plain and Ornamental Window Cornices made to order; Old
Frames Re-gilted; Pictures Cleaned and Varnished, &c.

N. B.—A Large Lot of Plain Gilt Mouldings on hand, for sale low.


G. & M. Heitz ,
Manufacturers of
Powder Proof Locks, Vaults, &C.,
132 Second street, betw. Almond and Poplar sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo.

Our Safes are Warranted Superior to any in use. They have been
tested, along with others, and stood the fire 7 1-2 hours,—a longer pe-
riod than any on record, and came out uninjured.

The Safes may be seen at the House of J. H.Alexander, . No. 17 Pine
street, between Main and Second streets.


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JamesHogan, ,
Blank-Book Manufacturer!
No. 49 Locust, corner of Second st.,
St. Louis, Mo.

All Kinds of Blank-Books,
Made of the best paper, ruled to any pattern, and sewed in the
new improved patent mode.

Libraries, Periodicals, Music, &C
Bound in any style, and at the shortest notice.

Having been awarded the premium at the late Mechanics’ Fair, he feels
confident in insuring satisfaction to all who may give him a call.


Doctor J.Stickel, ,
Office, No. 94 Fourth street,
Up-stairs, between Olive and Locust,
St. Louis, Mo.

Office hours from 8 to 9 o’clock, A. M., and from
2 to 4, P. M.


T. J.Vastine, ,
HomŒopathic Physician
And Surgeon ,
Office, No. 88 Chesnut Street,
(Up-stairs,) between Third and Fourth,
St. Louis.

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Eddy, Jameson &
Wholesale Dealers in
American and European
Fancy and Domestic
Dry Goods!
170 and 172 Main street,
Between Washington avenue and Green street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Jos. A.Eddy, ,
J. A.Eddy, ,
J. P.Eddy, ,
A. M.Bissell, ,
A.Cotting, Jr.,
Chas. C.Hellmers, .


Rudolph & Humes ,
Builders’ Furnishing
Hardware Store
And Lock Factory,
133 Third street, cor.corner of Washington avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

Sliding Door Trimmings,
Silver Plating,
Bell Hanging,
Sole Agents
For Fays’
Labor Saving Machines.

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Dr. J. S.Jerman, ,
Office, No. 16 South Fourth street,
West Side,
St. Louis, Mo.


Alex. F.Denny, ,
Attorney at Law ,
Office, No. 10 Post Office Building,
St. Louis, Mo.

Commissioner of Deeds
For California, Louisiana and Arkansas.


Irwin Z.Smith, ,
Attorney & Counsellor at Law ,
Office, No. 13 Chesnut street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Where he will be ready to attend to any
Legal Business,
That may be committed to his care.

Collections made for Eastern Merchants and others.


George P.Strong, ,
Attorney at Law ,
No. 23 Olive street, near Main,
St. Louis, Mo.

Refer to Hon.EdwardBates, , St. Louis.

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Balmer & Weber ,
58 Fourth St. Louis,

[missing figure]
Street. Mo.,
Publishers of Music
and Dealers in
Pianos, Melodeons, Musical Instruments and
Musical Merchandise.

☞ All orders promptly and carefully filled. All articles bought at
this establishment are warranted, and may be returned if found im-


F. A.Kennon, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Books, Stationery,
And Fancy Goods ,
No. 65 fourth st., cor.corner Pine,
Between Pine and Olive,
Opposite Planters’ House,
St. Louis, Mo.


Richard W. Ulrici & ,
And Rectifiers,
Main street, betw. Cedar & Mulberry.
Office, No. 44 Main St.,
St. Louis, Mo.

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AnthonySiedhoff, ,
Wagon Maker
And Blacksmith,
Manufactory and Smithey on Broadway ,
Between Warner and Benton streets,
St. Louis, Mo.


S. R.Clarke, .

Thos.Ratcliffe, .

Clarke & Ratcliffe ,
General Agency,
Forwarding & Commission
No. 47 Commercial street, between Pine and Olive,
St. Louis, Mo.

Refer to
J. S.Gittings, , Esq., Pres’t Ches. B’k, Balt.,
Messrs.Hugh, Jenkins & , "
W. T. Walters & , "
J.Lowndes, , Esq., Cashier, "
Messrs.Crow, McCreery & , St. Louis,
" Wilson & Bros. , "
" Clarke & Bowles , Memphis, Tenn.,
Messrs.J. & H. Warden , Baltimore,
R. C.Wright, , Esq., P’t Balt. & Susq. R. R. C.
Mr. JamesGeorge, , Baltimore,
Geo. P.Kane, , Esq., Col’tr Port of Baltimore,
Messrs.M. Herr & , Baltimore,
G. C.Francisens, . Ag’t Pa. R. R. Co. Pitts.,
Mr. R. T.Leech, , Pittsburgh.


A.Herbel, ,
and Silversmith ,
No. 30 Market street, St. Louis.

☞ All kinds of Jewelry, Fancy Silver Ware, and Masonic and Odd
Fellows’ Jewels made to order. Setter of Precious Stones. Spectacle
Glasses of the best quality, adapted to all sights. Old Gold and Silver
bought or taken in exchange.

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C.B.Kellum, .

M. B.Masson, Jr.

Kellum & Masson ,
Lard Oil and Candle
Produce and Commission
No. 21 South Levee,
St. Louis, Mo.


Dupuy & Johnston ,
Wholesale Dealers in, and Importers of
Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Perfumery, Dye-Stuffs,
Window-Glass, Glass-Ware,
And Cobacco,
No. 124 North Second street,
St. Louis, Mo.


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O. H.Pratt,

J. M.Greely, .

J. B.Burnett, .

Pratt, Greely & ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Forwarding and
Commission Merchants,
No. 13 Levee,
St. Louis, Mo.


F. & A. Muegge’s
Oil Cloth,
Window Blind Manufactory,
No. 173 N. Second street,
Third Door from Vine St., East Side,
St. Louis, Mo.

Water-proof Cloaks and Coats, Wagon Covers, &c.


N.Milledge, ,
Silver and Brass Plater ,
No. 57 Washington Avenue,
Between Second and Third streets,
Having taken the old stand formerly kept by C. W.Baldwin, , is pre-
pared to do Plating of all kinds, viz: Carriage, Harness, House Work,
&c., and every thing connected with the business.

All orders punctually attended to.

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J. P.Robinson, ,
No. 73 North Third Street,
General Machinist
And Engineer ,
Dentists’ Jewelers and Machinists’ Lathes; Small Planers and Jewelers Rollers,
neatly and carefully made to order. Small Steam Engines, from four inch cylinder
upwards; together with every description of plain and complicated Machinery, Die
Sinking ond Letter Cutting, Air, Hydraulic and Diving Bell Pumps. Also, Church
and Tower Clocks on the most simple and approved style of Architecture.

Orders from the country, with Drafts of Machinery, will meet with strict attention.

Drawings and Models, neatly made on liberal terms.


Marking Brands.

L. M.Prince, ,
Steincil Brand Cutter ,
No. 28 Olive street, opposite the Monroe House.

Merchants, Millers, Packers and Manufacturers Brands
Of every description cut in a superior style. Also, small
names for marking linen, books, &c.

Alphabets and Figures,
Of all sizes, constantly on hand, or cut to order,
At the shortest notice.


Dr. T. W.Newman, ,
Office 77 Washington avenue,
Between Trird and Fourth,
East side Fifth, four doors above Olive,
St. Louis, Mo.

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City Express ,
For the delivery of Baggage and Packages of all kinds,
to any part of the City,
Office, corner of Third and Vine streets,
At I. E. Jones’ Drug Store, St. Louis.

E. H.Comstock, .

Refer to
Messrs.Page & Bacon , Bankers,
" Lucas & Simonds , Bankers,
" L. A. Benoist & , Bankers,
" Greely & Gale Merchants ,
J. L.Garrison, , President Home
Mutual Ins. Co. ,
TheronBarnum, .
Messrs.Chambers & Knapp , Rep. Off.
E. A.Lewis, , Intelligencer Off.
Planters’ House,
Monroe House,
Virginia Hotel,
United States Hotel.


Madame Blanche ,
the Celebrated
St. Louis, Mo.

Would announce to the ladies and gentlemen of this city, that she has
taken rooms and will remain here for a limited period, where she will
be pleased to see all who desire to consult her in reference to
Past, Present and Future Events,
Mad. Blanche, from long experience in her profession, and exten-
sive research in the
Science of Astrology.

Flatters herself that she has acquired a knowledge of it unequalled by
any other person living. Madame B. has had the honor of being visited
professionally, by Hon. Daniel Webster, His Ex. Millard Fillmore,
Hons. Lewis Cass, Thos. H. Benton, Wm.William Seward, and many other
distinguished persons whose names it is unnecessary she should give.
The success she has had in foretelling future events, justifies her in of-
fering Ten Thousand Dollars Reward to any person who can equal
her in telling of past, present and future events, in
Love, Courtship and Marriage, Lawsuits, Sickness,
Death, Property Lost or Stolen.

That Madame B. has acquired a knowledge of the profession equal
to any one who has preceded her, she hopes will be manifest to those
who consult her.

☞ All communications confidential.

Terms, Gentlemen $1; Ladies, 50 cents.

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Music, Pianos, Melodeons, &C.

Wakelam & Iucho ,

[missing figure]
29 Fourth street,
Corner of Locust,
Sole Agent
For the sale of
Firth, Pond & Co.’s celebrated
Piano Fortes,
Publishers of Music,
And Importers and Dealers in
Musical Merchandise,
Wholesale and Retail.


Drugs, Medicines,
And Family Prescriptions,
By Professor Wood, ,
No, 124 Market Street,
Between Fourth and Fifth, St. Louis, Mo.,
Where he will wait on the afflicted promptly, and all who wish to be
benefitted by his skill would do well to give him a call. All commu-
nications made to him strictly confidential. Do not think your case
desperate, therefore, until you give him a trial. He keeps consrantly
on hand a general assortment of
Family Medicines,
The virtues of which speak for themselves in their health giving effects.
Should your friends be diseased, remember there is help in reach.

WilliamTruesdale, , Wm.WilliamKelly, , Gen.Stewart, , G. T.Camp, .

Secret Diseases
Promptly attended to and cured without failure, in the shortest possible
time. Come and see.

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N. H.Clark, ,

[missing figure]
And Gentlemen’s
No. 120 North Third street,
Opposite the City Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri.

Gent’s Fine Shirts, Collars, & Under Garments
Manufactured to order, of the finest materials, in the most fastidious
manner, and at the shortest notice.

On hand constantly, a choice assortment of
Gent’s White, Black, and colored Kid, Silk, and Buck Gloves,
Cravats, Scarfs, Ties, Stocks, Suspenders, Shoulder Braces,
Half Hose, Silk & Linen Pocket Hdkfs.,
Silk, Wool, Lisle and Cotton Under-Shirts and Drawers,
Together with a great variety of articles usually kept in Gentlemen’s
Furnishing Establishment.

N. H.Clark, .


John C.Bull, ,
Commission & Forwarding
Merchant ,
No. 11 Commercial street,
In the rear of the Bank of the State of Missouri,
St. Louis.

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St. Louis
Female Institute ,
No 105 Washington avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

Rev.Reverend Wm.WilliamCrowell, , Superintend’t .

Mrs. Wm.WilliamCrowell, , Lady Principal .

The plan of this Seminary embraces a thorough course of instruction in
the Useful and Polite Arts
And Accomplishments, viz:

Natural Philosophy,
Sac’d Geography,
Nat. History,
Mental Science,
Water Colors,
Oil Painting,
Book Keeping,
Vocal Music,
Moral Science,
Holy Seripture.

The Board of Instruction consists of
Twelve Professional Teachers,
Each devoted to a distinct department.

The French Language is used in conversation in the Family,
Under the eye of the Teacher, a native French Lady, educated in Paris.

Boarding Pupils enjoy the comforts of Home,
With special advantages for systematic study, mental discipline, and the promotion
of correct moral and social habits.

A Primary Department,
Has been opened, at the request of parents, for the special benefit of the younger

☞ For further information, respecting terms, course of instruction,
and text books, reference is made to the annual catalogue, copies of
which may be had at the Institute. The strictest scrutiny of parents
and friends of education is invited, as to the
course and quality of the instruction given, and its results.

Reference is made to the patrons generally.

St. Louis, July 1, 1853.

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Richd.Jones, .

T. W.Devricks, .

Jones & Devricks ,
Drapers & Tailors,
No. 55 Fourth street,
Opposite Planter’s House,
St. Louis, Missouri,
Keeps constantly on hand a full supply of Gent’s
Furnishing Goods!
And Clothing.


Price & Tucker ,
and Dealers in
Furnishing and India Rubber Goods,
No. 47 Main street, near Pine, St. Louis, Mo.,
240 Broad street, Newark, N. J.


State Lottery Office .

H. S. Orr,
No. 92 Green street,
Between Broadway and Fourth,
St. Louis, Mo.

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St. Louis
Job Printing Office ,
No. 76 Third,
Between Olive and Locust Streets.

A Large and Varied Assortment of
Plain and Fancy Type,
of all Sizes, with the
Latest Improvements in Printing Machinery,
Enable the Proprietor to
do Every Description
Book and Job Work,
in Superior Style,
at Comparatively Low Prices.

Terms of Subscription to the Intelligencer.

Daily Paper, per annum, $8 00 Clubs of Five Dailies, $35 00
Tri Weekly, " 4 00 " Three Tri-Weeklies, 11 00
Weekly, " 1 00 " Four " 14 00
" Six " 20 00

Edw. A.Lewis, ,
Proprietor .

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