The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
A Business Key
A Business Key,
Directory of the City of St. Louis,
In which all the Trades and Professions are alphabetically arranged
under their respective heads.
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Douglass B. & Co. , nw. cor. Main and Chesnut
Advertising Agent.
Swymmer, ——, ws. 2d, s.south of Chesnut
Agricultural Warehouses and Seed Stores.
Burnet, George, 6 s.south Com 1
Krausnick, Edward C., 76 Market
Large, John, 4n.north Main
Lee Alfred & Co. , 10n.north Main
Plant, Kredeiick W., 193n.north 4th
plant Wm. M. & Co- , 14n.north Main and ne. cor. 4th and
Armfidd, David, se. cor. Olive and 7th
Aschhnff, Frederick, 330 s.south 2d
Atwood, N. B., 18 s.south Front
Baker Wm. H. & Co. , se. cor. Wash. av. and 6th
Barnard, John H., se. cor. Greene and 4th
Barnes, Augustus F., ne. cor. 9th and Biddle
Baumgarten, F. E., se. cor. 3d and Pine
Benkendorf, E., 100 Wash, av
Berghof, Thomas J., ws. Buel, b. Soulard and Carroll
Bickndl, Thomas J., ws. 9th,n.north of Brooklyn
Bills, E. B., sw. cor. Olive and 6th
Blaktfcy, Henry, sw. cor. 3d andCheorat
Blinohard, D. C., se. cor. Oarr and 15th
Bohl F. & Co. , nw. cor. 15th and Olive
Bronold, Henry, nw. cor. Market and 14th
Brookie, John, sw. cor. B’way and Morgan
Buenger, Edward, ss. Fr. av. b. Iftth and 17th
Buenoer, Wm. Fr. av., b. Btb and 9th
Chamberlain, G. T.. ss. B’way, b. Howard and Mound
Croas, John B., 148n.north 4th, lJ.itunic
Cammings & Kavanaagh , sw. cor. 4th and Fr. av
Diil J. G. & Co. , se. cor. 7th aad spruce
Dormin, Wm. H., nw. cor. Fr. av. and 13th
Easterly, E., cor.corner Obeaoot and 3d
Fasold, Ernst, se. cor. 7th and Wash
Francis & Brother , sw. cor. B’way and Wash
Gardner, Benj. F., 164n.north 4th. Botanic and Eclectic
Gempp, Mrs. Henry, es. Carond. av., b. Miller and
Heilzig, Joseph, 300 B’way
Hind, George, nw. cor. Morgan and 12th
Hopton, Abner, 157 s.south 7th
Janes F. & Co. , 31 Market
Jones, A. R., 41 s.south Front
Jones, I. E., 116n.north 3d
Kalb, Theodore, 163 s.south 2d
Koch, Theodore, ne. cor. Fr. av. and 17th
Leitch Alex. & Co. , sw. cor. Market and 5th
Levy, Adolph, es. Carondelet av., b. Bany and Marion
Loker, Wm. N., cor.corner Market and 14th
McKie, Nathaniel, ne. es. n. Market and B’way
Mack, John P., es. Carondelet av., b. Soulard and La-
Maddook, Wm. L., ns. Greene, b. Main and 2d
Maguire J. & C. , sw. cn r. 3d and Olive
Mathews, Wm. T., 398 s.south 5th
Matthews, J. L., sw. cor. 3d and Greene
Matthews, Laooard, 68 Market
Metzger & Lange . 269 s.south 4th
Meyer, Mrs. Charles G., 80 s.south 2d
Murphy, Joshes. es. Main, b. Bates and Smith
O’Galiagher, James, sw. cor. B’way andn.north Market
Paynter, Capt. C., 26 3d
Pelioux, James, nw. cor. Market and 10th
platt, Henry S., ne. cor. Fr. av. and 7th
Pondrom, John B. F., nw. cor. Greene and 7th
Ritter & Sommer , 41 s.south 3d
Rives, Thomas L.. se. cor. 4th and Market
Robinson, Edward . F., sw. cor. Market and 4th
Roney, J. H.. se. cor. oih and Wash, av
Rooch, August, 306 s.south 5th
Sander, Enno, 62 s.south 2d
Schtnieht & Uhlieh , ns. Fr. av., b. 11th and 12th
Scott, John F., nw. cor. Morgan and 6th
Scott, Thomas, se. cor. Pine and 12th
Shaw, John, 59 Market, Branlreth pills
Stark, Solon, nw. cor. B’way and 0’Fallon
Wade H. G. & Co. , ws. 6th, s.south of locust
Wheaton, E. S., se. cor. 4th and Chesnut
Wilms, Frederick, se. cor. Wash and 10th
Wood, 0. J., 124 Market
Wyeth, George M., nw. cor. Maiket and 6th
Barnett, George I., ss. Locust, b. 4th and 5th
Edgar, Joseph C., se. cor. 4th and Chesnut
Graham, Robart S.,es. 11th,n.north of Howard
Greenleaf, Eugene, 125n.north 3d
Hart, Oliver A.. es. 5th, b. Olive and locust
Johnston, John, ss. Pine, b. 3d and 4th
Koenig, Otto P., ne. cor. Chesnut and 2d
Mitche l, Robert S.. n. of Court house
Pond, Charles H., 29 3d
Rumbold, William, P. O. building
Sage, Cornwall, es. 7th, b. Biddla and Carr
Walsh, T., 59 Chesnut
214 Bussiness Directory.
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Artificial Flowers.
Beardslsy, Mrs. E., 95 Market
Milli, Lcvoritj58 Market
Appleton, Edward, 60n.north Main
Bacon, James Hne. cor. 4th and Olive
Barret R. T. & J. R. , 8O Chesnut
Bates, Barton, ns. Piiu, b. 2d and 3d
Biy, William V. N., he. cor. Chesuut and 3d
Bsnnett, Samai1 A., 34 Pine
Biddlecome, Willim R., sw. cor. Main & Pine
Blackburn, E. U, 15n.north 2d
Blwkwood, William G., Market, below 3d
Blind, Henry, 63½ Chesnut
Lbnnerhssett, R. B., 60 1-2 Ctrsnut
Howin, James B., 28 6th,n.north of Elm
Jbreckebrklge, Samuel M., 17Chesuut
Bredcll, E., sw. cor. Main and Chesnut
Brown, B. Gratz, nw. cor. Olive and Main
Backner, A., 59 1-2 Ohesnut
Bfcekner, AyLtt H., ss. Chesnut, b. Main and 2d
Burke & Gjowt , 39 Chesnut
Burton, William B., nw. cor. Chesnut and 3d
Carroll, CharltS C., ss. Chesnut, b. Main and 2d
Caselberry, Evans, ns. Pine, b. 2d and 3d
Cline & Thompson , 82 L-2 Chesnut
Clover, Henry A., nw. cor. 3d and Chcrnut
Dobb, Henry, 75 Oh.snut
Colin in C. D. & N. J. , sw. cor. 21 and Cliesnut
Qamfort & Manter , 77 Clnsnut
Conyngham, J. B., 39 Chesnut
Cookfi, William M., 29 Chesnut
Darby, John F., 71 Pine
Delatield, J., 55 Chesiiut
Del1Aid & Kribbeo , 55 Chesnut
Denny, Alexander F, ss. Chesnut, b. Main and 2d
Duni, Josiah. as. Locust,w.west. of 4th
Dougherty, Ji.ines, 60 Pine, b. 2d and 3d
Drake, C. D., sw. cor. Main and Chesnut
Dulreil, E. A., 3 1-2 Chesnut
Dane, Basil, 34 Pine
Dusenbury, H., ne. eor. Chesnut and 2d
Engdmann, Adulph, 36 b. 2d
Penly, Abraham, 41 1-2 Chusnut
Field, R. M., 36 1-2 Chesnut
Ptard, Thomas D., 3In. 3d
Fremnn, Du Bouffay, 49 Pine
Gantt, Thomas T., 41 1-2 Cheynut
Gardner, Auiaham M., ne. cor. 3d and Chesnut
Sardaer, John M., ne. oor. 3d anil Cix-suut
Gardner, Samucl H., ne. cur. 3d and Chesnut
Gareeehe A. J. P. k P. B. , 4L Chesuut
Giarland, Hugh A., 15 Chesnut
Geyer & Dayton , 34 Pine
Gibson, Chailjs, ns. Pine, b. 2d and M
Giljver & Kichardaon , Be. cor. 3d and Chcsnut
Gutt, Jamee B., 59 1-2 Chesrjut
Goode, George W., 77 Chesnut
Goodlett, J. A., nw. cor. Chesnut. and 3d
Grace, Pearoe C.59 Pine
Gray, Melvin L., ss. Chesnat, b. Main and 2d
lireen, T. P., 62 1-2 Chosnut
Uwathmay, J. B., P. 0., Building
Haight & Shepley , cor.corner Olive and Main
Jlamey, Thomas, 43 Pino
Hart & Jecko se. eor. Chesnut and Pine
Haven, Chailaa U., ne. cor. Chesnutand 3d
Hiekman, Benjamin F., 33n.north Maiu
Hill Grover & Hill , 17 Locust
Hitchcock, Henry, nw. eor. Olive and Main
Holmes, Nathanie1, 45 Chesnut
Holmes, Samue1 A., 36 l-2Chetnut
Hudson & Inom s , 7 1-2 Ch"snut
Hungerford, Gevrce W., 73 Pine
Anthony, T., ss. Cheenut, b. Main and 2d
Jamison, W. C., 52 1-2 OheBoat
Jenkins, A. G., 43 Pine
Jones, Asa S., ss. Ghteant, b. Main and 2d
Kaffion, John A., nw. eor. Olivo and Main
Kayser, Alexander, nw. cor. 4th and Elm
Keim, Isaac H., 82 1-2 Chesnut
Kinsey, L. B., 30 1-2 Chesnut
Knox & Kellogg , 38n.north Main
Kribben, Charles, 55 Chesnut
Kiuru & Harding , 27 Olive
Labeaume, C E., 40 Chesnut
Lackland, J. R., 52 1-2 Ghesnut
Ladue, P. A., 59 1-2 1 hesnut
Leslie, Williams & Barret , 80 Chesnat
Levi, Solomon J., 44 Pino
Lewis, Edward A., 29 Olive
Lewis & Honing , ss. Cherry, b. 2d and B’way
Lewis & Sanders , 29 Olive
Lord, Charles B., 82 1-2 Chcnut
MeBride, C., 36 Pine
McHvide, Jumos J., 30 Pine
McCl11in, Josiah G., 71 Pine
McKee, William S., ns. Locust, b. Main and 2d
M’Lean, M. N., 15 n 2d
M’Lure, Christopher C, nw. cor. Cheanut & 3d
M’Pherson, William M., ne. cor. 4th and Oiivo
MacDonald, Bobjrt S., 39 Chesnut
Mason, Edwin B., ss. Chesnut, b. Main & 2d
Mauro, Charles G., 39 Chesnut
Minor, Francis, ss. Chesnut, b. Main & 2d
Morehead, P. C, sw. cor. Chesnut & ’Id
Morgan, William F., 60 Pino
Munford, J. E., 48½ Chesnut
Naliey, L., 30½ ,Che8nut
Nilson, Thomas S., ws. 2d. B. if Walnut
Norris, Lyman D., 32½ Chesnut
Packard, Eiiiathan W., 55 Chesnut
Page, John Y., 17 Chesnut
Parsons, Lewis B. Jr., 39 Cliesnut
Philips, Robert E., sw. cor. Clicsuut & Main
Pioot, L. G., 82½ ChesDut
Polk, Trusten, 67½ Market
Kankin, John H., 38n.north Main
Reber, Samuel, 49 Pin3
Redman, Henry N., 52 Vine
Kecd, John H., 41½ Chesnut
ReyiHlls, Thomas C, 43 Chesnut
Rohland, Robert, se. cor. 3d & Pino
Romyn, William J., ns. Chesnut, b. Main & 2d
Roquez, John D., Mam
Sanders, Rufus K., ns. Olive, b. Main & 2d
Shands, Edward W., ss. Chesnut, b. Main & 2d
Sherman, E., se. cor. 2d & Chesnut
Shreve, L. M., 66½ Chesnut
Simmons, C. C., l4½n.north 2d
Siuimuns, Samuel, sw. cor. 3d & Chesnut
Skinner, J. Warburton, 100 Market
Slass, WiLiam L., 73 Pino
Smith, Irvvin Z., 13 Chesnut
Smith, J. Sidney, 60 Pine
Srnith, Sol., 10 Chesnut
Snead, Thomas L., 56½ Chesnut
Spies, Ftcderick, 75 Chesnut
StrcngN. D. & G. P. , 118n.north Main
Swop, W. G., 59 Cbesnut
Tarver, M., 75 Cbesnut
Tauasig, James, ss. Chesnut, b. Main & 2d
Taylor, George R., ne. cor. Elm & 5th
Taylor, Isaac W., ss. Chesniit, b. Main &. 2d
Thomas, Benjamin F., 48½ Chesnut
Thomas, John E., nw. cor. Olive & Main
Thompson, Wm. B., 60 Pina
Tiilson, Chailes H., ss. Chesnut, b. Main & 2d
Todd, Albert, 27 Oiive
Van Wagoner, Garrott S., ss. Chesnut, b. Main & 2d
Voorhis, Robert S., 82½ Chesnut
Voullaire, Seymour, ss. Chesnut, b. Main & 2d
WeerWilliam, jr., 75 Chesmn
Whittelsey, Chails C., 32½ Chesnut
Wiekham, John, 56½ Chesnut
Williams, Henry W., 80 Chesnut
Williams, Willis L., 39 Chesnut
Wills, John W., ss. n. Markedw.west. of B’dway
Wise, Isaac T., 48½ Chesnut
Bussiness Directory. 215
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woods, D. C.59½ Chesnut
Wright, Urld, 8 Chesnut
Yeatman, T., 29 Chesnut
Young, George E., cor.corner 4th & Chosnut
Burgoyne, D. N., 3Sn.north 2d
Dickinson, L. C.37 Locust
Banna, George W., 279 Broadway
Harvey & Whedon , 45n.north Main
Moses S. L. & Co. , 45 2d
Murdook & Dickson , 47n.north Main
Riggin, John, 43 Chesnut
Scott & Whitelaw , 3 s.south Front
Woodman, H. T., es. 2d, b. Locust & Olive
B keries.
Ahrens, Charles, ns. Market, b. 13th & 14th
Amende, William, ns. Choutenu av., b. 7th & 8th
Baurngartner, Ferdinand, ns. Arsenal, b. Carotid, avenue
and 7th
Bauer, John, sen., es. Colunibus, b. Carroll & Soulard
Bauer, Joseph, ns. Market, b. 14th & 15th
Bertram, Ludwig E. E., ws. 13th, b. Wash & Carr
Biatz, Frederick, ws. 10th, b. Carr & Biddle
Boellert, Louis, es. 13th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Borbine, William, se. cor. Gay & 14th
Braeht, Williames. 13th.n.north of Biddle
Broun, Richard P., ns. Wash, av., b. 7th & 8th
Christ, Peter, 8S s.south Main
Copp, Josiah. ns. Greene, b. 7th & 8th
Dausob, George, nw. cor. 7th & Marion
Debus, Jacob, ns. Elm, b. 2d & 3d
Dellit., Andreas, sw. cor. Park av.avenue & Buel
Doeberle, John, 385 s.south 2d
Dolde, Daniel, ss. Hamtramek, b. Emmett & Geyer av
Dolde, Henry, se. cor. Beaumont & Fr. av
Eiffert, George, ns. Wash. b. 12th & 13th
Farley, Peter, 248 Market
Fausel, Frederick, es. Carond. av., b. Sidney & Victor
Flack, Thomas, 52 s.south 5th
Fieihaut, Henry, es. 7th, b. Carroll & Soulard
Freyeberger, John, ws. 8th,n.north of Biddle
Frickel, Martin, ss. Wash. b. 10th & 11th
Fritchle, Jacob, nw. cor. 7th & Chouteau av
Gamble, Hugh, se. cor. Market & 10th
Garneau, Joseph, 70n.north Front
Gebke, Frank, es. Broadway,n.north of Webster
Gobela, Henry, nw. cor. 7th & Wash
Hariock, James, 231 B’dway
Hartnann, Peter, se. cor. Market & 10th
Hermann, John, es. Carond. av., b. Lesperanco & Picotte
HirtZel, U., 190 s.south 2d
Holmes, Charles, 107 Greene
Hood, Richard, 107 Morgan
Hussmann, Francis, nw. cor. 11th & Carr
Kekner, Chailes, ne. cor. Geyer av.avenue & Menard
Kendall, H. N., sw. cor. 6th & Pine
kock, Frederick, es. 11th, b. Wash & Carr
korn, Michael, ss. al., b. 7th and Fulton, & Soulard and
Kraft, Philip, nw. cor. Lafayette & Deeatoi
Kroeok, Frederick, ws. 10th, b. Wash & Carr
Lmbener, Valentin, ws. Buel, b. Marion & Carroll
Lohmann, Charles, ns. Park av., b. 7th & Provenchere
Lohrain, Reinhardt, es. Jackson b. Emmott & Lesper’ce
McAnulty, B., 68n.north Front
M’Ann.ry B. & J. , 188 s.south 4th
McNamee, William, nw cor. 10th & Gratiot
Marotte, Nicholas , nw. cor. Elm & 2d
Moaer, Land Jin, 108 s.south 2d
Muller, George, 79 s.south Main
Muller, John M., ne. cor. Closely & Soulard
Nieters, Joseph, ws. 11th.n.north of Biddle
Noerr, John, ss. Wash. b. Mth & 16th
Oiticamp, Heotor, ss. Wash, av., b. 8th & 9th
Overetein, Adam, ss. Market, b. 18th & 19th
Panly, Chailjt, ne. cor. 13th & Wash
Pester, Wi liain. es. 7th. b. Park av.avenue & Rutger
Penohbacber, Fredrisk, 166n.north 8th
Peter, JacoB, 64 s.south Front
Punshen, Thomas, ns -Morgan, b. 11th & 12th
Renneke, Francis, 341 b. 2d
Rennig, George, 118 s.south 2d
Rudlof, Ferdinand, 253n.north 8th
Rueckert, John, 287 s.south 5th
Sohadt, Jacob, 113 s.south Main
Schneider, Jacob, 109 s.south 2d
Schwartz, Anton, es. Carond. av., b. Soulard & Lafayette
Smith, John, 27o s.south 5th
Spaeht, John A., ws. B’dway,n.north ofn.north Market
Staettw, Bad. b. Lafayette & Emmett
Steber, Henry, 195 s.south 3d
Stone, Frederick, ws. Centre, b. Market &. Clark av
Stoops, William, 317 s.south 5th
Turner, James, ne. cor. Market & 7th
Turner, Samuel, 71n.north 3d
Uebel, George, es. Carond. av., b. Lami & Barton
Vitrey, Charles N., 139 s.south 8d
Weinhardt, Henry, ns. Convent, b. 3d & 4th
Wermer, Bernard, ns. 7th, b. Park av.avenue & Barry
White, Thomas, 187 Wash
WiLson, James B., Iso Morgan
Wise, Francis, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th & 9th
Wirth, Andrew, es. Carond. av., b. Barry & Marion
Woestman, Henry, es. Carond. av., b. Lafayette & Em-
Bank rs.
Anderson, John J., 71 n Main
Assistant, TreasurerU. S.,ws.west side. 5th, s.south Locust
Bdboist L. A. & Co. , G’Jn.north Main
Bogy, Miltenberger & Co. , 63n.north Main
Chouteau & Benout , 96n.north Main
dark E. W. & Bros. , 72n.north Main
Dorkee & Bullock , 121n.north Main
HaBkell & Co. , 124n.north Main
Loker, Reniok & Co. , 130n.north Main
Lucas & Siuni.ds , 24n.north 3Iain
Missouri Bank , 125n.north Main
Page & Bacon , 111n.north Main
Preebury & Co. , 89n.north Main
lesson & Danjen , 07n.north Main
Adams, Cyrus, 24 5th
Aininun, Lavrenoe, 265 Market
Baker, Adam. 82n.north 3d
Baker, Frederick, 139 Morgan
Baomgaertner, John, 271 Broadway
Baker, David, ss. Greene, b. dh & 7th
Bisohoff, John, 77 s.south Main
Bishop, Henry, 150n.north 5th
Bloss, Valentine, sw. cor. 2d & Convent
Breach, Charles, 172 iih
Brown, John, 1S3n.north 3d
Brundard, Andrew, 13 Olive
Burg, Henry. 43 s.south Main
CaoheUn, Joseph, 6 s.south 3d
Cox, Peter, 21 Gr
Croquart, juliuius, 48 3d
Daosch, Nioholw, 71 Cherry
Decker, Jacob G, 12 Morgan
Uitl, Henrv.57 Lot
Dorrics, Henry T., ws. Main, b. O’Fallon ,1 Bate3
Doerries, Herman, ws. Main, b. Florida &, Cmumbia
Ebmann, Gotfried, 10 s.south 2d
Bmmenon, Anthony, ns. Greene, b. 5th & Oth
Ewali, Philip.50 Chesnut
Flori Jacob & Peter , 95 green
Praueraicht, tinstav, es. B’dway. b. Monroe & Jel
Gaflrtoer, Frederick, ns. Fr. av., b. 7th & 8 h
Gaertner, Henry, ws. B’dway, b. Carr & Bk
Gebhard, Charles, se. cor. Carond. av. & Lafayette
Glasman, Wm., 68 Fr. av.
Graser, Adoiph, ws, 7th, b. Wash & Carr
Grosper & biaohoff , ss. Wulnat, b. Comm’l alley Main
Gaenther, Charles, ns. Greene, b. Main & Froat
Hellmar, Simon, 175 s.south 2d
tiealey & Tappan , ns. Vine, b. Main & 2d
Herget, Casper, 75 s.south 2d
216 Business Directory.
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Hiekman, B., 36 4th
Hoffmann, Wm., 174 s.south 2d
Hogue, Frederick, ss. Greene, b. 3d & 4th
Johnson, Wm., 95 Poplar
Kegd, Joseph, ns. Morgan, b. 2d & 3d
Keru, Christopher, ws. B’way, s. of Chambers
Kohlhauff, Christian, 44 s.south 2d
Krapf, Casper, ws. Buel, b. Lafayette & Soulard
McDonald, James, 73 Chesnut
Miller & Weyer , 200n.north Main
Mueiler, Georgj, 78 s.south Main
Mudldr, Henry, 199 s.south 2d
Mutller, John, 278 s.south 2d
Prepenbrock, John, 35n.north 3d
Prilchard, Charles G., ss. Greene, b. 2d & 3d
Ruusser, Frederick, 232 Market
Boeasler, Francis, ws. Caroud. av., b. Geyer av.avenue and Al
len av
Eobereon & Boyd , 106n.north 3d
Kuehuer, Cbaries, ss. Fr. av., b. 10th & 11th
Sclnniu, Francis, 10 Wash, av
boiidtrniann, Geoige, 261 s.south 4th
Spencer, H. W. P., 38 Vine
spinsby, Henry, sw. cor. B’way and Bjnton
Spinzig, Charles, 307 s.south 7th
stein, Joseph, 91 s.south Main
Thomas, Ferdinand, ss. Lafayette, b. 7th & Fulton
Walker, James C., 255 1-2 Market
Weyer, Louis, 162n.north 4th
Weyev & Gerhart , 194n.north Main
Wilkinson, R. J., nw. cor. Pine & 4th
Zil, William, ns. Market, b. 14th & 15th
Bellows Manufacturers.
Heneley, J., nw. cor. 1oth and Wash. av
Schinzing, Apolian R., se. cor. 11th & Carr
Allen, George, Carr, b. Front & Main
Arnold, Jacob, sw. cor. Market & loth
Augustin & Leinweber , sw. cor. 2d & Rutger
Baer, Charles, ws. Carond. av., b. Barry & Marion
Baker & Schott , 230 Market
Ballinger, James S., 139 Market
Benner, Fidel, ns. Madison, b. B’way and 2d
Biaetz, Jacob, ne. eor. Piootte & Carond. av
Burden, Wllianijnw. cor. Front & Wash
Busby, John, ss. Morgan, b. 2d & 3d
Busby, Neugen, ss. Greena, b. 9th & 10th
date, Casper, ws. Carond. av., b. Marion & Carroll
Jonrud, Adam, ws. 7th. b. Greene & Morgan
Jole, Richard H., ws. Main,n.north of Bates
Jmig & Hambelton , Front, b. Cheny & Wash
Dahmer, Henry, es. 7th b. Carroll & Marion
Debus, George, 133 s.south 2d
Dieckmeyer, Frederiok, ss. Fr. av., b. 14th & 15th
Doyel, James, nw. cor. Cherry & Main
Driscol, Patrick, ws. B’way, s. of Cass av
Dunn, John, 101 Greene
Bnglert & Volker , ns. Fr. av., b. 15th & lGth
Bspenschied, Louis, ws. B’way, n. of Lubeaurne
Fette, Joseph, ss. Choatean av., b. Boone & Stoddard av
Ford, Charles P., ss. Ashley, b. Main & Front
Gaus, Thomas, es. Plam, b. Front and Main
Gomes, John, ss. Market, b. J3fh & 11th
Grimes, Jacob, ss. Wash. av., b. 11th & 12th
laekinann, Henry, 23 Fr. av
looted, Joseph, sw. cor. Mound & B’way
Hood, Langan, 102 Ijoeust
Jansen, Win., ws. Carond. av., b. Anna & Sidney
Kelly, Peter, es. 2d. b. Wash & carr
Kern, John, ss. Spruce, b. 2d & 3d
Keutzer, Melehior, ss. 7th, b. Barry and Marion
CooUhoff, John F., 378 s.south 2d
jiugue, George, 192 2d
Linstroth, H., 232 Market
McReidy, Michael, 232 Market
Maeken, Wm. H., ss. Fr. av., b. 16th and 17th
Marsmann, Bernard, 306 B’way
Mehchla, Henry, ss. Market, b. 20th and 21st
Molthaupt, Carond, av., b. Park av.avenue & Barry
Mallary, John, al. b. Cheenut & Market, 3d & 4th
Osthoff, Frederick, nw. cor. 10th and Fr. av
Otto, John H., es. B’way, b. Palm and Wright
Peters & Shdding , es. 16th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Rabenack, Frederick, es. 7th, b. Carr and Biddlo
Ratz, Conrad, ne. cor. 13th & Market
Rharum, Fr., ss. Greene, b. 6th and 7th
Riseck, John, 274 s.south 2d
Sallander, Godfrey, ws. B’way, b. Monroe & Jefferson
Scheer, John, ss. Market, b. 15th & 10th
Scheller, John, es. 7th, b. Marion & Carroll
Schmidt, Philip, 342 s.south 5th
Schulto, Henry, sw. eor. 7th & Biddle
SchwieJerbg, llenry, sw. eor. Emmett & Menard
Sheer, George, cor.corner 16th & Market
Steudeminn, Ernst, 235 s.south 2d
Weingardt, Uharles, 107 Chesnut
WuuUcrlkh, Ferdinand, 169 s.south 4th
Boarding Houses.
Abel, Charles, nw. cor. 11th and Fr. av
Abtlo, Andreas, sw. cor. O’Fallon and 2d
Adams, Adelia, ws. 6th, b. Greene and Morgan
Adams, Mrs., I34 1-2 Market
AlthU, Jacob, 65 Cherry
Anderson, David, 64 1-2 Market
Audrain, Misses Ann & Fanny, 7 s.south 4th
Austin, Mrs. Caroline C., 18n.north 5th
Bacon, Mrs., nw. cor. 6th & Locust
Bain, John, 202n.north 2d
Bfinfttta, Alice, 63 Groena
Beall, Eiizabeth, ws. 7th, b. Fr. av. and Morgan
Beatty, Maria, ws. 8th, b. Locust & St. Chaiks
Bennefeld, Louis, nw. cor. Fr. av. & 11th
Bennett, Sarah, 184n.north 7th
Blakley, John, sw. cor. St. Charles & 4th
Boreherding, Frederick, 138n.north 5th
Boston, John, ss. Fr. av., b. 6th and 7th
Bowen, George, ss. Greene, b. 3d & 4th
Brown, Matilda, se. cor. 5th & Wash. av
Braeggerhof, Fred. R., ss. Walnut, b. 2d & 3d
Buckiey, Isaac I., 83 s.south Main
Buehler, Mrs. R. F., ws. 6th, b. Market & Chesnut
Cairtll & Green Mrs. , se. cor. Carr & 10th
Canghlftnd, Sarah, 111n.north 3d
Christopher, Mrs. Julia & Elizabeth, 10n.north 5th
Carfc, Sarah, ne. cor. 5th and Fr. av
Cliton, Elisabeth, ws. B’way, b. Morgan & Greene
CuUins, John, ns. St. Charles b. 5th and 6th
Condon, Mrs. Elizabeth H., es. 7th, b. Olive & Pino
Cover, David, sw. cur. n. Market and Main
Daepkei, Henry, ns. Fr. av., b. 12th & 13th
Daniels, Elizabeth, us. Wash, av., b. 7th and 8th
Dames, E. A., nw. cor. Wash. av. and 3d
Davison, James, nw. cor. B’way and Wash
Decker, Mrs. C. L., 140 Market
Demerest, C. D., ns. Wash. av., b. 4th and 5th
Deters, Herman, ne. cor. 13th and Biddle
Diokaon, Ellen, sw. cor. 4th and Fr. av
Diedley, David, 26 3d
Dougherty, John, Front, b. Cherry & Wash
Douthitt, Mr. K. H., 39n.north 6th
Dozier, Louis, 149 Market
Dunn, Mrs. Jane C., es. 12th, s.south of Oiivo
Elgin, Mrs. Ann, 66 1-2 Market
Englebertb, Uenriette, 350 b. 3d
ElzJ, Fredeiick, ws. B’way, b. Jefferson and Monroe
Filbert, John, 68 s.south Main
Foulks, Mrs. Catharine, 35 s.south 3d
Fountain, Christen, ss. Morgann, b. 6th and 7th
Freemn, Mrs. S. Locust
Gerdemann, John H., ss. Fr. av., b. 16th & 17th,
Gillmore, Mrs. D., ns. st. Charles, b. 6th and 7th
Goyer, Mrs. sophia, es. 12th,n.north of pine
Guilloz, Peter, ss. Walnut, b. Main & 2d
Harman, Manila, 182n.north Main
Haslam, John, 84n.north 4th
Haywood, Mrs. Mary, 121 Chesnut
Hebrock, Frederick, ws. 2d,n.north of O’Fallon
Business Directory. 217
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Heneman, Joseph, nw. cor. Market and 6th
Heinacker, Henry, se. cor. O’Fallon and Lewis
Herndon, Sarah M., 14 s.south 4th
Hidemann, Herman, ss. Morgan, b. 2d & 3d
Jearon, Henry L., ws. 4th, b. Olive and Pine
Jennings, Mary, 137n.north 3d
Kelleher, Patrick, 119 s.south Main
Kern, Louis, 162 B’way
Kiger, Elizabeth, 74 Vine
Kin, Jane, ws. 3d, b. Wash. av. and Greene
Koch, Charles E., ss. Walnut, b. Main and 2d
La Barge, Charles, ss. Greene, b. 7th and 8th
Larmontt, Mathias, se. cor. Hazel and 3d
Lienemeyer, Henry, es. 4th, b. St. Charles & Vine
Lindsay, Doreas, 86 ss. Fr. av
McClailand, Mrs. Sarah, 41 s.south 3d
McCutheon, Wm., 42 Collins
McDonald, Mrs., ws. 5th. b. Wash. av. & St. Charles
McDonnan, Ann, 94ss.south side. Walnut
McGan, Easton, 26 s.south 5th
McGarvey, Levi, es. B’way, b. Mullanphy & Florida
McKenney, Sarah, ns. Elm, b. Main and 2d
McLachan, Laura, sw. cor. 4th and Elm
McLaughlin, Mrs. Ann, 59 s.south 4th
McLaughlin, Mary, ns. Wash. av., b. 7th & 8th
McPike, Nancy, 87 Fr. av
Martin, Jane, es. 6th, b. Morgan & Fr. av
Meyer, John, 26 s.south Main
Meghan, Mrs. Anna, es. 5th, b. Olive & Locust
Miller, Martha, es. B’way, b. Columbus & Florida
Milton Misses Ellen & Harriett , 60n.north 4th
Moore, Hesther M., ws. 6th, b. Greene and Morgan
Moore, William, ne. cor. B’way & Biddle
Nalley, Catharine, ns. St. Charles, b. 8th & 9th
O’Keefe, Eriza, 67n.north 3d
Oehmen, Peter, 186 4th
Offner, Antoine, es. Main, b. Biddle and Ashley
Ostrander, Terresa, nw. cor. 11th & Christy av
Parland, Mrs. Mary, 72 Chesnut
Parsons, Mrs. Frances, se. cor. 6th & Wash. av
Pembridge, Mary, es. 3d, b. Vine & Locust
Pensins, Frank, Olive, b. 2d and 3d
Perkins, Mrs. E., 49 s.south 5th
Perry, Precila A., ns. Olive, b. 2d and 3d
Phebey, Mrs., 33 Lotast
Phillips, Martha, ss. Wash. av., b. 6th and 7th
Price, Julia, 322n.north 2d
Reynolds, Malinda, 207 B’way
Roberson, Wm., 146n.north 3d
Roff, Amos B., ns. Wash. av., b. 3d & 4th
Rogan, Ann, ss. Wash. av., b. 8th and 9th
Rule, James K., se. cor. 3d and Greene
Safenberger, Ferdinand, sw. cor. Victor & Columbus
Sampson, Ann B., 61 Locust
Scholten, John, se. cor. Vine & 2d
Schuemaker, C., 44 Pine
Scott, Mrs. Harriett, ns. Olive, b. 2d & 3d
Sellers, Rachel, 120 Wash. av
Sexton, Mary, ss. Greene, b. 6th & 7th
Smith, Mrs. Hannah, 186 Market
Smith, Mrs. Mary C., 10 ½n.north 4th
Steimann, Fred. Wm., ns. Fr. av., b. 13th & 14th
Stewart, Mrs. Margarethe, 62 s.south Main
Strasser, John, 51 s.south 2d
Suess, Amadin, 136 s.south 3d
Sweeny, Margaret, ss. Cherry, b. 2d & B’dway
Thompson, Martha, es. 3d, b. Vine & Locust
Timner, Edward, 8n.north 3d
Treiling, Charles, ss. Almond, b. 2d & 3d
Trisz, Daniel, 251 s.south 2d
Varley, James, ns. Almond, b. Front & Main
Voden, Harrison, 47 s.south Main
Vogeler, Charles, 68 s.south Main
Wall, Mrs. Thomas, 70 Vine
Wiles P. & M. , se. cor. B’dway and Mullanphy
Wilkerson, Suaan H., ne. cor. 3d & Wash. av
Wise, John, sw. cor. Fr. av. & 7th
Young, Mary Ann, 61 Collins
Zepp, Frederick, es. Carond. av., b. Duchouquette and
Boat Builders & Joiners.
Cutting & Mitchell , Front, b. Cherry & Wash
Morris & Andrews , Front, b. Carr & Biddle
Morris & Cotton , es. Main, b. Smith & Florida
Book Binders.
Dietz, Edward F., 38n.north 3d
Drysel, L. R., 54 Pine
Fraser & Mclntire , se. cor. Pine & 2d
Hogan, James, 49 Locust
Knapp, Wm. T., Republican building
Lellman, Gustav, 271 Market
Mueller, Robert, 48 Chesnut
Speth, F. G., 139 Market
Booksellers & Stationers.
Adams, James F., 94n.north 4th
Buehler, Edward, n. 3d
Carr & Buchanan , 49n.north Main
Collins, Peter, 80n.north 3d
Corcoran, James, 88n.north 3d
Crawford, James M., 30 Chesnut
Crittenden, H., 117n.north Main
Edwards & Bushnell , 106n.north 4th
Fallon, Patrick J., es. 3d, b. Market & Walnut
Fisher & Bennett , 94n.north Main
Gray, E. P., 127n.north 4th
Griffin & Cheever , 125n.north 4th
Halsall, John, 120n.north Main
Homans, S. S., sw. cor. 4th & Wash. av
Hutton, Robert, 117 Pine
Keith & Woods , 88 Market
Keller, George, ss. Walnut, b. 2d & 3d
Kennon, F. A., se. cor. Pine & 4th
Loring, H. I., 136n.north Main
Meech, Noyes B., 24n.north Main
Pittard, Wm. T., 184 Market
Shultz Amos H. & Co. , 134n.north Main
Wesselhoeft, J. G., 79 Market
Witter, Conrad, se. cor. 2d & Walnut
Woodward, E. K., ne. cor. 4th & Chesnut
Boot & Shoe Sealers.
Bennett, Oliver & Co. , 87n.north Main
Brown, Edwin, 129n.north Main
Claflin, Allen & Stinde , 80n.north Main
Comstock J. F. & Co. , 150n.north Main
Douglass & Breading , 32n.north Main
Ellis & Cavender , 43n.north Main
Farrington S. S. & Co. , 78n.north Main
Green, Charles W., 115n.north Main, ups
Hood, Abner, 116n.north Main
Manny, Weld & Drake , 154n.north Main
North & Scott , 81n.north Main
Shacklford, R. C., 54n.north Main
Watson, James S., 112n.north Main
Yosti E. C. & Co. , 172n.north Main
Boot & Shoe Dealers.
Arnold, Ferdinand, ss. Fr. av., b. 10th and 11th
Bach, John, ss. Fr. av., b. 10th and 11th
Belfield, Wm., se. cor. Market and 5th
Bell, Simon, ns. Morgan, b. 14th and 15th
Bender, Emanuel, 49 s.south 3d
Bents, Stephen, 75n.north Front
Bewig G. & Co. , 109 s.south Main
Bishop, John G., 31 Chesnut
Bock, Frederick, ws. B’dway, b. Carr & Biddle
Bolz, Adam, 173 s.south 2d
Boshold, Jacob, 5 s.south 3d
Borland, Alexander, sw. cor. Morgan and Main
Borth, John, ns. Locust, b. Main and 2d
Breed & Cowles , 4 s.south Main, and 62 Market
Bucksath, John H., 100n.north 2d
Burkhardt, John H., 116 s.south 2d
Casper, George, ns. Greene, b. 4th and 5th
Choutean, Sylvester, 92n.north 4th
Clifford, John, 36 Olive
Clinton, John, 61n.north 4th
218 Business Directory.
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Coff, James, 132n.north 3d
Corning G. & C , 165n.north Main
Depenau, Henry A., 167 s.south 2d
Dittmann, George F., 24 Market
Dornseif, John, 63n.north 2d
Eggers, Ernst Hy., sw. cor. Fr. av. and 5th
Eikenhorst, Theodore, ns. Market, b. 14th & 15th
Eifane, Xavier, 6 Greene
Engler, William, ns. Fr. av., b. 12th and 13th
Evert, Henry, ws. B’dway, s. of Chambers
Folker, Frederick, 58 Locust
Frierwefler, Bernard, ns. Olive, b. 2d and 3d
George & Paul , ss. Walnut, b. Main and 2d
Getzendanner, J., 86 Market
Giesiker, Frederick, 83n.north Front
Gleason, Mathew, 150n.north 3d
Goergep, Henryns. Greene, b. Main find Front
Gosturf, Ephraim, nw. cor. Carond. av. and Barry
Gottschalk & Co. . es. Carond. av., b. Miller and Barry
Gmetter, George, 21 Wash. av
Guenther, Henry, ns. Carroll, b. 7th and Fulton
Haas, John. 394 s.south 2d
Hale S. & J. , 37n.north 4th
Handy, Samuel J., 38 Pine
Heituieyer, Henry M., ns. Market, b. 13th and 14th
Helbig, G., 152 s.south 2d
Henn, John E., 59 Chesnut
Hiob, Henry, ne. cor. 2d and Myrtle
Hisel, John, ns. Morgan, b. Main and Front
Holle, Anton, 26 Fr. av
Huthmadcher, Michael, es. Carond. av., b. Carroll and
Johns, August, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Jonger, Charles, es. 3d, b. Market and Walnut
Kaeshoefer, John, ws. Main, b. Mullanphy and Florida
Keane, Timothy F., 37 Frank. av
Kelly,John, 43n.north 3d
Kilgour, James, es. 5th, b. Greene and Wash. av
Kiuney & Fisher , 100n.north 4th
Kobusch, Frederick, ss. Biddle,w.west. of 13th
Kolwey Herman & Co. , 23 Vine
Kreuzinger, Joseph, es. Carond. av., b. Barry & Marion
Lake, Henry, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Lingeman, Anton, es. B’dway, b. n. Market and Monroe
Long & Buck , ws. B’dway, b. Carr and Biddb
Lundergin, Thomasss. Market, b. 10th and 11th
McCarthy, Robt. E., 82 Market
Madenry, John, 3 Locust
Madigan, John, 7n.north 4th
May, Wiliain B., 162 B’dway
Mehl, Charles, 278 s.south 5th
Meinhardt, Henry, 99 Morgan
Merkel, Godfrey, ns.. Locust, b. Main and Front
Meyer, Frederick, 50 Vine
Meyer, Joseph, 154 Fr. av
Millar, Richard, ss. Market, b. 16th and 17th
Mitchel, Jacob, 61 Pine
Moore, William, es. 3d, b. Market and Walnut
Nolte, Christian, es. Carond. av., b. Barry and Marion
Notle, Joseph, 20 Greene
Oeters, Frnz F., ws. Main, b. O’Fallon and Bates
Oettner, Otto, 64 s.south Main
Ott, Christian, 459 B. 2d
Otto & Bloebauin , ns. Wash, b. 6th and 7th
Pasqnier, Paul, 260 Broadway
Ponniman, Charles, 22 s.south Main
Preuger, Henry, ns. Mullanphy, b. Main and Front
Quiglay, Bernaid, 93 Greene
Rape & Co. , ns. Wash. av., b. Main and Front
Riley, Wm. H., ws. B’dway, b. Monroe andn.north Market
Rumler, Alexander, ss. Wash, b. 8th and 9th
Ryan, James311 B’dway
Schlenker, Lawrenc, 15 Chesnut
Schmitt, Samuelns. Fr. av., b. 13th and 14th
Schneeberger, H. J., 82 Olive
Sehroeter & Eby , 44n.north Main
Schumacher, Casimir89n.north 3d
Schuppe, Henry, es. B’dway, n. of Webster
Seddon, Thomasss. Green, b. 4th and 5th
Seifried J. & W. , ns. Fr. av., b. 7th and 8th
SchafTer, Frederick D., 39 Fr. av
Slater, Fritz, 98 Morgan
Smidt, Conrad, 258 Market
Smith, Lawrence, 237 Broadway
Smith & Smith , ne. cor. Fr. av. and 6th
Specher, Philip J-, 54 Chesnut
Steer, John, 47 Market
TeckLnburg, Ferdinand, es. Broadway, b. Monroe and
Teutcrg, Justice, 95 1-2n.north Front
Thayer, Dennison B., 208 Broadway
Uhrig, Philip, 114n.north Main
Wahler, Emanuel, 95 Morean
Walke, H. L., 22n.north 4tb
Wagner, Rudolph, 3 i_2n.north 3d
Weiss, George, ns. Greene, b. 5th and 6th
Wetteroth, John P., 41 s.south Main
Wheatley, Alexander, 283 s.south 5th
Winkeller, John B., 87 Fr. av
Winnis, William, ss. Greene, b. 5th and 6th
Wotke, Francis M., ws. 5th, b. Convent & Butger
Young, Henry, nw. cor. Morgan and 11th
Brand Cutters.
Calvert, Jessie, 88n.north 2d
Prince & Blum , 28 Olive
Brass Foundries and seale Manufacturies.
Cofland & Piquet , 144n.north 2d
Haywood, Wm. b. 3d and 4th, s.south of Pine
Helmkamp, Herman, 121 Pine
Kepferle, John, 173n.north 2d
Koenker, Wm.439 s.south 2d
Norris, A.B.agt.agent. 20 Pine
Rigdon, C. H.14n.north 2d
Ross, J. A.194n.north 2d
Venghouse, William, 36 Locust
Arseal Brewery,ws.west side. Bule, b. Sidney and Lynch
Buena Vista Brewery, sw. cor. 3d and Plum
Campspring Brewery,ss.south side. Market, b. 18th and 19th
City Brewery, 62Cheiry
es. Carond. av. b. Lesperancc and Picotte
Eigle Brewery, Carond. av. b. Soulard and Lafayette
Franklin Brewery,es.east side. 17th, b. Clark av.avenue and Market
Jefferson Brewery, ns. Fr. av. b. 17th and 18th
Laurel Brewery,ns.north side. Hickory, b. 7th and Paul
Lafayette Brewery, ss. Carr, b. 7th and 8th
Mound Brewery, sw. cor. B’way and Webster
National Brewery,es.east side. 2d, b. Poplar and Plum
Phoenix Brewery, ne. cor. Lafayette and 2d Carond. av
Rocky Branch Brewery, ne. cor. 9th and Tyler
Salvator Brewery, ws. Carond. av. b. Marion & Carroll
Star Brewery, sw cor. Soulaid and Carond. av
St. Louis Brewery, 316 s.south 2d
ws.west side. Decatur, b. Arrow and Ann av
Union Brewery,ss.south side. Market, b. 17th and 18th
Western Brewery, 37 s.south 2d
Brick Layers and Makers.
Evans, Kellogg & Parker , 128 Locust
Wiliams, J. S.91 Wash. av
Brush Makers.
Dings F. & Co. 39n.north Main
Lailner, Francis, es. 7th, b. Marion and Barry
Steia, William. 190 s.south Main
Truestcl, Henry, ns. Wash, b. 11th and 12th
Carpenters and Builders.
Adams, James, ss. Morgan, b. 11th & 12th
Allen, David, nw. cor. 14th and Chesnut
Allen & Wright , 75n.north 3d
Baumann, George, es. 7th, b. Lafayette and Soulard
Bent, J. K.nw. cor. Morgan and 15th
Bushey, George, ws. 10th, b. Wash and Carr
Carroll, Wm. Olive, b. 14th and 15th
Condy & Fearn , ss. Chesnut, b. 8th and 9th
Cousins, William, se. cor. Clark av.avenue and 15th
Curry, John W.nw. cor.6th and O’Fallon
Business Directory. 219
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Dietz, Andrew, se. cor. Clark av.avenue and 16th
Enabree, James H.ns. Almond, b. 3d and 4th
Finch & Toomer , 103 s.south 7th
Fish, 8th, b. Walnut and Market
Fisher, Isaac, ss. Clark av. b. 7th and 8th
Forse, Thomas, cor.corner Cure and 9th
Franke, Christoph, nw. cor. Rutger and 6th
Garrard, Thomas R.nw. cor. Centre and Clark av
Getty, James, 143 Locust
Goodman, Greene, b. 7th and 8th
Green, George, al. b. Olive and Locust, Main and 2d
Greenleaf, Eugene, 125n.north 3d
Hitzelberger, Ainbroso cor. 10th it Walnut
Hodgman, Joseph, se. cor. B’way and Beaton
Holtermann, John, ss. Geyer av. b. 7th and Carond. av
Houston, Joshua, ss. St. Charles, b. 8th and 9th
Huffington & Langham , ss. St. Chailes,w.west. of llth
Keiver, Sannul, ne. cor. 14th and Cbesnat
Kennedy Alex, & Adam , 47 Convent
Lee, Wm. b. Obesnut and Market, 3d and 4th
Long & McDowell , ws. 8th, b. Walnut and Clark av
Moss & Eagleeon , ne. cor. 15th and Chesaut
Nance, John, 55 Wash, av
Owen, Francis 8th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Philibert, James Greene, b. 6th and 7th
Poorman, Henry cor. Cherry and Main
Pratt, Ezekiel, ws. 13th, s.south of Market
Ramsay, John, ws. 6th, b. Carr & Biddle
Raub, Uriah, es. 10th, b. Chesnut and Walnut
Rhodes, Wash. av. e. of lltli
Sage & Webster , es. 7th, b. Carr Biddle
Simon, John, ss. Fr. av. b. 10th and 11th
Sims & Marsh , se. cor. St. Charles and llth
Stevenson, James St. Charles b. 9th & 10th
Sulavan, George b. Chesnut & Market, 3d & 4th
Trekes, John 9th, b. Market & Chesoat
Van, Reed Levi, es. B’way, b. Biddh & O’Fallon
Waggoner, Henry, ws. 16th, b. Chesnut & Pine
Washburn, Matthew, 68 Locust
Weber, St. Charles, b. 8th & 9th
Weston & Russell , ws. 11th, b. Morgan & Christy av
Wilson, Philip, ss. Morgan, b. 16th and 17th
Wright D. & J. sw. cor. Walnut & 6th
Carpet Dealers.
Kennard, P. S.88n.north 4th
Louderman J. C. & Co. ne. cor. Wash, av. & Main
Walker I. & T. A. bw. cor. Main and Vine
Wilcox & McDowell , 68 d. Main
Williamson, J. B.115 a. Main
Bailey, George, ne. cor. 6th and Wash. av
Card, D. T.58n.north 3d
Edgar, T. B.102n.north 3d
Ely, Dodd & Co. nw. cor. Carr and 6th
Fallon & Wright , ws. 5th, b. Locust St. Charles
Finley & Dougherty , ne. cor. st. Charles and 5th
Hager & Brothers , nw. cor. 6th and Chesnut
Osborne, Camp & Co. 41n.north 8d
Rodgers A. B. & Co. nw. cor. St Charles and 6th
Salorgne, Theodore, es. 7th, b. Greene and Wash, av
Hequembourg, A. G.11 s.south 3d
Klufer, John, 125n.north 8d
Lobenhoefer, George, es. Columbus, b. foulard and La-
Prebble, Stephen, 68 Locust
Taylor, James Locust, b. 4th and 5th
Chair Manufacturers.
Armstrong, JohnB.nw. cor. Main and Jefferson
Gifford W. W. & L. H. 127 Olive
Keys, Thomas, 115 n. 2d
Rigor, Albert Wash, b. 7th & 8th
Chemical Works.
Chappell Wm. H. & Co. se. cor. Austin and 14th
Cuno, Krausse & Co. ss. Clark av. b. 12th and 14th
Holland August & Co. ns. Randolph, b. 3d and 4th
Anderson, Biohard, (c) 2d Col. Baptist
Anderson, B. J. P., Central Pres. , r. ns. Locust,w.west. of Sth
Armstrone, F. A., r. at Rev. Mr. Wurth’s
Babooek, Wm. R., r. ne. cor. 16th and Monroe
Buenger, F., 2d German Luth. r. ss. Fr. av., b. 16th &
Bullard, Artemas, 1st Pres., r. ss. Locust, Btoddard add
Church, Samuel s., Christian Ch., r. Olive, Stoddaid add
Clerc, F. J.. St. John’s Ch
Cunningham, T. M.. Assc. Reformed,r.residence at J. Bigi
Davis, Welter R., Ebenezer Chapel, r. ss. Wash. av., b.
7th and 8th
Eliot, Wm. G., Ch. of the Messiah, r. ws. Sth, b. Locust and Olive
Estes, D. G., Christ Ch
Ferris, S. B., South Pres. Ch
Hatch, F. W.. St. Paul’s Church,r.residence Planters House
Hawks, C. S., Bishop of Diocese, r. Paul. s. of Chou. av
Hill, Timothy, Fairmount Pres. , r. Bremen
Homes, William, Union Pres. , r. es. 11th, s.south of Chesnut
Jones, Clias J.. Boatmen’s Ch. , r. ss. Greene, b. 2d & 3d
McAnally, D. R., 16th St. Ch., Meth
MoCala, Wm. S.. Assembly Pres
McPlieeteis, S. B., Pine Street Pres. , r.. sw. cor. 10th and
Nollau, L. B., 1st Ger. Evang. , r. 15th. b. Carr & Biddle
Owen, E. J., Zion Baptist Ch. , r. us. B’way. n. if Jefl’n
Paige, ——, Park av. Pres. , r. at Mr. Jaooard’e
Parks, Joseph. Wesley Chapel, r. ws. Barlow, b. Clark av.
and Oit-bard
Parks, Joseph. North Pres. , r. sw. cor. Sth and Mound
Pennmao, ——, Mound Methodist, r. sw. cor. 9U>, and
Post, Truman M., 1st Tiin. Congr., r. ns. Lucas av., e. of
Cardinal av
Read, D., 2d Baptist
Rioe, N. L., 2d Pres. . r. ns. Walnut, b. 5th and Oth
Riees, J. J., 4th Ger. Evanng. , r. cor. 14th and Madison
Schmidt, ——. 1st German M. E.
Thegembaum, Wm.. German Meth., r. es. B’way, b.
Montgomery and Spring
Todd, A. C.. Reformed Pres. , ss. Gamble av., w. of Isth
Traslow, J. F., Centenary Meth
WallG., W.. 2d Ger. Evang.,r.residence Boulard, b. Carond. av. And Jackson
West, Charles, German Baptist
Wharton, Warren, Asbury Chapel, 15th,n.north of Morgan
White, J. G., Cumberland Pres.
Will, John, 3d Ger. Evang. , r. 9th, b. Emrnett and La-
Woodward, W. H.. Grace Ch., r. Warren, b. 11th & 12th
Wright, Edmund. Spruce Street Pres. , r. us. Spruce,e.east of
Wyaeken, F., 1st Ger. Luth
Youna, Robt A., lst Meth Ch
Rev.E.Saulnier, , } St. Louis Cathedral, ns. Wal-
nut, b. 2d. and 3d
Rev.Ambsrese J.Heim, , } St. Louis Cathedral, ns. Wal-
nut, b. 2d. and 3d
Rev.WilliamWheeler, , } St. Louis Cathedral, ns. Wal-
nut, b. 2d. and 3d
Rev.JohnRyan, } St. Louis Cathedral, ns. Wal-
nut, b. 2d. and 3d
Rev.P.Donntlly, , St. Louis Hospital Chapel, Spruce, b. 3d and 4th
Rev.ArnoldDamon , S. J., } St. Francia Xavier,ws.west side.
9th, b. Washington
av.avenue and Greene
Rev.PeterSpiecher , S. J., } St. Francia Xavier,ws.west side.
9th, b. Washington
av.avenue and Greene
Rev.Francis X.DeCoen, S. J. } St. Francia Xavier,ws.west side.
9th, b. Washington
av.avenue and Greene
Rev.P.Ward, , } st. Patrick’s, nw. cor. 6th & Biddle
Rev.J.Higginbotham, , } st. Patrick’s, nw. cor. 6th & Biddle
Rev. —— Henry, } st. Patrick’s, nw. cor. 6th & Biddle
Very, Rev.Josepn Melcher,} St. Mary’s, (German,)es.east side.
3d, cor.corner Mulberry
Rev.PeterFisher, , } St. Mary’s, (German,)es.east side.
3d, cor.corner Mulberry
St. Joseph’s (German,) ne. cor. Biddle and 10th
Rev.MichaelPendergast, , St. Michael’s, ne. cor. llth &
Rev.SimonBiegrist, , St. Peter and Paul , (German)ws.west side. 7th and Geyer av
Rev.A.Penoo, , C. M. ,) St. Vincent of Paul, ws.
Decatur, b. Park av.avenue &
Rev.G.Uhland, , C. M. , } St. Vincent of Paul, ws.
Decatur, b. Park av.avenue &
Rev.N.Quigley, . C. M. , } St. Vincent of Paul, ws.
Decatur, b. Park av.avenue &
Rev.PatrickO’Brien, , } St. John Evangelist, es. 11th, b.
Chesmrt and Pins
Rev.P.Fehan, , } St. John Evangelist, es. 11th, b.
Chesmrt and Pins
220 Business Directory.
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Rev.JamesDuggan, , } Church of Immaculate Concep-
tion,es.east side. 8th, cor.corner Chesnut
Rev.JohnBannon, , } Church of Immaculate Concep-
tion,es.east side. 8th, cor.corner Chesnut
Rev.J.Ansulin, , iioiy Trinity Church, (German) New
Rev.J. C.Fitnain, , St. Bridget’s Church, cor. Can and
Abeles, Simon, 186n.north Main
Abrahams, Elias, 94n.north Main
Abrahams M. & Co. , 35n.north Main
Adams, John H., 12n.north Main
Ahronsoahn, Edward, 137n.north 3d
Arnold P. & P. H. , 15 Locust
Bher, Isaac, es. Carond. av., b. Emmett and Lesperence
Billow & Co. , 113n.north Main
Bljok, H., 3 Market
Brazean A. & Brother , 106n.north Main
Brinker, B;ls H., no. cor. B’way and Madison
Brinkmann, Casper, 92 Morgan
Brooks, S., 44.n.north Front
Brown & Thatch , 164n.north Main
Brubaker, J. M., nw. cor. Wash. av. and 3d
Charleville, Landry, 2l-’3 B’way
Cohen, H. Il, 20 Market
Cohn, Morris, nw. cor. Morgan and 5th
Cowley, John, 95n.north Front
Dierker, Henry, 20 Front
Donne, Robert S. M., 177n.north 3d
Eisner, Anton, 5 Carond. av
Endors, Simmons & Co. , 62n.north Main
Fox, J. L., 49 Market
Friedman, Muses, 33 Fr. av
Fuerth, Mathias, sw. cor. Carondclet av.avenue & Barry
Gantie & Bompart , 12 a. Main
Gantie, Theodore, 75 s.south Main
Gehner & Nieinann , 5 Frank. av
Gumpertson, L. M., 28 s.south Main
llanford. Thayer & Co. , 1S2n.north Main
Hart, P., Sin.north Front
Haufet, Henry, 8 s.south Main
Isadore, Turk & Co. , 199 B’way
Jacks, Aaron, 52n.north Front
Jack, Keiler & Co. , 52n.north Main
Kalkmann & Weasels , 47 Fr. av
Katz, Joseph, i:J5 Carondtlet av
Kaufmaim, Georgo F., es. Carondclet av., b. Barry and
Keiler, 11., 46n.north Front
KlUr, W., 60n.north Front
Kdly & Vail . 146n.north 3d
Klein, M., Ison.north Main, 176 Bvay
Krmpp, John J., 76n.north Front
Kohn, Joseph, 291 B’way
Kohn, Simou, 94n.north Front
Kcrnicli, Adolpfa L., 225 B’way
Kretzer, Christian, sw. cor. Market and Cth
Emger, Ferdinand, 280 s.south 5th
Erase, Frederick, ss. Fr. av., b. 5th and Gth
Nuns-muller & Bereesch , 43 Fr. av
KunsemulLr C. & F. , sw. cor. -ith and Morgan
Lienemuytr, J. H., 140n.north 3d
Lithauer, B., 1S4n.north Main
Lithauer & Co. , 134n.north 3d
LoiKloinian J. C. & Co. , 14:5n.north Main
Lyou, Mrs. Bopbia, L’Oii B’way
Martin & Bnither . 1 Main antl 114n.north Main
MaKmaim k llackmann . 44 Fr. av
Mayfield & Brother , 75n.north Lcvec
Mk-henfJdtr, Fransis, ss. walnut, b. Com’l and Main
Micha. S. & I. , 44n.north Main
Mitch11, J., 63n.north Proot
Mobrmann, Henry H., 66 Fr. av
Morris, Manuel, ss s. 3d
Mocria, Moses, 2’J7 B’way
Itwphy, Henry, cor.corner Chesnut and Front
Murphy, Henry, 115n.north 3d
Myera, John Q., 57 Market
Myers, Morris, 303 U’way
Myriek, James K., 74 Mark, t
Neidenb(rgt’r, Mathias, 242 s.south 5th
Newinark, A., 100n.north Main
Pfeiffer, Jones M., 89 Fr. av
Pfeiffer, M., 21 Market
Plahto, Il, 108n.north Main
Kaphail-ky, Morris, 118n.north 3d and 164 B’way
Hedwell & K;.l uuiev , se. cor. Morgan and 4th
Romain, Charles, es. Carond. av., b. Miller and Barry
Roth, Joseph M., 45 s.south Main
Rothweiler, George, ss. Walnut, b. Main and 2d
Samuel, Michael, 150 s.south 2d
Samuels, Kubin, 12n.north Main
Santtl, Anton, 62 s.south Main
Scbaefer, John, 364 s.south 2d
Schiennniin & Tranel , 49 Fr. av
Schulte & Dukei , 83 Fr. av
Schwartz, Lewis, 19n.north Front
Sinvard, Loonhardt, 141 s.south 2d
Singer & Wise , 456 s.south 2d
Spiokermann & Miller , ws. 9th,n.north of Brooklyn
Spiekemann & Lnndzetlls , 45 s.south Front
Spitzer, Henry, 217 B’way
Sproule A. Av. & Co. , 120n.north Main
Stamm, Henry, 202 s.south 2d
Bteindler, yaiainon, es. Carondulet av., b. Carroll and
Stern L. & Brother , 4-n.north Main
Stone C. W. & Co. , Kifin.north Main
Streett Jam s S: Co. , 12i>n.north Main
Sutmoellt-r, David, ss. BiddK>, b. 10th and 11th
Van Devcnter P. L. & H. & Co. , 160n.north Main
Vanhaaren, Henry, nw. cor. 4th and Morgiaa
Wagner, Wfll iain, 148n.north 3d
Webster, Marsh & Co. , 85n.north Main
Weigle, Abraham, ne. cor. n. Market and B’way
Weil, David, 46$ Market
Will, Hart, 16 s.south Front
Willd.n, Henry, 6:in.north 4th
Wdff, Frederick, 105 Fr. av
Wood F. M. & Co. , 2n.north Main
Young Brothers , l.’!5n.north Main
Cloths & Woden Goods.
Field & Beard^ee , 166n.north .Main
Coffee Houses.
Abel, Charles. 171 s.south 4th, and cor.corner 11th and Fr. av
Adams, Michael, 201n.north 2J
Ambfl, Peter, ss. Market, b. 18th and 19th
Augustin, George, es. Canndelet av., b. Duchoiuxuettc &
Barsalaix, John B.. 299 B’way
Baaoom, J. D., 110 Market
Bean, William. 51 Front
Bechbus, Frederick, ns. Locust, b. 2d nnd 3d
Beclierer, Mathias, se. cor. 7th and Marion
Beck, L., ss. Maiket, b. 18th and 19th
Behr, Bernard, no. eor. 13th and Bidille
Benkendorf, Oswald, 04n.north :id
Bjimefild, Ixiuis, nw. cor. Franklin av.avenue and 11 fh
Bergeaofa & Brinitwirth , ss. Carr, b. 7th and 8th
Beukenaann, Fvederlok, f>7 s.south Main
Biedert, Albert, 146 s.south 2d
Biedert, Albert, nw. cor. Pino and 4th
Birkiohl, Charles, 44 Front
Bitlner, David. 82 s.south 14th
Blanke F. & W. , 118 Frank. avenue
Bloser, A., 12I s.south 2d
Boehm, Christopher, ns. Fr. av., b. 13th ard 1 -Ith
Boernstdn & Co. , ws. Caronddet uvenue. b. Murion and
Bohlmiin, Herman, 210n.north 2d
Bohb, John A., 34 Front
Bokran, Anthony, 66n.north 3d
Botts, LooiBi93 Olive
Boeotu, John. ne. oor. Soulard and llaintranuk
Bourk, J., 92n.north Front
Bowe, Daniel, 94 Morgan
Brady, Terence, se. cor. 5th and Morgan
Brantlgani, Charles A., sw. oar. 16th and Wash
Business Directory. 221
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Brazoan & Bills , nw. off. Locust and Front
Brinkmann, Francis, 334 s.south 5th
Broadwdl, F. J., 7 Market
Briu-he, Anton, 218 s.south 2d
Brueh, Frederiok, 118 s.south Main
Bench, John, 108 s.south Main
BrohammorJoseph, jr., 237 s.south 3d
Brood, Joseph, 213 S. 2d
Bruecknei, Thomas, se. cor. Carreii and Jackson
Buckley, WilLam, ns. Greene, b. 6th & 7th
Bueohel, WiLiam, ws. 7th, b. Park av.avenue and Rutgcr
Bulfin, Wiliaru, ns. Pine, b. 3d and 4th
Bulls and Stefiania , 61n.north Front
lUubich, Benedict, ns. Cherry, b. Main and 2d
Burg, Philip, 228n.north Main
Burl, John, us. Morgan, b. 4th and 5th
Burke, Frandfl P., eor. Main and Oiive, andsw.southwest corner
Commercial and Wash, av
Burklin, George, 19 Front
Butler, William, Front, b. Cherry and Wash
Byine, Patrick, 52n.north Front
Byron, E. A., Ss (Live
Byron, R. J., cor.corner Commercial and Vino
Byron Saloon , 7 Ofaemat
Cabrili;;c, Antoine, 8n.north Front
Cabri.liac, Dennis, 32 Front
Cafferata, G., 70n.north Front
Oarmilih, George, es. Broadway, b. Ilcmpstead and La-
beau me
Cnry, John, ns. Morgan, b. Main and Levee
Cary, ThomaSins. Spruce, b. Main and 2d
Cbarpiot, Jerome, 4o s.south Main
Chirighin, Frauds, ws. B’dway, s. of Jefferson
Chreiser, Joseph, ne. cor. Main and Morgan
Chiisty, James. 11n.north Front
Clancy, Michil, sw. cor. Main and Cilunibia
Colgan, James, ss. Morgan, b. Front and Main
Connelly, Josph, 97n.north Front
Conrad, Jacob, 52 Front
Coorkery, Danitl, Front, b. Morgan and Cherry
Costa, Joseph, so. ear, Wash. a\enue and lith
Cox, Eugene F., 85n.north Front
Ctuotts, Anthony, Be. oor. Walirat and 8d
Daepker, Henry, us. Fr. av. b. 12ih and 13th
Dammnn, Chailes, 52 Frank, av
Dammer, John Hy., ne. cor. Main and Bates
Decker, John, 60 s.south 2d
Deiae, Gregor, 77 s.south 2d
Deuniaon & Biohardson , 37 Chesnut
Dennedee, E.len, nw. cor. lt)th and Carr
De Rose, Anna, 192 4th
Dierberger, Greene, b. 3d aad 4th
Dieiberger, William, 17:;n.north Sd
Dinn, & Caih.e. n. 4th, b. Market and Chesnut
Dorbaum, Bberhard. se. oor. Lafayette and Menard
Donohne, Thomas H.. Com’l., b. Qraene & Morgan
Uoppminn, John, se. eor. 10th and Biddle
Dorr, Henry, ws. B’dway, b. Monroe &n.north Market
Dougherty, Miobad, ws. 9th,n.north of Cass av
Dow, Prank, Market, b. Isth and 14th
Dqjla, George, 76 Franklin avenuo
Dunnermann, Charles, 194 4th
Ebbeil Adam & Valentine , 290 s.south 2d
Ebele & Still , 161 s.south 2d
Elle, John, se. oor. Canoll and Carond. av
Edtl, Lueas, 431 s.south 2d
Bbibardt, John, ne. cor LatBtraaos and Ctlnnibus
Endele, Francis, 100ws.west side. 2d
Englrt, Ignaz, ss. Frank. av., b. 15th and 10th
Erd, Jacob, es. Carond. av., b. Sidney and Anna
Paber, Cbail, 98 Morgan
Falln, James, 121 s.south Main
Farirfi, John, 267 Morgan
Feltes, Peter, 25 Franklin av
Fennimnn, Theodore, ns. Market, b. 13th & 14th
Ferrul, Jpseph, 57 Chesnat
Dlink, Ji-banna, 76 Cheeout
Fleury, Peter F., 70 s.south Main
Finn, B. W.. 62n.north 3d
Flood, Williin. ns. Florida, b. Main & Lewis
Florey, B., 5 Market
Fogel, Claments, nw. cor. n. Market & Broadway
Fo’hr, Jacib. es. Cnrond. av., b. Soulard & Lafayette
Folk, Frederick, 266n.north Main
Fox, James, sw. cor. Fr. av. & 8th, and us. Morgan, b.
Main and Front
Frederick, CharUs, nw. eor. Greene & Front
Fredericks, George, 5 Greene
Prey, Louis, 355 s.south 2d
Fritz & Bosch , sw. cor. 3d and Plum
Foohs, Charles, bw. cor, 12th and Wash
Ganter, John B., 59n. 4th
Garsie, Frederick. 189 4th
Garthe, Henry, W6 Broadway
Gamier, Mary, 56 s.south Main
Geis-iit, George, 48n.north Fiont andss.south side. Walnut, b. Com’l &
Gerber, VaiLentine, nw. cor. B’dway & Morgan
Gedemann, Jobs H.. ss. Fr. av. b. 16th >v 17th
Goldstein, Francis 11., se. cor. MuJjuuphy it Main
Goila, Augustus, 65n.north Front
Gknls & Perrier , 17n.north Front
Ghrabar & Longenbaoh , 95n.north 3d
Giaeter, Martin, 227 b. 2d
Gragin, John, 2.7 Market
Grout, Anthony, sw. cor. Fr. av. and 13th
Groves & Wilkie , se. cor. 8th and Wash
Gnerdim, Adam, 170 s.south 2d
Guilloz, Pierre, ss. Wulnut, b. Main & 2d
llaeininerle, Martin, 139 s.south 2d
llall’iier, Daniel, 88 s.south Main
Hamer, Francis, ns. Fr. av., b. 17th and Isth
Hamilton, Francis, 16 Morgan
Uammermann, Gerhard, 35 Front
Haimann, Joseph, se. cor. Morgan A: 3d
Harris & Sndl , 86 Main
Hartman, K., se. eor. Barry i Caund. ay
Hartmann, Conrad, es. 5th
Harry, William, 191 1th
llattaendoif, Frederick W., 84: Fr. av
Uauser, George, 69 Front
Hansei A: 8ohwembirger , nw. cor. Convi n
Heeper, John, ws. Columbia, b. Lafayette it Emuictt
Heger, Chailb, 3 s.south 2d
Ik1Mn, Henry, 168 s.south 2d
Heim, George, bb. Wash, b. 8th and 9th
Heinz, Bonaventora, 236 s.south lm
Heitkamp, Frederick H., ws. 10th, b. Carr & Biddle
Ueitkamp, Joseph, ss. Lombatti, b. 4th & 5th
Hemminghans, Uenry, 234 B’dway
Uenry, Betjamin F., ns. Cherry, b. Main & 2d
llertter, JnLoa H.. es. 3d, s. cf Cbemat
Hertman, John. ns. Morgan, b. Main and Front
lleiur, Henry, ns. Olive. b, Main and L’d
Uiggin, Peter, 84 Green
Uiumar.n, Henry, 268 s.south 2d
Uoehn, Uenry, se. oor. CancU k 7th
Uoerth, Wiliamu, 80 s.south Main
Hd.idiy, William, as. B’dway, b. MoHanphy &
Hoop, Jacob, Ti s.south 21
Horn, George, es. 13th, b. Carr and Biddli
blowtin, Charles, ns. Carr. b. 10th aud 11th
Huffmeister, Charles, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th & Vth
Hughs, Wm. M.. 215n.north Main
Hulnie & White . 46n.north 8d
Hunt,, 824 Market
Ihuin, Ann. ws. Ioth, b. Carr & Biddlc
Jaooby & Feiokert , cor.corner 2d and Market
Jenkins, Henry, Morgan, b. Main tv limit
Jenn, Henry, 4 s.south Sd
Johanning, Henry, nw. eor. Laiayette t Bttel
Josse, Frrancis, 6n.north Front
Jurgens, Martin. 242n.north 2d
Kahman, Henry, 9 Fr. av
Kaiser, Balthasar, nw. oar. Carond. av. & Lafayetia
Kautmann, J., 310 s.south 5th
Kaut, George, ws. Caruad. av., b. Carroll & ulanl
Kearnes, John, ss. Morgan, b. Levee & Main
Kelley, Mrs. Mary, 88n.north Front
Kelley, Patrick, 64n.north Pronl
222 Business Directory.
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Kemble, John N., 17 s.south 2d
Kennedy, Mrs.Catharine, 89n.north Front
Ka-zinger, Francis, bw. cor. li’dway & Webster
Reader, Jacob, es. 12th, b. Pine and Olive
King, George, bs. Morgan, b. Front and Main
King, John, 18 Vine.
Kincaid, Samuel, sw. cor. n. Market & Alain
Kinkead, George, wb. B’dway, b. Carr and Biddle
Kirkhardt, William, 20(5 Market
Klausmann, Charlss, cor.corner Main and \\ alnut
Klein, Joseph, 1>29n.north Main
Kl.ininann, Godfried, se. cor. Mam and Walnut
Koch, Andreas, i)0 s.south Main
Koeber, Susannah, ne. cur. Chcsuut and 2d
Koeser, Charles, 227 Broadway
KoeLla- & Sievtis , 2’J7n.north Main
Kraft, Frederick, ns. n. Market,e.east of 19th
Kramer, Anthony, sw. cor. Alinond & 4th
Knmtlar, Andrew, ne. eor. Main & Greene
Krieg, Leop Id, 90 s.south 2d
Krieger, Philip .)., nw. cor. B’dway & Greene
Kroeger, Fredeiiek, es. Carond. av., b. Emmett and La-
King, Louis11 s.south 2d
Kuei lor & Steigerwalt , 25 Market
Kux-hLr, GotMed, 403 s.south 2J
Kundert, A., b’4 Front
Kuut/., Henry J., 82 s.south 2d
Li,ue, Abraham, ne. cor. 12th and Pine
Laibold, Bernard, 50 s.south 2d
Lambert, Jacob, 00 s.south Main
L;nig, John, ns. Biddle, W. of 12th
Chailas, P., ns. Elm, b. Main and 2d
Langueckert, Wendtlin, 2:0 s.south 2d
Louman, Frederick, ns. Pr. av., b. 14th and 15th
Lea, William, 318 Broadway
Lewis, James, ns. Morgan, b. Main and Levee
Linkemeyer, Henry, sw. cor. Walnut and 3d
Loesh, Wendelin, ss. Li fayette, b. Jackson & Columbns
Lorenz, John L.. 2:iUn.north Main
Loai, John A.. 33 Myrtle
Louisiana, Charles, ss. Mound, b. B’dway and 2d
Lucas, Samud, 1 tfl s.south Main
Ludwig, lTvdrick, ne. or. Morgan and 7th
MoCarick, Thomas, ss. Morganj b. Front and Main
MeGratfa, Thomas, 91n.north Front
MoGnire, Cbarl b, ns. Greene, b. 5th and 6th
Mchale, Patrick, 9 Greene
McLnughlin, Thomas, 96 Morgan
Madden, Jerry, Loijn.north 3d
Maharg J. B. & J. W. . 150 s.south 2d
Bcaitir, John, sw. cor. 2d L’arond. av.avenue and Park av
March;!1, Eugen, L6 s.south Front
Mareehall, J’hn G , ss. Myrtle, b. Main and 2d
Massigby, Peter, 85 s.south 3d
Mattingly, Jama, sw. cor. 4th k Frank, av
Mebua, liustaT, ss. Market, b. 20ih and 21st
Meehan, John J., ws. 7th. s.south of cass av
Meier, John, ne. cor. Victor & Carond. av
Bierrick, John, 7n.north Front
Merrit, A. S., ns Vine,e.east of 3d
Meyer, Frank, 123 Morgan
Michel,, Jacob, se. cor. \ ieb r and Carond. av
Midi., Peter, nw. cor. Carond. av. & Barton
Millr, Frederick, 87n.north Main
Moecbel, Lonia, sw. cor. B’dway & Biddlo
MoImann, John Wm., 334 Broadway
More Davis & Co. , 06 Fr. av
Moore, Win., ne. cor. B’dway i Kiddle
Morwland, Alexander, sw. cor. Green and 5th
Mirfahans, John, ne. cor. Claik av.avenue & 0th
Vlonia, Joseph, sw. cor. 6th and MvhIj
Mu.Her, August, A2 s.south Main
Mullr, Ucimnn, se. cor. I3ih &, Wash
Mi.l.n, James B’dway, b. Mullanphy & Florida
Murphy, Donnis, 101n.north Front
Murpiiy, Mark, sw. cor. 5th and Morgan
Murpby, Marryns. Morgan, b. Main and Front
Murphy, Owen, 93n.north Levee
Murray, Buia, ws. 10th, b. Carr and Biddle
Muirin, James, sw. cor. 7th and Wash
Myers, Peter, es. B’dway, s.south ofn.north Market
Noff, John, ne. cor 7th and Marion
Nievergelder & Co. , 65 Chesnut
Nolle, Chailee, 90n.north 2d
Norp, Geo. llaimon, 184 4th
Nuernberger, Philip, 15n.north id
Obermuellw, Wendelin, ss. Myrtle, b. 2d and Main
O’J’ryan James & Co. , 40n.north Front
O’Conner Lake , ne. Greene, b. 5th and 6th
O’Connere, Michael, 94n.north Front
O’Mara, Wiliam, ws. 3d, b. Chesnut and Market
O’Neil, Patrick, Morgan, b. 2d and 3d
Para, John, ns. Greene, b. 5th & 6th
Parker, Mrs.Carolin, sw. cor. 3d & Almond
Parla, Andrew, 102 Morgan
Patterson, Horace R., ns. Locust, b. .Main & Front
Pt’lickan, Martin, ws. Decatur, b. Soulard & Lafayette
Peltier, Germain, 20iB s.south 2d
Pembiidge, David, ws. Main, b. Mullanphy & Florida
Pendergast, JefFrey, Front, b. Cherry & Avasb
Pero, Daniel, 214 s.south 2d
Pelcher, Thomas L., ne. cor. Convent & 4th
Pfisterer, Christian, 188 s.south 2d, John, 19n.north Front
Piokls, George, sw. cor. Hazel & 4th
Polk, William, 76 s.south Front
Premutta, Mathias, 212 s.south 2d
Rabassa, John, 24 s.south Front
Rahily, Michael, nw. cor. Morgan and Front
Rank, Maria, 268 s.south 2d
Rarvi, Bernard, 80 s.south Front
Ratch, Antuine, sw. cor. Wash. av. & 10th
Regan, John. 72 Chesnut
Relnn, George, es. Carond. av., b. Emmett & Lesperance
Beichenbaoh, Christian, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Robbins, E. H., 45n.north 4th
Robinson, William, es. B’dway, b. Howard & Mound
Rock, Philip, 258 I’.’dway
Robia, Frederick, ss. Morgan, b. 5th and Gth
Rose, Xaphir, se. cor. Soulard & Decatur
Rutdi, John, 117 s.south 2d
Rueff, Mrs.Christian, 449 s.south 2d
Ryan, John, es. Main, b. Smith & Florida
fechaab, Henry, 110 s.south Lm
Schaifer, ClnL-tian, 113 Morgan
SobaiJr, Frederick, 16n.north d
Schaffner, Stanitlans, 38 s.south Main
Schiller, ChiiaUpher, 115 s.south Main
Schilling, Frederick, ’Ju Greene
Schinsing, Apoiian B., se. cor. 11th & Carr
Schmidt, Loreii7, \3’j s.south Main
Sohneer, Erst, sw. cor. Elm & 3d
Schneider, George, 2-17 s.south 4th
Schneider, Jacob, 437 s.south 2d
Schneider, Rudolphws. 7th, b. Park av.avenue & Rutger
Bchnir & Willing , es. Carond. av., b. Carroll & Soulard
Bobxlten, John, se. cor. 2d and Vine
Schreiner &, Leist , ne. cor. 2d and Elm
der J. K. & Bro. , ns. Mound,e.east of 9th
mann & Fischer , 330 s.south 6th
Bchuette, Uharlb, ne. cor. Main & O’Fallon
Sobnmacher, Alois, nw. cor. Lombard &, 2d
Sthuler, Jacob J., 326 Broadway
Schulte, Antn, se. cor. B’dway and Howard
Schnlti, Edward. 190 ith
Scholtz&4 Boed rer , nw. cor. O lallon & 2d
Schwile, George, 104 s.south 2d
Seger, John, nw. cor. carond. av. & Arsenal
Shannon, Bayan, 14 Morgan
Shannon, Edmund, ws. B’dway, s.south of Cass av
Shannon, Joseph, 84n.north rront
Sharkey, Peter. 80n.north Front
Shaeghnassy, Patrick, ss. Greene, b. Main & 2d
Siep, Henry, Sld B’dway
Signaig, James S., nw. cor. 3d and Olivo
Signaig, James, 169 & 175n.north 3d
Singer, Anten, ne. cor. Soulard & Decature
Smith, Robert, sw. cor. Greene nnd 2d
Smytfa, Hugh H., ne. cor., Hh tod Morgan
Business Directory. 223
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Snell & Harris , ss. Market, b. 5th and 6th
Snyder & Brown , es. B’dway, b. n. Market & Monroe
Sommer, Bernard, 241 s.south 4 th
Shiegel, Lorenz, ws. Columbus, b. Lesperance and Pi-
Spiekemann, Wm. B., 46 s.south Front
Stadler, John, ne. cor. Decatur and Lafayette
Staehlin, Christian, ne. cor. Lafayette & Carond. av
Stange F. & Co. , 17 Chesnut
Stave, Charles, 71 s.south 2d
Steimann, Fred’k Wm., ns. Fr. av., b. 13th & 14th
Stein, Jacob, 72 s.south Main
Stifel, Charles G., 62 Cherry
Straube, Louis, es. 7th b. Park av.avenue & Rutger
Sutter, Michael, 63 s.south Front
Sullivan, Dennis, es. 4th, b. Fr. av. and Morgan
Sweigert, Jacob, 132 s.south 2d
Telchmann, Frederick, es. Carond. av., b. Duchouqette &
Thamberger, Louis, 7n.north 3d
Thayre & Symonds , 76 Chesnut
Thennberger, Louis, 46n.north 3d
Thias, John H., 77 s.south Main
Thompson, Mathew, 86 Olive
Thompson, Walter D., 304 B’dway
Tierce, Herman, ss. Market, b. Centre & 14th
Toussaint, Racine, 167 s.south 2d
Trautner, John, ws. Carond. av., b. Barry & Marion
Trischler, Theodore, 322 s.south 5th
Uhrig, Ignatz, ws. Pratt av., b. Olive & Pine
Uhrig, Joseph, sw. cor. 18th and Market
Uhrig, Philip, ns. Locust, b. Main and 2d
Ulmer, Charles, 67 Market
Umrath, Charles, ws. 3d, b. Market & Chesnut
Utech, Philip, 137 s.south 2d
Vaerster, John D., cor. Carond av. and Miller
Vongerichten, Mrs. Fred’k, es. Carond. av., b. Barry and
Waeker, Mathias, 245 s.south 2d
Waelli, John, 51 s.south 2d
Wagener, Frederick, 153 s.south 2d
Weber, Bonefacius, 180 s.south 2d
Weber, Herman, 368 s.south 2d
Weber, Peter, ns. Fr. av., b. 7th and 8th
Weber, Wm. A., sw. cor. Wash and 8th
Weidenbach, Joseph, 387 s.south 2d
Weinberg, Gottfried, 371 s.south 2d
Weisman, Anthony, ss. Market, b. 20th and 21st
Welter, Charles, 66 s.south Front
Wentz, August, 71 Carond. av
Wescot, Joseph, 15n.north 2d
Wesselling, Rudolph, 72 Fr. av
Wethorn, William, Front, b. Biddle and Ashley
Wiehl, Joseph, ws. Carond. av., b. Park av.avenue and Barry
Wieland, Conrad, 315 s.south 2d
Wiese, Bernard, 273 Market
Wilberg, Herman, 68 s.south 2d
Willig, Michael, 177 s.south 2d
Willing, Frederick, es. 7th, b. Carroll and Soulard
Wilshusen, Claus, es. Main, b. Smith and Bates
Wilson, Thomas R., ne. cor. 11th and Wash
Winkelmeier, Julius, ss. Market, b. 17th & 18th
Winter, Alfred, ws. High,n.north of Biddle
Wittig, Peter, ss. Park av., b. Buel and Menard
Wittmer, Mrs. Joseph, es. Carond. av., b. Sidney and
Wittner, Nicholas, 338 s.south 2d
Wolf, Louis, 28n.north 3d
Woods, Joseph M., 21n.north 4th
Wortman, Peter, es. Main, b. Carr and Biddle
Wright & Woodworth , ss. Pine, b. 3d and 4th
Wulf, John H., ws. Main, b. Mullanphy & Florida
Wurtz, Charles J., es. Carond. av., b. Sidney & Victor
Zanger, Henry, 73 Cherry
Zeller, John L., nw. cor. 7th and Fr. av
Zepp, Frederick, es. Carondelot av., b. Duchouquette and
Zimmer, Joseph, ss. Market, b. 16th and 17th
Zoll, K. Adam, ne. cor. 12th and Fr. av
Zuefle, Mrs. Fredericka, 241 s.south 2d
Commission Merchants.
Adams, Robert, 52 Com’l
Alexander J. H. & Co. , 17 Pine
Angelrodt & Bartn , 128n.north 2d
Booth, James W., se. cor. 2d & Wash. av
Bowman & Co. , 256n.north Main
Brady & Brother , 27n.north Front
Bull, John C., 11 n. Com’l
Burns, Oliver K., 184n.north 2d
Carson, J. B., 56 Com’l
Chamberlain F. B. & Co. , 28n.north 2d
Chandler, J. L., 9 Locust
Chappell J. T. & Co. , 62 Com’l
Chiles & Carr , ne. cor. Com’l and Olive
Chiles, F. P., 148n.north 2d
Clarke, Rateliffe & Co. , 47 Com’l
Corcoran John & Co. , 9 Com’l
Crane, Francis W., 69 Com’l
Cranwiil, S., 182n.north 2d
Cutter & Valentine , 38n.north Front
Darrah & Pomeroy , 9 Com’l
Denis, J. C., 75n.north 2d
Douglass & Beer , 249 Main
Dutcher & Co. , 18 Pine
Dwyer, William, 5 Locust
Edgell S. M. & Co. , 20 Pine
Elder, J. E., 40 Com’l
Fallon, Michael, 4 s. Com’l
Ferguson J. & T. , 10 s. Com’l
Fife, Wm. G., 17 n. Com’l
Finley, J. W., 3 Olive
Fitzgerald, William, 281n.north Main
Funkhouser R. M. & Co. , 32 Com’l
Gray, W. A., 17 n. Com’l
Hallam, Alxander, 50n.north Front
Hendry, Charles F., 8 s.south Front
Hening & Woodruff , 19 Pine
Hewitt, Roe &, Co. , 106n.north 2d
Hill, George F., 150n.north 2d
Homeyer Henry A. & Co. , 4n.north Front
Johnsons, Bartley & Lytle , 9 Locust
Kimball, E. B., 170n.north 2d
Kirkman & Luke , 176n.north 2d
KnappGilbert, jr., 69n.north Front
Knapp, John, 37 Levee
Kneves Wm.H. & Co. , 9 Market
Lemoine, John B. S., 120n.north Main
McClagan, John, Com’l, b. Greene & Morgan
McFaul, Francis, 25 Com’l
McLean H. D. & Co. , 69 Com’l
Manny, J. D., cor. Com’l and Olive
Matthews, William, 62 Com’l
Mellen, John D., 3 s.south Front
Moffett, Stillwell & Co. , 3 Olive
Mogridge, Joseph, 38 Com’l
Morgan & Reid , 27 Com’l
Morrison Wm. M. & Co. , 67n.north Front
Mudd & Hughs , 35n.north Front
Nelson, Wm. A., 11 Locust
Neuer, Ernst, 11 Market
Pettes, Chickering & Co. , 2n.north Front
Plunkett, Thomas, es. Com’l, n. of Elm
Pottle & Bayley , 3n.north Front
Powell, Robert W., 4 s.south Front
Quigg, Edward P., 75n.north 2d
Reyburn, Thomas G., 11 Locust
Rhodes, Pegram & Co. , 13 Pine
Ryland E. M. & Co. , 72 Com’l
Sadler & Scott , Com’l, s. of Wash. av
Scott & Bro’s. 9 Locust
Scott, Naylor & Co. , 12 s.south Front
Slater, B., 37n.north Front
Sloan, Edwin C., 3 Olive
Smyth & Gore , 38 Com’l
Stevens, Robert, 176n.north 2d
Tatum, David & Co. , 160n.north 2d
Taylor & Co. , 29n.north Front
Teasdale & Holsman , sw. cor. Chesnut & Com’l
Teasdale, M. C., sw. cor. Com’l and Locust
224 Business Directory.
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Thayer, Henry, 7 Cum’l
Tower, G. F., 81n.north Front
Townsend, Robinson & Co. , 27n.north Front
Triplett, MeFadio & Co. , 10n.north Coni’l
Vanayekle, Albert, 25 Com’l
WaddinghamWm., jr., 200n.north Main
Watts, Wm. C, 62 Com’l
Warner H. B. & Co. , 42 Com’l
West, Olis, 50 i). Front
Wetheri:i Sam! J. & Co. , 4 s.south Front
Wilson, James, Be, cor. Com’l and Chesnut
Wbrthington G. & Co. , cor.corner Com’l and Chcsnut
Yeatmaa, Robinson & Co. , n\v. cor. Greene & 2d
Bailey, Sam’l H., nw. cur. Tine and 2d
Backer ft Holderle , ss. Park av., b. Buel and Menard
fcUanke, J. H., 207 Market
Carson, Thomas, 155 s.south 5th
Co.lins, Michael, 213 Bvay
Dordt, Chailes, ss. Market, b. 14th and 15th
Uussuchule, Carle, s. 3d
Ernst, Herman, ss. Fr. av., b. 11th and 12th
Frey, J. M., 3n.north 4th
Greninger, John, 96 Wash, av
Hedenberg, Mrs. C, 212 Market
Kendall, 11. X., 68. J 2th, b. Pin;; & Olive
Lougnotts, Jobn 13., 77 Market
Maude & Gisler , lid Market
Meyer & Walter , 62n.north 2d
Miehelmore C. & Brother , 55 & 57n.north 4th
Miller, John, 241 B’way
Pearce, Joseph, bb. Market
Poemeste, Joha, 6’Jn.north 3d
Sides S. & Co. , ne. cor. 5th and Pino
Siekendiek, John H., 137 Morgan
Spencer, Mrs. Lydia, sw. cor. 7th and St. Charle3
8tafftlbach, J. 0., 31 Market
Steller, Loub, 20n.north 3d
traverse, Mrs. Kate. 142 Market, Paul. 142 s.south 2d
Wiesehann, (Gerhard W., 48 Frank, av
Appcl, Jacob, es. 7th, b. Marion and Barry
benker, andreas, es. 12th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Borgdt, William, ws. (JolambuB, b. Wood & Miller
Emmitt, W. B., al. b. Main & 2d, Wash. av. & Greene
Bekert, William, wa 13th, b. Wash & Carr
hass, George, be. Wash, b. 8th and 9th
Hawa, Wm., na. Market, b. 12th and L3th
Hewitt, Thomas, bb. Christy av., b. 15th & 16th
Jenne, Peter, 68. 7l1i, b. Lafayette andSoulard
Kalbfleisoh, , ws. Carond. av., b. Gever av.avenue & Allen av
Koeh, Sidney, b. Jackson ;aid Easton
Landgraf, Frederick, 27.5 B. 7th
McCoin, Win., ee. til. b. Main and 2d, Elm and Walnut
ifeara, W. R., nw. oor. Monroe and Main
Moodz, John, es. 9th, b. Labeaome and Webster
Reinstadtler, Andrew, Be.eor. Watfa am i,)th
P.ohmann, Frederick, sw. cor. Cane 11 and Rjton
Sohapelkotter, Frederick, ws. 12th, s.south of O’PaUan
8eberer, Christopher, ns. Webster,e.east of B’way
scaler, Fredei ick, bL b. Wash & Carr, Hth & 12th
schoryhn, Francis, 363 s.south 2d
Befaof, Joseph, ns. Diddle, b. 11th and 12th
Schotjpe, George, es, 9th, b. Labeaume >t \\
Schubricht, John G., trs. Btoddard avv b. Chouteau av.avenue
and Hickory
Sunkamp, H nry, es. 2d. b. Monroe &n.north Market
looker, wm., Conjl, b. Market andCheenut
Street, William, nw. cor. Lafayette & Jackson
Stroops, Thomas, ss. Gratiot, b. Oth & 7th
Stroup, Thomas C, 161 s.south 3d
Weigolt, Tobiasivs. Carond. av., b. Lafayette & Soulard
Cuppers and Leechers.
Baker, H. R., 94 Wash, av
ileu.r, Bl, 66n.north 7th
Thompson, John, 110 O:ivo
Daguerrean Artists.
Dobynsit Spaulding , nw. cor. Olive and 4th
Easterly, Thos. M., sc. cor. 4th and Oiivc
Fit/gibbon, J. H., 1n.north 4th
Fox, 11. J., aw. cov. Chesnut & 4th
Long, Enoch, 100 Market
Ouiljy, I. J., ws. 3d,n.north of Vino
Paine, George P., 57n.north 4th
Philips, A. B., 87 s.south 4th
Plitt, Anjrus, 145n.north 3d
Vogel, William, 86 s.south 2d
Wood, Gardner, C(]^n.north Market
Wright, Marcus, 104 Market
Bensberg Brothers & Co. , 2(51n.north Main
Jackson M. C. & Co. , ns. & apin, b. 13th & 14th
Jaokson, Thomas &, Co. , 203 b. 3d
Molony & Tilton , ss. Poplar, b. Main and 2d
Strudel David & Chades , us. Spruce, b. 2d & Main
Ulrici R. W. & Co. , Cedar, b. Main & 2d
Drugs, Medicines, etc.
Bacon, Hyde & Co. , 73n.north Main
Barnard, Adams & Peck , ne. cor. 2d and Wash, ay
Jjunding & Voigr , 90n.north Main
Charless, blow & Co. , 66n.north Main
D’O.-nch & Campbell , 4 s.south 2d
Uupuy & Johnston , 124n.north 2d
Francis & Walton , 15n.north Main
MerreU J. S. & Co. , 39 St. Charles, drug rnilb
Sfthultz & Eggcrs , 169n.north Main
Snow R. B. & Co. , sw. cor. 2d & Vino
Wetaell Z. F. & Co. , 33n.north Main
Dry Goods-Wholesale.
Brownlee, Homer & Co. , 75n.north Main
Bryan, Ilardeasib & Co. , 71n.north Main
Campbell, Robert, 119n.north Main
Chajlaeon & MoSoiley , 95n.north Main
Ctllins, Kellogg &, Kirby , 137n.north Mam
Crow, McCreery & Co. , 55n.north Main
Davis ."-’ani’l C. & Co. , 7n.north Main
Doan, King & Co. , 107n.north Main
Doberty & Sloan , 95n.north Main
liddy, Jameson & Co. , 108n.north Main
Hoit, True W., 141n.north Main
Litllo & OlcotD , 158n.north Main
McCiung C. M. & Co. , 9!)n.north Main
McCreery A. J. & Co. , 90n.north Main
Pittrnan & Bro. , 83n.north Main
Pittman & Tennent , 101n.north Main
Pomeroy, Benton & Co. , 144n.north Main
Slevin & Cain , 145n.north Main P. & B. , 148n.north Main
^bvin T. & C , 17n.north Main
Walter W. & P. , 70 a. Main
Weil & Bother , 39n.north Main
Wcodi, Christy & i o. , 57n.north Main
Dry Goods-Ketail.
Adriance, Wm., 50 Market
\lni us, Henry, se. cor. Morgan and 6th
All & Ncwmayer ,(54 Market
li.iinliui.-t, John, 72 Market
3artmar, Henry, ns. Fr. av.,b. 12th and 13th
Beokmann , H. O.. 329 b. 5th
I ook, Monie, es. Oatond. av., b. Soalard and Laiayette
tolmi , W. F., ne. cor. Convent and 4th
Breitenbach, M. J., 49 a. Main
tuchanan & Co. , 221 B’way
Juohanan J. & Co. , 244 B’way
luddeoke & DroBge , S23 s.south 5th
Jurke, Catharine, bb. Fr. av. h. 10th & 11th
tarkbardt, John G., 98 s.south 2d
Jhamblio, Ncl, 40 Market
Ouno, Chail^ A., 31 s.south Main
dann, Waller S., 268 B’way
kepenau, Henry A., 107 s, 2d
Httrtok & Co. , 220 B’way
Donegal!, John J., i;o Market
Business Directory. 225
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Duestrow, Louis, 126 s.south 2d
Dullard, P., 278 Market
Eddy, J. H., 210 B’way
Eddy & Posey , 210 B’way, and 195n.north 4th
Egbert & Crane , 142n.north 3d
Epstein, Sophia, ne. oor. Carroll and Carond. av
Fitzpatrick, Edward, 274 B’way
Glenny, Joseph, ns. Morgan, b. 11th and 12th
Gostorf, Ephraim, nw. cor. Carond. av. and Barry
Havens J. C. & Co. , 90n.north 4th
Hill, P. M., 8 s.south Front
Hoit, True W., 212 & 21S B’way, and 154n.north 3d
Babbell & Hunt , 102n.north 4th
Kallemeyer & Rethwilm , se. cor. 4th and Morgan
Karst, B.28 Market
Kayser, Wm.20 Market
Kiteis, Antoine Fr. av b. 10th and 11th
Krein & Bxleminn , 327 s.south 5th
Langsdorf, D.18 Market
Limberg, Emil, sw. cor. Elm and 2d
McClelland, Scruggs & Co. 98n.north 4th
MoGrade, T.134n.north 4th
Mandellmum, S. E.217 s.south 5th
Martin & Irwin , 168 B’way
Mattoz, E. A.802 B’way
Meyers Sami M. & Co. 172 B’way
Michel, Edward B.94n.north 4th
Owens, Edward A.54n.north 4th
Paul, Edmund W.154n.north 6th
Poirier k Linhoff , 20 s.south Main
Polkowsky, Edward S.242 B’way
Porter, White & Co. nw. cor. 4th and Olive
Rioker, J. H.14 s.south Main
Robey, John W.71n.north 12th
Rosenberg, Carond. av. b. Marion and Barry
Scbmitz, Ferdinand, nz. cor. 11th and Market
Sohuhrioht, J. T.2S5 s.south 5th
Simpson, John G.92n.north 4th
Silver & Wise , 453 s.south 2d
Btines A. & Bro. 232 Fr. av
Taussig & Abe’s , sw. cor. Park av.avenue and Carond. av
Thompson, Phinaas J.80 Market
Tiinmermann, Francis, 215 Market
Tweednle, E.136 Market
UbsdelL, Peinon & Co. 66n.north 4th
Vogeler G. & F. 9 s.south 2d and 42 Market
Waldstein, Louis, 67 s.south 2d
Wallach & Co. 174 B’way
White Wm. N. & Co. 166 B’way
Wilson & Cooper , 118 Market
Dry Goods and Groceries.
Abeles, Nathan, ws. Carond. av. b. Park av.avenue and Barry
Abih’S & Taussig , sw. cor. Park av.avenue and Carond. av
Biiby, George S.14 s.south Front
Barron, Thomas cor. Market and 15th
Bartlett & Ivgram , 13 s.south Front
Biedermann, John G.129 Carond. av
Buddeck & Droege , 293 s.south 5th
Cbenot C. & F. se. cor. CouTl and Walnut
Fisse, John Carond. av. b. Carroll and Soulard
Flottemesch B. & Co. se. cor. Chambers and B’way
Floyd & Chiarles 267 B’way
Fisse, John cor. Lafayette and Decatur
Gehrke, George, ne. cor. Carond. av. and Marion
Gleason G. F. & Co. ss. n. Market, b. Main and 2d
Hagan, John, 209 B’way
Healj, D. B.L92 Market
Hideoker, Barnard, ne. oor. Lafayette and Menard
Hubbard & Co. 278 B’wty
Kllekamp, John C.294 s.south 5th
Lliuinourcux & Blanohard , 16 s.south Main
Luoce, Andrew G.269 B’way
McDowell J. & W. 10 s.south Main
Moii, Herman, ws. B’way, b. Chamber and Webster
Oventoli, Ferdinand, ne. oor. l-ith and Market
Orentoli H. & Bro. se. oor. n. Market and B’way
Pender & Whitlook , ws. B’way, s. ofn.north Market
BeiUy, John, 298 B’way
Reiley, Rose, ns. Fr. av. b. 16th and 17th
Ryan & Long , 223 B’way
Ryan, P. H.207 B’way
Bohimmer, Henry Wm.ns. Fr. av. b. 10th and 11th
Schneider, Geo.245 s.south 4th
Smith, Edwin, 273 B’way
Smith, Frederick, 22 s.south Front
Straus, Leopold R.245 B’way
BtotB, Anton, ne. cor. Lafayette and Rosatti
Whitelaw J. H. & Co. 3 s.south Front
Wiggins & Anderson , 1 s.south Front
Bath, Wm.Illn.north 4th
Blome, Henry, ns. Myrtle, b. 2d and Main
Cook & Matthews , 90 Pine
Etter, Coleman 11.42 Vine
Gallagher Willis & Folker , 162 Morgan
Leduc, Joseph, 80 Olive
Morgens & Vandrahe , 6 s.south 4th
Peet, Joseph, ss. Greene, b. 7th and 8th
Rose, Charles, 81n.north 3d
Stephens, 5th, b. Greene and Morgan
Storks, Sam’l G.36 Chesnut
Vullat, Charles, 178 Maiket
VaJat, E.45n.north 5th
Engineers and Surveyors.
Clirk M.Lewis, , us. Locust,w.west. of 4th
Cozens & O’Fuherty , 39 Chesnut
Hyer, Schultze & Salomon , nw. cor. Chesnut and 3d
Kayser, Henry, City Hull
Little, Moses C.Court House
Loughborough, John, ss. Chesnut, b. Main and 2d
Mohrhardt, Francis, City Hall
MoiL’y, James H.sw. cor. Main and Chesnut
Moulton, J. B.Court House
Parsons, Samuel, 49 Chesnut
Turnbull Wm.Covbett, , 11n.north 4th
Winkilmaier, Louis, ns. Poplar, b. 3d and 4th
Zwanziger, Leonhaidt, 21 Chesnut
Bauer, G. A.19 Chesnut
Conner, Richard, 41n.north 3d
Kershaw, James W.21 Chesnut
Bobyn, Edward, -10^n.north 2d
Thorpe, Geo. H.18n.north 2d
Adams & Co. 78n.north 3d
Comstock, E. H.nw. cor. Vine and 3d, Penny Post
Livingston, Fargo & Co. 56n.north Main
Fanning Mill Manufactories.
Rankin & Carter , ns. Can av. w. of 9th
Troy & Brothers , ns. n. Maiket. b. B’way & 2d
Flouring Mills.
Atlantic, H. Whitman & Co. , nw. cor. Main and Plum
Cherry Street , J. B.Osborne, , ne. cor. Cherry and Collins
Corn and Bailey . Sciiners & Sohmedtr , se. cor. n. Maiket
and 2d
Eagle , Dennis, Marks, Be. oor. Main and Bates
Empire , Wm. T.Howard, , so. cor. B’way and Lebaumo
Franklin, George P.Plant & Co. , ns. Fr. av., b. 5th & 6th
Missouri, Joseph Powell, ss. St. Charles, cor.corner of 8th
Oat Meal and Barley , G. H.Schneider, , es. 12th, b. Fr.
av.avenue and Wash
O’Fallon, J. G., Shands & Co. , ns. Hazel, b. 4th Bad 6th
Pacific,, A. D.Pomeroy & Co. , 177 s.south 3d
Park , T. A. Bucklaml & Co. , sw. cor. 13th and Maiket
Phoenix. H. & S. B. Pilkington , ns. Barry, b. 7th and
Planters , Wm. T.Hazzard, , ss. Fr. av., b. 13th & 14th
Union, J. &e.east Walsh , nw. cor. Florida and Front
United States . A. W.Fagin, , 99 s.south 7th
Clark & Mctvwvll , es. Main, b. Florida k Mullanphy
Clark, Renfrew & Co. , ne. eor. Carr and Main
Cronebaldt & Co. , 30S s. sd. Plow
226 Business Directory.
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Dowdall, Carr & Co. , cor.corner 2d and Morgan
Gage, James L., nw. cor. Clark av.avenue and 8th
Gaty, MeCune & Co. , ws. Main, b. Morgan and Cherry
Hazlett, Wm., sw. cor. Smith and Lewis
Hitchcock D. M. & Co. , es. Columbus, b. Lafayette and
Emmett, Plow and Stove
Kingsland & Cuddy , se. and ne. cor. B’way and Carr
Kingslands & Ferguson , 198n.north 2d
Meyer & Co. , 45 Convent, Brass and Bill
Palm & Robertson , ws. 3d, b. Lombard and Hazel
Singleton J. H. & Bro. , ss. St. Charles, b. 9th and 10th
Still, Lewis G., 96 s.south Main
Fringe Makers.
Helgenberg, John, 78 Market
Mohr, Joseph, 7 s.south 3d
Fur Dealers.
Chouteau Pierre, jr. & Co. , 18 Wash. av
McKeever, Bernard, 12 Pine
Peters, Louis, 80n.north 4th
Boissel, Joseph, es. 3d, b. Walnut and Market
Brauckmann, George, 120n.north 2d
Brichau, Peter, es. Carondelet av., b. Cairoll & Marion
Craig, J., 56n.north 2d
Darley, John S., 97n.north 3d
Desaaint, L. C., 116n.north 2d
Diehl, Henry, 290 s.south 5th
Dunand, Hesz M., es. Carond. av., b. Carroll and Marion
Eberle, Charles, 215 s.south 2d
Flint, S. B., 9n.north Main
Geisel, George, 16 Pine
Gillett, A. H., 81 2d
Greenfield, Sluder & Co. , 96n.north 4th
Harlow Wm. M. & Co. , 80n.north 2d
Hart, H. D., 31n.north 3d
Hofelman F. & Co. , 55n.north 2d
Koppelman, John H., 121 Morgan
Magnus, Louis, es. Carond. av., b. Carroll and Marion
Marlow, Charles, nw. cor. Wash. av. and 2d
Menke, Anton, 360 B’way
Reed, George W., ne. cor. Fr. av. and 15th
Ryan H. H. &, Co. , 44 Olive
Scarrett & Mason , 60 Wash. av
Schweitzer, John, ws. Carond. av., b. Carroll & Soulard
Springmeyer, Fred. W., ss. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Williamson, A. C., 116n.north 2d
Furniture—Second Hand.
Blackall, Thomas, Market
Block, Simon, 80 Fr. av
Bradley, George, 226 Market
Bradley, Henry, ns. Greene, b. 5th and 6th
Brandon, George, sw. cor. Fr. av. and 9th
Brooks, Thomas, ne. cor. B’way and Jefferson
Daft, Alexander, 116 Morgan
Ellis & Appleton , se. cor. Greene and 5th
Epstein & Schivarlzkoff , es. Carond. av., b. Carroll and
Flemming, Wm., 227 s.south 4th
Frame, Thomas, ns. Fr. av., b. 7th and 8th
Grandy, John F., 176 6th
Gray, Charles, ss. Morgan, b. 5th and 6th
Gurgens, Henry, ss. Wash. av., b., 6th and 7th
Hatton, John, se. cor. 6th and Market
Heilbron F. & A. , ss. Morgan, b. 5th and 6th
Heine, Frederick, 182 and 238 Market
Hughs, T. R., 91n.north 2d
Johnson & Co. , es. B’way, b. Carr and Biddle
Kirkwood, Allen, 200 and 210 Market
Langalier, Augustus, 16n.north 8th
Lloyd, Richard, 125 Morgan
Riley Allen T. & Jamese.east , 161n.north 4th
Smeathers & Bishop , 148 s.south 5th
Gas Fitters.
Ashdown, William, 34n.north 3d
Goodin & Tooker , 125n.north 8d
Tasker, Wm. H., 107n.north 3d
General Agents.
Barclay, D. R., 38n.north Main
Burbbayge, I. B., 32 Vine
Cheyne & Butler , 43 Chesnut
Keating, Patrick, ne. cor. 3d and Chesnut
King & D’Kantzow , cor.corner 2d and Chesnut
Lindsay, Wm., 70 Chesnut
O’Brien A. & D. , 38 Chesnut
O’Gorman, David, 86 Chesnut
McNair, A. R., 59n.north Main, U. S. hemp agent
Gent’s Furnishing Goods.
Altemus, J. F., 126n.north 3d
Boyle, Hugh, 76n.north Main
Clark, N. H., 120n.north 3d
Enderle, Mrs. Amalia, 100 s.south 2d
Flohr & Meyer , 143n.north 3d, and Olive, b. Main and 2d
Fritsch, R., 56n.north 3d
Gill & Brother , 118n.north Main
Helfenstein, C. G., 50n.north 4th
Jones, Rees, ss. Greene, b. 2d and 3d
Lowman J. & Bro. , sw. cor. 3d and Market
Roche, Wm., 77n.north 4th
Shepperd J. B. & Co. 47n.north 4th
(See Picture Framers.)
Grates and Mantles.
Horton & Macy , 43n.north 5th
Pullis C. & T. R. , 23n.north 3d
Wilson, John C., 93 Wash. av
Anderson & Conn , 51n.north Front
Barnes, Robert A., 114n.north 2d
Bast & Wiley , 36n.north Front
Braun, Krug & Co. , 33 s.south Main
Bryan & Miitenberger , 54n.north Front
Carson & Brooks , 28n.north Front
Cavender, R. S., 78n.north 2d
Chouteau & Valle , 24n.north Front
Cutter & Terrill , 39n.north Front
Darst, James E., 5 s.south Front
Eggers Edward & Co. , 155n.north Main
Ewing W. L. & Co. , 136n.north 2d
Gay Edward J. & Co. , 34n.north 2d
Gilman, W. S., 132n.north 2d
Glasgow & Bro. , 50n.north Front
Gretly & Gale , 16n.north Front
Hall R. P. & Co. , 20n.north Main
Ham, James, 61 Com’l
Hamill S. & J. , 31n.north Front
Hamilton, Mark, 141n.north 2d
Hanenkamp, Gilpin & Co. , es. 2d, b. Vine and Locust
Helfenstein & Gore , 20n.north Front
Hill, Carter & Dwyer , 67n.north Front
Houseman, Lowry &, Co. , 33n.north Front
Hoyt, Stephen & Co. , 51n.north 2d
January D. A. Co. , 136n.north 2d
Jennings, Wm. H., 8 s.south Front
Keith, Ray & Co. , 15 Pine
Knapp, John, 37n.north Front
Larkin Thomas H. & Co. , 53n.north Front
Leach & Goodrich , 130n.north 2d
Livermore & Cooley , 140n.north 2d
Lockwood, Voorhies & Co. , 70n.north Front
Low, Wiggins & Co. , 30n.north Front
Lyons & Sullivan , 17 s.south Front
McAllister & Co. , 68n.north Front
McCartney, Samuel, 35n.north Front
McMechan & Ballantine , 34n.north Front
Mackoy & Morton , 58n.north Front
Mauntel, Bulte & Co. , 73 s.south Main
Partridge & Co. , 17n.north Front
Pratt, Greely & Co. , 13n.north Front
Riggs & Levering , 25n.north Front
Riley, Christy & Co. , 32n.north Front
Roberts, Kerr & Co. , 49n.north Front
Russell & Bennett , nw. cor. 2d and Olive
Business Directory. 227
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Singleton, W. W., me. cor. Coiu’l and Pine
Spaunhorst & Co. , Com’l, b. Locust and Olive
Stone, R. H., 57n.north Front
Switzer, Platt & Co. , 58n.north 2d
Thompson F. W. & Co. , 6n.north Front
Thompson, John S., 30n.north 2d
Tillman, Rozier & Co. , 105n.north 2d
Von, Phul, Waters & Co. , 29n.north Front
Wales, Cabot & Co. , 70n.north 2d
Walih J. &e.east , sw. cor. Wash, av. and Front
Waterman & Ryan , 121n.north 2d
Whitelaw J. H. & Co. , 3 s.south Front
Groceries Retail.
Abetin, Joseph, ne. cor. Geyer av.avenue and Menard
Adamson Joseph & Co. , Com’l, b. Morgan and Greene
Allan & Wendover , 222 B’way
Andrews, P., 9n.north Front
Atchison, Robert, ne. cor. 2d and Morgan
Baeppler, Gustavous, so. cor. 5th and Kim
Bargena, cor. Soulard and Rosatti
Barkhoefer, Henry A., ne. cor. 9th and Labeaumo
BarutioBernard, jr., 68. Jackson, b. Eunuett and Les-
Bauer, John A., ne. cor. 9th and Wash
Beckmann, August, ne. cor. 13th and Biddlo
Beokmann, Edward, me. cor. wash and Biddlo
Beokmanne.east & Brothers , 96 s.south 4th
Beggs, Wm., sw. cor. 10th and Biddle
Behr, Bernard, ne. cor. 13th and Biddle
Bender & Ferry , 457 s.south 2d
Bargesch, Frederick, 110 Morgan
Berthold & Brothers , 108n.north 2d
Bingham, Wm. L., mv. cor. 16 h and Morgan
Bins, John, es. De Kalb. b. Lafayette and Emmett
Bleck & Evers , 151n.north 3d
Blum, Charles, se. cor. Emmett and Hamtramck
Bobinger & Nagel , 51 s.south Main
Boehmer, E. F., 72 Fr. av
Bonowman & Bro. , nw. cor, Greene and 6th
Bosoher, John, ne. cor. Soulard and Hamtramck
Brandan, Herrmann, sw. cor. 21 and Myrtle
Bronold, Peter, es. Park av., b. Bod and Meoard
Brust, Richard, as. Smith, b. Main and Florida
Bruwer, Henry W., 166 Biddle
Bueter & Brother , se. cor. Benton and B’way
Buniumann H. & Son , se. cor. Lafayette and Buel
Burke, Jacob, mv. eor. Duobooquette aad Caxond. av
Burns, Andrew, 231 s.south Main
Burns, Dominick, we. 8th, s.south of Cass av
Caiplea, Michael, us. Benton, b. 15th and 16th
Carrigan, Janus, ss. Fr. av., b. 10th and 11th
Cimler, George, as. Clark av. b. 12th and 14th
Coller, Werner, bs. Market. b. 20th and 21st
Cullins, Thomas, 217 Market
Coman, P. L., 138 S. Main
Connoly, James, 108 Biddlo
Cordes, Albrecht, ne. cor. Carroll and Fulton
Cordes, Bernard, ns. Fr. av., b. 13th and 14th
Comel, August, sw. cor. 12th and Carr
Corrigao, Wm., ws. B’way. b. Carr and Biddle
Ctaake, James, sw. oor. 11th and Market
Croake, Mary, 322 Market
Crotey, Mary, se. cor. Greene and 10th
Cruriua, Peter, 86 s.south 2d
Cuniffe, M. R., 66n.north Front
Dahmann, George, se. cor. 7th and Ratgor
Dalton, Richard, sw. cor. 8tb and Biddle
Daly, Jeremiah, se. oar. 9th and n. Market
Dammer, John H., ne. oor. Main and B’way
Dannmann, Joseph, ne. oor. Park av.avenue and Centre
Dargin, John H., 268 r. B’way
Davis, Joseph, ss. Christy av., b. 15th and 16th
Davis, Robert H., 21 Pine
Dean, Thomas, 124 Fr. av
Deegan, Patiick, ne. cor. 11th and Greene
Dieckmann, Henry, sw. cor. 15th and Fr. av
Dieckmann, F. W., ns. Wash. av., b. 8th and 9th
Dieckmann, H. W., se. cor. Wash and 11th
Dierker, Henry, 20 s.south Front
Dierker H. & Co. , se. cor. 9th and Carr
Dinckelman, John, mv. cor. Sth and Biddle
Dinkelmann, Henry, sw. cor. Fr. av. and 10th
Doerbaum, Eberhard, se. cor. Lafayette and Menard
Doggett, George M., ws. B’way, n. of O’Fnllon
Donovan, Daniel H., sw. cor. Greene and 6th
Dota, Joseph. 47n.north Front
Dozier, Louis, 145 Market,
Drehman, Henry, sw. cor. 13th and Carr
Dugdale, Francis, es. Centre b. Market and Clark av
Dunn, Timothy, se. cor. market and 8th
Eba, Henry, se. cor. 8th and O’Fallo
Echelkamp, Henry, se. cor. Market and 8th
Edwards, D., cor.corner Main and Market
Ehrhardt, John, ne. cor. Lesperance and Columbus
Elert, Frederick, sw. cor. Marion and 7th
Eliott, John241 7th
Ellis & Hutton , nw. cor. 2d and Chesnut
Elmendorff, Fred., nw. cor. 3d and Mulbeny
Erfort, A. C, 197 B’way
Ersenhardt H. & Co. , nw. cor. 5th and Market
Esslmann, George, nw. cor. 11th and Biddlj
Evas, Siegfried, ss. Geyer av., b. Buel and Menard
Feldmann, John M., sw. cor. Deoator and Cain11
Femaim, Francis, es. Columbus, b. Marion and Carroll
Ferguson, Hugh, ne. cor. 3d and Walnut
Fette & Baebdts , 107 s.south Mam
Fieler, Andrew, ne. cor. 8th & Wash
Fillman, Andrew W., 328 B’way
Fintel, Peter, ws. 7th, b. Carr & Biddle
Fisher & Zubrod , nw. cor. Vine and 2d
Flanagan, Mrs. Mary, ss. Poplar, b. 2d & 3d
Foley, Bryan, 233 Morgan
Forbes, James H., se. cor. Morgan & 11th
Fortune, James, se. cor. Greene & 3d
Forster, Marguard, 90 s.south 14th
Frame, Wm., se. cor. St. Charles & 6th
Franke, Henry, se. cor. St. Joseph and 6th
Feudenstein, Henry, sw. eor. 11th & Carr
Priedmeyer, Henry, ne. cor. Labeaume A; B’way
Fritschle, August, nw. cor. O’Falion and 8th
Fritschel, Jacob, nw. cor. 7th & Chouteau av
Galillia, Charles, 96n.north Front
Gavillot & Brivot , 43n.north Front
Gehner, Frank, ns. Morgan, b. 5th & 6th
Gehner, Fred. W., es. 14th, b. Wash & Fr. av
Gibson Wm. O. & Co. , 140 Market
Giesselmann, Henry, nw. cor. Fr. av. & 12th
Gietner, John G., 107 s.south 3d
Gilbraith & Harvey , 32 s.south Main
Gildhaus, Heary, ss. Market, b. 17th & 18th
Goeken, Joseph, nw. cor. Main & Howard
Goldstein, Chaules, se. cor. Mullanehy & Main
Gorin, Gladdin, 149n.north 3d
Gorin, Joseph, 62n.north Front
Grefenkamp, S. H., sw. cor. Orehard & Barlow
Greve & Oinmen , sw. cor. Market & 7th
Grocott, James, ss. Morgan, b. 6th & 7th
Groeninger, John. 219 s.south 3d
Groeninger, Rudolph, 123 s.south 2d
Gsell, John P., es. Carond. av., b. Barton & Victor
inerdon, Francis, 114 s.south 2d
Gutbrod, George, ws. Columbia, b. Lafayette & Emmett
Hallermann, Dedrick, ne. cor. B’way and Wright
Hamilton, A. M., ne. cr. 11th and Carr
Harty, Andrew, ns. Christy av., b. 16th and 17th
Haupt, Jacob, es. carond. av., b. Lesperanee & Piootte
Hays, Philip, 143 s.south Main
Hebrock, Fred., se. cor. O’Fallon and Collins
Heitkamp, Joseph, ss. Lombard, b. 4th & 5th
Helmkamp John & Co. , sw. cor. 15th and Carr
Hempe, Henry, nw. cov. 2d and Convent
Hemple, E. L., 77n.north Front
Henger, Herman W., es. 14th, b. Carr & Biddle
Henger, Jacob, 168 s.south 2d
Hennessy, Michael, nw. cor. Main and Florida
Heppenstall, Daniol, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Hilttlpinami, Wm., ns. O’Fallon,e.east of 3d
Hilsorf, Henry T., es. Cannd. av., b. Lafayette and
228 Business Directory.
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Hoffmann, John,es.east side. Jackson, b. Barry and Marion
Hopenshilt, Frederick, nw. cor. Picotte and Carond. av
Hoelsenkamp, Charles, 34 s.south Main
Huelaenkamp, Wm., 115 s.south 7th
Huieting, Bernard, 82 s.south Main
Husman, Elizabeth, ne. cor. B’way and Spring
Janasen, Dude H., 236 Fr. av
Johanning, Henry, nw. cor. Lafayette and Buel
Kaiser H. & Co. , nw. cor. 8th and Wash
Kallemeyer & Klagis , ne. cor. 12th and Biddle
Kampeter, John, ws. 9th, s.south of Cass av
Karby, James, ns. Spruce, b. 12th and 14th
Kattelmann, Henry, 317 s.south 2d
Kearney, John, 262 B’way
Keegan, P., cor.corner 13th and Morgan
Keith, ——, 18 s.south Front
Keitkamp, F. R., ws. 10th, b. Carr and Biddle
Kehl, John, ws. 5th, b. Carr and Biddle
Keogh, Daniel, se. cor. Greene and 8th
Kinkeade, Robt., sw. cor. Morgan and 12th
Korfjohn, John, es. Carond. av., b. Barton & Victor
Kraft, Frederick, ns. n. Market,e.east of 19th
Kraueter, Joseph, ws. Columbus, b. Victor & Barton
Kreynest, Anton, nw. cor. 17th and Biddle
L’Huessior, Louis, 149 s.south 3d
Lagal, Frederick, ns. Lombard, b. 2d and 3d
Lahrmann, Bernard, nw. cor. 2d & Ashljy
Lange, Christian, es. Carond. av., b. Lafayette & Soulard
Lanmeier, John H.,ss. Fr. av., b. 17th & 18th
Lebrun, Nicholas, 207 s.south 2d
Leffert, Anton, se. cor. Soulard & Rosntti
Leneger & Williams , sw. cor. 19th and Monroe
Lepere, Francis, se. cor. 7th and Fr. av
Lock, Richard N., se. cor. Morgan and 12th
Love, James, se. cor. Market & 14th
Lynch & Bro’s , ws. Carond. av., b. Lynch & Lane
Lynch C. J. & Co. , sw. cor. 12th & Olive
McAfee & Evans, , Com’l, b. Wash. av. & Greene
McCarthy, Daniel, ne. cor. 10th & Market
McCaw & Sloan , 304 B’way
McGee, Henry, Com’l, b. Morgan & Greene
McGee, John, es. Main, b. Smith & Florida
McGran, Edward, ns. Cherry, b. Main and 2d
McMahan, Patrick, es. 11th, b. Biddle and Carr
McMorrow, John, nw. cor. O’Fallon and 7th
McNeil, John, ns. Market, b. 15th and 16th
Maeghar, Stephen, ne. cor. 15th & Spruce
Magner, Patrick, ne. cor. 7th & Wash
Maguire & Hart , 231 s.south 4th
Maguire, Patrick, se. cor. 5th & Cerro
Maher & Philips , nw. cor. 14th & Clark av
Malloy, Roger, es. 8th, s.south of Cass av
Marguard, John F., nw. cor. 9th & Brooklyn
Meier, John, ne. cor. Lami & Jackson
Meier & Kaiser , nw. cor. Fr. av. & 9th
Menee G. W. & Co., , sw. cor. O’Fallon & 2d
Menke, Frederick, sw. cor. Menard & Marion
Mentrup, Mathias, sw. cor. 5th & Hickory
Merchant, Wm., ss. Greene, b. 7th & 8th
Meyer, Bernard L.,, sw. cor. Fr. av. & 11th
Meyer H. A. & Co. , ne. cor. 14th and Morgan
Middendorf, Henry,, se. cor. 13th & O’Fallon
Middendorf H. G. & Bro. , 174 Biddle
Middlend, Wm., se. cor. 14th & O’Fallon
Mosbach, Alex., ne. cor. 3d & Locust, and sw, cor.corner 2d and
Mueller, Henry, 285 s.south 3d
Mull, Philip, nw. cor. Fr. av. and 8th
Murphy, Smith, b. Main and Flrorida
Murphy John & Co. , ss. Olive, b. 6th & 7th
Martin, Edward, ne. cor. 8th and Biddle
Murrin, John, ws. Main, b. Molianph; and Howard
Nagai & Herring , se. cor. 9th and Wash
Netz & Schaberg , nw. cor. 7th and Spruce
Nicholson, David, ne. cor. 4th and Market
Niertnan, F. W.,ne. cor. 9th and O’Fallon
NitK, Jacob, sw. cor. Myrtle and 3d
Nugent, Thomas, sw. cor. 7th and Wash, av
Oberneir, P, sw. cor. 13th and Pine
Obert, Francis A., 41 b. 2d
Ohrenschall, C.,154 s.south 2d
Overstolz, Ferdinand, ne. cor. Market and 14th
Peitz & Kettelman ne. cor. ]4th and Biddle
Poas, William, ss. Fr. av., b. 14th and 15th
Power, Martin E., 4n.north Front
Prendergastc, Thomas, nw. cor. 7th and Morgan
Rahnte, Frederick, nw. cor. Barry and Fulton
Ratz, Conrad, ne. cor. 13th and Market
Reily, Wm., ss. Mound,w.west. of 9th
Rengstorff, Louis, ws. 5th, b. St. Charles and Locust
Reynolds, John, nw. cor. 14th and Chesnut
Rhelnlaender, Harinaa, nw. cor. 2d and Myrtle
Richert, Jacob, ns. Morgan, b. Main and Front
Riehl, Edward, ws. Carond. av., b. Marion and Carroll
Ring, Cornelius, ss. Morgan, b. b.16th and 17th
Riupka, Frederick, 243 Market
Robinson, Henry C., es. B’way, b. Jefferson and Madison
Roed, Adam, nw. cor. 5th aud Spruco
Rohlf, John H., ws. 13th, b. Spruce and Poplar
Rohtfing, Christian, ws. Jackson, b. Barry and Marion
Rolfmeyer, Joseph, nw. cor. Paul and Hickory
Rolker Louis & Co. , sw. cor. Wash ard 5th
Rooney, Thomas, ws. B’way, b. Carr and Biddle
Rothenbuecher, Francis, ws. Menard, b. Lafayette and
Sanders & Kracht , sw. cor. 10th and Carr
Schehrer, Christian, 186 s.south 3d
Schierberg, George, nw. cor. 2d and Spring
Schlebaum, Henry, sw. cor. 10th and Market
Schioetelborg, L. F., 261. Market
Schluter, August, se. cor. Carr and 14th
Schmidt, John, ne. cor. Soulard and Jackson
Sehuiucker, Bernard, nw. cor, 17th and Fr. av
Schonhorst, John P., ws. High, b. Bidd.c and O’Fallon
Schraudwer, John, nw. cor. 12th and Biddle
Schroeder, John D., sw. cor. Park av.avenue and Fulton
Schroeder J. R. & Bro. , ns. Mound,e.east of 9th
Schuette, Henry, ss. Ashley, b. B’way and Culling
Schuler, David, ws. Carond. av., b. Soulard & Lafayette
Schulte, Anton, se. cor. B’way and Howard
Schween, J. G., se. cor. 7th and Myrtle
Schweitzer, John, es. 7th, b. Bany and Park av
Sciutte, Julius C., 44 s.south 6th
Sexton, Timothy, ne. cor. St. Charles and 9th
Shaw, Frederick M., ne. cor. Ilempstead and B’way
Shwab, Joseph, ne. cor. Cheiry and 2d
Siemer, Joshep , ne. cor. Rutger and 7th
Sieters, Hermann, ne. cor. Marion and Rosatti
Simon, Hylar, 131 s.south 3d
Skrinka, Wm,, ne. cor. 13th nnd Pine
Smith, Bernard, nw. cor. 7th and Carr
Smith, Hamilton, ns. Christy av., b. 13th and 14th
smith, Thomas, se. cor. Chesnut and 9th
Sommer, Bernard, 248 s.south 6th
Speibrink, H., se. cor. 13th and Fr. av
Sperfslage, John G., se. cor. 12th and Biddle
Stafford, H., se. cor. Pine and 6th
Steinberg, Henry, se. cor. 8th and Fr. av.
Stephenson, F. W., 273 Broadway
Stever, Charles L., es. 9th.n.north of O’Fallon
Stine, C. W., ne. cor. 6th and Chesnut
Stock, D., 40 s.south Main
Stockhoe, Henry C., es. 8th, b. Wash & Carr
Storck, John, 107 s.south 7th
Stouffer, Samuel, es. 7th, b. Wash & Carr
Stiatman, H., nw. cor. Pine and 3d
Stuckenberg, H., ss. Hamtrntnck, b. Einmctt & Gever av
Sturer, Charles B., nw. cor. 7th & Park av
Budhoff & Hindricker , 202 Market
Sadholter, Henry, sw. cor. B’dway & Monroe
Sylvester, James, 43 s.south Front
Tanguay, , 89 Chesnut
Tauschetta, Peter, 87n.north Front
Tuatdg & Abels , sw. cor. Park & Carond. av
Taussing, Marcus, ne. cor. Buel & Lafayetto
Tebbe, John H., 71 Fr. av
Tessars, Balthasar , 43 s.south Front
Thevenin Petrul & Co. , 13 b. 3d
Thiemiyer, Louis Louis, nw. cor. 9th and Carr
Thoelke, Henry W., sw. cor. Fr. av. & 22d
Business Directory. 9
View original image: Page  0229
Timmermann, F., ne. cor. 9th and Market
Timmermann, J. G., sw. cor. Cerre and 5th
Tobin, Wm., 234 Market
Toway, Michael, 103 s.south Main
Trontle, Joseph, sw. cor. Carond. av.avenue & Marion
Verdier, Louis, 44n.north Front
Volker, Henry, ne. cor. Carond. av.avenue & Barry
Walsh, Michael, nw. cor. 8th and Greene
Walter, Francis, sw. cor. 11th and O’Fallon
Wangelen, Adolphus, nw. Cor. 7th & Wash, av
Weber, John, ws. 10th, b. clark av.avenue & Walnut
Webracht, Henry C., es. 14th, b. Wash and Carr
Wehmiller, J. H., se. cor. 15th and Wash
Weikart, Joseph, ws. Main, b. Howard & Mound
Welineyer, H. W., ss. Wash, b. 10th and 11th
Welsh, Joseph, ne. cor. 5th and Greene
Wentz, Joseph, ne. cor. Miller and Jackson
Wentzel, Christopher, es. Stoddard av., b. Chouteau av.avenue
and Hickory
Wessel, Henry, ne. cor. Soulard & Carond. av
Wendling, Henry, se. cor. 8th and Biddle
White, Frederick, sw. cor. Fr. av. and 11th
Wibracht, Henry C., es. 14th,n.north of Wash
Wichard, Frederick, se. cor. 12th and Morgan
Wilke, Adolph D., ws. 12th, s.south of Cass av
Williams & Kelly , Com’l., b. Wash. av. & Greene
Wilson, Charlies, ne. cor. 15th and Pine
Wilson, Ralph, sw. cor. B’dway and Chambers
Wilaon, Wm. C., 195 Morgan
Wind, Charles, sw. cor. Cherry and 21
Windley, Robert, ws. 13th,n.north of O’Fallon
Witte H. & Co. , ne. cor. Elm & 6th
Witte & Knoche , nw. cor. 12th and Wash
Wittenbrock, Wm., 216 Fr. av
Wolf, Frederick, 260 s.south 2d
Wood, William, ws. High,n.north of Biddle
Woudaide & Trumble , ne. cor. 4th and Spruce
Wolf, John H., ws. Main, b. Mullanphy ft Howard
Wulf, John, ws. Main, b. Columbia & Florida
Zeitingen, Charles, 165 s.south 2d
Ziegelmueller, Joseph, ne. cor. 2d and Wood
Zigler, Miehael, nw. cor. Fr. av. and 9th
Zittitg, N. F., nw. cor. 11th and Wash
Zoller, John G.,, se. cor. B’dway and Palm
Laflins & Smith , 29n.north Front
vansyckel, A., nw. Commercial and Pine
Gun Smiths.
Albright, Thomas J., 25n.north Main
Altinger, Chailes, 27 Market
Caspan, Fredcriok, ss. Biddle, b. 10th & 11th
Dittrich, John F.,, 96 s.south 2d
Fea & Hamilton, , 242 Market
Hawken & Campbell , 37 Washington av
Huslage & Herman , ns. Fr. av., b. 6th ft 7th
Keretiena, Henry, ss. Fr. av., b. 12th and 13th
Kleinhens, Emanuel, ss. Fr. av., b. 8th & 9th
Lunsmann, Francis, 74 s.south Main
Morgan, H., ns. Morgan, b. 2d and 3d
Round, George, 92 Pine
Wilmot, N. N. N., 51n.north 3d
Hair Workers.
Betzold, Geo. T., 266 s.south 5th
Cuno, Fred. A., 45n.north 3d
Hudson, Francis, 96 Market
Owen, R., 51n.north 4th
Pignero, P. A., 94n.north 4th
Smith, Wm. E., 106n.north 4th
Apollo , sw. cor. 4th and Wash, av
Chamber of Commerce , sw. cor. Main and Olive
City, ss. Cheannt, b. Main and 2d
Cuncert, ss. Market, b. 2d and 3d
Jefferson 197n.north 4th
Masonic . ne. c r. 3d and Pine
Mercantile Lib. , sw. cor. 5ih and Locust
Odd Fellows , nw. cor. 4th and Locust
Odeonss.south side. Market, b. 4th and 5th
Temperance , ss. Wash. av., b. 4th and 5th
Temple, ofHonor , ne. cor. 3d and Pine
Hardware and Cutlery.
Bakewell, Henry, 195n.north Main
Billstein Henry G. & Co. , 13n.north Main
Child, Pratt & Co. , 131n.north Main
Hall John H. & Co. , 92n.north Main
Haywood, Crow & Talbot , 51n.north Main
Jessup Wm. & Sons , 195n.north Main
Kraft E. F. & Co. , 23n.north Main
Meier Adolphoa & Co. , 21n.north Main
Miller Henry & Co. , 141n.north Main
Perry R. P. & Co. , 82n.north Main
Rogers, Chails, 152n.north Main
Shapleigh, Day & Co. , 103n.north Main
Stout M. & N. H. , 181n.north Main
Wilson & Brothers , 61n.north Main
Hardware and Cutlery
Boissellier, C. G., nw. cor. Fr. av. and 13th
Bremermann, Gert., 1. Carond. av
Buah & Taossig , 37 Market
Coons, Edward, 208 Market
Cronenbold, F. W., ws. Carond. av., b. Barry & Marion
Erbsohloe, Reinhard, 189 s.south 2d
Gottschalke.east & C. , es. B’dway, b. Wash and Carr
Hall & Kynson , 135n.north 3d
Hunt & Wiseman , 101n.north 3d
Kansteiner, Wm., 260 Market
Meier, Herman H., ne. cor. Greene and 3d
Moening & Erbsohloe , 255 s.south 4th
Moll & Stiver , 23 Market, and ws. B’dway, b. Webster
and Chambers
Monnig, Hugo, es. Carond. av.,, b. Barry and Marion
Marian, Julius, 165n.north 3d
Rudolph & Humes , ne. cor. Wash. av. and 3d
Schmieding & Wulfing , 155 and 171n.north 3d
Soeding, Brothen, 74 s.south 2d
Wetzel, Charles, 189 B. 2d
Hats and Caps.
Baldwin & Randall , 98n.north Main
Frank C. & Co. 139n.north Main
Kutnewsky I. & Co. , 28n.north Main
Whitoomb & Bro. , 35n.north Main
Whittemore H. & R. B. & Co. , 127n.north Main
Hats and Caps.
Arletnan, J. A., 100 Morgan
Barrow, George, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Bermel, John P., 89 s.south 2d
Bradford & Bros. , 163n.north Main, and 144n.north 3d
Colton, Geo. A., 54 Chesnul
Cubbeiiy & Mather , 129n.north 3d
Dicks, John R., 43n.north 4th
Ettman & Sagarmaa , 51 Market
Fischer, Adolph, 50 s.south 2d
Fischer, Albert, 15 s.south 2d
Frank C. & Co. , 22 Market
Frederick, C. H., 170 Broadway
Glazier, Daniel, 89 Market
Goettler, Miehad, 244 s.south 5th
Greiner, C. G. A., 439 s.south 2d
Hiekley & Bardsley. 45 Fr. av
Johnston, S. jr., 104n.north Main
Kutaewtky I & Co. , nw. cor. Fr. av. & 5th
Lewis & Groshon , 58 b. 4th
Keeville, Wm. H., 297 B’dway
M’Neil, John, 19 Market
Meyberg, Simon, 101 Morgan
Pearoe, David, 116n.north Main
Robb & Co. , 67n.north 4th
Saint Luis Hat Co. , ss. cor. 2d and Market
Simon, Samuel, ws. B’dway, b. Monroe andn.north Market
230 Business Directory.
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Urban, John, ns. Fr. av., b. 6th and 7th
White, George, 23l Broadway
Woesten & Harig , 32 Fr. av., andsw.southwest corner Wash, av
and 3d
Hide and Leather Dealers.
Clark, James, 153n.north Main
Conant, H. A., 79n.north 2d
Day, John, 38 ft. 2d
Fill, C. G., 53n.north 2d
Haseltine & Bent , 200n.north Main
How & Cook , 140n.north Main
Lewellin, R. H., 215 Braodway
Mathews, Thomas, 48n.north Main
Meyer & Braun , 48n.north Main
Schrick Julius & Bro. , 14n.north Main
Shaffner, Geo., 19n.north Main
Thorp, Stokes, es. Com’l., s.south of Walnut
Watkins, Thomas, 74 Cherry
Frank, Jacob, 135 Morgan
Humphreys, Thomas, ws. 8th,n.north of Biddle
Kolmer, Fred’k, 222 Market
Nuernberger, Ernst, ns. Fr. av., b. 10th and 11th
Hose Makers,
McCutchen, Wm. H., 37n.north 3d
Roff, Nathan J., us. Greene, b. 4th and 5th
Hot Air Furnaces
Burd, John W., 3n.north Main
Hart & Harvey , 57n.north 2d
Hull & Harvery , ns. Morgan, b. 5th and Cth
American , ns. Vine, b. Main and 2d
Barnurn’s , ne. cor. 21 and Walnut
Bvely , ne. cor. Market and 6th
Broadway . B’dway. b. Wash and Carr
Brown’s U. S. , bw. cor. 31 and Market
City, ne. cor. 3d and Vine
Frederie house , sw. cor. 2d and Vine
Henry house , sw. cor. 4th and St. Charles
Matteson , ne. cor. n. Market and B’dway
Merchants , se. cor. 4th and Locust
Mtropolitan , se. cor. 7th and Chesnut
Missouri , sw. cor Main and Morgan
Monroe house , ne. cor. Olive and 21
Planters house , ws. 4th, b. Chesnut encand Pine
Virginia , nw. cor. Main and Greene
House Furnishing Goods.
Bainard, S. S.1 10n.north 4th
Cupples S. & Co. 27n.north Front
Warns, Menitt & Co. , 27n.north Main
Instrument Makers
Blattner, Jacob, 33n. 21
Werbei & Trumper , 10 n 3d
Insurance Companies
Aetna , 130n.north Main
Atlanic , 67n.north Main
Citizens of Missouri , nw. cor. Vine and Main
Commercial Mutual Life, mi Marine , ne. cor. Main and Pine
Commercial, of Chailerton , S. C., Olive, b. Main and 2
Cannecticut Hutual Life , ne. cor. Main and Pine
Covenant Mutual Life ne. cro. nd Vine
Delaware Mutual Safety, of Philadelphia , bw. corner
Main and Pine
Equitable Fire, of London , 56n. Main
Firemen’s, of Churleston , S. C, Olive, b. Main & 2d
Fire, Marine nnd Life , 130n.north Main
General Fire, Marine and Life . 29tor. Chesnut and 2d
Globe, of Utica, N. Y. , sw. cor. Main und Vine
Globe mutural Fire and Marine , sw. cor. Main & Chesnut
Hartford , 130n.north Main
Hartford Life . 33 Olive
Home, of N. Y. . ne. cr. Main and Locust
Home Mutual Fire and Marine, of St. Louis , se. corner
M in tnd Vine
Hudson River, of N. Y. , nw. cor. Main and Olive
Lumbermen and Mechanics’ , sw. cur. Main and Pine
Manhattan , 89n.north Main
Marine, of St. Louis , sw. cor. Main and Locust
Merchnts.’ Mutual , 65n.north Main
Metropolitan Fire and Marine, of Boston , 60n.north Main
Millers’ and Manufacturers’ , 59n.north Main
Missouri State Mutual Fire ami Marine , 70n.north Main
Monarch Fire, of London , 33 Oiive
Mutual Benefit Life, of N. J. , 5 s.south Front
Mutual Life, of N. Y. , n cor. M and Chesnut
Mutual Protection Life and Health , 10 Chesnut
National Loan Fund Life Assurance Society, of London ,
60n.north Main
New England Mutual Life , so. cor. Main and Vine
New York City , 59n.north Main
New York Life Ins. Trust , so. cor. Main and Olive
North Western , sw. cor. Main and Pino
Pacific , as. Pine, b. Main and
Phoenix, of St. Louis , se. cor. Main and Vine
Protection , 130n.north Main
S. W. Branch of the American Mutual, of Amsterdam
N. Y. , 38n.north Main
S. W. Branch of the Mohawk Valley Farmers, of Sco-
tia, N. Y. , 38n.north Main
St. Louis , 70n.north Main
St. Louis Floating Uoek and Insurance Co. , 69n.north Main
St. Louis Mutual Fire and Marine , sw. cor. Market & 2d
St. Louis Perpetual , 65n.north Main
Union , 81n.north Main
U. S. Life Ins. , Annuity and Trust, and of Phil., ss. Wash.
av., b. 3daad 4th
U. S. Life, in the city of N Y. , cor.corner Main and Pine
U. S. Mutual, Laudable and Provident Association , ss.
Wash, av., w. of 4th
Iron Merchants
Bakewell, Henry, agent , se. cor. Morgan and Main
Coleman, Hailman & Co. , 26n.north Front
CrohenboldF , W., m. Carotid, av., b. Barry and Marion
Ellis, Thomas, ws. Main, s.south of Carr
Lyon, Shorb & Co. , nw. cor. Vine and Front
McNeilly, Samdel, 12n.north Front
Ranyan, Hi Iman & Co. , 15n.north Front
Semple & Bonner , 14.n.north Front
Squire & Reed , 23n.north Front
Vidett E. R.& Co. , 18n.north Front
Iron Railing, & c.
McMurray & Pawlay , ns. Chesnut, b. 9th and 10th
Nippea & Burtes , cs. lOth, b. Waliiut and Clark av
Pullis C. & T. R. , 23n.north 3d
Baeurldn, John, sr., es. Carond. av., b. Carroll & Marion
Bauman, L., 32 Market
Beaavais, R., 96n. Main
Bergeman, F, 8 s.south 4h
Bolland, John. 34 s.south 2d
Brnechnoc, Jacob, 3J a. 5th
Capelle, John P.. 96n. 4th
Custer, Ben. F.. 108n. 4th
Custer, lsiiic D., 178 B’way
Dieckman, Frandi, ns. Wash, b. 8th and 9th
Euchhorn, Melchior, 166 s.south d
Friede M. & Co. , 202 & 225 B’way
Gottschal, Charles, es. Oarond. av., b. Barry & Marion
Hequebourg, John. ws. Carond. av., b. Barry & Marion
Heqaemboure T. & G. W. , 24n.north 2d
Herbel, A.30 Market
Hoffman, Cavsten, sw. cor. Carond. av. & Geyyer av
Jaccarde.east & Co. , 75n.north 4th
Jett, S. C.132n.north Main
Jordon & Mudler , 65n.north 4th
Kortkamp, E. H., 66Fr. av
Kull, John C.64 s.south 2d
LabeauJ. B., jr., 44n.north 2
Liverman, Benj., i,rn.north Front
McCormick, Wm., 110n.north Main
McGregor, John, 75 Market
Mauch, Henry, 188 4th
Business Directory. 231
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Mead Edward & Co. , 50n.north Main
Menkens A. H. & Bro. , 102n.north Main
Metten, Lorenz, 90 Morgan
Monroe & Defriez , 59n.north 4th
Muller, John M.16n.north Main
Nnathan, Jacob, 204 B’way
Nicolet, Julian, 35n.north 2d
Niehaue, Frederick, 99 Morgan
Philibert, A.. 128n.north Main
Rochol, Charles H., 60 Pine
Rothenbuecher, Francis, ws. Menard, b. Lafayette and
Sauce, Alex., 12n.north 3d
Schneider, Lawrence, 128n.north 3d
Siemers, John W., 46 Fr. av
Skeele, Edwin A., 43n.north 4th
Stubenrauch P. & Sons , 11n.north 3d
Sullivan C. D. & Co. , 39n.north 4th
Winter, D. A., 204 Fr. av
Justices of the Peace.
Allen, Edw. E., 52 Vine
Black, John, 36 s.south 2d
Butler, Mann, 44 Pine
Cady, Charles F., 54 Vine
Cruess, Peter, es. Carond. av., b. Miller and Barry
Hull, Joseph S., B’way, near Mound
Johnston, P. W., 40 Pine
Langton, Jeremiah, nw. cor. Cherry & Collins
Sweney, James, es. B’way, b. Howard & Mullanphy
Treadway, Samuel, ws. 13th, s.south of Biddle
Vogel, John C., 65 Cherry
Weber, Wm., ws. Carond. av., b Barry & Marion
Wetmore, T. K., ns. Pine, b. 2d and 3d
Lard Oil.
Engler, Samuel, 14 Pine
Meyer Henry & Co. , 11 Market
Ring, Edward, cor.corner 17th and Fr. av
Riggs & Co. , office 25n.north Front
Lead Pipe Manufacturers.
Blatchford & Coliins . 126 s.south Main
Linseed Oil.
Collier Company , nw. cor. 10th and Clark av
Latourette, D. L., cor.corner Morgan and 2d
Liquor Dealers.
Ackermann E. P. & Co. , 42 S. Main
Anderson, Wm., 7 Pine
Block & Evers , 151n.north 3d
Block L & Bro’s , 220 s.south 5th
Boeringer & Co. , 13n.north 3d
Braun, Krug &. Co. , 33 s.south Main
Broomfield, W. W., 91n.north Com’l
Brovo, L., 213 s.south 2d
Busch & Wissman , 180n.north 4th
Catherwood, F. S. P., 39n.north 2d
Damon E. A. T Co. , 21 s.south Front
Darst, James E.,5 s.south Front
Derby Charles & Co. , 22n.north Front
Eckardt & Bredow , 73 Com’l
Eppelsheimer, Wm., 42n.north 2d
Evans, D. H., 193n.north Main
Fette & Zabrod , 105 s.south Main
Fish, & Zabred nw. cor. Vine & 2d
Grauhart, J. H.. 185n.north 2d
Gratiaa, P.. 45n.north Com’l
Gre & Guenanden 18 s.south Main
Hartnett & Taylor , 11 Pine
Heist, John, se. cor. Marion and Buel
Jennings, John R., 51n.north 5th
Jochum & Hangge , 276 s.south 3d
Jones, John, ss. Greene, b. 8th and 9th
Kahn, ,Abenheim & Co. , 61n.north Main
Koels A. E. & Co. , 41n.north 2d
Laue & Guye , 9 Pine
Longuemare & Hoeber , 97n.north 2d
Mackenzie, Kenneth, 97 Pine
Mayer & Kower , 49n.north 2d
Meyer, H.11 Market
Meyer & Meister , 53 s.south 2d
Michel & Roberts , 8 s.south 2d
Miller, James K., 39 Com’l
Molony & Tilton , cor.corner Main & Popjar
Monks & Ghio , 178n.north 2d
Myers, John M., 105n.north 3d
Neuer, Ernst, 11 Market
Nulsen & & Mersman , 153n.north 3d
Patchin, P. P., Com’l, b. Locust and Olive
Pfaff & Miltenberger , 36 s.south Main
Pittaluga, G., cor.corner Chesnut and Com’l
Reipschiager & Co. , ns. Fr. av., b. 13th & 14th
Rogers, George, 74 Com’l
Schneider, Theodore, 12n.north Main
Seitz & Green , nw. cor. Com’l & Pine
Sherman, J. W., 106n.north Front
Shidy & Loomis , 235n.north Main
Simons, E. G., 28n.north .Main
Soderer, August, ns. Spruce, b. 2d and Main
Steigers, Francis J., 85 Market
Taylor & Harrington , 69n.north Front
Tower, G. F., 81n.north Front
Vandemale F. & Co. , 50 Olive
Webstar, Moir & Co. , 126n.north 2d
Weppern Adophus & Co. , 17 Fr. av
Wonderly & Haydel , 5 s.south Front
Wood A. & A. & Co. , 81 Com’l
Gast Leopold & Bro. , 36 s.south 4th
Hutawa, Julius, 49 n 2d
McLean, A., 30 1-2 Chesnut
Otto, Wm., 30 1-2 Chesnut
Schaerff, Bro’s, 52n.north 4th
Livery Stables.
Arnot J. & A. , 46 Chesnut
Bergesch & Hacmann , 329n.north 5th
Bidwell, H. R., ss. Walnut, b. 2d & 3d
Brinkmann, F., 334 s, 5th
converse, Mason, 256 B’way
Deegan & King , se. cor. 11th & & Greene
Dennis, Thomas, ss. Pine, b. 9th and 10th
Elbert, Gheorge,286 s.south 2d
Fine J. & Co. , ws. 8th, b. Market and Chesnut
Fisher, George W., 19n.north 3d
Foley, John, 74n.north 3d
Frankman, Henry, n.s. n. Market,e.east of B’way
Glasgow & Harkness , ss. Locust, b. 5th and 6th
Glens, Valentine, es. B’way.n. of Jefferson
Hamilton, Hy S., nw. cor. Biddle & B way
Hoffman & Hawken . ns, Market, b. 13th &. 14th
Horine, Wm., ss. Hazel, b. 2d & 3d
Johnson, Samuel, ss. Spruce, b. 4th & 5th
Lauman, Frederick, ns. Fr. av., b. 14th & 15th
Linkemeyer, H., sw. cor. Walnut i& 3d
Locke & Caliaway , es. 7th, b. Market & Chesnut
Lynch, Arnot & Co. , ns. Chesnut, b. 3d & 4th
McCullough, D. T., ws. 6th, b. Market & Chesnut
Malone, John W., ws. B’way, b. Carr & Biddle
Merten, Henry, se. cor. 7th & Morgan
Michelon, A. J., se. cor. Elm & Morgan
Ritter, Wm., sw. cor. B’way & Carr
Rogers, Francis, 27 Fr. av
Runnion, David, ns. Locust, b. 2d and 3d
Skidmore, JohnW., 104 Locust
Taylor, Wm., 99 s. 3d d
Thomas & Thornton , ss. Walnut, b. 2d and 3d
Thornburghe.east & W. . 308 B’way
Turner, Tracy P., 231 B’wmy
Wesselling & Bartman , se. cor. 8th & Biddle
Wheeler & Sauer , 101 Fr. av
Wiles P. & M. , es. B’way. s. of Mullanphy
Lock Smiths.
Arnold, Thoms, 10 s.south 3d
Barker & Breartey , 115 Morgan
Hessler, John, ns. Convent, b. 2d and Marion
Lees, Samuel J., Morgan, b. 2d & 3d
232 Business Directory.
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Llewellyn, John, 73 Locust
Niemeyer, side. 7th, b. Wash. av. & Greene
Shaw, James, 98 Morgan
Stevens, Wm., 86n.north 21
Swift, Joseph, ws. 5th, b. Greene and Wash, av
Missouri State Lottery , 18 Olive
" " " 38 Locust
" " " 27n.north 2d
" " " ne. cor. 3d and Olive
" " " nw. cor. 3d and Market
" " " nw. cor. 3d and Chesnut
" " " ns. Pine, b. 3d and 4th
" " " 79 Chesnut
" " " se. cor. Greene and Main
" " " 21 Vine
" " " 92 Greene
" " " 46 s.south 2d
Lumber Merchants.
Boswell, Charles, ss. Walnut, b. 2d and 3d
Bryan & Bro. , ws. B’dway, n. of O’FaLon
Carr & Rogers , sw. cor. B’dway & Mulianphy, andnw.northwest
cor. Wash and Front
Clark H. L. & Co. , se. cor. 9th and Cass av
Degenhart, John C, 11 ne. cor. Miller & Carond. av
Greene, Isaac T., ss. Howard, b. B’dway and 2d
Hammond & Cartan , se. cor. B’dway and Cass av
Holmes R. & Co. , se. cor. Walnut nnd 5th
Judd & Leeds , ne. cor. B’dway & Columbia
Krennings W. & F. , ne. cor. Market and 8th
Matlack George & Sons , nw. cor. 15th & Fr. av
Morrison Wm. & Co. , ss. Market, b. 11th and 12th
Ottenad Jacob & Louis , nw. cor. Marion & Carond. av
Pancoast, David C., 317n.north 2d
Patrick, Morrison & Co. , se. cor. Main and Biddle
Parks R. M. & Co. , ne. cor Wash. av. and 7th
Reiss, Valentine, ws. Curond. av., b. Marion and Carroll
Rice, Bartholemew, 271 s.south 2d
Riddle, Alexander, es. B’dway, b. Carr and Biddle
Rirppey, Matthew, nw. cor. Market and 7th
Saler, Francia, ws. 2d, near cor.corner Rutger
Whitehill, J. H., se. cor. Vine and 3d
Whitehill, J., nw. cor. 5th and Carr
Wortmann, H. P., ws. B’dway, n. of Cass av
Bigelow, Smith & Co. , Hubb & Felloe, ss. Ashley, b.
Main and Front
Blaine, John L., bagging and rope, nw. cor. Mullanphy
and Front
Bracht, chauks, chocolate , se. cor ne. Emmett & Ham-
Brunner, Josuph, truss,ss.south side. Myrtle, b. 2d and 3d
Chouteau, Hivnison & Va]le , rolling mill, Ferrye.east of
Conklin, John L., cedar ware,ns.north side. Market, b. 14th and
Cull & Hirscri , basket, ss Wash, b. 11th and 12th
Cunnington, Thomas, earthenware, ss. Wash, b. 6th and
Davis, Merrill, bird cage , ne. cor. 11th and Fr. av
Grey & Boylel , boiler, Main, b. Cherry and Carr
Higgs, Wm., . 126 Market
Jackson, Louis, rail car. sw. cor. Biddle and Main
Johnson H. & Co. , varnish, nw. cor. Florida and B’dway
Kennelt Simonds & Co. , shot Tower, b. Main and Lewis
n.north of Bates
Klaus, Diedrich, coffee extract , sw. cor. Columbus and
Liewer, John, billard table, 119 Pine
Mahood & Morse , yawl shop, sw. cor. Carr and Main
Marlon, Charles, bed stead. nw. es. Main and Wash
Mawdsley, Richard, cork, 26n.north 3d, and 279 s.south 2d
Meistermann & Meyer , paper box,ns.north side. Locust, b. Main
and 2d
Meyer & Co. , cotton,ns.north side. Lafayette, b. Rosatti & Meneard
Muegge Charles & Co. , oil cloth, s. 2d and 113n.north 2d
Niohola, Chaile, comb, se. cor. B’dway and Palm
Parker, Ludlow & Co. , barrel, cs. 2d, b. Spring & Wright
Pullis C. & T. R. , Miss. Iron Works, cs. 3d, b. Chesnut
and Pine
Schrader, Wm., plough, 228n.north 2d
Scott & Hedges , little giant mills,ws.west side. Broadway,n.north of
Shepherd & Holmes , bell,ws.west side. Carondelct av., b. Marion
and Carroll
Smith & Holt , file,es.east side. 9th,n.north of Mullanphy
Spering & Madison , bed stead, se. cor. Main and Ma-
Todd G. & C. & Co. , mill stone, 212n.north Main
Winkel, Henry, yarn, ss. Carr, b. 8th and 9th
Woodbum, Jacob, spoke,e.east Main, b. Biddle and Ashley
Marble Mandatories.
Kent & Fuller , 33 and 37n.north 2d
Park, Nathan, ss. Wash, av., b. 5th and 6th
Wilson, John O., 93 Wash, av
Biddle, 13th, b. Biddle and O’Fallon
Broadway, es. B’dway, b. Cherry and Wash
Centre, Main, s.south of Market
Harney, Biddle,w.west. of B’dway
Lucais, 12th, b. Olive and Pine
Mound, Broadway, b. Howard and Mound
North, 3d, b. Greene and Morgan
Soulard, s.south 7th, b. foulard and Carroll
South, 5th, s.south of Chouteau av
St. George, nw. cor. Sidney and Carond. av
Sturgeon,n.north Market, b. B’dway and 9th
Match Makers.
Dunham,ss.south side. Hazel, b. 3d and 4th
Heine, Henry, sw. cor. Columbus and Victor
Milliners & Dress Makers.
Adams, Rebecca, 143 Market
Auler, L., 143 s.south 2d
Bath, Caroline, 113n.north 3d
Beardsey, E., 95 Market
Billsbarrow, Lucy, ws. 10th, b. Market and Chesnut
Bramlle, Elizabeth, ss. Fr. av., b. 6th and 7th
Brewer, M., 3 s.south 4th
Curtis, Ann, 46 Market
Davis, Joseph, 96 Morgan
Davis, Mrs., 63 Market
Deneny, Mrs., 97 Market
Dick, S. A., 104n.north 4th
Diller, Henrietta, es. 6th, b. Wash and Carr
Donnely, Mary, 05 s.south 10th
Duer, Christine, ss. Almond, b. 2d and 3d
Engert, Rosa, 61 s.south 2J
Farrur, Margaret, 124 Market
Fischer, Leopold, es. Carond. av., b. Miller and Barry
Gooch, Mary. 67 Fr. av
Haas, Catharine, 107 s.south 2d
Haewclr, Emilie, 63 s.south 3d
Hains, Hannah, 256 Broadway
Harris, Thomas, cs. 12th, b. Olive and Pine
Basse, Johanna, 254 s.south 5th
Hirscbberg, S., 71n.north 4th
Hofman, Laura, 284 s.south 5th
Hotze, Wm., 65 Fr. av
Hunter, Jane, 137 Market
Jenkins, Caroline, es. 7th, b. Fr. av. and Morgan
Jones, Emma, 63 s.south 3d
Jones, Wm., 87 s.south 4th
Kelley, Michad L., 84 Market
Knox, Margaret, ns. Wash, b. 8th and 9th
Lebrun, Chirrissa, 130 s.south 2d
Lucas, Eliza, es. B’dway, b. n. Market and Monroe
M’Camlin, Catharine, 196 Market
Mackey, Caroline B., 10 s.south 4th
Magnus, Sopbia, es. Carond. av., b. Soulard and Lafay-
Mann, Ann, ns. Morgan, b. 5th and 6th
Mann, Eliza, ns. chambers,e.east of 9th
Marks, Henry, ns. Fr. av., b. 5th and 6th
Mendley, Elizabeth, 171 Morgan
Mill, Leverit, 58 Market
Business Directory. 233
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Morath, Frederick, 59 s.south 3d
Morel, Peter, 150 Market
Morgan, Ann J., 102½n.north 4th
Mueller, Amalia, es. Carond. av., b. Soulard & Lafayette
Musgrave, J., 41n.north 5th
Myera, S., 53 Market
Ordes, Sarah, 169#X00Bd; Market
O’Reilly & Burns Misses , 12 s.south 4th
Osbourn E. A. & W. O. , 48 Market
Paris, Louis, 93 Market
Rasinsky, Jacob, 51 Fr. av
Renolds, Catharine, 4n.north 3d
Rent, Win., 124n.north 3d
Schoffeneoker, Josephine, 171 s.south 2d
Secor, Maria, 122 Market
Smith, E., 128 Market
Smith, N., 95 Market
Spock, C, 15 s.south 8th
Stout, Louise, 311 s.south 2d
Suess, Ignatius, 93 s.south 2d
Sullivan, Matilda, 134 Market
Taylor & Bunting , ws. B’dway, b. Biddle and Carr
Tuckett, Jane, 213 Market
Waldstein, Louis, 67 s.south 2d
Waiker, Thomas, ws. 6th, b. Greene and Morgan
Warwick & Barnes , Misses, 46 Market
Wilkinson, Julia, 108 Market
Wink, Imann Eliza, ws. Broadway, b. Monroe andn.north
Music and Musical Instruments.
Balmer & Weber , 58n.north 4th
Fritz & Derleth , 35 Market
Gaines, William, 92 Market
Goetz, Joseph, ns Elm, b 2d and 3d
Greenfield, Sluder & Co. 96n.north 4th
Grotguth, P., 21 Market
Hoffman, Carsten, sw cor. Carond. av. & Geyer av
Philips, Nathanid, sw. cor 5th and Locust
Piloher H & W. , ws 15th, b. Carr and Wash
Sberburne, H. P., 34 Market
Stelter, Charles, sw. cor. 14th and Market
Wakelam & Jucho , se cor. 4th and Locust
Wiltz, Sebastian, 10 Carond av
Negro Dealers.
Bolton, Dickens & Co. , ws. 2d,n.north of Pine
Lynch, B. M., 104 Locuat
M’Afee & Blakey , 91 Olive
Mattingly, John, 84½ Olivo
News Paper & Book Agents.
Sleeper, Logan, 9 Market
Smith, Sidney, r. 245 n Main
Swymmer, Wm S., 14½ n 2d
News Papers and Periodicals.
Anzeiger des Westena , 16 n 3d
Central Chriatian Advocate , nw. cor. Chesnut and 3d
Daily Chroniele , Ropulican building
Democratie Press , sw cor. Market and 2d
Family Journal of Homoeopathy , 43n.north 5th
Golden Era , 132n.north 3d
Gospel Banner , ns. chesnat, b. 3d and 4th
Herald of the faith , RepuLlicn Imillin
Medical & Surgical Journal , at Republican office
Missouri Caseade , 31n.north 3d
Missouri Cumbeiland Presbyterian , es. 3d, b. Chesnut &
Missouari Democrat , 35 Locust
Missouri Repoblican , ns Chesnut, b. Main and 2d
Morning Herald , se cor Pine and 2d
Revue de L’Ouert , cor.corner 2d and Market
Snepherd of the Vally , 123 n M
St. Louis Christian Advocate , cor.corner 2d & Chesnut
St. Louis Bvenning News , ws. 3d, b. Locust & Olive
St. Louis Inte ligencer . ws. 3d, b Locust and Olive
St. Louis Pilot , nw. oar. 3d and Pine
St. Louis Presbyterian , 88½ Market
St. Louis Price Current
Valley Farmer , cor.corner 4th and Chesnut
Western Casket , 21 n 3d
Western Journal , 75 Chesnut
Western Watchman , 20 Olive
Appleton, E. D.
Armstrong, D. H.
Bbock, L.dent. Recorder
Blickstono, Nathaniel
Blattau, Charles F.
Breckeuridge, S. M.
Burke, Basil
Butler, Mann
Chadwick, Alfred
Clover, Henry A.
Comfort, J. H.
Cooke, Lyttliton
Coste, Felix
Cruess, Peter
Cutler, Alonzo
Daugherty, James
Davis, Charles A.
Decker, John
Dgenhard, Lorenzo
Denny, A. F.
Dlman, John A.
Douglass, A. T.
Drysdale, A. T.
Duke, Basil
Elliot, R. S.
Faller, Alnzo
Finkler, Charles C.
Franciscus, J. M.
Goff, James B.
Hening, John H.
Hennig, Robert
Herrisse, Henri
Hill, D. W.
Hitchcok, Henry
Hofer, Anthony V.
Johnstone, P. W.
Kalb, G. O.
Kehr, Adolph
Kellogg, S. B.
Kretschmar, Frederick
kuneman, H. Jo.
Kurlbauin, J. D.
Ladue, P. A.
Leffingwell, H. W.
Levi, S. J.
Lindsay, William
Linton, W.
Long, Alton
MoDonongh, James
McLure, Wm. P.
Mauro, Charles G.
Mauro, P. C.
Mauro, Philip
Nisbet, Robt. N.
Obear, J. H.
Olshausen, A.
Pettus, William G.
Price, William R.
Pritobartt, William H.
Richard, George
Riggin, John
Schneider, F. A. H.
Schneider, Julius F
Shands, K. W.
Simmons, Samuel
Smith, Irwin Z.
Smith, J. Sidney
Stevens, Robort
Stol, George H.
Stol, Peter W.
Stout, B. F.
Straat, John N.
Stuart, Jacob
234 Business Directory.
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Taussig, J.
Thomas, J. E.
Thompson, W. B.
Tice, John H.
Tillson, C. H.
Timon, O. V.
Tucker, F. H.
Tattle, D. C.
Ulrici, E.
Vail, P. M.
Vogel, J. C.
Voullaire, Seymour
WaLh, J. B.
Weber, William
Wetmore, D.
Witmoro, T. K.
Williams, H. W.
Wolff, M. A.
Betts. Conway & Co. 58 Pine
Bolton, Wilson & Co. 62n.north 2d
Boneau & Wonderly , 48n.north 2d
Bury, J. C.9n.north 3d
Doellner, Henry, 54n.north 2d
English, James, l’Jo Market
Farmer H. & Son , 38 Olive
Harrington, Charles, 62 Locust
Histed & Charles , al. b. Chesnut and Market, 3d and 4th
Hooper, Clark, ss. Walnut, b. Main and 2d
Jarvis, L.87 s.south 2d
Julian, M. Wash. av. w. of 14th
Kaktwasser, Johnss. Marion, b. 7th and Fulton
Kaltwaaer John & Philip , 381 s.south 2
Koenig & Bros. 44 Fr. av
McCullogh, Thomas J.94 Pine
McVicker, Thomas H.28 Pine
Marley, J. P.52n.north 6th
Mehl, Henry 7th, b. Park av.avenue & Rutger
Middelton & Gordon , 246 Market
Rank, Theodore, 22 Locust
Schmeisser, John Carond. av. b. Soulard & Lafa-
Schrimpf, William, 372 s.south 2d
Scollay, James, ss. St. Charles, b. 5th and 6th
Severin, John, 127 Carond. av
Slawensky & Wehrs , 29n.north 2d
Spore, James, 64 Chesnut
Spore, Thomas, 46 Fr. av
Thornburgh R. & W. A. ne. cor. Cherry and Main
Turmborg, Henry, ws. Stoddard av. b. Chouteau av.avenue and
Wilgus Charles T. & Co. 52 Pine
Paper Hangers and Dealers.
Conzelman, G.54 Market
Howard James & Co. 98 Market
Kennard, P. S.70n.north 4th
Michael, Geo. B.80n.north 4th
Vinson J. & Co. 172n.north 4th
Wilgua Charles T. & Co. 54 Pine
Wolf, Engert, 43 B. 2d
Pawn Brokers.
Cowperthwait, Wm. P.23 Locust
Frtligh John B. & Son. 19 Locust
Hollister, Warren, 30 Vine
Jacobs, A. S.87 Market
Lawrence, Leander, 21 Locust
Adreon, Stephen W.ns. Locust, b. 6th and 7th
Alleyne, J. S.B. w. cor. Locust and 5th
Asssman, ss. Fr. av. b. 13th and 14th
Banister, T. Linn, b. Lafayette and Park av.avenue , Ci-
ty Hospital
Barbee, Andrew Olive, b. 3d and 4th
Barnes, A. F.Wash, b. 9th and 10th
Barnes, John, ws. 4th, b. Wash, av. and Greene
Barnett, Andrew Locust, b. 4th and 5th
Barr, E. W.102 Wash. av
Behr, Alfred, 62 s.south 2d
Benkendorf, E.100 Wash. av
Bohannan, Wm. A. S.ns. Pine, b. 2d and 3d
Boitliniere, L. cor. Wash. av. and 5th
Bomeno, Peter, ns. Market, b. 13th and 14th
Bosbick, Joseph, ws. Linn, b. Lafayette & Park av.avenue , City
Bosse, Louis, 401 s.south 2d
Britt, Lucas 10th, b. Wash and Carr
Brookie, John, sw. cor. B’way and Morgan
Brown, Joseph T.42n.north 4th
Bryan, E. H.112n.north 3d
Byrne, Edward, 12H Chesnut
Campbell, Cornelius, 333 s.south 5th
Campbell, Geo. W.331 s.south 5th
Case, George B’way, n. of Chambers
Chapman, O. H.163\m=1/2\n.north 4th
Christopher, Hiram, 97 Greene
Clark, J. J.41\m=1/2\n.north 4th
Cluk, Eliza, 151 s.south 7th
Cogan, James, 376 Morgan
Coleman, John 3d, b. Chesnut and Pine
Coleinan, L. L.69 Greene
Collot, J.59\m=1/2\ Market
Comstock, Thomas cor. 3d and Pine
Converse, A. H.53 Locust
Cook, Moses C.45 cor.corner Pine and 2d
Coons, Andrew J.ns. Locust, b. 6th and 7th
Cornyn, Floranee, 141 Market
Crane, Morton E.61 Market
Crow, A. B’way, b. n. Market and Monroe
Cruttenden, Henry E.124 Carr
Dachene, A.12 s.south 4th
Dorsey, F. 7th, b. Marion and Carroll
Dreehsler, cor. 3d and Pine
Dudley, W. A.Locust,w.west. of 4th
Edgar, Wm. 3d, b. Market and Walnut
Engelmann, George, sw. cor. Elm and 5th
Farrar, John, ws. 6th, b. St. Charles and Locust
Fisher, Gustavus, ws. Carond. av. b. Park av.avenue and Barry
Frnzer, Elijah S.nw. cor. 4th and Walnut
Galli, P.87 s.south 4th
Gibson, Wm.180 s.south 4th
Golding, W. S.3 s.south 4th
Granger, John, 3n.north 5th
Gregory, E. cor. Locust and 5th
Guszmann, Rudolph, 336 s.south 5th
Hackmann, Fr. av. b. 12th and 13th
Hall, J. 6th, b. Market and Chesnut
Hansmann, Christian, 13 Fr. av
Harrison, J. S.143 Market
Hasse, Edward, ss. Hickory, b. 5th and 7th
Hatch, Wm. G.68 Vine
Hauck, ChaiLs, 36 s.south 2d
Hauck, Frederick, es. Canrond. av. b. Soulard & Lafayette
Haughton, Thomas, 156 Olive
Hempstead, C. W., 13n.north 4th
Hensley, Benjamin, nw. cor. 4th and Walnut
Hoeweler, Joseph, 65 s.south 3d
Hoffmeister, August, 300 s.south 3d
Holmes, R. S., 36n.north 8th
Hopton, Abner, 157 s.south 7th
Horn, Wm., ne. cor. Fr. av. and 17th
Huffell, Louis, es. B’dway, b. n. Market and Bonton
Hutawa, Charles, 238n.north 7th
Jackson, Jonathan E., 64\m=1/2\ Chesnut
Jenkins, ——, 98 Wash. av
Jennings, John C., 67 Greene
Jennings, Robert M., 67 Greene
Jerman, Jefferson S., 16 s.south 4th
Johnson, J. B., 90\m=1/2\n.north 4th
Johnson & Wilson , se. cor. Olive and 7th
Jones, Wm. A., 168 s.south 3d
Kalbitz, Ernst, 214 Fr. av
Knvannugh, Benj., ns. Morgan, b. 13th & 14th
Keith, Wm. G., 164 s.south 4th
King, Henry T., ns. Spruce, b. Main and Front
Kloea, J. G., nw. cor. Gratiot and 4th
Koch, ——, es. B’dway, s. of Palm
Business Directory. 235
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Koehler, Francis, 429 s.south 2d, Indian M. D.
Kunemann, Edward, ss. Walnut, b. Main & 2d
Laughton, J., ss. Olive, b. 6th and 7th
Leguire, Francis, ne. cor. B’dway & Webster
Lemoine, E. S., ns. Pine, near 5th
Linton, M. L., se. cor. Locust and 10th
Lonergan, Thomas A., 198n.north 6th
Ludwig, Valentine, ns. Fr. av., b. 7th & 8th
Lumaghi, Octavius, 122 s.south 5th
M’Dowell, James, 104 Walnut
M’Dowell, John B., ns. Olive, 9th and 10th
M’Dowell, Joseph N., nw. cor. 8th and Gratiot
M’Evoy, Joseph A., 179n.north 6th
M’Gintie, E., ss. Market, b. 14th and 15th
M’Keage, John M., 112n.north 3d
M’Kinley, C. G., 66\m=1/2\ Chesnut
M’Kinley, John, 66\m=1/2\ Chesnut
M’Murray, Wm. A., 158n.north 4th
M’Nair, T. J., 82 Chesnut
M’Theaters, Wm. M., sw. cor. Olive and 10th
Magoffin, John, 71 4th
Marshall, Alex., se cor. Greene and 4th
Marthens, H. C., 121 Olive
Mnrtin, Merideth, ne. cor 4th and Walnut
Meyer, Fred’k J., es. 13th, s of Biddle
Montgomery, E., 160n.north 4th
Moore, John S., ws. 4th, b. Pine & Chesnut
Morehead, L. A., 270 Pine
Morgnur, Oscar A., ws. Carond av., b Barry & Marion
Morse, Edw. W,, sw, cor. n. Market and Main
Moses, S.Gratz , 63n.north 6th
Nallay, ——, nw. cor. Greene and 4th
Newman, T. W., ss Wash, av., b. 4th and 5th
O’Reilly, Thomas, 159\m=1/2\n.north 4th
Oliphant, R. W., 8 s.south 5th
Ohausen, John J., 9 s.south 2d
Palln, M. M., 26 St. Charles
Papin, T. L., 236 Locust
Perry, L. P., se cor. 5th and Locust
Petri, Ignace, sw. cor. Fr. av. and 9th
Peyer, John, 190 s.south 3d
Phillips, ——, 119 Pine
Phillips, G. W., es. 9th,n.north of Hempstead
Phillips & Walker , 90 Olive
Piggott, Isaac N., 270n.north 2d
Pollak, S., ss Market, b. 4th and 5th
Pollok, Joseph F., se. cor. Pine & 4th
Pope, Charles A., 123 Locust
Powers, Edward M., sw. cor. Fr. av. & 7th
Prout, H. A., 46 n 6th
Reily, Philip B., 170 s.south 4th
Reinhardt, C., ss. Carr, b. 8th and 9th
Reyburn, Thomas, ss. St. Charles, b. 5th & 6th
Ripley, J. D., 164n.north 11th
Rislers, Henry, cor.corner 6th and Wash
Redier, P. C., 306 s.south 2d
Roelofsz, Joost, 153 s.south 7th
Rogers, Patrick, 163\m=1/2\n.north 4th
Rose, Edward, 282 s 2d
Rosenbaugh, Sarah, 256n.north 2d
Rowland, Robert, 114 Olive
Rupp, J. M., 316 s.south 5th
Sobdeoeioh, Henry, 209 s.south 2d
Schoenemann, Wm., ws. Carond. av., b. Park av.avenue and
Scott, Isaac W., 71 4th
Seemann, Emil, ws. 7th, b. Carroll & Marion
Sharp, Alex., 16 s.south 4th
Shore, John, ss. Locust, b. 4th & 5th
Short, R. Newton, 80n.north 8th
Shumard, B. F., ns. Choutenu av., b. 14th & 15th
Simmons, Robert P., ws. 8th, b. Pine and Chesnut
Smith, F., ss. Lafayette, b. Fulton and Decatur
Smith, John, ws. 10th, b. Wash and Carr
Stark, Solon, nw. cor. B’dway & O’Fallon
Steele, G. G., 16 St. Charles
Stephenson, David I., ns. Wash, b. 9th & 10th
Taylor, J., 93 Market
Temple, J. T., 90\m=1/2\n.north 4th
Thorman, Fred’k, ns. Elm, b. Main and 2d
Tinley, C. A., 42 s.south 4th, U. S. A.
Tupper, Lewis B., es. B’dway, b. Hempstead Brooklyn
Turner, Charles P., 94\m=1/2\ Pine
Tyler, Benjam. R., ws. 10th, s.south of Market
Van Studdiford, H., sw. cor. Vine and 3d
Van Zandt, Wm., 100 Wash. av
Vastine, T. J., 78 Chesnut
Wagner, Christian, ss. Fr. av, b. 15th & 16th
Waiter, L. H., 104 Market
Warnock, James, 135n.north 3d
Washington, Jas. R., ws. 5th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Webb, Wm., ne. cor. 4th and Greene
Wegerhoff, John A., ns. Carr, b. 10th and 11th
Weigel, Philip, 39 s.south 3d
White, ——. 98 Wash. av
White, D., 43 5th
Wiebe, Julius A., 290n.north 7th
Wilson, Anton D., es. Carond. av., b. Emmett and Les-
Wilson, James, ns. Elm, b. 3d and 4th
Wislizenus, Adolphus, 47 s.south 5 th
Xaupi, L. A., 46 Market
Picture Framers.
Benziger Ignatz & Conrad , 86 s.south 2d
Epp, Oswald, Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Goodh, John, 10n.north 3d
Hequembourg, A. G., 11 s.south 3d
Lohmann, Chs. F. A., ss. Walnut, b. Main & 2d
Smith & Boggs , 70n.north 4th
Spencer D. & S. , 102 4th
Planing Mills.
Boeckler, Hirschberg & Co. , ss. Mullanphy, b. 10th and
Jolly, Edward, es. 2d, b. Monroe and Jefferson
Pick C. H. & J. W. , se. cor. Park av.avenue and Fulton
Philibert, B., sw cor. 14th and Wash. av
Sawyer & M’llvane , cor.corner 9th and Walnut
Wade, Stills & Co. , cor.corner of O’Fallon and 13th
Cronenbold & Co. , 305 s.south 3d
Beard & Brother , 99n.north 2d
Burd, John W., 3n.north Main
Gordon & Odell , 64 Locust
Hill & Haywood , 100 Olive
Klock, Martin, ns. Wash, av., b. 2d and 3d
Lasswell, M. D., 64 Locust
Lawson, Thomas, 171n.north 2d
Pearce & Brooke , 152 Market
Thomas, T. G., 109 Olive
Turner & Brother , 94 Wash. av
Pork Houses.
Ames Henry & Co. , 278n.north Main
Ashbrook, Levi, nw. cor. Tyler &B’dway
Unyha George & Co. , 293 s.south 2d
Butler, S. O., 255 s.south 2d
Eider, Joseph E., 27In.north Main
Havens, George, 15 Convent
M’Alister, Robert, se cor. 4th and Lombard
M’Faul, Eneas, ws. 14th, b. Wash and Carr
Palmer, Charles L., 211n.north 2d
Sigerson, John, sw. cor B’dway and Wash
Taylor R. & J. ns. O’Fallon b. Main & 2d
Whittaker, Franeis, ne. cor. Carr and 7th
Wilson & Jameson , ne. cor. Tyler and B’dway
Portrait Painters.
Hofman, C., 81 Market
Murdock, ——, 3 s.south 4th
Peale, Miss S. M., se. cor. 5th and Elm
Pratriel, Louis, 3n.north 4th
Simpson, Wm. R., cor.corner 4th and Chesnut
Boernstein, Heinrich, 16n.north 3d
Chambts & Knapp , ns. Chesnut, b. Main and 2d
Charles & Hammond , 67n.north Main
Frazer, Kennedy & Spaulding , ne. cor. 3d & Market
236 Business Directory.
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Hill & M’Kee , 35 Locust
Keemle & Hager , se. cor. 2d and Locust
Niedner, M., nw. cor. 3d and Pine
Pittard W. T. & Co. , 3n.north 4th
Ustick, Studley & Co. , sw. cor. Main and Olive
Witham, John T., 35n.north 2d
Crone, Dennis, 85 s.south Main
Erenson, Jacob, 117 Morgan
Estel, J. M., 55 Market
Filley E. A. & S. R. , 133n.north Main
Frenz, Jacob, 94 Morgan
Heineke, Adolph, ns. Spruce, b. 5th and 6th
Heinicke, Adolph, 236 Broadway
Masterson R. H. & Co. , 147n.north Main
Miller R. H. & Co. , 34 n Main
Neunuebel, Jacob, 102 s.south 2d
Noonan, Tooley & Co. , 53n.north Main
Pawtowicz, John, 271 Broadway
Pechman & Gauche , 8n.north Main
Steinbach, Moritz, 313 s.south 5th
Rag Dealers.
Boene, Joseph, ws. Closey, b. Calhoun and Emmett
Hinder, Anton, es. Columbus, b. Marion and Carroll
Hirzel, John U., 147 s.south 2d
Hub, Valentine, ws. al., b. Barry and Marion, & Jack-
son and Columbus
Libby M. C. & Co. , 68n.north 2d
Linde, Jacob, ss. Lafayette, b. Fulton and Decatur
Loehr, John, es. Easton, b. Barton and Victor
Richards, J. R., 54 Olive
Schneider, Frank, alley b. Carr and Biddle, and 11th &
Wickmann, H. W., 171 s.south 4th
Rail Road Offices.
Cincinnati, Dayton & Sandusky, Columbus & Cleveland
R. R. , 20 Olive
Michigan Central R. R. , 31n.north 4th
Michigan South & North Ind. R. R. , 32n.north 4th
North Missouri , 123 Locust
Ohio & Mississippi R. R. , se. cor. Main and Vine
Pacific, R. R., ne. cor. Chesnut and 3d
St. Louis & Iron Mountain R. R. , sw. corner Main and
Real Estate Dealers.
Bach, Louis, 11n.north 4sh
Barry, James G., 42 Chesnut
Belt & Preist , ns. Chesnut, b. 2d and 3d
ByrneJohn, jr., 7 P. O. building
Byrne, Peter O. D., 7 P. O. building
Dolman, J. A., 39 Chesnut
Hurck, P. I., 11n.north 4th
Kent & Obear , 71 Chesnut
Leffingwell & Elliott , 10 Chesnut
Mauro & Hunt , 33 Chesnut
Olshausen & Stille , 4n.north 2d
Shuter, B. F., 97 Greene
Sloss W. L. & Co. , 73 Pine
Stiel, John H., 60 Pine
Timon, Owen V., 28 Vine
Cannon John M. & Co. , 15 s.south 6th, (slate]
Hull & Cozzens , ns. Morgan, b. 5th and 6th, metal
Naylor John & Co. , es. 3d, b. Locust and Olive, metal
Renou, Isaac, nw. cor. Wash and 13th, composition
Warren C. M. & H. M. , se. Chesnut, b Main and 2d
White, Nicholas, ws. 8th, b. Walnut and Clark av, slate
Saddle & Harness.
Beard & Warren , 24 s.south Main
Colb, Frederick, ws. Carond. av., b. Marion and Carroll
Consler, George, 60n.north 3d
Dorchermer, Lewis, 5n.north Main
Ellis, Henry J., 234 Market
Gartman, John F., 196 4th
Gorman, M. G., 253 B’way
Grimsley T. & Co. , 64n.north Main
Grossenheider, C., 250 Market
Hammel, Gustavus, ss. Park av., b. Rosatti & Menard
Harral, Sterling & Co. , 105n.north Main
Hinzpeter, Albert, 45 s.south 2d
Holikan, Luke, ns. Market, b. 12th and 13th
Klemann, Charles, ws. B’way, n. of Webster
Lawless, James, 224 B’way
Meyer, Peter, ns. Fr. av., b. 9th and 10th
Orndorff, Joseph, 141n.north 3d, and ws. B’way, n. of Jeffer-
Patterson, Alex., 247 B’way
Peters, P. J., 19 Market
Shields, James, 122 Morgan
Sickles J. B. & Co. , 142n.north Main
Steinacker, Joseph, ne. cor. Pine and 4th
Wahenfeld, Geo., ns. Market, b. 13th & 14th
Walters, C., 93n.north Main
White, Charles F., 312 B’way
Young, John, 1n.north Main
Saddlery Hardware.
Flintham John & Co. , 140n.north Main
Hayden & Wilson 11n.north Main
Sickles J. B. & Co. , 142n.north Main
Saddle Tree Manufacturers.
Conrade, Stephen, ns. Carroll, b. Jackson & Columbus
Fortune & Burton , 262 Market
Gertzen, John, 275 s.south 5th
Ploeser, Christian, es. Jackson, b. Marion & Carroll
Zeigenham, Wm., se. cor. Monroe and 2d
Safe Manufacturers and Agents.
Alexander J. H. & Co. , 17 Pine, agents
Arnold & Otto , es. B’way, b. n. Market & Monroe, man-
Condon, R. H., 73n.north 3d, manufacturer
Heitz George & Co. , 136 s.south 2d, manufacturers
Lightner, J. H., 82n.north 2d, agent
Nelson, W. A., 11 Locust, manufacturer
Violett E. R. & Co. , 18n.north Front, agents
Sail Makers and Riggers.
Clemens & Kansel , 85n.north Front
Linford R. & Co. , 60 Com’l
McCuaig, M., 69n.north Front
Sash and Blind Manufacturers.
Garnett, Lesley, ne. cor. Collins and Carr
Philibert, B., sw. cor. 14th and Wash. av
Sawyer & McIlvain , cor.corner 9th nnd Walnut
Wright & House , sw. cor. 10th and Mullanphy
Saving Institutions.
Boatman’s, , 9 Chesnut
German, , 29n.north Main
Mutual, , cor.corner Pine and 4th
Saw Manufacturers.
Branch, Crookes & Frost , 36 Vine
Gage, W., L. F., 37n.north Main
Hendman, Edw’d, ns. Almond, b. Main and 2d
Saw Mills.
Brolaski & Co. , 301 s.south 2d
Brotherton, John, se. cor. Jefferson and 2d
Clark Wm.G. & Co. , ws. Main, b. Benton & Warren
Cochran, Joseph, es. Main, b. Chamb rs & Webster
McAllister & Co. , es. Main, foot of Howard
Parker, Ludlow & Co. , es. 2d, b. Spring & Wright
Patterson & Ferguson , es. Main, foot of Brooklyn, and
es.east side. Main, b. Brooklyn & Labeaume
Peck C. H. & J. W. , se. cor. Park av.avenue and Fulton
Schulenburg F. & Co. , es. 2d, b. Wright and Soft
Spering & Marine , se. cor Main and Madison
West & Clark , es. Main, b. Mound and Brooklyn
Wright, Daniel T., es. Main, b. Plum und Cedar
Abbott, C. J., ne. cor. Pine and 17th
Avery, Edw’d M., Market, b. 4th and 5th
Business Directory. 237
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Avis, Elizabeth, ns. Wash, av., b. 4th and 5th
Clark, Mrs., sw. cor. Pine and 7th
Crowill, Rev.Wm., nw. cor. Wash. av. and 5th
Dirker, Anthony, ne. cor. 11th and Biddle
Durkan, John, ne. cor. 3d and Pine
Fiedlers, H., 42 s.south 2d
Freemen’s Ger. Soc. school house , ne. cor. 7th & Hickory
Harris, Wm. A. C, ws. B’way, s. of Cass av
Heinzdmann, J. A., 88 Wash, b. 10th and 11th
Jones, Jonathan, se. cor. Wash. av. and 3d
Keller, Edward, 48n.north 6th
Lewis, Miss J. L., ns. Walnut, b. 3d and 4th
Lung, Miss R. B., sw. cor. 8th and Locust
Liggot, C. M., 88n.north 4th
Marsh Misses E & C. , es. 6th, s.south of Olive
Mundy, Ezra, ws. 6th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Peek, Mrs. A. E., ws. 6th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Pettigrew, Rev.Samuel, 5th, cor.corner of Poplar
Rombauer, Bertha, 43 s.south 3d
Ross, Miss Sarah, sw. cor Olive and 6th
Smith Misses M. A. & H. D. , ws. 5th, b. Fr. av. and
Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Spencer, 19n.north 6th
St. Louis University , ss. Greene, b. 9th & 11th
St. Mary’s , 189 s.south 3d
St. Vincent , se. cor. 10th and St. Charles
Voullaire, Mrs. L., 131 Olive
Watt, Rev.John S., 88 1-2 Market
Shoemakers’ Tools.
Glouth, Jacob, 164 s.south 2d
Stengel, John A., 147 s.south 2d
Silver Plating, &c.
Milledge, Nicholas, 57 Wash, av
Morton & Ciane , ss. Greene, b. 6th and 7th
Soap and Candles.
Beckers & Brand , es. 15th. s.south uf Cass av
Cowles & Co. , es. 12th, b. Olive and Pino
Druchten, Gerhardt, es. 7th, b. Geyer av.avenue and Allen av
Engler, Snmuil, 125n.north Front
Frank, John, sw. cor. Kosciuszko and Marion
Goodvvin & Stewart , 65 Com’l
KoebldT, ChaiLs, ss. Victor, b. Jackson and Columbus
Rick, Conrnd, es. Carond. av., b. Carroll & Soutard
Biggs & Levering , ns. Park av., b. 7th & Provenchere
Sooaeffer, N., 75 Com’l
Schneidere.east & Co. , 37 Com’l
Sohneider, Theodore, 273 s.south 3d
Smith, Wm., 10 s.south Front
Soda Manufacturers.
Barton, John
Brown, John. ns. Miller , b. Carond. av. and Jackson
Hassenger & Peterson , ss. Walnut, b. 15th and 16th
Lester, Edward, nw. cor. 17th and O’Failon
Spice Mills.
Krag, Peter, ns. Myrtle, b. 2d and 3d
Meyer, Casper E., 167n.north 8th
Molzburger, John J., ns. Myrtle b. 2d and 3d
Nonis, J. Parker, ws. 7ih, b. Chouteau av.avenue & Gratiot
Schotten, Wm., 95 s.south 2d
ZiarJaln, H. L., 211 b. 2d
Spirit Gas and Camphene.
Abramson, Chatles, 4 s.south 2d
Bensberg & Bro. , 213n.north Main
Jackson Thomas & Co. , 44 s.south Main
Kiddy R. & Co , 84n.north 3d
Stillwell, Samuel, 53 Olive
Starch Manufacturers.
Hummitsch, A. F., 83 s.south 15th
Vandemale F. & Co. , cor.corner Hamtramck & Gravois
Steamboat Agents.
Alter, Wm., 69n.north Front
Dwyer, Wm., 67n.north Front
Duffer, James, 298n.north 2d
Fulton & Newell , 70n.north Front
Ranney, N., 27n.north Front
Sass, R. F., 69n.north Front
Scott, Thomas, 126n.north Front
Wall & Widen , 68n.north Front
Ste eotype Foundry.
Mogridge, Richard, al. b. Olivc and Locust, Main & 2d
Stone Pipe and Pump Manufacturers.
Haven, Otis, 84 Olive
Williams, Jacob S., 91 Wash, av
Stoves and Hollow Ware.
Beakey D. & J. , 97n.north Main
Beakey, James, 149n.north Main
Beakey, Joseph, 185n.north Main
Bridge & Bro. , 37n.north Main
Buck & Wright , 187n.north Main
Burd, John W., 3n.north Main
Dow, Alexander, 133 Market
Empire Stove Works , se. cor. Main and Almond
ExoeLiar Stove Works , ws. Lewis, b. Smith and Florida
Faliunhainer G. & Bro. , 218 Market
Farnsworth, S. V., ws. B’way, near Wash
Filley, Giles F., 157n.north Main
Geisel, Andreas, 3 Carond. av
Gill, John J., 237 B’way
Hart & Harvey , 57n.north 2d
Hstwes, Leler & Co. , 36n.north Main
Hitchcock D. M. & Co. , 79n.north Main
Irwin, Wm., 180n.north Main
Kannengiescr, Jacob, ws. Decatur, b. Soulard and La-
Kosser, Samucl, 139n.north 3d
Liglnner, J. H., 82n.north 2d
Leler, John, 264n.north 2d
Mulligan, John, 6 s.south Main
Russell, Charles E., 65 Market
Tirmenstein, S., 447 s.south 2d
Toomer, R. F., 49n.north Main
Van, John, 6n.north Main
Wolff C. & Co. , 175n.north Main
Flanagan, Francis, ns. Wash, b. 11th and 12th
Sugar Refineries.
Belcher & Brother , nw. cor. Lewis & O’Fallon
Laureal & Co. , es. Paul, b. Choutean av.avenue & Hickory
Surgeon Dentists.
Barron, Henry, 2 s.south 4th
Bills & Noyes . 58n.north 4th
Blake, Aaron, 62n.north 4th
Backwell, George. 108 Olive
Fithian, S. B., 10 s 4th
Forbes, Isaiah, 108 Olive
Hale, Edwardsr. ns. Wash. av. b. 4th and 5th
Hale, Bdward jr.ns. Wash. av. b. 4th and 5th
McKelops, H. J. B.9n.north 4th
Montreville, Fred.39n.north 4th
Price, David cor. Pine and 4th
Samtx & Janes , 37n.north 4th
Spanlding, C. W., nw. cor. Olivo and 5th
Thimine, Charles C.98 Market
Alexander, Geo. W.29 Olive
Bath, Henry. 113n.north 3d
Bauer, George, ns. Olive, b. 2d and 3d
Bellward, John, 4 Greene
Bierbrauer, Charles, ns. Olive, b. 2d and 3d
Block, L. F.ns. Marker , b. 13ih and 14th
Blood, John B.21n.north 3d
Borgoin, Michel31n.north 2d
Branoannier, J. B.55 Pine
Brauks, Frod.96\m=1/2\ Front
Burnett, John, 33 Morgan
Campe, Augustus, ss. Greene, b. 3d and 4th
Clerekx, M.16n.north 3d
238 Business Directory.
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Cook & Matthews , 96 Pine
Darr, Wm, 7 Locust
Daub, George P.ns. Fr. av. b. 8th and 9th
Edmondson, Wm. 10 Greene
Eghers, Bernard, 92n.north 2d
Eichler, George, 25 Locust
Folker, John, 112n.north 3d
Foltz, Charles, 88 s.south 2d
Gilinore & Pieper , 23 Chesnut
Goergen, Charles, ns. Greene, b. Main and Front
Goodwin, Geo. W.73 Chesnut
Graham, James L.23n.north 4th
Gronhein & Roth , ss. Fr. av. w. of 4th
Gutbrod, George, ws. Columbia, b. Lafayette & Emmett
Harbart, John, 94 s.south 2d
Hart, Judah A.123n.north 3d
Hartmann, Henry, ns. Market, b. 14th and 15th
Hartry, Wm.242 Market
Heede, Fred.47 Chesnut
Henderson, A. H.48 Pine
Henkel, Otto, 3n.north 3d
Hollodorf Christopher, Christopher, es. B’way, s. ofn.north Market
Holtgrewe, John F.ns. Fr. av. b. 15th and 16th
Hoock, Henry. 49 s.south 2d
Jones & Derrick 39n.north 4th
Katz, H. C.76 Market
Kirsch, Philip, 45 s.south 2d
Kisteis, Antoine, ss. Fr. av. b. 10th and 11th
Klein, M.174n.north Main
Klute, F. W.50 Fr. av
Kraatz, Henry, 56n.north 3d
Lenck, John, 25 Walnut
Madden, Peter, 14n.north 3d
Malsmith, H.91 Market
Manny, E. cor. 3d and Chesnut
Meyer, Frank, 190 Market
Moelar, Louis, ws. Bd’way, b. Jefferson and Monroe
Myers, Phdip F.99n.north 3d
Nies, J. A.236 Market
Nieters, Louis, 29 Locust
Nurre, Henry, 20 Fr. av
O’Hara, Wm.160 B’way
Orerton, John, ne. cor. n. Market and B’way
Rennekamp, B’way, s. of Chambers
Riedel, Valentine, 103 Morgan
Roller, Jacob J.27 Vine
Roseberger, Joseph, 20 s.south 3d
Roaer, Henry, 48 Vine
Roth, Joseph M.45 s.south Main
Rotti, Joseph, 191 s.south 2d
Sand, llennan, 25 1-2 Fr. av
Sauer, C. G.68 s.south Main
Schefftnan, J.10 Wash. av
Schdsinger, Pine, b. 3d and 4th
Schmitt, John, 60 Locust
Sexton, H. jr.48 Olive
Shea, James, 45 Chesnut
Shelton & Zallee , ss. Olive, b. Main and 2d
Spaulding, E. W.52 Chesnut
Suess, Joseph. 276 Market
Suhre & Steinbrugge , 54 Fr. av
Tebbe, John. 54 Greene
Tellernmann, B’way, b. Chambers and Webster
Thompson, D. S.sw. cor. Locust and 4th
Tummer, Fred.19 Wash. av
Turnbuel, John, ns. Wuluut, b. lid and 4th
Uhmbach, John, 57 s.south 2d
Webb, Henry, 97 Greene
Weising, Daniel, 36n.north 3d
West, G. W.55 Chesnut
Westermann, Jacob, ws. Carond. av. b. Soulard & Carroll
Wilkens & Schoenbals , 277 s.south 3d
Whelan, Michael, 176 s.south 4th
Wolf, Anton, ns. Market, b. 13th and 14th
Wolf, J. B.50 Pine
Wolgemuths, F.277 s.south 2d
Wood & Silence , 8 Greene
Buid, John W.3n.north Main
Cajaoob, Chailes, 66 s.south 2d
Doll & Co. 61 Fr. av
Falkenhainer, Geo.218 Market
Farnsworth, S. B’way, near Wash
Filley, 0. D.129n.north Main
Fox & Chapman , 322 B’way
Furguson, Joseph, ws. 3d, b. Locust and Olive
Saeameyer, Paul, 319 Market
Hart & Harvey , 57n.north 2d
Hnslinger, Wm.ns. Fr. av. b. 11th and 12th
Hastings & Mower , 70n.north 2d
Hellweg A. Schiereck , ws. L’way, b. Webster & Chambers
Hiemenz, C. H.268 s.south 5th
Huel, Abraham, 11n.north 3d
Hull & Cozzens ns. Morgan, b. 5th and 6th
Kampmeier, Rudolph, ws. Carond. av. b. Park av.avenue and
Kannengieser, Jacob, ws. Decatur, b. Soulard and Lafa-
Knaeble, Andreas, ns. Fr. av. b. 8th and 9th
Krieg, Adloph, ss. Market, b. 13th and 14th
McDanils, 11th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
McSherry & McCord , 203n.north Main
Mattenklott, A.ns. Fr. av. b. 14th and 15th
Mussler, J.179 s.south 2d
Ransom W. & Co. 219n.north Main
Ridder, Henry, es. Carond. av. b. Marion and Barry
Rogers & Nod , 179n.north Main
Rose, Wm.129 s.south 2d
Scamell, Isaac, 45 Market
Schaffner, Charles, es. 7th, b. Barry and Park av
Sellew & Co. 202n.north Main
Speulda, Lorenz H.299 s.south 7th
Sueszdorf & Seibel , 78 s.south 2d
Sutton, George, se. cor. Main and Cherry
Tirmenstein, B.447 s.south 2d
Toomer, R. F.49n.north Main
Twin, Anton. 263 s.south 2d
Valdecker, Wm.ns. Fr. av. b. 8th and 9th
Van, John, 6n.north Main
Weinel, Louis, 66 s.south Main
Welker & Allen , 8 s.south 3d
Wenz, David, es. Carojid. av. b. Miller and Barry
Werteott, R. H.115 Pino
Wetzed, Charles, 189 s.south 2d
Wostendiek, D.269 Market
Zeller, Carond. av. b. Trudeau & Duchouquette
Arndt, Nicholas, nw. cor. De Kalb and Sidney
Babers, Charles. 208 Market
Baldwin, John, 30n.north 3d
Baldwin, J. H.67 Market
Benkler- & Becker , 273 s.south 3d
Berthoud & Son , se. cor. 2d & Wash. av
Bestoso Domingo & Co. 75 Chesnut
Biermann, Martin, ws. 12th, s.south of O’Fallon
Bohla, Ruddph, 24 Fr. av
Borgers, H. Dceatur, b. Soulard and Lafayetto
Borrell, J.172 s.south 2d
Brandewiede, F.172n.north 4th
Brueggemann, A.152 Fr. av
Buckley, Thomas, es. B’wny, b. n. Market & Monroe
Buechner, Caaper, ss. Market, b. 17th and 18th
Campbdl, cor. Locust and 2d, 157n.north 4th
Christian, Wm. H.19n.north Main
Collar, George, 97 Morgan
Coop, Thomas, ws. Jackson, b. Marion and Carroll
Covert, Jacob, 60 & 76 Chesnut
Dathe, J. G.62 s.south 2d
Dausman, Henry. 149 s.south 5th
Day, Ignatz A.52 s.south 2d
Dieterioha, Wm.F. 126 Fr. av
Donnitzor & Co. 13 Chesnut
Dwyer, 5 Locust
Ehrhart, John
Eisener, Wm.200 s.south 2d
Ernst, F. B.320 Market
Fisher, John, ns. Wash, b. 8th and 9th
Fdkers, Walnut, b. Main and 2d
FrifldrMmm, J. P., ss. Morgan, b. 5th and 6th
Business Directory. 239
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Fuchs, Robt.67n.north 3d
Funck, G. J.146n.north 4th
Gaffron, P. W.76 s.south Main
Gezzi, Damnso, 84n.north 4th
Glaser, Ferdinand, 388 s.south 2d
Goodwin & Murray , 38n.north Front
Goossen, Joseph, 332 B’dway
Greenhood, Morris, 215 B’dway
Greve, J. F., 122n.north 3d
Grotefend, Henry, ns. Almond, b. Main and 2d
Heemann, Frederick, ws. 12th, b. Wash and Carr
Hegel, Wm., es. 7th, b. Barry and Park av
Heiter, Henry, ws. B’dway, b. Jefferson and Monroe
Helmerichs, G. J.. 56 Chesnut and 67 Market
Hoeley, Leonard, 12 Greeno
Holthaus, C. L., 147n.north 3d
Hunter, John, 134 Market
Kahn, Abenheim & Co. , 61 Main
Kaiser, J. A., 43 Market
Keller, Jacob, 264 s.south 2d
Kipurz, J. J., sw. cor. Allen av.avenue & Carond. av
Kirkham & Bros. , 23 s.south Front
Leudar, Henry, ns. Market, b. 13th & 14th
Lewis & Bros. , se. cor. 3d & Wash. av
Liggett & Dausnman , nw. cor. Walnut & 2d
M’Caul & Lacy , 8 s.south Front
Magus, B. , 25 Vine
Mayer & Kower , 49n.north 2d
Meier, Abel, 59 Greene
Meier, Rudolph, ns. Fr. av., b. l2th and 13th
Mestemarker, Wm., 263 Market
Miepps, John, es. B’dway, b. Chambers & Webster
Miller, H. F., 34 4th
Milligan & Bios. , 319 s.south 2d
Moerschell, J. A., sw. cor. Mnin and Florida
Moerschell, Jacob, 301 Broadway
Mosler, C. F., sw. cor. 3d and Locust
Mullen, Thomas, 19 Wash. av
Otting, Tobias, es. Carond. av., b. Soulard & Lafayette
Pabst, Wm., ne. cor. Fr. av. and 8th
Perri, Louis X., 24 s.south 2d
Poetiner, Charles, ns. Elm, b. 2d and 3d
Rahsieur, Theodor, ns. Carondelet av., b. Lesperance am
Recker, Henry, 285 s.south 7th
Rheinhemer, A., 212 Frank av
Rinehart, Benj., ns. Fr. av., b. 14tb & 15th
Rothenbueher, J., 386 s.south 2d
Rudrof & Co. , 73 Fr. av
Salmering Wm. & Co. , 30 Olive
Scheffner, Baptist, ws 4th, b. Chesnut & Pine
Scheriers, Bernard, ss. Park av., b. Buel & Meuard
Schliakenberg, Wm., 409 s.south 2d
Schlaeter, Ernst, 182 s.south 4th
Schmidt, D. O., 260 s.south 5th
Shroeder, H., 267 s.south 4th
Schwutz, Albert, sw. cor. Fr. av. & 16th
Selyer, E. W., ns. Spruce, b. 12th and 14th
Senaendeifer H. & J. , 172n.north Main
Shaffner, M., 10 Pine, and 48n.north 3d
Shaw, Hiram, 100 Myrtle
Spiiker, August, es. Carond. av., b. Miller & Barry
Stadler, Jacob, 88 s.south 2d
Stauf, Conrad, ss. Biddle.w.west. of 13th
Stuck, Vincent, ws. Carond. av., b. Barry & Marion
Tiemeier, C. J., 189 s.south 4th
Tobener, Henry, 121 s.south 2d
Trainer & Co. , ne. eor. 6th and Wash. av
Varwig, C. L., 268n.north 2d
Verdier, L., 78 Olive
Vogel, John, 208 s.south 2d
Warren, Jaseph, 93 s.south Main
Wenkel, Charles. ss. Wash, b. 8th and 9th
Wheatley, S. G.92n.north 4th
Wise, Frank, 306 s.south 3d
Worrel, Wm. H. .362 B’dway
Ziegier & Maendlen , 19 Chenmt
Trunk Manuf.
Bela, J., 20n.north 2d
Faucette, John. es. 3d b. Olive and Pino
Pendzinsky, ——40n.north 2d
Summers, S., 34 Vine
Coleman, N., ne. cor. St. Charle’s & 10th
Fate, Hiram, se. cor. Main & Madison
Schmidt & Co. , ns. Park av., b. 7th & Provenchero
Schmidt, Ernst, 54 s.south M
Timmermann, G. H., ns. Myrtle, b. 2d and 3d
Type Foundry.
Ladew A. P. & Co. , 33 Locust
Undertakers & Coffin Rooms
Eberle, Charla, 215 s.south 2d
Handler, J. T., ws. B’way, s. of Cass av
Little, Freeman, 114 Olive
Lynch Geo.N.Co. , 71n.north 5th
Modler, Ernst, ns. Fr. av., b. 14th and 15th
Mulford & Ricords , 6.n.north 2d
Beehler, F., 42 Olive, and 80n.north 2d, and 6 s.south 2d
Betts, John, 47n.north 2d
Lewis, G. F., 117n.north 2d
Searrett & Mason , 60 Wash. av
Siebenmann, T., 94n.north 2d, and 56 Locust
Tilford, Charles, 38n.north 2d
Wetzler, Charles. 64n.north 2d
Williamson, A. C., 115n.north 2d
Variety & Fancy.
Achenbach, H., 56 Market
Achenbach H. & Co. , 52n. 4th
Armstrong & Casey , 39n.north Main
Bargen L. S. & Co. , 306 B’way
Beneke, A., 66n.north 4th
Berger, E., 52 Market
Bermine, Anton, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Brenan, Hugh, 219 B’dway
Brooks, John, 58 Market
Brown & Co. , 78n.north Main
Clamorgan & Co. , nw. cor. Pine and 4th
Cramet, Francis, 203 B’dway
Cramer, T.3. Fr. av
Crunden, B., ws. 5th, b. Wash. av. & Greene
Currie, G. S., 266 B’dway
Dings F. & Co. , 39n.north Main
Dubuquey, G., 87 s.south 4th
Fischer, Adolph, se. cor. Soulard & Carond. av, 254 Broadway
Franklin, Wm. W., 256 B’dway
Hohenthal, G., 324 B’dway
Hamphrey, Perley & Co. , 77n.north Main
Katz, Charles, 2(Hi Broadww
Ketting, E. C., 94 Market
Lackman, D. H., 145n.north 3d
Langsdorf & Rosenstein , 13n.north Main
Lohman, C. F., ss. Walnut, b. Main and 2d
Lyon, Henry, 13 Fr. av
Maass & Sternberg , 235 and 257 B’dway
Matlis, G. F., 296 s.south 5th
Mills, Levant, 58 Market
O’Hara, John, 86s. 3d
Ohms, John W., se. cor. 5th and Convent
Reed & Co. , 84n.north Main
Reinbold, A.. 72n.north 72th
Rice, Mrs. Elizabeth, 259 Market
Rosenheim & Cook , 56n.north Main
Samuels, Mark. 802 B’dway
Schuster, Maurke, 5 s.s. 2d
Schwimaf, Isaac, 252 B’dway
Simon A. & H. T. , 18n.north Main
Smith, Spencer, 34 Chesnut
Smith, Wm., 205 B’dway
Speck L.& C. & Co. , 60n.north Main
Stonehi, Joseph. 201 B’dway
Tewes, Wm. C., 135n.north Main
Tupping, L C,174n.north Main
240 Business Directory.
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Underhill, E., 90 s.south 5th
Walles, Elizabeth, 96 s.south 5th
Willing, G. M., 83 Market
Wiltz, Sebastian, 10 Carond. av
Wolff & Hoppe , 161n.north Main
Venetian Blinds.
Lewis, G. F., 117n.north 2d
Wolff, G. M., 145 Locust
Vinegar Establishments.
Krug, Paul, 107 s.south 2d
Mueller, Wm., ns. Carroll, b. Jackson & Carond. av
Seitz & Green , ns. Fr. av., b. 16th & 17th
Stein, Louis, ws. Linn, b. Emmett & Lafayette
Vine Growers
Glasgow Wm. jr. & Co. , cor.corner Cass av.avenue & Fillmore av
Wire Workers.
Bacon, A. M., 49 Market
Hough, Wm. M., 34 Market
Townsend, B. F., 144n.north 2d
Wood & Coal Dealers
Adams, Bartlett, ns. Elm, b. Main & 2d
Adams J. L. & W. A ,, 54 nw. cor. Main & Elm
Alt & Shannon , 30 s.south Front
Badgers, B. G., cor.corner Front and Almond
Borth, John. ns. Almond, b. 2d and 3d
Dobele, C., 30 s.south Front
Eberenz, Sebastian, 179 s.south 2d
Eggleston, N. H., es. B’dway, s.south of Columbia
Henderson, George, nw. cor. 5th & St. Charles
Johnson, Samuel, ws. 9th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Kincer, Martin, es. Main, b. Chambers & Madison
Schuyler, —, es. 8th. b. St. Charles & Wash. av
Sturgeon, —, es. Main, b. Laoeaume & Webster
Barnidge, T., plasterer & mastic worker , sw. cor. 11th &
Wash. av
Bornefelt, C. B., tannery , ns. Sidney, b. Jackson & Easton
Bragg A. G. & Co. , mustang linement, ne. cor. Market
and 3d
Brueckner, Mrs.Louise, renovator of kid gloves , 236 s.south 3d
Case & Co. , omnibus proprieters, nw. cor. 3d & Market
Charles, Robert, Canton Tea Co. . 26 Olive
Corlin, John, moroeo , es. Beckwith, b. Chouteau av.avenue and
Davis John & Co. , butter depot, 29 Market
Dye, Wm. V., agent of Dye’s counterfeit detector , r. at
Virginia hotel
Eads & Nelson , diving bell prop., 252n.north Main
Escher, Herman, saddle tree mounting, 368 s.south 2d
Hart, Jeremiah, chemicnl baths, 73 Olive
Hempler, Henry, perfumery maker , ss. Walnut, b. 3d
and 4th
Jackway, R. R., portable sawing machines, 83 2d
Leicht, John, potter ware store , ss. al., b. 5th and 6th, s.south
of Hickory
M’Lean, J. H., Volcanic Oil Liniment depot, ne. cor. 3d
and Pine
Rheydt, F., agent for Eastern engine & machine fact’s. ,
208 s.south 3d
Rolf, Francis, umbrella maker , 106 Market
Saenger, George, potter ware store , 276 s.south 5th
Simonds, Wm. M., lamp store , 165n.north 4th
Smith T. & Co. , clock store, 84n.north Main
St.Louis Floating Dock , es. Lewis, b. Biddle & Ashley
St. Louis Steam Laundry , al., b. Pine and Chesnut, & 2d and 3d
Stone, Boomer & Co. , roof & bridge builders, 77 Chesnut
Timmermann, G H., veneer saw mill and turning,ns.north side.
Myrtle, b. 2d and 3d
Vogel, John, Phoenix pottery , ns. Barry, b. 7th & Fulton