St. Louis directory :
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Edwin A.Skeele, ,
Corner of
Fourth and Pine sts.streets ,
Importev, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Clocks, Diamonds
Cutlery and Porte Monnaies ,
New York Prices,
for Cash!
Dealers who buy for Cash, will find, on examining my Stock
and Prices, that they range from
Ten to Twenty Five Per Cent. Less
Than any House in the Westerns County.

All I ask is an Examination.

Edwin A.Skeele, ,
Cor. of Fourth and Pine Streets.

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W. A.Nelson, ,
Wholesale Commission Merchant
Manufacturers’ Agent ,
No. 11 Locust Street,
Between Main Street and the Levee,
St. Louis, Missouri,
Keeps Constantly on Hand
A Mammoth Stock
Manufactured Goods,
Embracing Every Variety of
Window-Glass and Glassware,
Woodenware and Wrapping Paper,
News, Book, and Fancy Colored Papers,
Manilla Paper, of Every Size and Variety,
News, Book and Card Inks,
(New York manufacture;)
Confectioners’, Chandlers’ and Tobacconists’ Papers.
Cloth, Hardware and Druggists’ Papers,
Also, Every Variety of Paper Used in Dry Goods and Fancy Stores,
Dry and Saturated Roofing Paper,
Straw Boards, Bonnet Boards, Bottles, Flasks, Jars, &c.,
Real Fire-proof Safes!

All of which will be sold at manufacturers’ prices, with transportation added to
St. Louis.

Purchasers are respectfully requested to call and examine the Stock and Prices,
with the assurance that they will be supplied with the best articles, at the lowest cash

W. A.Nelson, ,
No. 11 Locust Street.

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RobertStreett, . F. M.Wood, . H.,

Robert Streett & ,
(Successors to J. Streett & ,)
Wholesale and Retail
122 North Main Street, and 6, 8 and 10 Vine,
St. Louis, Mo.

Clothing of all hinds made at short Notice, and at Low Prices.

Full Suits Made in Twenty-Four Hours!

R.Thornburgh, . W. A.Thornburgh, .

R. & W. A. Thornburgh ,
House, Sign and Ornanental Painters
and Glaziers,
No. 221 Second Street, six doors above Cherry,
Saint Louis, Mo.

☞ All Work done with Promptness, and Warranted to give Satisfaction.

C. B.McIntire, ,
Plain and. Fancy
Book Binder,
Blank Book Manufacturer ,
Southeast Corner Second and Pine streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.

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mmerman & Rosenthal ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
French and American
Curtain Goods, Cornices,
Upholstery Goods, &c.,
No. 63 North Fourth Street,
Between Olive and Pine,
Saint Louis Mo.

ClarkHooper, ,
House and Sign Painter
Paper Hanger, Varnisher,
Wallpaperer ,
No. 46 North Sixth Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Painting, Whitening and Glazing Done at Short Notice.

[All Work Done with Promptness, and Warranted to Give

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Sylvester V.Papin, . TheophilePapin, .

S. V. Papin & Bro. ,
Real Estate
No. 33 Chesnut Street,
Between Second and Third Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

H. Pilcher & Sons ,
Organ Builders,
Publishers and Importers of Music,
and Dealers in

Firth, Pond & ’s
N. Y. Pianos,
Long and favorably
known throughout
the Union, well adapt-
ed for the use of Semi-
naries, being of rich
and powerful tone,
and not apt to get
out of tune.

[missing figure]

A. W. Ladd & ’s
Boston Pianos,
Which obtained the
highest premium at
the late World’s Fair
at Paris, over all oth-
er completitors, Am’n and European, where over three hundred
Pianos were exhib’d.

Piano Fortes,
Musical Instruments and Musical Merchandise,
of Every Description,
No. 91 Fourth Street, near Locust, St. Louis, Mo.,

Purchasers are invited, before making a selection, to call and examine our stock, which embraces Instruments of
every compass and variety - in quality excelled by none - which we offer at low prices, and on reasonable terms.

Tuning and Repairing at short notice.

Manufactory on Fifteenth Street, between WashWashington avenue and Carr Streets.

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Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Company
of St. Louis.

Office, corner of Second and Pine Streets,
Basement of Boatmens’ Saving Institution.

Policies Issued from One Month to Six Years.


Thomas E.Tutt, ,
N. J.Eaton, ,
A. F.Shapleigh, ,
Robert M.Renick, ,
John A.Brownlee, ,
Taylor, Blow,
Edward A.Filley, ,
AlexanderFinley, ,
Gerard B.Allen, ,
Rufus J.Lackland, ,
L. D.Baker, ,
R. M.Parks, ,
William H.Gilman, ,
A. M.Waterman, ,
Isaac S.Smyth, ,
W. H.Pritchard, .

Isaac M.Veitch, , Secretary .

Robert M.Renick, , Treasurer .

Thomas E.Tutt, , President .

A. S.Shapleigh, , Vice-President .

Life Insurance.

The Covenant Mutual Life Insurance
of St. Louis;
Office, Corner of Second and Pine Streets,
Basement Boatmens Savings Institution.

This Company Ls strictly mutual, all policy-holders participating in its management
and profits. It has an ample guaranteed fund, in addition to its rapidly-accumulating
Premiums. Pamphlets containing rates, &c., blank applications, with any information
regarding the Company, can be obtained by applying at the office of the Company.

Isaac M.Veitch, , Secretary .

Gerard B.Allen, , President .

Wm.William H.Prichartt, , Assistant Secretary .

JohnHow, , Vice President .

Examining Physicians —Jons S.Moore, , M. D. , GeorgeJohnson, , M. D.

Trustees-Hon.JohnHow, . Hon.SamuelTreat, , Gerard B.Allen, , A. P.Shapleigh, , Thomas E.Tutt, ,
AlexanderPeterson, Jr., William A.Moffet, , Samuel H.Bailey, , HenryPilkington, , Adolphus G.Braun, ,
Benjamin F.Crane, , E. K.Woodward, , J. W.Thornburgh, , NicholasWall, , F. H.Manter, , Isaac M.Veitch, .

Warne, Cheever & ’s
House, Hotel, and Steamboat
Furnishing & Fancy Goods
Hardware Cutlery, Silver Plated, German Silver,
Britannia, Brass, Bronze, Gilt and Japanned Goods,
Enameled, Tinned and Iron Hollow Ware,
Fine Planished and Custom-Made Tin Ware,
and Manufacturers of
Wooden and Willow Ware,
Refrigerators, Ice Chests, Water Coolers, Bathing Apparatus,
Brushes, Brooms, Mats, &c.,
Nos. 27 and 29 Main Street,
Between Chesnut and Pine.)

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Hiram W.Leffingwell, , Conveyancer
and Notary Public,
Real Estate
Dealer and Auctioneer , No. 10 Chesnut street,
Opposite Republican Office,
St. Louis, Mo.

Thomas C.Fletcher, .

EdwardHaren, Jr.

Fletcher & Haren,
Great Western Land Agency ,
No. 1, Arnot’s Building,
46 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

C.Fritz, ,

[missing figure]

Importer and
Dealer in
Musical Instruments,
European and American Music .

52 Fourth Street.
St. Louis, Mo.

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Charles’Webb, . James H.McCulloch, .

McCulloch & Webb ,
Note and Bill Brokers,
Office, 9 Chesnut St., Republican Buildings,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Refer, by Permission, to

Lyon, Shorb & ,
D. A. January & ,
Hening & Woodruff ,
Yeatman, Robinson & ,
Child, Pratt & ,
Lockwood & Pearson ,
WilliamWade, ,
R. M. Funkhouser & ,
Bridge, Beach & ,
Runyan, Hillman & Bros. ,
J. B. S.Lemoine, ,
Wm.William M. Morrison &

Western Candy Factory

Herman G.Bohn, ,
Manufacturer of All Kinds of
Plain and Fancy Candies ,
Nos. 31, 33 and 35 Market Street,
Between Main and Second Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand, Plain and Fancy Candies, Rock Candies, Gum Drops, Chocolate, Jujube Paste, Syr-
ups, Plain and Fancy Kiss Papers, Cosaques, Motto Verses, Cornucopias and Fancy Boxes.

LucienCarr, . AlfredCarr, .

L. & A. Carr ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Books, Paper,
Stationery, &c., &c.,
No. 49 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

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A. W. Sproule & ,
Importers of, and Dealers in the Latest
New York, London and Paris Styles of
Fine Clothing
Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods,
No. 126 Northwest Corner Main and Vine Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

N. B. The Newest Styles received weekly throughout the season, from our Manufactory in
New York.

Geo. B.Michael, ,
Importer, Manufacturer and Jobber of
French, English, German and American
Paper Hangings,
Borders, Views, Decorations, Statuary,
Chimney Screens, Gilt Ornaments, Transparent, India and Paper
Window Shades,
No. 80 North Fourth Street, Near Locust, St. Louis, Mo.

N. B. This is the largest Paper Hangings Warehouse in the United States. The stock is unequalled,
both of Foreign and Domestic Manufacture. The goods will be sold on liberal terms, and at as low Prices as
any Manufacturing or Jobbing House in the East.

Orders from Dealers, Merchants and Others, Promptly Executed.

George A.Wolcott, ,
Manufacturing Silver Plater,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
House Trimmings, Door Plates, Letters, Figures ,
Store Latches, Sash Bars and Mouldings, Carriage Irons,
Harness Trimmings, Billiard Handles and Bolts,
Soda Fountains and Water Cocks,
75 Fifth St., bet. Washington av.avenue and St. Charles,
(Next Door to Robert Dougherty’s Carriage Manufactory.)
Saint Louis, Mo.

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DavidLandreth, ,
(Of Philadelphia,) announces to all whom it may interest, that be has located at
St. Louis, Mo.,
South Main

[missing figure]

Where will be constantly kept a complete assortment of Machinery, adapted to the Farm, Plantation
and Garden. His long practical experience in this branch of business qualifies him to Judge of the relative
merits of Implements, and none but those of real value will find place in
Landreth’s Agricultural House.

Seeds of all descriptions will receive an important share of attention, especially those for the Garden,
which, beinp the produce of his own grounds, and reared under his personal inspection, will be found, on
trial, superior to those usually offered for sale.

The undersigned, being charged with the direction of
Landreth’s Agricultural House, St. Louis,
Respectfully invites the patronage of his friends and the public, assuring them of his
best exertions to serve them satisfactorily

FrederickRennell, .

Wm.William G.Asdown, .

E.Mawdsly, .

H.Mepham, .

W. G. Ashdown & ,
Gas and Steam Pipe Fitters
40 North Third Street,
(Between Chesnut and Pine,)
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in all kinds of Chandeliers.

Always on Hand a Rich Assortment of
Chandeliers, Brackets and Pendants.

Private and Public Buildings,
Offices and Stores,
Fitted up for use of Gas in the most approved

[missing figure]

Steam Buildings, Factories and Stores
Fitted up
In the most approved manner, for Steam.

All Kinds of Steam Pipe Work Done in
the Best Styles, and Warranted
to Give Statisfaction.

Always on hand, all kinds of Steam Pipe Fittings, Valves, Guages, Stop Cocks, and
every thing connected with Steam Pipe Work.