St. Louis directory :
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Abbreviations. — — The following key to the abbreviations adopted in this work may be found useful,
in enabling persons not familiar with Directories to properly understand them. We have made as few of
these as possible. In future volumes, with a view to secure compactness, we may adopt others :— —

The (c.) enclosed in parenthesis, after a name, denotes colored; c.,corner; lab.,laborer; carp.,carpenter; b.,between; ne.,north-east; nw,north-west; se.,south-east; sw.,south-west; ns.,north side; ss.,south side; es.,east side; ws.,west side; r.,residence; opp.,opposite; s.,south; w.,west;
e.,east; n.,north; av.,avenue; and st.,street.

City And Ward Boundaries.
City Boundary.

The city is bounded east by the Mississippi river,
south by Keokuk street, and west and north by
Grand avenue and Spring street.

First Ward.

All that part of the city lying south of a line be-
ginning on the Mississippi, at the foot of Souluvd
street, thence west along Soulard to Kosciusko,
thence northwardly along Soulard to Linn street,
thence westwardly along Lafayette avenue to the
western lino of tho city.

Second Ward.

All the territory lying north of the First Ward, and
south of a line beginning on the Mississippi, at the
foot of Convent street, running westwardly along
Convent street to Carondelet avenue, then south-
wardly to Hickory street, then westward aloag
Hickory to Grattan street, then southwardly along
Grattan street to Park avenue, then westward along
Park avenue to the western line of the city.

Third Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Second Ward,
and south of a line commencing on the Mississippi
river, at the foot of Plum street, running wostwanlly
along Plum to Fourth street, thence westwardly
along Cerre to Fourteenth street, thence westwardly
along the Pacitic Railroad line to the western limit
of the city.

Fourth Ward.

A11 the territory lying north of the Third Ward,
ana south of a line commencing at the foot of Market
street, thence running westardly to Tenth street,
inenco southwardly along Tenth to Clark avenue,
thenee westwardly along Clark avenue to the western
line of the city.

Fifth Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Fourth Ward,
and south of a line commencing at the foot of Oliev
street, thence westwardly along Olive to the western
line of the city.

Sixth Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Fifth Ward,
and south of a line commencing at the foot of Green
street, thence west along Green to Eleventh street,
thence westwardly along Christy avanue to Pratte
avenue, thence westwardly along Lucas avenue to the
western line of the city.

Seventh Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Sixth Ward,
I and south of a line commencing on the Mississippi
liver, at the foot of Cherry street, thence west along
Cherry to Broadway, thence weslwardly along Frank-
lin avenue to the western liue of the city.

Eighth Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Seventh Ward,
and south of a line commencing on the Mississippi
river, at the foot of Biddle street, thence west alone
Biddle to Pratte avenue, thence westwardly along
Gamble street to the western line of the city.

Ninth Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Eighth Ward,
and south of a line commencing on the Mississippi
river, at the foot of Howard street, thence west along
Howard to Eighteenth, thence southwardly along
Eighteenth to Cam avenue, thence westwardly along
Cass avenue to the western line of the city.

Tenth Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Ninth Ward,
within the city limits, constitutes the Tenth Ward.
In all cases the center of the above named Streets
and avenues are the dividing lines between the wards.

Appendix.—Streets and Avxnues.
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Streets and Avenues in St. Louis.
Accoraac st.street , from Jefferson av. w. to limits, b.between Pon-
tiac and Shenandoah.
Adams st.street , from Pratte av. w. to Emily, s.south of Clark
Adolph st.street , from Chouteau avenue n.north to Market, b.between
Mercer and Ulrici.
Allen av.avenue , from Carondelet av. w, to limits, b.between Geyer
and Russell avs.
Almond st.street , from Front w.west to 5th, b.between Poplar & Spruce.
Angelica st.street , from Front w.west to 10th, n.north of Bremen av.avenue
Angelrodt st.street from Front w.west to 19th, b.between Buchanan
and Destrehan.
Ann av.avenue , from Carondelet av. w. to 2d Carondelet
av.avenue , b.between Arrow and Russell av.avenue
Anna st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet av.avenue , b.between Louisa
and Sidney.
Argile av.avenue , from Clark av. s., b.between Summit and Montrose
Arrow st.street , from Decatur, w.west to 2d Carondelet av.avenue , b.between
Ann av.avenue and Ohio.
Arsenal st.street , from Front w.west to Gravoisroad, s.south of Crit-
Ashley st.street , from Front w.west to Broadway, h. Biddle
and O’Fallon.
Augusta st.street , from Front w.west to Broadway, s.south of Ferry.
Austin st.street , from 12th w.west to Tayon av.avenue , b.between Gratiot and
Autumn st.street , from 9th w.west to Stoddard av. s. of Hickory.
Barlow st.street , from Gratiot s.south to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between Beck-
with and Catalpa.
Barry st.street , from Front w.west to Decatur, b.between Miller and
Park av. n. and Marion s.south
Baraaloo st.street , from Sidney s.south to Lynch, e.east of Emma.
Barton st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet av.avenue , b.between Lami
and Victor.
Bate* st.street , from Front w.west to Broadway, b.between Smith and
Columbia s.south and O’Fallon n.north
Beaumont st.street , from Laclede av. n. to Franklin av.avenue ,
w.west of Pratte av.avenue
Beck with at., from Gratiot s.south to Chouteau av.avenue b.between 12th
and Barlow.
Bell st.street , from Leonard av.avenue , w.west to limits, n.north of Frank-
lin avenue.
Benton st.street , from Main w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b. n. Market
and Warren.
Bernard st.street , from Pratte av. w. to Summit av. s. of
Biddle st.street , from Front w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b. Carr and
Bogy st.street , from Front w.west to Broadway, b.between East Mound
and Labeaume.
Boston st.street , from Grand av. w. to limits, b.between Parsons
and California sis.
Branch st.street , from 12th w.west to 16th n.north of Davis.
Bremen av.avenue , from Front w.west to Kossuth av.avenue , n.north of Far-
rar av.avenue
Bridge St., from Hebert n.north to Davis,sw.south-west of Kossuth.
Broadway, a continuation of third street, from Wash-
ington av.avenue to northern limit.
Bryan st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet road, s.south of
Buchanan st.street , from Front w.west to 13th, n.north of Dock.
Buel st.street from Park av. s. to Arsenal, b.between Decatur and
Buena Vista st.street , from Eliza s.south to Victor, w.west of Caron-
delet av.avenue
Oabanne st.street , from McNair av. sw. to Victor.
California st.street , from Grand av. w. to limits, b.between Boston
and Lucky.
Cambrid st.street , from Sidney s.south to Lynch, e.east of Liberty.
Cardinal av.avenue , from Lucas n.north to St. Charles road, w.west of
Caroline st.street , from California av. w. to Compton av.avenue ,
b.between Sarah and Park av.avenue
Carondelet av.avenue , from 2d sw.south-west to s.south limits, b.between 6th & 7th.
Carr st., from Front w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b.between Biddle and
Carrol st.street from Front w.west to Linn, b.between Marion and Park
av. n. and Soulard s.south
Catalpa st.street , from Chouteau av. n. to Gratiot, b.between 9th
and Barlow.
Cave Bt., from Carondelet av. w. to 8th, s.south of Wall.
Oecile St., from Eliza s.south to Victor, b.between Buena Vista and
McNair av.avenue
Cedar st.street , from Front w.west to 4th, b.between , Mulberry and
Center st.street , from Market s.south to Clark av.avenue , b.between 13th and
Chambers st.street , from Front w.west to 16th, b.between Madison and
Chariton at., from Front w.west to limits, b.between Maramec and
Cherokee st.street , from 8th w.west to limits, s.south of Utah.
Cherry st.street , from Main w.west to Broadway, b.between Morgan
and Wash.
Chesnut st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Market and
Chippewa st.street , from Marine w.west to limits, b.between Keokuk
and Winnebago.
Chouteau av.avenue , from 5th w.west to limits, b.between Gratiot and
Papin n.north and Hickory s.south
Christy av.avenue , from 11th w.west to Beaumont st.street , b.between Morgan
and Washington av.avenue
Clark av.avenue , from 7th w.west to limits, b.between Market and Wal-
nut n.north and Spruce s.south
Clay av.avenue , from Franklin av. n., b.between Elliott and Glas-
gow avs.
Clemens st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet road, s.south of
Closey st.street , from Geyer av to Park av.avenue , b.between Hamtramck
and Linn.
Collins st.street , from Cherry n.north to Florida, b.between 2d & Broad-
Columbia st.street , from Main w.west to Broadway, b.between Bates
and Florida.
Columbus st.street , from Lesperance s.south to Harper, b.between De-
kalb and Jackson.
Commercial st.street (or alley), b.between Front and Main.
Compton av.avenue , from Park av.avenue , s.south to Lafayette av.avenue , b.between
Jefferson and Grand avs.
Conde st.street , from 16th w.west to limits, b.between Grand av.avenue and
Congress st.street , from Cambria w.west , n.north of Lynch.
Convent st.street , from Front w to 5th, b.between Sycamore and
Cooper st.street , from Tayon av. w. to Pratt av.avenue , b.between Half
and Cozzens.
Cozzens av.avenue , from Francis st. w. to limits, b.between St.
Charles road and Evans av.avenue
Cozzens st.street , from Tayon av. w. to Pratte av.avenue , b.between
Cooper and Chouteau av.avenue
Crittenden st.street , from 8th west, n.north of Arsenal.
Curran st.street , from Lafayette av. n. to Park av.avenue b.between Grat-
tan and 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Cushing st.street , from Cecile w.west , b.between Eliza and James.
Davis st.street , froin Kith w.west to limits, b.between Branch & Hebert.
Dayton st.street , from Pratte av. w. to Fillmore av.avenue , b.between
Dickson and Gamble.
Decatur st.street , from Paik av. s. to Arsenal, b.between Buel and
Decotah st.street , from Front w.west to limits, s.south of Wyan-
dotte and Osceola.
Dekalb st.street , from Park av. s. to Harper, b.between Kosciusko
and Jackson and Columbus.
Destrehan st.street , from Front w.west to 16th, b.between Malinkrodt
and Angelrodt.
Dickson st.street , from Pratte av. w. to Webster av.avenue , b.between
Thomas and Davton.
Dillon st.street , from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between St.
Ange av.avenue and Grattan.
Appendix.—Streets and Avxnues. 287
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Dock st.street , from Front w.west to 10th, b.between Harrison and Bu-
Dodier st.street , from 14th w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b.between Lucas and
Wright and University st.street
Dolman st.street , from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between Grat-
tan and 2d Carondelet av.
Dorcas st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelct av.avenue , b.between Har-
per and Arsenal.
DuBreuil st.street , from Layette av. s. to Geyer av.avenue , b.between
Linn and 2d Carondelet av.avenue
Duchouquette st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet av.avenue
b.between Land and Tradeau.
East Mound st.street , from Front w.west to Broadway, b.between East
Brooklyn and Howard.
Eastion av.avenue , from Pratte av. w. to limits, b.between Cass av.avenue
and Thomas.
Easton st.street , from Barton s.south to Harper, b.between Carondelet
av.avenue and Jackson.
Eighteenth st.street , from Tayon av. n. to Hebert, b.between 17th
and 19th.
Eighth st.street , from Cherokee n.north to Howard, b.between 7th & 9th.
Eleventh st.street , from Gratiot n.north to limits, b.between 10th and
Eliza st.street , from 2d Carondelet avenue w.west to Cecilia, n.north
of Marquet.
Elizabeth av.avenue , from California w.west to Comptou av.avenue , b.between
Virginia and Sarah.
Elizabeth st.street , from Arrow n.north to Geyer av.avenue , b.between Mer-
amak and Summer.
Elliott av.avenue , from Franklin av. n. to Grand av.avenue , w.west of
Pratte av.
Elm st.street , from Front w.west to 7th, b.between Myrtle and Walnut.
Emma st.street , from Sidneys, to Lynch, e.east of Jefferson
Emily st.street , through Pratte av.avenue and Adams’ addition,
s.south of Summit av.avenue
Emmet st.street , from Front w.west to Linn, b.between Lafayette n.north
and Lesperance and Geyer av.
Estelle st.street , from Tayon av. w., b.between Eugenie and Market.
Eugenia st.street , from Tayon av. w., b.between Clark avenue and
Evans av.avenue , from Francis w.west to limits, b.between Cozzeus av.avenue
and Page av.
Ewing av.avenue , from Laclede n.north to Franklin av.avenue , b.between Leff-
ingwell and Garrison an.
Farrar av.avenue ,from Front w.west to 23d, b.between Salisbury and
Bremen av.avenue
Ferry st.street , from Front w.west to Broadway, n.north of Augusta.
Fifteenth st.street , from Chouteau av. n. to limits, b.between 14th
and 16th.
Fifth st.street , from Park av. n. to Biddle, b.between 4th and
Broadway n.north and 4th and 6th s.
Fillmore av.avenue , from Franklin av. n., b.between Glasgow and
Webster avs.
Florida st.street , from Front w.west to Broadway, b.between Columbia
and Mullanphy.
Fourteenth st.street , from Chouteau av. n. to limits, b.between 13th
and 15th.
Fourth st.street , from Convent u. to Franklin av.avenue , b.between 3d and
Franklin av.avenue , from Broadway w.west to limits, b.between Morgan
and WashWashington avenue .
Front st.street , (or Levee,) from n.north to s.south boundry along the
Mississippi river.
Fulton st.street , from Park av. s. to Russell, W. of 7th.
Gamble av.avenue , from Hercer w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b.between Spruce
and Scott nv.
Gamble st.street , from Pratte av. w. to Fillmore av.avenue , b.between
Dayton and Stoddard.
Garrison av.avenue , from Laclede u. to Franklin av.avenue , b.between
Ewing and Cardinal.
Gasconade st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Osage and
Gate st.street , from Carondelet av. w. to 8th, b.between Wall and
Geyer av.avenue , from Carondelet av w. to limits, b.between Emmet
and Lafayette n.north ami Allen av. s.
Glasgow av.avenue , from st. Charles road n. b. Clay and
Fillmore avs.
Grand av.avenue , from 16th w to limits b.between Conde and Uni-
versity st.street
Gratiot st.street , from 4th w.west to Tayon av.avenue , n.north of Chouteau
Grattan st.street , from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between Dil-
lon and Dolman.
Green st.street , from Front w.west to 11th, b.between Morgan and
Washington av.avenue
Half st.street , from Naomi w.west to Pratte av.avenue , s.south of Scott av.
Hum st.street , from Hickory to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between Paul and
Hamtramck st.street , from Geyer av.avenue , n.north to Park av.avenue , b.between
Closey and Rosatti.
Haren st.street , from Front w.west to Corondelet road, s.south of
Harney st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet road, s.south of
Harper st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet av.avenue , b.between Louisa
and Dorcas.
Harrison st.street , from Front w.west to 10th, b.between Dock and
Hazel st.street , from Front w.west to 5th, b.between Convent and Lom-
Hebert st.street , from 11th w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b.between Davis and
Henrietta st.street , from Compton av. w. to Mary, b.between Susan
and Lafayette av.
Hickoiy st.street , from 5th w.west to 19th, b.between Chouteau av.avenue and
High st.street , from Chouteau av. n. to Market, b.between Naomi
and Pratte av.
Howard st.street , from Front w.west to 18th, n.north of Mullanphy.
Jackson st.street , from Park av. s. to Victor, b.between Colambus
and Carondelet av.avenue and Easton.
James st.street , from Cecile w.west , b.between Victor and Cushing.
Jusamine st.street , from Elliott av. w. to Glasgow av. n. of
Jefferson st.street , from Front w.west to 16th, b.between Madison and
Joab st.street , from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between Toney
and Julia.
Julia st.street , from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , w.west of Joab.
Kennett st.street , from Wairen to Salisbury, b.between Front and
Keokuk st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Osage and
Kosciusko st.street , from Miller s.south to Victor, b.between Dekalb and
Kossuth av.avenue , from Malinkrodt nw.north-west to limits, w.west of 16th.
Labadie at., from 5th w.west to 7th, b.between Chouteau av.avenue and
Ladede av.avenue , from Pratte av. w. to limits, n.north of Man-
chester road.
Lafayette st.street , from Front w.west to Linn, b.between Emmet and
Lafayette av.avenue , from Lynn w.west to limits, b.between Geyer and
Park avs.
Lami st. from Main to Carondelet av.avenue , b.between Barton and
Lancaster st.street , from Front w.west to 8th, s.south of Lynch.
Laura st.street , from Park av. e. of Grand av.
Laveile st.street , from Hickory n.north to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between Sto
dard av.avenue and Morton.
Leffingwell av.avenue , from Laclede n.north to Franklin av.avenue , b.between
Beaumont and Ewing.
Lesperance st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelct av.avenue , b.between ,
Emmet and Picotte.
Lewis st.street , from Biddle n.north to Florida, b.between Front and
Liberty st.street , from Sidney s.south to Lynch, b.between 2d Caronde-
let and Jeulrson avs.
Linn st.street , from Geyer av. n. to Park av.avenue , w.west of Closey.
Locust st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Olive s.south , aud
Vine and St. Charles n.
Lombard st.street , from Front w.west to 5th, b.between Hazel and Mul-
Louisa st.street , from Front w.west to Columbus, s.south of Anna.
Lucas Place, from 14th w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b.between St. Charles
and Olive.
Lucas st.street , from 12th w.west to 17th, b.between Hebert and
Lucky st.street , from Grand av. w. to limits, b.between California
st. and St. Charles road.
288 Appendix.—Streets and Avenues.
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Madison st.street , from Front w.west to 16th, b.between Chambers and
Magnolia st.street , from Elliott av. w. to Rose st.street , n.north of
Grand av.avenue
Main (or First) st.street , from northern to southern limits,
b.between Front or Levee.) and 2d.
Malinckrodt st.street , from Front w to St. Charles Plank-
road, b.between Salisbury and Destrehan.
Manchester road, from Pratte av. w. to limits, 8. of
Laclede av.avenue
Maramak st.street , from Arrow to Geyer av.avenue , w.west of Eliza-
Maramec st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Gasconade
and Chariton.
Marion st.street , from Front w.west to Rosatti, b.between Barrys., and
Carrol and Park av. n.
Market st.street , from Front w.west to Iimits, b.between Chesnut and
not and Clark av. s.
Marquet st.street , from 2d Carondelet av.avenue to Cecilia, b.between
Eliza and Victor.
Martha st.street , from Carondelet av. w. to 2d Carondelet
av.avenue , b.between Ohio and Ann av. n., and Victor s.south
Mary Ann st.street , from Compton av. w. to Mary, b.between Park
av.avenue and Susan.
May st.street , from Park av.s., to Lafayette av.avenue , b.between Thomas
and Grand av.avenue
McGirk st.street , from Menard w.west to Rosatti, b.between Lynch and
McNair av.avenue , from Geyer av. n., to Chouteau av.avenue , w.west of
2d Carondelet av.avenue
McRee st.street , from Menard w.west to Gravois road, b.between Sidney
and Victor.
Menard st.street , from Park av. s., to Arsenal, b.between Buel and
Mercer st.street , from Chouteau av. n., to Market, b.between Adolph
and Naomi.
Miami st, from 5th w.west to limits, b.between Potomac and
Miller st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet av.avenue , b.between Barry
and Park av.avenue
Mills st.street , from Pratte av. n., to Clay, b. Wash and
Missouri av.avenue , from Park av.avenue , s.south to Lafayette avenue,
bounding Lafayette Park on the west.
Mississippi av.avenue , from Park av. s. to Lafayette avenue,
bounding Lafayette Park on the east.
Monroe st.street , from Main w.west to 16th, b.between Jefferson and
n.north Market.
Montzomery st.street , from Front w.west to 16th, b.between Spring and
Montrose av.avenue , from Clark av. s., n.north of Argile av.avenue
Morgan st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Cherry and
Franklin av. n. and Christy av.avenue and Green s.south
Morton st.street , from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between La-
veile and St. Ange av.avenue
Moore st.street , from Market s.south to Clark av.avenue , b.between 16th and
Mulberry st.street , from Front w.west to 4th, b.between Cedar and
Mullanphy st.street , from Front w.west to 20th, b.between Howard n.north ,
and Cass av.avenue and Florida s.south
Myrtle st.street , from Front w.west to 7th. b. Elm and Spruce.
New St. Charles road, from Lindell av.avenue to western
Nineteenth st.street , from Market n.north to Cass av.avenue
Ninth st.street , from Park av. n. to Angelica, b.between 8th and
Naomi st.street , from Chouteau av. n. to Market, b.between High
and Mercer.
North Market st.street , from Main w.west to Fillmore av.avenue , b.between
Benton and Monroe.
O’Blennis av.avenue from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , w.west
of Pratte av.avenue
O’Fallon st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Ashley, Bid-
die and Davis s.south , and Bates n.north
Ohio st.street , from Decatur w.west to 2d Carondelet av.avenue , b.between
Arrow and Martha.
Olive st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Locust and
Orange st.street , from 12th w.west to 17th, b.between Christy av.avenue and
Orchard st.street , from Barlow w.west to Beckwith, b.between Chou-
teau av.avenue and Gratiot.
Osage st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Keokuk and
Osceola st.street , from Front w.west to limits, s.south of—
Pacific st.street , from Pratte av. w., s. of Bernard.
Page av.avenue , from St. Charles road w.west to limits, s.south of
Evans av.avenue
Park av.avenue , from Front w.west to limits, s.south of Rutgers.
Palm st.street , from Front w.west to 11th, b.between Harrison and
Papin st.street , from 5th w.west to Tayon av.avenue , b.between Chouteau av.avenue
and Gratiot.
Parsons st.street , from Fillmore av. w. to limits, n.north of Bos-
Paul st.street , from Hickory n.north to Chonteau av.avenue , b.between 8th and
Penn st.street , from Cambria w., s. of Sidney.
Penrose st.street , from 10th w.west to 16th, n.north of Angelica.
Pestalozzi st.street , from Carondelet av. w. to 8th, s.south of
Picotte st. from Front w.west to Carondelet av.avenue , b.between Les-
perance and Tradeau.
Pine st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Chesnut and
Plum st.street , from Front w.west to 4th, b.between Cedar and Poplar.
Pontiac st.street , from Jefferson av. w. to limits, b.between Lafay-
ette and Accomac.
Poplar st.street , from Front w.west to Tayon av.avenue , b.between Almond
and Spruce n.north , and Cerre, Plum and Randolph s.south
Potomac st.street , from Carondelet av. w. to limits, b.between
Cherokee and Miami.
Powhattan st.street , from Jefferson av. w. to limits, s.south of
Pratte av.avenue , from Chouteau av. n. to limits, b.between High
and Beaumont s.south , and 21st and Elliott av. n.
Pratte av.avenue , from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , w.west of
Jefferson av.avenue
Randolph st.street , from 12th w.west to 16th, b.between Austin and
Ridgley st.street , from 14th w.west to 16th, b.between Poplar and Ran-
Risley st.street , from Hazel to Lombard, b.between 1st and 2d.
Rosatti st.street , from Victor to Park av.avenue , b.between Menard e.east ,and
Hamtramck and State w.west
Russell av.avenue , from Carondelet av. w. to limits, b.between Al-
len and Ann avs.
Rutgers st.street , from Front w.west to St. Ange av.avenue , b.between Con-
vent, and Hickory n.north and Park av. s.
Salisbury st.street , from Front w.west to 22d, n.north of Malin-
Sarah st.street , from California w.west to Compton av.avenue , b.between Eliz-
abeth and Caroline.
School st.street , from Leonard av. w. to limits, n.north of Bell.
Scott av.avenue , from Mercer w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b.between Gamble
and Half st.street
Second st.street , from Carondelet av. n. to limits, b.between Main
and 2d s.south and Main and Broadway n.north
Second Carondelet av.avenue , from Chouteau av. s. along
the old boundry of city limits.
Seventeenth st.street , from Clark av. n. to Branch st.street , b
16th and 18th.
Seventh st.street , from junction of Cherokee and Caron-
delet av. n. to junction of Howard and Broad-
way, b.between 8th and Carondelet av.avenue , s.south and 6th and
Sidney st.street , from Front w.west to limits, b.between Victor n.north and
Anna and Lynch s.south
Singleton st.street , from 15th w.west to Tayon av.avenue , b.between Gratiot
and Papin.
Sixteenth st.street , from Chouteau av. n. to limits, b.between 15th
and 17th.
Sixth st.street , from Rutgersn. to Cass av.avenue , b.between 5th and 7th.
Shenandoah st.street , from Jefferson av. w. to limits, s.south
to Accomac.
Smith st. from Front w.west to Main, b.between Bates and Flor-
Soulard st.street , from Front to Linn, b.between Carrol and La-
South st.street , from Park av. n. to Hickory, b.between 9th and
Stoddard av.avenue
Appendix.—U. S. Federal Courts. 289
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Spring st.street , runs from Page av. n. to new st. Charles
road, b.between Grand av.avenue and western limits.
Spring st.street , from Front w.west to 16th, b.between Montgomery
and Wright.
Spruce st.street , from Front w.west to Tayon av.avenue , b.between Clark av.avenue
and Myrtle n.north and Almond and Poplar, s.south
State st.street , from Geyer av. s. to Sidney, b.between Rosatti and
st. Ange av.avenue , from Park av. n. to Ckouteau av.avenue , b.between
Morton and Dillon.
st. Charles road, from junction of Clay and Frank-
lin avs. to w.west of limits.
Stoddard av.avenue , from Park av. n. to Ohouieau av.avenue , b.between
Valle and Laveile.
Summer st.street , from Geyer av. s. to Sidney, b.between State, e.east
and Elizabeth and 2d Carondelet av. w.
Summer st.street , from Grand av.avenue to limits, n.north of Parsons.
Summit av.avenue , from Walnut s.south , b.between Emily and Argile
Susan st.street , from Compton av. w. to Mary, b.between Mary and
Sycamore at., from Front w.west to 2d, b.between Convent and
Tenth st.street , from Gratiot n.north to limits, b.between 9th and 11th.
Third st.street , from Rutgers n.north to Green, b.between 2d and 4th.
Thirteenth st.street , from Gratiot n.north to limits, b.between 12th and
Thomas st.street , from Park av. s. to Lafayette, b.between Comp-
ton av.avenue and Mary st.street
Toney st.street , from Park av. n. to Chouteau av.avenue , w.west of
Episcopal Cemetry.
Tradeau st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet av.avenue , b.between Du-
chouquette and Picotte.
Twelfth st.street , from Gratiot n.north to limits, b.between 11th & 13th.
Twentieth st.street , from Market n.north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-First st.street , from Market n.north to Cassav.
Twenty-Second st.street , from Market n.north to Cass av.avenue
Twenty-Third at., from Market n.north to Casa av.avenue
Twenty-Fourth st.street , from Market n.north to Casa av.avenue
Twenty-Fifth st.street , from Market n.north to Cass av.avenue
Ulrici st.street , from Chouteau av. n. to Clark av.avenue , b.between Tay-
on av.avenue and Adlph.
Union st.street , from Victors, to Sidney, b.between McNair av.avenue
and 2d Carondelet av.avenue
University st.street , from 18th w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b.between , Dodier
and Grand av.avenue
Utah st.street , from 8th w.west to limits, b.between Wyoming and
Valle st.street , from Hickory to Chouteau av.avenue , b.between Ham and
Stoddard av.avenue
Victor st.street , from Front w.west to Jefferson av.avenue , b.between Sidney
s.south and Boston, Martha and Marquet, n.north
Vine st.street , from Front w.west to 4th, b.between Locust and Wash-
ington av.avenue
Vineyard st.street , from Webster av. w. to Francis, 8. of
Cass av.avenue
Virginia st.street , from California w.west to Compton av.avenue , b.between
Chouteau av.avenue and Elizabeth.
Wall st.street , from Carondelet av. w. to 8th, b.between Gate and
Walnut st.street , from Front w.west to 10th, b.between Market and
Warren st.street , from Front w.west to Pratte av.avenue , b.between Benton
and Montgomery.
Wash st., from Front yr. to Elliot av.avenue , b. Carr and
Cherry and Franklin av. s.
Washington av.avenue , from Front w.west to limits, b.between St. Charles
and Vine, s.south and Christy av.avenue aad Green, n.north
Washington st.street , from Wisconsin av. w. to Missouri
av.avenue , b.between Utah and Wyoming.
Webster av.avenue , from st. Charles road n.north , w.west of Fillmore
Webster st.street , from Front w.west to 14th., b.between Chambers and
West Brooklyn st.street , from Broadway w.west to 12th., n.north of
West Mound st.street , from Broadway w.west to 13th, b. w.
Brooklyn and Howard.
Winter st.street , from 9th w.west to Stoddard av.avenue , s.south of Hick-
Winnebago st.street , from Jefferson av. w. to limits, b.between Mi-
ami and Chippewa.
Wright st.street , from Front w.west to 17th, b.between Palm and
Wyandotte st.street , from Front w.west to Carondelet road, s.south
of Osceola.
Wyoming st.street , from 8th w.west to limits, b.between Arsenal and

Alby, Leonard, Page, Channing and Ware avenues
run north and south between Stoddard addition and
Grand avenue, also Caroline, Coleman, Bacon and
Francis streets.

Between Carondelet road and Grand avenue, and
Arsenal and the southern limit of the city, the
streets and avenues are so irregular, at present, that
it is impossible to give their boundaries. The same
may be said of the Tenth Ward, or northern section
of the city, to some extent.

United States Federal Courts.
United States Circuit Court For Mis-
souri .
JohnCatron, , Judge .
Robert W.Wellis, ,} Associates.
SamuelTreat, ,} Associates.
Thos. S.Bryant, , Marshal .
Calvin F.Burnes, , Attorney .
B. F.Hickman, , Clerk.

Terms—First Monday of April and October.

Place of holding Court, Custom House, st. Louis.

United States District Court.— Eastern
District .
SamuelTreat, , Judge .
Calvin F.Barnes, , District Attorney .
Thos. C.Reynolds, , Clerk .

Terms —Third Monday of February, May and No-

" (Admiralty return Terms) First Monday of
every mouth.

Place Of holding Court, Custom House, st. Louis.

United States District Court. — Western
District .
Robert W.Wells, , Judge.
Calvin F.Burnes, , District Attorney.
J. L.Jones, , Marshal.
Jason, Harrison, Clerk.

Terms—First Monday of March and September.

Place of holding Court, Jefferson City.

Supreme Court Of Missouri .
AbielLeonard, , Judges.
John F.Ryland, Judges.
WilliamScott, , Judges.
William S.Glanviile, , Clerk.

Terms—Third Monday of March and October.

Clerk’s office, south side of Market st. b.between 4th and 5th.

United States Commissioner .
B. F.Hickman, , Office, Custom House.
United States Distriot Attorney .
Calvin, F. Burnes.
290 Appbndix.—City Government.
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Local Courts for St. Louis County.
Circuit Court .
Alexander, Hamilton, Judge .
Stephen, Rice, Clerk .

Terms—Third Monday of April and November.

Common Pleas Court .
Samuel, ReberJudge .
Chailes, W.Hicks, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of February and September.

Land Court .
C. B.Lord, , Judge .
Charles, A.Mantz, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of March and October.

Criminal Court .
James, R.Lackland, Judge .
Frederick, Kretschmar, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of Jannary, March, May, July,
September and November.

Probate Court .
Peter, Ferguson, Judge .
William, F. Ferguson, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of March, June, September,
and December.

Office, south wing of Court House.

County Court .
Aaron, H.Hackney, Presiding Justice .
John, M.WimerJustice .
P. S.Lanham, Justice .
Josiah, Thornbnrgn, Clerk .

Terms—First Monday of February, May, August, and

Law Commissioner’s Court .
John, W.Colvin, Commissioner .
Office, south-west corner Court House.
Circuit Attorney .
Charles, G.Mauro.
Office, 39 Chesnut.
Assistant .
James, H. Vail, Office basement, e.east wLug Court House.
City Government.

Incorporated, December 9, 1822; Organiznd, March, 1823.

Municipal Election, First Monday in April.

Meetings of the Board of Delegates, Every Second Monday of May and October.

Meetings of the Board of Aldermen, Every Second Monday of May and October.

City Government for 1857-8.
John, M.Wimer, Mayor . Office, City Hall; Salary, $4,000.

Board of Aldermen.
President Geo. R.Taylor, .
President , pro tern Geo.Kyler, .
Clerk Jno. B.Higdon, .
Sergeant at Arms Wm.WilliamGoodfellow, .
1st Ward LeicesterBabcock, .
" Henry CLynch, .
2d Ward Jno. H.Fisse, .
" BrannockJones, .
3d Ward Robt. M.Renick, .
" C. C.Simmons, .
4th Ward AmedeValle, .
" Geo. R.Taylor, .
5th Ward Chas. H.Tillson, .
" ErastusWells, .
6th Ward C. C.McLure, .
" Jno.Shore, .
7th Ward Chas. G.Steifel, .
" E. M.Powers, .
8th Ward Geo.Kyler, .
" C. D.Colman, .
9th Ward Jas.Graham, .
" Chas. W.Horn, .
10th Ward Chas. R.Anderson, .
" Jno.Sexton, .

Board of Delegates.
Chairman Jno. C.Vogel, .
Chairman , pro tem Wm.WilliamMcKee, .
Clerk JosephBaker, .
Sergeant at Arms Wm.WilliamGoodfellow, .
1st Ward Jas.Gorman, .
" HenryAlmstedt, .
2d Ward Wm.WilliamD’Œneh, .
" Thomas S.Nelson, .
3d Ward H.Grefenkamp, .
" E. P.Toney, .
4th Ward Fred.Bushman, .
" Sol. J.Levi, .
5th Ward A. D.Pomeroy, .
" Jno. W.Burd, .
6th Ward Jas. H.McClure, .
" Thos. R.Axtell, .
7th Ward Thos. J.Dailey, .
" Robt.Kinnear, .
8th Ward Jno. C.Vogel, .
" DavisMoore, .
9th Ward Wm.WilliamMcKee, .
" ConradDoll, .
10th Ward Jas. R.Dobyns, .
" Felix A.McDonald, .

Appendix.—City Officers. 291
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City Officers.
Comptroller ,
John H.Lightner, .
Register ,
Joel G.Harper, .
Auditor ,
JamesWaugh, .
Treasurer ,
Chas. W.Gottschalck, .
Engineer ,
FrancisHassendeubel, .
Harbor Master ,
Jno.Durack, .
Recorder ,
Samuel H.Young, .
Superintendent Of Water Works ,
Willis R.Pritchard, .
Superintendent Of Workhouse.
George W.Sherrick, .
Counsellor ,
Wm.William V. N.Bay, .
Fund Commissioner ,

MarshallBrotberton, .
Register Of Lands ,
SamuelSimmons, .
Lumber Master ,
JosephWhelan, .
Wood Master ,
Jos. M.Magehan, .
Inspector Of Flour ,
HenryGrassmuck, .
Inspector Of Weights And Measures ,
H. J.Hillsdorff, .
Inspector Of Beef And Pork ,
FrancisWhittaker, .
Inspectors And Guagers Of Oils, &c.corner ,
JuliusStrange, . H. F.Watson, .
Inspector Of Buildings And Fires ,
Jno. E. D.Couzins, .
Register Of Water Rates ,
Jno. W.Crane, .

Collectors Of Water Rates.
1st District Geo.Geist, .
2d District JamesRegan, .
3d District Thos.Walker, .
4th District JamesPowers, .

Collectors of City Revenue.
1st Ward F.Rothenbuher, .
2d Ward Geo.Rothweiler, .
3d Ward DennisGalvin, .
4th Ward Jno.Maguire, .
5th Ward Mich. J.Hartnett, .
6th Ward Jno. F.Altemus, .
7th Ward Jno. C.Smith, .
8th Ward Wm.WilliamBrannegan, .
9th Ward J. H.Niermeyer, .
10th Ward Jno. S.Wilkins, .

Street Inspectors.
1st Ward Fred.Schafer, .
2d Ward HenryKattelman, .
3d Ward AdamHorn, .
4th Ward Jno.Paul, .
5th Ward Jno.O’Brien, .
6th Ward Jas.Burgess, .
7th Ward Wm.WilliamColeman, .
8th Ward Jno.Wermer, .
9th Ward Jno.McKenna, .
10th Ward W. D.Pallis, .

Register’S Clerk ,
Jos. A.Brazeau, .
Auditor’S Clerk ,
TheodorePapin, .
Translator ,
Wm.WilliamWeber, .

Board Of Assessors.
President DominicUrban, .
Asst. 1st & 2d Wards JuliusRapp, .
" 3d & 4th Wards ---------
" 5th & 6th Wards Geo. W.Tennille, .
" 7th & 8th Wards Chas. H.Pond, .
" 9th & 10th Wards Chas.Osburg, .

Physician P. E.Noel, .
Steward JohnSpencer, .
Matron AliceSpencer, .

Health Officer ,
E. F.Smith, .

Physician O. C.Johnson, .
Steward Thos. S.Warne, .
Matron Parmelia J.Warne, .

Calaboose Keeper ,
Wm.WilliamLawler, .
City Cemetery Sexton .
MartinShea, .
Justices Of The Peace .
First Ward .
George W.Lynch, ,
F. A. H.Schneider, .
Second Ward .
Wm.WilliamWeber, ,
FrederickFlach, .
Third Ward .
HenryKausel, ,
George H.Stille, .
Fourth Ward .
David S.Jamison, ,
RudolphHerckenrath, .
Fifth Ward .
LibertyWaite, ,
Peter W.Johnstone, .
Sixth Ward .
Edward E.Allen, ,
MichaelWolf, .
Seventh Ward .
T. J.Daily, ,
Charles F.Walther, .
Eighth Ward .
DanielLoyd, ,
John C.Vogel, .
Ninth Ward .
JamesSweney, ,
PhilipMcDonald, .
Tenth Ward .
AbnerSquires, ,
PhilipStremmel, .
Commissioner Of Common Schools .
James H.Bacon, .
Office, ne. c. 4th and Olive.
Police Department.
Marshal .
D. A.Rawlings, .
Deputies .
PeterSlankewitz, .
PatrickLonergan, .
Geo. A.Wimer, .
Captains .
CharlesKick, .
Jno. F.Healy, .
Asst. Captains .
A. M.Martin, .
W. A.Wright, .
DanielByrne, .
Wm.William R.Bogggus, .
Wm.WilliamBartley, .
Jno.English, .
HenryKlunk, .
AndrewHack, .
Jno.Fulton, .
RichardCavanaugh, .
A.Sappington, .
PeterGuerette, .
Peytonwhite, .
292 Appendix.—St. Louis Public Schools.
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St. Louis County Officers.
Sheriff ,
JamesCastello, .
Deputies ,
Edward J.Castello, ,
CharlesCastello, ,
ThomasChadbourne, ,
ThomasTallis, ,
Geo. N.Stevens, ,
JamesOwens, ,
Henry J.Kappesser, ,
Gustavus P.Bornstein, ,
RobertSparks, .
County Marshal ,
William C.Smith, .
Deputies ,
J. C. H.Cunningham, ,
John C.Eves, ,
Robt.Peyinghaus, ,
HenryMcMeans, ,
John S.Wilkins, ,
JamesUnderwood, ,
JuliusNeudorf, .
Collector State and County Revenue ,
JamesMcDonough, .
Collector of State and County Dram
Shop License ,
Thomas M.Barron, .
County Treasurer ,
ThomasRicheson, .
County Engineer ,
EdwardGray, .
General Road Superintendent ,
John F.Long, .
Superintendent and Architect of
Court House ,
Thomas D. P.Lanham, .
Superintendent of County Farm ,
CampbellLink, .
Inspector of Poor, and Superintend-
ent of Toll Gates ,
FrancisJones, .
State and County Assessor ,
FrederickPollitz, .
Jury Commissioner ,
Samuel W.Eager, Jr.
County Surveyor ,
Charles E.Salomon, .
Deputies ,
Edward C.Schultze, ,
JuliusPitzman, .
Recorder .
CharlesKeemle, .
Office in south wing of the Court House.
Coroner .
Wm.William J.Kennedy, .
At the office of the Board of Health.
St. Louis Public Schools.
President ,
W. W.Greene, .
Secretary ,
John H.Watson, .
Superintendent .
IraDivoll, .
Bailiff ,
FerdinandGottschalk, .
Counsellor ,
EvansCasselbery, .
Members of the Board.
First Ward .
S. H.Bailey, ,
BenjaminBrison, ,
Stephen D.Barlow, .
Second Ward .
Geo. M.Fichtenkam, ,
A. C.Cordes, .
Third Ward .
John F.Thornton, ,
Charles W.Stevens, .
Fourth Ward .
Chancey P. E.Johnson, ,
Charles FMeyer, .
Fifth Ward .
S. H.Bailey, ,
SamuelRobbins, .
Sixth Ward .
W. W.Greene, ,
Dr. Chas. A.Pope, .
Seventh Ward .
JosephO’Neil, ,
JulesDetchniendy, .
Eighth Ward .
Dr. Wm.WilliamGarwood, ,
JosephBaker, .
Ninth Ward .
Iaac T.Greene, ,
Wm.WilliamPatrick, .
Tenth Ward .
LouisEspenscheid, .
JosephHodgman, .
Shepherd School ,
Carondelet av.avenue , near Marine av.avenue
Lafayette School ,
Ann av.avenue , between 7th and 8th streets.
South Freemen’s School ,
Corner 7th and Hickory.
Clark School ,
Seventh, between Hickory and Labadie.
Gamble School ,
Corner of Mercer and Gamble av.avenue
Laclede Grammar School ,
Corner of 5th and Poplar.
Laclede Primary School ,
Corner of 4th and Spruce.
Eliot School ,
Corner of 15th and Pine.
High School ,
Corner of 15th and Olive.
Benton School ,
Sixth, b.between Locust and St. Charles
Seventh Street Primary ,
Betw. Franklin av.avenue and WashWashington avenue .
Jefferson School ,
Corner of 9th and WashWashington avenue .
North Freemen’s School ,
Corner of 16th and Carr.
Mound School ,
Corner of 8th and Howard.
Jackson School ,
Corner of Broadway and Howard.
Webster School ,
Corner of 11th and Jefferson.
Clay School ,
Bellefontaine road.
Fairmont School ,
Bellefontaine road.
Hamilton School ,
Biddle, west of—.

Note.—The changes are so frequent amongst teachers, that we have not thought it advisabfe to give a list of their names.

Appendix.—Insurance Companies. 293
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Insurance Companies.
Home Mutual Fire and Marine Insu-
rance Company.
Isaac L.Garrison, , Pres. T. L.Salisbury, , Sec.
Office, se.south east c.corner Main and Vine (2d floor, rear).
St. Louis Perpetual Insurance Com-
pany .
WaymanCrow, , Pres. S. A.Ranlett, , Sec.
Office, 65 Main.
Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Company .
Thomas E.Tutt, , Pres. Isaac M.Veitch, , Sec.
Office, ne. c. Pine and 3d, (basement story.)
Marine Insurance Company .
DanielHough, , Pres. Henry W.Hough, , Sec.
Office, sw. c. Main and Locust, (up stairs.)
St. Louis Mutual Fire and Marine In-
surance Company .
John C.Vogel, , Pres. T.Themmler, , Sec.
Office, sw. c. Market and 2d sts.
St. Louis Floating Dock Insurance
Company, Revived .
Walker R.Carter, , Pres. Wm.William J.Fetter, , Sec.
Office, over L. A. Benoist & ’s Banking House,
Main street.
Globe Mutual Insurance Company .
W. W.Green, , Pres. Wm.WilliamFetter, Jr., Sec.
Office, over Jas. H. Lucas & ’s Banking House.
Citizens Insurance Company .
Wm.WilliamRenshaw, , Pres. Wm.William D.Wood, , Sec.
Office, se.south east c.corner Main and Pine.
Mound City Mutual Fire and Marine
Insurance Company .
Daniel R.Garrison, , Pres. David H.Bishop, , Sec.
Office, sw. c. Main anil Pine, (entrance on Pine.)
Phoenix Insurance Company .
JohnHow, , Pres. Wm.William H.Pritchartt, , Sec.
Office, se.south east c.corner Main and Vine streets.
Franklin Insurance Company .
Wm.WilliamD’Œnch, , Pres. Chas.Abramson, , Sec.
New Exchange Buildings, (1st door south of Main
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company .
D. J.Hancock, , Pres. C. C.Fkrgcson, , Sec.
67 n.north Main.
St. Louis Insurance Company .
G. K.McGunnegle, , Pres. Thos.Webster, , Sec.
Office, sw. c. Olive and Main, (2d floor.)
America Insurance Conpany .
James M.Huges, , Pres. C. R.Clarke, , Sec.
Office, c.corner 2d and Pine sts., ne. c.
Union Insurance Company .
F. L.Ridgely, , Pres. John . D.Taylor, , Sec.
Office, ne. c. Main and Olive.
Missouri State Mutual (Ftre and Ma-
rine) Insurance Company .
S. M.Edgell, , Pres. R. S.Elliott, , Sec.
Office, se.south east c.corner Main and Olive.
Pacific Insurance Company .
JohnMcNeil, , Pres. Walter B.Foster, , Sec.
sw. c. Main and Pine.
Lumbermen and Mechanics’- Insurance
Company .
R. M.Runyan, , Pres. John N.Pritchard, , Sec.
Office. se.south east c.corner Main and Pine.
Commercial Insurance Company .
John M.Wimer, , Pres. N.Roff, , Sec.
Office, sw. c. Main and Pine.
Millers’ and Manufacturers’ Insu-
rance Company .
John A.Brownlee, , Pres. HammondOgden, , Sec.
Office, ne. c. Pine and Main.
Merchants’ Mutual Insurance Com-
pany .
se.south east c.corner Main and Olive.
United States Insurance Company ,
se.south east c.corner Main and Olive.
Covenant Mutual Life Insurance
Company .
Gerard B.Allen, , Pres. Isaac M.Vbitch, , Sec.
Office, ne. c. 2d and Pine.
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance
Company .
HenryStagg, , Agent .
cor.corner Second and Chesnut, (Post Office building.)
Liverpool and London Fire and Life
Insurance Company .
KennethMackenzie, , Agent ,
12 Pine st.
Delaware Mutual of Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania .
EdwardBrooks, , Agent .
Office, sw. c. Main and Pine, (up stairs.)
Mutual Beneft Life Insurance Com-
pany of New Jersey .
Robert H.Betts, , Agent .
Office, 38 s.south Main.
Mutual Life Insurance Company of
New York .
SamuelCopp, , Agent .
Office, ne. c. 3d aud Chesnut.
New York Life Insurance and Trust
Company .
Geo. K.McGcnnegle, , Agent .
Office, sw. c. Main and Olive, (up stairs.)
United States Life Insurance Company
of New York .
HammondOgden, , Agent .
Office, ne. c. Main and Pine, (up stairs.)
Home and Foreign Insurance Com-
Bridgeport Fire and Marine Insurance Company .
British Commercial Insurance Company of London .
Consolidated Insurance Company of Philadelphia .
Equitable Fire Insurance Company of London .
Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Insurance Company of
Philadelphia .
International Life Insurance Company of London .
Courtenay & Miller . Agents.
Office, nw. c. Main and Olive streets.
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Of Post Offices, Licensed Pilots And Engineers.
Post Offices.

The Following List Of Post Offices Having Been Thoroughly Revised, And The Latest
Alterations And Additions Carefully Noted, It May Be Relied On As Correct :

Post Office. County.
Air, Johnson.
Alma, Wright.
Alamode, Reynolds.
Alanthus Grove, Gentry.
Alexandria, Clarke.
Allenton, St. Louis.
A1martha, Ozark.
Alpha, Grundy.
Altenburg, Perry.
Appleton, C. Girardeau
Arator, Pettis.
Arbela, Scotland.
Arcadia, Madison.
Argo, Crawford.
Argyle, Jefferson.
Arminda, Knox.
Arrow Rock, Saline.
Ash Grove, Greene.
Ashland, Boone.
Ashley, Pike.
Ashton, Clarke.
Astoria, Wright.
Atfek, Lafayette.
Athens, Clarke.
Auburn, Lincoln.
Augusta, St. Charles.
Austin, Cass.
Austinsville, Linn.
Avery, Crawford.
Avoca, Jefferson.
Avon, St. Genev’ve
Ayersville, Putnam.
Bagdad, Lafayette.
Bailey’s Creek, Osage.
Bald Knob, Taney.
Barnett’s station, Maries.
Barry, Clay.
Basin Knob, Johnson.
Beach, Dunklin.
Bear Creek, Cedar.
Beaufort, Franklin.
Beehive, Clinton.
Bee Ridge, Knox.
Bell Air, Cooper.
Bellefonte, Laclede.
Bellingsville, Cooper.
Bellemonte, St. Louis.
Berming, Buchanan.
Benton, Scott.
Bergen, Franklin.
Bern, Gasconade.
Bethany, Harrison.
Bethel, Shelby.
Big Cedar, Jackson.
Big Creek, Johnson.
Big River, Taney
Bin River Mills, St. Francois.
Big Spring, Montgomery
Birdsville, Mississippi.
Black Oak Point, Hickory.
Blanche, Lafayette.
Bledsoe, Hickory.
Bloomfield, Stoddard.
Bloomington, Macon.
Blue Ridge, Harrison.
Blue Springs, Jackson.
Bluff Spring, Johnson.
Blytheville, Jasper.
Boaz, Osage.
Bolivar, Polk.
Boone, Franklin.
Boneta, Clarke.
Bonhomme, St. Louis.
Boon’s Lick, Howard.
Boonville, Cooper.
Bourbon, Crawford.
Bourbonton, Boone.
Boston, Andrew.
Bowdark, Greene.
Bower’s Mills, Lawrence.
Bowling Green, Pike.
Boxford, De Kalb.

Post Office. County.
Boyler’s Mill, Benton.
Brackenridge, Jasper.
Brandy Rock
Bremen, St. Louis.
Bridgton, St. Louis.
Brighton, Polk.
Bristol, Webster.
Brookville. Marion.
Brownsville, Saline.
Browning’s ferry Henry.
Brunswick, Chariton.
Brush Creek, Laclede.
Bryan, Saline.
Buffalo, Dallas.
Bunker Hill, Lewis.
Burbois, Franklin.
Butler, Bates.
Buttsville, Grundy.
Bynumville, Chariton.
Caledonia, Washington.
Calhoun, Henry.
California, Moniteau.
Calvy, Franklin.
Cambridge, Saline.
Camden, Ray.
Camden Point, Platte.
Cameron, Clinton.
Campbellton, Franklin.
Campbranch, Warren.
Canaan, Gasconade.
Cane Creek, Butler.
Canton, Lewis.
Cap au Gris, Lincoln.
Cape Fair, Stone.
Cape Girardeau, C. Girardeau
Capp’s Creek, Newton.
Carondelet, St. Louis.
Carrollton, Carroll.
Carthage, Jasper.
Cassville, Barry.
Castile, Clinton.
Castle Rock, Osage.
Castor, Bollinger.
Cave Pump, Camden.
Cave Spring, Wright
Cedar Creek, Newton.
Central, St. Louis.
Centreville, Reynolds.
Chalk Level, St. Clair.
Chambersburg, Clarke.
Chantilly, Lincoln.
Chapel Hill, Lafayette.
Chariton Mills, Putnam.
Charleston, Mississippi.
Cherry, Camden.
Cherry Grove, Schuyler.
Cherry Valley, Crawford.
Chesapeake, Lawrence.
Chillicothe, Linn.
Chillitecaux, Dunklin.
Cincinnati, Rails.
Circleville, C. Girardeau
Clark’s Fork, Cooper.
Clarksville, Pike.
Claysville, Barry.
Claysville, Boone.
Clear Creek, Daviess.
Cleavesville, Gasconade.
Clifty Dale, Maries.
Clinton, Henry.
Coal Bank, Cooper.
Cold Neck, Cooper.
Cold Water, Wayne.
Cole Camp, Benton.
Colony, Knox.
Columbia, Boone.
Columbus, Johnson.
Commerce, Scott.
Concord, Callaway.
Conner’s Mills, Cooper,
Consolation,, Carroll.

Post Office. County.
Cooke’s Store, Lafayette.
Coon Creek, Jasper.
Coplinger’s Mills Cedar.
Cornelia, Johnson.
Cornersville, Hickory.
Cote sans dessein Callaway.
Cottleville, St. Charles.
Cottonw’d Point, Pemiscot.
Coulter’s Store, Macon.
Cow Creck, Saline.
Cowskin, Ozark.
Crab Orchard, Ray.
Crane Creek, Pettis.
Cravensville, Daviess.
Crawford Sominary Quapaw.
Crave Coeur, St. Louis.
Crittenden, Daviess.
Crooked Creek, Monroe.
Crosstimbers, Hickory.
Crow Creek, Saline.
Curran, Stone.
Cuvier, Lincoln.
Cypress, Scott.
Dallas, Greene.
Danville, Montgomery
Dawn, Linn.
Dayton, Cass.
Deep Water, Henry.
Deer Ridge, Lewis.
De Kalb, Buchanan.
Delphi, Gasconade.
Dent C. H. Dent.
De Solo, Jasper.
De Witt, Carroll.
Diamond Grove, Jasper.
Dixonville, Cole.
Doniphan, Ripley.
Dover, Lafayette.
Dry Glaze, Camden.
Dry Wood, Bates.
Dunkle’s Store, Lawrence.
Dunksburg, Pettis.
Durgan’s Creek, Lewis.
Duroc, Benton.
Eagle, Harrison.
Eagle Hill, Reynolds.
Bait Fork, Macon.
Easton, Buchanan.
Eaton, Cedar.
Economy, Macon.
Edina, Knox.
El Dorado, Clarke.
Elk Grove, Lafayette.
Elk Horn, Montgomery
Elk Fork, Bates.
Elk Mills, McDonald.
Elkridge, McDonald.
Elkton, Hickory.
Ellisville, St. Louis.
Ellsworth, Texas
Elm Grove, Crawford.
Elmonte, Clinton.
Elm Wood, Saline.
El Paso, Atchiton.
Eminence, Shannon.
Enterprise, McDonald.
Estell’ Mills, Platte.
Etna, Scotland.
Eureka, Boone.
Fairfield, Benton.
Fairland, Linn.
Fairmont, Clarke.
Fair Play, Polk.
Fair Point, Cooper.
Fair view, Pettis.
Failing Spring, Ozark.
Fancy Hill, Bates.
Farmington, St. Francois,
Frayette, Howard.
Fee Fee, St. Louis.
Felix, Montieau.

Post Office. County.
Femme Osnge, St. Charles.
Fenton, St. Louis.
Fidelity, Jasper.
Fillmore, Andrew.
Flat Creek, Barry.
Flint Hill, St. Charles.
Flint Point, Montgomery
Florence, Morgan.
Florida, Monroe.
Florisant, St. Louis.
Fortener’s Hill, Laclede.
Forsyth, Taney.
Fouchea renault Washington.
Four Mile, Dunklin.
Fox Creek, St. Louis.
Frankford, Pike.
Franklin, Howard.
Fredericksburg, Osage.
Fredericktown, Madison.
Freedom, Lafayette.
Fremont, Cedar.
Fulton, Callaway.
Gadfly, Barry.
Galena, Stone.
Gallatin, Daviess.
Gall’s Prairie, Gasconade.
Gasconade Ferry Gasconade.
Gates, McDonald.
Gatewood, Ripley.
Gayoso, Pemiscot.
Gentry Gentry.
Gentryville, Gentry.
Georgetown, Pettis.
Gilead, Lewis.
Gilroy, Cooper.
Glasgow, Howard.
Glencoe, St. Louis.
Globe, Johnson.
Gooch’s Mills, Cooper.
Goodland, Knox.
Guslien, Mercer.
Graham, Noddaway.
Granby, Newton.
Grand’Falls, Newton.
Grand River, Caldwell.
Grand View, Boone.
Grant’s Hill, Gentry.
Grassy Creak, Linn.
Green Castle, Sullivan.
Greene, Bollinger.
Greenfield, Dade.
Green Top, Schuyler.
Greentown, Lafayette.
Greenville, Wayne.
Greenw’dd Valley Wayne.
Grindstone Point De Kalb.
Grubville, Jefferson.
Guilford, Noddaway.
Hager’s Grove, Shelby.
Hainesville, Clinton,
Half Way, Polk.
Hall, Lawrence.
Hallsy’s Ferry, Noddaway.
Hallsville, Boone.
Hamburg, St. Charles.
Hampton, Platte.
Hannibal, Marion.
Hanson, Marion.
Harmony, Washington.
Harrison’s Mills, Crawford.
Harrisonville, Cass.
Hartford, Putnam.
Hartsville, Wright.
Haw Creek, Benton.
Hawk Point, Lincoln.
Hawkins’ Store, Shelby.
Hazeelwood, Wright,
Hazle Bottom, Barry.
Hazle Grove, Saline.
Heath’s Creek, Pettis.
Henderson’s, Greene.
Henpeck, Shannon.

Tables.—Post Offices in Missouri. 295
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Post Office. County.
Herculanæum, Jefferson.
Hermann, Gasconade.
Hermitage, Hickory.
Hester, Marion.
Hibernia, Callaway.
Hickory, Cole.
Hickory Barren, Greene.
Hickory Creek, Audrain.
Hickory Grove, St Charles.
Hickory Spring, Texas.
High Hill, Montgomery
High Point, Moniteau.
High Ridge, Jefferrson.
Hillsborough, Jeffanson.
Honey Creek, McDonald.
Hopewell, Mississippi.
Hopew’l furnace Washington.
Horse Creek, Dade.
Houston, Texas.
House’s Spring, Jefferson.
Howard’s Mills, St. Clair.
Hoyle’s Creek, St. Clair.
Huddleston, Oregon.
Hugginsville, Gentry.
Humansville, Polk.
Humboldt, Pulaski.
Hunt’s Landing, Scott.
Huntingdale, Henry.
Huntsville, Randolph.
Hydesburgh, Ralls.
Iatan, Platte.
Iberia, Miller.
Independence, Jackson.
Indian Creek, Monroe.
Inkerman, Schuyler.
Irish Grove, Atchison.
Iron Hill, Shannon.
Iron Mountain, St. Francois.
Isabrlla, Ozark.
Isle au Bois, Jefferson.
Jackson, C. Girardeau
Jackson Corners Sullivan.
Jack’s Fork, Texas.
James’ Bayou, Mississippi.
Jamestown, Moniteau.
Japan, Lafayette.
Jasper, Jasper.
Jay, Harrison.
Jefferson City, Cole.
Jefferson Mills, Jefferson.
Jenkins’ Bridge, St. Clair.
Jericho, Laclede.
Jobe, Oregon.
John’s Branch, Audrain.
Johnstown, Cass.
Jonesboro’ Saline.
Jones’ Tan Yard, Callaway.
Kansas, Jackson.
Kent, Newton.
Keytesville, Chariton.
Kiddville, Sullivan.
King’s Point, Dade.
Kingston, Caldwell.
Kinkhead, St. Francois.
Kirksville, St. Louis.
Kirkwood, St. Louis.
Knob View, Crawford.
Knobnoster, Johnson.
Knoxville, Ray.
Kossuth, Clarke.
Labadie, Franklin.
Laclede, Lincoln.
Lacon, Maries.
La Grange, Lewis.
Lake Spring, Dent.
Lamar, Jaspar.
Lamine, Cooper,
Lancasler, Schuyler.
Landmark, Howard.
Lane’s Prairie, Osage.
La Plata, Macon.
Laura, Scotland.
Lead Creek, Licoln.
Lebanon, Laclede.
Leola, Marion.
Lessley, Benton
Lesterville Reynolds.
Liberty, Clay.
Lick Creek, Ralls.
Licking, Texas.
Linden, Atchison.
Linn, Osage,
Linn Creek, Camden.
Linnæus, Linn.
Lisle, Osage.
Little Beaver, Taney.
Little Black, Ripley.
Littleby, Audrain.
Little Compton, Carroll.
Little Loutre, Montgomer
Little Osage, Bates.
Little Piney, Pulaski
Little Prairie, Crawford.

Post Office. County.
Logan’s Creek, Reynolds.
Lone Jack, Jackson.
Long Branch, Monroe.
Long Lane, Dallas.
Look Out, Cole.
Looniesville, Seneca.
Loose Creek, Osage.
Lost Branch, Lincoln.
Lost Creek, Lincoln.
Lost Village, Pemiacot.
Louisa, Ozark.
Louisiana, Pike.
Louisville, Lincoln.
Louire Island, Warren.
Lowell, Holt.
Lowndes, Wayne.
Lucas, Henry.
Lyndley, Grundy.
Macon City, Macon.
Madison, Monroe.
Madisonville, Ralls.
Manchester, St. Louis.
Mandeville, Carroll.
Manlius, Carroll.
Maramec, Crawford.
Marion, Cole.
Marshall, Saline.
Marthasville, Warren.
Martinsburg, Ripley.
Maryville, Noddaway.
Mattese, St. Louis.
Maries, Maries.
Max Creek, Camden.
Maysville, De Kalb.
Mechanicsburgh, Macon.
Medoc, Jasper.
Melville, Dade.
Memphis, Scotland.
Mercer, Mercer.
Mexico, Audrain.
Miami, Saline.
Middlebury, Mercer.
Middle Fabies, Scotland.
Middle Fork, Macon.
Middle Grove, Monroe.
Middletown, Montgomery
Midway, Cooper.
Mier, Madison.
Milan, Sullivan.
Milford, Johnson.
Mill Creek, Ripley.
Miller’s Landing, Franklin.
Millersburgh, Callaway.
Millville, Ray.
Millwood, Lincoln.
Milton, Randolph.
Mine la Motte, Madison.
Mining, Morgan.
Mint Spring, Wright.
Mirabile, Caldwell.
Missouriton, St. Charles.
Moline, Franklin.
Monaghan, St. Clair.
Montauk, Dent.
Montevallo, Bates.
Monticello, Lewis.
Mornington, Webster.
Morristown, Cass.
Moss, Lafayette.
Mount Carmel, Cooper.
Mount Pleasant, Lawrence.
Mount Sterling, Gasconade.
Mount Vernon, Lawrence.
Mount View, Benton.
Mule Creek, Cedar.
Munger’s Mill, Reynolds.
Narrows, Noddaway.
Naylor’s Store, St. Charles.
Nebo, Pulaski.
Nelsonville, Marion.
Neosho, Newton.
Nevada, Vernon.
Newark, Knox.
New Bloomfield, Callaway.
New Boston, Macon.
Newburgh, Macon.
New Castle, Gentry.
New Hope, Lincoln.
New London, Ralls.
New Madrid, New Madrid.
New Market, Platte.
Newport, Franklin.
New Santa Fe, Jackson.
, Putnam.

Post Office. County.
Oak Ridge, C. Girardeau
Ogden, New Madrid.
Old Alexandria, Lincoln.
Old Mines, Washington.
Olive Branch, Holt.
Oliver’s Prairie., Newton.
Orange, Benton.
Oregoa, Holt.
Orion, Daviess.
Orleans, Polk.
Osage, Crawford.
Osage Ferk, Laclede.
Oseola, St. Clair.
Otsego, Ray.
Otter Greek, Wayne.
Otterville, Caoper.
Ozark, Greene.
Pacific, Franklin.
Parkville, Platte.
Palmyra, Marion.
Papinsville, Bates.
Paris, Monroe.
Pasco, Dallas.
Paton, Bollinger.
Patterson, Wayne.
Pattonsburg, Daviess.
Pay Down, Osage.
Paynesville, Pike.
Pea Vine, Osage.
Pedee, Schuyler.
Penney’s, Randolph.
People’s, C. Girardeau
Perkin’s Creek, Bollinger.
Perkin’s Grove, Grundy.
Perryville, Perry.
Petra, Saline.
Pettuce, Adair.
Philadelphia, Marion.
Pierce, Callaway,
Pigeon Creek, Ralls,
Pike Creek, Ripley.
Piketon, Stoddard.
Pilot Grove, Cooper.
Pilot Knob, Madison.
Pinckney, Warren.
Pineville, McDonald.
Pink Hill, Jackson.
Pin Oak, Warren.
Pisgah, Cooper.
Pitts, Warren.
Pittsburgh, Hickory.
Plank Road, St. Genev’ve.
Platte City, Platte.
Platte River, Buchanan.
Plattsburg, Clinton.
Pleasant Gap, Bates.
Pleasant Green, Cooper,
Pleasant Hill, Cass.
Pleasant Mount. Miller.
Pleasant Park. Carroll.
Pleasant Plains, Scott.
Pleasant Prairie, Greene.
Pleasant Retreat Scotland.
Pleasant Ridge, Harrison.
Pleasant Valley, Wright.
Plum Creek, Clinton.
Plum Grove, Cass.
Point Pleasant, New Madrid.
Pond Creek, Greene.
Pons Creek, Dade.
Poplar Bluff, Butler.
Portland, Callaway.
Port Perry, Perry.
Port William, Franklin.
Post Oak, Johnson.
Potosi, Washington.
Pottersville, Oregon.
Prairie Bird, Adair.
Prairie Fork, Montgomery
Prairie Mound, Pike.
Prairieville, Pike.
Price’s Branch, Montgomery
Princeton, Mercer.
Prospect Grove, Scotland.
Prospect Hill, Ray.
Quincy, Hickory.
Readsville, Callaway.
Red Bird, Ozark.
Reform, Callaway.
Reinder, Noddaway.
Relfe, Pulaski.
Renick’s Mills, Lafayatte.
Rhineland, Montgomery
Rich, Atchison.
Rich Fountain, Osage.
Richland. Greene.
Richmond, Ray.
Richville, Holt
Richwoods, Washington.
Ridge Prairie, Saline.
Ridgley, Platte.
Right Point, Camden.
Ringgold, Platte.
Roanoke, Randolph.
Roaring River, Barry.
Robertson’s Mill, Stone.

Post Office. County.
Rochester, Andrew.
Rocheport, Boone.
Rockbridge, Ozark.
Rock Hill, St. Louis.
R’khouse Prairie Buchanan.
Rockport, Atchison.
Rock Prairie, Dade.
Rocky Mount, Miller.
Ronbidouz, Texas.
Round Grove, Carroll.
Round Hill, Cooper.
Round Prairie, Dallas.
Roscoe, Henry.
Rose Hill, Gentry.
Rucker’s Prairie Franklin.
Rulon, Harrison.
Rushbottom, Holt.
Rushville, Buchanan.
Russelville, Cole.
Ratledge, McDonald.
Sacramento, Wright.
Salem, Linn.
Saline, Ralls.
Salt River. Audrain.
Sampson Creek, Gentry.
San Antonio, Buchanan.
Sand Hill, Scotland.
Santa Fe, Monroe.
Sapplington, St. Louis.
Sarcoxie, Jasper.
Sarvis Spring, Dent.
Savannah, Andrew.
Saverton. Ralls.
Scottsville, Sullivan.
Selden, Ozark.
Selma, Jefferson.
Sentinel Prairie, Polk.
Sexton’s, Boone.
Shady Grove, Dallas,
Shamroch, Callaway.
Sharon, Laclede.
Sharpsburg, Marion.
Shawnee Mound, Henry.
Shelbyville, Shelby.
Bhibley’s Point, Adair.
Shields, Maries,
Shoal Creek, Newton.
Shoneylown, Putnam.
Short Bend, Dent.
Shot well, Franklin.
Shy Post, Audrain.
Sibley, Jackson.
Sidney, Ralls.
Silver Spring, St. Francois.
Simpson’s Store, Johnson.
Sissonville, Johnson.
Skull Lick, Audraia.
Smithland, Randolph..
Smithville, Clay.
Sniaber, Lafayette.
Solitude, Pemiscot.
Somerset, Monroe.
Sonoma, Mercer.
South Grove, Saline.
South Point, Franklin.
Spanish Prairie, Crawford,
Sparlinville, Newton.
Sparta, Buchanan.
Speneerburgh, Pike.
Springfield, Greene.
Spring Fork, Pettis
Spring Garden, Pettis.
Spring Grove, Dallas.
Spring Hill, Linn.
Spring River, Lawrence.
Spruce, Bates.
St. Aubert, Callaway.
St. Bernard, Clay.
St. Charles, St. Charles.
St. Francisville, Clarke.
St.Genevieve, St.Genev’ve.
st. John, Putnam.
St. Joseph, Buchanan.
st. Leger, Ozark.
St. Louis, St. Louis.
St. Luke, Dallas.
St. Mark, Greene.
St. Mary’s, St. Genev’ve.
St. Paul, Greene.
St. Peters, St. Clair.
St. Thomas, Cole.
Stall’s Creek, Lawrence.
Stanford, Texas.
steelsville, Crawford.
Stewartsville, De Kalb.
Stockland Montgomery
Stony Point, Jackson.
Stringfield’s store Callaaway.
Stringtown, Cole.
Sulphur springs, Jefferson.
Swan Creek, Taney.
Sweeet Home, Noddaway.
Sylvan, Dent.
Tabo, Lafavette.
Taos. Cole.
Tarkio, Holt.

296 Tables.—Post Offices in Illinois.
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Post Office. County.
Taylorville, Andrew.
Tebo, Henry.
Ten Mile, Macon.
Third Fork, De Kalb.
Thomasville, Oregon.
Timbered branch Adair.
Tinney’s Grove, Ray.
Tiviot, Montgomery
Toronto, Camden.
Trail Creuk, Harrison.
Travel’s’ repose, Franklin.
Trenton, Grundy.
Troy, Lincoln.
Truxton, Lincoln.
Tully, Lewis.
Turkey Creek, Bentoa.
Turnback, Dade.
Tuscumbia, Miller.
Twelve Mile Cr’k Madison.
Tyro, Jefferson.
Ulman’s Ridge, Miller.
Union, Franklin.
Union Mills, Platte.
Union Point, Jackson.
Unionville, Putnam.

Post Office. County.
Unity, Scotland.
Urbana, Hickory.
Utiea, Linn.
Valley Forge, Jasper.
Van Buren, Ripley.
Vannoy’s Mill, Pike.
Vermont, Cooper.
Versailles, Morgan.
Victoria, Daviess.
Vienna, Maries.
Wagon Knob, Lafayette.
Waldo, Wright.
Walkersville, Shelby.
Wall’s Store, Johnson.
Walnut Grove, Greene.
Walnut Forest, Greene.
Walnut Hill, Buchanan.
Waltersville, Adair.
Waltonham, St. Lonis.
Warren, Marion.
Warm Kork, Oregon.
Warrensburgh, Johnson.
Warrenton, Warren.
Warsaw, Benton.
Washb’n Prairie, Barry.

Post Office. County.
Washington, Franklin.
Waterloo, Clarke.
Waverley, Lafayette.
Waynesville, Pulaski.
Weaublean, St. Clair.
Webster, Oregon.
Wellsburg, St. Charles.
West Bend, Polk.
West Eli, Marion.
Westland, Chariton.
West Liberty, Putnam.
West Locust, Sullivan.
Westphalia, Osage.
West Plains, Oregon.
West Point, Cass.
Westport, Jackson.
West Prairie, Dunklin.
Weston, Platte.
Westville, Chariton.
Wet Glaze, Camden.
Wheatland, Morgan.
White Hare, Cedar.
White Oak, Montgomery
White Rock
Prairie, }

Post Office. County.
White Oak Grove Greene.
Whitesville, Andrew.
WilliawBburgh, Callaway.
Williamstown, Lewis.
Willmathsville, Adair.
Wilson, Adair.
Wilsonville, Marion.
Winchester, Clarke.
Wind Mill, Moniteau.
Windsor, Menry.
Winston, Dent.
Wolf Creek, Wright.
Wolf Islhnd, Mississippi.
Woodbury, Wright.
Woodlawn, Monroe.
Woodville, Macon.
Woollam, Gasconade.
Wrightville, Clarke.
Wyacoada, Scotland.
Wyandott, Linn.
Yellow Creek, Chariton.
Yolo, Gentry.
Ycungers, Boone.
Young’s Creek, Audrain.
Zion, Henry.

Post Office. County.
Abingdon, Knox.
Adams, Adams.
Addison, Du Page.
Adeline, Ogle.
Albany, Whitesides.
Albion, Edwards.
Alden, MeHenry.
Alexandria, Alexander.
Algonquin, MeHenry.
Alhambra, Madison.
Alma, Marion.
Alton, Madison.
Amboy, Lee.
Anderson, Clark.
Andover, Henry.
Angola, Lnke.
Anna, Union.
Anna wan, Henry.
Antioch, Lake.
Apple River, Jo Daviess.
Apple Tree, Saline.
Arcadia. Morgan.
Arenzville, Cass.
Argyle, McDonough.
Arispe, Bureau.
Arlington, Bureau.
Armingiog, Tazewell.
Armstrong, Wabash.
Arnon, Will.
Aroma, Kankakee.
Arrow, La Salle.
Asbury, La Salle.
Ashby, Coles.
Ashford, Carroll.
Ashkum, Iroquois.
Ashley, Washington.
Ashmore, Coles.
Astoria, Fulton.
Ash Ridge, Pulaski
Athens, Menard.
Athensville, Greene.
Atkinson, Henry.
Atlanta, Logan.
Atlas, Pike.
Attila, Will.
Auburn, Sangamon.
Audubon. Montgomery
Augusta, Hancock.
Aurora, Kane.
An Sable, Kendall.
A very, Jo Daviess.
Aviston, Clinton.
Avoca, Livingston.
Avon, Fulton.
Babcock’s Grove DuPage.
Banhelder’s do. Cook.
Bainbridge, Will.
Baldwinville, Edgar.
Barclay, Whitesides.
Barnett, Macon.
Barreville, McHenry.
Barrington, Cook.
Barrtngton stat’n Cook.
Barr’s Store, Macoupin.
Barry, Pike.
Basco, Hancock.
Ratavla, Kane.
Bath, Mason.
Bay, Pope.
Bear Creek. Monrgompry
Beardstown, Cass.
Beaver Creek, Bond.

Post Office. County.
Beaverton, Boone.
Bedford, Pike.
Belden, MeHenry.
Bell Air, Crawford.
Bell Plain, Marshal.
Belleview, Calhoun.
Belleville, St. Clair.
Bellfame, Tazewell.
Behidere, Boone.
Bement, Piatt.
Bernadotte, Fulton.
Benton, Franklin.
Berkshire, Kane.
Berlin, Sangamon.
Bcrryion, Cass.
Berwick, Warren.
Brthalto, Madison.
Bethel, Morgan.
Beverly, Adams.
Bible Grove, Clay.
Big Neck: Adams.
Big Prairie, Logan.
Big Rock, Kane.
Big Spring, Shelby.
Biggsville Stat’n, Henderson.
Big Woods, Du Page.
Birmingham, Schuyler.
Bishop Hill, Henry,
Blackberry, Kane.
Blackberry stat’n Kane.
Black Oak, Wayne.
Bliairsville, Will.
Blandtnarule, McDonough.
Bissville, Jefferson.
Bliven’s Mills, MeHenry.
Blood’s Point, De Kalb.
Bloom, Cook.
Bloomifield, Edgar.
Bloomingdale, Du Page.
Bloomington, McLean.
Bloomville, Kaukakee.
Blue Grass, Vermillion.
Blue Point, Wayne.
Blueville, Chriatlas,
Bluff Dale, Greene.
Bluffville, Carroll.
Bolton, Will,
Bonaparte, Du Pago.
Bond’s P’innt, Christian.
Bon Pas, Richland.
Bonus, Booue.
Boonwell, Edgar.
Boone, Boone.
Bourbon, Coles.
Bowling Green, FayHte.
Braceviile, Grundy.
Bradley, Jack
Bradford, Stark.
Breese, Greene.
Bremen, Randolph.
Brickton, Cook.
Bridgeport, Lawrence.
Briuhlon, Macoupin.
Brimfield, Peorin.
Bristol, Kendall.
Broad Oak, Pope.
Brookdalc, MeHenry.
Brooklyn, Schuyler.
Brookville, Ogle
Broomaborg, Effiingham.
Browi Sohuyler.
Bruce, McDonough.

Post Office. County.
Brunswick, Peoria.
Bush Hill, Du Page.
Brushy Fork, Coles.
Buck Creek, La Salle.
Buck Horn, Brown.
Buda, Bureau.
Buena Vista, Stephenson.
Buffalo Prairie, Rock Island.
Bullbonas Grove Kankakee.
Bunker Hill, Macoupin.
Bureau Junction Bureau.
Burlington, Kane.
Burns, Henry.
Burnsville, McDonough.
Burnt Prairie, White.
Burritt, Winnebage
Burton, Adams.
Burton’s Corners Boone.
Bushnell, McDonough.
Butler, Montgomery
Butler’s Paint, Vermillion.
Byron, Ogle.
Cairo, Alexander.
Caledonia, Pulaski.
Caledonis station Boone.
Calhoun, Richland.
Calumet, Cook.
Cambridge, Henry.
Camden, Schuyler.
Camden Mills, Rock Island.
Cameron, Warren.
Carmi, White.
Campbell, Coles.
Camp Point, Adams.
Campton, Kane.
Canton, Fuiton.
Cap Grove, Lee.
Carbondale, Jackson.
Carlyle, Clinton.
Carlinville, Macoupin.
Carnent Prairie, Perry.
Carrollton, Greene.
Carter, Sangamon.
Carthage, Hancock.
Cary Station. McHenry.
Casey, Clark.
Caseyville, St. Clair.
Casey, Du Page.
Castlefin, Jefferson,
Cave, Franklin.
Cave in Rock, Hardin.
Cedar Bluff, Johnson.
Cedarville, Stephenson.
Cedron, Cumberland
Center Ridge, Mercer.
Central City, Marion.
Cerro Gordo, Piatt.
Chambersburg, Pike.
Channahon, Will.
Charleston, Coles.
Chatham, Sangan
Chebanse, Daysville.
Chelsea, Dayton.
Chemung, Decatur,
Cheney’s Grooy

Post Office. County.
Chili, Hancock.
Chillicothe, Peoria.
Christmasville, Gallatin.
Circleville, Tazewell.
Clay, La Salle.
Clayton, Adams.
Clear Creek
Landing, }
Clermont, Richlaud.
Clinton, De Witt.
Clintonville, Kane.
Clyde, Whitesides.
Coatsburgh, Adams.
Cochran’s Grove Shelby.
Cogswell, McHenry.
Colchester, McDonough.
Cold Spring. Shelby.
Collins’ Station, Clinton.
Collinsville, Madison.
Colona, Whitesides.
Colona Station, Henry.
Columbia, Monroe.
Columbus, Adams.
Como, Whitesides.
Comorn, Cook.
Concord, Morgan.
Cooperstown, Brown.
Conley’s Store, Vermillion.
Coperas Creek, Fulton.
Copper Creek, Rook Island.
Coral, McHenry.
Cordova, Rock Island.
Cornton, Cumberland.
Cornville, La Salle.
Cottage Hill, Du Page.
Cottonwood, Gallatin.
Cottonw’d Grove Bond.
Courtersville, Randolph.
Council Hill, Jo Daviess.
Courtland Stal’n, De Kalb.
Courtright’s mill Iroquois.
Crab Orchard, Will.
Crane Creek, Mason.
Crane’s Grove, Stephenson.
Crawford, Gallatin.
Crete, Will.
Critten.leii, Franklin.
Cross Roads, Johnson.
Crotty. La Salle.
Crow Meadows, Marshal.
Crystal Lake, McHenry.
Cuba, Fulton.
Cumberland, Faette.
Cummington, Mcoupin.
Cypress Creek, Johnson.
Dallas City, Hancock.
Damascus, Stephenson.
Danby. Du Page.
Danville, Vermillion.
Darwin, Clark
Dawson, Sangamon.
Daysville. Ogle.
Dayton, La Salle.
Decatur, Macon.
Deer Creek Tazewell.
Deeifield, Lake.
Deer Grove, Cook.
Deer Park, La Salle.
Deer Plain, Calhoun.
,Center, De Kalb.

Tables.—Post Offices in Illinois. 297
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Post Office. County.
Del Rey Iroquois
Delta McLean
Dement Station Ogle
Democrat Iroquois
Denny Warren
Derinda Jo Daviess
DeSoto Jackson
Detroit Pike
DeWitt DeWitt
Diamond Lake Lake
Dillon Tazewell
Doddsille McDonough
Dixon Lee
Dimmick LaSalle
Dogtooth Alexander
Dogwood Randolph
Dolson Clark
Dooley’s Farm. Mclean
Dorrance stark
Dorset Dekalb
Douglassville Pike
Dover Bureau
Dowling Macon
Downer’s Grove DuPage
Drummond Henderson
Drury Rock Island
Dudley Edgar
Dug Out Henderson
Duncanton White
Dundee Kane
Dunham McHenry
Dunleith Jo Davit’s*
Dupage Will
Duvuoin Perry
Durham Hancock
Dwight Livingston
Eagle LaSalle
Eagle Cliffs Monroe
Eagle Point Ogle
East Cambridge Henry
East Concord Bureau
East Paw Paw Lee
East Wheatland Will
Eatoa Crawford
Edgington. Rock Island
Edward’s Station Peoria
Edwardsville Madison
Ela Lake
Elbridge Edgar
El Dara Pike
Elgin Kane
Elida Winnebago
Eliza Mercer
Elizalbeth Jo Daviess
Elizabethtown Hardin
Elk Grove Cook
Elkhart City Logan
Elk Horn Washington
Elk Horn Grove Carroll
Elkton Crawford
Ellisville Fulton
Elliottstown Effingham
Ellis Grove Randolph
Ellison Warren
Elm Grove Adams
Elmira Stark
Elmore Peoria
Elm Point Bond
Elm Tree Hancock
Elm Wood Peoria
Elvina Jo Daviess
Elwood Will
Elysium McHenry
Emerald Point Morgan
Eminence Logan
Emma White
Emmet Lake
Empire Whitesides
Endor Will
English Prairie McHenry
Enon Bureau
Ensenada Marion
Enterprise Wayne
Equality Gallatin
Erie Whiteside
Erin McHenry
Essex Vermlllion
Eureka Woodford
Evan’s Mill Morgan
Evansville Randolph

Post Office. County.
Evanston Cook
Ewing Franklin
Ewington Effingham
Exeter Scott
Fairfield Wayne
Fairview Fulton
Faiville LaSalle
Fair Weather Adams
Farlow’s Grove Mercer
Farmer’s Farm Iroquois
Farmer’s Hall Knox
Farmington Fulton
Farm Ridge LaSalle
Fayette Green
Fayetteville Saint Clair
Ferdinand Mercer
Fiatt Fulton
Fidelity Jersey
Fieldon Jersey
Fillmore Montgomery
Fin Castle Clark
Fitz Henry Ogle
Flat Rock Crawford
Flint Pike
Flora Clay
Florence Pike
Florida Putnam
Foreston Ogle
Forksville Lake
Foster’s Marion
Fort Hill Lake
Fountain Green Hancock
Four Mile Grove Lee
Four Mile Prairie Fayette
Fox Lake Lake
Frankfort Franklin
Franklin Morgan
Franklin Grove Lee
Franconia Richland
Fredericksville Schuyler
Fredonia Will
Freedom La Salle
Freeland Dekalb
Freemanton Effingham
Freeport Stephonson
Freemont Center Lake
French Creek Knox
French Village St. Clair
Friend Grove Wabash
Friendship McDonough
Friendsville Wabash
Fruit Hill Shelby
Fuller’s Point Coles
Fulton Whitesides
Gage’s Lake Lake
Galena Jo Daviess
Galesborough Knox
Gallatia Saline
Galloway La Salle
Galum Perry
Galva Henry
Gorden Plain Whitesikes
Garken Prairie Boone
Gardner Grundy
Gard’s Point Wabash
Genesee Grove Whitesides
Gennesee Henry
Geneva Kane
Genoa De Kalb
George’s Creek Massac
Germantown Vermillon
Germantown Calinton
Gilead Calhoun
Gillespie Macoupin
Gilmer Lake
Girard Macoupin
Glasgow Scott
Godfrey Madison
Golconda Pope
Golden’s Point Hancock
Gooding’s Grove Will
Grafton Jersey
Gr’d Cote Prairie Perry
Grand Detour Ogle
Grand Pier Pope
Grand Prairies Kankakee
Grand Tower Jackson
Grandview Edgar
Grandville Putnam
Grayville White

Post Office. County.
Greenbush Warren
Greendale Marion
Greenfield Greene
Green Garden Will
Green Ridge Knox
Green River Henry
Greenup Cumberland
Greenvale Jo Daviess
Greenville Bond
Greenwood McHenry
Griggsville Pike
Grindstone McDonough
Griswold Hamilton
Grouse Kane
Groveland Tazewell
Guilford Jo Daviess
Hadley Will
Hadley Station lawrence
Hagley Cass
Hainesville Lake
Hale Ogle
Half Way Lake
Hill Franklin
Hamburgh Calhoun
Hamilton Hancock
Hamlet Mercer
Hampshire Kane
Hampton Rock Island
Hanover Jo Daviess
Hardin Calhoun
Hardinsville Crawford
Harlem Winnebago
Harmony McHenry
Harrisburg Saline
Harris Grove Jefferson
Hirrison Winnebago
Harrisonville Monroe
Hartland McHenry
Havana Mason
Hawthorn McDonough
Hazke Dell Cumberland
Heath Land Henry
Hebron McHenry
Hecker Monroe
Helena Peoria
Hemlo Whitesides
Henderson Knox
Hennepin Putnam
Henry Marshal
Hermitage Coles
Hermon Knox
Hershey’s Mill Lawrence
Hickory Lake
Hickory Creek Fayette
Hickory Grove Massac
Hickory Hill Marion
Hickory Point Livingston
Hick’s Mills DeKalb
Hidalgo Jasper
Higginsville Vermillion
Highland Madison
Highland Prairie
High Point Mercer
nigh Prairie LaSalle
Hillsboro’ Montgomery
Hillsgrove McDonough
Hitesville Coles
Grove }
Hollowayille Bureau
Homer Champaign
Hoover’s Point Macoupin
Hope Cook
Hopedale Tazewell
Hopewell Macon
Hopkin’n Grove Wayne
Hopper’s Mills Henderson
Hornsby Mocoupin
Horse Creek Will
Houston Adams
Howard Winnebago
Howard’s Point Feyette
Howardsville Stephenson
Hudson Mclean
Hullsrord Knox
Hunter Boone
Huntley’s Grove McHenry
Huntsville Schuyler
Hurricane Montgomery
Hutsonlle Crawford

Post Office. County.
Illinois City Rock Island
Illinoistown St.Clair
Independence McLean
Indian Grove Livingston
Indianola Vermillion
Indian Prairie Wayne
Inlustry McDonough
Ingraham Prairie Clay
lone Fffingham
Ionia Warren
Iowa Perry
Ipava Fulton
Ira Jo Daviess
Iroquois Iroquois
Island Creek Jasper
Jackson Stephenson
Jacksonville Morgan
Jamestown Clinton
Jasper Schuyler
Jefferson Cook
Jefferson’s Cor-
ners }
Jericho Kane
Jersey landings Jersey
Jersey Prairie Cass
Jerseyville Jersey
Johnson McDonough
Johnson’s Mills Clark
Johnston Cumberland
Jonesboro’ Union
Jones’ Creek Randolph
Jordan Vermillion
Jordan’s Grove Randolph
Joliet Will
Kane Greene
Kanesville Kane
Kansas Edgar
Kappa Woodford
Kaskaskia Randolph
Keenville Wayne
Keithsburg Mercer
Kendall Kendall
Kent Stephenson
Kentucky Vermillion
Kowannee Henry
Keysburg Pike
Keysport Clinton
Kickapoo Peoria
Killbuek Ogle
Kinderhook Pike
Kingbury Whitesides
King’s Mills Kane
Kingston DeKalb
Kingston Mines Peoria
Kishwaukee Winnebago
Knoxville Knox
Kossuth Boone
Kyte Kiver Ogle
lacey DeKalb
La Clair DeKalb
Lacon Marshall
Laenna Logan
La Fayette Stark
LaGrange Bluff Brown
La Harpe Hancock
Lake Cook
Lake Creek Will
Lake Zurich Lake
Lamb’s Point Madison
Lamburgh Iroqnois
Lamoile Bureau
Lancaster Cass
Lane Depot Ogle
Lane’s X Roads Hamilton
Laona Winnebago
La Prairie Center Marshal
Lawrenceville Lawrenc
Labanon St. Clair
Lee Ogle
Lee Center Lee
Leesville Boone
Lemonte Cook
Lena Stephenson
Lnox Warren
Lauzburg St.Clair
L’Erable Iroquois

298 Tables.—Post Offices in Illinois.
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Post Office. County.
Lo Roy McLean
Lewistown Fulton
Lexington MeLean
Leyden Cook
Leyden Center Cook
Liberty Adams
libertyville Lake
Lillecaah Will
Lima Adams
Limestone Kankakee
Lincoln Logan
Lindenwood Ogle
Lisbon Kendall
Lisle Du Page
Litchfield Montgomery
Little Detroit Tazwell
Little Muddy Franklin
Little Rock Kendall
Littleton Schuyler
Little York Warren
Liverpool Fulton
Livingston Clark
Loami Sangamon
Lokhart Maeon
Lookport Will
Lodi Clark
Logan Edgar
Lodi Station Kane
Loudon City Fayette
Longbranch Saline
lng Grove Lake
Looking Glas Clinton
Long Point Grove Cumberland
Long John Will
Long Point Livingston
Loran Stephenson
Louisa Stephenson
Louisville Clay
Lovington Moultrie
Lowell Lasalle
Low Point Woodford
Lyons Cook
Lyonsville Cook
Lytilcsville McLean
Lyndon Whitesides
Lynnville Morgan
Mackinaw Tazewell
Macomb Me Donough
Macon Bateau
Magnolia Putnam
Mahomet Champaign
Maine Cook
Maineville Cook
Mainteno Kankakee
Malugin Grove Lee
Manchester Scott
Mansfileld Kendall
Maple Grove Edwards
Maquon Knox
Marcelline Adams
Marey Franklin
Marengo McHenry
Margaretta Clark
Marietta Fulton
Marine Madison
Mnrion Will
Marian St. Clair
Maroa Macon
Marseilles Lasaile
MamhaH Clark
Martha Furnace Hardin
Martinsburg Pike
Martinsville Clark
Hinrontah St. Chair
Mattoon Coles
Maulding’e Mills Wayne
Kay Hill Lee
Maysville Clay
Mann Grundy
McCleary’s Bluff Wabash
MoConnell’s Gr’e Stephen-on
McGary Hancock
McHenry McHenry
McLeansboro Hamilton
Mechanicsburgh Sangamon
Medina Winnebago
Melrose Clark
Mendon Adams
Mendota Lasalie
Meredosia Morgan

Post Office. County.
Mercia Rock Island
Merona McHenry
Metamora Woodford
Metropolis City Massae
Middle Fork Fultou
Middle Grove Fulton
Midlcport Inquois
Middletown Logan
Midway Fulton
Mier Wabash
Miles’ Station Macoupin
Milford Inoquois
Mill Creek Rock Island
Millbnrn Lake
Milledgeville Carroll
Millersburg Mercor
Mill Grove Stephenson
Mills’ Prairie Edwards
Millstadt St. Clair
Millville Jo Davisai
Milo Bureau
Milroy Knor
Miltoa Pike
Minouk Woodford
Minooka Grundy
Mission Point Lasalle
Mode Stelby
Mokena Will
Moline Rock Island
Momena Kankakee
Monee Will
Monmouth Warren
Montgomery Kane
Monterey Calhoun
Momexuaoa Pike
Montkello Piatt
Monument Pike
Moore’s Prairie Jefferson
Morlaris Wayne
Morris Grundy
Morristown Henry
Mossville Peoria
Moullunville Madison
Mound City Pulaski
Mount Auburn Christian
Mount Carmel Wabash
Mount Erie Wayaa
Mount Hawley Perry
Mount Hawley Peoria
Mount Hope McLean
Mount Langum Iroquois
Mouul Liberty Marion
Mount Meacham Schuyler
Mount Morris Ogle
Mount Palestine Putnam
Mount Pleasant Union
Mounti Prospect Whitesides
Mount Pulaski Logan
Mount sterling Brown
Mount Summer Jo Paview
Mount Vernon Jefferson
Mount Zion Woodl’ord
Moweaqua Shelby
Mudd Creek St. Claire
Mulberry Grove Bond
Munroe City Monroe
Murphyabaro Jackson
Meyer’s Mills Vermillion
Naausay Kendall
Nachaosa Lee
Naperville Du Page
Naples Scott
Nashville Washington
Nauvoo Hancock
Neapolis Shelby
Kepoiuet Bureau
Nevada Stephenson
Newark Kendall
New Baltimore Wayne
New Bedford Bureau
Newbern Jersey
New Boston Mercer
New Bremen Cook
Noiv Clyde White-ides
Newell Vermillion
New Erin Stephenson
New Franklin Wayne
New Gaataase Whitesides
New Hartford Pike
New Haven Gallatin

Post Office. County.
New Hebron Crawford
Nelson Effiingham
New Hope Wabash
New Lancaster Warren
New Lebanon Do Kalb
New Liberty Pope
New Massilloa Wayne
New Maysville Pike
Pew Michiganl Livingston
New Milford WinnebagO
New Plato Kane
New Bedford Lake
Neios Calhoun
New Salem Pike
Kewton Jasper
New Frier Cook
Now Virgil Kane
Ney De Kalb
Wright’s Prairie Hamilton
Niles Cook
Noble Richland
No Crove Lasalle
Nora Jo Daviess
Northfield Cook
North Fork Vermillion
North Hampton Peoria
North Henderson Mercer
North Kingston De Kalb
North Plate Kane
North Prairie Knox
Northville Lasalle
Norton Tazewell
Norway Lasalle
Noyesville Cook
Oak Hill Lake
Oakland Coles
Oakulla Iroquois
Oblong Crawford
Oconee Station Shelby
Osceeola Stark
Odell Livingatoa
O’Fallon Depot St. Clair
Ogle Ogle
Ogle Station Lee
Ohio Bunnww
Ohio Farm Kendall
Ohio Grove De Kalb
Okaw Washington
Old Farm Larmnot
Old Ripley Bond
Olena Henderson
Olive Lawrence
Oneco Stephenson
Olney Richland
Ouargo Iroquois
Onega Marion
Onewa Knox
potario Knox
Ophir Lasale
Oquawka Henderson
Orange Prairie Peoria
Oraugeville Stephenson
Oregon Ogle
Orion Henry
Orlnd Cook
Orfeani Mofgaa
Onage Franklin
Ostend McHenry
Oswego Kendall
Otseg Lake
Ottawa Lasalle
Otter Creek Jersey
Otto Fulton
Owaneco Christian
Oxbow Putnam
Oxford Henry
Paddock’s Grove Madtaoa
Padua McLean
Paine’s Depot Ogle
Palatine Cook
Palestine Crawford
Palo Alto Hamilton
Paloma Adams
Palos Cook
Pana Christian
Panola Station WoodfoH
Panther Creek Cass
Paradise Coles
Paris Edgar
Parkensburg Richard

Post Office. County.
Park’s Corners Boone
Patoka Marion
Pavilion Kendall
Paw Paw Grove Lee
Payson Adams
Poarl Pike
Pecatontn Winnebago
Pekin Tazewell
Pellonia Massac
Pennsylvania Rock Island
Pera Station Champaign
Perkin’s Grove Bureau
Perry Pike
Perrytown Mercer
Persifer Knox
Peru Lasallo
Pesotum Champaign
Petersburg Menard
Petty’s Lavrrewoo
Peoria Peoria
Phillipstown White
Piasa Macoupin
Picayune Warren
Pierce Will
Pierceville De Kalb
Pilot Vermillion
Pilot Grove Hancock
Pilot Hill Mason
Pinkneyvillo Perry
Pingree Grave Kane
Pink Prairie Henry
Pin Oak Wayne
Pisgah Greene
Piiman Adams
Piltsfield Pike
Plainfleld Will
Plain View Macoupin
Plano Kendall
Plato Iroquois
Platteville Kendall
Pleasant Hill Pike
Pleasni Plains Sangaxnon
Pleasant Ridge Rock Island
Pleasant Shade Franklin
Pleasant Vale Pike
Pleasant Valley Jo Iiaviess
Pleaaaat View Schuyler
Plum Cook
Plum Hill Washington
Plumltiver Jo Paviem
Plymouth Hancock
Pocahontas Bond
Point Pleasant Champaign
Polo Ogle
Pontiac Livingston
Poutoosae Hancock
Pope Creek Mercer
Poplar Grove Boone
Port Byron Rock Island
Port Clinton Lake
Portland Whitesides
Prairie Bird Shelby
Prairie City McDonough
Prairie Creek Logan
Prairie De Loug St. Clair
Prairie Du
Rocher }
Prairie Hill Will
Prairie Monad Fayettfl
Prarieville Rock Iiland
Preiinption Mercer
Preston Randolph
Princeton Bureau
Princeviile Peoria
Prophetstown Whitesides
Prospect Lee
Providence Bureau
Piwski Cook
Pulaki Hancock
Quincy Adams
Quiver Mason
Racoon Marion
Raleigh Saline
Remany Fayette
Grove }
Raneyabnfg Washington
Rattlemaka White
Heading Livingston
Rector Hamilton

Tables.—Post Offices in Illinois. 299
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Post Office. County.
Red Bud Randolph
Renault Monroe
Rhoadea Point Macoupin
Rich Cook
Richardson Vermillion
Richfield Adams
Richland Sangamon
Richmond Grove Mercer
Richmond McHenry
Rich view Washington
Ridue Farm Vermillion
Ridgeley Madison
Ridotta Stephensou
Riley McHenry
Ringgold Cook
Kingword McHonry
Ronosa Iroquois
Ripley Brown
Risdon st. Clair
Rising Sun Macoupin
Robins’ Nest Peotio
Robinson Crawford
Kobinson’s Mills Menard
Rochester Saugamon
Rochester Mills Wabash
Rock Pope.
Kockbridge Greene
Rock Creek Carroll
Rockford Winnebago
Rock Grove Stephenson
Rockport Pike
Rockport Stepbenson
Rocksong Winnebago
Rolandville Kaukakee
Roland White
Roma Jefferson
Romeo Farms Peoria
Romeo McHenry
Rook’s Creek Livingston
Roscoe Winnebago
Roscoe Station Winnebago
Rose Bud Marshall
Kose Hill Peoria
Rose Hill Jasper
Rosemond Christian
Roseville Warren
Rosiclare Hardin
Ross’ Grove De Kalb
Rough & Ready De Kalb
Round Grove Whitesides
Ruark Lawrenoe
Ruma Randolph
Rural Retreat Coles
Rash Joe Daviees
Rushaway Menard
Rushville Mehuyler
Russelville Lawrence
Ruthsville M’tgemery
Rutland Kane
Sacton Clark
Sagone Du Page
Saint Anne Kaukakee
Saint Augustine Fulton
St. Francisville Laweence
Saint Jacob Madison
Saint Josephs Clampaign
Saint Marie Jasper
Saint Marys Hancock
Salm Marion
Salisbury Saugamon
Saline will
Haline Mills Gallatin
Sammon’s Point Kaukakee
Sand Creek Shelby
Sandoval Marion
Sandwich De Kalb
Sandy Ridge Grundy
Sangamon Macon
Santa Anna De Witt
Santa Fe Alexander
Sarahsville Will
Savanna Carroll
Saxon Henry

Post Office. County.
Scales Mound Jo Daviess
scott La Salle
Scottville Macoupin
Selfridgeville Will
Selma McLean
Serena La Salle
Senex McLean
Seward’s Kendall
Seward’s Point Kendall
Grove }
De kalb
Sharon Whitesides
Sharon Whitesides
Schaumburgh Cook
Shawnectown Gallatin
Shaw’s Point Macoupin
Sheffield Bureau
Shelburn Lee
Sheldon’s Crore Sehulyler
Shelby Station Bureau
Shelbyville shelby
Sherburneville Will
Shipman Macoupin
Shokokon Henderson
Sidney Champaign
Silver Creek Stephenson
Simoda Kankakee
Sbvckwater Stark
Smithton Saint Clair
Smithville Peoria
Smnoot’s Point Menard
Sodom Champaign
Sodorum Champaign
Solon Mills McHenry
Somerset Saline
Somonank De kalb
South America Saline.
South Grove De Kulb
South Hampton Gallatin
Southampton Peoria
South Xortkfield Cook
South port Peoria
Sparta Randolph
Spencer Hill
Spring Bay Woodford
Spring Creek McPonough
Springfield Sangamon
Spring Garden Jefifeson
Spring Grove Warren
Spring Hill Whitesides
Spring Lake Tazewelll
Spring Valley Carroll
Springville Coles
Squaw Grove De Kalb
St. Albans Hancock
Starfield Peoria
Staunton Macoupin
St. Charles Kane
Steele’s Mills Randolph
sterling Whitewdea
Steuben Marshall
stiflesville Crawford
Stockton Jo Ja Daviess
Stone’s Prairie Adams
Stoningtown Clristian
Stout’s Grove McLean
Strasburgh Cook
Stringtown Richland
Sublette Lee
Sugar Greek Will
Sugar Urovt Kane
Sullivan Moutrie
sulphur Springs Will
Summerfiled Saint Clair
Summer Hill Pike
Summerville Peoria
Summum Fulton
Sumner Lawrance
Sunbeam Mercer
Sunbury Livingston
Suttorn’s Point Clay
Swan Creek Warren
sweet Water Menard
Sycamore De Kalb

Post Office. County.
Svlva Sehuyler
Sylvandale Hancock
Table Grove Fulton
Tarusah Christian
Talcott’s Ferry Rock Island
Tanmaroa Perry
Taylor Ogle
Taylorsville Christian
Ten Mile Grove Vermillion
Tennesse McDonough
Teutopolis Effingham
Texas Randolph
Thebes Alexander
Thornton Cook
Thornton station Cook
Timber Peorie
Time Peoria
Tiskilva Bureau
Toledo Union
Tolona Champaign
Toluca Madison
Tunica La Salle
Toulon Stark
Towanda McLean
Towertown Cumberland
Tremoat Tazewell
Trenton Clinton
Tivoli Peoria
Troy Madison
Troy Grove La Salle
Troy Mills Fulton
Truro Knox
Truxton Bureau
Tunbridge De Witt
Turner Du Page
Tyler Winnebago
Uba Piatt
Udina Kane
Ullin Pulaski
Union McHenry
Union Grove Whitesides
Uniontown Knox
Unity Alexander
Upper Alton Madiera
Opp. Embarrass Coles
Urbana Champaign
Urbaae Jaoksn
Ursa Adams
Ustiek Whitesides
Utah Warren
Utica La Salle
Valley Forge Pnlaski
Van Buren De Kalb
Vaadalia Fayette
Venice Madlaeo
Vergennes Jackson
Wnnilliouville la .-alle
Vermont Fulfil
Vernon Crawford
Versailles Brown
Victoria Knox
Vienna Johnson
Vietta Grundy
Virden Macoupin
Virgil Kulttm
Virginia Cass
Wabash Wayne
Wabaah Valley Clark
Waddam’s Grove Stepheson
Wakefield Richland
Wales Ogle
Walker’sGrore Mason
Walker’s Neck Brown
Wallingford will
Wallridge Pulaski
Walnut Bureau
Walnut Grove Knox
Walnut Hill Marion
Walnut Shade Pope
Walshville M’tgonury
Waltham La Salle
Wapello De.Witt
Ward’s Grove Jo Daviess

Post Office. County.
Warren Jo Daviess
Warriusville Du Page
Warrenton Lake
Warsaw Hancock
Washbum Marshall
Washington Tiuewell
Wataga Knox
Waterloo Monroe
Wankegan Lake
Wauconda Morgane
Waverly Morgan
Waverly Station La Salle
Wayland Schuyler
Wayne Du Page
Wayneaville De Witt
Webb’s lrairie Frinklin
Webirter Hancock
Wellington Lake
Wenoaa Station Marshall
Wentworth lake
Wesley City Tazewell
Western Sara-
toga }
Westfleld Clark
West Hebron McHenry
West Hebroy Stark
Westminster Shelby
West Northfield Cock
Weston Jo Daviess
West Salem Edwards
West Urbana Champaign
West Wheeling Cook
Wethersfield Henry
Wetweather Jasper
Wheailand Will
Wheaton Du Page
Wheeling Cook
Whitclield Marshall
White Hall Greene
White Oak
Springs }
White Rock Ogle
Wikekliffe Cook
Wilkesborongh MeLean
Williamsburg De Kalb
Williamsville Sagamon
Wilmington Will
Willow Creek Lee
Willow Hill Jasper
Winchester Scott
Winlfield Du Page
Winneshiek Stephenaon
Winslow Stejilienson
Winthrop Kane
Wiona Bureau
Woolsboro Mtgomety
Woodlnirn Macoupin
Wo bury Cumberland
WoodHand Schuyler
Woodslow Fangand
Woosung Ogle
Woodville Adams
Worth Cook
Worthington Jackson
Wooilville Adams
Worth Cook
Worthington Jackson
Wyanet Bureau
Wayne Center Du Pages
Wyoming Stark
Wythe Hancock
Xenia Clay
Yellow Creek Steyhenson
Grove }
York Craford
York Center Crawford
York town Pureau
Young McDonough
Young America Warren
Zabriskie De Wilt
Zale Jasper
Zanesville M’tgomery
Zif Wayne
Zion Morgan

300 Tables.—Post Offices in Iowa.
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Post Office. County.
Abingdon Jefferson
Abseecom Jefferson
Adair Adair
Adel Dallas
Afton Union
Agency City Wapello
Agricola Mahaska
Albany Appanoose
Albia Monroe
Albion Marshall
Albright’s Des Moines
Alden Hardin
Algona Kossuth
Allen’s Grove Scott
Alma Dubuque
Altona Louisa
Alpine City Wapello
Amboy Washington
Ambrosia Lee
Amity Scott
Anamosa Jones
Andrew Jackson
Apple Grove Polk
Arbor Hill Adair
Argo Lucas
Arnoldsville Howard
Ashland Wapello
Ashton Monona
Aspinwall Dubuque
Atalissa Muscatine
Attica Marion
Auburn Mahaska
Augusta Des Moines
Austin Fremont
Avery Monroe
Bailey’s Ford Delaware
Barciay Black Hawk
Bartlitteville Clark
Batavia Jefferson
Bear Creek Poweshiek
Bear Grove Guthrie
Bear Grove Butler
Bedford Taylor
Beclar’s Grove Floyd
Belle Fountain Makaska
Bellevue Jackson
Belmond Wright
Bennington Marion
Benton City Benton
Beaton’s Port Van Buren
Bethlehem Wayne
Beulah Benton
Big Mouud Lee
Big Rock Scott
Birmingham Van Buren
Bladenburg Wapello
Blakesburg Wapello
Blakevilie Blackllawk
Bloomfield Davis
Bloomington Polk
Blue Grass Scott
Blue River Shelby
Bluff Creek Mahaska
Bluffton Winneshiek
Bonaparte Van Buren
Roone Dallas
Boonesboro Boone
Boon Spring Clinton
Border Plain Webster
Boulder Linn
Rowen’s Prairie Jones
Boyer Pot’wat’me
Boyer River Crawford
Badford Chickasaw
Bran lon Buchanan
Bridgeport Jackson
Brighton Washington
Brookfield Clinton
Bookville Jefferson
Bush Creek Fayette
Buena Vista Clinton
Buffalo Grove Buchanan
Buncombe Dubuque
Burgess Clinton

Post Office. County.
Business Corner Van Buren
Butler Keokuk
Butler Center Butler
Caledonia Ringgold
Calhoun Harrison
Calmar Winneshiek
Camargo Lee
Cambria Wayne
Cambiidge Story
Canton Jackson
Capoli Allemakee
Cardiff Mitchell
Carlisle Warren
Carthage Johnson
Cuscade Dubuque
Castalia Winneshiek
Castle Grove Jones
Cedar Cedar
Cedar Falls BlackHawk
Cedar Grove Lucas
Cedar Rapids Linn
Cedar Valley BlarkHawk
Center Page
Center Grove Muscatine
Center Point Linn
Center Valley Allemakee
Centreville Appanoose
Ceutralia Dubuque
CerroGordo Mills
Channingville Dubuque
Chariton Lucas
Charleston Lee
Charlotte Clinton
Chatham Buchanan
Chequist Davis
Chickasaw Chiekasaw
Chiilicothe Wapello
Cincinnati Appanoose
Clarinda Page
Clay Washington
Clayton Clayton
Clear Lake City Cerro Gordo
Clermont Fayette
Clinton Clinton
Clio Wayne
Cobb Jackson
Coffin’s Grove Delaware
Cold Water Delaware
Colony Delaware
Columbia Marion
Columbus City Louisa
Competine Wapello
Concord Louisa
Cono lowa
Capi Johnson
Cora Mitchell
Corn Hill Fayette
Cory Fremont
Corydon Wayne
Cottage Hill Dubuque
Cottonviili Jackson
Council Bluffs Pot’wat’mie
Council Hill Clayton
Cox Creek Clayton
Crawfordsville Washington’
Croton Lee
Cuba Monroe
Dahlonega Wapello
Dakotah Webster
Dallas Marion
Danville Des Moines
Davenport Scott
Davis’ Creek Washington
Dawsonsburg Fremont
Dayton Iowa
Decatur Decatur
Decorah Winueshiek
Deep River Poweshiek
Delhi Delaware
Denmark Lee
De Witt Clinton
Dixon Scott
Dodgeville Des Moines
Dorrville Warren

Post Office. County.
Burk Benton
Burlington Des Moines
Burr Oak Winneshiek
Douglas Fafayette
Downard w a
Downey Cedar
Drakesville Davis
Dry Creek L nn
Duane Jones
Dubuque Dubuque
Durango Dubuque
Dutch Creek Washington
Dyersville Dubuque
East Grove Henry
Eddyville Wapello
Eden Fayette
Edinburgh Jones
Edna Cass
Eldora Hardin
El Dorado Fayette
Elgin Fayette
Eliza Black Hawk
Elkader Clayton
ElkGrove Hancock
Elkport Clayton
Elk River Clinton
Elk Run Black Hawk
Elliot Jasper
Ellisdale Pot’wat’mie
Elm Springs Butler
Elvira Clinton
Ely Marion
Emeline Jackson
Engl. Settlement Marion
Enterprise Black Hawk
Epworth Dubuque
Erin Buchanan
Exira Audubon
Fairbank Buchanan
Fairfleld Jefferson
Fairport Munscatine
Fairview Jones
Farmersburgh Clayton
Farmer’s Creek Jackson
Farmington Van Buren
Fillmore Dubuque
Fontainebleau Harrison
Fontanelle Adair
Flint Mahaska
Florence Mills
Floris Davis
Floyd Floyd
Ford’s Grove Linn
Forest City Winebago
Forestville Delaware
Forfax Linn
Fort Atkinson Winneshiek
Fort Des Moines Polk
Fort Dodge Webster
Fort Madison Lee
Fort Plain Warren
Franklin Dertur n
Franklin Center Leca
Frank Pierce Joe on
Frankville Whnsshieke
Freedom Winne
Frel Polay
Freeland Lucas
Freeman Floyd
Freeport Winneshiek
Fremont Mahaska
French Creek Allemakee
Frink’s Grove Buchanan
Fryeburgh Wright
Fulton Jackson
Gainesborough Van Buren
Garden Grove Depatur
Garnaville Clayton
Garry Owen Jackson
Gaston Fremont
Georgetown Monroe
Garmanville Jefferson
Gilard Clayton
Gilmantown Fleyd

Post Office. County.
Glasgow Jefferson
Glassnevin Dubuque
Glenn’s Clark
Glenwood Mills
Gold Field Wright
Goshen Story
Gosport Marion
Gower’s Ferry Cedar
Grand Meadow Clayton
Grand Mound Clinton
Grand River Wayne
Grand View Louisa
Grandville Mahaska
Gravity Taylor
Gray’s Creek Monroe
Greely’s Grove Buchanan
Greene Wapello
Green Bay Lee
Green Hill Delaware
Greenwille Lucas
Grove Creek Delaware
Grundy Center Grundy
Guthrie Center Guthrie
Guttenburg Clayton
Gwinville Benton
Half Way Prairie Monroe
Hamilton Marion
Hamlin Grove Audubon
Hammondsb’gh Warren
Handsome View Warren
Hardin Allemakee
Hardin City Hardin
Harmony Jefferson
Harrison Louisa
Hartford Warren
Hartwick Delaware
Harwell Cedar
Hawk Eye Des Moines
Hawleysville Page
Hazle Green Delaware
Hibbaville Appanoone
Hickory Grove Jackson
Hickory Point Clark
Higginsport Jackson
High Grove Clayton
Highland Clayton
Highland Grove Jones
Hillsborough Henry
Holladay’s Adair
Home Van Buren
Homer Webster
Homestead Iowa
Honey Creek Clayton
Honey Grove Cedar
Hopeville Clark
Hopewell Mahaska
Hopkinton Delaware
Huron Des Moines
Icarin Adams
Iconium Appanoose
Illyria Fayezte
Independence Buchanan
Indianapolis Mahaska
Indian Creek Mills
Indianola Warren
Indian Town Tama
Ingraham Mills
Ireland Cedar
Ion Allemakee
Iowa City Johnson
Iowaville Van Buren
Ironistan Cass
Iron Hills Jackson
Jacksonville Chickasaw
Jamestown Howard
Jaynesville Bremen
Jeddo City Harrison
Jonnieton Iowa
Johnson Jones
Settlement }
Johnstown Apponoose
Jona Marion
Jone Iowa

Tables.—Post Offices in Iowa. 301
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Post Office. County.
Julien Dubuque
Keokuk Lee
Keosauqua Van Buren
Kings Union
Kingston Dos Moineg
Kinisaw Tama
Kirkville Wapello
Knox Blawk Hawk
Knoxviile Marion
Koasntb Des Koinei
Ktttxbi Iowa
Lacona Warren
Lactin Cedar
Lafayette Linn
La Grange Lucas
La Motte Jackson
Lancaster Keokuk
Lansing Allemakeo
La Porte Clark
Laporte City Black Hawk
Laredo Mahaska
Lebanon Van Buren
Le Clair Scott
Le Grand Marshall
Leo Fayette
Leon Decatur
Leoni Butler
Lewis Cass
Libertyville Jefferson
Lima Fayette
Lime Spring Howard
Limestone Des Moines
Linn Grove Scott
Lintou Des Moines
Linbon Linn
little Port Clayton
Lockridge Jefferson
Lovilia Monroe
Lovell Henry
Lura Cass
Lybrand Allemakee
Lycurgus Allemakee
Lynn Warren
Lynnville Jasper
Lyons Clinton
Macedonia Pot’wat’iuie
Madison Jones
Magnolia Harrison
Makee Allemakee
Manchester Delaware
Manti Fremont
Maquokcta Jarkson
Maruellus Washington
tfarengo Iowa
Marietta Marshall
Miirion Linn
Marshall Henry
Marshalltown Marshall
Martiu’s Ranch Harrison
Martinsburg Keokuk
Marysville Benton
Mason City Cerro Gordo
Massillon Cedar
Landing }
Grove }
Melpine Muacatine
Memphis Ammuboom
Mennon Marion
Middle River Madison
Midiltown Des Moines
Midway Polk
Millfurd Clark
Millcray Dubuque
Millsburg Iowa
Millville Clayton
Milton Van Buren
Min-ral Ridge Boone
Mondieu Linn
Moneek Winneshul
Momnouth Jackson
Monroe Jasper
Monterey Davis
MontpeUtt Warrfri
Montrose Lee
Moravia Appanoose

Post Office. County.
Morfordsville Johnson
Morformon Hill Marshall
Morning Sun Louisa
Morrinburgh Guthrin
Moscow Muscatine
Uouut Algor Jackson
fount Ayr Ringgold
Hount Calvary Davis
Mount Hope Delaware
Mount Joy scott
Hount Plesaut Henry
Mount Sterling Van Buren
Mount Vernou Linn
Muscatine Museatine
National Clayton
Nautrill Bremer
Necott Linn
Nem Con Madison
Nevada Story
Newbern Marion
Jew Boston Lee
New Buda Deciitur
Newport Center Johnson
New Hampton Chitrkasaw
New Liberty Scott
New London Henry
New Market Van Buren
New Oregon Howard
Newport Johnson
New Stynd Claytou
Newton Jasper
New Vienna Dubuque
Nine Eagles Decatur
North Branch Madison
North Knglinh Iowa
Northfleld Des Moines
North Liberty, Johnson
North Skunk
River }
Nottingham Davii
Nugent’s Groye Liun
Oak Grore Linn
Oakland Dubuque
Onkland Henry
Oakland Mills Henry
Oak Point Van Buren
Oak Spring Davis
Oceola Clark
Ola Tama
Old Mieeion Winneihiek
Olean Keokuk
Onion Groye Cedur
Orange Clinton
Oriou Fayette
Oro M’tgomory
Orvillc Mitehell
Ottawa Clark
Otter Creek Jackson
Ottumwa Wapello
Oskaloosa Mahaska
Osprey M Monroe
Ossian Allcmakee
Owen’s Grore Cerro Gordo
Oxford Johnson
Oxark Jackson
Paint Rock Allemakee
Parkersburg Butler
Ozark Johnson
Palmyra Warren
Palo Linn
Pain Alto Louiss.
Pameko Van Buren
Panther Creek Clayton
Parrish Des Moines
Peck’s Ferry Clayton
Pedee Cedar
Pella Marion
Penora Guthrie
Pcoria Mahaska
Peoria City Polk
Peru Madison
Petersville Union
Philadelphia Van Buren
Ptallo Union
Pierce Jones
Pike Muscatine
Pilot Grove Lee
Pin Oak Dubuque
Pine Buchanan
Pioneer Grove Cedar

Post Office. County.
Pittsburg Van Buren
Plasneville Warren
Platt Union
Pleasant Grove Des Moinea
Pleasant Hill Cedar
Pleasant Plane Jefferaon
Pleasautville Marion
PlcasantValley Scott
Pluin Creek Delaware
Plum Spring Delaware
Plymouth Rock Winnoshiek
Point Isabelle Wapidlo
Poughkeepsie Hardiu
Polk City Polk
Polk Piicinet Breiner
Port Allen Louisa
Portland Van Buren
Port Louis Louisa
Pottevitte Alleniakee
Pottsville Washington
Poultney De aware
Prairie Creek Iowa
Preparation Monona
Princeton Scott
Primrose Lee
Prospect Hill Linn
Pulaski Davis
Pymosa Cass
Pyra Warren
Quatqueton Buchanan
Queen’s Point Madisou
Quincy Adams
Rapids Boone
Bavenwopd Shelby
Redding Ringold
Redman Tama
Red Oak Cedar
Red Rock Marion
Reedsville Marshall
Richland Keokuk
Richmond Washington
Ripley Floyd
Rising Sun Polk
River Side Boone
Riverton Floyd
Kocheitcr Cedar
Roekford Floyd
Rccksylvania Hardin
Rorkville Deleware
Rolley Jaekson
Rome Henry
Ross Hill Mahasta
Rosette Cedar
Bora Grove M’tgomery
Rossville Allemakee
Round Grove Scott
Sabula Jaekson
Saint Ansgar Milchell
Saint Charles Madison
Saint Donat us Jackson
Saint Julian Liuu
Saint Marys Linn
Salem Henry
Saliua Jeffrson
Salt Creek Davis
Savannah Davis
Sciola M’tgomery
Soltch Grove Jones
Scott Mahaska
Satgeant’s Bluff Woodbury
Seventy eight Johnson
S’Vfnty seven Johnson
Sharon Appauoose
Shelby Clarke
Shelbyville Shelby
Shell Rock Butler
Shell Rock Falls Cerro Gordo
Shutyville Johnson
Sidney Fremont
Sigourney Keokuk
Sioux City Woodbury
Smithland Woodbury
Solon Johnson
South English Keokuk
South Flint Des Moiucs
South Fork Wayuo
Spring Brook Jackson
Rpridg Dala Cedar
Springfield Keokuk
Spring Grove Linn

Post Office. County.
Spring Rock Clinton
Spring Run Louisa
Springville Linn
Spruce Mills Jackaon
Steady Run Keokuk
Steamboat Rock Hardin
Sterling Jackson
Stiles Davis
Point }
Strawbry Hill Muscatine
String Prairie Lee
Strlngtown Davis
Sugar Grove Poweshiek
Snllivau Jackson
Suiimur Hill Jackson
Summerset Polk
Sumnntville Lee
Swecds Point Boone
Center }
Tabor Fremont
Tallahoma Lucas
Tamarille Tama
Tarkio Page
Taylor Davis
Taylor Hill Grundy
Taylor’s Grove Benton
Taylorsville Fayette
Terry’s Marion
Timber Creek Mahaska
Tipton Cedar
Tivoli Dubuque
Toledo Tama
Toolsborough Louisa
Toronto Clinton
Tower Hill Deleware
Trenton Henry
Troy Davis
Twin Spring Winneshiek
Union Mills Matitlri
Union Prairie Allcmakee
Uuiontviwn Delaware
Uuionville Appaucose
Upton Van Huran
Utica Van Buren
Valley Washington
Valley Farm Linn
Van Buren Jeckson
Vandal Jasper
Vega Henry
Vernon Van Buren
Veruou Springs Howard
Victor Poweshick
Vinton Benton
Viola Delaware
Virginia Grove Louisa
Volga City Clayton
Volney Allemakee
Wahagbbousy Mills
Walnut Jefferson
Walnut Creek Polk
Walnut Fork Jones
Walnut Grove Scott
Mills }
Wapello Louisa
Warren Lee
Warsaw Wavne
Washington Wahington
Wassonviile Washington
Waterford Jackson
Waterloo Black Hawk
Watirvilln Alldmakee
Waucoma Fayette
Waverly Bremer
Wawkon Allemakee
Wayne Henry
Webster Keokuk
Webster City Webster
Well’s Landing Dubuque
Will’s Mills Appauoose
Welton Clinton
West Brnnrh Cedar
Wrat Buffalo Scott
Westfirld Fayette
West Grov Davis
West Muscatinc
West Point Lee
West Union Fayette

302 Tables.—Licensed Pilots.
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Post Office. County.
Wexford Allemakee
Wheeling Marion
While Cloud Mills
White Breast Clark
Wickliffe Jackson
Willoghby Butler
Willson’s Ford Allemakee

Post Office. County.
Wimer’s Mills Keokuk
Winchester Van Buren
Windham Johnson
Windsor Fayette
Winfleld Henry
Winneshiek Winneshie
Winternset Madison

Post Office. County.
Wiscotta Dallas
Wolcott Soott
Woodbine Harison
Woodbridge Cedar
Wooster Jefferson
Wyoming Jones
Xenia Hardin

Post Office. County.
Yattnn Settle-
ment }
Yatton Wnshington
Yellow Spring DesMoines
Vork Delaware
Zwingli Jackson

Licensed Pilots.
Upper Mississippi.
Jno. M.Little, .
JohnManly, .
J. N.Thrasher, .
AbsalomGrimes, .
ThomasDouglass, .
Jas. H.Parker, .
Elias A.Owens, .
W.Blakely, .
Thos. H.Taylor, .
LewisClaymore, .
Bphraim F.Owens, .
Jas.Coleman, .
Isaac N.Wagoner, .
CorneliusFaulkner, .
Wm.William W.Allen, .
Geo. W.Lenox, .
LeonardJones, .
LouisMoran, .
Wm.William O.Hall, .
H. B.West,
Wm.William H.Briggs, .
HoratioBlaksley, .
Wm.William H.Humphries, .
Chas.Davis, .
Thos. T.Rabey, .
John A.Williams, .
Levi R.Williams, .
F. D.Parkinson, .
Wm.WilliamRobbins, .
E. P.Parker, .
StephenMartel, .
G. B.Hughart, .
Wm.William B.Richardson, .
Chas. J.Stanton, .
Loyd F.Felt, .
Wm.William P.Hight, .
Wm.William D.Daughe, .
Hugh L.White, .
SamuelKirkham, .
Wm.William H.Capp, .
DavidTippton, .
Richard C.Stephens, .
DanielWright, .
JohnManley, .
JohnCarroll, .
J. F.Glenn, .
Thos. F.Perdeau, .
HenryWhite, .
C. V.Willman, .
E. B.Goll, .
C D.Mulford, .
EdwardCalahan, .
WashingtonHight, .
Isaac G.Gellon, .
Wm.William A.Goll, .
JohnMcGennis, .
John B.Goll, .
Wm.William M.Owens, .
Oscar M.Ruby, .
Jno. P.Clark, .
EgbertWilliams, .
Jas. W.Mullen, .
Jno. G.Jackson, .
JeffersonBrown, .
S. A.McPbeeters, .
RichardMcGinnis, .
Wm.WilliamWood, .
Thos. B.Amos, .
Jas. C.McGinnis, .
PeterLindell, .
John H.Burk, .
JohnMaloney, .
Wm.William F.Parker, .
Wm.WilliamHoliday, .
Phineas B.Dickson, .
EdmuodGray, .
Wm.WilliamMassie, .
Thos. F.Parker, .
AlfredMonkuh, .
Wm.WilliamLindell, .
JamesWilson, .
Calvin H.Pratt, .
S. S.Mattison, .
Thos G.Boon, .
Wm.WilliamSehoolfield, .
AlbertWempner, .
John L.Thornton, .
D. S.Harris, .
Jno.King, .
A. G.Van Pelt, .
Philip P.Porter, .
J. N.Montgomery, .
Alfred S.Lightner, .
Wm.William H.Blodget, .
PeterMaun, .
H. S.Montgomery, .
Robt.Wright, .
J. H.Campbell, .
Wm.William A.Mattison, .
JepthaDickson, .
SanuelCurtess, .
D. R.Asbury, .
Benj.Gregg, .
Geo.Shaw, .
Chas. H.Lawson, .
DavidBerry, .
AramGrammer, .
Wm.William A.Gregory, .
Wm.WilliamMcGinnis, .
Job M.Wing, .
Benj. T.Lightfoot, .
MilesBrock, .
MilesGrammer, .
SamuelHart, .
A. D.Laclare, .
H.Lee, .
Thos.Ward, .
Wilford P.Hale, .
L. W.Moore, .
AdolRoot, .
Wm.William E.Gere, .
A. T.Jackson, .
N. W.Parker, .
John M.Little, .
A. L.Carter, .
FranklinBurnett, .
John D.Lisle, .
Low’r Mississippi.
Z.Leaveuworth, .
JohnZeigler, .
Chas. S.Devine, .
Wm.WilliamMolloy, .
John H.Bark, .
Jas. B.Homans, .
Chas. M.Scott, .
F. M.Cayton, .
Wm.WilliamMundy, .
S. N.Wyle, .
Wm.WilliamTingley, .
Calvin H.Pratte, .
JohnBarclay, .
Jno.Harbison, .
Joseph T.Sutton, .
Wm.WilliamFarris, .
Alex.Criddle, .
J. A.Stephenson, .
JohuElliott, .
Henry A.Ealer, .
Jno. C.Watson, .
RobertKey, .
Wm.William T.Henly, .
Myres H.Gray, .
Thos. R.Lowery, .
Joseph W.Carroll, .
LeonardRudd, .
Wm.William O.Thornburgh, .
Wm.William J.Libs, .
Geo. W.Taylor, .
John G.Harris, .
Robt.Kirkpatrick, .
Jno. M.Hainbleton, .
J. L.Tbornborgh, .
John B.Downing, .
JohnWhite, .
W. H.Ely, .
N.Roberts, .
F. D.Homau, .
J.Woodbourn, .
Wm.William T.Brown, .
Wm.William J.Berry, .
H. G.Switzer, .
J. H.Thorp, .
J. L.Tenneson, .
Jas. C.Delancy, .
JohnDenning, .
Wm.William W.Harden, .
JohnBox, .
JamesKelly, .
JohnWay, .
W. S.Kibbin, .
Geo.Vicars, .
Wm.WilliamTousley, .
Geo.Newhouse, .
Wm.William P.Stewart, .
R.Philips, .
JasAllen, .
E. L.Fulkerson, .
JohnLoughridge, .
MichaelGaven, .
ZobiskeyJoley, .
Wm.William L.Smith, .
Isaac C.Cable, .
DanielDuffY, .
C. J.Davis, .
Jas. H.Hayden, .
JeremiahPetit, .
Wm.William H.Leonard, .
J. W.Bryan, .
EdwardStephens, .
Jas. B.Thomas, .
J. E.Montgomery, .
Jas L.Brady, .
D. H.Kennett, .
John D.Hodges, .
Wm.WilliamBlakly, .
G. W.Spaihawk, .
SamuelLoughridge, .
RobertSmith, .
Wm.WilliamBowen, .
Wm.WilliamGallaher, .
David W.Chapman, .
Jas. F.Hicks, .
Jas. H.Towsend, .
E. P.King, .
Jas. A.Davis, .
Wm.William P.Gordon, .
A. R.Barney, .
Geo.Ealer, .
HorridBrady, .
John C.Lane, .
Wm.William C.Youngblood, .
JohnCarlisle, .
JohnBuchanan, .
J. A.Jackson, .
Missouri River.
HenryMcPherson, .
Wm.WilliamEdes, .
AbrahamWoolfe, .
Wm.WilliamPostal, .
OscarFowler, .
Wm.WilliamParkinson, .
B.Johnson, .
OscarPostal, .
Wm.William P.Wilcox, .
SamuelBurk, .
Thos. H.Baldwin, .
WileyJennings, .
Wm.William T.Boyd, .
Richard H.Smith, .
D. C.Bacy, .
Jas. M.Duzier, .
LouisGravier, .
Henry E.Lewis, .
Wm.WilliamConley, .
JasMcGinnis, .
HenryKirkham, .
Barton W.Baker, .
Robt. P.Burton, .
John T.Massie, .
DraytonLavonture, .
David R.Sheppard, .
F. M.Dozier, .
Wm.William A.Miller, .
C A.Smith, .
Thomas C.Hale, .
John P.Keiser, .
M.Wetherow, .
A.Boeder, .
JohnWerrill, .
HenryElton, .
R.Baker, .
R. W.Woolfolk, .
G.McGarrow, .
Wm.William T.Gray, .
GranvilleDavis, .
WileyJames, .
Wm.William C.Simpson, .
J. T.Dozier, .
Wm.WilliamEdds, .
AsaAnnis, .
JamesMiller, .
Thos. J.Anderson, .
John S.Doyle, .
JohnSweeney, .
PatrickYore, .
Geo.Taylor, .
Isaac H.McKee, .
LawrenceOhlman, .
CharlesConoyer, .
Jas.Woolford, .
Charles W.Blunt, .
Tobias E.Weaver, .
JamesReed, .
P. E.Hannum, .
JosephOhlman, .
MottMorrison, .
Joseph T.Berdean, .
JosephLabarge, .
Francis T.onrpaon, .
David H.Silvers, .
M.Ohlman, .
J.Gunsolis, .
Wm.William C.Jamison, .
Wm.William F.Mason, .
E. S.Herndon, .
Thos. H.Brierly, .
Peleg T.Bassett, .
F.Hernandez, .
Thos. W.Lynn, .
L.Sharp, .
John B.Labarge, .
John T.Harris, .
John T.Dudgeon, .
Lee F.Rucker, .
StepheuLabarge, .
Jos.Throckkmorton, .
Jesse B.Baber, .
R. B.Brierly, .
JosephFacto, .
Jas.Gunsollis, .
AlbertStone, .
Horace E.Bixly, .
Alfred C.McLane, .
Jas. B.Thomas, .
Benj. J. B.Weaver, .
Alex. H.Handlin, .
VincentYore, .
Jas.Roe, .
John L.Waddle, .
J. T.Parkinson, .
Geo. B.Townsend, .
JosephHolland, .
Joseph W.Stephens, .
Wm.William A.Yore, .
JamesYore, .
J. W.Humphries, .
DraytonLaventure, .
D. S.Corbin, .
Thos. W.Scott, .
Appendix.—Licensed Engineees. 303
View original image: Page  0303
C. K.Baker, .
John D.Hooper, .
Henry B.Belt, .
Illinois River.
Francis J.Peters, .
John S.Kelley, .
Wm.WilliamPere, .
AbrahamStanley, .
Oliver H.Fairchild, .
Samuel C.Guileeh, .
J. P.Dickerson, .
C. C.Woodward, .
BentonChipley, .
L. B.Clay, .
R. R.Bryant, .
C.Becket, .
H. D.Davany, .
JohnWesley, .
John A.Atchison, .
JacksonQuick, .
LukeVeity, .
JudsonCartwright, .
D. E.Reese, .
John W.Leach, .
John B.Martineau, .
Stephen A.Lapage, .
James T.Sargeant, .
EzraStarkwater, .
John W.Scott, .
ThomasHunter, .
G. V.Stnckford, .
John S.Dowler, .
JohnLowerie, .
HenryDetwilder, .
A. J.Cromwell, .
WaldoMarsh, .
W. W.Baker, .
Wm.William T.Dewett, .
Wm.WilliamGatewood, .
JamesStewart, .
J. C.Moore, .
0. H.Fairchild, .
Wm.WilliamO’Hara, .
Ohio River.
JonesMyres, .
G. R.Bacon, .
J. T.Jamison, .
Jas. M.Miller, .
EdwardGray, Jr..
SamuelDurke, .
M.Daniels, .
Joel H.Wilburn, .
Wm.William K.Burt, .
Wm.William S.Walker, .
A. B.Hopkins, .
Wm.WilliamEarly, .
A. H.Smith, .
Other Rivers.
Des Moines River.
DavenportGaskill, .
RobertFerris, .
Wm.WilliamTool, .
Wm.WilliamWest, .
Geo.Carroll, .
Wm.WilliamTowns, .
Wm.WilliamSmoot, .
L0Wkr Rapids.
R. S.Owen, , (U. M.).
WileyFrahier, . "
White River.
Wm.William H.Edwards, .
John R.Jones, .
RobertDearing, .
Wm.William A.Wilds, .
Ferd. B.Montony, .
David B.Price, .
Hugh W.Nixon, .
Morgan M.Bateman, .
Reuben L.Haines, .
Wm.William J.Nixon, .
St. Francis.
Thos. R.Bowman, .
H. R.Pritchard, .
Theodore E.Elliot, .
PrestonWhiting, .
TheronDuval, .
MosesMcKee, .
ZacariahWaters, .
JohnMeyers, .
Jno. E.Shedderd, .
Licensed Engineers.
First Class.
Jas. R.Donahoe, .
Abrah.Underwood, .
FrederickBenning, .
Zeneas W.Black, .
LouisHabb, .
Ruel J.Stearns, .
Benj. J.McKnight, .
AlexanderMagee, .
Lucius S.Whipple, .
SamuelSommerville, .
Andrew J.Patton, .
AugustusMann, .
John S.Killman, .
David S.Jamison, .
Anson W.Church, .
Henry H.Taylor, .
EdwardDavis, .
Arthur C.McCord, .
Wm.William H.Hinkle, .
HenryWise, .
Thomas H.Jones, .
JamesConley, .
JamesRose, .
James E.Hamilton, .
BarneyArnold, .
John G.Coonce, .
Tillman H.Clark, .
William C.Chappell, .
John J.Smith, .
Nathaniel F.Webb, .
HenryKruse, .
Samuel H.Wright, .
John L.Bonnar, .
Thom. F.Ackerman, .
MichaelLenhart, .
CharlesIvers, .
William B.Burt, .
EbenezerListon, .
WilliamMead, .
Chas.Conley, .
A. J.Vanforseen, .
JohnHardesty, .
Wells M.Wrisley, .
Nelson F.Constant, .
AustinOwen, .
GeorgeSanford, .
Wm.William T.Sanford, .
JamesDorris, .
Alex. B.Williams, .
JuliusMassot, .
JohnKintner, .
LukeQuick, .
JohnOwens, .
WilliamMiller, .
WilhamStereett, .
LimonFew, .
Calvin D.Kelly, .
Henry A.Johnson, .
JohnWebb, .
FrederickGrapevine, .
LeviMock, .
AlfredGenung, .
John B.Worth, .
WilliamDarby, .
SimonSchultice, .
LarkinPyatte, .
William H.Myers, .
AbramSutton, .
Leonard T.Mitchell, .
Alfred C.McClain, .
James A.Pyatte, .
JohnReaglow, .
WarrenTinney, .
GeorgeYohe, .
Wm.William B.Richardson, .
Nahum W.Willson, .
LewisNewall, .
PriceWagoner, .
William H.Curtess, .
RobertJohnson, .
Henry C.Wagoner, .
JosephMontague, .
ThadeusGray, .
AbrahamCloy, .
WillamHenricks, .
MorseBrasher, .
EdwardMorgan, .
JosephBrennon, .
WilliamBlaisdell, .
GeorgeFulton, .
James M.Russell, .
George W.Stanly, .
WilliamWillson, .
ErasmusAllison, .
Timothy A.Packard, .
CharlesNewall, .
AustinSeeley, .
Samuel A.Pierson, .
Thomas F.Mitchell, .
JoshuaEstep, .
HectorFairfowl, .
LewisFitzgerald, .
Lazarus R.Ritchey, .
Fielding B.Hyatte, .
David A.Orr, .
PhilipTrainer, .
Thomas A.Duffy, .
WilliamBuffington, .
JohnBiggart, .
George W.Kimber, .
N. P.Hickman, .
Wm.William H.Corby, .
F. B.Sawyer, .
C. F.Peyton, .
MaloneDavison, .
WilliamHirst, .
William S.Rose, .
CochranArbuthnot, .
NathanHarmon, .
Basil O.Grigsby, .
PaulLanning, .
WilliamHamilton, .
G. H.Kramer, .
SamuelNeuman, .
WilliamLeftwich, .
ThomasMaguire, .
ThomasNelson, .
PrestonBishop, .
GeorgeGoble, .
Wm.William H.Moore, .
R. H.Richardson, .
JohnHolmes, .
GeorgeBuchanan, .
JohnWillson, .
Thornton D.Carter, .
C. M.Bladsdell, .
C. S.Handlin, .
RobertTate, .
Charles F.Cory, .
John T.Lynn, .
R. P.Harrison, .
Thos.Hill, .
Elias W.Owens, .
AndrewHerzog, .
Engelh.Clemmons, .
ThomasDougherty, .
FrederickClauburg, .
Michael M.Smith, .
DavenportGaskill, .
Jatms L.Parson, .
James H.Beadle, .
JohnGray, .
LycurgesLauderdale, .
David B.Smith, .
Thomas H.Cheek, .
ThomasOakley, .
Pres G.Kennett, .
Edward G.Bartlett, .
John W.Wilson, .
William M.Ford, .
William B.McCabe, .
Wm.William A.Robinson, .
Lemuel H.Deaken, .
Andrew J.Norman, .
DavidLindsey, .
John C.Ford, .
George C.Purcell, .
WilliamForbes, .
Alex. T.Woodside, .
GeorgeWaring, .
WilliamBrown, .
John S.Edwards, .
JohnMcGuire, .
J. W. A.McKnight, .
William C.Scroggs, .
Charles P.Atmore, .
E. T.Ivester, .
D. R.Eakin, .
L. L.Clanton, .
James S.Neeld, .
Wm.William M.Neal, .
JamesTanner, .
J. F.Allison, .
CharlesSaltmarsh, .
James P.Worth, .
Thos.Newkirk, .
Thoe.Collier, .
CharlesMorgan, .
SamuelSingley, .
JamesMcGinis, .
JohnSheddon, .
Samuel H.Hall, .
JosephRambo, .
C. C.Dewit, .
Carles B.Mowry, .
DavidHill, .
AmosKeech, .
Wm.William M.Hicks, .
H.Wolfe, .
S. G.Hill, .
S.Stanley, .
Thomas J.Cox, .
J. A.Allison, .
R.Ferguson, .
W.Toliver, .
H.Summer, .
J.Rogers, .
M.Mitchell, .
W. C.Coy, .
A.Stephenson, .
E.Parker, .
F.Furch, .
F.March, .
G.Levis, .
Wm.William H.Stout, .
W.McCrory, .
J. F.Bostick, .
L.Nicholson, .
J. C.Coyle, .
S.McDonald, .
J. H.Reed, .
G. P.Morgan, .
J. G.Owens, .
T. E.Cranmer, .
D.Carpenter, .
Wm.WilliamRichards, .
H. C.Nearns, .
H. H.Collins, .
W.Few, .
J.Cabbel, .
Thos.Miller, .
J. W.Benson, .
J.Waney, .
J.Graham, .
W. S.Rowe, .
W. C.Brandon, .
S.Mackall, .
G. W.Walker, .
T. D.Lingo, .
R.Jones, .
E. W.Owens, .
A. H.Armstrong, .
J.Fraim, .
JamesSheddon, .
J.Garwood, .
W. S.Sherman, .
C. F.Hunt, .
W. C.Aiken, .
H. R.Pratte, .
M.Crole, .
D. C.Riter, .
H.Quigtey, .
F.Stoze, .
J.Oram, .
W. H.Warren, .
J. W.Cook, .
J.Shindle, .
A. W.Hardy, .
Second Class.
JosephMagrew, .
JohnPendrey, .
Benjamin F.Hess, .
GeorgeFoulk, .
304 Miscellaneous.
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William D.Gibson, .
ChristianSiefert, .
EdwardMer,iman, .
Wm.William H.Ainsworth, .
Wm.William W.Richardson, .
JohnJenkins, .
JohnGay, .
CharlesAbney, .
DavidAbney, .
James B.Fry, .
AlhanibraReeder, .
Joseph K.Heap, .
Robert L.Groomes, .
Peter W.Frees, .
MathiasKnabel, .
JohnReily, .
S. H.Fondersmith, .
John F.Darby, .
JosephBean, .
OscarMassott, .
WilliamDetering, .
WmOldenburgh, .
William B.Fox, .
JesseNewkirk, .
Isham J.Hardy, .
JohnRichey, .
ThompsonHughes, .
GeorgeTeeter, .
James N.Brown, .
WilliamHenry, .
JohnColemau, .
AntoineCabny, .
MosesBergaw, .
James S.Dobbins, .
George Folsc.oft, .
Melvin R.M’Nabb, .
AlonzoBatchelor, .
JamesJennet, .
MichaelFoster, .
HenryKnapper, .
LeroyCarver, ,
BoonAllen, .
JohnThorpe, .
George H.Smith, .
LemuelHearn, .
JohnAckley, .
Henry T.Morrison, .
John G.Fox, .
ReubenMoore, .
John A.Littlejohn, .
NapoleonPavey, .
GeorgeMotz, .
PatrickFraim, .
ThomasRose, .
R. C.Duel, .
R. B.Withrow, .
DennisMcCarron, .
CharlesMahew, .
EmanuelJones, .
WilliamRichmond, .
John S.Reed, .
Bishop D.Walls, .
Thos.Mitchell, .
Geo. W.Batcheler, .
John S.Hund, .
JohnByington, .
BenjaminFord, .
Geo. W.Crippen, .
Wm.WilliamNayle, .
SamuelRamsay, .
HuntingdonOwens, .
David D.Condit, .
Francis H.More, .
AlexanderWalker, .
John N.Goodwin, .
NapoleonTurner, .
Thos. W.Jack, .
Wm.William B.Hughes, .
FrancisDoris, .
BarnardWanney, .
FrancisTaylor, .
Albert M.Rowe, .
Jno. CCooper, .
Jno. C.Bruce, .
Samuel C.Wiley, .
Job. V.Starr, .
Wm.WilliamSpeers, .
WilliamBleakeny, .
John N.Clayton, .
HughReed, .
AddisonReno, .
JohnLedlie, .
Wm.WilliamSheppard, .
Benjamin W.Harris, .
James W.Smith, .
JohnGraham, .
ThomasHanfield, .
George S.Collins, .
AlexanderSnell, .
JamesBowlin, .
Austin I.Picket, .
HenryGerboth, .
Samuel G.Patterson, .
DavidNearns, .
Joseph T.Leftridge, .
James B.Clark, .
WilliamCrossland, .
Andrew J.Breaden, .
WilliamWilson, .
WilliamKing, .
Levi H.Watetman, .
Hugh B.Bickerstaff, .
Gustavus A.Hanson, .
CalvinMathews, .
ArthurShearer, .
Fielding P.Jones, .
Wm.William O.Logue, .
Julius S.Asher, .
J. H.Bailey, .
CharlesMorris, .
HowardShibley, .
William H.Reeder, .
JohnShackelford, .
Johu L.Boweu, .
Ira M.Blessing, .
B. F.Weimer, .
G. S.Sanford, .
C. W.Congar, .
R. Darragh, .
Hazlett A.Voden, .
FrancisHoffman, .
James H.Hagen, .
J. K.Scott, .
J. L.Tedford, .
N.Mislong, .
M. T.Rogers, .
G. W.Baker, .
L. S.Booth, .
D.Dannals, .
D. A.Boland, .
Joseph W.Noel, .
George W.Busart, .
WilliamStarr, .
Henry B.Monehan, .
Thos.Crockett, .
M. M.Wilson, .
E. D.Hite, .
G. V.Hollingsworth, .
S.Mosher, .
G. W.Lumpkin, .
J. F.Night, .
J.Jenks, .
M.Pickeron, .
A.Lowe, . J.Blevin, .
Offices of Chamber of Comerce.
President ,
HenryAmes, .
First Vice President ,
D. A.January, .
Second Vice President ,
J. J.Roe, .
Treasurer And Secretary ,
W. B.Baker, .
Committee Of Appeals .
T. A.Buckland, ,
R. M.Funkhouser, ,
Wm.WilliamMathews, ,
A. C.Goddin, ,
H. T.Blow, ,
A. W.Jager, ,
Jas.Powell, ,
A. C.Angelrodt, ,
Jas. J.Gerrard, ,
J. J.Mudd, ,
R. P.Hanenkamp, ,
JohnTriplett, .
Office, New Exchange Buildings.
Offices of Board of Jndermriters.
President ,
F. L.Ridgley, .
Vice President ,
HammoudOgden, .
Sbcretaby ,
J. S.Chew, .
Agent ,
N. J.Eaton, .
Inspectors ,
J. C.Swon, . W., W.Dodge, .
Office, c.corner Pine and Main.
Railroad Depots.
Pacific Rail Road.
Passenger and Freight Depots : c.corner 7th and Poplar,
and c.corner 14th and Randolph.
St. Louis, Alton & Chicago Rail Road.
Freight Depot: Wharf boat, opp.opposite 71 n.north Levee.
St. Louis And Iron Mountain Rail Road.
Freight and Passenger Depot: Lami, 4 blocks e.east of
Carondelet av.
North Missouri Rail Road.
Freight and Passenger Depot: Foot of Ferry st.
Railroad Dtcket Offices.
Ohio And Mississippi Rail Road.
Ticket Offices: 28 & 30 n.north 4th, under Planters’ House,
and c.corner Vine and Levee.
Pacific Rail Road.
Ticket Offices: c.corner 4th and Chesnut, under Planters’
House; 53 n.north Levee, aiulc. 7th and Poplar.
St. Louis, Alton & Chicago Rail Road.
Ticket Offices: 27 n.north 4th, and 71 n.north Levee.
St. Louis And Terre Haute Rail Road.
Ticket Offices: 32 n.north 4th, under Planters’House, and
36 n.north Levee b.between Olive and Locust.
St. Louis And Iron Mountain Rail Road.
Ticket Office: 10 Chesnut st.
North Missouri Rail Road.
Ticket Office : nw. c. 4th and Locust.

More than forty pages of valuable ami highly interesting matter has been omitted for want of time to
produce it in printed shewts. This has cost the publisher much time ami money in itn preparation. It
will appear in
Kennedy’s St. Louis Business Mirror,
to be issued about the First or April, to which publication the publisher will more particularly call the attention of
the public within the next few weeks.

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Of The
Rennedn’s Ciy Directors:
Comprising The Cards Of Many
Prominent Wholesale Houses,
And Citizens Engaged In Various
Professional, Merchantile and Mechanical

An Index
To The Advertising Department Of The Directory.

St. Louis:
Printed At The Directory Book And Job Office,
North-West Corner Of Third And Chesnut Streets.

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R. V.Kennedy, ,
Book And Job Printer ,
Corner Of Third And Chesnut Streets,
Is How Prepared To Execute Every Description Of

[missing figure]

All Descriptions Of Book And Pamphlet Work,
Dreamboat Bills, Bank Receipts, Cherks, Bill-heads, &c., &c.
Cards Printed With Neatness And Dispatch.

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Index to the Business Cards.
Special Advertisements.

Jewelry Page
Edwin A.Skeele, (cover) 1
Manufacturers’ Agent.
William A.Nelson, (cover) 2
Books and Stationery.
Bailey & Halsall (cover) 3
Millinery Goods .
W. W.Fisher, (cover) 3
Agricultural Implements.
Houts, Campbell & , (cover) 4
H. C. Pococke & (cover) 4
Lager Beer.
John M.Frey, (cover) 4
Carpets, and Wall Paper.
Kennard & Bro (cover) 4
Fancy Dry Goods.
Edward A. Owens & (cover) 4
Gum Powder.
Laflins, Smith & Boies (cover) 4
Robert Streett & (fly-leaf) 1
House and Sign Painters.
R. & W. A. Thornburg (fly-leaf) 1
Book Binder.
Cyrus B.McIntire, (fly-leaf) 1
Paper Hangings.
Zimmermann & Rosenthal , (fly-
House and Sign Painting.
ClarkHooper, (fly-leaf) 2
Real Estate Agents.
S. V. Papin & Bro (fly-leaf) 3
Musical Instruments, &c.
H. Pilcher & Sons (fly-leaf) 3
Insurance Offices.
Coven. Mut. Lift (fly-leaf) 4
Hope Mut. Life I. Co. , (fly-leaf) 4
House Furnishing Goods.
Warne, Cheever & , (fly-leaf) 4
Real Estate Agents.
Hiram W.Leffingwell, , (fly-leaf) 5
Fletcher & Haren (fly-leaf) 5
Musical Instruments, &c.
C.Fritz, (fly-leaf) 5
Note and Bill Brokers.
McCulloch & Webb (fly-leaf) 6
Candy Manufactory.
Herman G.Bohn, (fly-leaf) 6
Books and Stationery.
L. & A. Carr (fly leaf) 6
Ready Made Clothing.
A. W. Sproule & (fly-leaf) 7
Paper Hangings, &c.
Geo. B.Michael, (fly-leaf) 7
Silver and Brass Plating.
Geo. A.Wolcott, (fly-leaf) 7
Agricultural Warehouse.
D. Landreth & Son (fly-leaf) 8
Gas and Steam Pipe Fittebs.
W. G. Ashdown & , (fly-leaf) 8

General Department.

Agricultural Warehouses.
Clark, Plant & Norris 75
J. B.Chadwick, 56
Wm.WilliamRumbold, 35
J. H.McClure, 92
SamuelSimmons, 5
Jas. L., 5
Lewis & Alexander 70
Irwin Z.Smith, 73
James B.Goff, 98
Bag and Tarpaulin.
JohnClemens, 26

Bakeries . Page
CharlesHolmes, 2
JacobFritschle, 25
Wicks & Gerdemann 25
W.Amend, 28
J.Garneau, 56
Banking Houses.
Lucas & Simonds 12
Tesson & Danjen 12
D. Rokohl & 12
Franklin Savings Institution 89
Beef and Pork.
M.Steitz, 38
Bell and Brass Foundries.
DavidCaughlan, 41
Book Binders.
JamesHogan, 59
Books and Stationery.
H.Crittenden, 1
C.Witter, 59
Fisher & Bennett 74
Boots and Shoes.
C. W. Green & 6
C. R. Stinde & 73
J.Madigan, 99
J.Rosenbaum, 99
Tinker, Brother & 64
JosephUhrig, 68
Fritz, Wainwright & 95
Carpenters and Builders.
Allen & Wright 24
Long & McDowell 27
JohnRamsey, 27
Weston & Gaby 28
Wm.William A.Lee, 61
Joseph K.Bent, 69
Blades & Philips 70
Carriage Manufacturers.
Fallon & Wright 35
J. D.McAuliff, 36
H.Timken, 51
FrederickVierrether, 53
B.Barth, 2
Chemical Sulphur Baths.
Hart’s, 54
China. Glass, and Queensware.
John W.Tooly, 28
R. H. Miller & Sons 35
E. A. & S. R. Filley 35
JamesWheeler, 47
Heinike & Estel 80
Cigars and Tobacco.
H. F.Hilgendorf, 2
Louis X.Perrin, 24
G. S. Blakeslee & 63
Michael & Kaim 24
Mead & Bro 40
Coffee Houses.
Bartling House 20
Commercial College.
Jone’s, 23
Commission Merchants.
Bowen, Caffrey & Summers 74
Harper & Scudder 1 & 96
Erfort & Petring 21
Haake, Freeman & 21
D. L. Walsworth & 22
JosephMcEntire, 53
Thomas Burke & 60
D. H.Thomas, 30
A. Whiting & 71
Hitchcock & Latting 71
John B.Desmoulin, 38

Cooper. Page
AndrewReinstadtler, 61
Corn Mills.
AshleyMills, , Z. M.Pedan, , prop. 2
“Little Giant,”J. B.Chadwick, . 56
Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron.
Heinz & Barthel 18
B. Noel & Son 25 & 91
McSherry & McCord 25
Dagierreptypists, Ambro-
types, &c.
Troxel’s, 14
W. H. Tilford & 14
N.Brown, 14
A. J.Fox, 31
M.Westermann, 62
G. GranvilleSamuel, 70
Dental Instruments, &C.
A. M.Leslie, 32
Kirchuer & Smith 4
Bunding & Voigt 5
D’œnch, Rives & 64
Dry Goods.
Eddy Jameson & 46
Doan, King & 47
Little & Olcott 48
Pomeroy, Benton & 49
Drug Mill.
J. S.Merrill, 28
Dying and Scouring.
Cook & Mathews 2
G.Morgens, 35
M.Greene, 70
Wm.WilliamMackwitz, 76
George H.Thorpe, 98
Fancy Goods, Notions, &c.
F. Dings & 15
Foundries & Machine Shops.
Cuddy.Merritt & 52
English, Burns & 76
Sell, Ward & Sheppard 82
Kingslanda & Ferguson 3
Dowdall, Markham &Co 7
Gaty, McCune & 26
Westlake k Button 31
Clark, Avery & Voorhies 39
J. G.McPheeters, 48
Furnishing Goods (Gents.)
J. Lowman & Bro 12
Hose and Stockings.
FrederickKaltmayers, 53
Mitchell, Rammelsberg & 5
J. H.Crane, 51
F. & F. D. Clark 85
Geo. Schermann & 95
Gas and Steam Pipe Fitters.
W. H.Tasker, 1
J. R.Drew, 79
Gay & 97
Gold Pen Manufacturer.
Higgins, Brothers 24
SamuelMcCartney, 21
Erfort & Petring 21
Hake. Freeman & 21
MarkHamilton, 22
W. O. Wheeler & 22 & 80
Heywood & Morris 22
G.P. Theobald &Co 30
Small, Wells & 63
Stephen Hoyt & 64
Wm.WilliamWightman, 98

Index to the Business Cards.
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Guns, Watches, Pistols, &C. Page
M.Friede, (Watches) 5
CharlesAltinger, 56
H. E. Dimick & 100
Hair Work,—Fancy.
Fred. A.Cuno, 64
Hardware and Cutlery.
Herman H.Meier, 36
John H. Hall & 38
Adolphus Meler & 38
Child, Pratt & 58
J. W.Tyzack, 87
W. W.Miller, 88
E. F. Kraft & 92
EdwardCoons, 92
Hats and Caps.
Robb’s, 13
Gray & Brust 18
AlbertFischer, 34
Littell & Norris 64
Hides and Leather.
H. A. Conant & 77
Frederick House 20
Missouri Hotel 48
House Furnishing Goods.
John L.Locke, 45
Chandler & Dunham 84
Insurance Companies.
Fire, Marine and Life Ins. Co. 1
Franklin Insurance 10 & 89
St. Louis Ins. Co. 42
Citizens’ Ins. Co. 59
Home Mutual 66
Iron Railings.
FrederickGerst, 5
McMurray, Winkelmaier & 96
Ikon Works.
Gerard B.Allen, 74
Edward Pfeiffer & Bro 38
JohnSylvester, 70
Justice of The Peace.
PhilipStremmel, 62
J. K. Brettell & Co 61
Law Agency.
John M. Bradstreet & Son 81
Liquor Dealers.
SamnelMcCartney, 21
MarkHamilton, 22
Wm.William O. Wheeler & 22
Heywood & Morris 22
D. L. Walsworth & 22
Graff & Hammerstein 46
Molony & Tilton 59
Chas. De Reignie & 03
L. Block & Bro 66
E. A. Damon & 73
A. Reipschlager & 73
W. L. A E. C. Catherwood 78
W. O. Wheeler & 80
Laue & Guye 98
Looking Glass and Picture
Samuel Spencer & 54
Lumber Dealers.
David Cartan & 5
H. Livermore & 6
Charles B.Smith, 20
Bryan & Brother 30
James D.Leonard, 62
ValentineReis, 84
H. PhilipWortman, 70
W. H.Huish, 20
B. F.Shaw, 92
Mathematical Inaruments.
J.Blattner, 99
Wm.William F.Holske, 92

Marble Works. Page
E. W.Warne, 97
GeorgeNordmann, 98
A. K.Halteman, 27
Millinery Goods.
Mrs.A.Brooks, 69
M. L.Kelly, 99
Music Stores.
H. Pilcher & Son (fly-leaf) 3
Notaries Public.
AlfredMackay, 5
EmilUlrici, 64
Boston Amer. Weekly Traveler. 8
Missouri Democrat 33
Missouri Republican 37
St. Louis Leader 50
Daily Morning Herald 50
John Sigerson & Bro 11
Oil Manufacturer.
Goodwin & Anderson 49 & 99
J. B.Finlay, (Coal Oil) 84
Wyman & Grant 88 & 89
Omnibusses and Carriages.
Sanford & Brewster 15
Packers of Pork, Beef, &C.
G. & C. Bayha 24
C. N.Brewster, 46
T. B.Cooper, 49
Chas.Harrington, 63
W. & D. Carten 66
Betts, Conway & 81
Paper Dealers.
H.Crittenden, 1
ThomasBird, 4
H. B.Graham, 72
Paper Hangings.
Wolff & Engert 26
Patent Medicines.
Dr. T. Cavanaugh’s Pile Salve . 43
Pawn Brokers.
H.Murphy, 81
L. L.Freligh, 90
T. G.Comstock, 5
D.White, 64
John T.Temple, 66
Piano Fortes.
CharleSteller, 38
Pikce Goods.
Field, Beardslee & 80
Planing and Saw Mills.
Colston, Keep & 40
Ladd, Patrick & 60
Sawyer, Clarkson & 72
Plane Manufacturers.
Hall & Hynson 69
AnthonyOberreither, 28
Milledge & Wolcott 64
Plough Works.
Cronenbold & 91
Allen & Thompson 68
Printers,—Job and Book.
ShermanSpencer, 69
Produce Commission Merchants.
F. A. Reuss & 60
Rail Roads.
Terre Haute, Alton A St. Louis. 19
Real Estate Agents.
Boardnum & Clark 96
Rectifiers and Distillers.
Thomas Jackson & 9
A. Reipechlager & 73
Bensberg, Brothers & 76

Roofs—Composition, &C. Page
Samuel D.Warren, 29
Beard & Bro 15
Roberts & Davis 67
GeorgeHeitz, 74
J.Morris, , agent “Lillie’s” 93
Sash, Door, and Blind Makers.
Stone, Gentlmer & 20
LesleyGarnett, 28
Savings Institution.
Mutual Savings Institution 6
Saw Manufacturers.
Branch. Crookes & Frost. 16 & 17
W. L. F. Gage & 73
St. Louis Scale Factory 10
Miinninghaus & 10
Beard & Bro 15
Skwing Cotton.
OliverChase, 10
Skwing Machinks.
Grover & Baker 74
EdwardDean, (Singer’s) 94
Spice Mills.
Caspar E.Mayer, 41
Steamboat Agents.
Harper & Scudder 1
JosephMcEntire, 53
Stkej, Ware House.
H.Bakewell, 55
Stereotyping and Electro-
Ladew, Peers & 65
C.Strassbnrger, 86
Stoves and Tin Ware.
J. H.Lightner, 13
Bridge, Beach & 18
HeinzBarthel, 18
Exc. Btove Works , G. F.Filley, . 44
Buck & Wright 57
John J.Gill, 72
FrederickBolte, 59 & 91
Tobacco and Cigars.
Mayer & Kower 70
Louis X.Penin, 24
A.Campe, 27
H. F. Cross & 96
Tea Company.
Menown & Lehan 47
Tbdhk Manufacturer.
S. F.Summers, 55
Siedhoff & Camp 41
Type Foundry.
Ladew, Peers & 65
Geo. N.Lynch, 42
Ricords & Smithers 70
Venetian Blinds.
Geo. F.Lewis, 51
Vinkuak Manufactures.
MarquardForrter, 4
Wagon Mamnufacturers.
JasVerdin, 24
J.Murphy, 28
Washing Tubs.
Wisner’s, 4
Whips, Umbrellas, Canks, &C.
Beehler & Lange 38
Wire Factories.
JamesAshton, 9
E. B. Davis & 88
Woodkm Ware.
Tamm & Meyer 36
Yeast Powder.
Jm. L.Brackett, 38

Advertising Dapartment.
View original image: Page  npn
Fire, Marine and Life Insurance

Farmers’ Mechanics’ Ins. Co.
of Philadelphia.
Capital $1,250,000.
Equttable Insurance Company
of London.
Capital $2,500,000.
Consolidated Insurance Company
of Philadelphia.
Capital $300,000.
New York Life Insurance Comp’n
of New York.
Capital $1,000,000.
International Life Insurance
of London.
Capital $2,500,000.
British Commercial Insurance
of London.
Capital $3,000,000.

As Agents for the above Undoubtedly Solvent Companies, We are Prepared
to Issue Policies on Buildings and their Contents, Manufac-
tories and Dwelling Houses, Both in Town and Country;
Also, on the Lives of White Persons and Negroes.

Courtenay & Miller , Agents.

Agency Office, n. w. cor. Main and Olive Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

H.Crittenden, ,
Dealer in Paper
of all Descriptions ,
117 Main Street, St. Louis.

All Kinds of Printers’ Cards and Inks.

W. S.Harper, ,
Forwarding and Commission
Steamboat Agent
71 Commercial Street,
St. Louis,

Consignment and Order will receive
prompt attention.

W. H.Tasker, ,
Gas & Steam Pipe Fitter
and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Wrought Iron Welded Tubes
for Gas, Steam, or Water.

Boiler Flues For locomotive or stationary Engines.

Brass Cocks, Valves, T’s, L’s &C. ,
No. 107 Third Street, St Louis, Mo.

2 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0002

Charles Holmes’
Steam Cracker Bakery .

Factory, 105 Green St.
between Fourth and Fifth Streers,
St. Louis, Mo.

Pilot Bread.
Boston, Soda Butter, Water, Wine & Suger Crackers Constantly on Hand, Made of the Best Materials, and Warranted a Superior

Dying & Scouring .
Cook & Matthews ,
Dners & Scourers,
96 Pine Street,
between Third and Fourth Streets,
(Opposite the St. Louis Thkater).

Every description of ladies’ and gentlemen’s
wearing apparel dyed, cleansed, and restored
to their original perfection, by Cook &
Matthews’ great and world-renowned chemi-
cal process.

B.Barth, , Carver ,
No. 213 Market Street,
between Eighth & Ninth.
St. Louis, Mo.

All Orders in Wood and Composition
and all Kinds of Pattern’s For
Foundries Executed in the Best
Manner and at Reasonable

Ashley Mills
Corn Meal
Buckwheat Flour.

Z. M.Pedan, ,
s. e. cor. Ashley Street & Broadway,
St. Louis.

H. F.Hilgendorf, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Digars & Jobacco
No. 163 Main Street,
(Opposite Virginia Hotel,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Keeps constantly on hand a large assortment
of Domestic and Imported Havana Cigars,
Tobaccoes, Snnuffs, Pipes, &c., to whieh the
attention of the public is respectfully in-

Advertising Department. 3
View original image: Page  0003

Kingslands & Ferguson ,
PhŒnix Foundry and Agricultural Works,
Corner Second and Cherry Streets. St. Louis, Mo.

Manufacturers of Pages & Child’s Patent Portable Saw Mills,
for Steam, Water, or Horse Power;
Cox & Roberts’ Patent Thresher and Cleaner;
Threshers without Cleaners; Lever Powers;

[missing figure]

Endless Chain or Railroad Horse Powers;
Manny’s Patent Mower and Reaper;
Corn Shellers, Plows, Bark Mills, Hay Presses.
Astings of Every Description Made to Order at Short Notice.

4 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0004

ThomasBird, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Book, News, Ham, Wrapping, Vanilla,
Hardware, Envelope, and
Tea Paper No.
103 North Third Street,
(Between Locust and Vine,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Cash Paid for Rags.

MarquardForster, ,
Manufacturer of Vinegar
Corner of Fourteenth and Spruce Streets,
St. Louis.

Keeps a constant supply of his superior Grape Cider Vinegar, extra superior family
Vinegar, B superior family Vinegar, old cider No. 1 Vinegar. Warranted genuine.

Received Diploma at the late Fair at St. Louis for the best Vinegar.

Kirchner & Smith ,
Wholesale Druggists
No. 37 Market Street, between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

Offer for Sale at the Lowest Terms
Drngs, Medicines, &c.
Paints, Oils, Window-Glass, &c.
Virginia Tobacco,
Imported & Domestic Cigars.

Our R. M. Smith being the head of the
old and well known Drug house of Smith &
Atkinson, Baltimore, and residing perma-
nently at the east, our facilities for obtain-
ing supplies from the most reliable sources,
oth in the United States and foreign coun-
tries, are unsurpassed, and we will use our
best endeavors to meet the expectations of
our customers, by giving them good articles
at reasonable prices. All orders from Drug-
gists, Country Merchants, Physicians, and
others, will be executed with the utmost

Wisner’s Patent Washing
are Simple, Effective, Easily
Unlike all Washing-Machines,
Do not Wear the Fabric as Much, Even
as the Common Wash-Board.

If you want something that will lighten
the labors of tho laundry, and at the same
time insure thorough washing with the least
possible injury to clothing, buy one of these

For Sale by

T. M.Easterly, , (Daguerrean ) 71 s. e.
cor.corner Fourth and Olive Streets.

John J.Locke, 105 North Fourth Street.

S.S.Brainerd, , 108 North Fourth Street.

Warne, Cheever, & , 29 Main Street.
St. Louis.

Advertising Department. 5
View original image: Page  0005

DavidCartan, . FrancisHocker, .

David Cartan &
Dealers in
Pine Lumber
Shingles, Lath, Flooring & Fencing
Courner of Broadway & Cass Ave.,
St. Louis.

SamuelSimmons, ,
Attornen-at-Law ,
No. 13 South Fifth Street.

Notary Public and Commissioner of
U. S. Court of Claims for Missouri.

Bunding & Voigt
Dealers in Drugs,
Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs,
Window-Glass, Glassware, &c. &c.
100 Main Street,
(between olive & loccst,)
St. Louis.

FrederickGerst, ,
Manufacturer of
Iron Railings,
Bedsteads, Chairs, &c.,
No. 136 Eleventh St.

Mitchell, Rammelsbetg &
Wholesale & Retail
Ware Rooms,
80 and 82 Second Street,
(Near Olive,)
St. Louis, Mo.

AlfredMackan, ,
Notary Public
Commissioner of Deeds ,
Office-31 Olive Street,
(Under the Monroe House,)
St. Louis, Mo..

T. G.Comstock,
Doctor of Medicine ,
Doctor of Domoepathic medicine,
Magister of the Obstetrical Art.
Offoce-No. 40 Pine Street,
(Between Second & Third).

Dr. Comstock devotes especial attention
to Diseases ok Children’, Obstetrics, and
Diseases of Women; also, to diseases of the
Eye and operations upon the same.

and Wholesale Dealer in
Guns, Watches
Jewelry, &c.
No. 225 Broadway, New Number 209,
cor.corner Broadway & Cherry St.
St. Louis, Mo.

Guns, Watches, and Jkwfery Repaired
and Warranted; Also, Jkwelhy
Made to Order.

6 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0006

Chas.W.Green, , J. U.Green, .

C. W. Green & ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Boots and Shoes
No. 113 Main Street,
(Cobneb of Vine Street,)
St. Louis.

Agents for the Sale of Green’s Celebrated Boots

H. Livermore & ,
White and Yellow Pine

Box Manufacturers.

Planing and Re-sawing done to order.

Allen Avenue,
One Block West of Allen Iron Works,
St. Louis, Mo.

Mutual Savings’ Institution ,
South-West cor.corner Fourth & Pine Streets.

The above Institution, having an unimpaired capital, in cash and amply secured, of
$50,000, in addition to its large deposits, continues to receive deposits on call and time,
and allows interest thereon. Its charter and its capital render it one of the safest
depositories of funds in the States.

From minors, as small sums as ten cents will be received.

For full information, apply at the office.

The office will be open every day, except Sundays and the usual holidays, from nine
o’clock A. M. till three P. M., and on Saturdays from nine o’clock A. M. till six P. M.

Directors .

WaymanCrow, ,
LawrasonRiggs, ,
John F.Mauntel, ,
JohnCavender, .
S. H.Ranlet, ,
W. A.Hagardine, ,
J. E.Barrett, .

AdolphusNohl, , Treasurer .

JohnCavender, , President .

View original image: Page  npn

Dowd All, Marhham & ,
Wshington Foundry, Engine & Machine Shop
Corner of Second and Morgan Streets, St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

Manufcturs of Steam Engines and Boilerd, Saw and Grift Mill Machinery, Tobacco Scrnws and Presents Lard Kettles, Lard Screw and Uylinikts, Wool Carding Machins Building
Catlngg, Yoang’s Improved Patent Smut Mills, Agents for the nale of James Smith & ’s Superier Machine Carm.

8 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0008
The Best Family Newsp Apeb in New England!

Boston American Weekly Traveller.

The unprecedented success of the Traveller daring the past year—having more than trebled its circu-
lation—lias induced the proprietors to continue the following

Club Rates:
One copy $2 00
Two copies $3 00
Five copies $6 00
Ten copies $10 00
Twenty-five copies $20 00

These rates are lower than those of any other paper of equal ability in the country.

Any postmaster, clerk, or otner person who may send us ten or more subscribers at $1 each, and who
will receive the package for distribution among the subscribers, shall receive an extra copy of the Traveller

Payment to be made in advance, and the papers will be sent to one address, and discontinued at the
expiration of the time for which the payment is received.

Specimen copies sent free of charge.

The American Traveller,
A. First Class Boston Paper, Estab’d in 1825,
Which has now been in existence for more than a quarter of a century, is an invaluable paper for every
merchant, mechanic, farmer, and literary man in the United States.

Its columns contain the fullest and best reports of prices current, markets of every kind of merchandise,
marine news, notices of all great improvements in the mechanic arts, of agricultural statistics, implements,
tc, and also what gives it pre-eminence as a
Family Paper.

Careful, extended, and able reviews of all the new publications (including English and American periodi-
cals) of the day; full details of all the latest literary intelligence, original tales, sketches, and poetry,
together with choice selections from the latest and best books, making the Traveller a complete literary

The facilities of the Traveller for obtaining news are unsurpassed by any paper in New England. The
terminus in Boston of the great telegraphic lines north, south, east, and west, is in the Traveller counting
room. The proprietors promise to spare no effort to sustain the reputation the paper has already obtained
for having the latest news.

The Tkavellek contains, also, the fullest and most correct commercial, marine, and scientific articles
published in any weekly paper in Boston.

Published on Saturday mornings.

Published at the Same Office,
The Boston Dailg Traveller,
Morning and Evening.

This pioneer two cent paper maintains its ascendency, and with its Three Daily Editions, has
an unsurpassed circulation, giving it superior advantages as an advertising medium. Published at Two
Cent per copy, or Six Dollars Per Year, in advance.

Agents supplied on liberal terms. Sold by Newsmen throughout the country.

The Boston Traveller,
will be Supplied to Clubs at the Following Unprecedented Low Bates:

Single copy $8 00
Five copies $12 60
Ten copies $20 00

Notice to Advertisers.

Advertisers are reminded that their advertisements appear in the Boston Daily Traveller and daily
Evenixu Traveller, two distinct papers, giving advertisers the advautage of a, morning and evening
paper without extra charge.

The Circulation of the Traveller is unsurpassed by any subscription or two cent paper in Boston or
New England.

Order for either of the above papers should be addressed to
Worthincton Flanders & Cuild ,
Traveller Buildings, State Street, Boston.

Advertising Department. 9
View original image: Page  0009
The Best Family Newsp Apeb in New England!

Saint Louis Wire Factory ,
No. 19, South Third Street,
Between M rket and Walnut.

JamesAshton, ,
Manufacturer of
Wtrb Fences, Vine Trellises, Garden Arches,
Plant and Flower Trainers, Flower Pot Stands,
Borders for Flower Beds, Cages,
Fenders, Screens, Hat and Bon-
net Stands, Dress Shapes,
and all other kinds of Useful an Fancy Wire Goods,
Morking Birdsa and Canries for Sale.

[missing figure]

Office for the Location of
Government Lands
General Agency.

Lands Carefully Selected and Entered Under the Graduation Act.

Land Warrants Carefuuv Located.

Delafield & Cokntwell ,
Land Agents and Surveyors ,
No. 73 Fourth Street, opposite the Planter’s House.

John B.Adams, ,
Bookseller and Stationer ,
94 Fourth St., Glasgow Row,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand, a variety of Medical, Theological, School and Miscri,
Leneous Books. Daily in receipt of new works as soon as published.

Cheap Editions of Every Description.

Also, Daper, Blank Books and ganeg Stationery of tberg vescription.

Fine French Engravings;
Baxter’s Patent Pictures, Printed in oil, for Drawing Room; Letter
and Note Paper; Envelopes stamped at short notice, in the neatest manner.

Thomas, Jackson & ,
Distillers of
Pure Alcohol, Neutral Spirits & Domestic Liquors.

Also, Cahpkiks and Spirit Gas.

Office No. II, South Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Always on hand, AlCohol, and Pure Spirits desired proof; Deodorized
Alcohol, American Brandy, Qik and fine Whiskys.


10 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0010

Insurance Company
Office, n. w. corner Main and Chesnut Sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Capital, $200,000.

Wm.WilliamD’Œnch, , Pres’t . C. F.Meyer, , Vice Pres’t .
Chas.Abraaxsoit, , Secretary .


HenryBlock, ,
Wm.WilliamD’Œnch, ,
C. F.Meyer, ,
E.Wilmot, ,
Chas.Taupssic, ,
Chas. A.Cuno, ,
L.Meier, ,
A. C.Cordes, ,
H. J.Spaunhorst, .

FrederickHeemann, , Agent .

OliverChace, ,
Manufacturer Of
Spool And Pound
Sewing Cotton,
Fall River, Mass.

St. Louis Scale Factory!
Nos. 247 and 249 North Second Street,
(between WashWashington avenue and Carr,)
Saint Louis. Missouri.

G.Hubnnighatjs, . Pbed.Ude, .

Muennighaus & ,
Mamfactirers Ov J. A. Ross’ Celebrated
Platform, pag, Coal, Cattle,

[missing figure]
Ratroad And Counter Scales.
[missing figure]

Tbitcks Fox Bailr0ads, Steamboats, &c.

☞Also, Scales repaired durable at short notice.☜

Advertising Department. 11
View original image: Page  0011

Sigerson & Bro.’s Nursery
Saint Louis. Mo.

The proprietors of this
establishment can sup-
ply to order, every va-
riety of
Fruit, Shade and
Trees And Shrubs.

Also, Garden, Field and

Agricultural and Hor-

[missing figure]

Agricultural and Hor-

will be furnished to all
post paid

Orders promptly and
in all cases, when
conditions are complied

All orders should be
addressed to
John Sigerson & Brother ,
Corner of Broadway and WashWashington avenue Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.

12 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0012

James H.Lucas, , Henry S.Turner, ,

JohnSimonds, , HenryPatterson, , Robert N.Nisbet, .

Lucas & Simonds ,
Corner Main and Chesnut sts., St. Louis.

Lucas, Turner & ,
San Francisco, Cal.

Edwd.P.Tesson, ,

Anty. L.Danjen, .

Tesson & Danjen ,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Menard, Tesson & ,
New Orleans, La.

JoshMenard, ,
New Orleans.Tesson & Danjen ,
Saint Louis..Wm.William S.Pike, , in commendam,Baton Rouge, La.

D.Rokohl, , JamesKinkead, .

D. Rokohl, & ,
Dankers and Dealers in Crchange,
cor.corner Main and Green streets, under Virinia Hotel.

Exchanexchange on all the principal Cities purchased and sold; Collections made
without charge, and promptly remitted at current rates of Exchange. Gold,
Silver and Bullion, and Uncurrent Notes, bought and sold at the most
reasonable rates. The highest interest paid depositors, on time or
current account.

J. Lowman & Brother ,
Wholesale and Retail Delers in
Gents’ Furnishing Goods,
No. 70, Market, cor. 3d, under Cafe Chantant.

Keep constantly on hand, a large and choice assortment of Reaby Made
Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers, Cravats, &C

Advertising Department. 13
View original image: Page  0013

J. H.Lightner, ,
82 Second Stheet, Between Locust and Olive
St. Louis.

and Dealer in
Charter Oak,
New Era,
Clevated Oven
Newest Styles of Premium,
Hotel and Coal
Cook Stoves,
Peoria and Moline Steel
Plows and Prairie Breakers.

[missing figure]

Stoves and Brates
Sugar Kettles,
Skillets, &C.
All of the Most
Approved Patterns,
and Made of
Number One Iron.
Peacock, Jewett and Iron
Railroad Plows.

[missing figure]

Hat & Cap Establishment
No. 67 Fourth. Sreet,
Saint Louis, Mo.

The oldest Retail Hat and Cap Manufactory in Saint Louis, being estab-
lished in 1843 and now Permanently Located at
No. 67 North Fourth St
East side, between Fine and Olive Sts., 3 doors South of Olive.

Hats and Caps
Of every description made to order, and warranted to fit the head with perfect
ease to the wearer.

14 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0014

Ambrotype, Sphereotype, Melenaiotype, Collodiotype,
Ambrcgraph, Mezzograph, Photograph and
Heliographie Gallery,
No. 63 ½ North Fourth Street, below Olive,
Saint Louis, Mo.

The above different styles of Pietures are made at this establishment, being more
than at any other Gallery in the City, at prices varying from
One Dollar to One Hundred.

All of Which are Warranted not to Fade.

Pictures copied from small Daguerreotypes, or other pictures, to the size of life,
and Colored in Oil or pastel.

Pictures taken in all kinds of weather, in from one to five seconds. The public are
invited to call and exaimine specimens before going elsewhere.

W. L.Troxel, , Photographer ,
63 1-2 Fourth street, St. Louis, Mo.

City Gallery .
Daguerreotype, Photograph & Ambrotype

W. H. Tilford & ,
No, 39 Fourth Street,
(Opposite the Planter’s House,)
Saint Louis, Missouri.

Dealers in all Appararrs aertaining to either of the above Arts.

Always on hand a supply of Tilford’s celebrated Positire and Negatire Colodion.

N. Brown’s
Daguerrean and Photographic Gallery,
Cor. Fourth and Pine Sts.,
(Opposite the Planter’s House,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 15
View original image: Page  0015

Exclusive Cash System!

F. Dings & ,
Importers & Wholesale Dealers in Foreign & Domestic
Fancy Goods, Notions, Hosiery, Toys,
Musical Instruments, Stationery, Woolen Goods, &c.

Manufacturers of all kinds of Brushes,
37 North Main street, up stairs,
Saint Louis, Missouri.

The attention of Cash Buyers is directed to above card. Our terms are Nett Cash,
and our prices from fifteen to twenty per cent. lower than credit prices! Goods selected
with particular care, as regards quality and styles. An examination of our stock is re-
spectfully solicited.

Beard & Brother ,
Proprietors of the
Excelsior Safe and Scale Works, No. 99 & 101 Second Street.

The Excelsior is the safe that saved the Books and Papers, after being in the
great fire of the City Buildings, Ninety Hours!

The Excelsior Scale

Took the Premium over Eairbaanks’ at the Fair in Saint Louis, and is guar-
anteed to be equal to any Scale in the United States. The price is 30 per cent, Less
than the Fairbanks.

N. B.—Pumps of all descriptions, Hydrants, Plumbering, &c.

Sanford & Brewster ,
Omnibus & Carriage Shop,
755 Broadway, cor.corner Monroe street,
North St. Louis, Mo.

Where all kinds of Carriage and Omnibus work is done
with Dispatch.

16 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0016

Joseph W.Branch, , JosephCrookes, , RobertFrost, .

Branch, Crookes & Frost
Manufacturers of Warranted
Cast Steel Saws
Wholesale and Retail!
Office, 18 Vine Street, betw. Main and Second.
Saintt Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

Particular care paid to repairing all kinds of Saws.

After four years successful operation we have succeeded in establishing the reputa-
tion of Saint Louis Saws over most, and equal to any manufactured in the East. All
members of our firm being practical men, and personally exercising a supervision over
every department, we are enabled with our knowledge of the steel trade in Sheffield,
England, and of all the best makers of steel, and by our experience in the Eastern States
and England, to purchase our raw stock on terms equal to any house in the East, and
thereby also to manufacture saws equal, in every respect, and in many instances superior
to any that are turned out in New York or Boston. ☝See next page.

Advertising Department. 17
View original image: Page  0017

A First Class Saw
Enjoys a High Reputation at Home,
and Afterwards, by its Own Intrinsic and Recognised Merits,

[missing figure]

Forces Itself Abeoad!

When we began manufacturing, a First Class St. Louis Saw was a tiling unknown; but a short time sufficed to
proye, that Our Saws were equal, if not superior, to any brought here from the East. The result is. arc now ena-
bled—and we do it with somo pride—to refer to the following Merchants, Machinists, Saw-Mill Manufacturers, Sash,
Door and Blind Manufacturers, Saw-Mill Owners and Lumber Merchants of our city, all of whom sell or use our Saws at
the present time. To these we haye also added the names of some of our country patrons. The list speaks for itself,
and also for us.

Child, Pratt & , St. Louis,
Kinglands & Ferguson , ",
Jno. H. Hall , ",
Clark, Renfrew & , ",
Chas.Rogers, , ",
Cuddy, Merritt & , ",
F. E. Schmieding & , ",
Dowpall Makkham & , ",
McCoudsaBeck, , ",
JuliusMorisse, , ",
Wm.William Wade & Co , ",
Hunt & Weisman , ",
Edwards, Branson & , ",
W. W.Miller, , ",
Bceckler, Hirsciiburg & , ",
Hall & Hynson , ",
L. W. Mitchel & , ",
Overstolz, Lemon , ",
Parker, Ludlow & , ",
W. G. Clark & , ",
Patterson & Ferguson , ",
Brotherton & Gibsont , ",
Shearing & Dryden , ",
R. C. McAllister & , ",
C. R.Anderson, , ",
Thos. M.Wannall, , ",
Chas. W.Horne, , ",
LesleyGarnett, , ",
Ladd, Patrick & , ",
Sawyer & McIlvaine , ",
Philibert & Branconier , ",
WesleyConnor, , ",
H. H.Wright, , ",
C. A. & J. W. Peck , ",
Colston, Keep & , ",
NathanColeman, , St. Louis.
Bertshlnger & Steinwedell , Quincy, Ill.
Snow & Weltberger , ".
M. T.Greenleaf, , ".
Gardner, Mitchell & , ".
Worrel & Caldweia , ".
J. K. Van Doorn & , ".
Jas. Arthur & , ".
S. W. & H. Tucker , Keokuk, Iowa.
Baldwin & Evans , ".
Cady. JonesPeck, , ".
A.Harbach, , Burlington, Iowa.
Chas.Hendrie, , ".
Jas. Morton & , ".
Chas. Sowden & , ".
Geo. G.Mahan, , Museatine, Iowa.
B.Hershey, , ".
James M.Moore, , Rock Island, Iowa.
J. V.Cannon, , Darenport, Iowa.
Stowkll, Mapes & , Moline, Ilis.
Dunn & Mansur , "
Trego & Woodruff , Galena, Ills.
Schulinoburg, Bobckler & , Stillwater.
H. S. Allen & , Chippewa Falls, Wis.
J. N. Stowell & , Milwaukie, Wis.
S. R.Fox, , Madison, Wis.
James Cook & , Terre Haute, Ind.
S. H.Potter, , ".
A. J.White, , Memphis, Tenn.
B. F.Fox, , Springfieid, Ills.
JacobWithy, , Winchester, Ills.
Jas.Watt, , ".
Hammon, Burdett & , Jacksonville, Ills.
J.Flaherty, , St. Joseph, Mo.
C. J.Fox, , Council Bluffs, Iowa.
18 Advertising Dapartment.
View original image: Page  0018

Bridge, Beach & ,
No. 37 north main street, St. Louis, Mo.,

(Successors to Bridge & Bro.,) Manufacturers of the
golden era & new era airtight cook stoves!

Also, of the
Golden Harp,
other premium
Cook Stoves,
And a great varie-
ty of the latest styles
and most approved
Heating Stoves for
Coal and Wood;

[missing figure]

and Dealers in
Tin Plate
Copper, Sheet Iron,
Wire, Zinc,
Blook Tin
Tinners’ Machines and Tools,
japanned ware ,
&c., &c., &c.

We would particularly call attention to the New Era Cooking Stove, which re
ceived the first premium at the St. Louis A. and M. Association’s Fair, in October last.

Gray & Brust
Cor. Market and Second sts.
St. Louis.

See sign of big hat!

Heinz & Barthel ,
Manufacturers of Copper, Din and Sheet-Iron Ware
and dealers iat stoves and tin ware,
52 North Second Street, betw. Olive and Pine,
St. Louis.

☞ Pakticular attention paid to spouting, roofing and guttering.

☞ All kinds of jobbing. in our, done to order, with reatnes8 and despatch!

Advertising Department. 19
View original image: Page  0019

Great National
Air-Line Route !
Terre Hantte, Alton and St. Louis

[missing figure]

Rail Road.
The shortest, quickest and most direct roite to all eastern cities.

Two through express trains daily, morning & evening, making
close and sure connections

At Pana, with the Illinois Central Railroad, for Decatur, Bloornington, Lasalle, Peoria,
Mendota, Burlington, Rock Island, Galena, Dunleith, Ac. &c.

At Mattoon. with the Branch of the Illinois Central Railroad for Chicago, and with trains of the Great Western and
Wabash Valley Railroads for Danville. Lafayette, Logansport. Fort Wayne. Toledo., and all Northern and Lake

At Terre Haute and Indianapolis—with the Terre Haute and Richmond. Indiana Central. Indianapolis nnd Belle-
fontaine. Indianapt Us nnd Cincinnati, Jeffereonrille and Indianapolis, and Madison Railroads, for Crestline. Cleve-
land, Dunkirk. Buffalo, Niagara Kails. Albany. Boston, New York. Philadelphia, Baltimore. Washington City. Rich-
mondt Harper’s Furry. Dayton, d lumbus. Wheeling, Cincinnati. Madison, Louisville, Lexington. Ky.. and all the
Principal Cities in the Middle. Kastern, Northern and Southern Sates.


☞ Passongers for New York City have choice of four good routes, viz : New
York Central, New York and Erie, Pennsylvania Central, and Baltimore and Ohio


Baggage handled with care and cheked through free of charge.


Fare as low as by any other Route, and Tickets good for 305 days, or until used!


Omnibuses will call for Passengers at the different Hotels, or in any part.of the City,
free of charge, by leaving word at either of the Ottices, No 82 Fourth street,
under Planters’ House, or No. 36 North Levee, where reliable information can be had
of the different routes.

L. R.Sargent, , Sup’t .

B. F.Fifield, , General Ticket Agent .

W. F.Stout, , General Passenger Agent .

20 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0020

Sash, Door and Blind
Depot .
No. 300 North main street, Saint Louis, Mo.

A large assortment constantly on hand.

Stone, Genthner & ,

Chas. B.Smith, ,
dealer in
pine and poplar lumber,
white and yellow pine flooring,
Shingles, Laths, Siding, Sash, &c.
Yard —cor.corner Cass Avenue and Seventh St.

W. H.Huish, ,
corner of ashley and broadway.

manufacturer of
saw mills, improved portable engines,
brass work, &c.

All kinds of Mill Work, Sash & Planing Machines.

Saw Spndles, &c., always on hand.

Frederick House ,
corner of second and vine sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Scholten & Schiling ,

Bartling House .

JohnSieg, , Proprietor ,
No. 43 third street, near pine,
Keeps always on hand the choicest kinds of
wines, liqours & segars.

Lunch Every Day at 11 o’clock.

Advertising Department. 21
View original image: Page  0021

SamuelMcCartney, ,
T. V.Strode, , A. L.Lackoix, ,
wholesale grocers
and importers
Foreign Wines and Liquors,
manufacturers of
domestic liquors ,
☞rectifyers of whisky,☜
Nos. 110 and 112 second street,
between locust and vine,
Saint Louis, Mo.

A. C.Erfort, . HenryTetring, .
Eefoet & Petring ,
wholesale grocers
commission merchants,
cor.corner of Second and Green Streets,
(under the virginia hotel,)
St. Louis, Mo.

LewisHake, , HermanHake, .
SylvesterFreeman, , WilliamHake, .

Hake, Freeman & ,
wholesale grocers
Commission and Produce
No. 207 corner of broadway and cherry streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

22 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0022

MarkHamilton, ,
wholesale grocer
and dealer in
Foreign Wines and Iiquors ,
No. 141 second street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wm.William O.Wheeler, . Jno. N.Bofinger, .

W. O. Wheeler & ,
importers and dealers in
brandies, wines, liquors. foreign fruits,
cigars, oysters, sardines,
nuts, preserves, and fancv groceries generally,
No. 59 North Levee, Saint Louis, Mo.

Particular attention paid to country orders.

☞Sole Western Agents for Tcrseb’s Ginger Wine, Cordials, &c.

Charles H.Heywood, . JamesMorris, .

Heywood & Morris ,
wholesale and retail
dealers in
wines; liquors; teas & provisions.

Fresh country butter always on hand.
No. 249 Broadway, ....... St. Louis.

D. L. Walsworth & ,
commission merchants;
manufacturers and dealers in
cincer brands and stomach bitters,
liquors, wines, etc.,
Cigars and Chewing Jobacco, Fnk and Marking Fluid,
No. 16 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 23
View original image: Page  0023

Jones’ Comercial Collge ,
s. e. cor. Washington Avenue and Third Street,
Saint Louis.

Established in 1841.

A full course of instruction in this institution
double-entry book-keeping,
commercial calculations, commercial law,
and penmanejip.

Gentlemen can enter for the courses separately, and at any time, as instruction is imparted individually and not in classes, each department
being independent of the other, and under the control of a Professor, educated for the especial duties of that department in which he is

☞ For Circulars, containing information in regard to the terms, Course of Instruction, &c., call at the Book Keeping Department, or

JonathanJones, , St. Louis, Mo.

24 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0024

Geo. O.Allen, . ErieWright,

Allen & Wright ,
No. 75 3d Street, Between Olive and Locust,
Saint Louis. Mo.

Gold Pen Manufactory!
No. 54 Chesnut Street, (betweem 2d and 3d) abovk the Post Office.

☞Re-Pointing and Repairing. Jewelry Repaired and made to order. All work
warranted. Higgins Brothers.

James Verdin’s
Wagon, Cart & Dray
Manufactory ,
cor.corner Markt and 11th Streets, St. Louis. Mo.

GeorgeBayha, . CharlesBayha, .

G. & C. Bayha ,
Packers of Pork and Beet,
and Provision Dealers,
Nos. 291 and 293 S.’Second st, St. I Amis, Mo.

Louis H.Perrin, ,
Manufacturer and Dealerin
Gigabs, Tobacco and Snuff,
Wholesale and Retail ,
No. 24, S. W. Comer of Second and Walnut Streets, (near the Cathedral,) and 840
Broadway, near the corner of Biddle Street, St. Louis, Mo.

JamesMichael, . MarcusKaim, .

Marcus Kaim’s
Cheap Wholesaleiand Retail
Men and Boy’s Clothing
and Gentlemen’s Furnishing Store,
Nos. 32 and 34 Market Street, between Main and Second, St. Louis, Mo.

☞Clothing Made to Order.☜

Advertising Department. 25
View original image: Page  0025

Jacob Fritschle’s
Steam Bakery ,
cor.corner of Chouteau Avenue and Seventh Street,
Office---No. 42 Commercial Street and No. 21 Levee,
St. Louis, Mo.

All kinds of Crackers and Bread constantly on hand.

J. C.Wicks, . J. H.Gerdemann, .

Mound City
Machine Bakery .

Wicks & Gerdemann.

Constantly & Hand and Made to Order all Kinds of
Loaf and Plot Bread, Grackers and Cakes.

At the Shortest Notice.

Supplying Depot—No. 68 Commercial Street, between Vine and Washington Avenue.

Manufactory—No. 93 Morgan Street, between Sixth and Seventh.,
B.Rineart, , Agent . St. Louis, Mo

B. Noel & Son ,
Goffer, Tin & Sheet-Iron
No. 231 North Main Street,
Saintlouis, Mo.

N. B. Steamboat Jobbing; of all kinds promptly attended to.

McSherry & McCord ,
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron Workers,
No. 203 North Main Street, Opp. the Old Foundry,
St.Louis, Mo.

Manufacturers of Steam Engine & Distillery work
of Every Description,
Soda fountains, Copper pumps, Copper Hettles), &c.
of the Best Quality.

They also manufacture Stkamboat Cooking Stoves of the approved patterno and the best workmanship
and materials. Britching and Chmneys made an repaired. Aff assortment of Tin-Ware always on hand.


26 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0026

SamuelGait, , John S.M’Ccne, , JamesColuns, , William H.Stone, , AmosHowe, .

Gaty, McCune & ,
Mississippi Foundry ,
Main & Second, bet. Morgan & Cherry sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Established July, 1831.

Marine Steam Engines,
Stationary Steam Eiiis, Mill Machinery,
Railroad Work, Lard Tanks, Steam Boilers, Sheet Iron Work, Brass Work and
Blacksmithing, “Gaty’s” Patent Capstans, “Tim’s” Patent Boxes,
“Cotton’s” Improved Piston Heads, and Grate Bars.

N. B—Particular attention paid to Steamboat Work, and repairing all
kinds of Machinery. Gaty, M’Cune &

Wolff & Engert ,
Importers of
Paper Hancings,
Window Shades.
Colors, Brushes,
Fancy Paper, Bookbinders’ Materials,
etc. etc.
No. 43 South 2d street, between Elm & Myrtle,
and No. 803 Broadway, bet. Morgan & Cherry,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 27
View original image: Page  0027

A. K.Halteman, ,
Millwright ,
Carondelet Avenue and Carroll street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Manufactures and has on Hand
Smut Mills, Suction and Blast Fans,
Straw Cutlers, and various kinds of Machines in use by Millers and Farmers.

Iron Finishing and Fitting done to order. Ripping and Circular Sawing of all kinds.

Barrel linings always on hand.

Orders received at No. 21 Market street.

A.Campe, ,
Fashionable Tailor ,
No. 3 Third St., bet. Market & Chesnut, St. Louis.

Garments of every description manufactured in the neatest, most durable and most
fashionable style, upon the shortest notice.

Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings constantly on hand, direct from the Eastern cities

☞Garments Made, Warranted to Please,☜

Terms as reasonable as at any similar establishment.

H. B.Long, , W.M’Powell, .

Long & Mcdowell ,
House Carpenters

South Ninth St., East Side, bet. Walnut St. and Clark Avenue,
St. Louis, Mo.

All Orders in our line promptly attended to.

JohnRamsey, ,
House Carpenter and Builder ,
sixth street,
between Car and Biddle,
St. Louis, Mo.

All Orders in My Line Attended to Promptly.

Office Hours—S to 9, A. M., and 3 to 4, P. M.

28 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0028

Mathematical, Optical and Philosophical
Instrument Maker ,
43 Second, bet. Pine & Chesnut,
St. Louis, Mo.

Jacob S.Merrell, ,
Drug Mill,
Medical Laboratory,
Botanic Warehouse,
27 & 29 St. Charles St.,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

W.Amend, ,
Cakes & Bread
No. 91 South Fourth St.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand all kinds of plain and or-
namental fancy Cakes; also, Coffee and Tea
Cakes, Pies, Jellies in Confectioneries, &c.

Every order filled at the shortest notice

AnthonyOberreither, ,
Plasterer ,
Office, No. 0 Third St.,
N. West Corner of Market,
St. Louis, Mo.

Brilliant Stncco Work,
Of different Colors, a sp’endid article for
Fronts; Parlor Walls, Halls, Vestibules,
In and Outside Mouldings, and Ornamental
Work done.

Weston & Gaby ,
Eleventh street,
At the Head of Green,
St. Louis, Mo.

Lesley Garnett,
Sash and Door
Manufactory ;
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
Mouldings,Door & Window Frames,
Dressed Lumber, &c.,
cor.corner Collins and Carr sts.,
St. Louis Mo.

J.Murphy, ,
Manufacturer ,
No. 362 Broadway,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 29
View original image: Page  0029
Fire and Water-Proof Roofs.

Samuel D.Warren, ,
(Successor to C. M. & H. V. Warren,)
Mnufncturer of
Warren’s Fire and Water-Proof Composition
Roofs & Roofing Materials
Office—Room No. 11, over Post-Office, cor.corner 2d and Chensut sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Citn Work done in a superior manner, with promphness and desparth,
and Warranted.

Materials of the Best Quality
Alwaysonhand & for sale with Directions for Use

The undersigned, the Original Introducer of the Composition Roof,
having been for the last twelve years extensively engaged in the business, during which
time his roofs have been thoroughly tested, and have given general satisfaction, now
offers his roof to the public.

"With many Improvements,
suggested by long experience, confident that for Durability, Cheapness, and
Protection against Fire and Water, it is not surpassed by any roof now in
use. For particulars call at my office, where I will take pleasure in showing specimens
of my work—or address by mail.

Orders from the Country will inert with prompt attention.

Thankful for past favors, I ask a continuance of the public patronage so long as my
work shall merit the same.

Samuel D.Warren, .

liefer to the following builders In St. Louis:

W. J.Stacy, ,
Barnbtt & Walker ,
J. T.Knott, ,
W Kston & Gaby ,
HenryKennedy, ,
E.Greekleaf, .
L. D.Baker, ,
HenryPitcher, ,
30 Advertising Dapartmknt.
View original image: Page  0030

FerdinandHauck, ,
Merchant Tailor
No. 36 Pine st., bet. 2d and 3d,
St. Louis Mo.

D. H,Thomas, ,
General Broker,
and Forwarding Merchant ,
No. 20 Pine Stheet, cor, of Second,
up Stairs,
St. Louis, Mo.

G. P.Theobald, . Jas. A.Beal, . J. K. B.Rice, .

G. F. Theobald & ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
55 North Second St.,
St. Lcuis. Mo.

WtlkjssonBryak, . BernardBryan, .

Bryan & Beother .
Lumber Merchants,
Broadway, corner of O’Fallon,
St. Louis, Mo.

Dealers in all Kinds of
Pine & Poplar Lumder, Pine & Cypress Shingles.

Doors, Sash, Blinds, &c.,

Advertising Department. 31
View original image: Page  0031

Westlake & Button ,
(Saccessors to Linus Jackson & ,)

[missing figure]

Machine Shop & Foundry ,
cor.corner of Main and Biddle sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Blacksmithing of all Krnds
Steamboat and Contractors’ Outfits constanting on band.

Such as Wheelbnrrows, Scrapers, Derricks, Dorrick Windlass, Tackle Blocks, Cordage, &c.

Also, Hoisting Wheels, Truck Canlngcs, Pumps, Patert Pump Tubing, &c., &c.

Rail-Car Manufactory and Foundry.

Railroad Cars Manufactured to Order;
Can Whells of all sizes, and all other kinds of Railroad Castings.

$1 300

To be Given Away!

To the Patrons of
Fox’s Ambrotype and Daguerrean Gallery.

Every Person Haying
a Picture taken at this Establishment
Will recclvc a ticket which will secure to them a chance in
$1,300 worth of Elegant Jewelry
For particulars see small bills, &c.

A. J.Fox, , Proprietor ,
cor.corner 4th And Chesnut Streets.

View original image: Page  npn

Teeth, Gold Leaf, Foil &c.

Dlatina, Gold and Silbort Plant and wlire,
Gold & Tin Foils.
Operating, Various Patterns.

Bench Tools
Furnaches for Baking Teeth,
Benry Material for Making Porcelain Teeth,
Foreeus, Turukeys, Pluggers and Scalers,

[missing figure]

Missippi Yalley Dental Depot
St. Louis Premium Gold Leaf and Gold Foil Manufactory ,
79 Market St., St. Louis, Mo.

A. M.Leslie, , D. D. S., Proprietor .

Sole Agent in St. Louis for Teeth manufactured by Jones, White & McCurdy, Philadelphia; John Klein, Philadelphia;
New york Teeth Manufacturing Compny.

Medals and Diploma, St. Louis and Alton Exhibitions, 1856, for best Dental Instruments, Chair, Cold Foil and Leaf, St.
Louis manufacture.

„We cheerfully commend to the Profession of stock of rental Materials on Rale at the depct of A. M. Leslie, be-
lieving that the Praetitioir will here find a selection from which he may purchase a complete outifit, or replenish his

Spalding & Pkrink , A.Blake, , EdwdHale, , I.Forbes, , H. J. B.McKellops, , H.Barrons, , Dunham & Hale .

[missing figure]

To Consumers of Gold Leaf.

“"Having used Leslies Gold Leaf, we can confidently recommend it to the Trade as a Oral rate article.”

J. C. Miller & , P.Crumman, , Samuel Spencer & , Boggs & , Gillders, St. Louis.

Orders punctually filled. Terms Cash. Catalogues sent when desired. Address

A. M.Leslie, . 79 Market st., St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 33
View original image: Page  0033

WilliamM’kee, . G. W.Fishback, .

M’kee & Fishback ,
propiuetors of the
missouri democrat
book and job
printing office,
Nos+ 41 and 43 Locust street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

This establishment is prepared to executelevery variety of
Commercial ani fetter-pres printing

On the most favorable terms, and with the greatest possible dispatch. Merchants, Rail
Road and River men, will find that this office possesses every facility for
turning out their description of work, in the neatest styles, and
in the most expeditious manner. Those wanting

Books, Pamphlets, Cards,
circulars, bill heads,
bills of lading,
steamboat bills,
And cuery variety of River Printing,
hand bills, posters, programmes,
ball tickets,
Dray Tickets, Apothecaries’ Printing,
rail road work, &c.,

Would do well to give us a call. We are also prepared to execute all orders for
fancy jobs, in colors, &C.


34 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0034

AlbertFiscger, ,

All kinds of
fanoy oaps and furs,
sold at the lowest cash pricgs:

[missing figure]

Dress hats,
panama, straw & lechorn
fine felts, &C., &C.

Fashionable hat and cap manufacturer ,
s. w. corner of second and market streets,
St. Louis.

[Sign of the Red Hat.]

G. Morgens’
St. Louis steam
dyeing, scouring, finshing and waaatering
no. 4 South Fourth st., brt. Market ant Walnut, West side.

A card to the ladies.

Mr. G. Morgens begs leave to return his sincere thanks to the Ladies, and citizens
generally, for the very liberal patronage extended to him during the last four years, and
confidently solicits a continuance of the same. He adopts this method of informing
the public that he still occupies his old stand, No 4 South Fourth street, where he
engages to clean and dye every description of goods in a style unequalled by any estab-
lishment West of the mountains.

Crape Shawls cleaned and dyed in a very superior manner, as can be testi-
fied to by hundreds of ladies, residents of this and other cities of the Union.

Gentlemen’s clothing cleansed and repaired in a style not surpassed in
this city.

Particular attention given to the renovation of carpets, hearth rugs,
&c., &c.

Mr. Morgens has obtained the names of the following ladies, as references:

Mrs.U.Wright, ,
Mrs.N.Valle, ,
Mrs.S. T.Nidelet, ,
Mrs.F. VonPhul, ,
Mrs.Bogy, ,
Mrs.White, ,
Mrs.E.Xaupi, ,
Mrs.Benkendorf, ,
Mrs.A. P.Chouteau, ,
Mrs.H.Chouteau, ,
Mrs.MaryMitchell, ,
Mrs.G. W.Clark, .
Mrs.W.Ftnney, ,
Mrs.J.Finney, ,
Mrs.Wheaton, ,
Mrs.A.Chouteau, .
MissCortambert, .
Advertising Department. 35
View original image: Page  0035

R. H.Miller, . Chas.Miller. John S. J.Miller, . G. W.Berkley, .

R. H. Miller & Sons ,
Importers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
glass and queensware,
britannia ware,
Tea-TrayS, Lamps, Chandeliers, &c.
No. 34 main street,
between pine and chesnut,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Wm.WilliamRumbold, ,
Architect and Superintendent ,
St. Louis, Mo,
Room No. 9 Post Office Building.

Edward A.Fillet, . C. P.Filley, . Samuel R.Filley, .

E. A. & S. R. Fillet ,
Direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
glass & queensware
Solar Lard Lamps, Chandeliers, &c.
No. 133 main street,
Four doors North of the Bank of the State of Missouri, St. Louis, Mo.

WesleyFallon, . James A.Wright, .

[missing figure]
[missing figure]

Fallon & Wright ,
Soutd-Wrst Cor. fifth anb St. Charles sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

36 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0036

Tamm & Meyer ,
manufacturers of
common wooden ware
Steam Works—Chouteau Avenue,
Office—39 north main street, up stairs,
St. Louis, Mo.

Qrders executed at short notice.

Cutlery .

[missing figure]

H. H. Meier keeps constantiy on hand a well selected assortment of domestic and foreign
hardware and cutlery, which he offers for sale at low and uniform prices, and respectfully asks
share of public patronage.

J. D.M’auliff, ,
manufacturer ,
Corner of Twenty-first stree and franklin Avenue,
Depot No. 33 Third st., bet. Pine Chesnut,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Keeps constantly on hand, and makes to order,
Rockaways, Buggies and Traveling Wagons,
of every description.

Repairing done at the shortest notice.

Advertising Department. 37
View original image: Page  0037

GeorgeKnapp, .
N.Paschall, .
JohnKnapp, .

Missouri Republican
Book & Job Office & Nindery
No. 11 Ohbsnut St.,
between Main and Second,
St. Louis.

George Knapp & .
Editors and Proprietors.

Terms of Subscription, pet; annum.
Daily, in advance, $10 00
Tri Wkkkiy, " 5 00
Wmkly, " 2 00
Weekly, not pai1 in advance, invariably 3 00
Sunday Ripublican 2 00
To Clubs of Daiilies, 40 00
To Clubs of 14 Wbskue, 20 00

All advertisements required to be kept mi second page,
charged at new each day,, and on third page an advance over
stated rates.

Adyertiwmentfl directed to be displayed, or set in hirtre type,
chardged double rates.

Yearly advertisers will lie charged extra for occupying space
over contract, and when large type in required to be udsed, or
the advertisements kepi on inside of paper.

Yearly advertiser will be charged extra at regular rates for
Wants. Bents, Removal. Copartiurship Notices. To Consignees,
&c., &c.

All “Wants.” “Lost” and “Found,’” “Boardinjr,” “ForRont,”
and “Removal.” charged $1 50 per square for first six days,
and $1 per square each additional week without alteration.

Cash Rates for Advertising.
One Squabb, dght lines or less, 50
" " three times without alteration, $1 00
" " one week " " 1 50
" " two week " " 2 50
" " three weeks " " 3 50
" " one month " " 4 00
" " two months " " 6 00
" " three months " " 7 00
" " six months " " 10 00
" " one year " " 18 00

38 Advertising Department.
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M.Steitz, ,
Packkr of
Beef & Pork ,
South Second St.,
at the Bridge,
St. Louis, Mo.

Jas. L.Brackett, ,
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Yeast Powder ,
No. 127 Morgan St.,
Between 7th an 8th,
St. Louis, Mo.

John B.Desmoulin, ,
Builder & Superintendent ,
No. 26
South Tenth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Jobbing done to Order.

[missing figure]

CharlesSteller, ,
Manufacturer of
Piano Fortes
s. w. cor. 14th and Market sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Repairing Done.

D. E.Beehler, . LouisLange, .

Beehler & Lange ,
Manufacturers of
Whips, Canes
Hmbnellas, Danasols, &c. ,
Wholesale and Retail,
No. 64 Market st, North side, bet. 2d & 3d sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

John H.Hall, Clare J.Morton, . L A.Hall, .

Jom H. Hall & ,
Hardware Importers,
92 Main street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Edw. Pfeiffer & Bro. ,
Watchmakers & Jewellers, No. 130 S. Second St.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly oo band a large andextendve assortment of
Gold and Silver Watches, Clocks, Gold
Pens and Pencils, Gold and Silver Specta-
cles, Spectacle Glasses, Fine Pocket Cutlery.

Clocks, Avatchn.s and Music Boxes of all descriptions
carefully repaired and warranted. Also—Jewelry
of all kinds made to order, and repaired at the
thortest notice and on the Most Reasonable Terms.

Ad0Lphd8Meeer, . J. C.Rust, .

Adolphus Meier & ,
Importers and Dealers in
and Cutlery,
Manufactures of
St. Louis Cotton Darns, Sbeetings, &c.
No. 23 Main st., cor.corner of Chesnut,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 39
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[missing figure]

Whitley’s Patent Double Circular Saw Mill , Patented March 4, 1856, Manufactured by Clark, Avery & Voorhies, at
The People’s Iron Works,
Main street, between Florida and Mullanphy sts., north of the shot tower, St. Louis.

The above Mill, in its construction combines novelty and simplicity; either portable or stationarv, as may be required, and of several different sizes; it is equally adapted to Steam, Water,
Horse or Windmill power; and its simplicity, cheapness, durability, strength and easy management, cannot fail to convince every person after a glance at its combined improvements, that it is
the best mill now in use for making lumber. The frame is of oak; it has two saws, one above the other, and in line with each other, so as to assist in cutting off the swell, butts, slab and
knots, and in splitting large logs. The upper saw can be moved on the arcn so as to cut two planks with one run of the carriage, and for fencing, from two to eight boards may be cut at once.
The after ends of the saw shafts are connected by an arm, which serves as a guide to both shafts, so that complete control may be had over the sawn while running; it also serves for their ad-
justment, and keeps them true with each other while cutting. They are capable of sawing 1,000 feet per hour, and will work in all kinds of lumber without Hawing crooked. We warrant
the Mills to perform in every respect as represented. Any information respecting them will be cheerfully given on application to our agents, W. M. Plant & , No. 14 North Main street, or
to Isaac L.Garrison, , President of Home Mutual Insurance Company , corner of Main and Vine streets. ☞ Horse Powers and Steam Engines furnished with the Mills at stort notice and
upon satisfactory terms. Clark, Avery & Voobules .

40 Advertising Dapartment.
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Clothing Clothing
at Wholesale.
Mead, Bro. & ,
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in
Ready-Made Clothing
No. 168 Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.

J. H.Colston, . E. B.Keep, . J.Hurd, .

North Missouri
Planing & Saw Mill ,
(Woodworth’s Patent.)

Sash, Door, Blind,
Moulding and Box Factory,
on Second st., bet. Jefferson and Monroe,
St. Louis, Mo.

Colston, Keep &
all orders for Sash, Doors, Blinds and Mouldings, of every size and
description, will be filled at the shortest notice.

Packing Boxes
Of every description made with dispatch.

Lumber Dressed to order on the shortest notice.

Advertising Department. 41
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[missing figure]
St. Louis
[missing figure]

Bell & Brass Foundry
[missing figure]
No. 33 Washington av. bet. Main and 2d sts., St. Louis, Mo.

Bells of all sizes, for Churches, Steamboats, Plantations and Hotels. All kinds of Platform, Floor Counter and
Drug Scales, wholesale and retail. Also, a large variety of Brass Work, including

Cocks, Couplings, Whistles and Plumbers’ Work.

DavidCaughlan, .

Sixdhoff & Camp ,
for on. Second and Madison sts. North St. Louis,
Cabinet and Carpenters’ Work,
Wagon and Buggy Hurs,
Mortising, Chucking and Boring Chair Stuff,
Also, Sawing Wagon and Chair Stuff,
and Turning in Geiveral.

N. B. Jobbing Done at the Shobtest Notice.

Spice Milis
Caspar E.Mayer, ,
Mo. 167 Eighth St., bet. Morgan & Cranklin av.

Grocers Supplied with
Choice Ground and Whole Spices,
on Liberal Terms.


42 Advertising Department.
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St. Louis
Insurance Company ,
S. W. Corner Main and Olive sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Capital, $300,000.

This Company insures agninst Fire and Marine losses of all kinds, on the most
favorable terms. Losses promptly adjusted and paid. Cargo customers accommodated
with cash facilities:


James E.Yeatman, ,
Saml. K.Wilson, ,
CharlesMiller, ,
J. P. S.Lemolne, .
John C.Rust, ,
Wm.William T.Christy, ,
GeorgeKnapp, ,
A. N.Berthoud, .
ThorntonGrimeley, ,
AbnerHood, ,
L.Levering, ,
E. Y.Ware, .

G. K.MeGunnegle, , President .

Thos.Webster, , Sec’y .

George N.Lynch, ,
Office, no. 53 fifth street, east side, between Olive and Locust streets,
Opposite mercantile Library Hall,
and Furnishers of Funerals,
in- all its Branches.

Undertakers’ Trimmings of all kinds
for Sale.

Also, Agents fob the Sale of the
Patent Metalic Burial Cases.

A lurge supply constantly on hand, and sold at manufacturers’ prices.

Advertising Department 43
View original image: Page  0043

Dr. Cavanaugh’s
Pile Salve.

For the Cure of Every Form of
Hemorrhoids; or Piles;
Whether of long standing or recent origin; Internal or external; whether attended
with Profatpsiu, Hcmmorrhage, or Obstruction; and all by
External Application!

No Internal adjuvant being reqalrcd In any ease, only
No internal adjuvants being required in any case, only
to regulate the bowels, if constipated, or
In Dlarrhcea and Dysentery.

The Piles, while astonishingly prevalent in their various fors, amongst all classes of both sexes, are at the same
time, the most distressing frequently dangrous, and hitherto most difficult of Cure.

Persons who suffer any length of time wth the Piles, generally try everything they can learn of purportin to cure
the disease, yet realize no permanent adantage therefrom. They have been told. professionally, perhaps, there was
“no permanent cure for Piles,” and consequently have despaired of any future cessation from apin and sffering.

To all such, a Specific is offered for their relief, which has stood the test of more than twelve years’ active prae
tiee, and during that time has never failed whithin th knoweldge of the proprietor, of Curing Every Case.

Dr. Cavanaugh’s Pile Salve,
Is a strictly scientifie combination of well known remedial agents; and has been brought to its present perfection by a, continued series of experiments, extending through years of patient study and investigation, in field where ample
opportunities were afforded for throughly testing its virtues. The proprietor has no hesitaney in saying, that his Pile Salve is the First and Only Infallible Specific Ever Discovered, for that disease, and which cures by
Outward Application Only!
And that, in time to come, as in the past, it will stand the test of trial, without a failure to perform all the propriotor
claims for it, if his directions are attended to.

A large number of gentlemen througout the country, of high character and influence, have voluntarily attested to
its efficacy in thir own cases, not of hearsay-a few of whose certificates only can be introduced here.

St. Louis, Dec. 1, 1856.

This is to inform the afficied with Hemorrhoids of Piles, that I was troubled with that distressing diease for about nine
years, at times so as to be scaree able to walk-nsing every means fo alleviate my sufferings advised by phsicians and others,
all without any permanent benefit, as my disease seemed to grow worse, and my physicians despaired of my cure. About June
last, I procured a bottle of ”Dr, cAvanaugh’s Pile Salve,” by the and of which I am new well, able to attend to my business,
ride of walk, as my need may be.

A.Reinbold, Fourth street.

The following is form one of the most reliable citizens of Chicago, late Treasurer of Cook , Ill :

Chicago, July 25, 1855.

Dr. Cavanaugh-Dear Sib : I wish hereby to make known to the affieted that I have been trhoubled with the Piles for
twenty years or upwards, and at times most severely. And during a recent and exceedingly painful attack, a friend procured
a box of your Salve and asked me to give it a trial. I did so-not, however, wit the expectation of benedfftting my disease, for
truly doing me good; and reaily i is incredible to myself, that wit only about two weeks’ use of your Salve, I am, so far as I can judge, a well man. I most cheerfully make this statement, believing it due both to yourself and such as may be affileted
with this most trying and painful disease. I do not hesitate to say, that I consider your preparation an invaluable remedy for
the Piles.

Most sineerely, yours, H. N.Heald, .

The Hon.RichardYates, , formerely Member of Congress from the Springfield (Ills.) Distriet, says:

Jacksonville, Ills., Nov. 15, 1854.

Dr. Thos. Cavanugu-Dear Sir : The preparation Cavanugh’s Pile Salve, which you furnished, I found of great
service, producing an easy and speedy cure. I do not hesitate to recoinmend it as an invalubale for the Piles.

Respecifully, RichardYates, .

Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 6, 1806.

Having used your “Pile Salve,” I feel that I can cheerfully recommend it to all persons suffering with that disiressing com- plaint—Piles

Respecifully, W. M.Shelton, .

Vincennes, Ind., September, 1856.

The Salve, I am happy to inform you, is having desired effect. It is certainly the best remedy for that disiressing disease
I ever heard of, and its virtues should be generally known.

Respectifully J. G.Hutchenson, .

Indianapolis. Ind., Nov. 3, 1856.

We will take pieasure in recomuending your “Pile Salve,” as we know it is all you represent it to be by trial.

Very truly, yours, C. C. Butler & Co .

The following, from the Rev. B. F. Bristow, is a sufficient recommendation in itself :

Jacksinville, Ills., Dec. 15, 1854.

Dr. Cavanaugh : 1 conceive it to be a duty I owe to the attlicied, to make known the invaluable virtues and remedial
efficacy of your “Pile Salve.” I was for several Weeks sorely afflicted with that painful and loathsome disease the Piles.—After having exhausted my patience in trying various prescriptions of physicians and others without to try it. I am happy in
syaing, an applications of your Salve, for three daye, perfeeeted an entire cure. Respectifully yours, B. F.Bristow, .

Cincinnati, (Ohio,) June 7, 1856.

I had the pieasure of having a friend of mine present me with a box of your “Pite Salve,” and finding great relief from its
use, I take the liberty of writing, to learn where I can procure another box. Yours, very truly, Lucius C.Buell, .

Price, One Dollar per Box, Retail. The Pile Salve is put up in glass jars, inclosed
in a paper box, properly labeled, and will keep any length of time.

Wholesale Agents.

H.Blaksley, , St. Louis, Mo.
Bacon, Hyde & , St. Louis, Mo.
Charless, Blow & , St. Louis, Mo.
Lindenberger & , Louisville, Ky.
J. H. Reed & , Chicago, Ills.
Barnard, Adams & , St. Louis, Mo.
John D.Park, , Cincinnatl, Ohio.

And for sale by all Wholesale and Retial dealers throughout the West.

Dr. T. H.Cavanaugh, , Sole Proprietor ,
Saint Louis, Mo.

44 Advertising Department.
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Stove Works.

[missing figure]

Giles F.Filley, ,
Charter Oak
Valley forge
Cooking Stoves!!

Pioneer, Prize and Arctic Premiums;
Mound City and Alpine Parlors;
Minnesota and Qval Box Stoves;
Plain axd Fancy Dwarfs;
Excelsior & Champion Coal Cannon Stoves,
Wholesale and Retail.

Salesroom and Office, No. 155 & 157 Main st,
Saint Louis, Mo.

45 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0045

House Furnishing

John J.Locke, ,
No. 105 North Fourth Street, Ten Buildings
Would respectfaily call the attention of housekeepers, and buyers of
House Furnishing articles, to his large and entirely
New Stock of Goods,
In the above line, consisting in part, of
Planished Ware, Fine Cutlery,
Bathing Turs,
Coffee Urns, Silver Plated Ware,
Forks, Spoons, Castors, &c.,
Water Coolers,
Plain and Japanned Tin Ware,
Chafing Dishes,
Ice Chests, Steak Dishes,
Wooden and Willow Ware, Weat Sufes,
Soup Tureens,
Brushes, Brooms, Mats,
Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Pots,
Step Ladders,
Kitchen Tables,
Feather Dustens,
Fenders, Fire Sets, &c.,
Clothes Horses, &c., &c.

Dealing directly with manufacturers it this country, and making my own importa-
tions, I feel confident that I can offer great inducements to cash byuers, either at
Wholesale or Retail.

46 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0046

Eddy, Jameson & ,
Wholesale Dealers in
French, Cerman,
and Domestic
Dry Goods,
170 and 172 Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

J. A.Eddy, ,
J. A.Jameson, ,
A. M.Bisseij, ,
A.Cotting, Jr.,
C. C.Hellmers, ,
WernerMeyer, .

C. N.Brester, ,
House and Sign
Painter ,
cor.corner of Monroe St. and Broadway.

Particular attention paid to draining, Setteriug anb Paper Jangin.
Also, Omnibus Painting.

Francis F.Graff, . GustayusHammeretetn, .

Graff & Hammerstein ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Groceries, Wines & Liquors
and Commission Merchants,
4 s.south Main. St., Bet. Walmt and Elm,
Saint Louis Mo.

Advertising Department. 47
View original image: Page  0047

Doan, King & ,
Silk, Fancy
Stapledry Goods
107 and 109 Main st.,
St. Louis, Mo.

HughMexows, . ColmanLehan, .

New York and St. Louis
Tea Company!
199 Broadway,
East Side, Bet. Morgan and Cherry Sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.
Menown & Lehan, Proprietors.

Good delivered to any part of the City Free of Charge.

JamesWheeler, ,
Importer and Dealer in

Glass and Queensware,
Wholesale and Retail ,
no. 159 fourth st.street , between Green and Morgan sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

All Goods carefully packed or safely delivered in any part of the city.

48 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0048

Geo. D.Little, , St. Lonis. Chas. H.Olcott, , New York.

Little & Olcott ,
Wholesale Dealers in
stapledry goods
No. 156 Main street,
Near Washington Avenue,
St Louis; Mo.

Excelsior Iron Works & Foundry ,
cor.corner Cihih street and Clarh Surnue, St. Louis.

Manufaciurers of all descriphons of
pain and ornamental cast and wrought
bank and store vaults, fire-proof shutters,
sashes and doors, ratlxngs, verandahs, balconies, &c., &c., &c.

Also, sole Agent for “Hobbs,’” or Day & Newell’s celebrated bank locks.

J. G.McPheeters, , Proprietor .

MorrisPawly, , Superintend’t .

Missouri Hotel ,
cor.corner of Main and Morgan sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Price—per day, $1 50; per week, $9 00.

GeorgeFerree, .

Advertising Department. 49
View original image: Page  0049

Pomeroy, Benton & ,
importers and wholesale dealers in
fancy dry goods,
144 and 146 Main street,
St. Louis, Mo.

A. S. W.Goodwin, . RobertAnderson, .

Goodwin & Anderson ,
No. 73 Commercial st, Factory on Poplar and Adolph sts.

Lard Oil.

Family, Palm, Olive & Fancy Soaps
star and tallow candles.

T. R.Cooper, ,
house and sign
painter ,
No. 46 locust street, St. Louis, Mo.

Steamboat Signs Painted at the Shortest Notice.


50 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0050

St. Louis leader ,
A Commercial and political newspaper.

J. V.Huntington, , C. L.Hunt, , Proprietors .

Is published
daily, weeklt and tri-weekly,
in the city of St. Louis, Mo.,
At No. 48 Third Street,
Near the Corner of Pine.

Terms (In Advance,)—Daily St. Louis Leader, [Or Fifteen cents a week ] $8 00
Tri-Weekly, 5 00
Sunday Leader, (by the carrier,) 2 00
" " (by mail,) 1 50
Weekly, (by mail,) 1 50

[missing figure]

Daily Morning Herald.

Ferguson & Faucett , Publishers.
Office, No. 21 market street.

Terms--$5 00 Per Year, or 10 Cents a Week+

The Sunday Herald,
Issued every Sunday Morning, at $2 00 a Year.

Advertising Department. 51
View original image: Page  0051
[missing figure]
[missing figure]

of every variety,
wholesale and retail, at
wareroom ,
No. 29 N. Third st.,
between chesnut and pine streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.

J. H.Crane, , Agent for the Manufacturers .

Thrms cash.

Removal of
Geo. F.Lewis, ,

[missing figure]

Venetian Blind & Bedding
Manufactory ,
To No. 17 St. Charles st., adjoining Oerandah Row,
Saint Louis, Mo.

The undersigned bogs leave to inform you, that he has removed his establishment to the abovE stand,
and respectfully solicits a continuance of the patronage hitherto so liberally bestowed, which he hopes to
merit by promptness and assiduous attention to all orders in hid line, with which you may favor him.

Geo. F.Lewis, .

[missing figure]
[missing figure]

H.Timken, ,
carriage manufacturer ,
No. 171 Fourtli Street, bet Green and Morgan,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Carriages, buggies,
rockaways, &C.,
Always on haud, and made to order, at the shortest possible notice.

Repairing done promptly, and on reasonable terms.

All work warranted.

52 Advertising Department.
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Brondway Foundry

[missing figure]

Established 1836.

Cuddy, Merritt & ,
successors to
kingsland & cuddy,
Corner of Broadway and Carr streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.,

Encine builders,
and manufacturers of
bollers and sheet iron work,
Saw and Grist Mill Machiners,
Parker’s, Johnson’s and other water wheels,
sugar mills,
house building castings,
lead futnace castings,
And Jron and Brass Work of every Description. Alos,
sash, muley and circular saw mills,
Pattern Lists, or any information required, will be scut, on
application to the above firm.

No eharge Is made for the use of any Pattern on hand, except for alterations.

Advertising Department. 53
View original image: Page  0053

FrederickVierrether, .

[missing figure]

Manufactory ,
in all its branches. also,
smith work done,
At the N. W. Cor. 4th and Almond sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

FredrickKaltmayers, ,
Nos. 214 Market st., and 218 Broadway,

Manufacturer and Importer of
stockings, drawers and shirts,
of lambswool, cotton and thread .

N. B. The above named articles kept constantly on hand, or made to order,
at short notice. also, all kinds of
Woolen and Cotton Knitting Yarn for Sale,
at wholesale and thread.

[missing figure]
[missing figure]

JosephMcEbtire, ,
forwarding and commission merchant ,
Nos. 59 Levee and 8 Commeroial st.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Devotes especial attention to the Forwarding of every description of Merchandise
with care and dispatch.

In order to insure quick transit, and prompt delivery of Merchandise, at low rates,
mark packages “Care of Joseph McEntire, St. Louis, Mo.“

54 Advertising Department.
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Samuel Spencer & ,
Looking Class and Picture Frame
No. 82 north fourth stheet,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Plain and Ornamental Window Cornices;
large french plates constantly on hand,
and framed to any pattern;

Paintings, engravings, lithographs, &c.,
Constantly on hand. Wholesale and Retail;
Looking Class Plates refitted, Old Work regilt, &c.,
N. B. Particular attention given to fitting up Churches, Dwellings, Steamboats, &c.,
at the shortest notice.

Dr. Hart’s
Chemical Sulphur Baths ,

[missing figure]

For the speedy and permanent cure of Scrofula, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Paralysis,
Numbness, Dispepsia, Jaundice, Erysipelas, Fever Sores, Phthisic, Female Diseases,
Tetter, and all Diseases of the Skin and Impurities of the Blood, Fever and Ague, and
Colds of long standing. For those that have Chronic Diseases, and have had their
systems charged with mercury which requires removal, the Baths arc invaluable. They
are very pleasant, and can be taken at all times, as there is no danger of taking cold
from their use. Cases of long standing guaranteed.

Bath roojis and office,
No. 121 Locust st., bet. Fifth and Sixth, N. side,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 55
View original image: Page  0055

Steel Warehouse
cor.corner of Main and Morgan sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Steel of the Finest Quality,
all kings,
In store, or imported to order, on as good terms as can be obtained from any other
House engaged in the manufacture of the article. Also,
english best
cast steel files,
extra quality, at manufacturers’ prices.

Welch & Griffiths’ Boston Saws ,

H.Bakewell, , manufacturers’ Agent .

Eagle Trunk Manufactory ,
St. Louis, Mo.

Highest premium crystal palace, new york, 1853 diploma maryland institute, baltimore, 1855;
agricultural and mechanical fair, St. Louis, 1856, awarded to
Summers’ Improved Traveling Trunk, Pat.Sept. 30, 1856.

The subscriber respectfully submits to the pablic hia improved Ttaveling Trunk. Being Loag engaged as manu-
facturer, I am satisfied no Trunk, made in the Ordinary way. can stand the usage for which they are designed.

The essential features of my improvement consist in

Solid metalic ends, connecting with iron bars inside,

Extending lengthwise across the bottom and up tho ends, forming a firm support for tlie Tray, and securing the Castors
on the bottom, allowing the leather to intervene between the Castor and inside Bar. The elasticity of the leather pre-
vents the Castors from being broken off; and it can be more firmly riveted on, doing away entirely with the bottom
strips which are a continual annoyance, liable to bo broken and torn off every time they are used. A Trunk made on
this principle, the body must he made of one piece of leather, and will not permit of being pieced as Trunks are gene-
rally made in the ordinary way. and covered with the bottom strip, completely hiding the piecing on the bottom. This
Trunk must be made honestly, as it cannot be slighted. And nothing can injure it. unless the force would be suffi-
cient to crush the material of which it is constructed. Die principle is cheap and simple—allowing a neater finish-
costing the purchaser no more. As I have not advanced the price, the public are respectfully invited u nil and exam-
ine my stock, before purchasing elsewhere, as 1 am determined my Improved Trunk shall be all it is reprented.

We have constantly on hand, solid Sole and Ladie French Trunks. Hat Cases, Wood Folios. Valises. Car-
pet Bags, Packing Trunks, and Trunks the Santa Fe trade. Merchants and dealers in Trunks will find the
largest assortment, and at lower prices, than at any establishment the city.

Trunks made to order, covered or exchanged, at the

Gagle wholesale and Retail Trunk Manufactory , 16 Uine Street,
Opposite King’s Hotel. St. Louis, Mo.

S. F.Summers, .

The following are the testimonials or the best Manufacturers of the West, and the best practical Trunk Makers,
East, regarding my improvement in Trunks. Pittsburgh. August 9. 1856.

We have examined a Trunk got up by Mr. S. F. Summers, which is entirely different from anything we have ever
before witnessed. Having been long engaged in the manufacturing of Trunks ourselves, we have no hesitation in saying
that a consider it a decided improrement, and well calculated for durability and conveuionce.

Vorv Respectfully,
R. H.Hartiey, .

Philaderphia, August 20, 1856.

We, the undersigned. practicalein Trunk Makers. of Philadelphia, having examined S. F. Summers’ Improved Trunk,
would recommend it as being superior to anything of the kind we have ever seen; and the only and best possible way a
Trunk can be raad to tand the hard usage by traveling.

Edward T.Crispin, .

Wm.WilliamSimmons, .

John R.Fenner, .

Wm.WilliamClenn, .

56 Advertising Department.
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J. Garneau’s
Premium Bakery

Premium awarded to J.Garneau, ,
for having
The best Crackers at the late Fair,
held in St. Louis, by the
St. Louis Agricultural and Merhanical Assoriation.

Factory , cor.corner 17th and gay sts.,
office, No. 9 commercial st., Saint Louis.

contatantly on hand, every variety of crackers and pilot bread.

Largest Store in the West!

CharlesAltinger, ,
importer of
etc., etc .

[missing figure]

And all Materials for Gunsmiths,
at wholesale and retail.

☞Guns warranted for one year, and Repairing done at the shortest time.

No. 27 Market st., bet. Main and Second, St. Louis.

Little Giant
Corn and Gob Mill,
and Agrienltural Implement
Warehouse .

[missing figure]

A large and geoeral assortment of Agricultural Implements and Tools kept con-
stantly ou hand; also Western Ageney for the celebrated Little Giant Corn Mill, Ag-
ricultural Steam Boiler, and Hodges’ Chinese Sugar Cane Mill.

James B.Chadwick, ,

175 and 177 Main St., St. Louis, Mo., opposite virgiala Hotel.

Advertising Department. 57
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[missing figure]

Charles H.Buck, . Wiley S.Wright, .

Buck & Wright ,
proprietors of
buck’s patent clipper & buck’s improved patent
cooking stoves
(decidedly the best stoves yet invented,)
Nos. 205 and 207 Main Street, St. Louis,
opposite the missouri hotel,

Wholesale and retail dealers in
all kinds of stoves, hollow-ware, &c.


58 Advertising Department.
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1857. Spring and Summer Trade. 1857.

[missing figure]

Child, Pratt & ,
139 and 141 Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.,

importers and jobbers in
foreign and domestic
hardware, cutlery, guns, pistols, &c. ,

We will duplicate bills from any regular Philadelphia or New York houses, at same
prices, dealers and merchants thus saving freight and delay. Our stock for the
present season comprises every known variety of goods in our line, imported and bought
on such terms as enable us to supply our friends at the most satisfactory rates.

Agents for constable’s fire monarch safes,

The Boston Patent Wire Fencing ,
New York Rubber Bolting ,
D. R. Barton’s Coopers’ and Edge Tools ,
American Powder Flask Manufacturing ,
Enterprise Rifle Works ,
Meriden Bittania Ware Manufacturing ,
Dole’s Self Centering Hub Boring Machine ,
Great Western Wire Works ,
American Spring and Axle ,
Berea Grindstone Manufacturing ,
American Horse Nail ,
Davis’ Patent Parallel Vices ,
Ohio Tool ’s Planes and Tools ,
Steptoe’s Mortising Machines ,
Hull, Brown & Co’a Snaths and Cradles .

Of the above we have always an ample stock on hand.

Farming implements,
Such as Forks, Rakes, Snaths, Cradles, &c.

Advertising Department. 59
View original image: Page  0059

JamesHogan, ,
(Nephew and Successor to the Late James Hogan,)
and Blank Book Manufacturer ,
Southeast cor.corner 2d and Locust Sts., St. Louis, Mo.

Family Bibles bound in the most substantial manner, with flexible backs, antique sides
and gilt edges.

Libraries, Periodicals, Music Books, and all descriptions of books bound durably and
elegantly, and with strict attention to punctuality.

FrederickBolte, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Buck’s Patent, Charter Oak, New Era, Golden Era ,
and All Kinds of
Premium and Heating Stoves,
For Wood or Coal.

Tinware, &C.,
Cheap for Cash.
No. 346 Broadway, between Carr and Biddle,
Second House From Biddle,
Saint Louis, Mo.

C.Witter, ,
Importer & Publisher ,
27, cor.corner Second and Walnut sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

German and French Books Prints, Blank Books.
Paper and Stationery, Steel Pens, Spellers and

Witter’s progressive Drawing Cards
Drawing Papers, Gold Pens. Lithograthing,-Print-
ing and Binding, Check Books, Tarvers Moral Uses
of Plants.

Molonv & Tilton ,
cor.corner Main & Poplar Sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Distillers of
Raw Whisky, Alcohol
Gin, Pure Spirits,
Camphine, Spirit Gas. &c.

Orders Promptly Filled.

Citizens’ Insurance ,
of Missouri.

Capital $350,000.

Take Cargo and Fire Risks.

Office, s. e. cor. Main and Pine sts.,
Up Stairs.

Wm.WilliamRenshaw, , Pres’t
Wm.William D.Wood, , Sec’y .
B. J.Gilman, , Pres’t protem .


Wm.WilliamRenshaw, ,
Chas. K.Dickson, ,
Jno.McDowell, ,
P. A.Berthold, ,
Jno. B.Surpy, ,
Chas.Tillman, .
B. J.Gillman, ,
NereeVallee, ,
S. B.Wiggins, ,

H. F. Cross & ,
Merchant Tailors
102 Main st.,
St. Louis, Mo.

60 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0060

Thos.Burke, . AustinWalsh, .

Thomas Bubke & ,
Commission & Forwarding
and Dealers in Roduce,
No. 29 Commercial street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Hay, Corn, Outs, Bran, &c., always on hand. Also, a choice article of Quincy Hay.

Orders promptly attended to.

A. A.Ladd, . JohnKellar, . W. Patrick &

Ladd, Patrick & ,
Mississippi Planing Mill,
cor.corner of North Main and Smith sts.,
Near the Shot Tower,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Sash, Doors, Blinds, Window and Door Frames,
And all descriptions of Carpenter Work on hand and made to order. All kinds
of Circular and Scroll Work done to order.

F. A.Reuss, . C. J.Peipers, .

F. A. Reuss & ,
Flour, Produce,
And General Commission Merchants,
No. 10 Pine Street, Near Main,
St. Louis, Mo.

Agents for the Centre, Centreville, Grove and Danibal, Mo.,
Flour Mills,
Agents for Ernest Nener’s manufacture of Star and Tallow Candles, Lard and Neats-
foot Oil, Soaps, Glue, etc. Cash paid for Lard and Tallow.

Advertising Department. 61
View original image: Page  0061

William A.Lee, ,
Carpenter and Builder
West side Eleventh street,
Near Clark Avenue,
Saint Louis, Mo.

All kinds of carpenter work done to order, with dispatch, and in a workmanlike manner.

Terms for Jobbing, invariable Cash on completion.

Money to Loan on Deposits.

Cash Advanced
on Watches,
Jewelry Dry Goods
Personal Property

[missing figure]

By L. L.Ereligh, ,
Licensed Pawn
Broker ,
Locust st., one door east of Forth, south side.

AndrewReinstaedtler, ,
Coopering of all Kinds,
Executed at the Shortest Notice,
at My New Shop,
No. 81 North Fifteenth Street,
Bet. Franklin Ave. and Wash St.

Flour and Tight Barrrels Always on Hand.

J. K.Brettell, . JamesCarroll, .

J. K. Brettell & ,
Proprietors New St. Louis
Clark Av., bet. 16th and 17th sts.
Office, 33, 3d, Street, Between Chesnut, & Pine.

Orders for Washing, from Families, Hotels and Steamboats,
Puncuaaly Attended to.

62 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0062

JohnClemens, .

St. Louis
Bag and Tarpaulin
Factory ,
12 Levee, & 24 Commercial st., cor.corner Chesnut.

Grain Bags of various kinds; Tarpaulins of various sizes; Tents, Wagon Covers, and
all kinds of Canvass Work; Flags. Blocks, Tackles, Ropes and Rigging, of
all kinds, at short notice and Lowest Rates.

James D.Leonard, ,
Lumber Merchant ,
cor.corner Washington Ave. and Twelfth St.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Pittsburgh, Chicago & Wisconsin Lumber, Doors & Sash,
Shingles, Weatherboarding, &c.,
Constantly on Hand.

Dr. M.Westermann, ,
Surceon Dentist ,
98 Market st., bet. Third & Fourth,
St. Louis, Mo.

PhilipStremiwel, ,
Justice of the Peace
Notary Public .
Office, cor.corner of Bro and Montgomery Sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 63
View original image: Page  0063

G. S.Blakeslee, . C. S.Brown, .

G. S. Blakeslee & ,
Dealers in Clocks,
No. 42 Market Street,
One Door West of Second,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Seth Thomas’ Clocks always on hand, of all kinds and in any quantities. Clock Trimmings, &c.

James F.Small, . T. H.Wells, . C. W.Small, . J. G.Wells, .

Small, Wells & ,
Wholesale Crocers
And Commission Merchants,
No. 139 North Second street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Chas.Harrington, ,
Sing & Ornamental
Painter . Graining, Marbling, Gilding, Glazing, Whitening, Paper Hanging, &c., done
in the best manner.

52 Locust st., between Second and Third,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Double Rectified
Chas. De Reignie & ,

Urarectifiers and Dealers in
Domestic Liouors,
184 N. 2d st, cor.corner of Morgan, St. Louis.

64 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0064

Tinker, Brother & ,
Malsters & Bremers ,
Brewery on 17th Street,
South of Market.
Malt House on S. Third Stree,
bet. Plum and Cedar.

Cash paid for Barley.

Wm.WilliamDcexch, . T. L.Rives, .

D’Cengh, Rives & ,
and Wholesale Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines,
Oils, Paints,
Dye-Stuffs and Glassware,
No. 4 Second St.,
betw. Market and Walnut, (Cathedral Buildings,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

W. T.Llttell, . James C.Norris, .

Littell & Norris ,
98 Fourth Street,
(Glasgow Row,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

Milledge & Wolcott ,
Silver Platers,
And Manufacturers of House Trimmings,
Door Plates, Letters, Figures, Store
Latches, Sash Bars and Mould-
ings, Carriage Irons, Har-
ness Trimminigs,

Billiard Handles & Bolts , Soda Fountains & Water Cocks .
57 Washington Avenue,
Over Rudolph & Humes’.

All work from the Country done with dispatch.

Partipular attention paid to Jobbing.

Frd’r. A.Cuno, ,
Manufacturer of
Hair Work,
Watches and Jewely ,
14 Second st., op. Postoffice,
Saint Louis, Mo.

StkphenHoyt, . G. C.Greene, .

Stephen Hoyt & ,
Mhalesale Brocers
Commission Merchants,
No. 51
Second Street, near Pine,
St. Louis, Mo.

EmilUlricl, ,
Carondelet Avenue,
Notary Public
Jnuestigator of Citles
to Real Estate.

D.White, , M. D. ,
and Pharmaceutist,
Office and Residence,
Corner of Seventh and St. Charles sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 65
View original image: Page  0065

A. P.Ladew, .
V. J.Peehrs, .
Wm.WilliamBright, .

Saint Louis
Type, Stereotype, and Electrotype Foundry ,
Printers’ Furnishing Warehouse,

of all Descriptions
in General Use;
Chases, Cases,
Reglet, Furniture,
Brass Rule,
Cuts, Leads.

[missing figure]

Book, Sews, Letter,
Cap, Colored, etc.;
Printers’ Cards,
of every Color,
Gold Size,
Bronzes, &c.
37 and 39 Locust Street.

Ladew, Peers & ,
Respectfully call the attention of Printers and Publishers to their establishment, where
may be found a full and complete assortment of
Machine and Dand Dresses, Plain and Ornamental Dppe,
Rules, Borders, Cases, Chases, Wood Type,
and everything necessary for a complete Printing-Office; all of which will be sold at
Eastern prices. Also-News, Book, Colored, Manilla, Flat-Cap, Commercial-Post,
Packet-Post, Folio-Post, and Note Papers—a full and general assortment always on
hand, and for sale at a slight advance on the original cost. News, Book, Card and
Colored Printing! Inks, Flocks, Crystal, Bro Also—Ivory, Blank, Satin
Enamelled, Colored Cards and Card Boards—a full stock of the various quali-
ties, at manufacturers’ prices. Fancy Show Cards, all the various styles.

Agents for
R. Hoe & ’s Press Manufactory , New York;
S. P, Ruggles’ Power-Press Manufacturing ;
The Principal Type-Founders and Press and Paper Manufacturers in the United States.

Old Type received in exchange for New, at 9 cents per pound.


66 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0066

Home Mutual
Fire & Marine Insturance Company
of Saint Louis, Mo.

Chartered 1845.

Face of Premium Notes to April 20, 1857, $800,000,
and Constatily Increasing.

Policies Issued from Thirty Days to Six Years.


WyllysKing, ,
SamuelRussell, ,
Daniel D.Page, ,
James E.Yeatman, ,
AsaWilgus, ,
J. C.Havens, .
TheronBarnum, ,
JohnWhitehill, ,
I. L.Garrison, .

Isaac L.Garrison, , Pres’t .

John F.Darby, , Treasurer .

Thomas L.Salisbury, , Sec’y .

AlovzoCutler, , General Agent .

Office southeast corner Main and Vine streets.

L. Block & Bro. ,
Importers of
Wines, Liqurs & Cigars
Dealers in
Pittsburg, Cincinnati & Dayton
Ale, Porter and Cider,
By the Barrel, half Barrel and Bottle,
No. 39, South Main St. and No. 11. Commercial
Alley, bet. Walnut and Elm,
St. Louis, Mo.

Dr. John T.Temple, ,
Dhnsician & Accounchur ,
No. 78 North 9th street,
Between Morgan and Franklin Av.

St. Louis Dharmacn Room.

W. & D. Carten ,
House, Sign & Ornamental
Graining, and Marbling,
Papsr Hanging, &c.
No. 106, Wash Street, bet. Ninth & Tenth,
St. Leuis, Mo.

James L.Gillespie, ,
Attorne at Law .

39, Pine Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

N. B. Collections promptly attended to.

Advertising Department. 67
View original image: Page  0067

Patent Champion

Fireproof and
Burgl’r Proof

Secured with Hall’s Patent Powder Proof Lock,
Both of which received the Prize Medals
at the
World’s Fair, London, 1851—World’s Fair, N. Y., ’53-4.

Sold at New York Manufacturers’ Prices and Warranted free from dampness.
15,000 have been sold, and over 400 have passed triumphantly through accidental Fires.
Call and examine testimonials from different parts of the States.

Frank W.Roberts, ,
Geo. S.Davis, ,
Roberts & Davis .

Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers for the States of Missouri & Iowa.

Also—Sole Agents for Jones’ Patent permutation bank lock and
Crygiers’ Bank Lock—without key or key hole.

Depot—No. 13, Levee, & 26 Commercial Street.

One door from chesnut.

N. B. Sole agents for meneely’s bells.

68 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0068

have on hand and
will furnish
lead and copper
brthing tubs ,

Showers, boilers, wash basins,
lift, force and beer pumps,
soda and garden fountaing, hydrants,
sheeet lead, block toit, ad lead pipe,
brass and silver plated cocks.

All orders promptly attended to, Particular attention paid to Steamboat work
and repairing.

Camp Spring
Brewery .

Located at the
corner of 18th and market streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

JosephUhrig, ,
Proprietor .

Lager beer
on the most extelstsive scale.

Advertising Department. 69
View original image: Page  0069

Sherman Spencer’s
Book and Job
Printing Office ,
Southwest corner of Market and Main Streets.

☞All work in the above business executed with neatness and dispatch at reasona-
ble prices.

ShermanSpencer, .

Hall & Hynson ,
plane manufacturers,
Carpenters’, Coopers’ and Joiners’ Tools,
tress hoops, jointers, &c. &c.

Merchanics will find every kind of Tool necessary to their various Trades.

At No. 135, 3d St., first Store North of Wash. Av.

Mrs.A.Brooks, ,
new millinery and varietv store ,
No. 58 market Street, bet. Seeond and Third, St. Louis.

Has received and constantly on hand a splednid assortment of Velvet, Satin, Plush,
and Straw Bonnets. A beautiful assortment of Ladies fashionable
Lace Caps, Lace Collars, Slk Gloves; Shell Tuck,
Round, Dressing, Puff, Keck and Pocket Combs; Hair, Nail and Tooth Brushes;
Cologne, Extracts, Pomades and Soaps. Also, a great Variety of other Goods too
numerous to mention. All of which will be sold at a reasonable per cent, above cost.

Orders for Millinery promptly executed, to suit the peculiar taste of customers, or
in accordance with the prevailing fashions.

Joseph E.Bent, ,
carpenter and builder
Northwest cor.corner Fifteenth Sir Morgan sts.
St. Louis, Mo.

70 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0070

Kdward A.Lewis, .

J. H.Alkxander, .

Lewis & Alexander ,
Attornens at Law,
St. Charles, Mo.

Practice in the Circuit Courts of
Montgomery, Warren, Lincoln and St. darles
Countles, and the Supreme Court at St. Louls.

Jas. B.Ellobus, .

John A.Smithed, .

Ricords & Smithers ,

[missing figure]

Undertakers And Furnishers of Funerals,
No. 107 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Metalic Cases, Of All Kinds, Constatly On Hand.

H. Philip Wortman&s
Lumber Card ,
On Broadway,
(Between Florida and Mulanphy Streets,)
St. Louis, Mo.

M.Greene, ,
On Wood and Metal ,
No. 20. Second street,
(Oppotite the Post Office,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Particular, atention given to seals.

G. GranvilleSamuel, M. D.,
Dentist ,
No. 391-2 Fourth St.,
(Opposite the Planters’ House.)
St. Louis, Mo.

JohnSylvester, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Watches ,
Watch Jools and Materails
Deals exclusively in the above articles, and can
offer great inducement to dealer.

No. 88 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

B. L.Blades, .

J. W.Phillips, .

Blades & Phillips ,
And Builders.

Jobbing in all branches of the trade
done to order.

Shop No. 357 Franklin Avenue,
Opposite The Western House.

Mayer & Kower ,
Importers and Dealers in
Leaf Tobacco, Cigars,
Plain nmt fance Diper,
Agents for the Sale of
Virginia Chewing Tobacco,
No. 13 Pine Street,
Between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 71
View original image: Page  0071

A. Whiting & , General Comission and forwarding
City Buildings, Corner of Walnut and South Levee,
St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand and for sale
Seasoned And Dressed Yeilow Pine Flooring
Put up in shipping order; also, orders received and promptly executed for
Yellow Pine Lumber
For all purposes of Building, Bridging, &c.

Italian Marble Blocks, Obelisks, Slates and Tiles,
for flooring, Monuments, Statuary, &c., in quantities to suit purchasers.

Will make liberal Cash advances on
Produce Or Merchandise
For sale in this Market, or consigned to our Agents,
Messrs. Hitchcock & Latting , New Orleans,
or to
J. J.Newcomb, , Boston, Mass.

Hitchcock & Latting ,
Commission, Forwarding,
Bagging, Rope and Produse Merchants,
Corner Of Camp And Poydras Streets,
New Orleans.

D. G.Hitchcock, ,
R. G.Latting, ,
N. Orleans.

A. W.Macklin, ,
In Commendam,
Fronkfort, Ky.

72 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0072

Paper & Rag Warehouse.

H.B. Graham
Wholesale Dealer In
Paper, Printers’ Ink & Rags.

Agebt For “Globle Paper-Mills” And
“Eagle Printing-Ink Works!”

No. 66, Second Street,
Having made ample arrangements with Manufacturers for supplies, I am prepared to
fill orders on the most accommodating terms, and invite those dealing in Book and
Printing Paper, Ink, Manilla, Wrapping, Hardware, Ham, Roofing, Tea, colored
Cover, Cap, flat Cap, Letter and Tissue Papers, Box and Tar Boards—to give
me a call.

Rags Bought At Highest Market Rates For Cash.

J. O.Sawyer, .

J. M.Clarkson, .

W. H.Sawyer, .

Steam Planing Mill ,
Sash, Door and Blind Factrs, Corner of Ninth and Walnut strees,
St. Louis, Mo.

Having thoroughly repaired our Mills, and made extensive additions of the latest im-
provements, we are prepared to furnish Doors, Blinds and Sash, and all kinds
of Carpenter Work, at the shortest notice.

We also furnish houses complete, suitable
for Kansas and Nebraska emigrants.

Sawyer, Clarkson & ,

St. Louis Stove Warehouse
No. 237 Broadway, Opposite Franklin Avenue,
By John J.Gill, .

N. B. The stoves of this establishment being cast in St. Louis, odd plates, doors, &c.,
can always be furnished for them.

St. Louis Ofen-Ninederlage!
No. 237 Broadwar, gegenueber franklin avenue,
Von John, S. Gill.

Da alle Oefen dieser Niederlage in st. Louis, gegossen werden, so
koenen einvelne Churen, Platten u. s. w. 3u denselben jeder$eit verb-
reicht werden.

Advertising Department. 73
View original image: Page  0073

First Premium
Awarded To This Manufactory
Both by the Illinois and Missouri State Fairs for 1854
For The
N. Main St.,
No. 30.
Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

Best Saws.

We can refer to hundreds of Merchants, Mill Manufacturers and Sawyers, to whom
our Saws have not only given entire satisfaction, but who prefer them to those of any
other make.

Particular Attention Paid To Repairing All Kinds Of Saws.


E. A.Damom,

M. S.Molosy, .

H. G.Holnes, .

E. A. Damon & , Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Brandies, Wines,
Liquors And Cigars,
No. 179 North Second street,
(Between Green and Morgan,)
St. Louis, Mo,

Irwin Z.Smith, ,
Attornen at Law ,
No. 38 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

A.Reirschlaeger, .

r.Thias, .

A. Reipschlaeger & , Rectifiers & Distillers
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Foreign And Domestic
Liquors, Brandies,
Wines, Cordials, &c.,
No. 193 n. e. cor. 11th st. and Franklin Av.
St. Louis, Mo.

C. R. Stinde & ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Boots and Shoes
No. 18 Main Street,
Up Staitrs,
Saini Louis, Mo.

74 Advertising Department.
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Fulton Iron Works,
Corner Of Second And Carr Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Gerard B.Allen, ,
Manufacturerr Of Marine And Land Engines,
Boiler And Sheet-Iron Work,
Sam And Frist Mill Machinery,
Tobacco, Oil And Hydraulic Presses,
And Every Description Of Cast And Wrought-Iron Work.

Grover & Baker S. M. ’s

Sewing Machine,

[missing figure]
(Price From $77 50 To $25,)
First Premium awarded
at The Late Illinois State And St. Louis Fairs.

No. 87 Fouhth St., four doors below locust,
C. W.Crosby, , Western Agent .

St. Louis, Mo.

RobertFisher, .

BenoniBennett, .

Fisher & Bennett ,
Aooksellers, Stationers,
Paper Dealers,
No. 98 Main Strket, St. Louis, Mo.

Always On hand, a large assortment of school
books, acap, letter and printing papers, writing
and printing inks, &C.

John H.Bowes, ,
C. J.Caffret, .

Jos.Summers, ,
W. F.Dutt, .

Bowen, Caffrey & Summers ,
Cammissian and forwarding merchants,
no. 6 south sommercial street,
(New Exchange Block,)
St. Louis, Mo.

GeorgeHeitz, ,
Improved fire, powder
and Bukklar-Proof
Vaults, Vanlt And Stors Doors And Shatters; Bankers’, Jew
Elers’ And Express Safes; bank And other door locks and
keys, of every description, made to order.

A large assortment of safe and patent bank locks al-
Ways on hand.

also, platform, counter and other scales,
letter l’resses and cement for sale.

GeorgeHeitz, ,
Nos. 31 and 33 south sceond street, Saint Louis, Mo.

Advertising Department. 75
View original image: Page  0075

St. Louis Agricultural Works,
Warehouse & Seed Store ,
(Estalished in 1845, By Wm.WilliamPlant, .)

Sign of the
Gilt Plow.

[missing figure]

No. 14 North Main st., Between Market and Chesnut sts.,
Also, No. 303 North Fourth street, or 218 Brondway, bet. Morgan st. and Franklin Avenue,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Manufactory, N. W. Corner of Main and Biddle Streets.

Rollin, Clark,
Wm.William M.Plant, ,
Amos B.Norris, ,
Joseph F.Smith, .

Clark, Plant & Norris ,
(Successors to Wm.William M. Plant & ,)
Manufacturers of
Agricultural Machines and Tools,
Page’s and Child’s Portable Circular Saw Mills;
Selby’s Wheat Drill and Broadcast Seed Sower,
(This Drill took the First Premium at the St. Louis Mechanical Fair and the Illinois State Fair, in the Fall of 1856.)
Also, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Garden, Grass and other Seeds,
And are also prepared to furnish the following Machines, &c.:

Read’s Combined Reaper and Mower;
N. Y. Self-Ranking Reaper;
Ketchum’s Mower;
Hubbard’s Combined Reaper and Mower;
Excelsion R. R. Horse Power, with Threshers;
Moffit’s Lever Powers, with Threshers;
Excelsior Lever Powers, with Threshers;
Burrow’s Portable French Burr Grist Mills;
Excelsion Portable Iron Grist Mills;
Clover Hullers and Gatherers;
Field and Garden Rollers;
Grain Cradles and Scythes;
Fan Mills;
Ox Yokes and Bows;
Chain Pumps and Fixtures;
Horse Shoes, Various Styles;
Cultivators, Various Styles;
Corn Planters;
Garden and Railroad Wheelbarrows;
Hedge, Grass, and Pruning Shears;
Dog Power;
Agricultural Furnaces;
Portable Cider Mills, with Press;
Hand and Power Corn Shellers;
Hay and Straw Cutters;
Portable Hay Presses;
Cheese Presses;
Portable Forges and Bellows;
Store and Railroad Trucks;
Plows, Harrows, &c., &c.;
Iron Sausage-Meat Cutters;
Corn and Cob Crushers;
Revolving Horse and Hand Hay Rakes;
Grinstones, Frames and Hangings;
Scythes, Snaths, Stones and Rifles;
Hay, Straw and Corn Knives;
Axes, Hatchets, Bill and Bush Hooks;
Spring Bow-Pins and Cattle Ties;
Garden Engines;
Shovels, Spades, Hoes and Forks;
Pruning Saws and Chisels;
Pruning and Budding Knives.

Descriptive Catalogues furnished, gratis, on application at our Warehouses; or by mail,
when five cents are sent to pre-pay the postage.

July, 1857.

Clark, Plant & Norris .

76 Advertising Department.
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G.Bensberg, .

OttoIgel, .

J.Bensberg, .

Saint Louis Distillery.

Bensberg, Brothees & , Distillers Of
Pure Alcahol, Aeutral Spirits, Camphene
And Spirit Gas.

Manufacturers Of The Celebrated
Challenge Brand Whisky,
Dealers In Domestic Liquors And Cognac Brandies,
No. 251 Main St., Bet. Cherry And Wash sts., St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

St. Louis Novelty Works Nos. 320 And 322 S. Second St., Near Gas Works.

Ezra 0.English, .

JohnBurns, .

JacobJohann, .

English, Burns & ,
Iron Founders And Machinists,
Make To Order And Have On Hand All Kinds Of
Steam Engines, Mill Machinery, Lathes, Drill Presses,
Screw Cutting Machines,
Dioraulit, Oil, Fard, And Jobacco Presses, Building Castings, &C.,
Manufacturers Of
Isaac Brown’s Steam Saw Mill Engine.

Repairing Done At Short Notice.

Advertising Department. 77
View original image: Page  0077

H. A.Contant, ,
St. Louis, Mo.

P. H.Coxant, ,
Smithland. Ky.

H. A. Gonant & ,
Cash Dealers
Hides, Leather
Wool! 79 North Second Street,
St Louis, Mo.

78 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0078

W..L. & E. C. Catherwood ,
Nos. 39 and 41 Worth Second Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.,
Wholesale Dealers In
Foreign And Domestic
Wines, Loquors,
Cigars, Bitters,
Schnapps, Whiskies
And Every Article in the Line.

Principal Depot
Celebrated Ginger Brandy.

Advertising Department. 79
View original image: Page  0079

J. R.Drew, ,
(Late J. R. Drew & ,) Gas Fitter,
Under The
Mercantile Library Hall,
North Fifth Street,
Work Shop: No. 35 N. Third St.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Gas Fixtures, Lamps, &C.

Buildings Fitted Up With Gas Pipes, By Com-
Petent And Experienced Work-
Men; Pipes, In All Cases, Run In
Conformity With The St. Louis
Gas Company’S Printed

80 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0080

Summer And Fall Goods

Field, Bearsdlee & ,
Importers And Dealers In
Piece Goods
Men’s Wear,
No. 158 Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

AdolphrHeivik, .

John M.Estel, .

Heinike & Estel ,
Importkrs Of And Wholesale And Retail Dealers In
China, Glass And Queensware,
Looking Glasses,
Solar Lamps,
Britannia Ware, Tea Trays, Table Cutlery, &c.,

[missing figure]

No. 26 North Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.

A. Heinike & , No. 236 Broadway, St. Louis.

J. M. Estel & , No. 66 Market st., St. Louis.

Assorted Crates for Country trade kept on hand.

Particular attention paid to Packing.

W. O. Wheeler & ,
Importers And Dealers In
Brandy, Wines, Liquors, &c.,
No. 4 City Buildings, Levee,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Particular Attention Paid To Putting Up
Steamboat Bar Stores & Country Orders.

Advertising Department. 81
View original image: Page  0081

John M.Bradstrekt, .

HenryBradstreet, .

John M. Bradstreet & Son’S
Mercantile And Law Agencg,
For Large Cities,
(Notes Ami Accounts Collected.)

W. M. C.Brooke, , B. R.Bonner, ,
Agents At St. Louis,
Office 54 N. Second St.

We Have Offices In All The Principal Cities, And Will Attend, Promptly, To All
Business Entrusted To Us.

Office In New York, 237 Broadway.

Money To Loan On Deposits.

Cash Advances On
Watches, Fewelrg,
Dry Goods; And Personal Property Generally, By
H.Murphy, ,
Pawn Broker ,

[missing figure]
No. 61 Pine Street, Saint Louis, Mo.

Wm.William B.Beits, .

Wh. H.Conway, .

Ewing C.Ketchum, .

Betts, Conwat & ,
House, Sign, Ornamental And Steamboat
No.38 Pine Street, Bet. Second And Third,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞Particular Attention Given To Paper Hanging, Glazing, Whitening And
Wall Coloring. .Mixed Paints Kept Constantly On Band, And Ready For Use.


82 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0082

Pilot Knob Machine Works
Cor. Main and Ashley Streets, St. Louis, Mo.

Sell, Ward & Sheppard,
We are Manufac-
turing all kinds of
Steam Engines,
Flue and Tubular
Sheet Iron
And every variety of

Iron And Brass
Of every Description
Furnished to Order.

We also have on hand,
and are Manufacturing

[missing figure]

Sheppard’s Improved PoRtable Premium
Steam Engine,
as Represented in Cut,
from Two to Forty Horse Power,
Which, for Economy, Utility, ami Durability, cannot be Surpassed.

☞ Terms Made Satisfactory to Purchase. ☜

Advertising Department. 83
View original image: Page  0083

A New
Merchant Flouring Mill
For 1,000 Dollars.

[missing figure]

We have Purchased the Patent for the State of
Missouri, for a
Combined Grinding and Bolting,
Merchant Flouring Mill,
Patented by E. & J. M. Clark, and are making extensive preparations
for its manufacture, at the
Pilot Knob Machine Works ,
Corner Main and Ashley sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Where we respectfully solicit orders for the above justly celebrated Mill. We have a
full sized mill, [being only 26 feet in length, 5 feet wide, and 5 feet high,) in the third
story of our building, in daily operation, where all parties may satisfy themselves in regard to
its merits. We claim for the mill, not only a superiority over the ordinary Flouring
Mills, in point of compactness and simplicity, but that it will do the work of a mill
costing, in the aggregate, from eight to ten thousand dollars, in the same time and in a
more ’satisfactory manner, making a greater yield of. flour per bushel of wheat, and
requiring only one-fifth of the power to run it. It is so constructed that it can be
attached to any power in operation, at a trifling expense; or, should parties purchasing
require it, we will furnish an engine and boiler complete, warranted abundant power to
operate the mill, for $900.

Sell, Ward & Sheppard .

84 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0084

J. L.Chandler, . R. B.Dunham, .

Chandler & Dunham ,
No. 77 Fourth st.,
Marble Buildings,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

House Furnishing,
Steamboat Furnishing,
Curtain Goods, Bedding.

Breekenridge Coal Oil Depot ,
56 South Main St.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

These Oils, for Burning and Lubricating purposes, are not surpassed by any other
class of oils. Specimens can be seen at the Depot, where parties interested are
invited to call.

J. R.Finlay, .

Valentine Reis’
Lumber Yard!
Cor. of Carondelet Avenue and Carroll St.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Dealer in
Pine & Poplar Lumber, Shingles, Lath, Flooring,
Ceiling, Joicc and Scantling.

☞ The above named articles kept constantly on hand, and at the lowest prices.

Advertising Department. 85
View original image: Page  0085

F. & F. D. Clark ,
Manufacturers and Dealers in

[missing figure]

[missing figure]

Market St.,
(Wyman’s Hall,)
St. Louis,

[missing figure]

Market St.,
(Wyman’s Hall,)
St. Louis,

86 Advertising Department.
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Stereotypes & Electrotyping
Southwest corner of Market and Second sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

The attention of Publishers, Priuters, Engravers and the public generally is called to
the above Establishment.

The undersigned is prepared to execute all orders in his line, such as Stereotyping
and Electrotyping
Books, Pamphlets, all kinds of Blanks,
Newspaper Advertisements,
Music Books, Labels, Stamps, Cuts, &c.,
In the best style of the art, at short notice and Eastern prices.

Having in use one of the most powerful batteries, for Electrotying purposes,
he is enabled to furnish Electrotypes, according to their size, in shorter time than
Stereotypes, and at the same prices.

A Variety of Electrotyped Cuts always on hand.

C.Strassburger, .

Advertising Department. 87
View original image: Page  0087

J. W.Tyzack,
84 Morgan Street,
Between Fifth and Sixth streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.,
Importer and Dealer in

[missing figure]

Hardware, Cutlery,
Guns, Pistols, &c.
Keeps constantly on hand a Large and Complete Assortment of
Builders’ and Other Hardware,
of Every Description.

Mechanics’s Tools,
Of all kinds, and of a Superior quality.

Also—Manufacturer of
Valves, for Steam & Gas, Stop Cocks, Guage Cocks,
Steam Bibbs, for Hot and Cold Water.

N. B. Particular attention paid to repairing printing presses, putting up Engines, &c.,
on the shortest notice.

All kinds of Saws Repaired in Workmanlike manner.

88 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0088

Edw’dWyman, . J. A.Grant, .

Wyman & Grant ,
Manufacturers of
Linseed, Cottonseed and Castor
Office and Works,
Corner of Second st. and Cass Avenue,
Near the Shot Tower,
Saint Louis, Mo.
Proprietors of Latourette’s Patent Oil Press.

W. W.Miller, ,
(Successor to Henry Miller & ,)

[missing figure]

Dealer in
Hardware & Cutlery,
Coopers, Carpenters,
Blacksmiths’ Tools,
Nail, & Builders’ Hardware
Of Every Description,
No. 137 North Third Street,
Third door above Washington Avenue.

Premium Wire Works ,
No. 59 Market Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

E. R.Davis, . R. C.Ludlow, .

E. R. Davis & ,
Manufacturers of
Wire Cloth;
Seives, Riddles, Bird Cages,
Sand, Coal and Gravel Screens, Rat and Mouse
Traps, Nursery Fenders, Fire Guards, Painted
Wire Window Screens, Wire Fencing,and Wire
Work of every description, wholesale and retail.

☞ Particular attention given to Wiring Doors,
Sky Lights and Windows.

[missing figure]

Agents for Wickersham’s Patent Wire Fencing.

Advertising Department. 89
View original image: Page  0089

Insurance Company
Office, New Merchants’ Exchange,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Capital, $200,000.

Wm.WilliamD’Oench, , Pres’t. C. F.Meyer, , Vice Pres’t.
Chas.Abramson, , Secretary .


HenryBlock, ,
Wm.WilliamD’Oench, ,
C. F.Meyer, ,
E.Wilmot, ,
Chas.Taussig, ,
Chas. A.Cuno, ,
L.Meier, ,
A. C.Cordes, ,
H. J.Spaunhorst, .

FrederickHeemann, , Agent .

Savings Institution ,
Office, Merchants’ Exchange,
Main Street, bet. Market and Walnut,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Authorized Capital, $500,000.

Wm.WilliamD’Oench, , Pres’t. Chas.Abramson, , Cashier .


P.Ambs, ,
A. C.Cordes, ,
Chas. F.Meyer, ,
Ferd. A.Reuss, ,
H.Block, ,
Wm.WilliamD’Oench, ,
H.Mfier, ,
H. J.Spaunhorst, ,
E.Wilmot, ,
Chas. A.Cuno, ,
J. J.Hoppe, ,
J. C.Nuelson, ,
Chas.Taussig, .

Edw’dWyman, . J. A.Grant, .

Wyhan & Grant ,
Manufacturers of
Oil-Cake and Meal,
A Superior feed for Catle and Milch Cows. A large stock constantly on hand.

Also, Manufacturers of
Linseed, Cottonseed and Castor Oils.

Office and Works,
Corner of Second st. and Cass Avenue,
Near the Shot Tower,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Proprietors of Latourette’s Patent Oil Press.


90 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0090

Pawn Broker.

Money to Loan
on Deposits
at The
Checkered Office
All Kinds of

[missing figure]

L. L. Freligh,
The Oldest Lincensed
Pawn Broker’s
In the City.

Gold and Silver Watches, Fine Diamond Rings
and Pins, Guns and Pistols, Clothing &c. ,
☞For Sale at One-Fourth of the Original Cost!☜
No. 12 Vine Street,
Between Main and Second Streets,
(Corner of the Alley,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

N. B. The address in the card on page 61 is a mistake. The proprietor
having been obliged to remove, before that office was ready, he rented the
above place of business (No. 12 Vine Street.)

Advertising Department. 91
View original image: Page  0091

Frederick Bolte ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Buck’s Patent,
Charter Oak,
New Era,
Golden Era,
And all kinds of

[missing figure]

Heating Stoves,
For wood or coal,
Tinware, &c.,
Cheap for Cash.

No. 346 Broadway, between Carr and Biddle,
Second House from Biddle,
St. Louis, Mo.

[missing figure]

Empire Plough Works ,
South Third Street, between Convent and Rutgers.

Cronenbold & ,
Manufacturers of
Iewett’s Improved Cary Ploughs,
Steel and Prairie Breaking Ploughs.

F. W.Cronenbold, ,
Dealer in
Hardware, Iron, Steel, &c.,
54 and 56 Carondelet Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

92 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0092

E. F. Kraft & ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Hardware, Cutlery,
Mechanics’ Tools,
Of all kinds,
No. 22 S. Main Street,
Bet. Market and Walnut, opp.opposite new Merchants Ex.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

EdwardCoons, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Hardware and Cutlery,
Farming Implements,
Mechanics’ Tools ,
No. 69 South Seventh St.,
Opposite Pacific R. R. Depot and Center Market,
St. Louis, Mo.

William F.Holske, ,
Manufacturer of

[missing figure]

Always on hand, and
made to order, for the
Wholesale and Retail

No. 62 Chesnut st, bet Third and Fourth, St. Louis, Mo.

B. F.Shaw, ,
Agent for
New National Map,
Exhibiting the United States, with the North Amer-
ican British Provinces, and Sandwich Islands;
Mexico and Central America,
Together with Cuba and Other West India Islands .

No. 3 Post Office Building, Saint Louis, Mo.

Architectural Office
J. H.McClure, ,
Architect and Superintendent of Buildings ,
Office, Corner of Third and Pine Streets,
Saint Louis, Mo.,
is Prepared to Make
Plans, Specifications and Working Drawings,
For all Descriptions of Buildings, with all the late Improvements for Hot and Cold Air Ventilation.

Advertising Department. 93
View original image: Page  0093

Chilled Iron Safes!

Vault Doors

[missing figure]

and Bank Locks.

Manuactured by the World’s Safe

Chilled Iron Bank Safes!
of Lillie’s Patent,
Are from two to four inches thick, Solid Metal, harder than hardened Steel. They
are perfectly Drill Proof, as the term is universally accepted.

They are all fastened with Lillie’s Bank Lock, which is the only perfectly Powder
Proof Bank Lock in use.

This Lock has stood the Test, for Six years, of the Lock-Pick, and Burglars,
without alteration.

These Safes and Locks have been extensively manufactured for six years, and have
successfully withstood a single-handed competition against the combined efforts of all
Sheet Iron Safe Makers and Bank Lock Manufacturers. We will not
produce bought or untruthful certificates to subs: beir reputation, but will Bay,
without fear of contradiction, that Four Hundred Banks, and as many thou-
sand other institutions of comparative equal importance, are now using them, and from
which a dollar was never stolen through their inefficiency, or lost by fire; and we are at
liberty to refer to the following in This City who have our Safes and Bank Locks
in use.

Bank of the State of Missouri ,
D. Rokohl & , Bankers,
Home Mutual Insurance Company,
St. Louis Building and Savings Institution,
Merchants and Manufacturers’ Savings Institut’n,
G. W.Loker, , Banker ,
Spaunhorst & , Grocers,
Townsend, Robinson & , Commission Mer
R. V.Kennedy, , Publisher City Directory ,
J.Morris, , Agent ,
No. 1 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.
View original image: Page  npn

Western Depot for
Singer’s Sewing Machines,

[missing figure]

EdwinDean, , Agent ,
No. 106 Fourth Street, St. Louis, Mo.

These Machines have an established reputation all over the civilized world. Some of their main practi-
cal advantages over other machines for similar purposes, are as follows:

1st, They are superior in contrivance. Many distinct improvements, secured by numerous patents, are
combind in them, and the minute perfections attained by years of laborious and costly experimenting, have
been added to them.

2d. They are superior in mechanical workmanship. No attempt has ever been made at xpensive or-
namentation; but all the working parts of Singer’s Machines are made with the highest possible finish, with-
out regard to the cost.

3d. They are more profitable to the user than any other. The fair average, clear profit, of one of Sing-
er’s Machines, regularly employed, is
One Thousand Dollars a Year.

4th. They are Universal in Their Application to Practical Work.
With the same machine fine muslim may be stitched with the finest cotton thread, every description of tai-
loring work be done, and shoes, hurness, or other leather stitching, be exected, and each of these kinds of
work be performed better than by any oher machine.

5th. They are more durable and less liable to get out of order. This results, necessarily, from perfect
contrivance and construction.

6th. A single one of Singer’s Machines, being adapted to all kinds of work, renders it immeasura-
bly superior to all others for
Family and Plantation Sewing,
Fragile and delicate machines, made to please the eye, have no claim to the title of Family Sewing Ma-
chines. From the very nature of their construction, they are limited in their operation - are constantly get-
ting out of order, and soon become mere useless lumber. Family Sewing Machines ought to be
stronger than any other, as a greater variety of work is required of them, and they go into less skillful hands.

7th. Singer’s Machine makes a fast stitch that will never rip, nor ravel, nor pull out.

8th. A Singer Sewing Machine has never yet been returned because it would no operate.
This cannot be said of any other Sewing Machine.

9th. Whoever buys a Singer Machine knows to a certainty it will perform the work re-

10th. Singer’s Machine is Warranted for a Year.

EdwinDean, , Agent ,
No. 106 Fourth st.street , West side, between Locust and St. Charles, opposite Ten Buildings, St. Louis, Mo.

☞ All persons wishing full information about Singer’s Machines can obtain it by applying, by letter, for
a copy of “I. M. Singer & ’s Gazette,” a paper entirely devoted to the subject. It will be sent gratis. ☜

Advertising Department. 95
View original image: Page  0095

GeorgeSchermann, . CharlesKosminsky, .

George Schermann & ,
Furniture Store,
No. 44 Olive Street,
Opposite the Monroe House,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Best City Made and Imported Furni-
ture at Lowest Cash Prices.

Charles A.Fritz, . SamuelWainright, .

Busch’s Lager Beer Brewery ,

On 10th Street,
Between Gratiot & Cerre.

[missing figure]

Malt House,
Cor. 3d & Plum sts.

Fritz, Wainhight & ,
Brewers, Malsters and Hop Dealers,
St. Louis, Mo.

96 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0096

H. C.Boardman, . J. C.Clark, .

Boardman & Clark ,
General Land Agents,
For Selecting and Locating
Government Lands,
Are new prepared to furnish profitable locations to parties wishing to purchase under the Gradu-
ation Act, or otherwise. Selections made from actual instruction.

Office No. 61 Walnut Street, (Up Stairs.)
(Next Door to the United States Land Office.)
St. Louis, Mo.

John D.McMurray, . LouisWinkelmaier, . JamesSmith, .

St. Louis Iron Railing Manufactory
Architectural Foundry!

M’Murray, Winkelmaier & ,
Ornamental Iron Works,
Chesnut Street, between Ninth and Tenth,
Saint Louis, Mo.,
Manufacture All Kinds of Plain and Ornamental
Railnig, Bank, Jail and Store Doors, Book Safes,
Fire and Rogue Proof Vaults, Window Shutters, Stairs,
Awnixg Irons, Lightning Rods, Wrought Iron Window Sash, Bedsteads,
Grating, Wrought and Cast.

All kinds of Plain and Ornamental Castings required in the erection of buildings.

H. F. Gross & ,
No. 64 North Fourth St.,
(Between Olive and Pine,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

Harper & Scudder ,
(Successors to W. S. Harper,)
Forwarding and Commission
Steamboat Agents,
71 Commercial Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Consignments and Orders will receive prompt

Advertising Department. 97
View original image: Page  0097
[missing figure]

Gay & ,
Importers of, and Wliolesale and Retail Dealers in
Plain and Decorated China,
Glass and Queensware,
Britannia Ware, Table Cutlery,
Waiters, Lamps, Chandeliers, Girandoles, &c.,
No. 103 Fourth St., Ten Buildings,
Between Locust and Vine,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Gas Fitters.

Gas Pipes introduced into Public Buildings, Stores and
Residences, on reasonable terms, in the best possible manner.

A Large and Entirely New Stock of
Chanderliers, Brackets, Pendants, Pillar Lights
From the celebrated Manufactory of Cornelius & Baker. Also,
on hand, a large assortment of iron pipe and fittings,
suitable for Steam and Water, which we will sell or fit up at
the lowest possible prices.

E. W.Warne’s,
Marble Works ,
No. 9 South Fourth Street,
Between Market and Walnut, Saint Louis, Mo.

Dealer in
Egyptian, Italian and American
Marble Monuments, Tombs, Mantels
Table and Counter Tops, &C.;
Also, Plaster of Paris, Cement, Lime, White Sand, Hair and Five Brick.

Agent for the Cahokia Cement Company .

Orders from the Country promptly attended to.

98 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0098

George H.Thorpe, ,
— and —
Copperplate Printer ,
58 Pine Street,
(On Door East of Fourth,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Laue & Guye ,
Importers of
Wines and Liquors,
Merchants’ Exch. Block,
Main and Commercial, between Market and
Walnut Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

Sennewald & Lange ,
221 Markt Strasse,
zwischen der 8. und 9. Strasse.

James B.Goff, ,
Attorney at Law,
Notary Public and Commissioner ,
for all the States and Territories,
Office No. 38 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wm.WilliamWighthman, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Fancy Groceries ,
Woodenware, &c. ,
82 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Lange & Sennewold ,
Sudaestliche Erke
der 3ten und Markt-Strasse.

und Haendler in Farben, Oelen, Glas, Chemikalien &c.
St. Louis, Mo.

Broadway Marble Works.

GeorgeNordman, ,
Manufacturer of
Italian and
Every Variety
and Dealer in
American Marble

[missing figure]

Table Tops, &c. ,
s. e. cor. Spring St. and Broadway, St. Louis, Mo.

All orders from a distance will be promptly attended to; and persons can rely upon being furnished with the best
materials, and having the work done in the most beautiful styles.

Advertising Department. 99
View original image: Page  0099

M. L.Kelly, ,
Manufacturer of
Silk and Straw
And Dealer in
Millinery Goods

[missing figure]
[missing figure]
No. 84 Market Street, St. Louis,
The best assortment of Bonnets nml Millinery
Goods will be found at our establishment.

JohnMadigan, ,

Boot and
Shoe Maker

[missing figure]

7 Fourth Street, Oppisite the
Court House.

The Stock at this establishment may be relied on for dura-
bility, and superiority of workmanship and material.

A large assortment always kept on hand.

A. S. W.Goodwin, .

RobertAnderson, .

Goodwin & Anderson ,
No. 73 Commercial, Factory on Poplar and Adolpli sts.,
Lard Oil,
Family, Palm, Oline and Fancy
Star and Tallow Candles.

J.Rosenbaum, ,
Fashionable Boot Maker
No. 22 Olive Street,
(Above Main Street,)
Saint Louis, Mo.

Mr. J. Rosenbaum would respectfully inform the
public that ho took the First Premium at the late
State Fair, for the manufacture of the best Winter
and Summer Boots, and tint he Warrants to give en-
tire satisfaction, to those who may favor him with
their custom.

[missing figure]

Mathematical, Optical and Philosophical
Instrument Maker ,
44 Market Street,
St. Louis, Mo.


[missing figure]
Cases Anderson,
No. 73 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo., Has on hand a variety of Cases, 10Th Metal and Wood. Also, an assortment of
superior Venetian Blinds.

100 Advertising Department.
View original image: Page  0100

Horace E. Dimck & ’s
Western Emporium
Shot Guns, Rifles, Pistols,
Fishing Tackle and Sporting Apparatus,
of Every Variety,
is at
No. 38 Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

At the Sign of the

[missing figure]

Deer in the Window.

Gun Material of Every Kind
Forged, Filed, and Finished, Always on Hand.

Repairing and Guns Made to Order,
At the shortest Notice, and Guaranteed.

Remember the Sign of the Deer in the Window!!

No. 38 North Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.

H. E. Dimick &

View original image: Page  npn
Advertisement. To The Public.

After much delay, occasioned by various circumstances beyond his control, (a recital of which here
would not Interest his patront,) the publisher is at length enabled to lay before the public the first
volume of the St. Louis City Directory, a book much needed, and which he wishes to make annual.

In presenting this work, he is aware that it lacks much of being full and complete, and is painfully
conscious that it has gone to press with many errors, despite his labor and vigilance. This was to be
expected, as a matter of course, in the publication of the initial volume of a book of this kind, the getting
up of various parts of which had, from its nature, to be entrusted to many hands. It would require, for
instance, an extraordinary stretch of credulity, to suppose that the twenty persons employed to canvass the
city for the names, occupations and locations of its citizens, and the half a dozen others, engaged in copy-
ing, were all capable of performing their duties; or, admitting that they were so qualified, to take it for
granted that they all discharged their duties with fidelity. That most of the canvassers were gentlemen of
intelligence, and well “posted” in matters pertaining to thetr duty, he is pleased to admit; yet some of
these, even, may have failed to comply implicitly with the instructions given them; whilst A few, either
from incompetence or inexcusable neglect, have almost wholly disregarded the forms and instructions fur-
nished them. This circumstance, whilst it has greatly delayed the work, has caused the publisher much
trouble, contributed greatly to his expenses, and is the immediate cause of nine-tenths of the omissions
and errors that may exist in the body of the work. Below is a lit of the parties engaged in canvassing,
except some of the assistants, whoso names are not remembered:

First Ward—Morris Kuster, Frederick Bornefeld; 2d-Mr. Letcher, with assistants; 3d—Edward Pot-
ter, with assistant; 4th—J. H. Carlisle, J. Young; 5th-Presley Talbott, with assistant; 6th—Mr. Tuttle,
Mr. Branch; 7th-R. J.Watson; 8th—John A. Pratt, with assistant; 8th—Mr. Strong, Mr. Broakway;
10th—Mr. Cormany, Mr. Bohlinger, Mr. Garechten; Main street, Levee and Commercial street—William
H. Fraser. The re-canvassing, (embracing the territory between Convent street on the south, Cherry on
the north, Fourth street on the west, and the Levee, on the east.) was mainly conducted by the Messrs.
Letcher, .

The canvassing for the next volume will be conducted on an entirely different plan—a plan which, whilst
it will insure accuracy, will materially lessen the time expended and the expenses which have been incurred
in making the canvass for this. By this principle, all existing errors will be corrected, and the thousand
of new names, which will then have to be inserted will find their proper places, without interfering with
the present general arrangement.

The publication of a Directory in this city has always been considered, not only a very great undertak-
ing, but has hitherto proved hazardous to the pecuniary interests of publishers. The present work wa
undertaken with a full consciousness that it would be attended with difficulties; yet the publisher had n
just appreciation of its magnitude, and embarked in the enterprise more with the view of supplying a
great public necessity than with the hope of making it a soune of pecuniary profit.

After calculating all the items of expense which occurred to him as likely to accrue in producing the
work, he fixed the price of the volume at $2.50,—figures which, he supposed, would secure him against
actual loss. Subsequent experience has proved that although this sum may cover expenses, including
interest on money, it will render him no equate compensation for his time and labor. The price of the
next volume will, therefore, be fixed at $3; and, in order to make it even partially “pay,” the like sum
must be charged for this, except in cases where subscribers claim the work at $2.50, because it was “so
nominated” in the prospectus.

The “Business Mirror,” or Key to the bedy of the work, will be found very full and correctt,
except in some of the mechanical occupations, in collecting which, from the negligence of canvassers, it
has been difficult properly to discriminate between principals and employees. This forms, as it were an
independent book, and will be found invaluable to many classes of business men.

The appendix, though not as full as the publisher designed to make it, is also an exceedingly useful
part of the work, and will be found especially valuable to strangers. It was his intention to add about
forty pages of statistical and other interesting matter to this department. Most of this matter was pre-
pared, but so urgent has been the demand for the early issue of the bock, that the publisher has yielded to
the importunities of the public, and has been compelled, from want of facilities to produce it rapidly, to let
the matter lay over for the next volume.

The Advertising Department will well repay examination. It contains the cards of many of
our first men in various branches of business. The mem fact that their cards appear in this work argues
well for their sagacity and liberality—a fact which the public can now have an opportunity of testing.

In concluding this notice, the undersigned cannot do justice to his own feelings without alluding to the
generosity of a few friends, who have aided him in his enterprise. He is especially indebted to the liberality
of Capt. James A. Grant, of this city, for much of the “sinews of war” employed in the “campaign.”
To him are the public greatly indebted for the privilege of having a good City Directory, lie furnished
much of the capital employed; and, what is still more to his credit, he was not, at the time of proffering
aid, a citizen of St. Louis. He is now, however, engaged in business here, (in company with Edward
Wyman,, Esq.,) and the publisher can do no less than call attention to this fact, hoping that business men
will remember it. The publisher is also under great obligations to many of his patrons, who kindly aided
him in the hour of perplexity, by advancing money on their advertisements, and cheering him on in his
arduous task. But for these generous d there are many such in St. Louis—he might have failed
in accomplishing his purpose, and had his business, reputation aiid pecuniary prospects damaged for years.
These friends have his warmest thanks.

The work has been corrected up to the latest possible moment, and is, therefore, far more vauable than
if it had been published one or two months ago. Since our canvass was made, more than fifteen hundred
changes, corrections, and additions have been made—a fact which speaks loudly in favor of the necessity
of an annual Directory.

Its typographical appearance is not as gocd as it would have been, had we been able to pn cure a power,
press on which to print the Work. The binding is excellent, and is the work of our young and enterprising
friend, C. B. McIntire. The style (marbled edges) is produced only at this house, and adds much to the
toute ensemble of the book.

But, the work is before the public, with its gocd points and its defeats; and, take it all in all, it is, per-
haps, under the circumstances, creditable. Its value, to the business public, is beyond computation, and,
should this effort to supply the wants of the community meet with general favor, the public may expect
a new volume about the first of September 1858.

R. V.Kennedy, , Publisher .

☞ See the next page.

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of the
St. Louis Business Mirror
Stranger’s Guide.

The subscriber would announce to the business community that he intends to publish, about
the first of April next, a business work of great value, and on a plan which,for thoroughness and utility,
but never, to his knowledge, been attempted here or elsewhere. The following outline embraces its chief

First. The entire business of the city, from the greatest to the smallest, arranged under appropriate
heards; the name and location of each firm being given in bold type, and the name and residence of each
member of the firm immediately under it, in smaller type.

Second. A list of the streets and avenues of the city, with the boundaries of the city and city wards.

Third. A full list of the banking houses, savings institutions, insurance offices, &c., with the days of
discount at the several banks.

Fourth. All public buildings, grounds, places of amusement, &c., with the essential facts concerning
the same.

Fifth. Benevolent institutions, churches, societies, &c., and all useful information regarding them.

Sixth. Railroad and steamboat statistics, embracing everything which would be of interest to the
public in relation thereto.

Seventh. Hotels, their location, capacity for accommodating strangers, &c.

Eighth. City officers, county officers, federal and local courts, and courts throughout the State, &c.

Ninth. A post office directory of several States and Territories, with all necessary matter relative to
postal arrangements.

Tenth. Tables, comprising almost every description of mercantile and other statistics, census tables,
interest tables, calendars, &c., &c.

Eleventh. A handsome map of the city of St. Louis, with views of the Custom House, Court House,
principal Hotels, and other notable buildings.

In short, a work which shall be a perfect vade mccum to the stranger as well as to the citizen-
mteitded, particularly, to answer all important inquiries likely to be raised by strangers respecting the
business and institutions of St. Louis.

The Advertising Department.

As this book will be sought with avidity both at home and abroad, and will, therefore, have a very
extensive circulation, it will at once attract the attention of advertisers, as a superior medium of commu-
nicating with the public. The advertisements contained In it will be conspicuously presented; each alter
sate page of the business department being reserved for the use of advertisers. Thus, the names of flrnw,
Ac, will occupy, in all cases, the right hand, whilst advertisemeuts will appear ou the left hand page.
The whole will be printed on fine heavy book paper, and handsomely bound.

The publisher makes this announcement now, in order that persons who want to advertise may hare
time to procure cuts, &c., illustrative of their business.

Of the price of the book, its size, the rates of advertising, &c., more anon. These matters cannot be
definitely determined at this time. Suffice it, that these rates will be as moderate as the publisher can

The work laid out in the above brief synopsis will be immense, and employ the publisher’s ponvma
attention almost wholly. His agents will call upon the business community during the fall, with speci-
mens of the plan of the work, in order to make contracts for advertising, subscriptions, &c., when further
explanations will be offered; and it is to be hoped that few will fail to patronize an enterprise which,
whilst it will subserve their own individual interests, cannot fail to add greatly to those of the city
at large.

R. V.Kennedy, ,

St. Louis, July, 1857.

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94 Bailey & Halsall 94 94 Foturth Street, St. Louis,
Dealers in Every Vahikty of
Bank, Counting-house, Staple and Fancy
also, Jobbers in
Law, Medical, School and Miscellaneous
Would particularly call the attention of Book-buyers to their new facilities fordoing a wholesale and retail
Book and Stationery Trade,
And offer every reasonable inducement to purchasers, and, above all, to give, in every case, entire satisfaction.

Blank Books, Copying Books, Black, Red and Blue Inks,
Adhesive Files, Copying Presses, Cap and Letter Paper,
Note Books, Bills of Lading, Pocket Books,
Ivory Folders, Bankers’ Cases, Ivory Tablets,
Gold Pens, Writing Desks,
Porte Monnaies,
Buff and White Envelopes,
And every article found at a Stationery establishment generally, may be had at all seasons.

☞ Law Libraries supplied, and Medical Books furnished to Physicians, at a reasonable rates as
any house East or West.

Bailey & Halsall .

William W.Fisher, ,
(Successor to Sproult & Fisher,)
Manufacturer of
Silk and Straw Bonnets,
and Wholesale and Ketail Dealer in
Ribbons, Plumes, Embroideries, French Flowers,
Silks, Blondes, Laces, and Straw Goods.

Hair and Straw Blondes and Laces,
in Every Variety; and
Millinery Goods in General.

I have constantly on hand a full and complete assortment of
Dress Bonnets and Evening Head Dresses.

N.B. Country Merchants and Milliners are particularly invited to call and examine
my Stock, before purchasing.

124 Fourth Street (Verandah Row).
St. Louis.

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Houts, Campbell & ,
No. 8 North Second St.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Dealers in
Mill & Agricultural
Wire-Cloth Smut-Mill
Seperators, Min-Picks,
Flour Packers,
Bran-Dusters, &c.

H. C. Pococre & ,
No. 21 Market Street,
(Herald Building,) St. Louis, Mo.,
Proprietors of
Patent Smut Machine
and Manufacturers of
Seperators, Flour Packers,
The Wire-Cloth Smut-Mill
and Barrel Linings.

The Greatest Bargains
Drygoods ,
Are to be Found at the Case Store of
Edward A.Owens, ,
No. 54 North Fourth Street,
St. Louis.

and Curtain Goods,
Kennard & Brother ,
111 Fourth Street,
(Ten Buildings,) St. Louis.

John M.Frey&s,
Lager Beer
No. 3 North Fourth St.,
Opposite the Court House.

Gentlemen are invited to try a draught of
the Best and Coolest Beer,
Served up in the
Neatest and Most Pleasant Hall
in the City of St. Louis:

Laflins, Smith & Boies ,
Manufacturers of All Kinds of
Sautigerties, New-York,
Chicago, Illinois,
Platteville, Wisconsin,
Galena, Illinois,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Office, 29 Water-St., southwest cor.corner Olive and Levee.