St. Louis directory :
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Coax.! Coal! Coal!

Belleville And Sj. Louis Coal Co,Company

The Best Illinois Coal
Furnished To Families And Manufactories,
At The Lowest Cash Price.

Contracts Made For Any Number Of Bushels
By The Year Ok Otherwise.

Orders Solicited & Promptly Filled.

Office, Number 81 Chesnut Street,
Under The Flaxie R 1 S House.

James O.Alter, . Sec'y . Thos. M.Walker, , Sup t

R. V.Kennedy, . T. M.Halpin, .

R.V Kennedy & Co.Company ,
Book & Job Printers
General Directory Compilers And Publishers ,
Corner Of Third An Chesnut Streets.

Insurance Blanks,

[missing figure]

Bills Lading
Bill Heads,
Small Posters.

Au Directories Published In The United States On File For Reference,

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M!aynard. & Noyes
Black Writing Ink.

Manufacture Established 1816.

The quality of this Ink has been tested for moke than forty years. During this
time it has constantly increased in public favor and patronage, and is now the leading
article in the country. The Proprietors armex a few of many Tertimonials received
from parties who have used it for more than a quarter of a century, and whose
opportunity and qualifications for judging correctly of its merits will not be ques-

Registry of Deeds Office, Bottm. January 10, 1859.

Messrs. Maynabd & Noyes.—Gents:—I am glad that longer use of your Writing Ink enables me to
repeat the testimony given in its favor many years ago. I have used it in this Office tliirty-seven years, and
tcordt are at legible and black a* when firtt written. This rare quality for permanence renders it
invaluable for State and County Records, and all mercantile purposes where it is important that the writing
should remain legible and unchanged in color by the lapse of time.

HenryAlone, , Register op Deeps .

Bowdoin Public School, Boston, January 7,1857.

Messrs. Maynard & Noyes.—Gent*.—I have used your Ink in the Writing Department of this School
the past thirty years, and take great pleasure in renewing my testimonial of its superior quality. It flows
freely from the pen ; its color is brilliant and permanent; and it-combines all the necessary and desirable
qualities of good ink.

JamesRobinson, , Writing Master .

The following extract of a letter from a well known and long-established Bookseller in
Dover, N.H., is like many others often received, and will be found to express the
opinion, ai:d correspond with the experience, of a large number in the business:

After trying various kinds of Ink, most of my customers come back to yours. I am tired of the misera-
ble compounds offered every little while, pretending to be superior to all other Inks, and will have nothing
further to do with them. I have used your Ink on my books over twenty-six years, atid my customers can
ee how it stands against time. Entries made in 1832 are as fresh as those made during this year.

Dover, N.H., October 16,1858. E. J.Lane, .

The following Testimonial from Dr. Chilton is added as a scpflement to any of his
previous tests:

From experiments instituted by me, in 1855 and 1856, and repeated within the past six months, I am ful-
ly satisfied that Haynard A Noyes' Writing Ink is entitled to the pre-eminence it has always sustained for
HoiBiUty and towanexck of color.

New York, May 11, 1858. James R.Chilton, M.D., Chemist .

The above popular Ink, together with Blue, Jied, Carmine and Cojting Ink
Writing Fluid and Ink Powder, is for sale by the manufacturers in Boston ; also, at
wholesale wA retail, by the principal Stationws and Booksellers in Sr. Louis.


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Tnpe and Stereotype foundry ,
168 Vine St“ Bet.between Fourth And Fifth, Cincinnati, O..
B.Allison, . Sup't .

Manufacturers Of And Dealers In
news, book And job type,
Printing Presses, Gases, Gallies, &c.,
Inks & Printing Material Of Every Description
of All Kinds —Books, Music, Patent Medicine Directions, Jobs, Wood Ejf
(5Ravings, Ac, Ac.

Brand & Pattern Letters Of Various Styles.

Electrotyping, in all its Branches.

James Bradford & Co.Company ,

[missing figure]
French Burr
Millstone Manufacturers
And Importers Of
French Burr Blocks,
And The Genuine Dutch
[missing figure]
anker brand bolting cloths;
Also, ManufactBrers of Portable Flonriog aid Cora Mills of all siits, Smit Machines,
Hoisting-&Mws. Tempering Screws, Mill Spindles. Screen Wire. Mill Citings, Steam Knitine and Boiler Dam-l Irons.
plaster Paris, land plaster constantly on hand.

At our Hew Factory, 70. N.W. Corner Of Second And Elm Sts.Streets
Or. At Our Office And Sai.Eroom. No. 65 Walnut Sts.Streets , West Side Betbetween 2Nd & Pearl Cincinnati,

Butler'S Mercantile, Record Ind Copying
Excelsior Fluid Inks
Manufactured By
James J.Butler, , Agent ,
39 Vine Sts.Streets , Cor.corner Of Commerce, Cincinnati, O.

In use by 1000 Merchants an Bankers of the South and West. For sale by 600 leading Stationers and Merchants of
the South and West.

For Sale In St. Louis, By
L. & A. Carr ,
G. M.Grover,
YndeBushnell, ,
Keith & Woods ,
H.Critenden, ,
Stevenson & Morris ,
RufusFitch, ,
J. M.Crawford, ,
Richardson, Mellier & Co.Company ,
Bacon. Hyde & Co.Company ,
Barnard & Co.Company ,
And Dealers Generally.

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Nixon & Chatfield ,
Successors To Niion & Goodman,
Wholesale Paper Warehouse,
Nos. 77 And 79 Walnut Street, Cincinnati,
Offer for sale to Booksellers, Printers, Binders, And Country
^Merchants generally, a complete assortment of Paper, consisting in part of
Book & News Papaers.

Full supply of Western Book Papers, 25x38. $5,00, $5,50, $6,00, $6,50, $7,00 and
$8,50 per ream. Eastern Book Paper, highly calendered, 25x38, at $10,00; 22x28
at $6,75; and 20x25, at $5,00 per ream. News Paper, 19x24, 21x29, 22x32,
28x33, ;24x34, 24x36, 24x37, 24x38, 25x38, 26x37, 27x38, 27x42, 27x41, 28x42,
29x43, 30x44. Any other siza made to order at short notice.

Plain And Ruled Magnolia Hills' Writing Paper,
Consist In Part Of

Fine Foolscap, Ruled and Plain. $1.85 per ream,
Extra fine do " " " 2.10 "
Superfien do " " " 2.35 "
First class do " " " 2.60 "
Congress do " " " 3.00 "
Fine Letter " " " 1.50 "
Extra fine do " " " 2.00 "
Superfine do " " " 2.35 "
First class do " " " 2.60 "
Congrats do " " " 2.75 "
Superfine Commercial Utter, " 23.5 "
Firft class Commercial Letter, Plain $3.00 pe ream.
First class Bath Post, ruled, 2.33 "
" " " " " Gilt, 2.50 "
Fine Com'I Note Ruled and Plain, 1.06 "
Super " " " " " 1.20 "
First class " " " " 1.40 "
Fine Polio Post, 3.75 "
Super " " 4.25 "
Extra thick Polio Post, 20 lbs. 5.50 "
Super Check Polio Post 5.00 "
Super Check Folio Poal 5.00 "
Flat Caps, Blue and White, Laid and Wove, 12 lbs., 2.75 per ream.
Flat Caps, Blue and White. Laid and Wove, 14 lbs., 3.25 "
Flat Gaps. Blue and White. Laid and Wove. 16 lbs 3.75 "
Flat Caps, Hlue and White, Laid and Wove. 18lbs, 4.25 "
Double Flat C*p. Blue and White, Laid and Wove, 28 lbs, 6.00 "
liberal rtif count made by the Case.

Flank Book Or Flat Papers—First Class and Superfine Super Royal, Royals, Medium. Demys, Flat caps and
Double Flat Cape.

Folio posts -oxford platner & Smith's, and Magnolia Folios. Also Bank and French Folios, from $3.25 per

Also, Folded Capn. Flat Letters, packet and commercial post packet and commercial note french commercial and
Letter Post, Fancy Note and Envelopes, Fancy Cards, Mourning Note, Bond Paper. Enameled Papers,Steel and
Ultramarine Blue. Carmine, and Fancy Paper.

Hubbard'S Glazed Cover Papers—Nos. 1 and 2. 20x26 and 22x28; Extra Heavy, 20x25 and 22x28 : Western
20x25 and 22x28.

Colokkjt Printing Paper Unglazed, 20x25, 22x28, 28x42, 29x43.

Printcrs' Press Papers 10X24, 22X28, 26X40.

Lithograph And Poster Papers 21X27, 24X30, 29X43, 32X49, 36X58.

Patent Manilm Papers 29X24, 22X28, And 24X36.

Card Sheets, Colored And White All qualities Union Bank Ivory Merchants and Stin Enameled

Cut Cards—Our cut cards are now put up 500 in a package instead of 600, as formerly and are sold by the Package.
We made the change at the supgertion of several of our Urgeat customer*, and believe, it will uit printers

The Magnolia Mill Papers Now being introduced by us are in point of color quality textuer finish and
cheapness the handsomest and best papers we have ever seen, and surpass all other paper we have ever sold; and
with these Paper* we defy competition East or West.

We have a large variety of almost every article used by printers in the paper line low prices as well as the letter
qualities. Our assortment is not excelled by any establishment East or West. Your orders ar respectfully solicited
Nixon & Chatfield ,
Manufacturers ftWholetale Paper Dealers ,
77 And 79 Walnut Street,

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Seal Presses.

Lodge, Notarial, Society, Court & Business
Address, P.Evens, Jr.junior , Seal Engraver ,
No. 187 Walnut Street, Cincinnati.

Mammoth Steam-Power
Billiard Table Manufactory,
Of J.M. Brunswick & Bro.
Combination Patent Cushions Patent Obtained December 1857.
Approved by all the Scientific players to be the Best Patent Cushions ever invented
A Large Assortment Of
Marble, Slate And Wooden Top Tables
Always on hand and ready for shipmen at a moment notice.

Office, No, 8 Sixth Sts.Streets , Between Main And Walnut,
Cincinnati, O.

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Native Wines Depot
Connor, Moller & Co.Company

Still Gatawa furnished to the Trade Hotels Restaurants
And Bars at very Moderate Prices.

The Wine is grown at our Vineyard, uear Hebman, aod we guarantee it pure.

We Furnish It In Gases Of. One Dozen, Or By The Cask

No. 75 South Seventh Street,
Opposite Central Market.

Missouri Wine Company.

Still & Sparkling Native Wines.

Wine House, Corner Of Cass & Fillmore Avenue
Office, No. 52 North Third Street,
Saint Louis.

Was.Glasgow, Jr.junior , Pres't. K.Mackenzie, . Agent .

Vining & Swain ,
Importers, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in
Tobacco And Cigar.
Commission And Forwarding Merchants ,
No. 3 Peste Sts.Streets ,
'([ortn Side, one door West of Main Str

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Mineral Cement Roofing.

Office, 16 Fourth Sts.Streets

[missing figure]
Opp.opposite Court House.
Residence, 104 Brooklyn—Manufactory, Eleventh, bet.between Brooklyn and Haward Sts.Streets

This Composition is altogether dilfereat from that commonly used by roofers—beinir formed, chiefly, from Minerals
which are unchangeable by the action of the weather.

It is Fire, Frost, noil Water-Proof, and never cracks. The strongest heat cannot moke it run.

It is the most durable of all composition roofs. It is applicable to Roofs of every shape, howeTer steep or flat.
bingle, Metal, or Composition Roofs, can be repaired a.s good as new. without removing them. It is invaluable for
oofs of Starabonts, Railroad Cars. Depots, &c.

PerryFenlason, being the Inventor of this Mineral Cement, any other party pretending to put on the same Roof
deceive the public.

' All Work Warranted! A.Babsley, , Proprietor .

Reference, by permission, to the following gentlemen : P. "Wiles. Samuil Willi, Thomas O'Reilby, M.D., Lewis
Gernigon, Michael Diefenback.

Important To The Citizens Of St. Louis.

PerryFenlason, 'S Mineral Composition Roofing.

This unrivalled Mineral Composition' is now at the service of the St. Louis public, and the Inventor is ready to
nonstratc to them, practically, that this is none of the theoretical humbugs of Hie day. This Roofing is of extraord
.ry durability, suitable for roofs of any shape : it never cracks, and can not be affected bv Fire, Frost or Water. T
.t preparation on which the composition is laid is so much superior to the article commonly used by roofers, and wh
n not be preserved Iroin rapid decay by any process now in use. that, taken in connection with the quality of
proposition, the (Treat dilTerence in price. i1s beautifully smooth surface, its adaptability to be used on the decks
J^mboats or any place where roofing is required, to fully appreciate its importance, nothing but a fair trial is

Fenlason's lone; practical experience, and watching with careful observation iho effects: that sheathing and weather
^: upon these composition roofs, premies him to explain and show the great difference between the felting aud the
mon sheeting. I'he prices for roofing, and repairing leaky roofs of every description, will be found unusually cheap,
every way satisfactory. Mr. I'Vnlasoii personally superintends the business, Samples can be seen, and orders
ived, at No. 16 Fourth street, opposite the Court House.

PerryFenlason, , Agent .

The following Certificates speak for themselves-

St. Louie, February 25th, 1859.

his is to certify that I have got my livery stables, on fifth street, covered with P. Fenlason'S Mineral Composition is
Jfing, and that it gives me entire satisfaction, and that I believe it to be superior, as a Fire and Water-Proor Roof, to any
Signed, P.Wiles, .

Sr. Louis. February 26th, 1859.

/four of my buildings covered overshingles with P. Fenlason'S Mineral Composition, I can recommend
ypubbe an a Fire and 'Water-Proof Roof, superior to any rooting material now in use which I have any knowl-
/ Signed, SamvkjWiill,

Pt. Loris, February 22d, 1859.

Wleaaure in stating to the public, after knowing what T do, that P. Fenlason'S Mineral Composition-
-^ff to any roofing material whicli has ever come under my notice. I have my dwelling and barn covered with it.
en gives toc entire satisfaction. '

Signed, ThomasO'Reiley, M.D

St, LouisFebruary 23d. 1859.

is to to certify that I have got a tin roof coated with P. Fenlason'S Mineral Composition, that it gives me
e satisfaction, and that I believe it to be superior as a Fire-Proof Roof to any material now in use.

Signed, MichaelDiefenback, .

East St. Lours, February 26th. 1859.

pleasure in stating to the public that I have a dwelling-house roofed with P. Fenlason'S Mineral Compo-
, which gives me entire satisfaction, amd believe it to bo superior to any roofing material now in use. r

Signed Lo

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[missing figure]

Charter Oak
Life Insurance Company ,
of hartford. conn.

Capital & Supplus 9750.000.

Springfield Fire & Marine Ins.Co.Company ,
Of Springfield, Mass.
Assets, 8445,754 85.

general insurance agency.

The Assets Ok The Following Named Companies Ark Invested In Prime Securities:

Charter oak fire and marine insurance , of hartford, conn,
Assets, $841,556 98.

City Fire Insurance Company Of New Haven, Conn.
Assets, $259,755 90

conway fire insurance company, of conway, mass.
Assets, $273, 066 07.

cirard fire and marine insurance , of philadelphia, pa.
Assets, $284, 500 00.

state fire insurancecompany, of new haven, conn.
Assets $223, 220 95.

new encland life insurance company,of boston, mass.
Assets $1,300,000,00

all Losses Paid & Adjusted at this Agency. Godfrey k Bp. , Agents , No. 33 Pine st, St. Louis.

R. P.Voorhies, . H- C.Tottex, .

Voorhies & Totten,
Western Foundry
And Machine Shop,
Corner Of Main And Florida Streets, Saint Louis,
Manufacturers Of
Steam Engines, Sugar Mills, Hydraulic Presses,
Blast, Furnace and Mining Machinery,
Saw And Crist Mills, Rolling Mill Castings, Car Wheels. House Castings,
Wrught Shafting and pulleys wrought and cast iron work of every description.

Exclusive Manufacturers Of
Wliitley's Patent
Circular Saw-Mil L.S.

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Cincinnati Type Foundry ,

[missing figure]

Wells' Improved Cutter, $60.
[missing figure]

Wells' Large Job Press, 14 by 18 $300.

Printers' Warehouse,
Cor.corner Vine & Longwortn Sts.Streets , Cin., O.,
Is prepared to furnish Printing Materials of erery description—Hand and Power Press-
es-r-Metal and Wood Type—Cases, Rules, Inks, plain and fancy,—in short, every arti-
cle required in a Printing Office, Type Copper-faced, and Electrotyping, done at the
lowest Eastern prices.

L. T.Wells, , Agent .

Galt House ,
Corner Of Main And Sixth Sts.Streets , Cincinnati, O.

Accommodates either way, One Dollar per day, or Fifty Cents per day, for Room, and eat at either Ladies' of
Gentlemen'S Dining Saloons, as per Bill Of Fare; served up in first class hotel style, giving superior accommoda-
tions at Bbort notice.

Parlors And Toilets beautifully furnished and admirably arranged for bofji Ladies and Gentlemen.

Also, Rooms Handsomely Furnished For Special Lining And Wedding Parties.

Ladies' Tea and Dining Hall Entrance—845 Main street, and from Parlors.

Gentlemen's Saloon Entrance—on Sixth street, second door west of Main street.

☞ Meals at all hours, in both Dining Saloons.

Shell Oysters, from New York and Baltimore, of superior quality, opening at call in both saloons.

Fruits, Foreign and Domestic, at Retail

Hotel Accommodations, at One Dollar per day, excelling any ever offered to the pnblic.

☞ Entrance and Office to Hotel—on Sixth street.

William E.Marsh, . Sr.Senior , Proprietor .

Paper Warehouse.

Pollock & M'Call ,
Manufacturers'Agents And Dealers In
Bock And News Printing Paper;
Wrapping Roofing straw Boards & c
232 Walnut st.street , bet.between Fifth & Sixth sts,
Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Great Western
Billiard Table
Holzhalb & Balke .

Manufactory, Office And Warehouse:
N.E.Cor.corner Of Main & Eighth Sts.Streets ,
Cincinnati, C.

Michael Phelan'S
Patent Combination Cushions,
February 19Th, 1856,
October 28Th, 1856,
December 8Th, 1857,
January 12Th, 1858, And
November 16Th, 1858.

For Which We Are The
Only Western Agents.

[missing figure]
Holzhalb & Balke
Manufacturers of
Billiard Tables
Phelan's Patent Cushions

Best Patent Combination Cushions ever invented:
Michael Fhelan'S Latest Patent, Nov. 16th, 1858.

Agents For Our Billiard Tables:
John C.Terfloth, , Louisville. Ky.Kentucky
B.Mapch, , detroit, Mich,
F.Riepling, , Sandusky. 0.
G.Wolf, , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri
L.Lyons, . Nashville, Tenn.Tennessee
Appbston&Co.Company , Memphis, Tenn.Tennessee
G. c.Ptjrcell, , Nafoleos. Ark.Arkansas
JohnKuener, . Iowa City, Ia.Iowa
A.Limberg, , chicago, tvL.
E.Sparrow, , Lask Paovtoinice, La.Louisiana
C.Montgomery, , Indianapolis. Ind.Indiana
C. Rall & Co.Company , Pittsburgh, Pa.Pennsylvania
T.Rettberg, . Cleveland, O.
M.Dufaut, , New Orleans, La.Louisiana

United States
Savings Association ,
N.E.Cob. Of Market & Secoid Sts.Streets ,
Saint Louis.

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[missing figure]

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[missing figure]
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Oardman & Brother ,
Dealers In
S, Land Warrants,
Eal Estate And Stocks,
South Fourth Steeet.

Wilgus, Noble & Co.Company ,
32 Pine Sts.Streets ,
House, Sign, Steamboat,
Rnamental Painters
And Dealkrs In All Kixds Of
Pinting Materials,
ould also call the attention of the public to our large and complete
assortment of
Window Glass,
Which we will cut to any size, or set to order.

No. 34 Pine Street,
—Dealers In—
L Paper. Window Shades, & C., &C.

Cial Notice To Dealers & Consumers:
We will ecll our entire old stock of
Ii Paper at net Cost for Gash,
ake room for our new and choice selections, to arrive early
in the Spring.

Attention Paid To Hanging And Decorating'

Val.Crancer, ,
Importer, & Wholesale & Retail Dealer In Cigars, Tobacco, Snuffs, Pipes, &C.,
No. 39 Morgan Sts.Streets , Bet.between Third And Fourth, St. Louis.

Book & Job Printing Office.
Sts.Streets R.V. Kennedy & Co.Company , Proprietors .

Particular Attention Given To Card And Mercantile Printing, Generally.