St. Louis directory :
Publishers' Preface.
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In presenting the present volume of the St. Lous General asp Bisinepsi Dikectohy, the pub-
lishers take peculiar pleasure in pointing to the unerring evidence of City prosperity which is indicated
by the large increase in names, compared with the last volume. That volume, published less than twenty
months ago, contains about twenty-nine thousand names—the present embraces, as near as wc can cal-
culate, without an actual count, about forty-eight thousand!

This is a most gratifying result to every citizen and every friend of St. Louis, and will go farther
practically, to exhibit the amazing progress of our business prosperity, than nil the statistics that have
ever been published.

From the results obtained by oar recent canvass, we do not hesitate to gay, that the population of St.
Louis, at this day (were a correct census to be taken), would be found to amount to one hundred and
ninety thousand souls—a conclusion we deduce from the following premises :—

The names in the Directory represent, only, the heads of families, and the adult male population.
From the experience of competent parties, we learn that the average estimate of the population of
Eastern cities, as compared to names in the Directory, is as one to six, or seven. In the West, allowing
for the larger proportion of siuglc males, a fair average would be as one to four. This test would prove
the present population of St, Louis to be one hundred anu ninety-two thousand !

That we present, in this volume, a full and complete list of the names of all citizens, we do not
pretend to claim, as the utter impossibility of obtaining all the names that should appear in a Directory,
is too apparent to every intelligent reader to need any explanation here. The utmost care has, however,
been exercised to make the work complete and accurate ; nevertheless, we entertain no donbt that many
omissions have occurred ; and in the names returned, it would be alike wonderful if some errors had not
crept in, when it is considered through how many hands they must necessarily pass, before they appear
in their present shape before the public.

We are painfully conscious that some few errors have thus escaped detection ; but we have made
the only amends that lay in our power, by reprinting them under the head of " Alterations, Corrections
&c.," p. 14.

It is scarcely necessary to say that we Hincerely regret such errors ; at the same time, we think we
hazard nothing in the assertion, that the present is the best and most complete Directory ever issued in the
city of St. Louis.

The canvass and compilation have been conducted wholly by Messrs. Tanner, Halpin & Co.Company , gentle-
men of large experience in their line of business ; and we have every reason to believe that they have
performed their duty with the utmost-fidelity.

In this volume will be noticed several valuable improvements, in matter and arrangement. The Co-
partnership Directory, given in connection with the names of firms—the Business Mikror, exhibiting
fully the Mercantile, Manufacturing and Professional classes of the city, arranged under eight bundled
different classifications—the Appendix, containing a larger amount of useful information, of its kind, than
has ever befure been presented to our citizens—the Indices, to be found on pp. 6, 9 and 628 the use of
which will greatly facilitate a reference to the contents of the work.

We take great pleasure, also, in presenting to our subscribers a new and complete sectional Mat- of
the City, with Street Directory, drawn and engraved expressly for this work, by Mr.Alex. McLean,
which will be found the most complete and useful Map or St. Louis ever published.

In the Advertising pages, the leading mercantile and manufacturing houses of the city will be found
represented. For the liberality with which this department of our enterprise has been supported by the
oldest, most respectable and inlluential of our business men, we cannot sufficiently express our acknow-
ledgements. Our earnest desire has been to produce a work worthy of the interest manifested towards it
by the community at large, and make it a faithful reflex of the business enterprise and commercial great-
ness of St. Louis. Encouraged as we have been to perseverance in our labors, it shall be our earnest
ambition, in every succeeding annual issue, to introduce such improvements as shall render it stilt more
necessary and useful to its patrons, and an indispensable guide to citizens and strangers.

The Directory will hereafter appear annually on the first day of April.

R.V. Kennedy & Co.Company ,
Publishers and Proprietors .

St. Louis, April 1, 1859.

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