St. Louis directory :
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Additions, Alterations, Corrections,
And Names Too Late For Insertion In Their Proper Places.
Abbott, Charles S., (Abbott, WilliamB & Scaolan, )
4th ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Abbott, Williams & Scanlan , International,
ne.northeast c.corner 4th ana Chesnut
Ajrlar, James P., forwd.forwarding and com.mer.merchants , 13s.south Main;
bds.boards 365n.north 2d
Anderson, Thomas A., collector , Crow, McCreery &
Co.Company , r. Pine b.between 6th and 7th
Anderson, William H., (Tatum & Co.Company ) r. 229 Chesnut
Anselme, Francis, Pikes' Peak Hotel, 7th bet.between
Spruce and Poplar
Ashdown, M., (Ashdown, Rippcy & Co.Company ) r. 80 a. 7th
Ashdown, Rippey & Co.Company , (MatthewAshdown, ,
J. M.Rippey, and W. R.Stanley, ,) gas and steam
pipe filters , 90 Olive. (Sec advt., p. 430.)
Baker, Johr f., (Baker, Mills & Co.Company ) r. 76n.north 5th
Baker, Mills & Co.Company , (John F.Baker, . William H.
Mills, Jr.junior , and —, ,) drygoods, 234 and 236
Bayley, R. N., (Pottle & Bayley ,) r. at Kirkwood
Ballard, Samuel T., lawyer , 35n.north Market
Bamman, Frederick D., clerk , Nash Bros. , bds.boards . Wash
b. Broadway and 4th
Bamman, John H., clerk , Nash Bros. , bds.boards Wash
b. Broadway and 4th
Barker, W. O., fruits, &e Broadway b.between Wash & Carr
Barnard, Albert A., fruit and trees, 14n.north Main;r.residence
16s a. 16th
Barron, William M.. with W. F.Gage, , non-resident
Bartlett'S Sewing Machine, (HowardHug-, , apt ) 92n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 240.)
Batterson, T. J., wh. & retail grocer , c. 14th & Market
Bauer, Louis S., bookkeeper , L. Block & Bro. , bds.boards
38s.south 3d
Beach, M., salesman , Tennent & Co.Company , 101n.north Main
Bellefoxtaixe Brewery, (Pearson, Smith &
Co.Company ) old College farm, Bellelontaine road; office
49n.north Commercial
Bennett, George B., clerk. Mason &, Wetherell , bds.
ns. Clark av.avenue b.between 21st and 22d
Berthouft, Alexander C., lime mnfr.manufacturer ; office,
291/2n.north 3d; bds.boards 23n.north 9th
Blanchard, C. S., currier , se.c. Walnut & Commercial
Boaneng, Henry, saloon, nw.c.corner 7th and Ann av
Braconnier, J. B., merchant tailor , Elm b.between 4th
nnd 5th
BrightHenry, Jr.junior , (Bright & Tucker ,) r. 34 Carr
Brockelmann, H. W., com.mer.merchants , 30s.south Com'cial
Broeksmitn, Hermann, sc.c.corner 4th and Lombard
Browder, Joseph A., foreman , Wm. H.Johnson, , r.
20th b.between Clark av.avenue and Estelle
Brown & Whitney , (C.C. Mongel & Co.Company ) r. Boston
Brownlee, David, (Brownlec, Homer & Co.Company ) r.
Virginia Hotel
Brownlee, John A., (Brownlec, Homer & Co.Company )
and pres. Merchants' bank and Millers' and Man-
ufacturers' Ins.Co.Company , r. 8th sw.c. Pine
Buchanan, John, blacksmith, , alley nr. Vine b.between 2d and
3d;r.residence Broadway b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
Bussum, James H., carpenter , Carondelet av.avenue sw.south west c.corner
Russell av
Buck, Robert H., lawyer , 55 Chesnut; bds.boards 11th near
Clavk av
Cavett, Edwin P., lightning rods, 6s.south 4th
Chatard, Pierre F., (Funkhouser & Chatard ,) and
com.mer.merchants , 281 and 283n.north Main; bds.boards 237 Chs'nt
Cheyne, Robert, at J.M. Crawford's,r.residence 294 Morgan
Chouteau, Harrison & Valle , removed to
146n.north 2d
Chouteau & Edwards , (J. GillmanChouteau,
and James C.Edwards, .) forwd.forwarding and com. , 24
Levee and 48 Commercial, (See advt, p. 488.)
Cochran, Jno. C., architect , 65 Cliesnut; bds.boards 106n.north 4th
Cogswell, William B., foreman , Cuddy, Car-
penter & Co.Company , bds.boards sw.south west c.corner 5th and Carr
Cole, John C., umbrella and parasol mnfr.manufacturer , Wash-
ington av.avenue se.southeast c.corner 5th. (See advt., p, 250.)
Collins, Frederick, (G. Pickles & Co.Company ) r. 228 a. 4th
Connor, B. G., (Connor, Moller & Co.Company ) c. Pine & 7th
Connor, Mollek & Co.Company , (B. G.Connor, & Chris-Moller, ,) native wines, 75s.south 7th. (See
advt., front fly leaf.)
Corbet, Eben A., (Corbet & Kuhn ,) r. 240 Olive
Corbet A Kuhn , (Eben A.Corbet, and Gottlieb
L.Kann, .) saddle and harness manfrs.manufacturers , 70n.north Main.
(See advt., p. 332.)
Crozier, W. M., lawyer . 46 Chesnut
Dammann, Charles, bookkeeper , Wissman & Senden ,
r.s.south 2nd b.between Elm and Myrtle
Danforth, R. F., 92 4th;r.residence 7thc.corner Pine
Dann, Edward, 328 7th
Dann, Edward S., (E.S. Dann & Co.Company ) bds.boards Barnum's
DannJesse C., (E.S. Dann & Co.Company ) bds.boards Barnum's
Dann, Walter B., banker , nw.c.corner Locust and Main
Dann E.S. & Co.Company , (Edward, S. and Jesse, C.)
bankers and exchange brokers , Mainnw.northwest Cor.corner
Daughtrey, Mills C., (Daughtrey, Norcom &t Co.Company ) bds
Barnum's Hotel
Daughtrey, Norcom & Co.Company , (Mills C.Daugh-, , Henry T.Norcom, & -, ,) foreign fruits,
&C..17s.south 2nd
Deady, J., liquor broker . 142n.north 3d
DeBann George, Jr.junior , broker , bds.boards Virginia Hotel
Deoouagne, Edward, elk. , Robinson <fc Co.Company , bds.boards City
Derr, William, tailor , ss.south side Almond b, 2nd and 3d
Deweber, William F., (Purter, Low <t Co.Company ) r. 232
Diefenbach, Michael, (Michael Diefenbach &. Co.Company ) r.
63 Pluml
Diefenbach Michael & Co.Company , (MichaelDiefenbach, and
CasparSchmelter, ,) wood dealers , b. Levee bet.between
Poplar and Plum
Diekenga, Eldert D., shoostore, 184 Market
Dikelb, Joseph, gas and stcampipe fitter , 49
n. 3d
Dodge, John G., patent tent manfr. , 42 Commercial,
up stairs
Duncan, John, daguerrean , Biddlec.corner 5th
Dunnica, John L.. (J.C. Bull A;Co.Company ) r. 10n.north 9th
Durphy, Robert H., (Durphy & Griffin ,) r. Main opp.
Iron Mountain R.R. depot
Durphy & Griffin , (Robert H.Durphy, and John A.
Griffin, .) bacon, lard and butter dealers , 263
Edgar, William A., salesman , ThomasGass, , r. 5th
c. Pine
Ely, E. C., photographer , 138 and 140n.north 3d
Ferguson, H. B., drygoods. se.southeast c.corner 5th and Franklin av
Ferguson, Kenneth, (Ferguson & Penney ,) bds, 110
n. 3d
Additions, Alterations, Corrections, And Names Too Late. 15
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Ferguson & Penney , (KennethFerguson, and
Eraufc L.Penney, ,) stencil cutters , 30n.north 3d
Fitch, Thomas. Jr.junior , tea and coffee, 51n.north 5th;
bds.boards 3 Russett av
Flaherty, Edward, house agent , 341/2 Chesnut;r.residence 404
Floyd, G. T., (George Wharton & Co.Company ) Cherry Cor.corner
Gass, Thomas, fancy drygoods, 130n.north Main;r.residence 5thc.corner
Getz, C.Mrs., prop. Prescott House, sw.south west Cor.corner Market
and 6th
Gilmer, Thomas W., lawyer , Chesnut se.southeast c.corner 3d
Gle1M, Charles, druggist , 6th se.southeast c.corner St. Charles;
r. 92 Pine
Good Samaritan Hospital , (Rev.L. E.
Nollau, , director ,) Pratte av.avenue c.corner Dayton
Goodwin, Edward Tv., clerk , John C. Moody Js Co
Gottsehalk, Louis, lawyer , 46 Chesnut
Hammersley, J. H., capt. gymnasium, 49 Chesnut
Hammerstein, Gustavus, (Hammerstein & Schild ,)
r. DeKnlbc.corner Picotte
Hammerstein & Schild , (GustavusHammer-, and WilliamSchild, ,) wholesale grocers and
com.mers. , 46s.south Main. (See advt., p. 266.)
Harvey, Frederick, Merchants' dining saloon,
81/2 Chesnut
Hervey, William D., sash, doors and blinds, 34 Com-
mercial;r.residence 70n.north 5th
Homes, William, attorney , 0. &. M.R.R. , Main cor.
International, (Abbott, Williams Ascanlan ,)
4th ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Jenks, G. W., lessee O. & M.R.R. , r. 271 Wash-
ington av
Jcnks, M. L., bookkeeper , 141 Main;r.residence 271 Washing-
ton av
Jones, John, (Alexander H. Smith & Co.Company ) r.
Grand av.avenue near Cass av
Kennard, Thomas, physician , 158n.north 5th
Kennedy R.V. & Co.Company , (Robert V.Kennedy, and
Thomas M.Halpin, ,) book and job printers and
general directory publishers , Chesnutnw.northwest c.corner 3d
Kranz, Melchior, physician , 144 Morgan
Lacy, Benjamin, elk. , D. RobertBarclay, , bds.boards 38s.south 3d
Laird, Claudius H., lawyer , 53n.north 3d
Labeaumc, Henry, schoolteacher , 109n.north 16th
Labeaume, Louis A., pres. St. Louis Has Co.Company ;r.residence 14
Lucas Place
Labeaume, Theodore. 18th c. Davis
Lewis & Groshon , (John L.Lewis, andWilliam
Groshon, ,) hats, caps and furs, 58n.north 4th
Low, William, (Porter, Low & Co.Company ) r. Olive bet.between 5th
and 6th
Low & Eagleson , (WilliamLow, and William H.
Eagleson, ,) carpenters , es. 14th nr. Chouteau av
Lunt, John, tobacco and cigars, 7th sw.south west c.corner St. Charles
Mandeville, Henry M., (Mandeville & Tray
nor .) r. 43s.south 6th
Mandeville A Traynor , (Henry M.Mande-, and John L.Traynor, ,) wholesale grocers ,
75s.south Main and lumberyard. Levee bet.between Cedar
and Plum
Mannewal, Peter, baker , ns. Manchester road near
Clark av
Mengel Charles C. & Co.Company , (Brown& Whitney ,)
cigars and tobacco, 117n.north 2d
Moody, John C., (John C. Moody & Co.Company ) r. 48n.north 7th
Moody John C. & Co.Company , (ThomasRussell, ,) drugs
and medicines, Washington av.avenue c.corner 6th
Moore, G. T., (P. Warner & Co.Company ) r. at Chicago
Moore, J. G., lawyer , 521/2 Chesnut
McLean, Alexander, lithographer , 15 Chesnut;
r. 262 Morgan. (See advt., p. 308.)
Nooncy, James, bookkeeper , KennethMackenzie, , r.
St. Louis Place
Owen, Benjamin G., lawyer , 53n.north 3d
Oxford, Alfred, saloon, Gthc.corner Market
Parr, Henry P., notary public , Kenneths building
Parsons, Lewis B., lawyer , se.southeast c.corner Main and Wal-
nut;r.residence 135 Chesnut. (See card, p. 448.)
Patton, Alvin A., indiarubbcr goods, 92n.north 4th:r.residence
203 Locust
Payne, Thomas J., farmer , 15thc.corner Chesnut
Pococke, H. Charles, milimachincry , 21 Mar-
ket;r.residence 53 Center
Prescott, House, Mrs.C.Getz, , sw.south west c.corner Market and 6th
Rannels, Charles S., lawyer , 33 Chesnut;r.residence country
Reed, William C.Jr.junior , (George Wharton & Co.Company ) r.
Evans av.avenue bet.between St. Charles road and Page av
Riecke, William, (Bent & Hieeke ,) r. O'Fallonc.corner 11th
Russell, Thomas, (John C. Moody & Co.Company ) r. -
Sanford, D. C., com.mer.merchants , 26 Commercial and 13
Levee;r.residence 206 Christy av
Soanlan, W. H., (Abbott, Williams & Scanlan ,) 4th
ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Sharp, J. W., lawyer , Market se.southeast c, 4th
Smith Alexander H. & Co.Company , (JohnJones, ,) O'Fallon
Mills, 5thc.corner Hazel;r.residence 7n.north 11th
Stewart, J. C., (Stewart & Wheeler ,) r. 9th b.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
Stewart <fc Whceles , (J. C.Stewart, and Benjamin
Wheeler, ,) saloon, 103n.north 5th
Swan, Edwin R., with Alex.Leitch, , bds.boards Ashland res-
Thomas Julius, brewer, Mallinekrodt near Broadway
Travis, John, shooting gallery, 52n.north 4th; bds.boards Everett
Valle Neree & Co.Company , (NereeValle, , Cyrus G.
Hoyt, and Willis J.Powell, ,) com.mers. , 48Com.
Wabash, Valley It.freight office, No. 4 City bldgs.
South Commercial
Wa1Te, Joseph, steampress printer , Theater al.alley b.between
Pine and Olive;r.residence 16 Center
Wales, D. T., r. Eastonc.corner Webster av
Walker, Ralph, general agt.agent , Wabash, Valley R.
office, 4 City hides, sonth Commercial;r.residence ns.northside
Clark av.avenue below 14th
Warner, Porter, (P. Warner & Co.Company ) bds.boards 15th b.between Wash
and Franklin av
Warner P. & Co.Company , (PorterWarner, & G, T.Moore, ,)
merchants' police, Mainc.corner Locust
Western, Wm. W., lawyer , 77 Chesnut; bds. 56 Vine
Wharton George & Co.Company , (GeorgeWharton, , G. T.
Floyd, and William C.Reed, Jr.junior ,) Dunnage Co.Company ,
Cherryc.corner Levee
Wheeler, Benjamin, (Stewart & Wheeler ,) r. 9th bet.between
Biddle and O'Fallon
Wiggins, Edward C., bookkeeper , Wiggins Ferry Co.Company ,
bds.boards Planters' House
Williams, Lines D., (Abbott, Williams 4 Scanlan ,)
4th ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Williams, D. E., salesman . C. D.Ellis, , r. 256 Morgan
Wilson, Samuel, (G. Pickles & Co.Company ) r. 228 s 4th
Woods, Joseph, lagerbeer saloon, Kennett's bldg.building ,
Chesnut b.between 3d and 4th
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Academy of the Christian Brothers
St. Louis.

The Academy Of The Christian Brothers was incorporated by an act of the State Legislatu
in 1855, with University powers to grant diplomas, confer degress, and bestow all literary honors.


This Institution offers many advantages to further the physical, moral and intellectual development of students.
is situated in an elevated and healthy part of the city. Whether owing to the advantage of its position, or to the pru
dent line of conduct which prevails, it proves to be one of the most progressive in the West. This success, the results
a few years, may be examinied and taken by its patrons as the best indicative of its future.

The system of education, based on pure and solid principles of morality, is well calculated to answer the divers view
of discriminating families. Always free from prejudice or party spirit, the professors have only in view the improvement
and well being of their numerous pupils-accordingly their relations with them are friendly and parental.

The course of studies has been systematically extended. To elemenatary insturction, analytically carrid out, highe
branches succeed, and theory is illustrated by useful experiments.


The course comprises:- Reading, Writing, Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric ; Ancient and Modern History, Geography
The Use of the Globes; Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Surveying, Engineering, Natura
Philosophy, Chemistry; French, German, Greek and Latin; Music, Drawing, Painting, &c.


Board, Tuition, Washing, Mending, Stationery, and the use of books, persession, $ 150,00
Entrance Fee, $ 6.00
Board and Tuition solely 120.00
Physician's fee 5.00
Half Boarders 80.00
Day scholars 40.00
Day scholoars in Junior Class 20.00

Extra Charges:

Music, Drawing, Engineering, Classics, and the use of apparatus in the study of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy.

Payments quarterly, and in advance. No deduction for absence, except in cases of protracted illness or dismissal
The session commences on the 1st of September, and ends about the 15th of July. No uniform is required. Students
should be furnished with three suits, necessary linens, &c., &c.

Adams Express Co.Company ,
No. 52 North Main Street,
Saint Louis.

Forwards Parcels, Merchandise, Valuable Articles
Jewelry, Bank Notes, Specie, &c,
Either by its own Lines, or by connection with other Companies, to all
The Principal Cities In The United States.

This Company Connects With
Freeman & Co'S
California And Orecon Express,
New York City.

Notes, Drafts, Bills, &c, promptly Collected.