St. Louis directory :
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Academy of Science, 43
Ancient Order of Knighthood, 41
Asylums, 37
Attorney General, 2
Auditors of Public Accounts. 2
Banks in St. Louis, 23
Benevolent and Religious Societies, 38
Board of Aldermen, 4
" of Assessors, 5
" of Delegates, 4
" of Health, 6
" of St. Louis Public Schools, 42
" of Underwriters. 27
Cemeteries, 48
Chamber of Commerce, 46
Churches, 34
Baptist, 34
Christian, 34
Congregational, 34
Episcopal, 35
Evangelical, 36
Methodist Episcopal, (North,) 35
Methodist Episcopal, (South,) 35
Miscellaneous, 37
Presbyterian, N.S., 36
Presbyterian, O.S., 36
Roman Catholic, 36
Unitarian, 37
Universalist, 37
Circuit Courts, 10
City and Ward Boundaries, 6
" Government, 4
" Hospital, 5
" Officers, 4.5
Colleges and Universities, 44
Common Pleas Court, 10
Consuls, Foreign, 27
Convents, 33
County Court, 10
County Officers, 4
Courts, 9
Criminal Court, 10
Custom House, 10
Difference in time bet. St. Louis and other places, 31
Druids, 41
Expresses, 47
Ferry Companies. 48
Fire Alarm Telegraph, 8
" Companies, 9
" Department, 8
" Districts, 8
Foreign Insurance Companies, 33
Franklin Library Association, 47
German Institute, 43
Good Templars, 41
Government of Missouri, 1
of the U.S., 1
Great Wabash Valley Route, 29
Hack Fares, 7
" Ordinance, 6
Health Officer, 5
Hospitals, 38
Incorporated Companies, 27
lndepedent Fire Companies, 9
I.O.B.B., 41
Independent O. of O.F., 40
Independent Order Sons of Malta, 41
Infant Asylums, 37
Improved Order of Red Men, 41
Insurance Companies, Fire and Marine, 25
Insurance Companies, life, 26
Jones' Commercial College, 44
Judges of Supreme Court, 3
Justices of the Peace, 5
Land Court, 10
Law Commissioner's Court, 10
Law Library, 47
Libraries, 47
Lieutenants Governer, 2
Magazines and Periodicals, 34
Market House, 48
Masonic Lodges, 39
Mechanics and Manufacturers' Exchange, 46
Medical and Scientific Associations, 43
Mercantile Library Association, 47
Military, 45
Missouri Medical College, 43
Missouri State Militia, 45,46
New Custom-House building, 10,11
Newspapers, 33
North Missouri R.R., 33
O'Fallon Polytechnic Institute, 44
Officers, Executive. *c., of Missouri, since her
admission as a State,
Ohio and Mississippi R.R., 30
Omnibus Lines, 47
Orphan Asylums, 37
Overland Mail to San Francisco, 20, 21
Pacific Railroad, 30
Packet Lines, 48
Police Department, 65
Post-Office Department, 11
Post-Offlces in Illinois, 16, 17, 18, 19
Post-Offices in Missouri, 14, 15, 16
Probate Court, 10
Public Halls, &c. 48
Public Schools, 43
Quarantine, 5
Railroads, 28
Rates of Postage, 12
Registers of Lands, 3
Representatives from Missouri, 1, 3
River Distances from St. Louis, 22
Rock Island Bridge, 31
St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Asso'n, 47
St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Railroad, 08
St. Lonis and Iron Mountain Railroad, 29
St. Louis Medical College, 43
St. Louis Medical Society, 44
St. Louis Pharmaceutical Association, 43
St. Louis University, 44
Savings Institution, 24
Secret and Benefit Societies, 39
Secretaries of State, 2
Signal Stations, 6
Sons of Malta, 41
Sons of Temperance, 41
Stage Routes, 47
State Treasurers, 2
Station Houses, 6
Street Inspectors, 5
Succession of Mayors, 5
Supreme Court or Missouri, 10
Supreme Court of the United States, 9
Table of Domestic Postages, 12
Telegraph Companies, 48
Terre Haute, Alton and St. Louis Railroad, 28
Theaters, 48
The Cabinet, 1, 3
The Executive, 1
Transportation Companies, 47
United Ancient Order of Druids, 41
United States Circuit Courts, 10
" Commissioners, 10
" District Courts, 10
" Senators, 10
Washington University, 44, 45

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Government Of The United States.

The Eighteenth Presidential Term, of four years, began on the 4th of March, 1857, and will expire on
the 3rd of March, 1861.

The Executive.

JamesBuchanan, , Of Pennsylvania,
President of the United States,
John C.Breckinridge, , of Kentucky,
Vice President ,

The Cabinet.

LewisCass, , of Michigan,
Secretary of State ,
HowellCobb, , of Georgia,
Secretary of the Treasury ,
JacobThompson, , of Mississippi,
Secretary of the Interior ,
IsaacToucey, , of Connecticut,
Secretary of the Navy ,
John B.Floyd, , of Virginia,
Secretary of War ,
Jeremiah S.Black, , of Pennsylvania,
Attorney General ,
Aaron V.Brown, , of Tennessee,
Postmaster General ,

U.S. Senators
From Missouri.
James S.Green, , Trusten Polk.
From Missouri.

First District,
J. RichardBarret.,

Second District,
Thomas L.Anderson.,

Third District,
John B.Clark.,

Fourth District,

Fifth District,
Samuel H.Woodson.,

Sixth District,
John S.Phelps.,

Seventh District,
John W.Noell.,

Government Of Missouri.
R.M. Stewart, Buchanan co. ,
Hancock, Jackson, Randolph co.,
Lieutenant Governor.
E.B. Ewing. Ray co. ,
Attorney General.
B.F. Massey, Jasper co. ,
Secretary of State.
W.H. Buffington, Howard co. ,
Auditor of Public Accounts.
A.W. Morrison, Howard co. ,
State Treasurer.
Geo.W. Huston, Lincoln co. ,
Register of Lands.
W.B. Starke, Saline co. ,
Sup.Com. Schools.
W.E. Dunscomb, Cole co. ,
Com'r of Permanent Seat of Government.
G.A. Parsons, Cole co. ,
Adjutant General.
J.S. Hackney, Cole Co. ,
Quarter Master General.
Col.F. C.Hughes, ,
Warden of Missouri Penitentiary, appointed by
Governor, January, 1857, for four years.
2 Officers, Executive, Judicial, Etc.
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Officers, Executive, Judicial, &c.,
Of The State Of Missouri, Since Her Admission As A State, In 1820.

AlexanderMcNair, , St. Louis co. :
Elected August, 1820, for 4 years.

FrederickBates, , St. Louis co. :
Electedd August, 1824, for 4 years. Died August 4,1825. A. J.William, ., President of the Sen-
ate and ex-officio Governor, in absence of Lt.
Governor from the State, and the death of the
Governor, acted as Governor until election to
fill vacancy, in Sept. 1825.

JohnMiller, , Howard co.:
Reelected August, 1828, for 4 years.

Daniel, Dnnklin, Washington co. :
Elected August. 1832 for 4 years. Resigned Oc-tober 1,1836. L. W.Boggs, , Lieut. Governor ,
filled vacancy by virtue of his office, until
general election, August, 1836.

L. W.Bnggs, , Jackson co.;
Elected August, 1836, for 4 years.

ThomasReynolds, , Howard co.:
Elected August, 1840, for 4 years. Committed
suicide, Friday, February 9, 1844. M. M.Mar- , , Lieut. Governor , acted as Governor
until regular election, in 1844.

John C.Edwards, , Cole co.:
Elected August, 1844, for 4 years.

A. A.King, , Ray co.:
Elected August, 1848, for 4 years.

SterlingPrice, , Chariton co.:
Elected August, 1852, for 4 years.

TrustenPolk, , St. Louis co. :
Elected August, 1856, for 4 years. Resigned and
elected to U.S. Senate, February 27, 1857.

HancockJackson, , Lieut. Governor , filled the
vacancy until election, August, 1857.

R. M.Stewart, , Buchanan co.:
Elected August, 1857, for 3 years, to fill va-
cancy occasioned by resignation of Polk.

Lieutenant Governors.

Name. County Com. of Term. Term of Service.
Wm. H.Ashley, St. Louis Sept. 1820 4 yrs
Ben. A.Reeves, Howard Nov. 1824 4 "
DanielDanklin, Washington " 1828 4 "
Lilburn W.Boggs, Jackson " 1832 4 "
FranklinCannon, C. Girardeau " 1836 4 "
M. M.Marmaduke, Saline " 1840 4 "
JamesYoung, Lafayette " 1844 4 "
T. L.Price, Cole Dec. 1848 4 "
W.Brown, C. Girardeau " 1852 4 "
HancockJackson, Randolph " 1856 4"

Attorneys General.

EdwardBates, , St. Louis co.:
Appointed by Governor and Senate, September, 1820. Resigned in 1821.

RufusEaston, :
Appointed, December, 1821. Died Jan. 21,1826.

Robert W.Wells, , Cole co. :
Appointed Jan. 21, 1826, and continued to Sept.1836, a period of ten years.

Wm. B.Napton, , Howard co.:
Appointed Sept. 1836. Resigned Feb. 1839.

S. M.Bay, , Cole co.:
Appointed Feb. 1839. Continued to March, 1845,
6 years.

B. F.Stringfetlow, , Chariton co. :
Appointed March, 1845. Resigned Jan. 1849.

Wm. A.Robards, , Boone co.:
Appointed Jan. 1849. Died Sept. 1851.

James B.Gardenhire, , Buchanan co.:
Appointed Sept. 1851. Elected by people, August, 1852, for 4 years. Total term of service 5

E. B.Ewing, , Ray co.:
Elected by people August, 1856, for 4 years.

Secretaries Of State.

JoshnaBarton, , St. Louis co.:
Appointed Sept. 1820. Resigned Sept. 1821.

Wm. G.Pettua, , St. Charles co.:
Appointed Sept. 1821. Resigned Nov. 17, 1824.

H. R.Gamble, :
Appointed Nov. 1824. Resigned July, 1826.

SpencerPettis, , St, Louis co. :
Appointed July, 1826. Resigned Dee. 1828.

P. H.McBride, , Boone co. :
Appointed Jan. 1829. Resigned Sept. 1830.

HenryShurlds, , Washington co.:
Appointed March, 1835. Resigned Jan. 1837.

John C.Edwards, , Cole co.: .
Appointed Sept. 1830. Term expired March, 1835,
Reappointed January, 1837. Resigned May, 1837.

Peter G.Glover, , Callaway co,:
Appointed May, 1837. Term expired Feb. 1839.

James L.Minor, , Marion co.:
Appointed Feb., 1830. Continued until April, 1845,6 years.

F. H.Martin, , Jefferson co.:
Appointed April, 1845, for 4 years.

E. B.Ewing, , Ray co.:
Appointed April, 1849, for 4 years.

John M.Richardson, , Greene co. :
Elected August, 1852, for 4 years.

B. F.Massey, , Jasper co.:
Elected August, 1856, for 4 years.

Auditors Of Public Accounts.

Wm.Christie, , St. Louis co.:
Appointed Sept. 1820, for 4 years. Resigned Dec., 1821.

Wm. V.Rector, , St. Louis co. :
Appointed Dec, 1821, for 4 years. Resigned Nov., 1823.

EliasBarcroft, , St. Louis co.:
Appointed Nov., 1823. Continued in office until
Feb. 1833—10 years.

Henry, Shurlds, Washington co.:
Appointed Feb., 1833, for 4 years. Resigned
March 1835.

Peter G.Glover, , Callaway co. :
Appointed March, 1835. Resigned May, 1837.

Hiram H.Baber, . Cole co.:
Appointed May, 1817. Continued in office until
Feb., 1845, 8 years.

Wm.Monroe, Morgan co.:
Appointed Feb., 1845.

J. R.McDearmon, , St. Charles co.:
Appointed Dec, 1845. Continued in office until
his death, March 20,1848.

George W.Miller, , Cole co. :
Appointed April, 1848, to fill vacancy of McDear-

WilsonBrown, ,Cape Girardeau co. :
Appointed Jan., 1849, for 4 years.

Wm. H.Buffington, , Cole co.:
Elected by the people, Aug., 1852, for 4 years. Re-
elected Aug., 1856, for 4 years.

State Treasurers.

PeterDidier, , St. Louis co.:
Appointed Sept., 1820, for 2 years. Resigned in

Officers, Executive, Judicial &C. 3
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NathanielSimonds, , St. Louis co. :
Appointed 1821. Term expired in Dec.,1828.

JamesEarikeson, , Howard co. :
Apponted Jan., 1829. Continued until Dec., 1833.

JohnWalker, . Cole co.:
Appointed Jan., 1833. Continued in office until
bix death, May 26, 1838.

AbrahamMcClellan, , Jackson co.:
Appointed June, 1838, continued until Jan., 1843—
5 years.

Peter G.Glover, , Cole on. :
Appointed Jan., 1843, and continued until his
death, Oct., 1851— years.

A. W.Morrison, , Howard co.:
Appointed, Nov.. 1851, to fill Glover's vacancy.
Elected by people, Aug., 1852, for 4 years.
Reelected Aug., 1856, for 4 years.

Registers Of Lands.

JohnHeard, , Monroe co.:
Appointed by Governor and Senate, Feb., 1841, for
4 years.

George W.Huston, , Lincoln co. :
Appointed by Governor and Senate, April, 1845,
4 years

Allen P.Richardson, , Ray co. :
Appointed by Governor and Senate, March, 1849,
for 4 years. Elected by people, Aug; 1852, for
4 years.

George W.Huston, , Lincoln co.:
Elected by people, Aug., 1856, for 4 years.

Judges Of Supreme Court.

MathiasMcGirk, , Montgomery co. :
Appointed in 1822, to hold hia office until 65 years
of age. Resigned 1841.

John D.Cooke, , Cape Girardeau co.:
Appointed 1822, until 65 years of age. Res'd1823.

John R.Jones, , Pike co.:
Appointed 1822,until 65 yrs old. Died Apr. 1824.

RafusPettibone, , Pike co. :
Appointed 1823—vice Cooke resigned —died Aug.1, 1825.

GeorgeTompkins, , Cole co.:
Appointed April, 1824—vice Jones—reappointed
in Feb., 1825, until 65 years of age. Term ex-
pired March, 1845.

RobertWash, , St. Louis co. :
Appointed Sept. 1825—vice Pettibone deceased—
reappointed in 182-, until 65 years old. Re-
signed May, 1837.

John C.Edwards, , Cole co.:
Appointed May, 1837, till meeting of Gen. Assem.

W. B.Napton, , Saline co.:
Appointed Feb., 1839, until 65 years of age—vice
Wash, resigned.

Wm.Scott, , Cole co.:
Appointed Aug., 1841, nntil General Assembly—
vice McGirk, resigned. Reappointed Jan.1843, until 65 yearn of age.

P. H.McBride, ,.Monroe co.:
Appointed March, 1845, until 65 years old—vice
Tompkins' term expired.

W. B.Napton, , Saline co.:
Appointed by Governor and Senate for 12 years
from March 1, 1849. Ousted by Constitutional
amendment in 1852.

John F.Ryland, , Lafayette co.:
Appointed for 12 years, from March 1, 1849.
Ousted by Constitutional amendment in 1851.

J. H.Birch, , Clinton co.:
Appointed for 12 years from March 1, 1849.
Ousted by Constitutional amendment in 1851.

Wm.Scott, , John F.Ryland, , and H. R.Gamble, :
Elected by people Aug., 1851, for 6 years each,
Gamble resigned 1854.

A.Leonard, , Howard co.:
Elected Jan., 1855, to fill vacancy of Gamble, re-

W. B.Napton, , Wm.Scott, , and John C.Richardson, :
Elected Aug., 1857, for 6 years each.
preen? Bench.

The last-named gentlemen compose the present Su-
preme Bench.

United States Senators.

Thomas H.Benton, , St. Louis co. :
Elected Nov., 1820, and reelected every six years
thereafter for a period of thirty years.

DavidBarton, , St. Louis co.:
Elected Nov., 1820. for 4 years, and reelected
Nov., 1824. for 6 years.

AlexanderBuckner, . Cape Girardean co.:
Elected Nov., 1830, for 6 years. Died in 1833.

Louis F.Linn, . Ste. Genevieve co. :
Appointed by the Governor in 1833, to fill vacancy
or Buckner, dec. Elected Nov., 1836. for 6
years ; reelected Nov., 1842, for 6 years. Died
Oct. 3d, 1843.

David R.Atchison, , Platte co.:
Appointed Oct., 1843, by Governor, to fill vacancy
ot L. F.Linn, . dec. Elected Nov., 1844, for 4
years, and reelected Jan., 1849, for 6 years

Henry S.Geyer, , St. Louis co. :
Elected Feb. 22d. 1851, for 6 years.

James S.Green, , Lewis co. :
Elected Jan 12th. 1857, for 4 years, to fill vacancy
occasioned by failure of Legislature to elect
in 1855. Term expires 1861.

TrustenPolk, , St. Louis co. :
Elected Jan. 13th, 1857, for 6 years. Term ex-
pires in 1863.

Representatives To Congress.

JohnScott, , Ste. Genevieve co.:
Elected Aug., 1820, and continued until 1826,

EdwardBates, , St. Louis Co.:
Elected Aug., 1826, for 2 years.

SpencerPettis, . St. Louis co.:
Elected Aug., 1828, for 2 years; reelected Aug.,1830. Killed in a duel with Biddle, Aug. 1831.
Term of service 3 years.

Wm. H.Ashley, , St. Louis co.:
Elected Aug., 1831, to fill vacancy of Pettis, dec.,
continued until 1836—5 years.

JohnBull, , Howard co. :
Elected Aug., 1832, for 2 years.

Albert G.Harrison, , Callaway co. :
Elected Aug., 1834, and continued until his death,
Sep., 1839—5 years.

JohnMiller, , Cole co. :
Elected Aug., 1836, and continued until 1842—6

JohnJamison, , Callaway co.:
Elected Oct., 1839, and continued until 1844—5
years ; reelected Aug., 1846—2 years.

John C.Edwards, , Cole co.:
Elected Aug., 1840, for 2 years.

James M.Hughes, . Clay co. :
Elected Aug., 1842, for 2 years.

James H.Relfe, , Washington co.:
Elected Aug., 1842, and continued until 1846—4

James . B.Bowlin, , St. Louis co.:
Elected Aug., 1842, and continued until 1850—8

Gustavus M.Bower, , Monroe co.:
Elected Aug., 1842, for 2 years.

SterlingPrice, , Chariton co.:
Elected Aug., 1844, for 2 years. Resigned 1846.

Wm.McDaniel, , Marion co. :
Elected 1846, to till vacancy of Sterling Price, re-

L. H.Sims, , Greene co. :
Elected Aug., 1844, for 2 years.

John S.Phelps, , Greene co.:
Elected Aug., 1844, and continued until 1858 ; re-
elected Aug., 1858, for 2 yrs, making 16 yrs.

James S.Green, , Lewis co.:
Elected Aug., 1846, and continued until 1850 ; re-
elected Aug., 1856, for 2 years, but resigned,
and was elected to the U.S. Sen. Jan. 1857.

4 Officers, Executitve, Judicial. &C .
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Willard P.Hall, , Buchanan co.:
Elected Aug. 1846, continued till 1852—6 years.

W. V.N.Bay, , Franklin co.:
Elected Aug., 1848, for 2 years.

John F.Darby, , St. Louis co.:
Elected Aug., 1850, for 2 years.

GilchristPorter, , Pike co.:
Elected Aug., 1850, for 2 years; reelected Aug.,1854, for 2 years.

John G.Miller, , Cooper co.:
Elected Aug., 1850, continued until his death, in
1855— 5 years.

Thomas H.Benton, , St. Louis co.:
Elected Aug., 1852, for 2 years.

A. W.Lamb, , Marion co.:
Elected Aug., 1852, for 2 years.

MordecaiOliver, , Ray co. :
Elected Aug., 1852, and continued until Aug.,
1856— 4 years.

J. J.Lindley, , Lewis co.:
Elected Aug., 1852, and continued until 1856—4 y.

SamuelCarnthers, , Madison co.:
Elected Aug., 1852, and continued until August,
1858—6 years.

L. M.Kennett, , St. Louis co.:
Elected Aug., 1854, for 2 years.

F. P. Blair, jr., St. Louis co.
Elected Aug., 1856, for 2 years.

T. L.Anderson, , Marion co.:
Elected Aug., 1856, for 2 years ; reelected Aug.,
1858, for 2 years.

JamesCraig, , Buchanan co.:
Elected Aug., 1856, for 2 years ; reelected Aug.,
1858, for 2 years.

Samuel H.Woodson, , Jackson, co..
Elected Aug., 1856, for 2 years ; reelected Aug.,
1858, for 2 years.

John B.Clark, , Howard oo.:
Elected Aug., 1856, for 2 years ; reelected Aug.,
1858, for 2 years.

Thomas P.Akers, , Lafayette co. :
Elected Aug., 1856, to fill vacancy of Miller, dec.

J. R.Barret, , St. Louis co.:
Elected Aug., 1858, for 2 years.

John W.Noell, , Perry co.:
Elected Aug., 1858, for 2 years.

County Officers.

County Clerk —JosiahThornburgh, ; John F.
Humphries, , Deputy. Office in Court House.

Treasurer —WilliamRisley, . Office in Court
House. Open from 8 A.M. to 12 M.

Recorder — CharlesKeemle, ; JuliusConrad, and
LeicesterBabcock, , Deputies ; Louis R.Cortambert, ,
Clerk . Office in Court House.

Marshal —PeterWegman, ; John C.H.Cunning-, , MichaelCoyle, . HenryGiubor, , RobertPeying-, . John O.Ives, , Henry J.Kappeser, , PeterBowe, ,and John B.Lind, , Deputies .

Engineer —EdwardGray, ; WilliamLong, , Assist-
ant ; C. Th.Uhlmann, , Draughtsman .

Sheriff —Michael S.Cerre, . Office, Court House.
Thomas M.Barrow, , George N.Stephens, , JohnDur-, , James A.Guion, , Daniel A.Grace, , James A.
Michael, , JamesOwens, , MartinWalsh, , John S.Wil-, , WilsonWells, , Deputies .

Surveyor —Office, Court House. Open from 8
A.M. to 6 P.M.Charles E.Salomon, , Surveyor ;
AugustElbring, and JuliusPitzman, , Deputies .

City Government.

Incorporated, December 9th, 1822; Organ:
March, 1823.

Municipal Election, First Monday in April.

Meetings of the Board of Delegates, Second
Monday in May and October,

Meetings of the Board of Aldermen, Every
Second Monday in May and October.

Oliver D.Filley, , Mayor , Office, City
Hall, Salary, . . . . . $14,000

Board Of Aldermen.

GeorgeKyler, , President .

John B.Higdon, , Clerk .

WilliamGoodfellow, . Sergeant at Arms .

ThomasAllen, and LeicesterBabcock, , 1st Ward;
F. W.Cronenbold, and BranockJones, , 2d WardsJ.
H.Grefenkamp, and R. M.Renick, , 3d Ward ; J. G.
Shelton, and A.Valle, ,4th Ward ; C. H.Tillson, and
E.Wells, , 5th Ward ; S. W.Adrian, and C. C.Mc-, . 6th Ward; J. M.Corbitt, and T.J.Dailey, ,
7th Ward; GeorgeKyler, and J. C.Vogel, , 8th
Ward; PatrickGorman, and C. W.Horn, , 9th
Ward ; JamesDoyle, and JohnSexton, , 10th Ward.

Board Of Delegates.

Thomas S.Nelson, , Chairman .

JosephBaker, , Clerk .

WilliamGoodfellow, , Sergeant at Arms .

FrederickHoenschild, , Thomas S.Nelson, , 1st

Ward; HenryAlmstedt, and J. G.Vogel, 2nd
Wardt; P. H.Bishop, and GeorgeBayha, ,3rd Ward ;
Sol. J.Levi, and JohnYoung, , 4th Ward; Bernard
Pratte, and PeterAmbs, , 5th Ward; DwightDur-, and James J.Wilgus, , 6th Ward; Jesse W-
Heath, and John S.Wilshusen, , 7th Ward; Davis
Moore, and HoratioWood, , 8th Ward; DanielMcGill,
and CasperStelle, . 9th Ward; James R.Dobyns, and
NicholasHatch, , 10th Ward.

City Officers.

Comptroller —StephenHoyt, .

Treasurer —Charles W.Gottschalk, .

Register —Joel G.Harper, .

" Clerk —Joseph A.Brazeau, .

Auditor —TheodorePapin, .

" clerks —JamesWangh, , and Francis V.
Phister, .

Engineer —FrancisHassendeubel, . Office, Pine
street,s.south w.west corner of Main.

Harbor Master —G. W.Sparhawk, .

Recorder —Samuel H.Young, .

" Clerk —John G.Dill, .

Counsellor —W. V.N.Bay, .

City Attorney —J. GabrielWoerner, .

Fund Commissioner —MarshallBrotherton, .

Superintendent of Water Works —Willis R.
Pritchard, .

Superintendent of Work House —George W.
Sherrick, .

City Government.
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Resgister of Lands —SamuelSimmons, .

Lanser Mastee —JosephWhelan, .

Wood Master —Joseph M.Magehan, .

of Flour —James H.Swartz, .

of Weights and Measures —Henty
A.Ische, .

of Beef and Pork —FrancisWhitta-, .

Inspectors And Gaugers of Oils —Bart.Able, ,
and JohnSexton, .

Inspector of Buildings and Fires —John E.D.
Couzins, .

Register of Water Rates —John W.Crane, .

President Board of Assessors —Dominique
Urban, .

Managers of House of Refuge —JohnHow, ,
and Carlos S.Greeley, .

Resident Physicaian , City Hospital—Florence
M.Cornyn, .

Keeper of the Calaboose —WilliamLawler, .

Stae and County Collector's Office —Court
House—JamesMcDonough, , Collector , Stephen D.
Axtell, , SylvanCarlin, , W. K.Mitchell, , and William
F.Hardy, , Deputies .

Collector of State and County Dram Shop Li-
cense —Thomas D.P.Lanham, . Office in Court

State and County Assessors —Office in Court
House. Henry W.Williams, , Assessor . John T.
Fowler, , Clerk . F.Long, , Assistant Clerk . William
Kossack, , FrancisCist, . John J.Sutter, , and William
H.Godfrey, , Draughtsmen .

General Road Superintentdent —Office in Court
House—John F.Long, .

Inspector of Poor, and Superintendent of
Toll Gates —Office in Court House. Open from 8
A.M. to 12 M.LewisDozier, .

Jury Commissioner —Office in Court House—
Samuel W.Eager, Jr.

Board Of Assessors.

President —Dominique Urban.

Assistant 1st and 2nd Wards—JuliusRapp, .

" 3d and 4th " Vacancy.

" 5th and 6th " George W.Tenille, .

" 7th and 8th " Charles H.Pond, .

" 9th and 10th " CharlesOsburg, .

Street Inspectors.

1st Ward—FrederickSehaefer, .

2d " HermanSchraeder, .

3d " AdamHorn, .

4th " JohnPaul, .

5th " JohnO'Brien, .

6th " JamesBurgess, .

7th " WilliamColeman, .

8th " Vacancy.

9th " JohnMcKenna, .

10th " William D.Pallies, .


Physician —E. M.Powers, .

Steward —JohnSpencer, .

Matron —AliceSpencer, .

Health Officer,

E. F.Smith, .


Physician —Florence M.Cornyn, .

Steward —Thomas S.Warne, .

Matron —Parmelia J.Warne, .

Justices Of The Peace.

1st Ward—George W.Lynch, , 413 Carondelet av.avenue

Frank A.H.Schnelder, , 157 do.

2d Ward—HenryMcMeans, , 17 Carondelet avenue.

C. D.Wolff, , so do.

3d Do. Juliss F.Sayder, , 273 South Third

Chester B.Powell, , 236 8.Scond st.

4th Do. AlphensSmith, , 12 S. Fourth st.

RodolphHerckenrath, , 21 Walout st.

5th Do Peter W.Johnstone, , 27 Pine st.

LibertySaite, , 23 do

6th Do CharlesHequembourg, , 34 Viae st.

JacobCovert, , 36 do,

7th Do. Thomas J.Dailey, , 42 Cherry st.

Charles F.Walter, , 19 Green st.

8th Do DanielLoyd, , 4 Collins st.

JohnGrether, , 43 Cherry st.

9th Do JamesSweeny, , 41s Broadway,

PhilipMcDonald, , west side of Biddle,
between Fifth and Sixth sts.

10th Do AbnerSuier, , 753 Broadway.

PhilipStremmed, , 35 N. Market st.

Succession Of Mayors.

The first city charter bears data December 9th,1822. The succession of Mayors since that date has
been as follows :

Date Mayors.
1823 to 1829 William CarrLane, .
1829 to 1833 Daniel D.Page, .
1833 to 1835 John W.Johnston, .
1835 to 1838 John F.Darby, .
1838 to 1840 William CarrLane, .
1840 John F.Darby, .
1841 John D.Daggett, .
1842 GeorgeMaguire, .
1843 John M.Wimer, .
1844 to 1846 BernardPratte, .
1846 Peter G.Camden, .
1847 BryanMullanphy, .
1848 John M.Krum, .
1849 James G.Barry, .
1850 to 1853 Luther M.Kennett, .
1853 to 1855 JohnHow, .
1855 WashingtonKing, .
1856 JohnHow, .
1857 John M.Wimer, .
1858 Oliver D.Filley, .

City and Ward Boundaries.

City Boundary.—The city is bounded east by
the Mississippi river, south by Keokak Street, and
west and north by Grand avenue and Spring street.

First Ward.—All that part of the city lying
south of a line beginning on the Mississippi, at the
foot of Soulard street, thence west along Soulard to
Kosciusko, thence northwardly along Sulard to
Linn street, thence westwardly along Lafayette
avenue to the western line of the city.

Second Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the First Ward, and south of a line beginning on
the Mississippi, at the foot of Convent street, run-
ning westwardly along Convent street to Caron-
delet avenue, thence southwardly to Hickory street,
thence southwardly along Grattan street to Parkave-
nue, thence westwardly along Park avenue to the
western line of the city.

Third Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Second Ward, and south of a line commencing
on the Mississippi river, at the foot of Plum street,
running westwardly along Plum to Fourth street,
thence westwardly along Cerre to Fourteenth street,
thence westwardly along the Pacific Railroad line to
the western limit of the city.

Fourth Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Third Ward, and south of a line commencing at
the foot of Market street. thence running westwardly
to Tenth street, thence south wardly along Tenth to
Clark avenue, thence westwardly along Clark ave-
nue to the western line of the city.

Fifth Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Fourth Ward, and south of a line commencing

6 Police Department— Board Of Health.
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at the foot of Olive street, thence westwardly along
Olive to the western line of the city.

Sixth Ward—All the territory lying north of the
Fifth Ward, and south of a line commencing at the
foot of Green street, thence west along Green to
Eleventh street, thence westwardly aloug Christy
avenue to Pratte avenue, thence westwardly along
Lucas avenue to the western line of the city.

Seventh Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Sixth Ward, and south of a line commencing on
the Mississippi river, at the foot of Cherry street,
thence west along Cherry to Broadway, thence west-
wardly along Franklin avenue to the western line of
the city.

Eighth Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Seventh Ward, and south of a line commencing
on the Mississippi river, at the foot of Biddle street,
thence west along Biddle to Pratte avenue, thence
westwardly along Gamble street to the western line
of the city.

Ninth Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Eighth Ward, and south of a line commencing
on the Mississippi river, at the foot of Howard street,
thence west along Howard to Eighteenth, thence
southwardly along Eighteenth to Cass avenue,
thence westwardly along Cass avenue to the western
line of the city.

Tenth Ward.—All the territory lying north of
the Ninth Ward, within the city limits, constitutes
the Tenth Ward.
In all cases the center of the above named streets
and avenues is the dividing line between the

Police Department.

The Police force at present consists of the Chief,
or City Marshall, two Captains, four Assistant Cap-
tains, and ten Sergeants, one hundred and ten night
watchmen, and fifty day men, all of whom are
immediately responsible to the Mayor. The first
is appointed under the new ordinance, at a salary of
$2,000 for one year. The remaining officers hold
their positions for the same period, and receive pay-
ment as follows : Captains, $1,000; Assistant Cap-
tains, $800; Sergeants, $650, and Policemen, $600.

Mayor —O. D.Filley, . Office, City Hall.

Marshall —D. A.Rawlings, . Office, City Hall.

Deputies —PeterStankewitz, and PatrickLoner-, .

Captains —CharlesKick, and John F.Fealy, .

Assistant Captains —HenryKlunk, , PeterGuar-, , WilliamLee, , and DanielBurns, .

Sergeants —WilliamBartley, , JohnFulton, , John
Eagan, , MartinDavis, , J. A.Moore, , JohnTobin, ,
RichardCarnovan, , John H.Koeler, , JohnRyan, , and
PatrickO'Neal, .

Station Houses.

Principal Station—No. 14 Chesnut street.

First District—Fourth street, near French Mar-

Second District—Broadway, corner Ashley.

Board of Health.

Office, Chesnut street.

Dr.S. W.Adreon, , President .

Dr.G.Klier, , Clerk .

Dr.E. F.Smith, , Health Officer .

L.Babcoek, , F. W.Cronenbold, , R. M.Renick, ,
A.Valle, , Charles H.Tillson, , S. W.Adreon, , Thomas
J.Daily, , John C.Vogel, , Pat.Gorman, , JamesDoyle, .

Relating To Hackney Carriages, Omni-
Buses And Other Vehicles.
Article 1.

Section 1. No person shall, in this city, without
complying with the provisions of this ordinance, hire
out or keep for hire, or use or cause to be used, for

hire in the transportation of persons or property from
one part of the city to another, or from places within
the city to places without, or from places without the
city to places within, any hackney carriage, omnibus,
dray, cart, wagon or other vehicle.

Sec. 2. There shall be levied an annual tax upon
all omnibuses, of thirty dollars; drays, twelve dollars;
wagons, five dollars; baggage wagons, nine dollars;
furniture cars, ten dollars; carts, two dollars; hack-
ney carriages, cabs or cabriolets that occupy stands,
twenty dollars; carriages, cabs or cabriolets owned
or used for hire in livery stables, five dollars; and
buggies owned and used for hire in livery stables,
two dollars.

Sec. 3. The owners of any of the vehicles men-
tioned in the foregoing section, paying the annual tax
therein provided for, shall be released from all other
taxes on the same to the city of St. Louis during the
period for which said tax is paid.

Sec. 4. There shall be placed and kept conspicu-
ously to view, on every dray, wagon, baggage wagon,
furniture car, cart, hackney carriage, omnibus, cab
or cabriolet, that occupies a stand, the registered
number of such vehicle; such number shall be in plain,
distinct and legible figures, each figure to be not less
than two inches in length, and one inch and a half in
width, painted in oil colors, and placed on each ve-
hicle in the following manner : On drays and carts,
the nnmber shall be painted on metallic plates and
placed on the outer side of each shaft, three inches
in front of the body or bed of the cart or dray; on
wagons, the number shall be painted on metallic
plates and placed on the hind axle; and where a body
is used on such wagon, said number shall also be
placed on one outer side thereof. On furniture cars,
the number shall be painted on metallic plates and
placed on each outer side of the body; on hackney
carriages, cabs or cabriolets, that occupy stands, the
number shall be painted on the outer glass of the
lamps; and on omnibuses, the number shall be placed
in some conspicuous place on the outside of the body
thereof, in Arabicnumerals, not less than three inches
square, so that it can be easily seen and read from
the sidewalks.

Sue. 5. It shall be the duty of the City Register,
upon receiving the annual tax of any vehicle men-
tioned in the preceding sections, to register the same,
and give the party applying for the license the num-
ber to be put thereou, and if such number be so
placed upon said vehicle, and bond be entered into as
hereinafter required, within three days after registry
of said vehicle, the Register shall, upon being paid a
fee of fifty cents, deliver to the party applying, a li-
cense to use said vehicle for one year from the date of
the payment to the Register; otherwise the money so
paid shall be forfeited.

Sec. 6. The party applying for a license shall, be-
fore the same shall be issued, enter into bond to the
city, with sufficient security, to be approved by the
Register, in a sum not less than two hundred dollars
(unless the said license befor a dray) conditioned for
the safe delivery of all property delivered to him or
his servant or agent, to be conveyed, and for the pay-
ment of all damages which may accrue to any person
by his negligence, or that of his seivants, agents or
employes, in and about the use and management of
the vehicle licensed. The party applying for a li-
cense for a dray shall enter into a like bond, in the
sum of three hundred dollars, and the said bonds may
be sued upon, in the name of the city. by any person
injured by a breach of the conditions thereof.

Sec. 7. All persons who are owners, keepers or
occupants of livery stables, shall state annually, un-
der oath, before the City Register. what number of
cabs, cabriolets, carriages and buggies are owned or
kept for hire by them, and shall pay on each the tax
required by the second section of this ordinance. All
owners of omnibuses shall in like manner be required
to state under oath the whole number of omnibuses
owned, driven and employed by them, and shall pay

Hack Ordinance. 7
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the tax assessed by the second section of this ordi-

Sec. 8. No tax shall be levied on owners of wagons
or other vehicles, exclusively engaged in hauling into
the city wood, coal, bread, milk or marketing for
sale; but this ordinance shall not be construed to ex-
empt the owners of vehicles from taxation who reside
out of the corporate limits of the city, and who use
such vehicles within the city limits for hire.


Sec. 9. For the use of any hackney carriage, cab
or cabriolet, licensed as aforesaid, the owner thereof
shall be entitled to charge, demand and receive the
following compensation, and no more :

First—For conveying one or more passengers a dis-
tance not exceeding one mile, fifty cents.

Second—For conveying one or more passengers over
one mile, and not exceeding two miles, one dollar.

Third—For conveying one or more passengers one
mile or less, remaining half an hour, and returning,
seventy-five cents.

Fourth—For conveying one or more passengers over
one, and not exceeding two miles, remaining half an
hour and returning, one dollar and fifty cents.

Fifth—For conveying one or more passengers over
two miles, one dollar and fifty cents, and twenty-five
cents for each succeeding mile.

Sixth—For conveying one or more passengers over
two miles, and not exceeding three miles, remaining
half an hour, and returning, two dollars.

Seventh— For the nse of any hackney carriage or
wagon, by the hour, with one or more passengers,
with the privilege of going from place to place, and
stopping as often as required, one dollar for the first
hour, and seventy-five cents for each succeeding hour.

Eighth—For the use by the day of any hackney
carriage or wagon, drawn by two horses, with a dri-
ver, five dollars.

Sec. 10. The owner or driver of any dray shall be
entitled to demand and receive for ten blocks, thirty
cents. for any distance exceeding ten blocks, nor
more than twenty-five blocks, forty cents; and when
the distance exceeds twenty-five blocks, they shall be
entitled to receive any amount agreed upon by the
parties; and if no agreement be made before the haul-
ing of the articles to be hauled, they shall be entitled
to demand and receive not more than fifty cents.

See. 11. Tbe owner or driver of any licensed fur-
niture car or wagon shall be entitled to charge, de-
mand and receive, for putting a load upon his car or
wagon, transporting the same, and putting the same
off, fifty cents for the whole.

Sec. 12. The owner or driver of any hackney car-
riage or other vehicle, used for the transportation of
persons, for hire, shall keep on the inside of each car-
riage or other vehicle, hung up in a conspicuous and
prominent manner, so as to be easily seen and read, a
printed copy of the rates of fare established by the
ninth section of this ordinance. Said copy shall be
printed in black ink, on thick, white card paper, not
less than ten inches square, and the type used for
printing said rates shall be Roman type, not less in
size than that known as double primer, and passen-
gers of, or persons employing such carriage or other
vehicle, shall have the right to examine such copy
before paying their fare.

Sec. 13. Every hackney carriage, cab or cabrio-
let, when driven in the night, shall have fixed on
some conspicuous part of the outer side thereof two
lighted lamps, with plain glass fronts and sides, on
which shall be painted in dark and legible figures, at
least two inches long, the registry number thereof.

All omnibuses, when driven in the night, shall have
lighted lamps or candles inside thereof.

Sec. 14. Every cart or vehicle used to carry or
transport dirt, manure, mud, ashes, lime, garbage,
swill, offal, or other loose material, in any of the streets
of the city ,shall be fitted with a good and substantial

light box thereon, the sides of which shall be twenty-
four inches, and the tailboard eighteen inches high,
so that no portion of such dirt, manure or other loose
material be scattered or thrown into any street; and
all carts and other vehicles used for hauling ashes,
garbage, swill, or other offensive matter, shall have
the box thereon closely covered with a sufficient cov-
ering of cloth or boards, closely fitted, so as to pre-
vent the escape or flying about of any of the contents
or effluvia therefrom. Every person using any cart
or other vehicle for the purpose herein named, with
out complying with the provisions of this section, shall
be subject to a fine of not less than three, nor more
than twenty dollars.

Sec. 15. Any owner of a hackney carriage, omni-
bus, or other vehicle mentioned in this ordinance, who
shall fail to pay the annual tax thereon; and any
owner or driver of a backney carriage or omnibus,
who, when required, shall fail, neglect or refuse to
carry any passenger, or his baggage; and any dray-
man or furniture carman, who, when required, shall
fail, neglect or refuse to convey any article, unless
such owner, driver, drayman or carman should be, at
the time, actually otherwise employed; any such per-
son who shall fail to keep the number of his vehicle
constantly upon the same, and in a plain and legible
condition; and any such person who shall ask, de-
mand and receive, for conveying persons or property,
more than the sums allowed by this ordinance, or
shall, in any other manner, violate or fail to comply
with any of the provisions of this ordinance, a pen-
alty for which is not herein expressly fixed, shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall forfeit and
pay not less than five, nor more than one hundred

Sec. 16. It is made the special duty of the city
police to arrest all persons whom they may find vio-
lating the provisions of this ordinance; and the Reg-
ister is authorized, at such times as he may deem it
necessary, to employ, temporarily, some person or
persons, not to exceed three, whose duty it shall be
to discover and report to the Recorder, the owner or
owners of all vehicles running without a license
where the ordinances require that a license should be
taken out: Provided, that none shall be so reported
but those whose licenses have expired for fifteen days;
and also to discover and report as aforesaid the owner
or owners of all vehicles running without having the
registered number thereon, if a registered vehicle; or
without having posted up on the inside of each and
every vehicle, in a conspicuous place, a printed copy
of the rates of fare, as established by the eleventh sec-
tion of this ordinance.
Sec. 17. The person or persons employed, as pro
vided in the foregoing section, by the Register, shall
receive, as a compensation for their services—First,
twenty per cent, of the amount of all licenses issued
to persons reported by them as delinguents, and the
amount of the said compensation shall be paid by the
persons so reported and found delinquents, in addi-
tion to the amount paid for the license; and it shall
be the duty of the Register to collect the amount of
the said compensation previous to issuing the license,
and pay the same over to the person entitled to re-
ceive the same.

Second—They shall receive one half of all fines im
posed npon persons reported by them for violations of
this ordinance, when the same shall be collected in

Sec . 18. It shall be the duty of the City Register,
immediately upon the passage of this ordinance, to
cause five hundred copies of the same to be printed
in handbill form and posted in the most public places
in the city, and also to cause a synopsis of the same
to be printed on the back of all vehicle licenses issued
by him.

Sec. 19. All ordinances, and parts of ordinances,
conflicting with the provisions of this ordinance, are
hereby repealed.

8 Fire Department.
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Fire Department.
Fireman's Fund Association.

EdwardBrooks, , President . William Risley, Treasurer .

George N.Stevens, , Vice President . RobertScott, , Secretary .

Fire Alarm Telegraph.

Office in Court House. James M.Gardner, , Sup't. John C.Clomes, , GarrettWinter, and JosephBran-, , Operators . OwenHagen, , Repairer .

Boundaries Of Fire Districts, Location Op Signal Stations, Places Where
Keys Are Kept.

Central station at the Court House. The alarm for this station will be six blows on the bells, with an
interval of three seconds between each blow. Repeated four times, with an interval of fifteen seconds
between each alarm.

District No. 1 Embraces All That Portion Of The City Lying South Of Park

An alarm of fire for this District will be one blow on the bells. Repeated fifteen times, with an interval
of fifteen seconds between each blow.

Station No. 1, N.W. corner Lami and Columbus streets: Key at Helmbacher, Wolf & Co.'s, opposite
corner, and at Henry C. Lynch's,opposite I.M.R.R. Depot.

Station No. 2, N.E. corner Carendelet avenue and Victor street; Key at N. Daush's, same corner, and
at B. Brison's, 445, Carondolet avenue.

Station No. 3. N.E. corner Carondelet avenue and Lafayette street; Key at Nicholas Ast's, same corner.

Station No. 4, South St. Louis engine house, Ann avenue; Key at Engine House.

Station No. 5, Laclede Mills, corner of Soulard and Decatur streets ; Key at Mills office.

Station No. 6, S.W. corner Menard street and Park avenue ; Key at same corner.

Station No. 7, N.E. corner Soulard and Linn streets; Key at City Hospital.

Station No. 8, S.W. corner Park and Mississippi avenues ; Key at Abelen's Grocery, same corner.

District No. 2 Lies Betwebn Park Avenue On The South, And Myrtle Street
And Clark Avenue On The North.

An alarm of fire for this District will be two blows on the bells, with an interval of three seconds
between each blow. Repeated ten times, with an interval of fifteen seconds between each alarm.

Station No. 1, N.W.cor. Main and Almond sts.; Key at Bridge, Beach & Co.'s, opposite corner.

Station No. 2, S.W.cor. Lombard and Third sts.; Key at Wm. Palm's office, same corner.

Station No, 3, Phoenix Engine House, Carondelet av., near Park av.; Key at Engine House.

Station No. 4, N.W.cor. Gratiot and Seventh sts.; Key at N.H. Carstens, same corner.

Station No. 5, S.W.cor. Orchard and Barlow sts.; Key at Graeffenkamp's grocery, same corner.

Station No. 6, N.W.cor. Chouteau av. and Fourteenth st.; Key at J.G. Barry's, cor. Chouteau and St.
Ange avenues.

Station No. 7.8. W.cor. Spruce and Fourteenth sts.; Key at Marquard Forster's, same corner.

District No. 3 Lies Between Myrtle Street And Clark Avenue On The South,
And Green Street And Christy Avenue On The North.

An alarm of fire for this district will be three blows on the bells, with an interval of three seconds
between each blow. Repeated six times, with an interval of fifteen seconds between each alarm.

Station No. 1, S.W.cor. Walnut and Main sts.; Key at S. Thorp & Co.'s, same corner.

Station No. 2, S.W.cor. Olive and Main sts.; Key with private watchman, same cor., and at Monroe

Station No. 3, S.W.cor. Washington av. and Main st.; Key at Bank of Missouri with porter and

Station No. 4, Washington Engine House, Third St., between Elm and Myrtle ; Key at Engine House.

Station No. 5, St. Louis Engine House, cor. Third and Locust sts. ; Key at Behren's Cigar Store, oppo-
site corner.

Station No. 6, S.E.cor. Seventh and Elm sts. ; Key at A. Valle's, same corner.

Stution No. 7, Missouri Engine House, Seventh St., near Olive ; Key at Armfield's Drugstore; S.E.cor.
Seventh and Olive sts.

Station No. 8, Steam Engine House, Washington av., between Seventh and Eighth; Key at Engine

Station No. 9, Blow's Factory, Clark av.; Key at the Factory Office.

Station No. 10, S.E.cor. Olive and Twelfth sts.; Key at J.H. and E. Byrne's Grocery, same corner.

Station No. 11, Laclede Engine House, Market st., between Fourteenth and Fifteenth: Key at Patrick
Fowler's Grocery, N.E.cor. Fifteenth and Market sts.

Station No. 12, Wells' Omnibus Stables, Market st.; Key at the Stable Office.

Station No. 13, Wedge House, west end Market st.; Key at Wedge House Office.

District No. 4, Lies Between Green Street And Christy Avenue On The South,
And Columbia Street And Cass Avenue On The North.

Analarm for fire in this District will be four blows on the bells, with an interval of three seconds between
each blow. Repeated five times, with an interval of fifteen seconds between each alarm.

Fire Department.9
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Station No. 1, N.W.cor. Carr aad Main street; Key at Kohler & Siever' s, same oorner, and at Renfrew,
Crozier & Pomeroy's, Main street.

Station No. 2, Liberty Engine House, cor. Broadway and Franklin avenue ; Key at A. & C. Pasquier's,
opposite corner.

Station No. 3, New City Market, Broadway and Biddle streets ; Key at St. Louis Hall, Opposite, and with
Market Master.

Station No. 4, S.E.cor. Columbia street and Broadway ; Key at F. Rohlfs, same corner.

Station No. 5, S.W.cor. Wash and Eighth street; Key at Feiler's Grocery, same cor., and at Kaiser's
Grocery, opposite.

Station No. 6, N.W. oor. Ninth and O'Fallon streets ; Key at Herber's, same corner, and Salzmanu &
Nast's Grocery, opposite.

Station No. 7, N.W.cor. Eleventh street and Christy avenue ; Key at Capt. Couzins', same corner.

Station No. 8, Franklin Engine House, Eleventh street, betweea Wash and Carr ; Key at Engine House.

Station No. 9, S.W.cor. O'Fallon and High streets; Key at Cornet's Grocery, same corner, and at
Wade's Plaining Mill.

Station No. 10, S.W.cor. Franklin avenue and l5th street; Key at F. Tutenbergh's Bakery, 300 Franklin

Station No. 11, Blind Asylum, Morgan street; Key at J.D.McAuliffs, 463 Morgan street

Station No. 12, Jefferson Engine House, Franklin avenue, near 23rd street; Key at Engine House.

District No. 5, Embraces All That Portion Of The Ctty Lying North Of Columbia
Street And Cass Avenue.

An alarm of fire for this District will be five blows on the bells, with an interval of three seconds between
each blow. Repeated four times, with an interval of fifteen seconds between each alarm.

Station No. 1. Mound Engine House, Broadway ; Key at Engine House.

Station No. 2, Sturgeon Market. Broadway and North Market street; Key at O'Gallagher's Drugstore,
and M'Kie's Drugstore, opposite corners.

Station No. 3, Ashbrook's Pork House, Broadway and Tyler ; Key at Office of Pork House.

Station No. 4, Bremen Exchange, Broadway and Salisbury street; Key at Hoffman's Drugstore, opposite
corner, and at C. Crone's Dwelling, Broadway.

Station No. 5, St. John's Church, S.E.cor. 14th and Madison street; Key at C. Kleine's, opposite oor.,
and with J.J. Fisher, teacher in basement of Church,

Ten blows on the bells, with three seconds interval, will indicate that the fire is out.

Fire Companies.
Steam Engine Co.No. 1. (George Kyler,)

Located west side Eleventh street, between Wash
and Carr.

RichardBeggs, , Captain .

JohnstonBeggs, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 2, (Old Union.)

Located on Washington avenue, between Seventh
and Eighth.

JohnBame, , Foreman .

Charles H.Rigdon, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 3, (Davis Moore,)

Located on South Third street, between Elm and

William B.Trowbridge, , Engineer .

EugeneAlcan, , Captain .

Steam Engine Co.No. 4, (John M. Wimer,)

Located west side Broadway, between Mound and

William D.Pallies, , Captain .

OscarScudder, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 5, (Missouri,)

Located on the east side of Seventh street, between
Pine aud Olive.

Philip H.Branson, , Captain .

JohnBailey, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 6, (Underwriter,)

Located corner Carondelet and Park avenues.

JacobTrice, , Captain .

IsaacThomas, , Engineer .

Steam Engine Co.No. 7, (Deluge,)

Located on Market street, between Fourteenth and

John H.Roever, , Captain .

JohnEmery, , Engineer .

Jefferson Engine Co., (Hand,)

Located corner Franklin avenue and Twenty-third

DanielHazard, , Steward .

North St. Louis Engine Co., (Hand,)

Located on Broadway, between Destrehan and Mal-

WilliamKing, . Steward .

South St. Louis Engine Co.. (Hand,)

Located west side Fulton street, between Russell
and Ann avenues.

JamesRemington, , Steward .

Independent Fire Companies.
St. Louis Fire Engine Co.,

Instituted February, 1839; located corner Locust
and Third streets.

JohnPauly, , Captain .

L R.Wohlien, , Secretary .

S.Hunt, , Treasurer .

Central Fire Engine Co.,

Located on Chesnut street, between Third and

A. C.Hall, , Captain .

HowardTemple, , Assistant .

Supreme Court Of The United States-

The Supreme Court is held in the city of Washing-
ton , D.C., and has one session annually, commencing
on the fist Monday in December.

Chief Justice —Roger B.Taney, , of Maryland.

Associate Judges —JohnMcLean, , of Ohio ; Jas.
M.Wayne, , of Georgia ; JohnCatron, , of Tennes-
see; Peter V.Daniel, , of Virginia; John A.
Campbell, , of Alabama; SamuelNelson, , of New
York ; Robert C.Grier, , of Pennsylvania; .Nathan
Clifford, , of Maine.

10 Courts.—Custom Bouse.
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Circuit Courts.

The United States are divided into nine Judicial
Districts. In each of which a Circuit Court is held
twice every year for each State within the Circuit,
and by the District Judge of the State or District in
which the Court sits.

The State of Missouri is attached to the 8th Cir-
cuit, and divided into two Districts, the Eastern and
Western. The Circuit Court and District Court for
Eastern District are held at St. Louis, The District
Court for the Western District is held in Jefferson
City. There is but one Circuit Court embracing both

United States Circuit Courts.

Hon.JohnCatron, , Hon.Robert W.Wells, , Hon.
SamuelTreat, , Judges .

Thomas S.Bryant, , Marshal .

Calvin F.Burnes, , Attorney .

Benjamin F.Hickman, , Clerk .

Terms—1st Monday in April and October, Place
of holding Court, Custom House building.

United States District Court, E.D.

Hon.SamuelTreat, , Judge .

Calvin F.Burnes, , District Attorney .

Thomas C.Reynolds, , Clerk .

Terms—Regular stated, 3rd Mondays in February,
May and November. Place of holding Court, Cus-
tom House building. Admiralty Return Terms—
First Monday of each month.

Place of holding Court, Custom House Building.

United States District Court, W.D.

Hon.RobertW.Wells, , Judge .

Alfred M.Lay, , District Attorney .

James L.Jones, , Marshal .

JasonHarrison, , Clerk .

Terms— 1st Monday in March and September.

Place of holding Court, Jefferson City.

United States Commissioners.

Benjamin F.Hickman, , office St, Louis, Custom

John Y.Page, , Chesnut, bet. 4th and 5th.

Supreme Court
Of The State Of Missouri.

Wm.Scott, , Presiding Judge .

Wm. B.Napton, , John C.Richardson, , Associate
Judges .

Wm. S.Glanville, , Clerk .

Horatio M.Jones, , Reporter .

FrancisJones, , Marshal .

Wm.Kinney, , Deputy Marshal .

Terms—Third Mondays in March and October.

Place of holding Court, Court House, St. Louis.

Local Courts
In St. Louis County.
Circuit Court.

James R.Lackland, , Judge .

StephenRice, , Clerk .

Wm. A.Pennington, , John M.Boyle, , Deputy
Clerks .

Terms—Fourth Monday in February, and first
Monday in October.

Common Pleas Court.

SamuelReber, , Judge .

Charles W.Hicks, , Clerk .

Samuel W.Eager, Jr., JohnLewis, , Andrew W.
Mead, , Deputy Clerks .

Terms—Second Mondays in March and October.

County Court.

Aaron H.Hackney, , Presiding Judge .

Philip S.Lanbam, . John M.Wimer, , Judges .

JosiahThorn burgh, , Clerk .

John F.Humphreys, . Deputy.

Terms of Court—First Mondays in February, May,
August, and September.

Place qf Holding Court—Court House, St. Louis.

Land Court.

Charles B.Lord, , Judge .

Charles A.Mantz, . Clerk .

CharlesLevy, , Samuel S.Dix, , Edmond P.Walsh, ,
Deputy Clerks .

Terms—Second Mondays in March and October.

Law Commissioners Court.

HenryDusenberry, , Judge .

FrankSell, , Clerk .

Terms—First Mondays in February, April, June,
August, October aud November.

Probate Court.

William F.Ferguson, , Judge .

(Vacancy,) Clerk .

PhilipMeurin, , Deputy Clerk .

Terms—First Mondays in March, June, September,
and December.

Criminal Court.

Henry A.Clover, , Judge .

FrederickKretschmar, , Clerk .

MalcolmKretschmar, , C. LesterHamm, , Deputy
Clerks .

Term—First Mondays in January, March, May,
July, September, and November.

Circuit Attorney —Charles G.Manro, —Office N.
39 Chesnut street.

Jury Commissioner —Samuel W.Eager, Jr—Office
in Court House.

Custom House.
Custom House.
Third Street, Corner Of Olive.

Collector —William A.Linn, . Deputy Collector —A. C.Keener, . Clerk —Robert W.Hnnt, . Deputy Sur-
veyor —JohnSamson, . Supervising Inspector —CharlesRoss, . Boiler Inspector —James H.McCord, . Hul-
Inspector —HenrySingleton, . Aid to Customs —I. H.Ostrander, .

New Custom House Building.

For the following description and explanations we are mainly indebted to the Evening News. We
have made a few additions, so far as the department allotted to the Post office is concerned:

The basement story has the following apartments, viz : The Sub-Treasury office, U.S. Marshal's office,
Mail Rooms for the Post Office, and Reception Rooms for the Hospital patients. The Sub-Treasury is
ready for occupancy, and is neatly fitted up with sash partitions counters, &c.

Custom House. —Post Office Department.11
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The first floor building, on Third street, is intended for the Post Office, and is one of the most conveni-
ent offices in the country. The General Delivery for the American and German public is placed oppo-
site the entrance; the Ladies'Delivery is on the north side, having a separate entrance, together with
rooms for the Post Master and Assistant Post Master, and entrance to the interior of the office. The Post
Master's office in so arranged that he can have at once a view of the entire office. The German Ladies
Delivery is adjoining the German Public Delivery, so that the same clerk can attend to both. The Box
Department is placed on the south side, and contains nearly five thousand boxes, and can be arranged
for twice that number. Each case, containing one hundred and forty-four boxes, is hung on hinges,
so as to open free of the sash in front, thus affording an opportunity of cleaning the glass with but very
little trouble. The Boxes for Exchanges of Newspapers are arranged at the east end of the passage in
front of the boxes, and from there a door with iron stairs leads down to the south and east alley. This
part of the office, for the convenience of the press, is open all night, so that they may get their pa-
pers, while an iron grated door cuts off access to the balance of the office when the hour for closing comes.

This door and stairs will be a great convenience, allowing the public access to the street through the alley
instead of returning west to Third street.

On the south side, immediately in front of the deliveries, is the Register's Office, for depositing and
receiving valuable letters, and at the side of the German Delivery, and constituting itself a front orna-
mental pannel, will be the office for the sale of Stamps and Envelopes and the pre-payment of foreign

The cases for transient and regular Newspapers, to persons who have not boxes, are arranged both for
English and German, adjoining the Letter Deliveries for each, and this will be found more complete and
convenient than any former arrangement in this city.

The Newspaper Department is at the east end of the South Hall, and is well arranged for every accom-
modation to the Press. The Mail Delivery is placed on the south east corner of the basement story, hav-
ing iron stairs connecting it with the Post Office floor ; together with this, a Dumb Waiter is prepared to
hoist up all the mail matter to the various offices. As to warming and ventilating, it can have no equal,
from the fact of four furnaces being placed in the basement story, and being lit and ventilated by thirty
large windows.

The second story of the building is occupied by the following offices, viz : The U.S. District Court
Room, Circuit Court Room, Library, Judges Rooms, Circuit and District Clerks' Rooms, and Port Sur-
veyor's Rooms. The District Court Room is placed in the north east corner of the building—the Judges'
Bench is situated on the north side of the room, and fitted up with twelve Lawyers' desks, two large
tables. Clerks, Bailiffs, Criers, and Marshal's stands, and other necessary conveniences.

The Circuit Court Room is fitted up with twenty-four Lawyers' desks, desks for the Bailiff, Crier, and
Marshal, stands for the Crier and Witnesses, aud the Bench is situated in the south side of the room. The
Library is fitted up with spacious book cases, together with offices for the clerks, &c.

The Custom House Offices are placed fronting on Third street, extending across the whole front, and
neatly fitted up with railings, counters, desks, tables, presses, &c., &c., and private offices, being divided
by sash partitions.

The third story has rooms for the Grand and Petit Juries ; also rooms for the Local Inspectors and U.S.
District Attorney. The arrangements are different from those heretofore made, and are more advan-
tageous both to the officers and to the public.

In addition to the rooms already mentioned, there are five very large apartments unoccupied, and from
every arrangement in hand, it is evident that the building is more than large enough for all the purposes
for which it was originally intended.

In connection with the Sub-Treasury, it may not be out of place to append a few more particulars. The
Sub-Treasury, as already mentioned, is located in the north east corner of the building, with its entrance
on Olive street. It contains a large business room and a private one for the Sub-Treasurer, together with
a Watchman's Room connected. The Safe for Sub-Treasurer is one of the largest and strongest in the
United States. The bottom, top, sides, and ends are made of three thicknesses of chilled iron, and riveted
together in the very strongest manner. Its dimensions are about fourteen feet in length, eleven feet wide,
and some ten feet in height, the whole standing on a solid foundation of masonry. The sides and top are
enclosed with a brick wall two feet two inches thick, and in the centre of the thickness of this wall is a
lattice work of iron, made of wrought bars nearly a half inch thick by two and a half inches wide—all
being riveted together. The door is secured with a lock having 4,000,000 of changes, and which will re-
quire three keys to open it, and three persons will each be entrusted with one of them. These keys can be
so changed every day, by means of collars placed on each, that it will be a matter of impossibility for
thieves to manufacture keys to open it, particularly as it requires all three of the persons carrying keys to
he present before it is possible to open it at all, for one or two of the keys will not suffice.

Post Office Department.
The Post Office

Is located in the new Custom House Building, corner of Third and Olive, a description of which we
have given above.

Post Master , JohnHogan, .

Assistant Post Master and Cashier , ThomasLaird, .

Office Hours—From October 1st to April 1st, open at 7½ A.M., closes at 6 P.M. From April 1st to
October 1st, opens at 7 A.M., and closes at 7½ P.M. On Sundays from 9 to 10 A.M.

12 Post Office Department.
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Rates Of Postage.

Notice—So letters will be sent from this office to places within the United States, unlets the postage is

Unpaid letters will be sent to places beyond the limits of the United States, in those cases in which such
letters can now be sent without pre-payment.

Unpaid letters deposited in this office for places within the United States will be sent to the Dead Letter
Office, at Washington.

Ii the postage on a letter is part paid, and it is apparent that the deficiency in the payment was unn-
tentional, the letter will be charged with the balance of the postage, and forwarded pursuant to its address;
otherwise, it will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

Letters—The inland postage (which must be pre-paid), for 3000 miles or under, upon single letters, is
three cents; double letters twice, and treble, three times these rates.

Letters for California and Oregon, ten cents.

Every letter or parcel not exceeding half an ounce in weight, shall be deemed a single letter, and every
additional weight or half an ounce or less shall be charged with an additional single postage.

Drop letters, for delivery, only one cent.

Advertised letters are charged with one cent, in addition to the postage.

Newspapers—The postage per quarter on the regular numbers of a newspaper, mailed from the office
of publication to subscribers anywhere within the United States, is as follows :

On a daily paper, 30 cents; tri-weekly, 19 1/2 cents; semi-weekly, 13 cents; weekly, 6 1/3 cents; semi-
monthly, 3 cents; monthly, 1 1/2 cents. Payable quarterly in advance.

Transient Newspapers—One cent each to any part of the United States, if pre-paid.

Magazines— Transient Rates—One cent for first three ounces. Every additional ounce, or fractional
part of an ounce, one cent, pre-paid. To subscribers, one half the above rates, payable quarterly in advance.
Books— One cent an ounce for any distance under 3000 miles ; over three thousand miles, two cents an
ounce, pre-paid,

Circulars—One cent each to any part of the United States, pre-paid.

Table Of Domestic Postages.
Letter Postage To And From Any Part Of The United States, Except Cali-
Fornia, Oregon And Washington Territories.

For each one-half ounce, three cents; California, Oregon Territory and Washington Territory, ten cents.
Pre-payment by stamps required. Newspapers one cent each.

Newspapers, Etc.

Rates of postage to be charged upon newspapers, pamphlets, periodicals, books, unsealed circulars, and
every other description of printed matter, transient or otherwise:

Weights. No. 1. No. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No. 5.
Cts Cts. Cts. Cts. Cts.
Weighing 1 oz. or under 1 1 2 2
Over 1 oz. and not over 2 oz 1 2 4 2
Over 2 oz. and not over 3 oz 1 3 6 2
Weighing not over 1 1/2 oz 1 2
Weighing 3 oz. or under 1 2
Oyer 3 oz. and not over 4 oz 2 4 8 4
do 4 oz. do 5 oz 3 5 10 6
do 5 oz. do 6 oz 4 6 12 8
do 6 oz. do 7 oz 5 7 14 10
do 7 oz. do 8 oz 6 8 16 12
When weighing at least 8 oz 4
Over 8 oz. do 9 oz 7 4 1/2 9 18 14
do 9 oz. do 10 oz 8 5 10 20 16
do 10 oz. do 11 oz 9 5 1/2 11 22 18
do 11 oz. do 12 oz 10 6 12 24 20
do 12 oz. do 13 oz 11 6 1/2 13 26 22
do 13 oz. do 14 oz 12 7 14 28 24
do 14 oz. do 15 oz 13 7 1/2 15 30 26
do 15 oz. do 16 oz 14 8 16 32 28

No. 1 relates to newspapers, periodicals, unsealed circulars, or other articles of printed matter (except books) when sent
to any part of the United States.

No. 2 relates to small newspapers, published monthly or oftener, and pamphlets not containing more than sixteen octavo
pages, when sent in single packages, to one address, and pre-paid by postage stamps.

No. 3 relates to books, bound or unbound, not weighing over 4 pounds, fur any distance under 3000 miles, pre-paid.

No. 4 relates to books, bound or unbound, not weighing over four pounds, for any distance over 3000 miles, pre-paid.

No. 5 relates to transient newspapers, periodicals, etc., sent to any part of the United States, not paid.


1st. Transient matter, to be entitled to the benefits of the rates above mentioned, must be pre-paid at
the mailing office. If not pre-paid, it is subject to double the above rates.

2nd. Small newspapers, pamphlets, etc., when sent in packets of less than eight ounces, must be rated

3d. Books sent unpaid are subject to a postage of fifty per cent, in addition to their pre-paid rates.

4th. The weight of newspapers, periodicals or other printed matter, must be taken or determined when

Table Of Domisttc Postages. 13
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they are in a dry state; and when the weight of any book or other publication exceeds one pound, the same
progressive rates, before laid down, most be charged.

5th. Newspapers, periodical, magazines or any other printed paper or matter, must be sent without
any covers or wrappers, or in covers or wrappers open at the ends or hides, as that the character of the
matter contained therein may be determined without removing such wrappers.

6th. In case there is on or in any newspaper, periodical or pamphlet, or other printed matter or paper
connected therewith, any manuscript of anv kind, by which information shall be asked, or communi-
cation in writing, or by marks or signs, or the directions herein prescribed are in any other respect not
complied with, the same becomes subject to letter postage; and it is the duty of postmasters to remove the
wrappers or envelopes from all printed matter, not charged with letter postage, for the purpose of ascer-
taining whether there is upon or connected with such printed matter, or in such packages, any paper or
other thing which would authorize or require the charge of a higher rate of postage thereon.

Quarterly Rates For Newspapers.

Quarterly rates of postage, when paid in advance, on newspapers and periodicals, sent from the office of
publication to actual subscribers.

Weights Daily Six times & Week Tri-Weekly Semi-Weekly Weekly Semi-Monthly Monthly
Cents. Cents. Cents. Cents. Cents. Cents. Cents
Weekly newspapers (1 copy only) sent to actual
subscribers within the couty where printed and
Newspapers and periodicals not exceeding 1 1/2
ounce in weight, when circulated in the State
Where published
22 3/4 19 1/2 9 3/4 6 1/2 3 3/4 1 1/2 3/4
Newspapers and periodicals of the weight of 3
ounces and under, sent to any part of the United
45 1/3 39 19 1/2 13 6 1/2 3 1 1/2
Over 3 and not over 4 ounces 91 78 39 26 13 6 3
do 4 do 5 do 136 1/2 117 58 1/2 39 19 1/2 9 4 1/2
do 5 do 6 do 182 156 78 52 26 12 6
do 6 do 7 do 227 1/2 195 97 1/2 65 32 1/2 15 7 1/3
do 7 do 8 do 273 234 117 78 39 18 9


1st. When the weight of any publication exceeds eight ounces, the same progressive rate of postage,
laid down in the above table, must be charged.

2d. Publishers of newspapers and periodicals may send to each other from their respective offices of
publication, free of postage, one copy of each publication; and may also send to each actual subscriber,
enclosed in their publications, bills and receipts for the same, free of postage.

3d. Postmasters are not entitled to receive newspapers free of postage, under their franking privilege.

4th. If the publisher of any newspaper or periodical, after being three months previously notified that
his publication is not taken out of the office to which it is sent for delivery, continues to forward such pub-
lications in the mail, the postmaster to whose office such publication is sent will dispose of the same for the
postage, unless the publisher shall pay it; and whenever any printed matter of any description, received
during one-quarter of the fiscal year, shall have remained in the office without being called for during the
whole of any succeeding quarter, the postmaster of such office will sell the same and credit the proceeds of
such sale in his quarterly accounts in the usual manner.

5th. Quarterly payments in advance may be made either at the mailing office or the office of delivery.
When made at the mailing office, satisfactory evidence of such payment must be exhibited to the postmas-
ter at the office of delivery.

Postage On Pamphlets And Magazines To And From Foreign Countries, From
And To Any Point In The United States.

The postage on all magazines and pamphlets to all foreign countries (except Great Britain, the British
North American Provinces and the west coast of South America), is, by whatever line sent. one cent an
ounce or fraction of an ounce. To the west coast of South America it is four cents an ounce or fraction of
un ounce, to he collected in all cases in the United States. To and from the British North American Prov-
inces, the postage is the regular United States rates to and from the line, to be pre-paid when sent and
collected when received.

On each periodical and pamphlet between Great Britain and the United States, the United States postage
is two cents, if not over two ounces in weight, and four cents per ounce or fraction of an ounce over two
ounces, always to be pre-paid. An additional postage of the same rates, when not exceeding two ounces,
must be paid in England: but the third ounce raises the British charge to sixpence (12 cents). with two
pence (4 cents) additional for each additional ounce. When sent to or received from foreign countries, with-
out passing through the United Kingdom, they will be charged the regular United States rates, to be pre-
paid when sent, and collected when received. No pamphlets can be sent weighing over eight ounces, and
no periodical over sixteen ounces, without being subject to letter postage.

Newspapers and periodicals to foreign countries, and particularly to the continent of Europe, must be
sent in narrow bands, open at the sides or ends; otherwise they are chargeable there with letter postage.

Letters sent from the United States to foreign countries by private vessels are chargeable with inland
postage, which must be prepaid from the mailing office to the port of sailing.

Post Offices In Missouri.
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Post Offices In Missouri.

Post Office. County.
Abell's Ralls
Acasto Clark
Air Johnson
Alamode Reynolds
Albany Gentry
Alecto Gentry
Alexandria Clark
Allen Randolph
Allendale Gentry
Allenton St. Louis
Alma Wright
Almeida Newton
Alpha Grundy
Alpine Clark
Alionburg Perry
Amanda Crawford
Amazonia Andrew
Appleton C Girardeau
Arator Pettis
Arhela Scotland
Arcadia Madison
Argo Crawford
Argyle Jefferson
Arminda Knox
Arno Taney
Arrow Rock Saline
Ashburn Pike
Ash Grove Greene
Ashland Boone
Ashley Pike
Ashton Clarke
Astoria Wright
Asfek Lafayette
Athens Clarke
Augusta Lincoln
Augusta St. Charles
Austin Cass
Austinsville Linn
Avery Crawford
Avoca Jefferson
Avon St. Genevie's
Ayersville Putnam
Bagdad Lafayette
Bailey's Creek Osage
Bald Knob Taney
Barnett's Station Maries
Barnett's Station St. Louis
Barry clay
Beach Dunklin
Bear Creek Cedar
Beaufort Franklin
Beaver Creek Taney
Beaver Springs McDonald
Bee Hive Clinton
Bee Ridge Knox
Belew's Creek Jefferson
Belle Air Cooper
Bellemonte St. Louis
Belle Prairie Lewis
Bellfonte Laclede
Bellingsville Cooper
Benton Scott
Benton's Mills St. Clair
Belle Prairie Lewis
Bellfonte Laclede
Bellingsville cooper
Benton Scott
Benton's Mills St. Clair
Berger Franklin
Benton's Mills Lafayette
Berming Buchanan
Bem Gascenade
Bessville Bollinger
Bethany Shelby
Bethel McDonald
Big Beaver Taney
Big Cedar Jackson
Big Creek Johnson
Big River Taney
Big River Mills St. Francois
Big Spring Montgomery
Bishop's store Benton
Black Hawk Holt
Black Oak Point Hickory
Black River Butler
Blanche Lafayette
Bledsoe Hickory
Bloomfield Stoddard
Bloomgarden Maries
Blooming Rose Texas
Blue Ridge Harrison
Blue Springs Jackson
Blythesville Johnson
Boaz Osage
Bolivar Polk
Boneta Clarke
Bonhomme St. Louis
Bonnot's Osage
Boone Franklin
Boon's Lick Howard
Boonville Cooper
Boston Andrew
Roeff Creek Franklin
Bourbon Crawford
Post Office. County.
Burbonton Boone
Bowdark Greene
Bower's Mills Lawrence
Bowling Green Pike
Boyer's Settlein't Callaway
Boydsville Callaway
Boxford De Kalb
Brazito cole
Breckenridge Jasper
Bridgeton St. Louis
Brighton Webster
Brooklyn Clarke
Brookville Marion
Brown Cedar
Brown Harrison
Browning's Fery Henry
Brownsville Saline
Brush Creek Laclede
Brunswick Chariton
Bryan Saline
Buchanan Bollinger
Buffalo Dallas
Bull Mills Taney
Bunker Hill Lewis
Burbois Franklin
Butler Bates
Buttsville Grundy
Bynumville Chariton
Cainesville Mercer
Caledonia Washington
Calhoun Henry
California Moniteau
Caloy Franklin
Cambridge Saline
Camden Ray
Camden Point Platte
Cameron Clinton
Campbellton Franklin
Campbranch Warren
Canaan Gasconade
Cane Creek Butler
Canton Lewis
Cap au Gris Lincoln
Cap Fair Stone
Cape Garardeau C Girardeau
Caplinger's Mills Cedar
Capp's Creek Newton
Carondelet St. Louis
Carrollton Carroll
Carthage Jasper
Caruthersville Pemiscot
Cassville Barry
Castile Clinton
Caston Bollinger
Castle Rock Osage
Cause Prairie Cass
Cave Pump Camden
Ceder Bluff Texas
Ceder Bridge Boone
Cedar Creek Newton
Cedar Fork Franklin
Center Creek Lawrence
Central St. Louis
Centreville Reynolds
Chalk Level St. Clair
Chambershurg Clarke
Chamois Osage
Chantilly Lincoln
Chapel Hill Larayette
Chariton Mills Putnam
Charlemont Pike
Charleston Mississippi
Cherry Camden
Cherry Grove Schuyler
Cherry Valley Crawford
Chesapeake Lawrence
Chillicothe Linn
Chillitecaux Dunklin
Cincinnati Ralls
Circleville C Girardeau
Cissonville Johnson
Clark's Fork Cooper
Clarkville Pike
Clay Hille Barry
Claysville Boone
Cleavesville Gasconade
Cliftydale Maries
Clinton Henry
Clintonville Cedar
Coal Bank Cooper
Coad Srings Morgan
Cold Neck Cooper
Cold Water Wayne
Cole Camp Benton
College Mound Macon
Colony Knox
Columbia Boone
Columbus Johnson
Commerce Scott
Concord Callaway
Conner's Mills Cooper
Post Office County.
Consonlation Carroll
Cook's Store Lafayette
Coon Creek Jasper
Coplinger's Mills Cedar
Cornelia Johnson
Cornersville Hickory
Cote Sans Desein Callaway
Cottleville St. Charles
Cottonwood Ft Pemiscot
Coulter's Store Macon
cove Creek Safine
cow Creek Ray
Crab Orchar Green
cravenville Harrison
Cravenville Daviess
Crawford Semi'y Quapaw
Creve Coeur St. Louis
Crittenden Daviess
Crooked Creek Monroe
Cross Timbers Hickory
Crow Creek Saline
Curran Stone
Cuvier Lincoln
Cypress Scott
Dadeville Lincoln
Cypress Scott
Dadeville Dade
Dairy Scotland
Dallas Greene
Deep Water Montgomery
Dawn Linn
Dayton Cass
Deep Water Henry
Deerfheld Vernon
Deer Kidge Lewis
De Kalb Buchanan
Delphi Gasconade
Dent Dent
De Penes St. Louis
De Soto Jasper
De Witt Carroll
Diamond Grove Jasper
Dixonville Cole
Dogwood Grove Morgan
Doney's Mill Adais
Doniphan Ripley
Douglas Gentry
Dover Lafayette
Dry Glaze Camden
Dry Springs Ripley
Dry Wood Bates
Dundee Franklin
Dunkle's Store Lawrence
Dunksburg Pettis
Durgan's Creek Lewis
Duroc Benton
Eagle Harrison
Eagle Hill Reynolds
East Fork Macon
Easton Buchanan
Eaton Cedar
Kdge Hill Reynolds
Edina Knox
Edinburgh Grundy
Eldorado Clarke
Elk Fork Bates
Elk Grovs Lafayette
Klk Horn Muntgomery
Klk Mills McDonald
Klk Ridgo McDonald
Elk Springs Chariton
Elkton Hickory
Elksville St. Louis
Ellssworih Texas
Elm Grove Crawford
Elmonte Clinton
El Paso Atchison
Elm Wood Saline
Emerson Marion
Eminence Shannon
Engleside Oregon
Enterprise McDonald
Etna Scotland
Eureka Boone
Eseelle's Mills Platte
Everett Cass
Falling Spring Ozark
Fancy Hill Bates
Fairfield Station Moniteau
Fair Grove Greene
Fairland Linn
Fairmount Clarke
Fairplay Polk
Fair Point Cooper
Fairview Pettis
Farley Platte
Farmington St. Francois
Fayette Howard
Fayetteville Johnson
Fee Fee St. Louis
Felix Moniteau
Post Office County.
Femme Osage St. Charles
Fenton St. Louis
Fidelity Jasper
Fillmore Andrew
Finley Stone
Finney's Creek Saline
Flat Creek Barry
Flat Woods Maries
Flat Hills St.Charles
Flint Point Montgomery
Florence Morgan
Florida St. Louis
Floyd's Creek Adair
Forest City Holt
Forest Store Ozark
Forkner's Hill Laclede
Forsyth Taney
Fort Henry Randolph
Fouche & renault Washington
Four Mile Dunklin
Fox Creek St. Louis
Frankford Pike
Franklin Howard
Fredericksburg Osage
Fredericktown Madison
Freedom Lafayette
Fremont Cedar
French Village St. Francois
Fulton Callaway
Fulton Valley Howell
Gadfly Barry
Galena Stone
Gallatin Daviess
Gall's Prairie Gasconade
Gasconade Ferry Gasconade
Gates McDonald
Gatewood Ripley
Gayoso Pemiscot
Gentry Gentry
Georgetown Gentry
Gilead Lewis
Gilroy Cooper
Glasgow Howard
Glencoe St. Louis
Globe Johnson
Gooch's Mills Cooper
Goodland Knox
Goshen Mercer
Graham Nodaway
Grand Falls Newton
Grand River Caldwell
Grand View Boone
Grant's Hill Gentry
Granville Monroe
Granby Newton
Grassy Creek Linn
Gravel Road C Girardeau
Green Castle Sullivan
Greene Bollinger
Greenfield Dade
Greenland Pulaski
Greensburg Knox
Green Top Schuyler
Greemtown Lafayette
Greenville Wayne
Greenwood Shelby
Greenwood Val'y Wayne
Grindstone Pt. de Kalb
Grubville Jefferson
Guilford Nodaway
Hainesville Clinton
Hager's Grove Shelby
Half Way Polk
Hall Lawrence
Hallsa's Ferry Nodaway
Hallsville Boone
Hamburg St. Charles
Hamilton Caldwell
Hannibal Marion
Hanson Marion
Hardwood Vernon
Harmony Washington
Harrison's Mills Crawford
Harrisonville Cass
Hartford Putnam
Hartsville Wright
Havana Gentry
Haw Creek Benton
Hawkins Store Shelby
Hawk Point Lincoln
Hazel Bottom Barry
Hazel Grove Saline
Hazelwood Wright
Heath's Creek Pettis
Heath's Creek Lafayette
Henderson's Greene
Henpeck Shannon
Herculaneum Jetterson
Hermann Gasconade
Hermitage Hickory

Post Offices In Missouri. 15
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Post Office. County.
Hester Marlon
Hlbernia Callaway
Hickory Cole
Hickory Barren Oreene
Hickory Creek Audrain
Hickory Grove St. Charles
Hickory Hill Cole
Hickory Fort Grundy
Hickory Ridge C Girardeau
Hickory Spring Texas
Higgins Mills Mercer
High Blue Jackson
High Grove Crawford
High Hill Monogomery
High Point Moniteau
High Ridge Jefferson
Hillsborough Jefferson
Hills-crown Randolph
Hill's Land Carroll
Honey Creek McDonald
Hope well Mississippi
Hopewell Furn'e Washington
Horse Creek Dade
House Springs Jefferson
Houston Texas
Howard's Mills St.Chair
Hnyle's Creek St.Clair
Huddleston Oregon
Hugginsville Gentry
Humansville Polk
Humboldt Pulaski
Huntingdale Henry
Hunt's Landing Scott
Huntsville Randolph
Hydesburg Ralls
lalan Platte
Iberia Miller
Independence Jackson
Indian Creek Monroe
Indian Ford Stoddard
Inkerman Schuyler
Irish Grove Atchison
Iron Hill Shannon
Iron Mountain St. Francois
Ironton Iron
Isabella Ozark
Isie an Bois Jefferson
Jack's Fork Texas
Jackson C Girardeau
Jackson CornerB Sullivan
Jackson Point Holt
Jake's Prairie Gasconade
James Bayou Mississippi
Jameaport Daviess
Jamestown Moniteau
Jasper Jasper
Jay Harrison
Jefferson City Cole
Jefferson Mills Jefferson
Jeffriesburg Franklin
Jenkin's Bridge St. Clair
Jericho Laclede
Jobe Oregon
John's Branch Audrain
Johnstown Cass
Joka Jasper
Jouesboro Saline
Jones' Tan Yard Callaway
Kaimmswick Jefferson
Kansas Jackson
Kelso Scott
Kendall Clay
Kennett Dunklin
Kent Newton
Kenton Green
Keytesvflle Chariton
Kidviile Sullivan
King's Point Dade
Kingston Caldwell
Kingsville Johnson
Kirksville St. Louis
Knobnoster Johnson
Knobview Crawford
Knoxville Ray
Labadie Franklin
La Belle Lewis
Laclede Lincoln
Lacon Maries
La Grange Lewis
Lakeland Shelby
Lake Spring Dent
Lakeville Stoddard
Lamar Jasper
Lamine Cooper
Lamonte Pettis
Lancaster Schuyler
Landmark Howard
Lane's Prairie Obage
La Plata Macon
Laura Scotland
Lawrence Oregon
Lead Creek Lincoln
Leander Gasconade
Lebanon Laclede
Leesvills Henry
Post Office County.
Leola Marion
Leon Lawrence
Lessley Benton
Lesterville Reynolds
Lexington Lafayette
Liberty Clay
Lick Creek Ralls
Licking Texas
Lindley Atchison
Lindley Grundy
Linn Creek Camden
Linn Osage
Linneus Linn
Lisle Osage
Little Beaver Taney
Little Black Ripley
Littleby Audrain
Little Compton Carroll
Little Doe Johnson
Little Louire Montgomery
Little Mangua Camden
Little Osage Batea
Little Pincy Pulaski
Little Prairie Crawford
Little Nodaway
Livingston Livingston
Locust Ridge St. Francois
Lodi Cass
Logan's Creek Reynolds
Lone Grove Morgan
Lone Jack Jackson
Lone Star Adair
Long Branch Monroe
Long Lane Dallas
Longwood Pettis
Look out Cole
Looniesville Seneca
Loose Creek Osage
Lost Branch Lincoln
Lost Camp Oregon
Lost Creek Lincoln
Lost Village Pemiscot
Lot's Grove Gentry
Louisa Ozark
Louisiana Pike
Louisville Lincoln
Louis Island Warren
Lowell Holt
Lo Wassie Oregon
Lowndes Wayne
Loveliby Gentry
Lura Clarke
McDonald Barry
McFarland Store Johnson
Macon City Macon
Madison Monroe
MadisoLville Ralls
Mammoth Sprin's Oregon
Manchester St. Louis
Mandeville Carroll
Manlius Carroll
Maramec Crawford
Maries Maries
Marion Oole
Marion City Marlon
Marshall Salinn
Marshfietd Webster
Marthasville Warren
Martiasburg Ripley
Martinstown Putnam
Marvel Bates
Mary ville Nodaway
Mattese St. Louis
May Apple Laclede
Maysville De Katb
Max Creek Camden
Menhanicsburg Macon
Medoc Jasper
Melissa Ozark
Melville Dade
Memphis Scotland
Mercer Mercer
Mexico Audrain
Miami Saiine
Middleburg Mercer
Middle Fables Scotland
Middle Fork Macon
Middle Grove Konroe
Middletown Montgomery
Midway Cooper
Mier Madison
Milan Sullivan
Milford Johnson
Mill Creek Kipley
Miller's landing Franklin
Millersbarg Callaway
Millville Bay
Millwood Lincoln
Milton Randolph
Mine la Motte Madison
Mineral Point Jasper
Minerva horgan
Mining Morgan
Mint Spring Wright
Mirabile Caldwell
Missouri City Clay
Missouriton St. Charles
Monoghan St. Clair
Montevallo Dent
Montevallo Bales
Montgomery City Montgomery
Monticello Lewis
Morriugton Webfter
Morrtstown Cass
Moss Lafayette
Mound Carroll
Mound City Holt
Mount Carmel Cooper
Mount Helicon Franklin
Mount Pleasant Lawrence
Mount Sterling Gasconade
Mount Vernon Lawrence
Mount View Benton
Muddy Fork Knox
Mule Creek Cedar
Munger's Mill Reynolds
Narrows Nodaway
Naylor'a Store St. Charles
Nebo Pulaski
Nelsonville Marion
Neosho Newton
New Boston Macon
New Bloomfield Callaway
Newbargh Macon
New Castle Gentry
New Hope Lincoln
New London Ralls
New Madrid New Madrid
New Market Platte
New Melle St. Charles
Newportland Ralls
Newark Knox
New Saute Pa Jackson
Newlonia Newton
Newlown Putnam
Nevada Vernon
Nineveh Adair
No Creek Grundy
Norman Crawford
Normandy St. Louis
North Star Atchison
Norris Fork Henry
North Point Holt
North Salem Linn
Novelty Knox
Oakdale Shelby
Oakfleld Franklin
Oak Grove Jackson
Oak Point Moniteau
Oak Ridge C Girardeau
Ogden New Madrid
Old Alexandria Lincoln
Old Mines Washington
Olive Branch Holt
Oliver's Prairie Newton
Oregon Holl
Orion Daviess
Osage Crawford
Osage Fork Laclede
Osceola St. Clair
Otsego Ray
Otterville Cooper
Ovid Cass
Owensville Gasconade
Oyster Lewis
Pacific Franklin
Palmvra Marion
Papinsville Bates
Parkville Plaits
Paris Monroe
Pasco Dallas
Paion Bollinger
Pay Down Osage
Payuesville Fike
Pedee Schuyler
Penuey's Randolph
People's C Girardeau
Perkin's Creek Bollinger
Perkins' Grove Grundy
Perryville Perry
Philadelphia Marion
Pierce Callaway
Pigeon Creek Ralls
Pike Creek Ripley
Piketon Stoddard
Pilot Knob Madison
Pinckney Warren
Pineville McDonald
Pin Oak Warren
Pink Hill Jackson
Pisgah Cooper
Pitts Warren
Pittsburgh Hickery
Post Office County
Plank Road Ste. Genev'e
Platin Jefferson
Platte City Platte
Platte River Buchnnan
Plattsburg Clinton
Pleasant Gap Bates
Pleasant Green Cooper
Pleasant Hill Cass
Pleasant Mount Miller
Pleasant Part Carroll
Pleasant Plains Scott
Pleasant Prairie Greene
Pleasant Retreat Scotland
Pleasant Ridge Harrison
Pleasant Valley Wright
Plum Creek Clinton
Plum Grove Cass
Pocahontas C Girardeau
Point Pleasant New Madrid
Polk Springs iron
Pomona St. Charles
Pond Place Linooln
Pols Creek Dade
Poplar Bluff Bntler
Portland Caliaway
Port Royal Jasper
Port William Franklin
Post Oak Johnson
Potosi Washington
Pottersville Oregon
Prairie Rork Adair
Prairie Fork Montgomery
Pratr e Home Johnson
Prairie Mound Pike
Price's Hranch Montgomery
Priceville Pettis,
Princeton Mercer
Prior's Mill Osage
Prospect Groye Scotland
Prospect Hill Ray
Providence Boone
Futnamville Putnam
Quincy Hickory
Readsville Callaway
Red Uud Ozark
Reform Callaway
Reindeer Nodaway
Rolfe Fnlaski
Renick's Mills Lafayette
Rhineland Montgomery
Rich Atchison
Rich Fountain Osage
Richland Greene
Richmond Ray
Richville Holt
Rich woods Washington
Ridgley Platte
Ridge Prairie Saline
Right Point Camden
Roanoke Randolph
Roaring River Barry
Robidoux Texai
Rochester Andrew
Rocheport Boone
Rockbridge Oiark
Rock Hill St. Louis
Rockhouse Pra'e Kucbanan
Rockporl Atchison
Rock Prairie Dade
Rock Spring Washington
Rocky Mount Miller
Robertson's Mills Stone
Roletta Pettis
Rolla Pulk
Rose Hill Gentry
Round Hill Cooper
Round Prairie Dalias
Rucker's Prairie Franklin
Rulon Harrison
Rush Tower Jefferson
Rush Bottom Holt
Kushville Buchanan
Russellville Cole
Ratledge McDonald
St. Aubert Callaway
St. Charles St. Charles
St. Francispille Clarke
Ste. Genevieve Ste. Oenev'e
St. John Putnam
St. Joseph Buchanan
St. Leger Ozark
St. Louis St. Louis
St. Luke Dallas
St. Mark Greene
St. Mark's Camden
St. Mary's Ste. Oenev'e
St. Patrick Clarke
St. Paul Greene
St. Peter'e St. Clair
St. Thomas Cole
Sacramento Wright
Salem Linn
Saline mercer
Saline Rails

Post Offices In Missouri Amd Illinois.
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Post Office. County,
Salt Tiver Andrain
San Antonio Buchanan
Sand Hill Scotland
Sander's Creek Gentry
Sundy Mines Jefferson
Sante Fe Monroe
Sappinton St. Louis
Sarcoxie Jasper
Sarvis spring Dent
Saureton Ralls
Savannah Andrew
Scottsville Sultivan
Seiden Ozark
Selma Jefferson
Sentinel Prairie Folk
Shady Grove Dallas
Shamrock Callaway
Sharon Laclede
Sharpsburg Marion
Shawnee Mounhd Henry
Sheffield C Girardeau
Sherbyville Shelby
Shell's Mille McDonald
Shipley's Point Adair
Shoal Creek Newton
Shoneytown Putnam
Short Bend Dent
Shotwell Franklin
Shrodertown Henry
Shy Post Audrain
Sibley Jackson
Sidney Ralls
Silver Oreek Cedar
Silver Spring St. Francois
Simpson's Store Johnson
Sissonville Johnson
Skull Lick Audrain
Smithland Randolph
Smithville Clay
Smizer's Mills St. Louis
Snell's Mills Harrison
Suibar Lafayette
Solitude Pemiscot
Somerset Monroe
Sonama Mercer
Sous Creek Dade
South Grove Saline
South Point Franklin
Spanish Prairie Crawford
Sparta Buchanan
Post Office. County.
Sparlinville Newton
Spencerburg Pike
Spring Creek Phelps
Springfield Greene
Spring Fork Pettis
Spring Garden Pettis
Spring Hill Linn
Spring River Lawrence
Spring Vale Pulaski
Sprnce Bates
Stanton Co. Mines Franklin
Stanford Texas
Sta'rs Creek Lawrence
Steelsville Crawford
Stewartsville De Kalb
Stringfield's Store Caliaway
Springtown Cole
Stockland Montgomery
Stone St. Francois
Stony Point Jackson
Strugeon Boone
Sugar Creek Clarke
Sulphur Springs Jefferson
Sweet Home Nodaway
Sylvan Dent
Tabe Lafayette
Taos Cole
Taylor's Store Knox
Taylorville Andrew
Tebo Henry
Tellco Jolnson
Ten Mile Macon
Third Pork De Kaib
Thomasville Oregon
Tiger Fork Sheiby
Tinney's Grove Ray
Toronto Camden
Trail Creek Harrison
Travelers Kepose Frankitn
Trenton Grundy
Timbered Bran'h Adair
Troy Lincoln
Truxton Lincoln
Tullvania Macon
Tully Lewis
Turkey Creek Benton
Turnback Dade
Tuseumbia Miller
Twelve Mile C'k Madison
Tiviot Montgomery
Post Office. County.
Tyro Jefferson
Ulman's Ridge Miller
Union Franklin
Union Mills Platte
Union Point Jackson
Unity Scotland
UnionVille Putnam
Upton Scotland
Urbana Hickory
Utica Linn
Valley Forge Jasper
Van Buren Ripley
Vannoy's Mill Pike
Vermont Cooper
Verona Lawrence
Versailles Morgan
Vienna Maries
Victoria Daviess
Wagon Knob Lafayette
Walconda Ray
Waldo Wright
Walkersville Shelby
Wallace's Land'g Osage
Wal1's Store Johnson
Walnut Forest Greene
Walnut Grove Greene
Walnut Hill Buchanan
Waltersville Adair
Waltonham St. Louis
Warbleau St. Clair
Warren Marion
Warm Fork Oregon
Warrensburg Johnson
Warreuton Warren
Warsaw Benton
Washhourn Prar. Barry
Washington Franklin
Washln'n Praiiie Pettis
Waterloo Clarke
Waterley Lafayette
Waynesville Putaskl
Weanhleau St. Clair
Webster Oregon
Wellington Lafayette
Wellsburg St. Charles
Wellsville Montgomery
West Bend Polk
West Eli Marion
Westlaud Chariton
West Liberty Putnam
Post Office County.
West Locust Sulivan
Westphalia Osage
West Plains Oregon
West Paint Cass
Westport Jackson
West Prairie Dunklin
West Springfield Shelby
Weston Platte
Westville Chariton
West Glaxe Camden
West stone Wright
Wheatland Morgan
White Clond Nodaway
While Hare Cedar
White Oak Montgomery
White Oak GroveOreene
White Roek Pra-MeDotiald
Whltesville Andrew
White Water Bollinger
Williamsburg Callaway
Williamsonville Macon
Williamslown Lewis
Willmathsville Adair
Wilson Adair
Wilson Creek Greene
Wilsonville Marion
Winchester Clarke
Wind Mill Moniteau
Windsor Henry
Winston Dent
Wintersville Sullivan
Wolf Creek Wright
Wnlf Island Mississippi
Woodbine Harrison
Woodbury Wright
Woodlawn Monroe
Woollnm Gasconade
Woodslde Oregon
Woodville Maeon
Wrightville Clarke
Wyaconda Scotland
Wyandott Linn
Wyreka Putnam
Xenia Nodaway
Yellow Creek Chariton
Yolo Gentry
Younger's Boone
Young's Creek Audrain
Zion Henry

Post Offices In Illinois.

Post Office. County.
Abingdon Knox
Adams Adams
Addison Du page
Adeline Ogle
Albany Whitesides
Albion Edwards
Alden McHenry
Aledo Mercer
Alexandria Alexander
Algonquin McHenry
Alhambra Madison
Alma Marion
Alton Madison
Alum Rock La Salle
Amboy Lee
Ancona Livingston
Anderson Clark
Andover Henry
Anna Lake
Anna Union
Annawan Henry
Antioch Lake
Appaneese Hancock
Apple River Jo Daviess
Apple Tree Saline
Ara Jackson
Arcadia Morgan
Arcola Coles
Arenzville Cass
Argo Carroll
Argyle McDonongh
Arlington Bureau
Armington Tazewell
Armstrong Wabash
Arnon Will
Aroma Kankakee
Arrow La Salle
Asbury La Salle
Asby Coles
Ash Grove Iroquois
Ashkum Iroquois
Ashley Washington
Ashmore Coles
Ash Ridge Pulaski
Astoria Fulson
Post Office County.
Athens Menard
Athensville Green
Atkinson Henry
Atlanta Logan
Atlas Pike
Attila Williamson
Aubura Sangamon
Audubon Montgomery
Augusta Hancock
Aurora Kane
Avery Jo Daviess
Aviston Clinton
Avoca Livingston
Avon Fulton
Bahcock's Grove Du Page
Baclielder's Gro Couk
Bainbridge Williamson
Baldwinsville Edgar
Barclay Whitesides
Bardolph Mcdonough
Barnett Macon
Barreville McHenry
Barrington Cook
Barrington Sta'n Cook
Barr's Store Macoupin
Barry Pike
Basco Hancock
Batavia Kane
Bach Mason
Bear Creek Montgomery
Beard stovn Cass
Beaver Creek Bond
Beaverton Boone
Beavervilte Kankakee
Beiden Mchenry
belle Air Crawford
Belle Prairie Hamilton
belleview Calhoun
Belltame Tazewell
Bell Plain Marshall
Belvidere Boone
Bement Fiatt
Benton Franklin
Berlin Sangamon
Bernadotte Fulton
Post Office. County.
Berrytown Cass
Berwick Warren
Bethulta Madison
Bethel Morgan
Beverly Adams
Bible Grove Clay
Biggsville Stat'n Henderson
Kig Neck Adams
Big Rock Kane
Kig Spring Shelby
Big Woods Du Page
Birmingham Scnnyler
Bishop Hill Henry
Blackberry Kane
Blackberry Stat. Kane
Black Oak Wayne
Blairsville Williamson
Blandinsville McDonough
Blissville Jeffersnn
Bliven's Mills McHenry
Hlood's point De Kalb
Bloom Cook
Bloumfield Edgar
Bloomingdaie Du Page
Bloomington Mclean
Bloomville Kankakee
Blue Grass Vermilion
Blue Point Wayne
Blueville Christian
Bluff Dale Greene
Bluffville Carroll
Bolton Williamson
Bonaparte Du Page
Bon pas Richland
Bonns Boone
Bon well Edgar
Bourbon Coles
Bowling Green Payetle
Boynion Lbgan
Bradford Stark
Bradley Jackson
Kreese Greene
Bremen Randolph
Brickton Cook
Post Office. County.
Bridgeport Lawrence
Brighton Maconpin
Brimfield Peoria
Briston Dendall
Bristol Station Kendall
Broad Oaks Pope
Broad well Logan
Brooklyn Schuyler
Brookville Ogle
Bronmsburg Effingham
browning Scnuylur
Bruce McDonough
Brunswick Peoria
Brush Hill Pu Page
Brushy fork Coles
Buchanan Montgomery
Buck Creek La Salle
Buck Horn Brown
Buda Bureau
Buena Vista Stephenson
Buffalo Gaflatia
Buffaln Prairie Rock Island
Bullbonas Grove Kankakee
Bunker Hill Macoupin
Bureau Junction Sure u
Burkesvllle Monroe
Burlington Kane
Burns Henry
Burssville McDonough
Burnt Prairie White
Burritt Winnebago
Burton Adams
Burton's Cornera Boone
Busunell McDonaugh
Burer Moutgumery
Butler's Point Vermilion
Byron Ogle
Cairo Alexander
Caledonia Pulaski
Caledonia Stat'u Boone
Calhoun Richland
Carmmet Cook
Cambridge Henry
Camden Schnyler
Camden mills Rook island

Post Offices In Illinois. 17
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Post Offices. County.
Cameron Warren
Campbell coles
Camp point Adams
Campton Kane
Cane Run Warren
Canton Fulton
Carbon Mercer
Carbondale Jackson
Carey Station Mchenry
Carlyle Clinton
Carmi white
Carnent Prairie Perry
Carrollton Green
Carter Sangamon
Carthage Hancock
Casey Clark
Caseyville St. Clair
Cass Du Page
Castlefin Jefferson
Cave in Rock Hardin
Cave Franklin
Cave in Rock Hardin
Cayuga Livingston
Cedar Bluff Johnson
Cederville Stephenson
Centerville Piatt
Central City Marion
Centralia Marion
Centre Point Knox
Centre Ridge Mercer
Cerre Gordo Piatt
Chambersburgh Pike
Courtright's Mils Iroquois
Crab Apple gro. Vermillion
Chandlers ville Cass
Channabon Will
Charleston Coles
chatham Sangamon
Chebanse Iroquois
Chelsea will
chemung Mchenry
Cheney's Grove Mclean
Chenoa Mclean
Cherry Grove Carroll
Cherry Valley Winnebago
Chester Randol
chesterfield Macoupin
Chicago Cook
Chill Center Hancock
Chillcothe Peoria
Chrismansville Gallatin
circleville Tazewell
Clark Center Clark
Clayton Adams
Clear Creek Ldg Alexander
Clermont Richland
Clinton De Witt
Clintonville Kaie
Clyde Whitesides
Coal Valley Rock Island
Costsbnrgh Adams
Colchester Mcdonough
Cold Spring Shelby
Collins Station Clinton
Collinsvile Madison
colona Station Henry
Columbia Monroe
colombus Adams
Como Whitesides
Comorn Cook
Concord Morgan
Conkey's Store Vermilion
Cooperstown Brown
Cooperas Creek Fulton
Copper Creek Rock Island
Coral Mchenry
Cordava Rock Island
Cornton cumberland
Cornville La Salle
Cottage Hill Du Page
Cottonwood Gallatin
Cottonwood Gro. Rond
Countersville Raudolph
Council Hill Jo Daviuss
Courtland Sta'n De Kalb
Crab Orchard Williamson
Crane Creek Mason
Crane's Grove stephenson
Crawford Gallatin
Crete Will
Crimea Johnson
Crittenden Franklin
Cross Roads Johnson
Crotty La Salle
Crow Meadows Marshall
Cruger Woodford
Crystal Lake McHenry
Cuba Fulton
Cumberland Fayette
cummington Mucoupln
Cypress Creek Johnson
Dakota Stephenson
Dahas City Hancock
Damascus Stephenson
Danby Du Page
Danville Vermilion
Post Office. County.
Darwin Clark
Dauson Sadgamon
Daysville Ogle
Dayton La Salle
Dearborn McHenry
Decatur Macea
Deep Cat Mchenry
Deer Creek Tazewell
Deerfield Lake
Deerfield Prairie De Kalb
Deer Plark La Salle
Deer Plain Calhoun
De Kalb centre De Ka b
Delavan Taiewell
Delhi Jersey
Del Key Iroqanis
Delta Mclean
Dement Station Ogle
Democrat Iroquois
Denny Warren
Derinda Jo Daviess
De Soto Jackson
Detroit Hike
Do Witt De witt
Diamond Lake Lake
Dillon Tazewell
dimmick La Salle
Dismal Creek Payette
Dixon lee
Doddsville McDonough
Dogtooth Alexander
Dogwood Randolph
Dolson Clark
Dongola Union
Dorrance Stark
Dorset De Kalb
Dorsey Madison
Douglas Knox
Dover Bureau
Dowling Macon
Downer's Grove Du Page
Drummond Henderson
Drury Hock Island
Dubois Washington
Dudley Edgar
Duncanton White
Dundee Kane
Dunleith fo Daviess
Du Page Will
Duquoin Perry
Duriam Hancock
Dwigbt Livingston
Kagle La Salle
Eagle Cliffs Monroe
Kagle Point Ogle
Earlville La Salle
Kast Bend Champaign
East Cambridge Henry
East Paw Paw Lee
Eaton Crawford
Edgington Roek Island
Edward's Stati'u Peoria
KdwardsV'e Madison
Effongham Effingham
Ela Lake
Elbridge Edgar
El Dara Pike
Elgin Kane
Elida Winnebago
Eliza Mercer
Elozabeth Jo Daviess
Elozabethtown Hardin
Elk Grove Cook
Klkhart City Lofan
Elk Horn Washington
Elk Horn Grove Carroll
Elkton Crawford
Elliottstown Effingham
Eills Grove Randolph
Ellison Warren
Ellisville Fulton
Klm Grove Adams
Elmira Starl
Elmore Peoria
Elm Point Bond
Elm Wood Peoria
El Paso Woodford
Elvaston Hancock
Eivina Jo Daviess
El wood Will
Elysium McHenry
Emerald Point Morgan
Eminence Logan
Emma White
Emmet Lake
Empire Whitesides
Enfield White
English Proirie McHenry
Enon Bureau
Ensenada Marion
Enterprise Wayne
Epler Morgan
Equality Gallatin
Erie Whitesides
Erin McHenry
Essex Vermilion
Post Office. County.
Eugene Knnx
Eureka Woodford
Kvans' Mills Morgan
Evanston Cook
Kvansville Randolph
Ewing Franklin
Ewington Effingham
Exeter Scott
Fairfield Wayne
Fair Haven Carroll
Fairview Pulton
Fair Weather Adams
Farlows Grove Mercer
Farmer's Farm Iroquois
Farmington Fulton
Farm Ridge La Salle
Farmsville Woodford
Fayette Green
Fayetteville St. Clair
Ferdinand Mercer
Fiat Fulton
Fidelity Jersey
Fieldon Jersey
Fiilmore Montgontery
Fincastle Clark
Fitz Henry Ogle
Flat Rock Crawford
Flora Smith
Florence Pike
Florid Putnam
Foreston Ogle
Forksville Lake
Fort Hill Lake
Fosters Marion
Fountain Green Hancock
Four Mile Grove Lee
Four Mile Proi'e Fayette
Fowler's Prai'e Adams
Fox Lake Lake
Frankfort Frank'in
Franklin Morgan
Franklin Grove Lee
Freeport Stephenson
Galena Jo Daviess
Geneseo Henry
Geneva Kane
Genoa De calb
George's Creek Mnsssc
Georgetown Vermillion
Germantown Clinton
Glend Calhnun
Gillespla Macoupin
Gilmer Lake
Gilson Knox
Girard Macoupin
Glasgow Scott
Glencore Cook
Godfrey Madison
Golden's Point Hancock
Green Garden Will
Green River Henry
Greenup Cumberland
Greenvale Jo Daviess
Greenville Bond
Greenwood McHenry
Gridley Mclean
Griggsville Pike
Griswold Hamilton
Grass Point Cook
Grouse Kane
Groveland Tazewell
Guilford Jo Daviess
Hadley Will
Hadley Station Lawrence
hagley Cass
Hairesville Lake
Haldane Ogle
Hade Ogle
Half Day Lake
Hall Franklin
Hamburgh Calhoun
Hamilton Hancock
Hamlet Mercer
Hampshire Kane
Hampton Rock Island
Hanover Jo Dav ess
Hardin Calhoun
Hardinsville Crewford
Hardscrabble Monroe
Harlem W nnebago
Harmony McHenry
Harrisburgh Saline
Harris Grove Jefferson
Harrison Winnebago
Hartiand mchenry
Harvard McHenry
Havanna Mason
H zel Dell Cumberland
Hazlett Rock Island
Hebron McHenry
Hecker Monroe
Halena Peoria
Hemlo Whitesides
Henderson Knox
Hennepin Putnam
Henry Marshall
Post Office County.
Hermitage Cours
Hermon Knox
Hershey's Mill Lawrence
Hickory Like
Hickory Fayette
Hickory Grove Maasas
Hickory Hill Marion
Hickory Point Livingston
Hick's Mills De Kalb
Hildalgo Jasper
Higginsville Vermillion
Highland Madison
Highland Prai'e McHenry
High Prairies La Salle
Hill's Grove McDonough
Hollawayville Bureau
Homer Champaign
Hope Cook
Hopedale Tazewell
Hopewell Macon
Hopkin's Grove Wayne
Hopper's Mills Henderson
Hornsby Macoupin
Horse Creek Will
Houston Adams
Howard Winnebago
Howard's Point Fayette
Howards ville Stephenson
Hudson McLean
Hullsford Knox
Huntley Grove McHenry
Huntsville Schuyler
Hurricane Montgomery
Hutsonville Crawford
Illinois City Rock Island
Illinois Town St Clair
Independence Molean
Indian Grove Livingston
Indianola Vermillion
Indian Prairie Wayne
Industry McDonough
Ingraham Pr'e Clay
lone Effingham
Ionia Warren
ipava Pulton
Ira Jo Daviess
Iroquois Iroquois
Irving Montgomery
Island Creek Jasper
Jackson Stephenson
Jacksonv'e Morgan
Jalappa Green
Jamestown clinton
Jasper Schuyler
Jefferson Cook
Jeffersonville Wayne
Jericho Kane
Jersey Landing Jersey
Jersey Prairie Cass
Jersey ville Jersey
John's Creek Sangamon
Johnson Mcbonough
Johnson's Mill Clark
Johnstown Cumberland
Joliet Will
Jonesboro' Union
Jones' Creek Randolph
Jordan Vermillion
Jordan's Grove Randolph
Junction Du Page
Kane Green
Kaneville Kane
Kankakee Depot Kankakee
Kansas Edgar
Kappa Woodford
Karkaskia Randolph
Keen Adams
Keeneville Wayne
Keithsburg Mercer
Kendall Kendall
Kent Stephenson
Kentucky Vermillion
Kewanee Henry
Keyesport Clinton
Keysburgh Pike
Kickapoo Ogie
Kinderbook Pike
Kingsbury Whitesides
King's vill Kane
Kingston De Kalb
Kingston Mines Peoria
Kippersville Christian
Kishwankee Winnebago
Knoxville Knox
Kossnth Boone
Krimondi Marion
Kyte River Ogle
Lacy De Kalb
Lacon Marshall
Laeuna Logan
La Favette Stark
La Grange Bluff Brown
La Harpe Hancock
Lake Creek Willamson
lake Zurick Lake

18 Post Offices In Illinois.
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Post Office. County.
Lamb's Point Madison
Lamburgh Iraqueis
Lamville Bureau
Lancaster Cass
Lane Depot Ogle
Laomi Sangamon
Laona Winnebago
La Pra'e Centre Marchall
Larkinsburgh Clay
La satte la Salle
Laurel Hill Randolph
Lawn Date Lagan
Lawn Ridge Marshall
Lawrence Mchenry
Lawrenceville Lawrence
Lebanon St Clair
lee Ogle
Lee Centre Lee
Leesville Boone
Leland La Salle
Lemont Cook
Lena Staphenson
Lenzburg St Clair
Leoti Henry
L'Erable Iroquois
Le Roy McLean
Lewiston Fulton
Lexington McLean
Leyden Cook
Leyden Center Cook
Liberty Adams
Libertyville Lake
Littlecash Will
Lama Adams
Limerick Burean
Limestone Iroquois
Lincoln Logan
Lin enwood Ogle
Lisbon kendall
Lisle Dn Page
Litchfield Montgomery
Little Detroit Tazewell
Little Muddy Franklin
Little Rock Kendall
Littleton Schnyler
Little York Warren
Lively St Clair
Liverpool Fulton
Livingston Clark
Lockhart Macon
Locust Grove Williamson
Lodi Station Kane
Logan Edgar
London City Favette
Long Branch Saline
Long Grove Lake
Long John Will
Long Point Livingston
Looking Glass Clinton
Louan Stephenson
Louisa Stephenson
Louisville Clay
Lovilla Hamilton
Lovington Moultrie
Lowell La Salle
low Point Woooford
Lyndon Whitesides
Lynnville Morgan
Lvons Cook
Lyonsville Cook
Lyulesville McLean
Mcdonnellsburg Stephenson
McGary Hancock
McHenry MeHenry
McLean McLean
MeLeansboro Hamilton
Mackinaw Tazewell
Macomb McDonough
Macon Bureau
Madison Madison
Magnoha Putnam
Mahomet Champaign
Maine Cook
Mainville Cook
Majority Point Cumberland
Maiden Bureau
Malta De Kalb
Malugin Grove Lee
Manchester Scott
Manlens La Salle
Mansfield Kendall
Manteno Kankakee
Maple Grove Edwards
Maples Mill Fulton
Maquon Knox
Mardosia Morgan
Marcelline Adams
Marcy Franklin
Marengo McHenry
Margaretta Clark
Marietta Fulton
Marine Madison
Marion Williamson
Mariposa McDonough
Marissa St. Clair
Post Office. County.
Markanda Jackson
Maroa Macon
Marrowbone Moultrie
Marseilles La Salle
Marshall Clark
Martha Furnace Hardin
Martinsburgh Pike
Martinsville Clark
Mascoutah St Clair
Mattison Cook
Mattoon Coles
Maulsdings Mills Wayne
May Hill Lee
Laysville Cley
Mazon Grundy
Mechanicsburgh Sangamon
Medma Winnebago
Melrose Clark
Mendon Adams
Mendota La Salle
Mercia Hock Island
Merona McHenry
Metamora Woodford
Metropolia City Massac
Middle Fork Fulton
Middle Grove Fulton
Middleport Iroquois
Mlddletown Logan
Midway Fulton
Mier Wabash
Miles Station Macoupin
Milford Iroquois
Millburn Lake
Mill Creek Rock Island
Milledgeville Carroll
Millersburg Mercer
Mill Grove Stephenson
Mill Shoals White
Mills Prairie Ed wards
Millstadt St. Clair
Millville Jo Daviess
Mjlo Bureau
Milroy Knox
Milton Pike
Mineral Bureau
Miners La S lie
Minonk Marshall
Minooka Grundy
Mission Point La S lle
Mechcllsville Saline
Mode Shelby
Mnkena Will
Moline Rock Island
Momence Kanka ee
Monmount Will
Monmouth Warren
Monroe Mercer
Monroe City Monroe
Monterey calhoun
Montezuma Pike
Montgomery Kane
Monticello Piatt
Mont Meachem Schuyler
Monument Pike
Moore's Prairie Jefferson
Morlan's Grove Wayne
Moro Madison
Morris Grundy
Morrison Whitesides
Morristown Henry
Morton Tazewell
Mossville Peoria
Moultonville Madison
Mound City Puiaski
Mound Auburn Christian
Mount Carmel Wabash
Mt Carroll Carrott
Mount erie Wayne
Mount Hawly Beoria
Mount Langum Priguois
Mount Liberty Marion
Mount Morris Ogle
Mount Palatine Putnam
Mount Pleasant Union
Mount Prospect Whitesides
Mount Pulaski Logan
Mount Sterling Brown
Mount Summer Jo Davies
Mt. Vernon Jefferson
Moweaqua Shelby
Mud Creek St Clair
Mulberry Bond
Munson Henry
Murphysboro' Jackson
Myer's Mills Vermillion
Naansay Kendall
Nachusa Lee
Nakom's Montgomery
Naperville Du Page
Naples Scott
Nashville Washing'n
Nauvoo Hancock
Neapolis Shelby
Nebo Pike
Nelson Ettingham
Post Office. County.
Neoga Cumberland
Neponset Bureau
Nevada Stephenson
New Ark Kendall
New Ba timore Wayne
New Bedford Bureau
Newbern Jersey
New Boston Mercer
New Bremer Cook
New Clyde Whitesides
Newell Vermillion
New Erin Stephenson
New Franklin Wayne
New Gennessee Whitesides
New Hartford Pike
New Haven Gallatin
New Hebron Crawford
New Hope Wabash
New Lancaster Warren
New Lebanon De Kalb
New Liberty Pone
New Market Gallatin
New Masilon Wayne
New Maysville Pike
New Michigan Livingston
New Plato Kane
New Port Lake
New Rutland La Salle
News Calhoun
New Salem Pike
Newton Jasper
New Virgil Kane
Ney De Kalb
Night's Prairie Hamilton
Niles Cook
Nilwood Macoupin
Noble Richland
Nora Jo Daviess
Northfleld Cook
North Fork Vermillion
North Hampton Peoria
North Heuderson Mercer
North Kingston De Kalb
North Plato Kane
North Prairie Knox
Northville La Salle
Norway La Salle
Noyesville Cook
Oak Dale Madison
Oak Hill Lake
Oakland Coles
Oakland Macon
Oaklulla Iroquois
Oakwoods Hancock
Oblong crawford
Oceola Stark
Oconee Station Shelby
Odell livingston
O'Fal on Depot St Ciair
Ogle Ogle
Ogle station lee
Ohio Bureau
Ohio Farm Kendall
Ohio Grove De Kalb
Okaw washington
Old Farm Lawrence
Old Ripley Bond
Olena Henderson
Olive Lawrence
Olney Richland
omega Marion
Onargo Iroquois
Oneco Stephenson
Oneida Knox
Ophir La Salle
oqnawka Henderson
Orange Prairie Peoria
Orangeville Stephenson
Oregon Ogle
orion Henry
Orland Cook
Orleans Henry
Orland Cook
Orleans Morgan
Osage Franklin
Ostend McHenry
Oswego Kendall
Otsego lake
Ottawa La Salle
Otter Creek Jersey
Otto Fulton
Owaneco Christian
Owen Winnebago
Oxbow Putnam
Oxford Henry
Paddock's Grove Madison
Padna Mclean
Paine's Point Ogle
Palatine Cock
Palestine Crawford
Palo Alto Hamilton
Paloma Adams
Palos Cook
Pana Christian
Panola Sta'n woodford
Paradise Coles
Paris Edgar
Post Office County.
Parker Clark
Park's Corners Boone
Parrish Franklin
Patoka Marion
Pavilion Kendall
Pawapaw Grove Lee
Payson Adams
Pearl Pike
Peatone Will
Pecatonica Winnebago
Pekin Tazewell
Pellonia Massac
Pennsylvania Rock Island
Peoria Peoria
Pera Station Champaign
Perry Pike
Perryton Mercer
Persifer Knox
Pern La Salle
Pesotum Champaign
Petersburgh Menard
Pettys Lawrence
Phillipstown White
Piasa Macorpin
Pierce Will
Peirceville De Kalb
Pilot Vermilton
Pilot Greve Hancock
Pinckneyv'e Perry
Pine Creek Ogle
Pingree Grove Kane
Pink Prairie Henry
Pin Oak Wavne
Pioneer Greene
Pisgah Greene
Pitman Adans
Pitisfield Pike
Planfleld will
Plain View Maconpin
Plano Kendall
Plaio Iroquois
Plattville Kendall
Pleasant Hill Pike
Pleasant Plains Sangsmen
Pleasant Ridge Rock lsland
Plensant Shade Franklin
Pleasant Vale Pike
Pleasant Valley Jo Daviess
Pleasant View Schujler
Plum Cook
Pum Hill Washington
Plum Hiver Jo Daviess
Plymouth Hancock
Pocahontas Bond
Point Pleasant Champaign
Paisgrove Livingston
Pontoosac Hancock
Pope Creek Mercer
Poplar Grove Boone
Port Byron Rock Island
Port Clinton Lake
Portland Wnitesides
Prairie Bird Shelby
Prairie City McDonough
Prairie Creek Logan
Prairie Du Long St. Clair
Prai'e Du Boches Kandolph
Prairie Field Hock Island
Prairie Hill Williamson
Prairie Mound Fayette
Pre-emption Mercer
Preston Randolph
Princeton Bureau
Princeville Peoria
Prophetstown Whitesides
Prospect City Vermillon
Providence Bureau
Proviso Cook
Pulaski Hancock
quincy Adams
Quiver Mason
Racoon Marion
Raleigh Saline
Ramsey Fayene
Randolph's Gr'e Mclean
Raneysburgh Washington
Rantoul Station Chnmpaign
Rapids City Rock Island
Raritan Henderson
Rattlesnake White
Reading Livingston
Rebih Burean
Rector Hamilton
Red Bud Randolph
Renault Monroe
Rhode's Point Macoupin
Richardson Vermillion
Richfield Adams
Richland Sangamon
Richland Grove Mercer
Richmond McHenry
Richview Washington
Ridge Farm Vermillion
Ridgely Madison
Ridotts Stephenson

Post Offices In Illinois. 19
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Post Office. County.
Riley McHenry
Ringgold Cook
Ringwool McHenry
Rinosa Iroquois
Ripley Brown
Risdon St. Clair
Rising Sun Macoupin
Robinet Gallacin
Robin's Nest Peoria
Robinson Crawford
Robinson's Mills Menard
Rochester Sangamon
Rochester Mills Wabash
Rock Pope
Rockbridge Greene
Gock Creek Carroll
Rockford Winnebago
Rock Grove Rock Island
Rockport Pike
Rock Run Stephenson
Rockton Winnebago
Rockville Kankakee
Roland White
Rome Jefferson
Rome Farms Peoria
Romeo McHenry
Rook's Creek Livingston
Roscoe Winnebago
Roscoe Station Winnebago
Rose Bud Marshall
Rosefield Peoria
Rose Hill Peoria
Rosemond christian
Roseville Warren
Rosiclare Hardin
Ross Grove De Kalb
Rough & Ready hancock
Round Grove Whitesides
Ruark Lawrence
Ruma Randolph
Rural Retreat Coles
Rush Creek Jo Daviess
Rushaway Menard
Rush Isla'd Bend Monroe
Rushville Schuyler
Russalville Lawrence
Ruthsville Montgomery
Ruthland kane
Sacton Clark
Sageland Henderson
Sagone Du Page
St. Albans hancock
St. Anne Kankakee
St. Augustine Fulton
St. Charles Kane
St. Francisville Lawrence
St. Jacob Madison
St. joseph's Champaign
St. Marie jasper
St. Mary's Hancock
St. Omer Coles
Salem marion
Salina Vermilion
Saline Williamson
Saline Mills Gallatin
Salisbury Sangamon
Saluda Knox
Sammons Point kankakee
Sandoval marion
Sandwich De kalb
Sandy Ridge Grundy
Sangamon Macon
Santa Anna De Witt
Santa Fe Alexander
Sarahsville Williamson
Savanna Carroll
Saxon henry
Scales' mound jo Daviess
Schuyler Station Sangamon
Scott la Salle
Scottville Macoupin
Secor Woodford
Selby Station Bureau
Selfudgeville will
Selma McLean
Senex McLean
Post Office. County.
Serena La Salle
Seward kendall
Seward's Point Montgomery
Shabbona's Gro De kalb
Shabbonier Fayette
Sharon Henry
Shaumburgh Cook
Shawnectown Gallatin
Shaw's Point macoupin
Sheffield Bureau
Shelburn Lee
Shelbyville Shelby
Sheldon's Grove Schuyler
Sherburnville Kankakee
Shipman Macoupin
Shirland Winnebago
Shirley Mclean
Shokoken Henderson
Sidney Champaign
Silver Creek Stephenson
Simoda Kankakee
Slack Water Stark
Smithton St. Clair
Smithville peoria
Smoot's Point Menard
Snachwine Putnam
Sodom Champaign
Solon Mills McHenry
Somerset Saline
Somonauk De kalb
South America Saline
Southhampton peoria
South Grove De Kalb
south Hampton Gallatin
South Macon Macon
South Northfield Cook
South Port Peoria
Sparland Marchall
Sparta Randolph
Specie Grove Kendall
spencer Will
Spring Bay Woodford
spring Creek Mc Donough
Springfield Sangamon
Spring Garden Jefferson
Spring Grove Warren
Spring Hill Whitesides
Spring lake Tazewell
Spring Valley Carroll
Springville Coles
Squaw Grove De Kalb
Starfield Peoria
Stannton Macoupin
Stecle's Mills Randolph
Sterling Whitesides
Stenben Marshall
Stiflesville Crawford
Stockton Jo Daviess
Stone's Praire Adams
Stonington Christlan
Stout's Grove mcLean
Strasburgh Cook
Stringtown Richland
Sublette Lee
Sugar Creek Williamson
Sugar Grove Kane
Sullivan Moultrie
Sulphur Springs Williamson
Summerfield St. Clair
Summer Hill Pike
Summerville Peoria
Summit Hill Whitesides
Summum Fulton
Sumner Lawrence
Sunbeam Mercer
Sunbury Livingston
Sutton's Point Clay
Swan Creek Warren
Sweet Water Menard
Syeamore De Kalb
Sylva Schuyler
Sylvan Dale Hancock
Table Grove Fulton
Tacusah Christian
Talcott's Ferry Rock Island
Tamaroa Perry
Post Office. County.
Taylor Ogle
Taylorsville Christian
Ten Mile Grove Vermiliton
Tennessone McDonough
Tentopolis Kffingham
Terre Haute henderson
Thebes Alexander
Thompson's Mills Jo Daviess
Thormton Cook
Thornton Station Cook
Timber Peoria
Time Pike
Tiskilwa Bureau
Toledo Union
Tolona Champaign
Toluca Madison
Tonica La Salle
Tonion Stark
Towanda McLean
Tower Hill Shelby
Townmount Franklin
Tremont Tazewell
Trenton Crinton
Trim Creek Will
Trivoll Peoria
Triumph la Salle
Troy madison
Troy Grove La Salle
Troy Mills Fulton
Truro Knox
Truxton Burean
Tunbridge De Witt
Turner Du Page
Tyler Winnebago
Uba Piatt
udina kane
Ullini Pulaski
Ulm Adams
Union McHenry
Union Point Union
Uniontown Knox
Unity Alexander
Upper Alton madison
Upper Embarras Coles
Urbana Champaign
Urbane Jackson
Ursa Adams
Urtah Warren
Utica la Salle
Valley Stark
Valley Forge Pulaski
Van Buren De kalb
Vandalia Fayette
vedder Calhoun
Venice Madison
Vergenness jackson
Vermilion Edgar
Vermilionville La Salle
Vermont Fulton
Vernon Crawford
Versailles Brown
Victoria Knox
Vienna Johnson
Vietta Grundy
Viola Mercer
Virden macoupin
Vergil Fulton
Virginia Cass
Wabash Wayne
Wabash Valley Clark
Waddam's Grove Stephenson
Wakefield Richland
Wales Ogle
Walker hancock
Walker's Grove Macon
Walker's Neck Brown
Wallingford Will
Wallridge Pulaski
Walnut Bureau
Walnut Grove Knox
Walnut hill Marion
Walnut Shade Pope
Walshville Montgomery
Waltham La Salle
Wapella De Witt
Ward's Grove jo Daviess
Post Office. County.
Warren Jo Daviess
Warrensville Du Page
Warrenton Lake
Warsow Hancock
Washburn Marchall
Washington Tazewell
Wataga Knox
Waterloo Monroc
Watson Sanganon
Wanconda Lake
Waukegan Lake
Waverley Morgan
Wayland Schuyler
Wayne Du Page
Wayne Certer Du Page
Waynesville De Witt
Webb's Prairie Franklin
Webster Hancock
Wellington Lake
Wenona Station marchall
Wentworth lake
Wesley City Tazewell
West Brittain Woodford
WesternSaratoga Union
Westfield Clark
West Hebron mchenry
West Jersey Stark
West Northfield Cook
Weston Jo Daviess
West Salem Edwards
West Urbana Champaign
West Wheeling Cook
Westwood Woodford
Wetang Pulaski
Wethersfield henry
Wetweather Jasper
Wheatland Will
Wheaton Du Page
Wheeling Cook
Whitefield Marshall
White hall greene
White O. Springs Brown
White Rock Ogle
Whiteside Washington
Wilkesborough Mclean
Williamsburgh De Kalb
Williamsville Sangamon
Willow Jo Daviess
Willow Creek lee
Willow Hill Jasper
Wilmington Will
wilsonburgh Richland
Winchester Scott
Windsor Shelby
Winfield Du Page
Winnebago Dep't Winnebago
Winnetka Cook
Winslow Stephenson
Winthrop kane
Woodburn macoupin
Woodbury Cumberland
Woodford Woodford
Woodland Schuyler
Woodside Sangamon
Woodstock McHenry
Woodville Adams
Woosung Ogle
Worth Cook
Worthington jackson
Wyanet Bureau
Wyoming Stark
Wythe Hancock
Xenia Clay
Yale jasper
Yellow Creek Stephenson
Yellowhead Gro. Kankakee
York Crawford
York Certer Du Page
Yorktown Bureau
Yound McDonough
Young America Warren
Zabriskie De Witt
Zanesville Montgomery
Zif Wayne
Zion Morgan
Zion Hill Pope

20 Overland Mail To San Fancisco.
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Foreign Rates Of Postage via Marseilles.

Steamers leave London for Calcutta on the 4th and 20th of every month, via Southampton. On the 10th
aad 26th of every month, via Marseilles. China,via Southampton, 4th; Marseilles, 10th of every month.

A mail is made np for St. John, Newfoundland, twice a month only, by the British steamers from
Boston. Postage on a single letter is five cents. Newspapers and periodicals at the usual United
States rates. Pre-payment required.

A mail is made np for the British provinces via Halifax, by the English steamers from Boston. The
postage on a single letter thus sent is live cents, to be pre-paid. The postage on newspapers aud peri-
odicals to these places, is at the regular United States rates, to and from the line, to be paid in the United

Newspapers two cents each, prepayment required. The above is the United States postage only.

Except for Acapulco, on the Pacific, and vicinity, the mails for Mexico, will be dispatched by the United

States Steamship Line from New Orleans, via Tampico to Vera Cruz, three times a month.

China 10 cents, being the United States Postage San Franciso. Pre-payment required.

New South Wales 10 cents, being the United States Postage San Franciso. Pre-payment required.

Sandwich Islands 10 cents, being the United States Postage San Franciso. Pre-payment required.

By mail to San Francisco, thence by private ship.

Newspapers and periodicals must be prepaid the regular domestic rates to San Francisco. The rate pay-
able on letters at the point of destination in the Sandwich Islands, is five cents, and on newspapers two
cents each. Iu China and New South Wales, the ship postage, it is understood, is comparatively trifling.

Canada 10 Cents when uot over 3000 miles from the line of crossing.
15 cents, where distance exceeds 3000 miles.

New Brunswick 10 Cents when uot over 3000 miles from the line of crossing.
15 cents, where distance exceeds 3000 miles.

Cape Breton 10 Cents when uot over 3000 miles from the line of crossing.
15 cents, where distance exceeds 3000 miles.

Prince Edward's Island 10 Cents when uot over 3000 miles from the line of crossing.
15 cents, where distance exceeds 3000 miles.

Nova Scotia 10 Cents when uot over 3000 miles from the line of crossing.
15 cents, where distance exceeds 3000 miles.

Newspapers and periodicals are chargeable with the regular United-States rates to and from the line,
which postage mast all be paid in the United States. Editors, however, may exchange Iree of expense.

Overland Mail To San Francisco.

For the following article we are indebted to the Annual Report made to the Chamber of Commerce by the
Secretary, W.B. Baker, Esq.:

One of the most interesting events of the year was the successful accomplishment of the Overland Mail

enterprise between St. Louis and San Francisco; establishing not only the practicability of the route—
divergent as it is from a direct line—but giving promise, under matured appointments, of lessening the
contract time very materially. The first arrival was heralded at this termiuns on the 9th of October, in
something less than twenty-five days. The mail from this side reached the Pacific about the same time,
and both achievements received appropriate attention from the two cities. At San Francisco the event was
celebrated in an imposing manner, proportioned to its importance to that isolated section of the Union. It
was hailed as a means of transit by which the wealth and permanent prosperity of the country could be
developed; as an inducement to the speedy settlement of the immense territory lying between the Eastern
borders of California and Oregon, and the western lines of Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, (such is the
language of the Resolutions,) and as affording facilities for and a security to emigration, which will very
soon attract a vast population; as a thoroughfare within the domain of the United States, calculated to bind
tgether the East and West, and to unite by firmer ties the States whose shores are laved by the waters of
the two great oceans, and by creating a warmer sentiment of brotherhood between different sections,
hitherto separated by natural barriers; as an emancipation from the thraldom of the only speedy routes
hitherto available, the necessity of whose use had subjected their citizens to the dangers and privations of
sea travel and oft-repeated indignities and wrongs from semi-civilized foreign governments. A gentleman
who passed through on this first trip, gave, on the occasion of the celebration, an interesting statement of
the journey, in the following brief manner:

" For the first one hundred and sixty miles from St. Louis he traveled on the Pacific Hail way to Jeffer-
son City ; thence by Concordia coach to Springfield, through the richest agricultural region in Missouri;
thence to Fayettville, Arkansas, through the Ozark Mountains. This part of the route is the roughest en-
countered. He next went on to Fort Smith, the intersection of the Memphis route. Fifteen minutes after
they arrived at this point, the Memphis mail came in, which is the best evidence that the junction is at the
proper place on the route. After leaving Fort Smith, passed through the Choctaw country to Red Bivcr.
The Indians are perfectly quiet. Sherman, Texas, was the next settlement; thence to Gainseville. The
country in this section is very fine and well wooded. Phantom Hill, a deserted military station, was next
stopped at, and successively Forts Belknap and Chadbourne. At both of these forts a few soldiers are sta-
tioned. From Fort Chadbourn to head waters of Concha River, the southernmost point on the route, and

Overland Mail To San Francisco. 21
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on the 32d degree parallel; thence they struck over Llano Estacudo, a barren plain, seventy-five miles in
width. Although in an uncovered wagon, he Buffered little inconvenience in crossing this plain. He be
lieves thnt, very shortly, the trip over the plain will be made in a single day. Thence they journeyed to
1'ecos River, a tributary of the Rio Grande, and up that stream to Pope's Camp, fifty miles below the old
emigrant road. This is ou a line with Guudalupe Teak; thence to Cornudas Tank and Tncco Tanks, to
Franklin, opposite El Passu; thence one hundred and twelve miles up the Pecos River. On this section
they had no animals except what they took along with them. Stations are needed here, and will soon be
established. The country between Red River and the Pecos is almost entirely uninhabited. Three miles
an hour was the average time made on this section, but this delay was more than made up on this side of El
Paso. The arrangements on the western half of the road arc far more complete than on the eastern jide.
They then proceeded up on Col. Leach's road, through the Rio Grande and Mcsilla valleys, crossing to
Cook's Spring; thence to Miuibres, in the Gadsden purchase. Provisions here have to be furnished by the
company. The stations are from lifteen to twenty miles apart. From Tucson the route runs through Pa-
cheen Pass nnd Pimo village to Maricopas; thence through the valley of the Gila to Fort Ynma, on the bor-
ders of California. Midway on the stxty-mile desert there is a water station. The road up to Los Angelos
and thence tn this city is iu fine condition." The distance from St. Louis to San Francisco, by this route,
was given at 2759 miles.

To St. Louis, such an accomplishment is worthy of the highest consideration. New York, St. Louis, San
Francisco, on this great national thoroughfare (for the line of railroad to the Atlantic is the chain) present
themselves as the three great cities of the country—the principal market of a commerce unrivaled in the
extent of its domain and the variety and value of its products. Simultaneous with the great achievement
was the announcement of the discovery of gold at Pike's Peak—the highest mass of the Sierra Madre.
This point is nearly midway between St. Louis and San Francisco, and i'.s precious ores seem to have been
presented at this favorable moment for the purpose of inspiring the friends uf a Pacific Railroad, aud meet-
ing the difficulty of distance half way. From the preparations now apparent, thousands of adventurers
will doubtless seek this gold and silver region this spring, and thus at once establish, in the heart of the

wilderness beyond us, the strength, energy, and protection of a civilized community. In a brief period—fcr
ten years only have elapsed since the incident at tho mill-race of Gen. Sutter—a new State will be asking
for admission into the Union, and the intermediate country, from the Mississippi to its borders, marked with
continuous improvements. This market will be sought as the most available for the supplies required by
new settlements, and in the end will form the gateway to the vast agricultural and mineral wealth of that
immense region. It is hardly to be expected that the claim to this outlet, of such inconceivable moment,
should be yielded to any particular locality without a struggle, especially while the General Government
must bear the burden of the expensive system of postal routes, aud finally of a gigantic railway; and,
accordingly, claims are preferred by the South aud North for the terminus on the Mississippi.

The Government, in this view of the case, has acted wisely, no doubt, in ordering the southern detour
in the contract for the mail service, as such a course 13 weli calculated to disarm sectional animusity, and
thereby lead to an early consummation of the great requirement of the age. This spirit on the part of the
Government has been further expressed in the establishment of other mail routes across the plains. Besides
the principal one under consideration, the Postmaster-General, with tho approval of the Executive, has
established a weekly mail from St. Joseph, on the Missouri, through Utah to Placerville; and also a monthly-
line from Neosho, Missouri, by Albuquerque, to the Tejon Pass in ijalifornia, and each has important
branches. A fourth route is in contemplation, to begin at St. P aul, and pass through the Pembina settle-
ments, in the valley of the Red River of the North, and after crossing the Rocky Mountains, diverge, on the
one hand to Puget's Sound, and on the other to the lower settlements in western Oregon. A year or two
of experiment on these various routes will unerringly lead the public attention to the most practical one,
and the great work will be commenced under the auspices of a national consent. No one, however, ean be
blind to the decided advantages of St. Louis in this future enterprise. Pike's Peak is almost immediately
west, and nearly midway between the Mississippi and the terminus on the Pacific. Should the auriferous
character of the country in its vicinity turn out as productive as it has been represented, the first rail laid
by the Government must inevitably point in that direction. That other roads, in the course of time, will be
constructed, there can be no doubt; but the first steam car across the plains (if the future can be penetrated
at all by the light of present circumstances) will certainly start from this city, in a line almost directly
west, to the salient point of the Sierra Madre adverted to. If Pike's Peak on the West, and the direct line
to California beyond, are advantageous for the central route to the citizens of this section, the position cf
St. Louis is equally as attractive to the people of the Pacific slope. There is no more advantageous point
in this great valley for such a terminus. Located near the center of the Mississippi River, with its 3,000
miles of navigation, and fifteen hundred steamers—with line3 of packets established to every point North
and South, and far up to the source of every tributary—and with railways radiating in all directions—opp

tunities are offered to passengers and products for almost instantaneous ingress and egress. Through this
gate the world opens up with its homes and markets, accessible by the surest, cheapest, safest, and most
speedy modes of transportation.

22 Rock Island Bridge
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Rock Island Bridge.

The Chamber of Commerce having always taken a great interest in any question relating to the unob-
structed navigation of the great rivers of the West, a short history of the Rock Island Bridge, and the
various legal steps taken to prevent its erection, and since that time to remove it as a nuisance, will come
within the scope of this report.

The Chicago and Rock Island Railroad was the first enterprise of the kind completed from Chicago to
the Mississippi; and it was also the first Bailroad in the United States built by speculators and contractors
By it anew era in railroading was initiated, under which roads were to be built, not because the people
needed them, and were willing to take the stock, but that contractors might make their fortunes in the
construction. The parties who were the main men in the Rock Island road then projected a connecting
road from Davenport westward; they became the principal stockholders, and took the entire contract for
building the road to the Missouri River. To make all things smooth, they must needs have a bridge across
the Mississippi River, and the same men appear as the corporators and builders of that structure. As their
charter contained a clause that the same "should be constructed in such a manner as not materially to
obstruct or interfere with the free navigation of the river," but little attention was paid to the matter; every
one supposing they would, of course, comply with all the provisions of their charter. But in choosing a
site, they located their line across the island of Rock Island, at that time held by the General Government
as a military reservation.

Some gentlemen of St. Louis, rightly foreseeing what trouble would in future be caused by bridges across
this river, sent one of their number to Washington, and he procured an order from the Secretary of War,
forbidding any work on the island, and caused a suit to be instituted at Chicago to prevent the erection of
the proposed bridge. But because the Secretary was a Southern man, a great cry was raised that the whole
proceeding arose from a spirit of Southern jealousy, and the Company continued their work. The suit was
tried before Judge McLean, and the main point contested was, the right of the Company to cross a small
island—the important question of the effect upon the navigation of the greatest river in the world being
evidently regarded as a mere collateral matter. The case is reported in the sixth volume of McLean;s Reports,
page 517. The Jndge declined to grant the injunction, because the testimony upon the question of the
obstruction was very contradictory, and nearly of equal weight; and he thought it best to let the Company
go on and build, leaving navigators their remedy by actions at law for damages as they might occur. The
result has proved that the captains and pilots who testified that the bridge would be a great obstruction
were right; for within a few days after the opening of navigation—the first spring after the bridge was
completed—thirteen steamboats were detained there at one time, none of them being able to pass the draw.
The first boat that had power to stem the currents—the Effie Afton—was wrecked, and swinging ronnd,
caught fire, and burned off one of the spars. Immediately all the detained boats passed through the burnt
space without difficulty, and they continued to use that passage until prevented by the rebuilding of the
obstruction. The suit for the value of the Afton was tried at Chicago, in September, 1857, before Judge
McLean, The Court would not permit the right of challenge for cause, and the only four peremptory chal-
lenges allowed the Plaintiff had been exhausted. Under these circumstances, the Plaintiff was fortunate to
get off by having the jury disagree. His case is now in progress in Burlington, Iowa, where he will get a
more satisfactory hearing.

The injury to the commerce of the river had become so serious, that in December, 1856, this Chamber
appointed a Committee to institute proceedings to have the bridge abated as a nuisance, aud they have raised
the necessary means to carry their suit to a termination. In the winter of 1857-8, one or the piers of the
bridge began to show signs of falling, and the company prepared a very large quantity of materials to
strengthen or rebuild it. This Committee at once instituted a suit in Iowa, and all repairs to the broken
pier have been prevented. During the summer it moved about eighteen inches, and the draw of the bridge
had to be cut off fully two feet, as the pier yielded and the truss pushed over. There is every probability
that part of the bridge will fall when the ice comes down this spring.

The evidence taken in this preliminary suit shows that the injury to the commerce of the river, including
lumber, caused by this bridge, is fully half a million dollars each year. One witness testified that the damages
he had seen would amount to between $400,000 and $500,000, and several others that the loss and detention at
the bridge for the three years it has been standing, amount to more than those on both the Rapids for twenty
years. Testimony is now being taken for the final hearing, which is set down for May next, and those who
have the best means of judging are quite confident that every stick and stone of this great obstruction will
be removed by due course of law.—Last Annual Report to Chamber of Commerce.

Banks In St. Louis.
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Banks In St. Louis.

According to the charter issued in December, 1856,
the State banks are required to be incorporated with
a capital of at least $1,000,000—they are not to issue
bills of a less denomination than $5, nor to deal in
notes of banks of other States, (or currency), and
each of them are required to publish, in two of the
city papers, quarterly statements of—

The amount of iti capital stock actually paid in.

The amount of real estate held by the bank aud

The amount of gold and silver coin and bullion on

The amount of notes of other banks.

The amount due from all other sources.

The amount of undivided profits, and the amount
of State bonds on hand.

The amount of its notes and bills in circulation.

The amount due by the bank to all other banks.

The amount due to depositors.

The total amount of debts and liabilities of every

The amount on hand of bills discounted, exchange
matnring, and the amount of suspended debts.

The aggregate amount of liabilities of all direc-
tors, as principals and endorsers. Every bank loca-
ted in the city of St. Louis shall publish, in at least
one newspaper published in that city, a weekly state-
ment of the coin on hand, bills maturing, and the
amount of its circulation.

They have to invest 10 per cent, of their paid up
capital in 8tate bonds, and to set apart two percent.
of their nett earnings as a contingent fund, to be
also invested in State bonds; and in consideration of
the privileges allowed them, they have also to pay
the State annually one per cent, of the capital stock
paid in by the stockholders. Seven per cent, is their
limit of interest to be exacted on paper, and semi-
annual dividends can be declared, but not to impair
the capital stock. At present $2,50 of paper can be
issued for every dollar of their paid up coin capital;
after two years $3 to $1 may be issued; but as yet,
dollar for dollar has not been issued by the city
banks, though some of the branches have issued all
they are entitled to.

Discount Days—The private banks and a number
of the Savings institutions discount every day. The
banks of issue, and some of the Savings banks, have
the following days set apart for this :

Mondays and Thursdays—-The State, Southern
Bank of St. Louis, Exchange Bank, and People's
and United States Savings Institutions.

Tuesdays and Fridays—the Merchants', and Me-
chanics' banks and First Ward Savings Institutions.

In addition to the requirements of all the State
banks, the following are peculiar to the Bank of the
State of Missouri: The bills or notes of said bank
shall be receivable in all payments due to the State;
and the public moneys of the State, as well, as those
of any public corporation for public purposes, and in
which the State may be a part owner, shall be kept
on deposit in said bank or its branhees, whenever
lying inactive. Said bank shall, also, act as the fis-
cal agent of the State, negotiate all loans for the
State, either in Europe or America, transfer the
funds of the State from one part of the State to
another, and from one portion of the United States to
another, charging only the actual expense. Special
deposits of the State in the said bank, for a period of
twelve months or longer, shall be entitled to draw
interest at the rate of six per cent, per annum.

We are indebted to the Daily Democrat of this
City, for the above article on the State bankB, ex-
tracted from an interesting account of the banking
institntions of this city, recently published in that

Bank Of The Tate Of Missouri—Office No.125
n. Main st. Organized 1837. Reincorporated under
the new banking law, 1856. It has the privilege of
a capital of $3,500,000. Amount paid in, $2,500,000.
Circulation, $2,723,310, including thesis branches.
Par value of shares, $100.

Officers—James M.Hughes, , President ; A. S.
Robinson, , Cashier ; James M.Hughes, , William T.
Christy, , W. W.Barnard, , John C.Ivory, , J.McNeil, ,
Charles L.Rodgers, , HenryOverstolz, , T. L.Stur-, , T. E.Tutt, , EdwardWalsh, , and R.Barnes, ,
Directors .

Discount Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

Branches at Palmyra, Fayette, Springfleld, Chilli-
cothe, Cape Girardeau, aud Louisiana.

Bank Of St. Louis—Located on Third street, n.north e.east
corner of Olive. Incorporated 1857. Authorized
capital, $1,000,000. $300,000 subscribed. Par value
of shares, $100.

Officers—John J.Anderson, , President John
Brown, , Cashier ; John J.Anderson, , A. P.Ladew, ,
N.Schaeffer, , StephenHaskell, , James L.Waters, ,
JamesFerguson, . MadisonMiller, , Duncan S.Carter, ,
Jos.Widen, , R. P.Hanenkamp, , CharlesTodd, , John
G.Priest, , and TaylorBlow, , Directors .

Discount Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

Branch at Boonville, Missouri—I. M.Brown, ,
President ; W. E.Burr, , Cashier .

Merchants' Bank Of St. Louis—Office, Main,
corner of Locust street. Incorporated 1857. Capital,
$2,000,000. Circulation, $1,000,000. Par value of
shares, $100.

Officers—John A.Brownlee, , President ; Richard
F.Barry, , Cashier ; D. A.January, , B. M.Runyan, , W.
L.Ewing, , E. C.Sloan, , L.Levering, , G. L.Stans-, , Wm. M.Morrison, , James E.Yeatman, , John
W.Luke, , Thomas D.Day, , Robert K.Woods, and J.
A.Brownlee, , Directors .

Discount Days—Tuesdays and Fridays.

Branches at Brunswick. Mo , A.Johnston, , Presi-
dent ; and at Oseola, WilliamVaughan, , President .

The Exchange Bank Of St. Louis—Office, corner
of Third street and Washington avenue. Incorpo-
rated .—Authorized capital $1,000,000. Amount paid
in, $305,000. Par value of shares, $100.

Officers—John D.Perry, , President ; Robert E.
Carr, , Cashier ; John D.Perry, , John T.Douglas, ,
WilliamPoulterer, , George R.Robinson, , S. M.Ed-, , WilliamHubbard, , John E.Schuetze, , Lewis
Dorshcimer, , T. B.Edgar, , M. W.Warne, , Ferdinand
Rozier, Jr., R. H.Barclay, , and George D.Hall, ,
Directors .

Discount Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

Branch at Glasgow. Mo., Daboey C.Garth, , Prew-
dent . It is also entitled to a branch at Columbia,
not yet in operation.

The Mechanics' Bank—Office,s.south w.west corner of
Chesnut and 'i'hird streets. Commenced banking
August 10, 1857. Incorporated 1853. Authorized
capital, $1,500,000 ; amount paid in $534,950.

Officers—JosephCharless, , President ; George
H.Loker, . Vice President ; J. W.Wills, , Cashier ;
JosephCharless, , R. M.Parks, , JohnEvill, , J. C,
Evens, , C. H.Peck, , O. A.Hart, , T. A.Buckland, ,
FerdinandMeyer, , FrederickDings, , SamuelKirk-, , BernardBryan, , George H.Loker, , D. K.Fergu-, , Directors .

Discount Days—Tuesdays and Fridays.

Branches at Weston, Mo., ThomasBeaumont, ,
President , George T.Hulse, , Cashier ; at Warsaw,
Mo., JamesAtkisson, , President , JamesDunn, Jr.,
Cashier .

The Southern Bank Of St. Louis—Office No.
4, Pine street. Incorporated March, 1867. Capital

24 Savings Institutions.
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limit, $l,000,000 ; paid in, $6Oo.Ooo. Par value of
shares, *100.

Offioebs—James 8.Watson, , President ; Jan. H.
Kritton, , Cashier ; R. M.Fnnkhnuser, , Samnel K.
Wilson, , AbnerHond, , E.Kimball, , CharlesMiller, ,
William H.Barksdale, , E. Y.Ware, , E. F.Pittman, ,

John R.Linnberger, , Samnel B.Wiggins, , James S.
Watson, , I. H.Sturgeon, , J. H.Oglcsby, , Directors .

Discount Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

The Southern Bank has two branches, we at In-
dependence, and one at St. Charles.

Savings Institutions.
Boatman'S Savings Institution.

Office northeast corner Pine and Second streets.
Organized, 1848. Capital, $400,000. Par value
of shares, $100.

Officers—SullivanBlood, , President ; Charles
Hodgman, , Cashier ; SullivanBlood, , Carlos S.Gree-, , George K.Budd, , Rufus J.Lackland, , William
D0Ench, , Louis LaBeanme, , Robt.Holmes, . Luther
M.Kennett, , JamesSmith, , J. H.Lucas, , and Asa
Wilgns, , Directors .

Discount Days—Tuesdays and Fridays.

First Ward Savings Institution.

Office 2S4 Carondelet avenue. Organized May, 1857.
Capital, $50,000. Par value of shares, $50.

Officers—ThomasAllen, , President ; F. W.Cro-, , Vice President ; Bobert J.Rnmbauer, , Cash-
ier ; ThomasAllen, , ChristianStaehlin, , Bernard
Hidacher, , F. W.Cronenbold, , WilliamHohlhendar, ,
Directors .

Franklin Savings Institution.

Office Merchants' Exchange Building. Organized
June, 1857. Cash capital, $30,000. Authorized
capital, $500,000. Par value of shares, $100.

Officers —Wm.D'Ceuch, , President ; F.Kinge-, , Cashier ; P.Ambs, , H.Block, , A. C.Cordes, ,
Wm.D'Each, , Charles A.Cuno, , Charles F.Meyer,
H.Meier, , J. J.Hoppe, , Ferdinand A.Reuss, , H. J.
Spaunhorst, , J. C.Nuelsen, , CharlesEggers, , Charles
Taussig, , Directors .

German Savings Institution.

Office No. 1 South Main street. Incorporated, 1853.
Capital, $60,000. Par value of shares, $50.

Officers—RobertBarth, , President ; Charles
Enslin, Secretary and Treasurer ; WaymanCrow, , C.
R.Stinde, , EdwardEggers, , FrancisSuler, , L. C.
Hirschberg, , FelixCoste, , C. G.Martin, , Robert
Barth, , and WilliamPalm, , Directors .

Missouri Mutual Saving Fund And Loan

Meet every second Monday in each month, at 19 Mar-
ket street.

Officers—Jobn H.Wissman, , President ; Gustav.
F.Mueller, , Secretary ; JuliusSchrick, , Treasurer .

North St. Louis Citizens Mutual Sav-
Ings Fund And Loan Association.

Office No. 35 N. Market street. Incorporated May5th, 1857.

Officers—HenryOverstola, . President ; Philip
Stremmel, , Secretary ; Thos. S.Sturgeon, , Treasurer ;
HenryOverstoley, , Thomas L.Sturgeon, , LouisEs-, , LouisRoever, , N. W.Beutzen, , John H,
Dierker, , PhilipStremmel, , Gnstav. HermannSehuh, ,
Peter J.Peters, , and John H.Marquard, , Directors .

Peoples' Savings Institution.

Office, Carondelet avenue, corner of Park avenue.
Amouut of capital, $500,000. Par value of shares,

Officers—HenryPilkington, , President ; Barthol-Rice, , Vice-President ; EmilUlrici, , Cashier ;
Directors , CharlesTausMjr, , WoUlemarFisher, . Ezra
O.English, . IsidorBush, , HenryPilkington, , Barthol-Rice, and EmilUnci, .

Discount Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

Real Estate Savings Institution.

Office No. 72 North Third street. Incorporated
1857. Par value of shares, $50.

Officers—George K.Budd, , President ; Francis
Whitney, , Treasurer ; William M.Morrison, , Oliver
A.Hart, , Thomas E.Tutt, , EdwardHaren, , Charles A.
Pope, , John M.Krum, , George K.Bndd, , MorrisCol-, . John S.McCune, , Robert M.Funkhnuser, , Henry
Whitmore, and John B.Johnson, , Trustees .

State Savings Institution.

Office on Main, corner of Vine street. Incorporated
1852. Capital, $800,000. Par value of shires, $50.

Officers—JohnHow, , President ; IsaacRosen-, Jr., Cashier ; HenryAmes, , John J.Roe, , John
How, , R. J.Lockwood, and James L.Waters, , Direc-
tors .

St. Louis Building. And Savings Associ-

Office No. 49 North Second street. Incorporated
April, 1857. Authorized capital, $500,000. Par
value of shares, $50.

Officers—FelixCoste, , President ; R. M.Funk-, , Vice-President ; P. A.Ladue, , Secretary and
Treasurer ; h. J.Watson, , A. P.Ladew, , S.Jacoby, ,
W. H.Maurice, , J. W.Thornwirgh, , M. L.Pottle, , H.
Boernstein, , FelixCoste, , and R. M.Funkhouser, , Di-
rectors .

Discount days—Tuesdays and Fridays.

St. Louis Domicil Saving And Loan As-

Offiee No. 19, Market street, north side.

Officers—EdmundBurger, , President ; Wm. C.
Lange, , Vice President ; T. H.Hummitsch, , Treas-
urer ; Herman T.Hesse, , Secretary .

United States Savings Institution.

Office northeast corner of Market and Second streets.

Incorporated March, 1857. Capital, $80,000. Par
value of shares, $50.

Officers—JacobTamm, , President ; W.Lohr-, , Treasurer and Secretary .

Insukakcs Companies.
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Insurance Companies.
Fire and Marine Insurance.
America Insurance Company.

Office corner of Second and Pine streets. Incorpo-
rated March 1st, 1855. Capital $150,000.

Officers—James M.Hughes, , President ; S. R.
Clarke, . Secretary .

James M.Hughes, , HenryThayer, , W. W.Bar-, , George D.Appleton, , Lucius H.Terry, , John R.
Lionberger, , George D.Hall, , Lee R.Shryock, , Miles
Sells, , Graham L.Hughes, and Frank H.Tucker, , Di-
rectors .

Atlantic Insurance Company.

Office, Merchants' Exchange Building. Organized
1854. Amount of capital authorized, $500,000.
Par value of shares, $100.

Officers—John B.Carson, , President ; Phillips
Crow, , Vice-President ; C. C.Ferguson, , Secretary .
John F.Darby, , AlbertBecker, , J. S.Cavender, ,
PhillipsCrow, , A. R.Bowman, , S. G.Reed, , John B.
CarRon, , D. J.Hancock, , ThomasBurke, , Joseph P.
Wilkinson, , F. J.Heitkamp, , Henry S.Reed, , J. A.
Jameson, , John J.Mudd, , M. L.Pottle, , William A.
Hargadine, . R. M.Funkhouser, , Charles W,Keiser, ,
Robert H.Davis, and James J.Garrard, , Directors .

Citizens' Ins. Company, Of Missouri.

Office, No. 41, North Main street. Organized 1837.
Capital $350,000. Par value of shares $100.

Officers—WilliamRenshaw, sr., President ; Wil- D.Wood, , Secretary .

Joseph H.Oglesby, , John F.Mauntel, , E. B.Kim-, , William H.Benton, , WilliamRenshaw, sr., P. A.
Berthold, , B. J.Gilman, , CharlesTillman, , C. P.Ralli, ,
Directors .

Commercial Insurance Company.

Office, southwest corner Main and Pine Rtreets, In-
corporated 1855. Capital $100,000. Par value of
shares $100.

Officers—B. W.Alexander, , President ; William
Dean, , Vii'e-President ; William M.Price, , Secretary .
IsaacWalker, , S. C.Hunt, , Wm,.Dean, , LynusJack-, , B. W.Alexander, , E.Miltenberger, , Chas. H.
Peck, , Wm. M.Price, , Wm. S.Cuddy, , Directors .

Franklin Insurance Company.

Office, Merchants' Exchange Building. Organized
May 16th, 1855, Capital $200,000. Par value of
shares $100.

Officers—WilliamD'Cench, , President ; C. F.
Meyer, , Vice-President ; LouisDuestrow, , Secretary .
HenryBlock, , WilliamD'Cench, , C. F.Meyer, , Chas.
Taussig, , Chas. A.Cuno, , H.Meier, , A. C.Cordes, , H. J.
Spaunhorst, and J. C.Nuelsen, , Directors .

FrederickHeeman, , Agent .

Globe Mutual Insurance Company.

Office, Merchants' Exchange Building. Organized
May, 1653. Capital $153,000; par value of shares,

Officers—W. W.Greene, , President ; Edwd.Mead, ,
Vice President ; C. D.Blossom, , Secretary .

D. S.Carter, , W. W.Greene, , N.Wall, , JamesFer-, , W. J.Lewis, , SamuelMuNeilly, , R. C.McAl-, , JohnScott, and EdwardMead, , Directors .

Home Mutual Insurance Company.

Office, Main street, southeant comer of Vine street.
Chartered 1845. Amount of premiumnotes,$807,-
932, "face."

Officers— Isaac L.Garrison, , President ; T. L.
Sali-sbury, , Secretary ; John F.Darby, , Treasurer .-
Daniel D.Page, , James E.Yeatman, , TheronBar-, , WyllysXing, , J. C.Havens, , JohnWhitehill, ,
SamuelRussell, , H. T.Darrah, aud Isaac L.Garrison, ,
Director .

Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Of St. Louis.

Office, n.north e.east corner of Second and Pine streets.

Officers—Thomas E.Tutt, , President ; A. F.Shap-, , Vice President ; Isaac M.Veitch, , Secretary ;
Robert M.Renick, , Treasurer .

Thomas E,Tutt, , John A-Brownlee, , Gerard B.Al-, , William H.Oilman, , N. J.Eaton, , TaylorBlow, ,
Rufus J.Lackland, , A. M.Waterman, , A. F.Bhap-, , Edward A.Filley, , L. D.Baker, , Tisaac S.Smyth, ,
Robert M.Renick, , AlexanderFinley, , R. M.Parks, ,
W. H.Pritchartt, , Directors .

Lumbermen And Mechanics' Insurance

Office,s.south w.west corner of Main and Pine streets. Incor-
porated 1851. Capital $200,000-$100,000 paid in:
par value of shares, $l00.

Officers —B. M.Runyan, . President ; John N.
Pritcbard, , Secretary .

WilliamPatrick, , RobertHolmes, , J. C.Powell, , A.
M.Bissell, , E.Simmons, , R. H.Stone, , JohnMcDowell, ,
L. C.Hirschberg, , B. M.Runyan, , Directors .

Marine Insurance Company Of St. Louis

Office, Locost,s.south w.west comer of Main Btreet. Incorpo-
rated Dec. 13,1836. Capital, $300,000.

Officers—DanielHough, , President ; Henry W.
Hough, , Secretary .

D.Hough, . R. P.Hanenkamp, . C. S.Greeley, , James
P.Fiske, , S. M.Edgell, , Geo. S.Drake, , JohnTilden, ,
W. P.Scott, . GeorgePegram, , P. R.McCreery, , Wyl-King, , E. B.Kirby, , Geo. D.HomphreyB, , Directors .

Merchants' Mutual Insurance Company

Office, No. 63 North Main street. Organized Ang.1st. 1852. Capital, $300,000; par value of shares,

Officers—H. I.Bodley, . President ; W. M.Morri-, . Vice President ; Samuel H.Lowry, , Secretary .

H. I.Bodley, , W. M.Morrison, , John J.Roe, , Henry
Ames, ; AlbertPearce, , C. S.Greeley, , A. C.God din, ,
J. C.Cabot, , E. J.Glasgow, , W. C.Kennett, , Silas
Hicks, Jr., P. W.Heermans, , W. T.Christy, , G. W.
Parker, , JohnTriplett, , W. H.Pittman, , A. G.Swit-, , M.Branham, , GaryGratz, , R. V.Kercheval, , J.
F.Small, , Trustees .

Millers' And Manufacturers' Insu-
Rance Company.

Office No. 43 North Main street. Organized, Janua-ry 1851. Capital, $150,000; par value of shares

Officers—John A.Brownlee, , President , John W.
Clark, , Secretary.

J. A.Brownlee, , J. W.Luke, , DennisMarks, , J. P.
Helfenstein, , T. A.Buckland, , E. C.Sioan, , E. O.RoB, , HenryWhitmore, , GeorgePegram, , J. E.Elder, ,
J. H.Oglesby, , JohnChristopher, , R. M.Funkhouser, ,
Directors .

Missouri State Mutual Fire And Marine
Insurance Company.

Office, No. 68 North Main street. Incorporated,
1849. Capital $400,000; par value of shares $100.

Officers—Stephen M.Edgell, , President ; Rich- S.Elliot, , Secretary .

J. S.McCune, , E.Wyman, , JamesSmith, , S. M.
Edzell, , C. H.Perk, . A.Meier, , B. W.Alexander, , C. S.
Greeley, and D. D.Page, , Directors .

Mound City Mutual Fire And Marine
Insurance Company Of St. Loots, Mo.

Office N.E. corner Second and Pine streets, Incor-
porated 1855. Capital, $300,000.

26 Insurance Oompanies.
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Officers—Daniel R.Garrison, , President ; Charles
K.Dickson, , Vice President . David H.Bishop, , See
retay . John P.Darby, , Treasurer .

WyflysKing, , Jas. S.Watson, , B. J.Loekwood, . D. K.
Ferguson, , C. K.Dickson, , RobertHolmes, , AsaWil-, , E. N.Leeds, , Daniel R.Garrison, , Directors .

Pacific Insurance Company.

Office, southwest corner or Main and Pine streets.
Capital, (half paid in) $225,000.

Officers—JobnMcNeil, , President . AlexisMudd,
Vice President . Walter B.Foster, , Secretary .

JohnMcNeil, , Samuel B.Wiggins, , WilliamMath-, , AlexisMudd, , William P.Scott, , T. M.Taylor, ,
William C.Watts, , Directors .

Phcenix Insurance Company.

Office southeast corner of Main and Vine streets.
Organized, 1849. Capital, $250,000 ; par value of
shares $100.

JohnHow, , President . A. F.Shapleigh, , Vice Pres-
ident . William H.Pritehartt, , Secretary .

William C.Orr, , R.Sellew, , WilliamDean, , J. A.
Jamison, , John P,Ziseman, , Thomas E.Tutt, , A. C.
Goddin, , S. N.Kellogg, . R. B.Whittemore, , George
W.Thatcher, , JohuHow, , A. F.Shapleigh, , A.Mc, , John L.Finney, , William A.Moffett, . W. H.
Oilman, , WilliamYoung, , Directors .

St. Louis Floatinc Deck And Insurance

Office No. 59, North Main street. Incorporated
1837. Capital $137,000. Par value of shares $100.

Officers—Walker R.Carter, , President ; John C.
Bull, , Vice President ; William J.Felter, , Secretary .

W. R.Carter, , John C.Bull, , Jas. W.Davenport, , R.
H.Stone, , J. B.Sickles, , E. W.Brown, , D. W.Bell, ,
Chas.Tillman, , George D.Humphreys, , S.Freeman, ,
H. J.Buor, , Jno. J.Hoppe, , Chas. W.Gauss, , Direc-
tits .

St. Louis Insurance Company.

Office No. 70 North Main street. Incorporated 1837.
Capital $300.000. Par value of shares $100.

Officers—George K.McGunuigle, , President ;
ThomasWebster, , Secretary .

Geo. K.McGunuigle, , Jas. E.Yoalman, , Laurason
Levering, , W. T.Christy, , AdolphusMuir, , E. Y.
Ware, . Sam'l K.Wilson, , AbnerHood, , CharlesMiller, ,
Geo.Knapp, , J. S.Lemoine, , T.Grimsby, , A. N.
Bjrthond, , Directors .

St. Louis Mutual Insurance Company.

Office Market, corner of Second street. Incorpora-
ted February 22,1851. Capital $500,000.

Officers—John C.Vtgal, , President ; John E.
Schuetrye, , Treasurer ; T.Thuemmler, , Secretary .

John O.Vogal, , EdwardEggers, , G.Gehrke, , John
E.Schuetrye, , AdolphKehr, , FrederickBcrgesch, ,
RobertHennig, , ArthurAshaosen, and JacobTamm, ,
Directors .

St. Louis Perpetual Ins, Company.

Office on Main street, north-east corner of Olive. In-
corporated 1837. Capital $200,000. Par value of
shares $100.

Officers—WaymanCrow, , President ; S. A.Ran-, , Secretary .

WaymanCrow, , JohnCavender, , RobertBarth, , Ed-Eggers, , DavidAnderson, , P. H.Wiliard, , Phil-Crow, , L.Levering, , C. G.Martin, , John S.Caven-, , Edward C.Pike, , P. A.Child, , A.Fennent, . Al-Kelly, , GeorgePartridge, , W. B.Hasseltine, , Ed-Brown, . GeorgeTodd, , WilliamBennett, , S. R.
Filley, aud William F.Enders, , Directors .

Union Insurance Company.

Office No. 67, North Main street. Incorporated
1837. Capital $200,000. Par value of shares $100.

Officers—F. L.Ridgely, , President ; John Da'C.
Taylor, , Secretary .

H.Von, Phul, , I. W.Dutcher, , S. H.Lallin, , T
H.Larkin, . R. P.Havenkamp, , W. L.Ewing, , F. L
Rridgly, , TaylorBlow, . M. T.Chiles, , R. K.Woods, ,

J. T.Douglas, , A. W.lagia, and T. S.Rutherford, ,
Directors .

United States Insurance Company.

Office No. 63, North Main street. Orgaoiaed Febru-ary 24th. 1855. Capital $150,000. Par value or
shares $100.

Officers—John J.Roe, , President ; D. A.Janu-, . Vice President , William U.Petttu, , Teeretary .

P. M.Howae, , N.Walt, , E. A.Corbet, , Jno. J.Roe, ,
A. G.Edwards, , AlbertPearce, , D. A.January, , Geo.
R.Robinson, . Wm.Hubbard, , HenryAmes, , R. J.
Gackwood, , Wm. C.Watts, , Geo. W.Hatcher, , J. B.
Alexander, and E. B.Allen, , Directors .

Washington Mutual Fire Insurance
Company Of St. Louis.

Office No. 22 Market street. Incorporated Nov. 21,1857.

Officers—Charles W.Gottschalk, , President ; Ar-Olshausen, , Secretary .

Charles W.Horn, , Johu H.Burkhardt, , George F.
Dittnian, , Hermann H.Meier, . F. H.Latteruord, , G.
Martin, , Joha H.Eisse, , and Charles W.Gottschalk, ,
Directors .

Western Mutual Fire And Marine In
Surance Company Of St. Louis.

Office southeast coiner of Main and Market streets.
Organized August 1857.

Officers—Oliver A.Hart, , President ; Alton R.
Easton, , Vice President ; D. B.Wilson, , Secretary ; J.
W.Wills, , Treasurer .

Oliver A.Hart, , Alton R.Easton, , James S.Watson, ,
R. M.Parks, , S. H.Bailey, , JoshuaHouston, , Wesley
Fallon, , LouisEspenachied, , Daniel T.Wright, , J. W.
Wills, , James A.Rogers, , FerdinandMeyer, , L. D.Bi-, , W. B.May, , and DavidPearce, , Dimeters .

SamuelEllis, , General Agent .

Life Insurance.
German Mutual Life Insurance Com-
Pany Of St. Louis.

Office No. 22 Market street. Perpetual charter, dated
November 23d, 1857. Guaranty Fund, $50,000.

Officers—Charles W.Horn, , President ; T. H.
Schneider, , Vice President ; ArthurOlshausen, , Sec-
retary and Treasurer .

FrederickBergesch, , T. H.Schneider, , Francis
Saler, , Christoph A.Stitel, . WilliamStumpf, , Francis
Kreuning, , Dr.FrederickHauck, , T.Thuermmler, , Geo.
Ghei ke, , ArthurOlshausen, , AdolphusKehr, , G.Martin, ,
Charles W.Horn, , ChristianStaehlin, , Charles F.Blat-, , Directors .

St. Louis Mutual Life Insurance

Office, Pine,s.south e.east corner of Second street.

Offeres—SamuelWilli, , President ; Danl. H.Don-, , Vice President ; John W.Wills, , Treasurer , W.
T.Selby, , Secretary .

SamuelWilli, , Daniel H.Donovan, , John W.Wills, ,
WilliamRisley, , Charles H.Peck, , Charles W.McCord, ,
John F.Thornton, , Henry B.Belt, , FrancisBeehler, ,
johnHogan, , WilliamBennett, and P. S.Kennard, ,
Directors .

The Covenant Mutual Life Insurance
Company Of St. Louis.

Office, n.north e.east corner of Second and Pine streets. In
eorporated 1853. Guarantie fund, $50,000.

Officers—Gerard B.Allen, , President ; Hon.Sam-Treat, , Vice President ; Isaac M.Veitco, , Secretary .

John S.Moore, M.D., and J. R.Washington, M.
D., Examining Physicians .

J. B.Johnson, M.D., Hon.SamuelTreat, , Gerard
B.Allen, . A. F.Shapleigh, , Thomas E.Tutt, , Alexan-Peterson, Jr., Wm A.Moffett, , Samuel H.Bailey, ,
D. H.Lackman, , A. G.Braun, , Benj. F.Crane, , Taylor
Blow, , J. W.Thurnburgh, , NicholasWall, , F. H.Man-, and FrederickRoever, , Trustees .

Incorporated Companies.
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Board of Underwriters.

Office, Main,s.south w.west corner of Pine street.

Franklin L.Ridgeley, , President .

James S.Chew, , Secretary .

Nathaniel J.Eaton, , Agent .

Theodore w.Dunniea, , Inspector .

Henry W.Smith, , Inspector .

Consuls, Froeign.

Belgium—Charies L.Hount, , 33 Chesnet,

France—LouisParis, , 120 n.north Fourth.

German Strates—E. C.Angelredt, . 12 City Bidgs.

Hanover—AdolphnsMeier, , 23 n.north Main.

Netrerlands—F. R.ToeWater, , 89 n.north Second.

Sardinia—LouisParis, , 120 n.north Fourth

Spain—Robert H.Betts, , 33 n.north Main.

Incorporated Companies.
Belcher'S Sugar Refining Companay.

Lewis street, between O'Fuilon and Bites streets.
Office No. 6 Olive sliert.

Wm. H.Belcher, , President .

Edward Y.Ware, , Secretary .

Belleville And St. Louis Oil Company.

Office 85 Chesnut st.

Carondelet Marine Railway Dock

Incorporated December 12. 1855Office No. 64
North Levee.

Collier White Lead And Oil Company.

Clark avenue, corner of Tenth street. Office No. 15
South Main street. Incorporated l850. Capital

Henrv T.Blow, , President .

ThomasRicheson, , Secretary .

EdwardBredell, , Henry T.Blow, , and A. L.Lyle, ,
Directors .

Keokuk Packet Company.

Incorporated 1851.

John S.Mulliken, , President .

NapoleonMulliken, , Secretary

J. S.McCume, . AlexisMudd, S.Thayear, , G. B.
Smyth, , J. M.Hujrhes, Directors .

Laclede Hotel Company.

Office 31 Green. Incorported 1855 with an author-
ized cash capital of $500,000, divided into shares
of $100 each.

Levin H.Baker, , President .

F. B.Schuter, , Secretary and Treasurer .

Missouiu Wine Company,

Cass av.avenue , corner of Fillmore Street. Office No. 58
north Third street.

Wm.Glasgow, Jr., President .

AmadeValle, , Secretary and Treasurer .

Pilot Knob Iron Company.

Incorportated 1855. Charter expires 1890. Capital
$1,000,000; divided into 10,000 shares, $100 each.

John S.McCune, , President .

Joseph S.Pease, , Secretary and Treasurer .

John S.McCune, , James H.Lieas, , Louis V.Bogy, ,
C. C.Zieghter, , JohnTilden, , Diretors .

Southern Hotel Company, Of St. Louis.

Office, No. 33 Chesnut stree. Incorporated, 1855.

ThorntonGrimsley, , President .

WashingtonKing, , Secretary .

John J.Anderson, , Treasurer .

St. Louis Bagging And Rope Manufac-
Turing Company.

Twelrth street, corner of Austin street. Office No.
35 Chesnut street.

Lauraiciftlevering, , President .

St. Louis Gas Light Company.

Office No. 31 Pine street. Capital $600,000.

Lousi LaBeaume, , President .

EdwardStagg, , Secretary .

ThomasPratt, , Superintendent .

AlexanderLargue, , Inspeetor .

Charles E.Dunn, , Sup,Pub. Lamps .

Lousi LaBeaume, , Olliver A.Hart, , Charles H.
Peck, , AsaWilgus, , Richard J.Lockwood, , John D.
Toalter, , BenjaminStickney, , JohnWithnell, , John
Oden, Directors

St. Louis Shot Tower Company.

Lewis street, between Bates and Smith. Office No.
38 Commercial Stree. Incorporated 1857.

Gideon W.Chadbourne, , President .

TheodoreForster, , Secretary .

Western River Imphoyement And Wreck-
Ing Company.

Office No. 47 north Main, warehouse, 252 north Main
street. Incorporated 1857. Capital $235,000. Par
value of shares $100.

James B.Eads, , President .

S. H.Laflin, , Vice President .

Wm. S.Nelson, , Superintendent .

Wm. C.Buchanan, , Secretary .

Charles K.Dickson, , Treasurer .

Charles K.Dickson, , Joseph H.Oglesby, , S.. CharlesTillman, , Wm. S.Nelson, . S. A.Buckland, ,
and James B.Eads, , Directors .

28 Railroads.
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Terre Haute, Alton And St. Louis Rail
Road Co.

General Office, n.north e,cor. 4th and Olive streets; Gen-
eral Freight Depot, n.north w.west cor. 2nd arid Poplar
streets. Ticket office, No. 32, 4th street, under
Planter' House.

Officers—Edwin C.Litchfield, , President ; Jas.
A.liaynnr, , Vice President nnd Superintendent ; B.
F.Filield, , General Pastenger Agent ; W. R.Hull, .
Cashier ; A.Ware, Sr., General Book-keeper ; J. H.
Morlev, , Engineer ; F. M.Colhurn, , Ticket Agent ;
E. H.Moffatt, . Clerk ; JamesBeebee, , General Freight
Agent ; W. R.Gongh, , Clerk .

Trains lcate Passenger Depot, East St. Louis.

Distance bet.
Station Distance from
St. Louis
4.7 Ogles 4.7
3.0 Centerville 7.7
4.0 Jarrott's 11.7
2.8 East St. Louise 14.5
1.0 Illinoistown 15.5
9.0 Nameoki 24.5
10.0 Junction 34.5
4.5 Alton 39.0
4.4 Bethalto 38.9
2.0 Moro 40.9
3.2 Dorsey's 44.1
5.4 Bunker Hill 49.5
9.0 Gillespie 58.5
5.1 Clyde 63.6
4.6 Litchfield 68.2
8.0 Butler 76.2
3.3 Hillsboro 79.5
6.2 Irving 85.7
9.5 Nokomis 195.2
8.0 Rosamund 103.2
4.5 pana 107.7
7.0 Tower Hill 114.7
7.9 Shelbyville 122.6
2.2 Thornton 124.8
9.6 Windsor 134.4
6.0 Summit 140.4
6.0 Mattoon 146.4
10.5 Chrleston 157.0
8.6 Ashomre 165.0
4.5 Kansas 170.1
4.0 Dudley 174.1
9.1 Paris 183.2
5.0 Kentucky 188.2
1.5 Vermillion 189.7
4.0 Sanford's 193.7
4.2 St. Mary' 97.9
4.0 Terre Haute 201.9

St.Louis Alton And Chicago R.R.Co.

Officers—J. A.Matteson, , President , Springfield
Illions; A. H.Moore, , Suprintendent , Bloomington;
S. H.Williams, , General Ticket Agent , Bloomington;
C.Roadning, General Freight Agent , Bloomington;
E. B.Brown, , General Agent , St. Louis.

Ticket Offices, No. 27 Fourth street, and No.19
North Levee.

Freight Office, No. 19 North Levee.

East St. Louis. Miles from palce to place Aggregate Distance.
Alton 25
Brighton 7 11½
Providence 14
Shipman 5 19
Plainview 4 23
Macoupin 27½
Carlinville 6 33½
Nilwood` 9 42½
Girard 46½
virden 4 50
Auburn 56½
Chatham 6 62½
Wood Side 66
G.W.R.R. Junction 4 70
Springfield 2 72
Sangamon 5 77
Sherman 2 79
Williamsville 5 84
Elkhart 6 91
Broadwell 5 95
Lincoln 100½
Lawn Dale 107
Atlanta 4 111
MclLean 5 117
Funk's Grove 120½
Shirley 4 124½
Bloomington 131
I.C.R.R.Junction 2 133
Towanda 7 139
Lexigton 8 147
Peoria Junction 154½
Rook Creek 160
Pontiac 5 165
Cayuga 5 170
Odell 175½
Dwight 8 138½
Gardner 9 192½
Stewart's Grove 5 197½
Wilmigton 204
Elwood 7 211
Jolit 9 220
Lockport 224½
Athens 232
Summitt 13 245
Brighton Course 7 252
Brigeport 253
Chicgo 281½.

Railroads. 29
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Great Wabash Valley Route.
St. Louis, Alton And Chicago, Great
Western, Of Illinois, And Toledo
And Wabash, And Western Rail-

Offices, southeast comer of Fourth and Pine streets,
and corner of Vine aud Levee.

This route is composed of the above roads, but is
run as one road from St. Louis to Toledo.

Toledo, Wabash And Western Railroad.

A.Boody, , President , New York.

W.Colbnrn, , Vice-President , Toledo.

Geo. H.Bun-owes, , Superintendent .

Great Western Railroad, Of Illinois.

J.Griswold, , President , New York.

A.Mitchell, . Superintendent .

B.Stockwell, , General Freight Agent .

C. A.Wilson, , General Ticket Agent . Springfield,

RalphWalker, . General Agent , St. Louis.

Stations. Distances
from East
St. Louis
Alton 25
Great Western Junction 70 95
Springfield 2 97
Decatyre 39 136
Zolono 37 173
Danville 36 209
Attica 26 235
Lafayette 21 256
Longansport 37 293
Peru 16 309
Fort Wayne 56 365
Toledo 94 459

North Missouri Railroad Co.

Office, Locust street, northwest corner of Fourth.

Thomas B.Hudson, , President ; PhilipLanham, ,
Vice-President ; ArlhurKemphnd, , Secretary ; Robert
Walker, , Chief Engineer ; J. H.Gamble, , General
Freight Agmt .

Trains leave Depot, North Market, cor. Second st.

On North Missouri Railroad
Distance from
St. Louis
St. Louis.
Graham's 11½
Bridgeton 13½
Section 16 16½
F. Landing. 19¼
St. Charles. 19¾
Dardenne 29½
O'Fallon 34
Perruque. 37¼
Wentzville 42¼
Millville 47½
Wright's. 51¾
Warrenton 59¼
Jonesburg. 69
High Hill 73½
Florence 77½
Montgomery 83
Wellsburg 90¼
Martinshburg 95¼
Jeftstown 102
Mexico 108½
Ceutralia 122
Sturgeon. 130
Renick. 140
Allen. 147¼
Jacksonville 158
Hudson. 168¾

St. Louis And Iron Mountain Railroad

Offices.south w.west corner Main and Chesnut street.

Officers—L. V.Bogy, , President ; Henry B.
Belt, , Vice President : HearyCheeks, , Secretary and
Treasurer ; J. B.Moulton, , Chief Engineer and
Superintendent ; James A.Felps, , Assist.Sup't ;
Henry G.Whitney, , General Ticket Agent .

Trains leave from the passenger and Freight Deport,
s. Main between Plum and Cedar.

St. Louis.
Depots And Station Distances from
pilot Knob.
St. Louis 80½
Lami Street 85
6 carondelet 80½
8 Ivory's 79½
Jefferson Barracks 76¾
14 Grimsleyu's 72½
18 Jefferson 68½
21 Kimmswick 65¼
21¼ Windsor Harbour 65½
23 Sulphur Springs 63½
26 Illinois 60½
27½ Peevly 59
30 Horines 56½
32½ Bailey's 54
35½ Hemetite 51
39 Victoria 47½
42½ De Soto 44
47 Tunnel 39½
59 Blackwell's 36½
54 Lawson's 32½
57 Cadet 29½
61 Mineral Point 25½
65 Hopewell 21½
69¼ Irondale 17¼
74½ Blariville 12
77½ Dent's 9
80¾ Iron Mountain
83 Middle Brook
88½ Pilot Knob

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Ohio And Mississippi Railroad.

General Office, corner of Main and Walnut. St. Louis
Freight Depot. comer of Carr and Second.St.
Louis; Ticket Office, cor. Fourth and Chesnut, and
Pine and Levee.

Officers—S. M.Barlow, . President , residence,
N.Y.; H. D.Bacon, , fiet President , St. Louis;
Thorn.Brown, , Treasurer , St. LouisW. H.Clement, ,
General Superindent , Ohio: H. C.Creveling, . Assis-
tant Superintendent , St. Louis; ThomasLough, ,
General Freight Agent , Ohio; G. W.Jenks, , Freight
Agent , St. Louis; P. W.Strader, , Gentral Ticket
Agent , Cincinnati ; G. W,Ford, , General Agent ,
St. Louisn.w.west c.corner> Fourth and Chesnut street.

Distances from
St. Louis.
Depots And Stations. Distances from
0 St.Louis 339
0 Illooistown 339
8 Caseyville 331
14 O'Fallon 325
22 Lebanon 317
25 Summerfield 314
29 Tremton 310
33 Aviston 306
37 Shoal Greek 302
45 Carlyle 294
51 Collius 288
59 Sandoval 280
Grossing Illinois Central Road,
to Cairo, 118 miles
62 Junction C B 277
68 Salem 271
77 Middleton 262
85 Xenia 254
94 Flora 245
101 Maysville 238
108 Noble 231
116 Olney 223
122 Claremont 217
125 Hadley 214
128 Summer 211
138 Lawrenecville 201
147 Vincenes (anc. Fr. & In. city) 192
Crossing Evansville and Craw-
fordsville Road.
160 Louisville Road 179
167 Washington 172
181 Logootee 158
190 shoals 149
198 Green Spring 141
201 Harrisonville Road 138
213 Mitchell 126
Crossing New Albany and Salem
226 Fort Ritner 113
229 Turn Table 110
233 Medora 106
242 Velonia 100
249 Brownstown 97
255 Seymour 87
Crossing Jeffersonville Road
261 Hardenbergh 78
267 North Vernon 72
Crossing Madison Railroad
274 Butlerville 65
277 Nebraska 62
281 Holton 58
Distances, Stations and Depots, — Co9ntinued
284 Poston 55
288 Osgood 51
290 Laughery Creek 49
293 Delaware 46
297 Milan 42
300 Moore's Hill 39
306 Dillsborough 33
314 Aurora 25
318 Lawrenceburgh 21
Junction Indianapolis and Cincin-
nati Railroad
323 Pike 16
325 North Bend 14
Tomb of General Harrison.
339 Delhi 10
334 Colloms 5
338 Storrs 1
339 Cincinnati

Pacific Railroad Company.

Office Kennett's Buildings.south s.south Chesnut, between Third
Fourth streets.

Officers—John M.Wimer, , President ; Frederick
L.Billon, , Secretary and Treasurer ; John G.Prieitt, ,
Vice President ; Edw.Stiller, , CltieJ Engineer ; Edw.
W.Wallace, , General locket Agent ; ThomasMcKis-, . Superintendent ; DanielTrowbridge, , Auditor .

Freight Depot, 14th street, corner of Austin street.

Ticket office 42 n.north Fourth street.

Trains leave Passenger Depot, Seventh street, be-
tweeu Poplar and Cerre.

Distance from
St. Louis
Depots And Stations. Distance from
St. Louis, 7th Street 162¾
" 14th " 162¼
Cheltenham 158
Laclede 155
10 Webster 152¾
13 Kirkwood 149¾
16 Barretts 146¾
18½ Meramee 144¼
22½ Gravel Switch No.1 140¼
24 St. Paul 138¾
25 Gravel Snatch, No.2 137¾
26 Glencoe 136¾
28 Waldstein Switch 134¾
29 Eureka 133¾
32 Allenton 130¾
33 DozierSwitch 127¾
37 Franklin 125¾
40¼ Gray's Summit 122¼
44 Labadie 118¾
52 South Point 110¾
54 Washington 108¾
61¾ Newport 101
66 Miller's Landing 96¼
74¼ Berger 88½
81 Hermann 81¾
88 Gasconade 74¾
99½ Chamois 63¼
105½ St. Aubert 57¼
108½ L'ours Creek 54¼
112 Bonnot's Mill 50¾
116¾ Osage 46¼
125 Jefferson City 37¾
132¼ Scott 30½
140 Look Out 22¾
150¼ California 12½
162¾ Tipton

Differences In Time. Etc.
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Difference in Time between St. Lonis and other Places.

Fast H. M. S.
Albany, N.Y. 1 07 02
Alexandria, Va 0 52 45
Auburn, N.Y. 0 55 09
Annapolis Md. 0 55 04
Ashtabula, Ohio 0 37 52
Augusta, Ga 0 33 25
Bangor, Me 1 25 53
Boston, Mass 1 16 14
Brunswick, Me 1 21 21
Brooklyn, N.Y 1 05 03
Burlington, Vt 1 08 21
Buffalo, N.Y 0 45 21
Burlington N.J 0 01 32
Chicag, Ill 0 10 59
Cambridge, Mass 1 16 29
Concord, N.H 1 15 05
Charleston, S.C. 0 41 11
Columbia, S.C. 0 36 33
Cleveland, Ohio 0 34 20
Columbus, Ohio. 0 28 49
Cincinnati,Ohio 0 23 02
Dorchester, Mass 1 16 44
Dover, Del 1 19 01
Dunkirk,l N.Y. 0 43 35
Erie, pa 0 40 30
Frederickton,N.B. 1 24 01
Halifax, N.S. 1 46 35
Hartford, conn 1 10 18
Hudson, Ohio. 0 35 22
Hurna, Ohio. 0 30 51
Indianapolis Ind 0 16 41
Jackson, Miss 0 00 29
Kenton, Ohio 0 26 32
Louisville, Ky 0 19 01
Lowell, Mass 1 15 45
Lexington, Ky 0 23 49
Mobile, Ala 0 09 05
Montpelier, Vt 1 10 37
Montreal, C.E. 1 06 41
Milledgeville, Ga 0 27 42
Nashville. Tenn 0 13 40
New Orleans, La 0 01 00
Nsewport, R, I 1 15 44
Fast. H. M. S.
Norwich, Conn 1 12 33
New Haven. Conn 1 09 14
New York, N. Y 2 04 56
Norfolk, Va 0 55 46
Portland, Me 1 20 07
Portsomouth, N.H. 1 17 58
Princeton, N. J 1 02 25
philadelpnia, Pa 1 00 22
Pittshuirgh, pa 0 40 53
Quebec, C.E. 1 15 57
Richmond, Va 0 51 11
Rochester, N.Y. 0 49 37
Raleigh, N.C 0 45 49
Salem, Mass 1 17 26
Springfield, Mass 1 10 38
Springfield, Illinios 0 02 49
Schenectady, N.Y. 1 05 21
Sandusky city Ohio 0 30 11
Sandusky city, Ohio 0 25 41
Tuscaloosa, Ala 0 10 13
Trenton, N.J. 1 02 25
Tiffin, Ohio 0 28 21
Toledo, Ohio 0 26 56
Vincennes, Ind 0 11 21
West Point, N.Y 1 05 11
Wheeling, Va 0 38 13
Dublin, Ireland 5 35 52
London, England 6 00 38
Paris, France 6 00 38
Rome, Italy 6 50 20
Constantinople 7 56 40
St. Petersburg 8 02 16
Geneva 6 25 38
Berlin 6 54 31
Vienna 7 06 31
Jefferson City, M. 0 07 31
Little Rock, Ark 0 07 38
Natchez, Miss 0 04 74

River Distance from St. Louis
Lower Mississippi

Sr. Louis To
Jefferson Barracks 10
Maramec River 19
St. George 60
Kaskaskia River Ill 75
Chester Ill 76
Cape Girardeau. Mo. 139
Mouth Ohio River 175
Hickman.Ky 217
Obeon River. Tenn 320
Batchee river, Tenn 360
Wolf River 427
St. Francis River 483
Yazoo Pass, Miss 501

Lower Mississippi.

St. Louis To
White River. Ark 504
Arkansas River 580
Grand Lake Landing, Ark 682
Young's Point La 762
Yazzo River. Miss
Vicksburgh, Miss 774
Big Balck River 823
Grand Gulf 825
Natchez. Miss 886
Red River Landing, La 951
Rato Rouge, La 1027
New Orleans 1166
Mouths of the Miss 1268

Upper Mississippi.

St. Louis To
Alton 25
Grattan 43
Cap au Gris 67
Falmouth 82
Hamburgh 87
Clarksville 105
Louissiana 117
Scott's Landing 123
Cincinnati 130
Hannibal 148
Marion City 158
Quincy 168
LaGrange 181
Canton 189

Upper Mississippi.

St. Louis To
Tully 190
Alexandria and Warsaw 210
Keokuk 215
Montrose 227
Navuvoo 229
Fort Madison 239
Burlington 260
Oquawka 275
Keithsburgh 287
New Boston 294
Port Louisa 304
Muscatine 324
Drury's Landing 327
Fairport 333

32 River Distances.
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River Distances from St. Louis.---Continued.
Upper Mississippi.

St. Louis To
Rock Island 359
Hampton 371
Le Claire and Tort Byron 379
Cordova 384
Camacnehe 394
Albany 396
Fulton City and Lyons 406
Sabula 424
Savannah 426
Felleview 446
Mouth Fever River 454
Galena, up Fever Reiver 461
Pubuque 474
Waperloon 496
Puena Vista 501
Casviile 509
Guttenburgh 519
Clayton City 593
Wyalusing 538
Wiscnison River 542
McGregor's 546
Prairie Du Chein 549
Lnasing 584
Winneshick 592
Victory 598
Warner 612
Brownville 627
La Crosse 629
Mouth Blakc River 561
Montoville 661
Wenona 971
Fountain City 681
Whiteater 694
Wabasha 721
Reed's Landng 724
Bullard's 746
Redwing 752
Prescott 782
Point Douglas 784
Hastings 790
St. Paul 820
Forts Snelling 828
Falls St. Anthony 837

Missouri River.

St. Louis to
Mouth Missourie 20
Bellefontian Bend 35
Clarboenr 35
St. Charlec 45
Howares Bnd 57
Beonhomme Island 58
Cottleville Lanfing 60
Howell's Ferry 62
Ioziers 67
Port Royal 68
St. Alban's 70
Augsuta 71
Jones' Point 78
South Point 81
Waslington 84
St Johns' Lband 87
Heantherlys' Landgin 98
Miller's Landing 98
Pinciney and Griswold 101
Rates Wood Yare 111
Herman 110
Mouth Cascolnade River 127
Ponnells Landgin 135
Portland 141
Fishers' Landing 146
St. Aubert 151
Smths's Landign 151
Kings' Landing 160
Bennett's Landing 162
Mouth Osage 164
Mouth Moreaun 166
Jefferson City 174
Claysville 184
Stanley's Wood Yard 188
Marion 191
Eureak Landing 197
Martins Landing 198
Nashville 205
Providence 207
Moore's Landing 299
Mount Vernon 212
Rocheport 220
Boonville 232
Mouth Lamine 240
Arrow Rock 247
Lisbon 253
Little Arrow Rock 257
Bluff Port 263
Glasgow 266
Cambridge 275
Keytsville Landgn 285
Buck Horn Point 293
Brunswick 301
Grand River 302
Windosr City 309
Miani 316
Thomas' Wood Yard 322
Chicken Point 336
Hill's Landing 342
St. Thomas and Waverly 347
Dover Landgin 360
Berlin 362
Lexington 372
Farmville Landing 373
Weltington 380
Camden 390
Napoleon 398
Fishign River 403
Sibjey 408
Richfield 422
El Paso Landing 429
Blue Mills 436
Liberty 443
Wayne City 450
Maxwell's Landing 452
Randolh 458
Kansas 464
Wyandotte and K's River 466
Qundraro 474
Park ville 479
Little Platte River 480
Houts Wood Yard 486
Delaware 496
Leavenworth City 503
Fort Leavenworth 505
Platte City Landing 507
Weston 512
St. Helena Wood Yard. 514
Rickapoo 519
Latan 525
Fort Willaam 529
Summer 534
Atchison 539
Columbua Landign 542
Doniphan 544
Smiths' Landing 542
Doniphan 544
Smiths' Landing 545
Maysville 547
Hart's Landing 552
Palermo 564
St. Joseph 572
Whitehaead K T 573
Benton, Mo 584
Savannah 588
Sultan Landing 592
Columbus City Landing 523
Tallas 600
Charleston 606
Lafatyette 612
Iowa Point 618
Forest City 623
White Cloud 628
Sque Point 631
Rulo, Nt 636
Yankoton Kt 638
Rush Bottom 640
Winnebage City, Nt 644
St. Stephen's Nt 65
Thomas & Lowells 663
Hemmies Landing 664
St. Deroine Nt 671
Luisvelle Morgan Is. 674
Aspinwall. Nt 675
Heil's Nt 676
San Francisoc, Nt 677
Nehama City, Nt 679
Rrownshvills N T 687
Cock's Rockport Land'g 689
Sonora 685
Peru Nt 698
Linden and Sydney Lid'g 689
Groveland N T 709
Hood's Landing, N T 717
Ottoe City, N T 719
Nebrasks City, Nt 731
Copeland, Iowa 742
Wyoming, N T 745
Laiberty, N T 754
Rock Bluff, Nt 672
Bethelehem, Iowa 766
Plattsmouth 767
Mouth Big Platte River 769
Pacific City, N T 770
La Platte, Nt 771
St. Mary's Iowa 774
Bellevue, Nt 779
Council Nbluffs, Iowa 785
Omaha City 797
Florence, N T 812
Esop's Point, N T 827
Cincinnati, Iowa 842
De Soto, N T 847
Soldier Croek. Iowa 862
Coming City, N T 879
Little Sioux River 894
Decatur, N T 934
Black Bird Hill 964
Omaha Mission Nt 974
Omadi, N T 1001
Dacotah. N T 1006
Lake Fort Iowa 1008
Sioux City, Iowa 1013
Pacific City, N T
Covington, N T
Big Sioux River 1014
Logan N T 1024
St. John's N T 1039
Aowa Creek. N T 1090
Pouka Landing Nt 1105
Ionia Nt 113
Vernillion River 1140
Concord Landing N T 1146
St. James River.1181
Appache, Dt 1182
Lanier Nt 1187
Yankton Wigna D T 1193
Smutty Bend, Dt 1203
Tippiola and Fankfort 1205
Bonhomme Isaland 1215
Collius Wood Yard 1227
Tesson, N T 14241
Basser Creek, Nt 1253
Niobrarah, N T 1247
Mouth of Runing Water 1250
Ponka Creek 1251
Chouteau Creek 1259
Proka Island 1263
Sugar Loarf Bluff 1288
Fort Randall 1297

Illinois River.

St. Louis to
Marth;s Landling 44
Mouth Illinois River
Harding 67
Columbianna 71
Apple Creek 83
Bridgerport and Befored 87
Montenzuma 93
Florence and Harris L'g 99
Griggsville 103
Naples and Perry 109
Meredois 119
Lagragnge 129
Beardstown 133
Frederick 139
Browinign 145
Sharp's Landing 167
Bath 179
Hwavana and Point Isabel 189
Liverpool 201
Coppera Creek 209
Lancaster 211
Kinston 221
Pekin 227
Welsely City 230
Peoria 244
Sprin Bay 250
Rome 252
Chillicothe 262
Lacon 272
Henry 276
Hall's Landing 284
Henncepin 302
La Salle and Peru 303
La Salle & Ottowa Canal 318
Morris do 342
Joliet do 363
Lockport do 384
Chicago do 403

Ohio River.

St. Louis To
Cairo, Ill 175
Paducah, Ky 223
Louisville Ky 578
Cincinnati Ohoi 720
Wheleling Va 1102
Pittsburg Penn 1196

Tennessee River.

St Louis to
Savannah, Tenn 438
Waterloo Ala 688
Iuscubia, Ala 968

Newspapers. 33
View original image: Page  0033
Foreign Insurance Companies.
Farjiell'S Union In'Surance Company,
of Athens, Pa.

Office, 20 south side Pine street, corner room, sec-
ond story, opposite Boatman's Saving Institution.

Wm. N.Benton, , Aoent .

Insurance Company Op Thb Valley Of
Virginia, of Wmciiester, Va,

Office, 20 south side Tine street, corner room, sec-
ond story, opposite Boatman's, Ravings Institution.

W. T.Sel.By, , Agent .

Lynchburg Hose And Fire Insurance
Company, Of Lynchbuko, Va.

Office, 20 south side Pine street, comer room, sec-
ond story, opposite Boatman's Saving Institution.

W. T.Selby, , Abbst .

Mutual Life Insurance Company,
of New Yokk.

Office north west corner Second and Chesnut sts.

SamuelCopp, Jr., Agent .

Anzeiger Dbs We3Tens,

Published (Liily and weekly, by the proprietor ,
HenryBcjernstein, , No. 16, North Third street. Henry
Beernstein, and Charles L.Bernays, , editors .

Tonus, daily, $11; weekly, $2 per annum.

Central Christian Advocate,

Published eveiy Wednesday, No. 97 North Fourth
street. Rev.JosephBrooks, , editor ; Rev.T.Lee, , lo-
cal agent .

Tonus, $1 50 per annum.

Chronic, (German Paper,)

Published daily and weekly, by the proprietor ,
FrancisSaler, , at the office, No. li Chesnut street,
up stairs. AdelhertLoehr, , editor .

Terms, daily, $5; weekly, $2 per annum.

Daily Evening News & Intelligencer,

Published daily, tri-weekly and weekly, by the
proprietors , C.G. Ramsey & Co. , at the office, No.
76 North Third street. Abram a.Mitchell, and Dan- N.Grissom, , editors .

Terms, daily, $8; tri-weekly, $5; weekly, $1 per

Der Salon,

Published every Sunday, by HenryBorrastein, ,
editor and proprietor , No. 'Hi North Third street.

Terms, $1 per annum.

Farmer, Miner And Mechanic,
And Good Tempalte.

Published semi-monthly, by Thomas & Mills , edi-
tors aud proprietors , at the office, No. 88 Maiket
street, up stairs.

Terms, $1 per annum.

Gottes Freund,

Published monthly, No. 221/2 North Third street,
by L. G.Baosel, , editor and proprietor .

Terms, 5O cents per annum.

Herald Des Glaubens.

Published weekly, No. 10 Chesuut street, up stairs
AnthonyBoeekler, , editor .

Terms, $2 per annum.

Illusturte Abend Schule,

Published semi-monthly, No. 57 Market street.
OttoErnst, , proprietor .

Terms, 75 cents per annum.

Mtssissippi Blater,

Published every Sunday, by C.Daenzer, and F.
Wcnzell, , proprietors , at the office, No. 31 Market

Terms, $1 per annum.

Mississippi Handels Ze1Tung,

Published weekly, at $3 per annum. RobertWid-, , editor, proprietor and pablibhtr . AlbertKoch, ,

editor ntimnjr department. Sontlivfest cottier Pine
and Third street*.

Missouri Democrat,

Published daily, tri-weekly and weekly, by the
proprietors , McKee & Fishhook , nt the office, Nob. 41
and 43 Locust street. B. GratzBrown, and P. L.
Fov, , editors .

terms, daily, $5; tri-weekly, So; weekly, $1 per

Missouri Republican,

Published daily, tri-wcekly aud weekly, by the
proprietors , George Knapp & Co. , at the office, No-
11 Chesnut street. N.Paschall, , editor .

Terms, daily, $10; tri-weekly, $5; weekly, $2;
Sunday Morning Republican, $2 per annum.

Merchants' Exchange Prick Current,

Published daily and weekly, by Anderson & Gon-
ter , editors aud proprietors , No. 8 Olive streei, up

Terras, $2 per antvim.

Revue D'Louest.

Published every Friday, by JohnWolf, , proprietor .,
at the office, southwest corner of Market and Second
streets. L.Cnrtamhert, , editor .

Terms, $20 50 per annum.

St. Louis Christian Advocate.

Published every Thursday, at the office, Nos. 78
and 80 Pine street. Jsethodist Confei'saoe, proprie-
tors . Rev.D. R.McA-nally, , editor .

Terms, $2 per annum-.

St. Louis Daily Motcnino Herald,

Puhlished hv James L.Faucett, , editor and propri-
etor , at the office, No. 21 Market street.

Terms, daily, $5; Suntjay Herald! S2 per aminm.

St. Louis Daily And Weekly Express,

Puhlished by William-Cuddy, , proprietor , at the
office, northwest corner Third and Pine streets.
John R.Atkinson, , editor .

Terms, daily, 5 cents per week; weekly, $2 per

St. Louis Observer,

Published weekly, by the proprietor , A. F.Cox, , at
the office, northwest corner Third aud Piue streets.
Rev.MiltonRiril, D.D., editor .

Terms, $2 per annum.

St. Louis Presbyterian,.

Published weekly by Keith & Woods , ak tHe-office
88 Market stresfc. Rev.James A.Paige, , Editor .

Terms-$2; per mail, and $2,50 per City Carrier.

St. Louis Price Current And1 Reporter

Puhlishsd every Wednesday, at the office. Mer-
chants' Exchange Building, by Baker & Hudreth ,
Proprietors . Wm. B.Baker, , Editor .

Terms-$2 per annum.

34 Magazines, Periodicals, Etc.
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St. Louis Weekly Times.

Published by the proprietors , H.H. Simmons &
Co. , at the office, H.W. corner Third and Olive
streets. H. H.Simmons, , Editor .

Terms-$1 per annnm.

Sunday Times,

Published by the proprietors , H.H. Simmons &
Co. , N.W. corner Third and Olive streets.

Terms-$1 per annum.

Weekly Telegraph,

Published by William R.Sloes, at Si Pine street.

Western Banner,

Published every Saturday, at the office of 9

South Third street, by B. D.Killian, , Editor and Pro-
prietor .

Terms-$2,50 per annum.

Western Watchman,

Published weekly at No. 10 Olive street, by Rev.
WilliamCrowell, , Editor and Proprietor .

Terms-$2,per annum.

Westliche Post,

Published Daily and Weekly, at tbe office, 31
Market street, by Daenger AWendell, , Editors and
Proprietors .

Terms-$8 per annum for the Daily, $2 for the
w eekfy.

Magazines And Periodicals.
Clarke'S Counterfeit Detecter,

Paotished mouthly, by Robert L.Clarke, , Olive,
corner of Main street.

Price, $1, with coin chart and descriptive list of
genuine notes.

Cumberland Presbyterian Quarterly,

Published quarterly, at the office Pine.n.w.west corner
of Third street. Rev.MiltonBird, D.D., editor and
proprietor . Terras, $2 00 per annum.

Edwards' Journal And Western Mag-

Published monthly by RichardEdwards, , editor and
proprietor . Terms, $3 per annum.

Ladies' Pearl,

Published monthly, at the office No. 8 Old Post Of-
fice building. Rev.Jas. B.Logan, and Rev.Wm. W.
Brown, , editors and proprietors . Terms, $1 00 per
anuum, in advance.

Lord'S Detecter,

Published semi-monthly and monthly, by Johnson,
Phillips & Co. , at No. 31 Chesnnt street. Ternw, $1
50 and $2 00 per annum.

Manford'S Magazine,

Published on the 15th of every month, at the office
No. 97 Chesnnt street, by ErasmusManford, , editor
and proprietor . Terms, $1 00 per annum, in advance.

Presbury'S Detecter,

Published moithly and semi-monthly, by Presbury
& Co. , corner of Main and Locust streets. Terms,
$1 50 and $2 00 per annum.

Valley Parmer,

Published monthly, at No. 97 Chesnnt street, by
N. J.Colman, , editor and proprietor . Terms, $1 00
per annum, in advance.

Second Baptist Church,

Located on North Sixth street, south-west corner
of Locust street.

Rev.GalushaAnderson, , Pastor ,

E. L.Rider, , Sexton .

Honrs of service-101/2, a.m. and 7 p.m.

Third Baptist Church.

Located on suth side of Clark avenue near Four-
teenth street.

Rev.WashingtonBarnhnrst, , Paster

Hours of service--101/2 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Fourth Baptist Church.

Meets in Sturgeon Hall, Broadway.

Rev.GeorgeMitchell, , Pastor .

German Baptist Church.

Lwsatel on Fourteenth street, corner of G' allon

Rev.Mr.Henyssler, , Pastor .

Houxr of service-101/2. a.m. and 7 p.m.

Union Baptist Church.

Located on Sixth street between Franklin avenue
and Wash street.

Rev.G. J.Johnson, , Pastor .

Hours of service--101/2, a.m. and 71/2 p.m.

First African Baptist Church.

Looted on Almond, between Fourth and Fifth
streets. Erected in 1842.

Rev.E.Cartwright, . Pastor .

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 71/2, p.m.

Second Colored Baptist Church,

Located on the southwest corner of Eighth and
Green streets.

Rev.John R.Anderson, , Pastor .

DavidCombs, , Stxton .

Hoars of service-101/2, a.m. and 3 and 81/2, p. m


Located on west Bide of Fifth between Franklin
avenue and Wash street.

Rev.A.Proctor, , Pastor .

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 3 and 7, p.m.

Congregational Church,

Located on the corner of Tenth and Locust streets.

Rev.T. M.Post, , Pastor .

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 3, p.m. On
Wednesdays at 9, A.M.

View original image: Page  0035
Christ Church

Located on Chensat steret, corner of Fifth.

Rev.MontgomerySchuyler, . Ractor .

— Ure, , Sexoton .

Hours of service-101/2, A.m. nad 7. p.m.

Grace Church.

Located on Marion Place, Warren street, between
Eleventh and Twelfth streets.

Rev.Francis J.Clere, , Rector .

Hours of serivece-101/2, A.m. and 3. P.m.

St. George'S Church.

Located on Locust street, between Seventh and
Eighth streets.

Rev.E. F.Berkley, , Rector .

Hours of service-101/2, A.m. and 7, p.m.

St. John'S Church.

On Spruce street corenr of Sixth.

Rev.JohnColeman, D.D., Rector .

Hours of serivce-101/2, A.M. and 7, p.m.

St. Paul'S Church,

On Seventeenth street, corner of Olive.

Rev.R. E.Terry, , Rector .

Horus of service-101/2, A.M. and, 31/2 p.m.

Trinity Church.

On Eleventh street, corner of St. Charles street.

Rev.E. C.Hutchinson, , Rector .

Hours of service-101/2, A.M.

Church Of St. Paul, (German.)

Located on Decature street, between Lafayette and
Geyer avenue.

Hours of service-Sundays, 10, a.m.; Wednesdays
8 p.m.

Rev.JohnWill, , Pastor .

— Sauthamp, , Sexton .

Evangelical Lutherna Bethlehem,

Located on Fourteenth, corner of Salisbury street.

Hours of service-91/2, A.M.

Rev.AdolphusClaus, , Pastor .

Evang. Lutheran Immanuel'S Church,

Southeast corner of Franklin avenue and Eleventh

Hours of service-9, a.m. and 21/2, p.m.

Rev.F. W.Buenger, , Pastor .

Mr.Hoeltzel, , Sexton .

St. John'S Church.

Located southeats corner of Madison and Four-
teenth streets.

Hours of service-10, a.m. and 21/2, p. m

Rev.ChristianSchrenk, , Pastor .

Independent Evangelical Protestant.

Located on southeast corner of Eighth and Mound

Hours of divine service-101/2. A.M. and 21/2, P.M.

Rev.FrederickPicker, , Pastro .

St. Mark'S Church.

Located on northewest corner Jackson and Soualrd

Hours of divine service-10, a.m.; 21/2 p. m

Rev.George W.Wall, , Pastor .

St. Peter'S German Evang. Church,

Located on Carr, corner of Fifteenth street.

Hours of service-10, A.M. and 3, p.M.

Rev.LewisNollan, , Pastor .

SimonRineholz, , Sexton .

Trintiy Church, (German.)

Located on Lombard street between Third and Fourth

Hours of service-9. a.M. and 2, p.m.

Rev.GottliebSchaller, , Pasto .

C.Graeber, , Sextion .

Methodist Episcopal.
Erenizer Chapel,

Located at 114 Washington aveneue. Erected 1846.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 71/2 P.M.

Rev.ThomasWiliams, d.D., Pastor .

JamesSmith, , Sexton .

Simpson Chapel.

Located corner of Tenth and North Market streets.
Execte 1856

Hours of sevice -101/2, A.M. and 7. P.M.

Hedding Church,

Located on Broasway and Bremanen avenue.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, p.M.

Rev.W. R.Davis, , Pastor .

German Methodist Episcopal.
First German M.E. Church.

On sotuhewest conrenr of Thiretten and Benton

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7. P.M.

Rev.JohnKeck, , Pastor .

Second German M.E. Church.

On was street, between Tenth and Eleventh streets,
cretecd 1847.

Hours of service, 101/2, A.M. and 7, P.M.

Rev.AloisLoebeaustein, , Pastor .

German M.E. Church.

Corner of Fulton and Soulard streets.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, p.m.

Rev.JohnHausan, , Paster .

Methodist Episcopal, South.
Asbury M.E. Church.

West side of Fifteenth, corner of Gay street.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, P.M.

Rev.Thomas M.Finney, , Pastor .

Centerary Church,

Fifth street, corner of Pine.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, p.M.

(Vacant) Pastor .

Christy Chapel.,

On Carr, corner of Twenty-fourth street.

Horus of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, p.M.

Rev.Henry S.Watts, , Pastor .

First Methodist Church.

On wasahitng avenue, corneier of Eighth street,
erected 1855.

Horus of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, P.M.

Rev.Enoch. M.Marvin, , Pasto .

Mound M.E. Church.

Located s.c.corner> corner of Chambers and Tenth streets.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, P.M.

Rev.J.Ditzler, , pastor .

Sixteenth Street, Chruch.

On Sixteenth street, corner of Walnut.

Hours of divine service-101/2, A.M. and 7, p.M.

Rev.W. F.Compotn, , Pastor .

Wesley Chapel,

On Eighth street, corner of Chouteau aveneu.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M.a nd 7, P.M.

Rev.J. R.Eads, , Pastor .

African Methodist.
African M.E. Church.

West side of South Seventh, between O'Fallon and
Cass aveneue.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, P.M.

Rev.PeterFullman, , Pator .

Bethel Church,

On Eventhe streetn, between Moran and Christy

Hours of service-101/2. A.M. and 7, P.M.

Rev.Richard H.Clain, , Pasto .

AbrahamDutton, , Sexton .

First African M.F. Church.

Gree, corner Elventh street.

36 Churches.
View original image: Page  0036
Wesley Chapel,

On Seventh street, between Wash and Franklin are.

Hours of service-11, a.m. and 3, p.m.

Rev.JamesPeck, , Potior .

Presbyterian N.S.
First Presbyterian Church,

Located on Lucas Place, corner of Fourteenth street.

Organized 1817. Present edifice dedicated 1855.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 3, p.m.

Rev.Henry A.Nelson, , Pastor .

JosephSewell, , Sexton .

Fairmount Presbyterian Church,

Opposite New Ferry street, near Beliefontaine road.

Hours of service-101/2 a.m. and 71/2, p.m.

Rev.TimothyHill, , Pastor .

North Presbyterian Church,

Corner Chambers and Eleventh streets.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 3, p.m.

Rev.H.Parks, , Pastor .

Union Presbyterian Church,

North-west corner of Locust and Eleventh streets.

Erected in 1853.

Hours of service-201/2, a. m, and 7 1/2, p.m.

Rev.J. J.Porter, , Pastor ,

Presbyterian O.S.
Central Presbyterian Church,

Northwest corner of Locust and Eighth streets.

Erected 1841.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 3, p.m.

Rev,S. P.Anderson, D.D., Pastor .

Park Avenue Church,

On north side of Park avenue, near Morton street.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and from 7 to 8, p.m.

Rev.James A.Paige, , Pastor .

Pine Street Church,

Northwest corner of Pine and Eleventh streets.

Brected 1852.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and from 7 to 8; p.m.

Rev.S. B.McPheeters, , Pastor .

—Shaw, , Sexton ,

Second Presbyterian Church,

Located on Fifth street, comer of Walnut.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 3, p.m.

Rev.James H.Brooke, , Pastor .

—Burkholder, , Sexton .

Roman Catholic.

The Province of St. Louie comprises the dfruwaaa
of St. Louis, Nashville, Chicago, Alton, Milwauee,
Dubuque, St Paul and Santa Fe; the Vicariates
Apostolic of Kansas and Nebraska, wo embraces
Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin Iowa Kan
eas. Nebraska, New Mexico, and Indian Territory

Archbishop -Most Rev.Peter RichardKenrick,

Coadjutor --Rigbt Rev.JamesDuggan, D.D.

Vicar General --Very Rev.JosephMelchior, .

Chancellor -Rev.E.Laulmier, .

Secretary -Rev.P. J,Ryan, .

Cathedral Of St. Louis

On south side of Walnut, between Second and Third
streets. Erected 1833.

Hourst of service-5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 101/2, A.M. and
3, P.M.

Rev,P. J.Ryan, , Rector .

Rev.M.McPaul, , Curate .

BernardCollen, , Sexton .

Chapel Of St. Louis Hospital

Hours of service- 10, a.m.

Rev.P. R.Donnelly, , Chaplain

Chapel Of St. Louis Hospital,

Hours of service- 10, A.M.

RevP. R.Donnelly, , Charplain .

Chapel Of St. Joseph'S Academy,

Hours of service-10, A.M.

Rev.P.Walsh, , Chaplain .

Chapel Of St. Philomena,

Hours of service-10, A.M.

Very Rev.E.Vaulnier, , Chaplain .

Chepel Of The Ursuline Convent,

Very Rev.J.Melehior, , Chaplain .

Church Op The Immaculate Conception.

On corner of Eighth aud Chesnut streets. Erected

Hours of service-6, 7, 8 and 101/2. a.m. and 31/2,

Rev.PatrickFeehan, , Pastor

JamesQuigiey, , Sexton ,

Church Op The Holy Trinity, (German,)

Located on New Bremen street.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 31/2, p.m.

Rev.G.Dolbener, , Pastor .

St. Bridget'S Church,

On Twenty-fifth, between Carr and Biddle streets.

Honrs of service-101/2, a.m. and 31/2, p.m.

Rev.David F.Lillis, , Pastor .

St. Francis Xavier'S Church,

On northwest corner of Ninth and Green streets.

Erected 1840.

Hours of service-5, 6, 7, 8 and 101/2, a.m. and 3
and 71/2, p.m.

Rev.C. F.Smarms, , Pastor .

JamesGraunau, , Sexton .

St. John Nepomtjceu, (Bohemian,)

On Rosatti, corner of Sonlard street.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 11/2 and 31/2, p.k.

Rev.FrancisTrojan, , Potior .

St. John'S Church,

On east side Sixteenth, between Pine and Chesnnt

Hours of service-6,7,8 and 101/2, a.m. and 31/2, P.M.

Rev.JohnBannon, , Pastor .

Rev.J.O'Regan, , Curate .

St. Joseph'S Church, (German,)

On Biddle, corner of Eleventh street.

Hours of service-101/2, a.m. and 3, p.m.

Rev.JosephPatchowsfci, , Pastor .

HenrySand, , Sexton .

St. Lawrence O'Toole'S Church.

On O'Fallon, corner of Fourteenth street.

Hours of service-6,7,8 and 101/2, a.m. and 31/2, p, m.

Rev.JamesHenry, , Pastor .

St. Liborius' Church (German.)

On Nineteenth, near Monroe street. Erected 1856.

Hours of service-91/2 and 101/2, a.m. and 31/2, P.M.

Rev.StephenSchweihoff, , Pastor .

Rev.FrancisSchreider, , Curote .

St. Mary'S Church. (German)

On Third, between Cedar and Mulberry streets
Erected 1845.

Hours of service-10, A.M. and 21/2, P.M.

Very Rev.JosephMelchior, V.G.Pastor

ChristopherScherere, , Sexton .

St. Michael'S Church

On Jefferson, corner of Eleventh street.

Hours of service-7, 81/2 and 101/2, A.M. and 31/2, P.M.

Revs.P. and J. O'Brien , Pastors .

OwenKillorne, , Sexton .

St. Patrick'S Church.

On corner of Sixth and Biddle Streets.

Rev.C. F.Ziegler, , Ass;t Pastor .

Horus of Service-6, 71/2, 81/2, and 101/2, A.M. and 31/2,

Rev.W.Wheeler, , Pastro .

Sts. Peter And Paul'S Church. (German)

On northeast corner of Seventh and Allen avenue.
Founded 1850. Dedicated 1853.

Hours of servie-101/2, A.M. and 31/2, p.m.

Rev.G.Goller, , Pastor .

Rev.J.Doinseifer, , Curate .

Asylums. 37
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St. Vincent De Paul,

On Decatur street. comer of Park avenue.

Hours of service-61/2, 81/2 and 101/2, A.M. and 31/2, P.M.

Rev.JobnO'Reilly, C.M.Pastor .

church of the hesptah.

On Olive, nnrtbwest comer of Ninth street.

Rev.William G.Eliot, , Potior .

Uxrversaust Church.

On Sixth, comer of St. Cbjirlen street.

Hourse of service-101/2, A.M. and 71/2, P.M.

Rev.G. S.Weaver, , Pastor .

First Cumberland Presbyterian,

On Eleventh, corner or St. Charles street.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 7, P.M.

Rev.J. G.White, , Pastor .

Rrformed Presbyterian,

On northwest corner of Merecer street and Gamble

Hours of service-101/2, A.M.a nd 3, P.M.

Rev.JosephMcCrackoen, , Pastor .

United Pressbyterian Church

On northewast corner of Fifth and Locust strets.

Erectee 1841.

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. and 3, P.M.

Rev.JohnMcLean, , Pastor .

RobertBeeth, , Sexton .

First German Cumberland Prerbttkrh,

On northesest corner of Fifeteenth and Chambers

Hours of service-101/2, A.M. 3 and 7, p.m.

Rev.F.Lack, . Pater .

—Schapper, , Strtam .

Jewish Synagogue.

On Sixth street, between Locust and St. Charies.
Erected 1858.

Rev.HenryKuttncr, , Rabbi .

Girls' Industrial Home,

Sooth side of Morgan, corner of Nineteenth street.

Founded 1853.

Frances F.Maltby, , Principal .

HarmoniaBadger, , Matron .

House Of Refuge,

Instituted April. 1855.

Governed by nine Managers, two of whom are ap-
pointed by the County Court, fonr by the City
Council, from their members, two by the Mayor,
from citizens, and the Mayor himself.

F. E.Gleason, , Superintendent .

Mrs.Gleason, , Matron .

Pkksidest -JohnHow, .

Managers -MarshalBrotherton, , RingoldWatson, ,
Carlos H.Greeley, .

Average number or inmates 125, 100 boys and 25

Infant Orphan Asylum,

Corner Marion and Menard streets,
Under charge of Bisters of Charity.

Lasalle Institute For Orphans,

Menard, north-west comer Marion.

Under the charge of the Christian Brothers.

Mullanphy Orphan Asylum,

Directed by the Ladies of the Sacred Heart.

Orphan'S Home,

Norh-west corner of Kleveuth street and Marion

Jennette A.Simmons, , Matron .

Protestant Orphan Asylum,

Seventh street, between Franklin avenue and Mor-
gan Btrect.

Mrs.L.Bnrchard, , Superintendent .

Mrs.JohnBrady, Smith, , First Directress .

Mr.SitsDrake, , Second Directress .

Mm.Jmc E.Lewis, , Treasurer .

Mrs.Irwin Z.Smith, , Secretary .

Mavjiokrs -Mrs.SnlllvanBlond, . Mm.Ales.Han-, . Mm.N. J.Eaton, , Mw.J.Morrisse, . Mrs.Rich-, . Mm.Dutcher, . Mm.JosephPowell, . Mm.Samuel
Copp, , Mrs.Dr.McMurray, , Mrs.Alexander, , Mrs.
Thompson, , Mrs.HenryStagg, .

St. Anns R.C. Asylum.

Located on O'Fallon,s.south e.east c.corner> Tenth street.

Sister Catharine, , Soperiorew .

St. Joseph S Half-Orphan Asylum,

North-west corner Marion and Fnlton streets,
Under the charge of the Staters of St. Joseph.

St. Mary'S R.C. Orphan Asylum,

Located on Biddle, n.north e.east c.corner> Tenth street,
Sister Valentine, , Superioress .

St. Vincent'S German Male And Female
Orphan Asylum,

Erected 1851.

located on Twentieth street, between Cass avenne
and O'Fallon street.

President -John C.Degenhart, .

Vice Prksidsnt -JohnAmend, .

Fiist Secretary - H.Scboa, .

Second Secretary - BernhardUeidarker, .

Cashier -H. T.Spaunborst, .

Marshall -JosephStark, .

Trusteets .-AntonHolle, , FrancisCornet, , Joseph
Hackmann, , BartholomewReis, , JosephDegenhart, ,
BernhardSchmuecker, , H.Buelte, , AntonKreyaest, ,
FrancisWitte, .

St. Philomeena Orphan Asylum.

Corner of Fifth and Walnut streets. Mother Mary
Florence , Saperioress .

St. Vincents Insane Asylum,

Located on southeast corner of Ninth ana Marion

Under the charge of the Stefan of Charity.

John A.Leavy, M.D., aUenaiof Physician .

38 Benevolent And Religious Societies.
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Biddle Infant Asylum And Lying-In

Directed by the Daughters of Charity.

City Hospital.

Northwest corner of Lafayette avenue and Linn
street. FrancisMolair, , Superintendent ; Susan J.Mo-, , Matron ; Florence M.Corny a, , Res. Physician .

Good Samaritan Hospital.

Located on Carr, between Sixteenth and Seven-
teenth streets. Rev.Louis E.Nollan, , Superintendent ;
AnnaMeyer, , Matron ; T. G.Comstock, , Physician .

Marine Hospital.

Marine avenue, south of the U.S. Arsenal. John
W.Davis, , Steward , Wm. M.McPheeters, , Surgeon .

St. Louis Hospital.

Corner Spruce and Fourth streets. Under charge
of the Daughters of Charity.

Content Of The House Of The Good

Seventeenth street, between Chesnut and Pine.

Convent Of The House Op St. Philomena.

Walnut, corner of Fifth street.

Convent Op The Sacred Heart.

Pifth street, near the South Market.

Convent Of The Sisters Of Mercy.

Tenth street, corner of Morgan.

Convent Of St. Joseph.

No. 188 Morgan street.

Ursuline Convent.

On State street, between Russell and Ann avenues.

Mother AloysiaWinkler, , Superioress .

Convent Of The Visitation.

On Ninth, between Marion and Carroll streets.

Mother Mary AgnesBrent, , Superioress .

Benevolent And Religious Societies.
Benevolent and Religious Societies.
American Protestant Association.

Meets corner Third and Locust streets.

ArthurWilson, , President .

Blacksmiths And Wagonmakers Benev-
Olent Society.

Meets every Sunday morning.

Fred.Wetzel, , President .

JacobStoll, , Secretary .

Caledonian Mutual Benefit And Be-
Nevolent Society.

Meets quarterly. Frank B.Turnbull, , President ;
JohnMcKay, , Vice President ; RobertChene, , Secre-
tary ; JohnHood, , Treasurer .

Evangelical Lutheran Young Men'S

Organized May 7th, 1848, for the benefit and sup-
port of Students who Btudy Theology at Concordia
College, St. Louis, Mo., and who have no means or
resources ef their own to carry on their studies.

Meets every first Sunday in each month, in base-
ment of Evangelical Lutheran Church, corner of
Eleventh street and Franklin avenue ; and in School
on Cedar street, between Third and Fourth streets,
alternately every three months.

President -A. L.Rohlfing, .

Treasurer -MartinBarthei, .

Secretary -H. T.Rohlfing, .

German Emigration Aid Society,

Organized 1643. Meets once a mouth at No, 35
Walnut street.

RobertHenig, , President .

JacobTamm, , Vice President .

JuliusScbrick, , Secretary .

Gustavus F.Miller, , Cor.Secy.

Hibernian Benevolent Society,

Instituted, May 1st, 1837. Meets in the School
Room of St. Patricks Chnrch, Sixth street, comer of
Biddle, on the First Sunday of each month at 7 P.M.

JamesFortune, , President .

J. C.Bnrry, , Vice President .

DenisGalvin, , Secretary .

Roman Catholic Total Abstinence And
Benevolent Society,

Organized August 15th, 1848. Meets on the last
Snnday of every month, at the corner of Ninth and
Green Streets.

Rev.JohnBannon, , President .

MichaelMcEnnis, , 1st V.P.

PatrickMcDonald, , 2nd V.P.

MichaelWhealan, , Treasurer .

P.Sullivan, , Secretary .

P.Coyne, , Ast.Secy.

ThomasGreene, , JamesRhuan, , MichaelSheridan, ,
JamesQuigley, , TimothyKavanaugb, , JohnRohan, ,

Secret And Benefit Societies. 89
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PeterFagan, , ThomasWilson, , MichaelQuigley, , Wil-Cahill, , JamesForbes, and EdwardBurke, , Direc-

Shamrock Benevolent Society,

Meets in Biddle Market Hail on the first Monday in
each month.

PatrickO'Neil, , President .

BryanFoley, , Viee President .

WilliamMoran, , Secretary .

Rev.JamesHenry, , Treasurer .

Western Mutual Benefit Association.

No. 39 Chesnut street. CalebRice, , President ; G.
W.Hungerford, , Secretary ; WilliamJohnson, M.D.,
Physician ; J. T.Rice, , Attorney .

CalebRice, FranklinWeston, , EdwardBoyle, , C.
Shaffler, , H. M.Woodward, , K.Hankinson, and G. W.
Hungerford, , Trustees .

Young Mens Christian Association.

Rooms southeast corner of Fifth and Pine streets.


James L.Sloss, , President .

Thomas S.Hayes, , ViCe President .

NathanielGunn, , ViCe President .

Charles H.Withington, , Recording Secretary .

George W.Wade, , Corresponding Secretary .

George L.Seaver, , Treasurer .


On Librart, Reading Room and Periodicals.

William R.Gordon, , NathanielGona, , AndrewTen-, and Wm. C.Brey, .

On Prison, Howe of Refotje and Hospital.

John P.Cole, , C. H.Withington, , Robert C.Sloss, ,
and T. W.Gilmer, .

On Relief. '

Thomas S.Hayes, , NathanielGtran, , George L.Bea-, , D. A.Biggers, , W. A.McBurnie, and Benjamin
Smith, .

On Boarding Houses.

Charles F.Vandcrford, , No. 15 North Levee. Wm.
A.Kingdon, . No. 31 Pine street. Henry T.Taylor, ,
No. 27 N, Third street. Georfre L.Seaver, , No. 133
N. Third street. Charles N.Welshans, , No. 186 N.
Second street.

Young Men'S Sodality.

Organized, 1849. Meet once a week, at Hall, cor.
Ninth and Green streets.


Cornelius S.Daly, , Prefect .

Richard P.Redmond, , First Assistant .

James L.Parrel, , Second Assistant .

Edmund P.Walsh, , Secretary .

AustinWalsh, , Treasurer .

Secret And Benefit Societies.
Ancient and Honorable
Order Of Free And Accepted Masons.
Giand Officers of the Grand Lodge of the State of

M.W.G.H., Samuel H.Saunders, ; R.W.D.
G.M., MarcusBoyd, ; R.W.S.G.W., John F.
Houston, ; R.WJ.G.W., JohnDecker, ; R.W.
G.S., A.O'Sullivan, ; R.W.G.T., John D.Dag-, ; W.S-G.D., Samuel JlHays, ; M.J.G.D.,
W. R.Penick, ; G. Lecturer , A.O'Sullivan, ; G.T.,
A.Stilie, .

The Grand Lodge meets in the city of St. Lonis at
Masonic Hall, on the fourth Monday in Jliy in every

Officers of the Grand Chapter of the State of Mis

M.E.G.H.P., MarcusBoyd, ; R.E.D.G.H.P.,
John F.Houston, . E. G.King, , D. T.Wainwrijrht, ; R.E. G.Scribe, , W. R,Peneck, ; R.E.G. Treasurer ,
John D.Daggett, ; R.E.G. Secretary , A.O'Sullivan, ;
G.Chaplain, , Rev.James E.Drake, ; G.C.H., Saim'l
M.Hays, ; G.R.A.C, N.Sutherland, ; G- Lecturer ,
A.O'Sullivan, ; G.Sentinel, , A.Stilie, .

The Grand Chapter meets annually on the Wed-
nesday preceding the fourth Monday iu May, at Ma-
sonic Hall in the city of St. Louis.

Subordinate Chapters In St. Louis.
Missouri Chapter No. 1,

Meets on the First and Third Monday in each
month, at Masonic Hall, n.e.east corner of Thud aud
Chesnut streets.

WilliamBurden, , H.P.

ClarenceBrooks, , King .

JacobBlattner, , Scribe .

St. Louis Chapter No. 8,

Meets on the First and Third Friday in each
month, at .Masonic Hall, n.e.east corner of Third and
Chesnnt streets.

A.O'Sullivan, . H.P.

J. W.Barry, , King .

J. W.Crane, , Scribe .

Bellefontaine Chapter No. 25,

Meets in north St. Louis on the Second and Fourth
Friday in each month.

JosephCrooks, , H.P.

E. C-Carrinfrton, , King .

A.Weigle, , Scribe .

Subordinate Lodges Meeting in Masonic Hall, cer-
Third and Chesnut streets.

Missouri Lodge No. 1,

Meets on the First and Third Thursdays in each

JohnGoodin, , W.M.

R. S.Voorhis, , S.W.

F. B.Turubull, , J.W.

George Washington Lodge No. 9,

Meets on the Second and Fourth Tuesdays in each

J. W.Crane, , W.M.

E.Fowler, , S.W.

C. W.Mann, , J.W.

St. Louis Lodge No. 20.

Meets on the First and Third Tuesdays in eaeh

A.Isaacs, , W.M.

MorrisMeyers, , S.W.

AdamWeekbach, , J.W.

Naphtali Lodge No. 25,

Meets on the Second and Fourth Thursdays in each

JohnDecker, , W.M.

J. A.Gillillan, , S.W.

Even B.Wood, J.W.

Polar Star Lodge, No. 79,

Meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays in
each month.

William C.Watts, , W.M.

A. J.Ham, , S.W.

William H.Waters, , J.W.

40 Sechet And Benefit Societies.
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Meridian Lodge. No. 2,

Meets oa the Second and Fourth Fridays in each
Month at Carondelet avenne, near Park avenue.

Beacon Lodge, No. 3,

Meets on Broadway, corner of Monroe street, on
the Fourth Thursday in each Month.

Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 40,

Meets on Broadway, corner of Mallinckrodt street
en the First an Third Saturdays in each Month.

Erwin Lodge, No. 121,

Meets at corner of Chesnut and Second streets,
on the Second and Fourth Fridays in each Month.

Charles W.Horn, . W.M.

WilliamStein, , S.W.

Occidental Lodge, No. 163,

Meets on the second and Fourth Mondays in each
month, at Market street, between Thirteenth and
Center streets.

ThomasRicheson, , W,M.

Wm. N.Loker, , S.W.

MartinCollins, , JW.

Pride Of The West Lodge, No. 179,

Meets ou the first and third Wednesdays in each
month, at the corner of Eleventh and Franklin av-

St. Louis Encampment. No. 1,

Meets ou the first and third Mondays in the month,
at Masonic Hall.

St. Louis Council. No. 7,

Meets in Mawnic Hall, Third, corner ot' Chesnut,
on the third Wednesday in each month.

Board Of Masonic Hall Directors,

Meets in Masonic Hall, third Saturday night in
each month. B. M.Runyan, , Pres't .

Board Of Relief

Meets in Masonic Hall every Saturday evening.

James 8.Roberts, , Pres't .

Board Of Trustees

Meets in Masonic Hall, every Fourth Saturday in
each mouth.

Grand Secretary'S Office

Northeast comer of Third and Chesuut.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows,
State Of Missouri.

The Grand Lodge of the State of Missouri meets
annually on the 3d Tuesday in May, at St. Louis.

Officers.-J. F.Scheifer, , M.W.G. Master , Cape
Girardeau : IraStansberry, , R.W.D.G. Master , St.
Louis; J. S.McFariand, , R.W.G. Warden , Boon-
ville ; Isaac M.Veitch, , R.W.G. Secretary , St. Louis;
Ben. F.Crane, , R.W.G. Treasurer , St. Louis ; V. C.
Peers, , R.W.G. Representative , Farmington; Isaac
M.Veitch, , R, W.G. Representative , St. Louis; Rev.
Francis L.Laird, , W.G. Chaplain , Potosi; J. C.
Cargill, , W.G. Marshal , St. Joseph; L. C.Bradhaw, ,
W.G. Conductor , Newark; W. P.Hublele, , W.G.
Guardian , Missouri City; OwenWilson, , W.G. Mes-
senger , Milan.

Subordinate Lodges in St. Louis,
Traveler'S Rest Lodge, No. 1,

Meets on the corner of Fourth and Locust streets,
every Monday evening.

Wildey Lodge, No. 2,

Meets on the corner of Fourth and Locust streets,
every Tuesday evening.

Germania Lodge, No. 3,

Meets on the corner of Fourth and Locust streets,
every Thursday evening.

St. Louis Lodge, No. 5.

Meets on the corner of Fourth and Locust streets,
every Saturday evening.'

Missouri Lodge, No. 11,

Meets on the corner of Fourth and Locust streets,
every Friday evening.

Excelsiors Lodge, No 18,

Meets on the corner or Fourth and Locust streets,
every Wednesday evening.

Laclede Lodge, No. 22,

Meets on Market street, west of Thirteenth street,
every Tuesday evening.

Washington Lodge, No. 24,

Meets on the corner of Seventh street and Park
avenue, every Friday evening.

Wingenund Lodge, No. 27,

Meets on the corner of Broadway and Chesnut
street, every Monday evening.

Goethe Lodge, No. 50,

Meets on the comer of Second and Chesnnt streets,
every Wednesday evening.

Bellefontaine Lodge, No. 73,

Meets on the corner of Broadway and Salisbury
street, every Tuesday evening.

Schiller Lodge. No. 89,

Meets on the corner of Broadway and Chambers
street, every Tuesday evening.

De Soto Lodge, No. 90,

Meets on Carondelet avenue, between Park avenue
and Barry street, every Tuesday evening.

Golden Rule Lodge, No. 100,

Meets on the corner of Franklin avenue and Elev-
enth street, every Thursday evening.

Jefferson Lodge, No. 119,

Meets on the corner of Broadway and Salisbury
street, every Wednesday evening.

Concordia Lodge, No. 128.

Meets on Carondelet avenue, between Park avenue
and Barry street, every Thursday evening.

The Grand Encampment of the State
Of Missouri, I. 0. O.F.

Meets annually at St. Louis, on the First Thursday
after the Third Tuesday in May.


M.W. Grand Patriarch , C. CArcher, , St. Lonis.

R. W, Grand High Priest , J. H.Crane, , St. Jo-

R.W. Grand P. Warden , G. M.Fitchtenkara, ,
St. Louis.

R.W. Grand J. Warden , S. H.Smith, , St. Louis.

R.W.Grand Scribe , JohnLibby, , St. Louis.

R.W. Grand Treasurer , W. H.Remington, , St.

Wildey Encampment, No. 1,

Meets First and Third Thursday iu each month, in
Oddfellows Hall, corner Fourth and Locust streets.

Hebron Encampment, No. 4,

Meets Second and Fourth Mondays in each month,
corner Fourth and Locust streets.

St. Louis Encampment, No. 13,

Meets Second and Fourth Tuesdays in each month,
corner Fourth and Locust streets.

Washington Encampment, No. 18,

Meets Second and Fourth Saturdays in each month,
on tne corner of Seventh and Park avenue.

Laclede Encampment, No. 14,

Meets Firstand Third Thursdays in each month, on
Market, west of 13th street.

Mound City Encampment, No. 19,

Meets Second and Fourth Wednesdays in each
month, corner of Broadway and Chambers streets.

Pilgrim Encampment, No. 20,

Meets Firstand Second Wednesdays in each month,
corner of Broadway and Chambers street.

Annual Session, First Thursday after the
Third Tuesday m May.

Secret And Benefit Societies. 41
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Grand Division Sons of Temperance
Of Missouri.

Meets twice a year. Semi-annual session will be
held at Rocheport, Bonne county, on the 4th Tues-
day in April, and the annual session at No. 40 Wash-
ington avenue, on the 4th Tuesday in October, 1859.


WilliamRoss, , of Madisonville, G.W.P.

J. B.Dameron, , of Milton, G.W.A.

Thos. B.Hooper, , of St. Louis, G. Scribe .

A. C.Robertson, , of St. Louis, G. Treasurer .

Win. C.Ebcrt, , of Hannibal, 6. Conductor .

Mcintosh, , of Chantiily, G. Chaplain .

W. C.Porter, , of Millwood, G. Sentinel.

Subordinate Division In St. Lonis.
St. Louis Division, No. 1,

Hall No. 40 Washington avenue. Meets every
Thursday evening.

Harmony Division, No. 2,

Hull No. 40 Washington avenue. Meets every Fri-
day evening.

Missouri Division, No. 4,

Hall No. 40 Washington avenue. Meets every Sat-
urday evening.

Union Temple Of Honor, No. 2,

Hall No. 40 Washington avenue. Meets every
Tuesday evening.

Social Temple, No. 5,

Connected with the above. Meets every Monday

United Ancient Order of Druids.
Grand Grove Op The State Of Missouri.

Hall, southeast corner of Market and Ninth streets.
Meets quarterly.

Subordinate Groves of St. Louis.
Missouri Grove No. 1,

Meets at hall on Market, southeast corner of Ninth
street, every Monday evening.

Teutonia Grove No. 2,

Meets at hall on Market, southeast corner of Ninth
street, every Wednesday evening.

United Brothers, No. 3,

Meet* at Hall on Spruce, corner of Second street,
every Tuesday evening.

Harmony Grove No. 7,

Meets at hall on Spruce, southwest comer of
Second street, every Thursday evening.

Gkorge Washington Grove No. 6,

Meets at hall on Chesnut, between Second and
Third streets, every Friday evening.

Western Grove No. 7,

Meets at hall on Market, southeast corner of Ninth
street, every Tuesday evening.

Stf. Louis Grove No. 8,

Meets at hall west side of Seventh, between Park
auenue and Harry street, every Wednesday evening.

Laclede Grove, No. 9,

Meets at hall on Chesnut, northwest comer of
Second, every Thursday evening.

Franklin Grove, No. 10,

Meets at hall, southeast corner of Ninth and
Market, every Thursday evening.

Excelsior Grove, No 11,

Meets at hull, southwest corner ot Webster and
Broadway, every Wednesday evening.

Concordia Grove, No. 12,

Meets at hall. Franklin avenue, northeast corner
of Eleventh, every Tuesday evening.

Mississippi Valley Degree Grove, No. 1,

Meets at ball, Spruce street, southwest corner of
Second, evcrv two weeks.

Pythag0Rd8 Chapter, No. 1,

Meets at halt. Market, southeast corner 01 Ninth,
first and third Fridays of overy month.

Good Templars.
Grand Lodge Of Missouri.

Meets at Jefferson City, third Wednesday in April.

J. H.Alexander, , G.W.C.T., St. Charles; J. P.
Clark, , G.W.C, Mexico; J. H.Moore, . G.W.V.T.,
Charleston ; B. H.Milts, , G.W.S. and T., St. Louis;
W. D.Dawson, , G.W.M., Jefferson City ; J. F.Mar., , G.W.D.M., California ; H. R.Keaton, , G.W.I.
G., Mexico ; Rev.J. M.Hardy, , G.W.C, California.

Subordinate Lodges in St. Louis.
Switzer Lodge, I. 0. G. Templars. No. 130.

Organized February 4th, 185G. Meets at s.w.west corner
of Broadway and Webster streets, every Monday
evening. No. of members 124.

St. Louis Lodge, No. 162, I. 0. G.T.

Organized 1856. Meets n.e.east corner of Franklin av.avenue
and Tenth streets, every Tuesday evening. No.
of members 130.

Lilly Of The West Lodge, No. 221.

Organized May 10th, 1858. Meets No. 40 Washing-
ton av.avenue , every Wednesday evening. No. of mem-
bers, 110.

Improved Order of Red Ken.

Organized in St. Lonis June 20th, 1850. Comprises
four Tribes, working under charters of the Great
Council of U.S.

Hiawatha Tribe No. 1.

Meets in Weld's building, n.north w.west corner of Chesnut
and Third streets, on Saturday evening of each week.

Mtnne-Ha-Ha Tribe No. 2.

Meets in Weld's building, n.north v. corner of Chesnnt
and Third streets, on Thursday evening of each week.

Mohawk Tribe No. 3.

Meets on Second, corner of Spruce street,on every
Friday evening.

Cherokee Tribe No. 4.

Meets in Red Man's Hall, Carondelet avenue, be-
tween Barry and Marion sts., every Tuesday evening.

The Great Council

Holds its sessions quarterly, at Red Man's Hall.


George A.Milli'fan, , Great Sachem .

D.Weil, , Chief of Records .

P. S.Grouse, , Keeper of Wampum .

GeorgeBerg, , Senior Sagamore .

IsaacIsaacs, , Junior Sagamore .

Independent Order Sons of Malta,

Hall on Chesnut street, between Second aud Third,
over Armot's stable,

Meet regularly every Saturday evening.

Missouri Lodge. No. 22,

Meets every Sunday evening at the southwest corner
of Chesnut and Second streets.


A.Kramer, , President .

J.Manheimer, , Vice President .

T.Mayer, , Secretary .

M.Cohn, , Treasurer ,

A.R.O.No. 3.
Ancient Order Of Knighthood,

Hold their meetings on Market street, corner of Ninth,
in the Druids' Hall.

Mr.Jacks, , President ; Mr.Fink, , Vice President ;
Mr.Sonneborn, , Treasurer ; Mr.Landoner, , Secretary ;
Mr.Bowers, , Corresponding Secretary ; Mr.Haas, , Out-
side Guardian ; Mr.Jackson, , Inside Guardian .

42 Educational.
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Public Schools.
Board Of St. Louis Public Schools.

President —EdwardWyman, .

Secretary —C. K.Johnson, .

Superintendent —IraDivoll, .

Counsellor —EvansCasselbcrry, .

Bailiff —FerdinandGottschalk, .

Members Of The Board.

Stephen D.Barlnw, , FrederickMosberger, , George
M.Fichtcnkam, , A. C.Cordes, , John F.Thornton, ,
John A.Leavy, , Charles F.Meyer, , EdwardWyman, ,
Samuel H.Bailey, , SamuelRobbins, , William W.
Greene, , Charles A.Pope, . JosephO'Neil, , Jules A.
Detchmendy, , JosephBaker, , James D.Leonard, , Wm.
patrick, . James P.Robison, , JosephHodgman, , Archi-Carr, ,

Standing Committees.

On Teachers—Bailey, Fichtenkam, Leavy, Baker,
and Hodgman.

Committee on Lands and Claims—Greene, Bar-
low, Thornton, Leonard, and Patrick.

Leasing Committee—Patrick, Mosberger, Meyer,
Robbins and Detchmendy.

Budding Committee—Robbins, Cordes, O'Neil,
Meyer, ami Robison.

Auditing Committee—Bailey, Baker, and Fichten-

High and Normal School Committee—Pope, Thorn-
ton, and Greene.

Committee on Books and Apparatus—Leavy,
Leonard, and Carr.

Library Committee—Hodgman. Mosberger, and

Committee on Evening Schools—Carr, O'Neil, and

Committee on Ways and Means—Barlow, Cordes,
and Detchmeudy.

Names And Locations Of Shcools.

Benton—Sixth street, between Louust and St.

Clark—Seventh street, between Hickory and Laba-

Clay—Bellefontaine Road, corner of Mallinckrodt.

Eiiot —Fifteenth and Pine streets.

Fairmount Grammar—Broadwav, opposite Rolling

Fairmmint Primary—Intersection of Bellefontaine
Road ami Broadway.

Franklin—Seventeenth street and Christy avenue.

Gamble—Gamble avenne and Mercer.

Hamilton—Twenty-fourth and Biddle streets.

High—Fifteenth and Olive streets.

Jackson—Broadway and Webster street.

Jefferson—Ninth and Wash streets.

Lafayette—Anne and Decatur streets.

Laclede Grammar—Fifth and Poplar streets.

Laclede Primary—Fourth and Spruce streets.

McDonald— Gravois Road, near Grand avenue.

Mound—Eighth and Howard streets.

Natural llridge—Natural Bridge plank road.

Not-lli Freemen —Sixteenth and Carr streets.

South Freemen—Seventh and Hickory streets.

Shepherd—Carondelet Road, opposite Marine ave-

Stoddard—Twenty-sixth and Morgan streets.

Webster—Sixteenth aud Jefferson streets.

Academies and Schools Independent
Of The Board Of Education.

Academy of the Christian Brothers , Eighth street
corner of Cerre.

Academy of the UrsuUnes , east side of State street
between Russell and Ann avenues, under the
charge of the Superioress, Mother AloysiaWin-, .

Academy of the Visitation , Ninth street, between
Manna and Carroll streets, under the charge of
the Superioress, Mother Mary AgnesBrent, .

Boys' Industrial School , located at 48 North eighth
street. Mrs.Samantha A.Plummer, , Principal .

Cathedral Free School , for Boys, attached to the
R.C. Cathedral, Walnut street.

Colored Baptist School , in connexion with Baptist
Church. Eighth Btreet, corner of Green street.
E. G.Hawley, , Principal .

Cumberland Presbyterian Mission School , Fifteenth
between Chambers and Madison streets. Fred- R.Gessner, , Teacher .

Evangelical Lutheran German School , Cedar between
Third and Fourth streets. CharlesEckhardt,
and EdwardRoschke, , Teachers .

Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel's Academy , Ger
man and English, southeast corner Franklin
avenue and Eleventh street, rear of Church.
W.Alhach, , Principal .

German Evangelical Lutheran School , Barry, south-
west corner Fulton street, JohnKoch, , Prin-
cipal .

German Evangelical School , Carr street, corner of
Fifteenth. HenrySeager, , Principal .

German Evangelical School , in connection with St.
Paul's Church, Decatur, between Lafayette and
Geyer avenue. MaxSacttele, Principal .

German Institute School , 69 South Third street.
TheodorePcesch, , Superintendent .

German School of the Free Congregation , North
side Hepburn street, between Fourteenth and
Fifteenth streets. Dr.RudolphDcehn, , Propri-
etor .

Girl's School , at St. Louis Half Orphan Assylum, un-
der the Sifters of St. Joseph.

Mississippi Valley Female Seminary , northeast cor-
ner of Pine and Seventeenth streets. Rev.C. J.
Abbott, , Principal .

Northern School of the Protestant Congregation of
the Holy Spirit , located on the west side Elev-
enth street., between Carr and Biddle. Henry
Werz, , Principal .

Reformed Presbyterian Sabbath School , attached to
the Church, corner of Mercer street and Gamble
avenue. Hour of attendance, 9 A.M.Henry
Marten, Superintendent .

St. Francis Xavier School , for Boys, attached to St.
Francis Xavier R.C. Church.

St. John's School , attached to St. John's Church,
Spruce street, corner of Sixth. JohnCrowley, ,
Principal .

St. Joseph's Hoys' School , attached to St. Joseph R.
C. Church.

St. Joseph's German Female Catholic School . Elev-
enth street, between O'Fallon and Cass avenue.

St. Joseph's German Male School , Eleventh street,
northeast corner of Biddle.

St. Louis Female Seminary , ss. Chesnut, b.between 10th and
llth. LouisN.Bonham, , Principal .

St. Mark's School , northwest corner of Jackson and
Soulard streets. Christoph.Rebcnack, , Piincipal

St. Mary's Boys' School , attached to St. Mary's R.C.
Church, under charge of the Christian Brothers.

St. Mary's Girts' School , attached to St. Mary's
Church, under charge of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

St. Michael's School , free night school fer boys and
girls, attached to the church, Jellerson street,
corner of Eleventh.

St. Patrick's Girls' School , attached to St. Patrick's
R.C. Church, under charge of the Sisters of St.

St. Patrick's R.C.School , located at Biddle, n.north w.west cor-
ner of Sixth, under eh irge of the Christian Broth-
ers. BrotherMoses, , Principal .

Sts. Peter aud Paul's School , in connection with the
church, northeast corner of Seventh iftreet aud
Allen avenge.

Medical And Scientific Associations. 43
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St. Philomena's Pay and Free School , at the Convent
of St. Philomena, under the direction of the
Danghters of Charity.

St. Vincent's Girls' School of St. Vincent de Paul's
Church , southeast cornerof Bael street and and Park
avenue, under the direction of the Christian

St. Vincent's Girls' School of St. Vincent de Panl's
Chnrch . corner of Fulton and Marion streets, un-
der the direction of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

St. Vincent R.C. Female Free School , located on St.
Charles. south east corner of Tenth street. Sis-
ter Olympia, , Superioress .

Medical And Scientific Associations.
Academy Of Science, St. Louis.

The Academy of Science wan organized aud went
into operation on the 10th of March, 1856. It ob-
tained a charter of incorporation from the Legisla-
ture, on the 17th of January, 1857, with power to
hold real estate; its property is exempt from taxa-
tion. It has collected quite a large museum, and a
library of several hundred volumes, and has pub-
lished two numbers, of volume one, of its transac-
tions. It numbers about one hundred associate
members, eighty-two corresponding members, and is
in correspondence with a large number of other
societies, home and foreign. Its revenues are about
$1.200 a vcar. It has for its object the advancement
of science and the establishment in St. Louis of a
scientific library, and a museum of natural history,
and it is especially devoted to the prosecution of
original research in the natural history and ethnology
of the American continent.

The following gentlemen were elected officers of
the Academy for the year 1859:

President —AdolphusWislizcnus, M.D.

First Vice President —GeorgeEngelmann, M.D.

Second Vice President —Charles APope, M.D.

Corresponding Sec'y —NathanielHolmes, E.sq.

Recording Secretary —J. B.Allcyne, M.D.

Treasurer —S.Pollak, M.D.

Librarian —Theodore C.Hilgard, M.D.

Curators —H. A.Prout, M.D., C. W.Stevens, M.
D.. T. C.Hilgard, . M.D, SpencerSmith, Esq.

Committee on Publication —N.Holmes, . Esq., W.
M.McPheeters, M.D., Gen.Engelmann, . M.D.

Committee on Library —Ii. A.Prout, M.D., C. A.
Pope, M.P., Hon.SamuelReber, .

Committee on Finance —SpencerSmith, Esq., J.
B.Eads, Esq., C. C.Whittclsey, Esq.

German Institute.

For Science, Art, and Mechanics, founded Feb-ruary 1st, 1856. Situated No. 69 South Third street.

Dr.EmilPretorius, , President .

CharlesKanz, , Librarian .

Missouri Medical College.

Northwest corner of Eighth and Gratiot streets.
Founded 1840.


John S.Moore, . M.D., Professor of Theory and
Practice of Medicine.

Joseph N.McDowell, M.D., Professor of Theory and
Practice of Surgery.

AhnerHopton, M.D., Professor of Chemistry and

JohnBarnes, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica,
Therapeutics and .Medical Botany.

Johu T.Hodgen, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and

E. S.Frazer, . M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and
Diseases of Women and Children.

ThomasMcMartin, M.D., Professor of Pathology
and Clinical Medicine.

DrakeMcDowell, . M.D., Adjunct Professor of Sur-

John J.McDowell, M.D., Demonstrator of Anat-

St. Louis Medical College.

This institution was founded in the year 1842 and oc-
cupies a large building on the corner of Seventh
and Myrtle streets.

M. L.Linton, M.D.. Professor of the Principles
and Practice of Medicine.

A.Litton, M.D.. Professor of Chemistry and Phar-

Charles A.Pope, M.D., Professor of the Principles
and Practice of Surgery, Cliuicul Surgery, aud Doau
of the Faculty.

M. M.Pallen, M.D., Protestor of Obstetrics and
Diseases of Women and Children.

W. M.McPhecters, . M.D., Professor of Materia
Mediea and Therapeutics.

Charles W.Stevens, M.D., Professor of General,
Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy.

John B.Johnson, M.D., Professor of Clinical Med-
icine and Pathological Anatomy.

J. H.Watters, M.D., Professor of Physiology and
Medical Jurisprudence.

E. H.Gregory, M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy.

Connected with the St. Louis Medical College is the
O'Fallon Clinic and Dispensary—founded in 1850, by
the liberality of Col. John O'Fallon, of this city. It
is under the care of the faculty of the College. Here
the poor are prescribed for daily, and medicines fur-
nished gratuitously. Some 4,000 patients are annu-
ally treated at this charity. Besides this, there are
also attached to the College two huge and extensive
anatomical and pathological museums, as well as the
museum of the Academy of Science of St. Louis,
which arc at all times open to the inspection of the

St. Louis Pharmaceutical Association.

Officers.—Eugene L.Massot, , President .

EnnoSander, and Alex.Iieitch, , Vice Presidents .

William B.Parker, , Uecording Secretary .

JamesO'Gallagher, , Corresponding Secretary .

William H.Dornin, , Treasurer .

ThomasTauton, , William H.Dornin, , Frederic F.
Bohl, , Samuel D.Hcudel, , and JamesO'Gallagher, ,
Executive Committee .

EnnoSander, . Arthur T.Hollister, , TheodoreKalb, ,
ThomasScott, and JamesO'Gallagher, , Committee
on the Progress of Pharmacy .

HenryKnowles, , James W.Francis, , CharlesBang, ,
A.Godron, , and JosephMurphy, , Committee on Un-
officinal Formula .

Pharmaceutical Hall, No. 22 South Fourth street.

Meetings first Thursday in every month.

44 Colleges Aad Universities.
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St. Louis Medical Society.

This society was incorporated en the 25th of January, 1837. It confines its operations to the ad-
vancement of the medical and its collateral sciences
in general, and to the improvement and elevation of
the medical profession in the city of St. Louis, in
particular. Its members consist of three classes,
Senior, Junior and Honorary. Its officers are a
President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Cor-

responding Secretary and Treasurer, who are elected
at each annual meeting, which is held on the first
Saturday of Jannary. The regular meetings of the
eociety convene every Saturday'at 7.30 P.M., at the

hall, corner of Fifth and Locust streets. The society
is at present in a very flourishing condition, and
numbers one hundred and ten regular members.

The officers elected for the year 1839 are as follows:

President —M. L.Linton, Ii.D.Office corner of
Locust and Tenth streets.

Vice President —WilliamJohnston, M.D. Office
corner of Seventh and Pine streets.

Recording Secretary —ThomasKennard, M.D.
Office 98 Pine street, bet.between Sixth and Seventh.

Corresponding Secretary —J. S.Haslet, M.D.
Office, Locust street, bet. Fourth and Fifth.

Treasurer —John T.Hodgen, M.D.Office, corner
of Walnut and Fourth streets.

Colleges And Universities.
Jones Commercial College Of St. Louis,

S.E. corner of Washington aventie and Third
street. Incorporated January 24th, 1849, with full
authority "to grant diplomas, award degrees,
confer honors and exercise all and singular the priv-
ileges common to Commercial Colleges authorized
by law in other States."


JonathanJones, , Master of Accounts, President
and Acting Professor of the Theory and Practice of
Book-Keeping, Commercial Correspondence, etc.

Archibaldlnglis, and Henry M.Wibracht, , Practi-
cal Aecountante .

Julius A.Barnett, and PhillipSchmidt, , Practical
Accountants .

CharlesStewart, , Professor of Mathematics.

S. D.Hayden, , Professor of Penmanship.

JonathanJones, , Lecturer on Commercial Law.

O'Fallon Polytechnic Institute.

North Fourth street, corner of St. Chailes. Organ-
ized 1855, under the charter of the Washington

The library is furnished with between three and
four thousand volumes, and a large supply of Ameri-
can and European quarterlies nnd magazines; also,
with a large supply of daily and weekly newspapers.

The Institute is under the management of

JohnHow, , President .

Gerard B.Allen, , Vice President .

HenryCopp, , Treasurer .

Wm. R.Bsbcock, , Secretary and Librarian .

Board op Managers —JohuHow, , Gerard B.Allen, ,
JamesLuthey, , R. E.Carr, , N. J.Eaton, . J. B.Eads, , J.
L.Faucett, , j. T.Green, , C. A.Pope, , S.Treat, . F.Wes-, , Wm. S.Cuddy, , D. K.Ferguson, , R. M.Parks, . R.
Dougherty, , J. J.Reynolds, , Wm.Patrick, , R.Sellew, ,
JosephO'Neil, , S. H.Laflin, .

The Institute has now in process of erection a large
and commodious building on Chesnut street, corner
of Seventh.

St. Louis University.

Situated between Green street and Washington
avenue, west of Ninth street. Founded 1829, by
members of the society of Jeans, and incorporated
by the Legislature 1832, With power to confer de-
grees and academical honors in ail the learned pro-
fessions, and generally to have and " enjoy all the
powers, rights and privileges exercised by literary
Institutions of the same rank."

The Institution possesses a valuable Museum,
which contains a great variety of specimens both of
nature and of art, collected from various quarters of
the globe, especially from our own country ; also a
very beautiful And complete Philosophical and Chem-
ical Apparatus. The library belonging to the Insti-
tution numbers over 14,000 volumes, embracing al-
most every branch of literature and science, aud
containing many rare and interesting works. The
select libraries form a collection of over 7,000 vol-

Board Of Trustees.

Very Rev.J. B.Druyts, S.J., President .

Rev.J. S.Verdin, S.J., Vice Pres't .

" F. P.O'Loghlen, , S.J., Chancellor .

" D. J.DeSmet, , S.J., Treasurer .

" J. L.Gleizal, . S.J., Secretary ,


Rev.J. S.Verdin, S.J., President .

" J. B.Emig, , S.J., Vice President .

" F.Nussbaum, , S.J., Professor of Mental and
Moral Philosophy.

Rev.Edw. J.Keller, 8.J., Professor of Ancient

Rev.F. P.O'Loghlen, S.J., Professor of Astron-
omy and Mathematics.

Rev.F. P.Garesche, S.J., Professor of Physics
and Rhetoric.

Rev.G. H.Kernion, B.J., Professor of French

Rev.G. W.Watson, S.J., Professor of Modern

Bev.P. J.DeMeester, S.J., Treasurer .

Rev.P.Honing, 8.J., Professor of Chemistry.

Mr.J.L'Esperance, S.J., Professor of English

Theological Department. — Professors.

Rev.F. X.Wippern, S.J.;

Rev.Adam VanKulst, S.J.;

Rev.ThomasO'Neil, S.J.,

With several additional Assistant Professors,

Washington University,

On Seventeenth street and Washington avenue.

Is an Educational Institution, founded in the city
of St. Louis, under an Act of Incorporation by he
State of Missouri, approved February 22d, 1853. It
comprises several departments, and is intended to
embrace the whole range of University studies,

Military. 45
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except Theological, and to afford opportunity of
complete preparation for every sphere of Practical
aud "Scientific life. With this view. Three Depart-
ments are now established and orgauized, nimely,
the Accadeniic, the Scientific, and the Practical (or
Industrial) Departments; aud other Departments will
be established as circumstances may require.

By the Eighth Article of the Constitation, "no in-
struction, either sectarian in religion, or partisan in
politics, shall be allowed in any Department of the
University ; and no sectarian or party test shall be
used in the election of Professors, Teachers, or other
officers of the University; nor shall any such test
ever be used in the University for any purpose what-
soever. This article shall lie understood as the fun-
damental condition on which all endowments, of what-
ever kind, are received,"


William O.Eliot, , President .

WaymanCrow, , Vice President .

JohnCavender, , Treasurer .

Seth A.Rantett, , Secretary .

SamuelTreat, , Corresponding Secretary .

Adolph E.Hugo, , Actuary .

Wm. G.Eliot, , JohnHow, , WaymanCrow, , John M,
Krum, . SamuelTreat, . JohnO'Fallon, , JamesSmith, ,
Seth A.Ranlett, , Charles A.Pope, , JohnCavender, ,
N. J.Eaton, , Phocion R.McCreery, , GeorgePartridge, ,
James H.Lucas, , Hudson E.Bridge, , SamuelRussell, ,
and Thomas T.Gantt, , Directors .

Academic Department.

Jeremiah D.Low, , Principal .

Nathan D.Tirrell, , Principal .

(Graduate of Massachusetts State Normal School.)

Willard P.Bliss, A.B.Tutor .

SylvesterWaterhouse, A.M.Tutor .

(Two additional Teachers to be elected before the be-
ginning of nest term ,)

P.Braes, A.M., Teacher of German.

(Graduate of Universities of Goettingeu and Berlin.)

FerdinandBocher, , Teacher of French and

PauhtsRcetter, , Teacher of Da wing.

Tranian M.Post, D.D., Professor of Ancient
and odern History.

Scientific Department.

A.Lnton, M.D., Professor of Analytic and
Industrial Chemistry.

Joseph J.Ktenyolds, A.M., Professor of Me-
chanics aud Civil Engineering.

(Late Assistant Professor of Natural and Experi-
mental Philosophy, at West Point.)

GeorgeEnglemann, . M.D., Professor of Botany
aud Natural History.

Charles A.Pope, M.D., Professor of Compara-
tive Anatomy aurl Physiology.

The following Chairs will be tilled as soon as ade-
quate endowment and the services of competent men
can be secured:

Geology and Mineralogy, Mining and Metallurgy,
Mathematics, Agriculture, Architecture, Astronomy.

Until these Professorships are filled, instruction by
Lectures and otherwise will be given in these branch-
es of Education by the other Professors and Teachers.

A Department of the Fine Arts is also contempla-
ted as a part of the general plan, with good promise
of ultimate success, a sufficient fund for that purpose
having been, already pledged.

First Military District.

Head-Quarters, No. 73, Fifth street. Brigadier-
General D. M.Frost, , commanding .

Brigade Staff.

1. Lieut.Col.H. J.McKellops, , Assist.Adj't.Gen.

2. Major William D.Wood, , Aid-de-Camp .

3. Major N.Wall, , Commissary .

4. Major CaryGrata, , Quartermaster .

5. Major Johu J.Anderson, , Paymaster .

6. Major E.Smith, , M.D., Surgeon .

7. Major W. It.Biddlecome, , Judge Adv. General .

First Regiment Infantry,

Colonel J. N.Pritchard, , commanding ; Lieut.Col.,
A. R.Easton, Major, E. S,Wheaton.

Regimental Staff.

1. Captain W. CBuchanan, , Adjutant .

2. " N.Hatch, , Commissary,

3. " E.Ames, , Paymaster .

4. " H. W.Williams, , Quartermaster .

5. " J.Scott, , M.D., Surgeon .

Company A. St. Louis Greys.

Organized 1832. Armory, Union Military Hall,Wal-
nut street. Company Drill every Wednesday even-
ing. Recruit Drill every Saturday evening. Sec'y ,
Koneski, ; Treasurer , Leanori, .

Captain , JohnKnapp, ; 1st Lt. , E.Cooper, ; 2nd
Lt. , A.Pasquier, ; 3rd Lt. , M. F.Burke, ; 1st Ser'gt.
JamesSullivan, ; 2nd, GeorgePipe, ; 3rd, George W.
Stierlin, ; 4th, L. E.Koiiiuseeski, ; 5th, Frank B.
Turnbull, ; 1st Corporal , Stephen O.Coleman, ; 2nd,
V.Fisher, ; 3rd, —.Leonori, ; 4tb, F. I.O'Reilly, ; 5th
M.Craft, .

Co.B.-National Guard.

Drill every Monday evening at Annoiy, cor. Third
and Pine streets. President , W. R.Biddlecombe, ;
Vice President , JohnDecker, ; Secretary and
Treasurer , L. C.Billon, ; Assistant Secretary , Edw.
Sayers, .

Captain , John, ; 1st Lt. . W. B.Haseltine, ;
2nd Lt. , W.Finney, ; 3rd Lt. , W. S.Cuddy, ; 1st
Serg't , E. W.Sherburne, ; 2nd, CharlesPerrine, ; 3rd
Louis C.Billon, ; 4th, TheodoreYates, ; 1st Corporal ,
FrederickWelker, ; 3rd, S. S.Brainerd, ; 4th, C. W.
Marsh, .

Co. C—Washington Guards.

Organized August 15th, 1853, under the command
of Daniel M.Frost, . Drills at Union Military Hall,
on Walnut street, every Tuesday night. Meets first
Friday of each month. Secretary , E. P.Woods, .

Captain P.Gorman, ; 1st Lt. , R.Tacker, ; 2nd Lt,
W. J.Kenny, ; 3rd Lt. , (vacancy); Ensign , Richard
King, ; 1st Serg't , E. P.Woods, ; 2nd, Thomas O.Mc-, ; 3rd, Tiios.Moylan, ; 4th, CorneliusHefernan, ;
1st Corporal , Thos.Roach, ; 2nd, MichaelDwyor, ;
3rd, Wm.Shea, ; 4th, MichaelCurley, .

Co.D.—Emmet Guards.

Organized March 4th, 1857. Drill every Wednesday
evening at Washington Armory, cor. of Fourth
and and St. Charles streets ; President , P.Coyne, ;
Secretary , JosephShields, ; Treas'r , MathewPark, .
Captain , Thomas F.Smith, ; 1st Lt. , E.Byrne, ; 2nd
Lt. , M.Park, ; 3rd Lt. , W.Nugent, ; 1st Sergeant ,
JohnKane, ; 2nd, Wm.Horau, .; 3rd, JohnBoyie, ;

46 Military, Etc.
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4th. MichaelMurphy, ; Colour Serg't , L.Kinney, -, 1st
Corporal , Wm. N.Tivy, ; 2nd, J, A.Kelly, ; 3rd, P.
Lyons, ; 4th, J, C.Comors, .

Co.E.—Washington Blubs.

Drill every Monday evening at VernmUh Hall ; Presi-
dent , J.Sullivan, ; Treasurer , JohnBasby, .

Captain , Jos.Kelly, ; 1st Lt. , P. E.Barke, ; 2nd Lt. ,
John IlDrew, , 3rd Lt. Charles A.Hoean, ; 1st Serg' t ,
J.Tobin, ; 2nd. J.Walsh, ; 3rd. M.Whealan, ; J.Silli-, ; Ensign , J.Driscoll, ; 1st Corporal J.Cody, ;
2nd, W.Chirk, ; 3rd, M. K.McGrath, ; 4th, J.O'Brien, ;
6th, W.Kelly, .

Co. F—Washington Guards.

Organized October 9th, 1858. Drill every Thursday
evening at Washington Armory. President , D.
M.Frrwt, ; Vice President , WilliamWade, ; Sec'y ,
Mathew W.Quan, ; Treaaurer , JohnM'Manus, .

Captain , W.Wade, ; 1st Lt. , P.O'Connor, ; 2nd Lt. .
T.Wall, ; 3rd Lt. . T.Curley, : Ist Sergeant , Morris
Hodnett, ; 2nd, M. W.Qnan, ; 3rd, PatricKFitz-, ; 4th, MarkByrne, ; Colour Serg't. M.Dillon, ;
1st Corporal , Chas.Hofmeister, ; 2nd, T.Hefernan, ;
3rd, Wm.Hadueit, ; 4th, LawrenceMcEvoy, ; Sth,
JamesWalsh, .

Co. G—Missouri Guard.

Organized July 22, 1858. Armory Union Military
Hall. Camp Drills every Monday evening. Re-
cruit Drills every. Thursday evening. President ,
M. W.Warne, ; Vice President , C. M.Mauro, ;
Secretary , S. S.Homana, ; Treasurer , W. C.Jones, .
Sixty-five rank and file.

Captain , G. W.West, ; 1st Lt. , F. H.Tucker, ; 2nd
Lt. , Sol.Scott, Jr.; 3rd Lt. , A. C.Bernoudy, ; 1st
Serg't , Joseph E.Hamblin, ; 2nd, Frank W.Roberts, ;
3rd, James M.Richardson, ; 4th, W. C.Jones, ; 5th,
Charles G.Manro, ; 1st Corporal , W. H.Waters, ; 2nd,
Samuel D.Hendel, ; 3rd. Edgar W.Warue, ; 4th,
HenryReynolds, ; Sth, S. S.Horaans, .

Co. H—National Guard.

Organized July 28th, 1858. Drill every Tuesday
evening, cor. Third and Pine. President , R. M.
Wilson, ; Secretary , J. G.Alexander, ; Treasurer ,
Z. S.Hyde, .

Captain , B. E.Walker, ; Ist Lt. , L. H.Garnett, ;
2nd Lt. . J. W.Amiss, , 3rd Lt. . T. W.Brandon, ; 1st,
Serg't , C. W.Smith, ; 2nd, FrankCarter, ; 3rd, E. F.
Chappell, ; 4th, Z. S.Hyde, ; Colour Serg't , C. B.
Atchison, ; 1st Corporal , It. B.Lee, ; 2nd, G. J.Chap-, ; 3rd, E. C.Simmons, ; 4th, F. B.Pike, .

Co.I.—City Guard.

Organized December 2U, 1858. Drill on Monday
evening, at Washington Hall. Secrectary , B.
Davidson, ; Treasurer , C. L.Johnson, Jr.

Captain , Geo. A.Schaeffer, ; 1st Lt. , J. J.Morrison, ;
2nd Lt. , A.Hequembourg, ; 3rd Lt. , B.Davidson, ;

Edw.Curtis, , Sergeant Major ; 1st Serg't R. S.Arm-, ; 2nd. Z. M.Argust, ; 3rd. A. H.Thatcher, ;
4th. A.Gilbert, ; 5th J.Hinchcliffe, ; 1st Corporal ,
W.Crone, ; 2nd. R. W.Armutead, ; 3rd. A. R.Tomp-, ; 4th, A.Biakerley, .

Batallion Of Rifles.

Major J. CSmith, , commanding ; Lt.H.Bischoff, ,
Adjutant .

Co. A—Union Rifles.

Organized March, 1851. Drill twice s month in
WarthiDsrtoo Hall. Treasurer , FrancisKohr, : Sec'y ,
HenryTrautmann, .

Captain , FrancisKohr, ; 1st Lt. , JohnWeber, ; 2nd
Lt. , Jacob N.Kiburz, ; 3rd Lt. Bernard V.Meyer, ;
4th. RudolphStaenz, ; 1st Serg't , GeorgeErnst, : 2nd
JacobAuer, ; 3rd, HenryTrautmann, ; 4th. Jacob
Stemer, ; 5th, —Danner, ; Corporal . —, .

Co.B.—-Missouri Rifles.

Organized 1847. Drill twice a month in Washington
Hall. Treasurer , WilliamMittmann, ; Secretary ,
HeuryBischoff, .

Captain , B.Schultze, ; 1st Lt. , AntonNiederwie-, ; 2nd Lt. , ChristianEssig, ; 3rd Lt. , EugeneAelken, ;
1st Serg't , WilliamMittmann, ; 2nd, CharlesSchaaf, ;
3rd. CharlesHuelzel, ; 4th, RudolphUfon, ; Ensign ,
LouisPeiv, .

Squadron Of Cavauiy.

Major Schaeffer, , commanding ; Lieut.W.Jack-, , Adjutant ; A.Jaeger, , Serg t Major .

Co.A.—Mounted Rifles.

Organized April, 1858. Treasurer , JohnSchafer, ;
Secretary , AdolphGrosser, .

Captain , H.Hildebrandt, : 1st Lt. , LonisSchtrmer, ;
2nd Lt. , J.Schafer, ; 3rd Lt. , Win.Kell, ; Ensign , J.
Pelgen, ; 1st Serg't , L.Danner, ; 2nd. E.Berger, ; 3rd.
P.Brech, ; 4th, Ph.Roederer, ; 1st Corporal , O.
Schvoerkert, ; 2nd, WilliamGoerger, ; 3rd, G,Scharr-, .

Missouri Dragoons—Co.B.

Organized October, 1842. Drill twice a month in
Lafayette Park. Treasurer , MartinKaltenbeh, ;
Secretary . JosephApprederes, .

Captain , H.Henkel, ; 1st Lt. , C.Steifel, ; 2nd Lt. .
JohnRuk, ; 3rd, Chrs.Abel, ; 1st Serg't , ErnstPfaff, ;
2nd, JacobMelter, ; 3rd, GeorgeWakemann, ; 4th,
GeorgeSprenger, ; 1st Corporal , LouisTheomeyer, ;
2nd, GeorgeBratz, ; 3rd, MichaelAdami, .

Co.A.—Missouri Light Artillery.

Organized July. 1842. Drill every Monday evening
in Artillery Armory.

Captain , HenryAluistedt, ; 1st Lt. , G.Reinhardt, ;
2nd Lt. , H.Pectz, ; 3rd Lt. , vacancy; 1st Serg't ,
GeorgeRiemann, ; 2nd, HermanHeimbach, ; 3rd, G.
Ost, ; 4th, John D.Yost, ; Eusiga , Philip H.Zepp, .

Chamber Op Commerce.

Merchants' Exchange building, Main street, between
Market and Walnut. Organized 1843.

R, M.Funkhouser, , President .

Charles L.Tueker, , Vice President .

John T.Doughlass, , Vice President .

William B.Baker, . Secretary and Treasurer .

Committee Of Appeals —Graham L.Hughes, , J.
S.Lemoine, , Robert H.Davis, . Joseph H.Ogtewy, . A.
C.Goddin, , Cliaton O.Dutcher, , A. W.Fagln, , Thos.
Barke, , John F.Mauatel, , D. A.January, , EdgarAmes, ,
R. K.Woods, .

Mechanics And Manufacturers' Ex-

No. 63 Chesnut street.

The avowed objects of this association are the en-
couragement, development and promotion of the me-
chanical and manufacturing interests of the citv; the
arbitration or all errors, and misunderstandings be-
tween it members and those of the community hav-
ing business with them.

N. M.Ludlow, , President .

E. M.Leeds, , 1st Vice President .

WilliamStamps, , 2d Vice President .

Miscellaneous. 47
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HenryWeisenfels, , Secretary .

R. M.Parks, , Treasurer .

Committee Of Arbitration —William C.Smith, ,
WilliamHill, , R. E.Bolton, , M. L.Julian, , JohuEvill, ,
M.Lynch, , W. G.Clark, , John C.Evans, .

Committee Of Appeals —Charles H.Peck, , W. F.
Cozzens, , L.Robbius, , L. D.Baker, , P.Wilson, , William
Butts, , JamesLuther, .

Law Library.

Located in south wing Court House.

Officers —Charles D.Drake, , President : T. A.
Dick, , Vice President ; S. A.Bennett, , Secretary ;
Irwin Z.Smith, , Treasurer .

Directors , Charles D.Drake, , John M.Kram, , John
. Shepley, , HeuryHitchcock, .

Regular annual meeting first Monday in December.

Mercantile Library Association.

Fifth street, corner of Locust.

Officers —John S.Lcnnine, , Presideut ; Robert
H.Davis, , Vice-President ; SamuelCopp, jr., Treas-
urer ; AlfredCarr, , Corresponding Secretary ; John
W.Clark, , Recording Secretary .

Directors , Frank. R.Alexander, , LawrenceKings-, , Johu H.Siegrist, , Calvin W.Marsh, , Sol.Scott,
jr., Isaac W.Dutcher, , Wm. C.Buchanan, .

Franklin Library Association.

Hall on the west side of Eleventh, between Wash
and Carr streets.

Willis R.Pritcliard, , President ; John S.Beggs, ,
Vice-President ; EarlMatiack, , Secretary ; D. F.
McBeth, , Assistant Secretary ; F.Lauman, , Treasurer ;
John R.Siesle, , Librarian .

Geo.Kyler, , Geo W.Chamberlain, , JohnOpel, , Geo.
Hazard, , AlbertMatlack, , Directors .

Miscellaneous Societies, Clubs, &c.
St Louis Agricultural And Mbjhan-
Ical Association

Office No. 65 Cnesnut street.

J. R.Barret, , President ; ClayHart, , Henry T.
Blow, , Benj.O'Fallon, , Vice-Presidents ; Henry S.
Turner, , Treasurer ; Norman J.Colman, , Correspond-
ing Secretary ; G. 0.Kalb, , General Agent and Re-
cording Secretary .

J. R.Barret, , CharlesTodd, , H. ClayHart, , Henry
T.Blow, , Normau J.Colman, , Benj.O'Fallon, , John
Sappington, , Henry S.Turner, , Charles L.Hunt, , D.
K.Ferguson, , William L.Ewing, , Dr.J. 0.Farrar,
and WilliamLindsay, , Directors .

Germania Gymnastic Society.

EugeneHaas, , President . Fancy store, corner of
Fourth and Olive streets.

RudolphKueck, , Secretary .

Meets once every week.

Germania Turn Verein.

President —FrancisScharwitz, .

Vice President —Wm.Laumeier, .

Secretary —Jno.Vogel, jr.

Treasurer —I. F.Berrnard, .

Place of Exercises—City Buildings, each Tuesday
and Friday every week. Monthly meetings, first
Thursday every month.

Grustli Glee Club.

LouisBoerlin, , President . Meets twice a week.

Jackson Cricket Club.

Reorganized Aug., 1858. C. E.Johnson, . Presi-
dent ; Jas. M.Loughborough, , Vice President ; Wm.
Blanchard, , Secretary ; Jas.Quigley, , Unioire .

Mound City Club.

Hall No. 42 Franklin avenue. Meet every Wednes-
day evening.

ThomasHenry, jr., President ; William A.Brad-, , Secretary ; Val.Crancer, , Treasurer .

Social Glee Club.

Meet twice every week.

JacobObristinan, , President ; LordsSchneider, ,
Treasurer .

St. Louis Catholic Literary Institute.

Hall southeast corner of Ninth and Green streets.
Organized December, 1854. Meeting on the second
Tuesday of each month.

Rev.C. F.Smarius, . President ; John E.Yore, , Vice-
President ; James B.Walsh, , Secretary ; John S.Healy, ,
Assistant Secretary ; Edmund P.Walsh, , Treasurer .

Edmund P.Walsh, , Rev.Jno.Bflnnon, , Rev.P. J.
Ryan, , JosephO'Neil, , MichaelMcEnnis, , Daniel H.
Donovan, , ThomasFerguson, , Directors .

PatrickMcDonald, , Librarian .

St. Louis Typographical Union.

Meets regularly at their hall, Central Engine House.
on the first Saturday in each month.

Officbus—President , EdwardBratton, ; Vice-
President , James R.Shaffer, ; Recording Secretary ,
WilliamAllen, ; Financial Secretary , GeorgeCooper, ;
Corresponding Secretary , John B.Crooks, ; Treas-
urer , Joshua K.Lees, ; Janitor , H. R.Maxwell, .

Trustees —J. L.Bittinger, , W. H.Swift, , Theo.
Nagle, .

Board of Directors —S. H.Herr, , T. M.Garland, ,
JamesPureell, , W. A.McDonald, , H.Wilcox, .

St. Louis Dramatic Club.

Meet at No. 163 Market street.

H. A.Nichols, , President .

A.Benton, , Secretary .

Omnibus Lines and Stage Routes.

Bkoadwav Omnibus Line—Starts from north-west
corner Broadway and Salisbury street, and termi-
nates at corner of Third and Market streets. Der-
raon & Co. , proprietors .

Columbia Stage—Leaves 77 South Second street
daily, at 10 o'clock, and arrives at 12 1/2 p.m.John
Schrader, , Agent .

Edwardsville And St. Locis Stage LlNe—
Leaves Randle House every Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, at 11, A.m.AlbertBovard, , Proprietor .

Franklin Avenue Omnibus Line—Office Morgan
near Ewing street. Case & King Proprietors .

Mabkbt Street Line op Omnibuses—Start from
Wedge House, and ran to corner of Fourth, every
seven minutes. E.Wells, , Proprietor .

Olive Street Line Of Omnibuses—Start from
Seventeenth street, and run to corner of Fourth,
every fifteen minutes. E.Wells, , Proprietor .

People's Own Line—Starts from northwest cor-
ner of Broadway and Salisbury street, and terminates
at corner of Third and Market streets. F. & M.
Meyer , Proprietors .

Second And Seventh Street Omnibus Line—
Office 521 South Seventh street. Wicseman, Scheele
& Co. , Proprietors .

St. Louis' And Belleville Stage Line—Leaves
Randle House daily at 6, a.m.

Troy, Highland And Marine Stage Line—
Leaves Randle House Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat-
urdavs, at 7, A.M.

Waterloo Stage—Leaves 77 South Second, and
Randle House, daily, at 11, A.M.J. & A. Arnot ,
Proprietors .

Express and Transportation.

Adams,—Main,ab. Pine. WashingtonKing, , Agent .

American,—56 North Main. S, M.Allen, , Agent .

Lake Shore,—66 Levee. O. W.Townsley, , Agent .

United States,—12 North Main, C. W.Ford, , Agent .

Great Western Dispatch,—12 North Main. S. M.
Gray , Agent .

Merchants' Dispatch,—56 North Main. H, B.Par, , Agent .

Valentine's,—South Second, corner Poplar

48 Miscellaneous.
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Packet Lines.
St. Louis, Cairo And New Orleans Rail
Road Line Of Steamers,

Leave tho wharfboat, foot of Market street, every
alternate evening.

E. W.Gould, , Superintendent .

NathanRumey, , Agent .

St. Louis And New Orleans Merchant
Link Packets,

Wall & Widen , and JamesMcCord, , Agents .

Office, Pine street, corner Commercial street.

Telegraph Companies.

Illinosi And Mississippi Telegraph Line—Of-
ficc No. 10 Chesnut street. J. S.Wilson, , Super-
intendent ; RobertCloury, , Operator ; J. D.Nichols, ,
Manager .

St. Louis And Missouri River Telegraph Line.
—Office No. 10 Chesnut street. Charles M.Stebbins, ,
Superintendent ; E. B.McDilt, . Operator ; J. D.
Nichols, , Manager .

Terre Haute, Alton And St.Louis Telegraph
Link—Office No. 10 Chesnnt street. George H.
Smith, . Superintendent ; George A.Elswurth, , Opera-
tor J. D.Nichols, . Manager .

Western Union Telegraph Line.—Office No. 10
Chesnut street. J. W.Alvurd, . Superintendent ;
CharlesHammond, , Operator ; J. D.Nichols, , Mana-

Ferry Companies.
Wiggins Ferry".

Boats leave foot of Carr and foot of Spruce streets,
fur East St. Lonis, every five minutes.

J. J.Holliday, , Agent . Office Main, corner Walnut

Missouri Institution For Thk Educa-
Tion Of Tub Blind.

Morgan street, between Nineteenth and Twentieth

E. W.Whelan, , Superintendent .

Mozirt Hall Theater, (German.)

Biddle street, between Fifth and Sixth streets.

LouisSchirmcr, , Proprietor .

St. Louis Stadt Theater, (German.)

Fifth street, between Morgan street and Franklin

WilliamBe htner, , Proprietor .

St. Louis Theater.

Located on Pine street, between Third and Fourth.

BenjaminDeBar, , Proprietor .

HenryFarien, , Lessee .

G. T.Collins, , Acting Manager .

W.Edwards, , Stage Manager .

H. S.Green, . Treasurer .

This favorite place of amusement is open every
evening (Sunday excepted) during the year. Ad-
mission, Dress Circle, 50 cents ; Parquette, 25 cents.

Tyrol House Theater, (German.)

Third street, northwest corner of Convent.

Varieties Theater, (German.)

Market street, between Fifth and Sixth streets.

JulesBonnet, , Lessee and Treasurer .

Wood'S Theater.

Entrance 69 north Fourth street. Erected in 1851.

GeorpeWood, , Proprietor .

AsCushman, , Stage Manager .

James H.Bagwill, , Treasurer .

PierreWood, , Box Bookkeeper .

This pepolar place of amusement is open every
evening (Sundays excepted.) Admission, Drew Cir-
cle, 50 cents; Parquette, 25 ceuts.

Public Markets, Halls, &c.

Allen Market, located on Mate street, c.corner> Gravois

Biddle Market, located on Biddle, c.corner> Thirteenth and
High streets.

Broadway Market, located 257 Broadway, h. Cherry
and Carr streets.

Carr Market, located on Wash, c.corner> Twenty-third.

Centre Market, located ou a. Seventh, b.between Spruce and
Poplar streets.

City Market located on Biddle, c.corner> Broadway.

Gamble Market, located on Clark a v.c.corner> Gamble av.

Lucas Market, located on Twelfth street, b.between Olive
and Pine.

Maguire Market, located on Broadway, b.between Salisbury
and Farrar streets.

Mound Market, located on Broadway, c.corner> Howard.

North Market, located on Broadway, b.between Morgan and
Green steets.

Soulard Market, located on Seventh, c.corner> Carroll

South Market, located on Fourth and Fifth streets,
b. Hazel und Convent.

St. George Maiket, lucated on Sidney, c.corner> of Caron-
delet av.

Sturjreuu Market, located on North Maiket street, c.corner>

Apolbt Hall, located on Poplar,s.south e.east c.corner> Fonrth.

Riddle Market Hall, located in Biddle Market.

Druids' Hall, locateds.south s.south Chesnut, b.between Second and

Mercantile Library Hall, located ou Locust,s.south w.west c.corner>

Mozart Hall, located on Biddle, c.corner> Fifth.

Odd Fellows' Hall, located on Locust, n.north w.west c.corner> Fourth.

St. Louis Hall, located on Fifth, c.corner> Biddle.

Temperance Hall, located No. 40 Washington av.

Turners Halt, located ons.south Tenth, b.between Market and

Varieties Theatre, located on Market, b.between Fifth and

Verand <li Halt, located on Washington av.avenue c.corner> Fourth.

Washington Hall, located on Elm, c.corner> Third.


Baptist Cemetery, Lemp avenue, between Cherokee
and Utah.

Beliefontaine Cemetery, Bellcfontaiue Road, 5 miles
from city.

Beni Kll, Hebrew, Gravois Road, 8 miles from city.

Calvary Cemetery, Beliefontaine Road, 0 miles from

Christ Church Cemetery, Chouteau avenue, near
Grand aveur.c.

City Cemetery, JefTerson avenue, between Wyoming
and Arsenal ltoad.

German Evangelical Cemetery, Lemp avenue, be-
tween l'otomac aud Cherokee.

German Protestant Cemetery.

Holy Trinity Cemetery, Bellefontaine Road, south
of Harlem House.

New Picker Cemetery, Gravoia Road, 8 miles from

New Saxon Cemetery, Gravois Road, 7 miles from

Old Picker Cemetery, Gravois Road, 3 miles from

Rock Spring Cemetery, Clayton Road, west of Rock

St. Vincent Cemetery, Park averue, corner of La-
fayette avenue.

Salera Cemetery, St. Charles Road, 7 miles from

Weslcyan Cemetery, Grand avenue, between Man-
chester Road and Lindell areuue.