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Central Ohio

A Short And Direct Route
St.Louis, N. York, Boston, Philathia,
Baltimore, Washington,
And All Eastern Cities, And
Columbus, Cinicinnati,
Louisville And Indianapolis.

This Road Connects at Bellaire, opposite Benwood, (Four miles below Wheeling,)
With The
Baltimoee & Ohio,
And The
Wheeling and Pittsburgh Railroads,
For all Points East; at Zanesville with the
Cincinnati, Wilmington and Zanesville Railroad,
For Lancaster, Cireleville, Washiogton,"etc.; at Newark with the
Sandusky, Mansfield And Newark Railroad,
For Mount Vernon, Mansfield, Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, etc.;
at Columbus with the
Little Miami and Columbus, Piqna aud Indiana Railroads,
For Indianapolis, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Cairo, and
All Points South And West.

Passengers taking the Express Train will have
No Change Df Oars Between Cincinnati And Wheeling,
Ask for Tickets via. Wheeling (or Bellaire) and Columbus.

Great Stock And Freight Route,
Shippers will find it to their interest to take this route.
Through Bills of Lading given,
to all Eastern Cities, at as low rates as any other. Railroad
Route,and all Freight
transported with regularity and dispatch.

H. J.Jewett, , President .
Zanesville, Ohio.

D. S.Gray, , Gen'lFr't Agent ,
Colnmbua, Ohio.

John W.Bbow1T, , Gen'I Ticket Ag't ,
Columbus, Onto.

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Great National Route!
Baltimore & Ohio

[missing figure]
Presents to the Publio a Direct and most Desirable Route from
the West and South-west to
Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York
And Boston,
And the only Route that can furnish a Through Ticket and Baggage Check to
Washington City.

The Holder Of A
Through Ticket to New York,
Can stop over in Baltimore and Philadelphia as long as desirable,
and resume his journey at pleasure.

The Washington City Railroad
Being an integral part of the Baltimore & Ohio R.R. and
connecting with it nine miles
from Baltimore, presents the only continuous Line of Rail to Washington City.
Passengers for Washington City have the privilege of visiting
Baltimore without Extra Charge.

Enquire For Tickets Via. Wheeling.

Baggage Checked Through to all Point East.

Three Daily Trains Leave Cincinnati
Sundays Excepted,
Via. Little Miami & Central Ohio Railroads.

☞ Paggengers by the 6.00 A.M. Train connects at Morrow with the Cincinnati, Wilmington and
Zanesville Railroad, arriving at Zanesville 12.20 M.. connecting with the Central Ohio
Trains for Eastern Cities.

☞ Through From Cincinnati, Via. Columbus, Tq Wheeling,
Without Change Of Car.

P. W.Strader, , Gen. Ticket Agent .

W. PrescottSmith, , Master Trans'n.
B. &. O.RR.

I. M.Cole, . Gen. Ticket Agent
B. &. O.R.R.

E. F.Fuller, , Gen.West.Art.
B. & O.R.R.

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Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago

[missing figure]
Now Completed,
And Cars Run from Chicago to Pittsburgh Without Change,
Connecting With The Great
Pennsylvania Central Railroad,
To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, and the interior Towns
of Pennsylvania, Now Jersey, Maryland, etc.

Merchants by taking this route, will have the benefit of all the Eastern markets at no additional cost
Baggage Checked through.

Connecting at Crestline with Cleveland & Lake Shore Road, to Dunkirk, Niagara Fulls, New
York and Boston, and all the interior towns of New England, via. New York Central and New York A Erie
Railroads. Also, South to Cllumbus, Zanesville, Newark, Mt. Vernon, Steubenville, Wheeling, and interior
towns of Ohio and Virginia.

The above trains connect at Forest with trains on the Mad River Road to Springfield, Urbana, Dayton
and Cincinnati. Also with trains at Lima for Dayton and Cincinnati direct.

Fare as Low as any other Route.

Passengers bound east will find this route both pleasant and agreeable, passing through many of the
largest and finest cities of the United States.

Passengers arriving in Chicago on any of the roads, will find attentive check agents at the depots to
receive checks and convey baggage free of charge, to the Pittsburgh and Chicago cars. Sleeping
Cars accompanying each train.

Tickets for sale at all the principal Ticket Offices in the West, and at the Company's Office, comer
of Randolph and Dearborn Streets, opposite the Revere House, or at the Depot, west side, comer of
Canal and Van Buren Streets, Chicago.

Be Particular and ask for Tickets by Ft. Wayne.

J. B.Anderson, , Gen'lSupt.

Dan. W.Boss, , Gen'l Western Agent .

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railroad
This new and short line between Chicago and all Eastern Cities, being now completed and in good running
order, and amply supplied with rolling stock, is fully prepared to transport
Between Chicago & All Eastern Cities,
At as low rates and in as good time as any other Railroad Route.

Having erected large and commodious yards, near the corner of Twelfth and Canal Streets, for the
accommodation of Stock shippers, they would call particular attention to dealers in Live Stock, to the
advantages possessed by their route.

Having made, arrangements with the well-known firms of Leech & Co., and Clarke & Co.,
they are prepared to give through receipts between Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Chicage at us law a rate as any other Railroad route.

Contracts, Bills of Lading, or any information, can be had at the following places:

No. 51 Kilby Street, Boston

No 80 North St, Baltimore, Magraiv & Koons .

No 3 Doek-st, Philadclph, Lelch & Co.

No. 2 Astor House, New York, Leech &Co.

No. 1 South William-st, ""

Clarke & Co. , Chicago.

Pittsburgh Railroad Freight Depot, Philadelphia, E. J.Sneeper, , Agent

Jas. W,Musson, , Freight Agent , Chicago.

J. J.Houstom, , Gen.Fr't Agent ,
Cor. Dearborn &,Randolph Sts., Chicago.

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Pacific Railroad

The only Mail and Express Route for
Missouri River,
Kansas, And
St. Joseph.

☞ Through To Jefferson City In Six Hours!

Trains Leave Saint Louis as follows:
Mail Train,
Every Morning, Stopping at all Stations.

Kansas Express,
Every Evening, (except Sunday,) Stopping at the Principal Stations only.

Franklin Accommodation,
Every Day, (except Sunday.)

The Trains of the Road connect at Jefferson City with the Daily Line of
Pacific Railroad Packets
Composed of Twelve Splendid First-Class Passenger Boats, running in connection
with the Road, making all intermediate landings between Jefferson
City and Saint Joseph,

Passengers Taking This Like
Will avoid detention at St. Louis, save 50 miles in distance, escape the delays of 175
miles of difficult river navigation; and make the trip
From Saint Louis to Kansas in 48 Hours!

☞ Baggage Checked to its destination, and transferred to Boat Free of Charge.☜

Through Tickets
May be obtained, securing meals and berths on the Boats, at the Passenger Depot, cor.
Seventh and Poplar Streets, or at the Company's Through Ticket Office, under the
Planters' House, and No. 19 North Levee.

T.McKissock, , Supt.

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1859. 1859.

Great Northern, Eastern And Southern Route!
Illinois Central
Terre Haute and Alton,
And Ohio & Mississppi Railroads.

Two Trains Leave St. Louis Daily.

☞ Through to Chicago Without Change of Cars.

Myers A Furniss' Celebrated Sleeping Cars Are Used On This Route.

Terre Haute & Alton, at Pana,
For Decatur, Bloomington, Peoria, Galesburg, Burlington. La Salle, Rock Island, Dav-
enport, Muscatine, Iowa City, Mendota, Dixon, Fulton City, Freeport, Galena, Dun-
leith, Dubuque, Prarie du Chien, McGregor's Landing, Lansing, La Croase, Wenona,
Reed's Landing, Red Wing, Prescott, Hastings, and St. Paul.

At Mattoon,
For Chicago and all Eastern Cities. Also, for Racine, Milwaukee, Fond du Lac, Hor-
icon. Elgin, Belvideri, Beloit, Janesville, Madison, etc.

Ohio & Mississippi,
At Sandoval and Odin, for all the above Points.

Mobile & Ohio R.R.,
And Saint Louis and New Orleans R.R. Line Steamers, make close Connections at
Cairo, for the following Southern Cities, vlz. Memphis, Vicksburg, Natchez, New
Orleans, Galveston, Canton, Jackson, Chattanooga, Huntsville, Nashville, Holly
Springs, Oxford, Charleston, Savannah, Augusta, and all Southern Points.

Omnibusses with Baggage Wagons Sent to any Part of the City.

☞ Tickets to be had at 32 Fourth Street, also, Nos. 28 and 30 Under The Planters'
House, St. Louis.

☞ For any further information, ayply as above.

Wm. P.Johnson, , Gen'lPass.Ag't.

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Chicago And Rock Island

[missing figure]
Composed Of The
Chicago & Rock Island,
Peoria & Bureau Valley, and
Mississippi & Missouri R. R'S.

Two Passenger Trains
Leave Chicago, Peoria, Rock Island, Iowa City and
Washington, Daily, Sundays Excepted.

Are made at La Salle with Trains of the Illinois Central R. Road for
Galena, Dubuque, Cairo, St. Louis. and intermediate points.

Through Tickets
10 Rock Island, Davenport, Muscatine, Washington And Iowa City,
Can be procured at the Offices of the
Terre Haute, Alton & St. Louis, and Ohio & Mississippi R. R's at St. Louis.

Freight Notice.

Merchandise Express Freight Line
For Chicago, Rock Island, Davenport, Muscatine And Iowa City.

By Steamer to Lasalle, and Railroad from LaSalle to the above and all intermediate
points. This Line is in direct connection with Mississippi & Missouri R. R's. to Iowa.

☞ Railroad Bridge over the Mississippi at Rock Island and Davenport completed,
and Freight for all points taken at low rates and delivered with promptness and dispatch.
Shippers will do well to consult with their Agents before shipping.

R. F.Sass, , Agent ,
56 Commercial Street, St. Louis

John F.Tracy, ,
General Superintendent .

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Ohio & Mississippi

[missing figure]
Rail Road.

From St. Louis to Cincinnati in 14 hours, with no Change of Cars.

From St. Louis to Louisville in 13 hours, with one Change of Cars.

From St. Louis to Cleveland in 22 hours, with one Change of Cars.

From St. Louis to Wheeling in 25 hours, with one Change of Cars.

From St. Louis to Pittsburgh in 27 hours, with one Change of Cars.

From St. Louis to Philadelphia in 43 hours, with two Changes of Cars.

Ftom St. Louis to Baltimore in 42 hours, with two Changes of Cars.

From St. Louis to Washington in 43 hours, with three Changes of Cars.

From St. Louis to New York in 44 hours, with two Changes of Cars.

From St. Louis to Buffalo in 28 hours, with three Changes of Cars.

From St. Louis to Boston in 48 hours, with four Changes of Cars.

And to all other points as Quick, with as few Changes, as by any otter Route.

Great National Route, Carrying U. States Mail And Adams Express.

2 Through Trains Daily each Way
Making Close Connections at Cincinnati with Fast Trains
For all Eastern Cities.

Connect at St. Louis with
Pacific R.R. Missouri River Steamers, Keokuk Packets, St.
Louis, Cairo & New Orleans R.R. Line Steamers, North
Missouri R.R., Iron Mountain R.R., Etc., Etc.
At Sandoval with
Illinois Central Railroad,
At Vincennes with
Evansville & Crawfordsville Railroad
At Mitchell with
New Albany & Salem Railroad.
At North Vernon with the
Madison And Indianapolis Railroad.
At Seymour with the
Jeffersonville Railroad.

☞ Ticket Offices—No. 28 Cor. Fourth and Chesnut Streets, (under Planters'
House,) and Cor. of Pine and Levee, St. Louis.

☞ Through Tickets ☜
Can Be Had At All The R.R. Offices In The East & West.

P. W.Strader, ,
General Ticket Agent .

W. EClement, ,
General Supt.

IsaacWyman, ,
General Western Ag't

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Little Miami
Columbus And Xenia

Cincinnati To Columbus.

Direct Connections are Made
With Baltimore & Ohio R.R., for Baltimore, Washington City, Richmond,
Philadelphia, New York and Boston.
Also, with Pennsylvania Central at Pittsburgh.

With Lake Shore, New York & Erle and New York Central R.R.
for Dunkirk, Buffalo, Albany, New York and Boston.

With Pennsylvania Central Railroad, at Pittsburgh, for Harrisburg,
Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

With Pennsylvania Central R.R., at Pittsburgh, for Harrisburg, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, New York asd Boston.

With Mad River And Lake Shore Railroad, for Sandusky, Toledo,
Detroit and Chicago.

To Cleveland, Wheeling And Pittsburgh,
Without Change of Cars.

Through Tickets
For Sale at all the Principal Railroad Offices in the West.

E. F.Muller, ,
General Ticket Agent ,

J.Durand, ,

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