Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Alderson, William, leather dresser , 8th, bet.between Barton
and Victor.
Alderson, William, pritner Sherman Spencer.
Aldrich, Levy, architect , r.residence 144 n.north 14th.
Aldride, John, carpenter , bds.boards 116 Collins.
Aleice, Daniel, teamster , r.residence 267 Pine.
Alevalt, Frederick, wood and coal yard , ws.west side 14th,
bet.between Wash and Carr, r.residence Carr, nw.north west cor, 14h.
Alexander, A., baker Dunham & Gregg.
Alexande, Augustus w.west , lawyer , Chesnut, se.south east c.
3d. r.residence ss.south side Eugenia, bet.between High and Pratt av.avenue
Alexander, C. T., surgeon in charge Lawton Hos-
pital , es.east side Broadway, bet.between Carr and Biddle.
Alexander, Charles, surgeon , U. S. Army , bds.boards 200
Alexander, Charles H., bookkeeper , Mound City
Insurance Co. , r.residence 2 n.north 13th.
Alexander, Clara H., wid.widow John, , r.residence 318 n.north 7th.
Alexander, Edmund b.between , Col. 10th Inft. , Asst. Pro-
vost Marshal General of Mo. , 5th nw.north west cor.
Pine, r.residence 167 Olive.
Alexander, Frank r.residence , com. mer.commission merchant , 71 Commercial
r.residence 199 Pine.
Alexander, George w.west , mer. tailor , 13 Olive, bds.
Olive St.street Hotel.
Alexander, H. McGee, (col’d) prov. dealer , 13 n.
Alexander, Henry b.between , clerk Union Merchant’s Ex-
change , r.residence 108 Walnut.
Alexander, Isadore, fancy goods , 54 Franklin av.avenue
r.residence same.
Alexander, Jacob, clothing store , 640 Broadway,
r.residence same.
Alexander, James, baker , r.residence 161 St. Charles.
Alexander, James, saddler , r.residence 21st, bet.between Wash and
Franklin av.avenue
Alexander, John, blacksmith , bds.boards 8 Myrtle.
Alexander, John, furniture dealer , 84 Morgan, r.
Alexander, John G., bookkeeper , Pratt and Fox ,
r.residence 2 n.north 13th.
Alexander, John H., bookkeeper Bank of St. Lou-
is , r.residence 4th, n. w. c. Myrtle.
Alexander, Joshua A., secretary Union Merchants’
Exchange , r.residence 199 Pine.
Alexander, Julius, grocer , 150 Olive, r.residence same.
Alexander, Junius b.between , (J. B. Alexander & Co. ,) r.residence
10th, s. w. c. Olive.
Alexander, Linden C., (Threlkeld & Co. ,) r.residence St.
Louis Commous.
Alexander, Louisa, (col’d), r. al. bet. 10th and
11th, Franklin, av.avenue and Wash.
Alexander, Morris w.west , druggist , 10 Market
r.residence Gamble av.avenue , se.south east c. High.
Alexander, Mitchellcity scales , Broadway, c.
Carr. r.residence 257 n.north 8th.
Alexander, Robert, painter , r.residence 258 Morgan.
Alexander, Sandy, (col’d), boatman , bds. al. bet.
6th and 7th, Wash and Frannklin av.avenue
Alexander, Thomas, teamster , bds.boards St. Ange av.avenue ,
c. Hickory.
Alexander, Thomas, r.residence 206 n.north 5th.
Alexander, T. P., puddler , 17 Rolling Mill row.
Alexander, William, machinist , r.residence Adams. bet.
Clark av.avenue and Bernard.
Alexander, William, machinist , r.residence Adams, bet.
Pratte and Summit ave’s.
Alexander J. B. & Co. , (Juuius b.between Alexander, , of
St. Louis, and H. D.Newcomb, , of Louisville,)
wholesale grocers , 5 and 7. n.north 2d.
Aley, James, printer , bds.boards 248 n.north 6th.
Alfferman, Clara, wid.widow , r.residence 78 Wash.
Alius, Barney, clerk John H.Miller.,
Algio, Thomas G., drayman , r.residence 156 n.north 16th.
Alhambra, Club Room, 33 s.south 4th.
Alhorn, William, tarilor , r.residence es.east side 14th, bet.between Jefferson
and Monroe.
Alige, Charles, teamster , r. s. s. Spruce, bet.between 12th
and 14th.
Alis, Charles, bookbinder, and editor Pozor , ss.
Barry, bet.between Carodelet av.avenue and 7th
Alkasser, Edward, (Alkasser & Hemminghaus ,) r.residence
457 Broadway.
Alkasser & Hemminghaus , (EdwardAlkasser, &
HenryHemminghaus, ,) saloon , 457 Broadway.
Alkire, Josiah, (Alkire & Co. ,) r.residence Barunum’s Hotel.
Alkire, Wesley J., wholesale grocer , 11 Market, r.
Pine, bet.between Beaumont and Pratte av.avenue
Alkire & Co. , (JosiahAlkire, & James M.Ander, ,) wholesale grocers , 1 s.south Levee.
Allan, James, teacher bookkeeping Jones’ Com-
mercial College , r.residence Franklin av.avenue , cor.
Cardinal av.avenue
Allan, Margaret A., wid.widow , r.residence 8 Cardinal av.avenue , ar.
Franklin av.avenue
Allard, James, lab.laborer , r. al. bet. 7th and 8th, Frank-
lin av.avenue and Morgan.
Allard, John, finisher , r.residence Florida, bet.between Main and 2d.
Allars, John, glassblower , r.residence ws.west side 10th, bet.between Spring
and Montgomery.
Allen, Boone, engineer , r.residence ns.north side Madison, bet.between 11th
and 12th.
Allen, Buford J., physician , 72 s.south 4th, r.residence same.
Allen, C. C., capt. , ProvostMarshal, , 137 n.north 4th.
Allen, Charles, riverman , r.residence 129 s.south 2d.
Allen, Charles F., clerk steamboat , bds.boards Market,
ne. cor. Beaumont.
Allen, David, carpenter , Isaac H.Stone.,
Allen, Edward e.east , captain U. S. Army , r.residence 1 n.
Allen, Edward w.west , r.residence 67 Myrtle.
Allen, Elizabeth, (col’d), washing , 97 s.south 3d.
Allen, George, runner Christy House , r.residence Cass av.avenue ,
sw. c. 10th.
Allen, George, r.residence 226 n.north 10th.
Allen, George, student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Allen, George O., architect and builder , r.residence Gamble
av., ne.north east c. Naomi.
Allen, George w.west , mate , r.residence 134 s.south 3d.
Allen, Gerard b.between , (Gerard B. Allen & Co. ,) r.residence 8th,
bet.between Chesnut and Pine.
Allen, Henry, (col’d), barber , r.residence 50 Orange.
Allen, James, pilt , r.residence Gratior, bet.between 25th and 16th.
Allen, James, teacher , r.residence 8 Washington pl., Car-
dinal av.avenue , nr.near Franklin av.avenue
Allen, Jane, wid.widow Alexander, , r.residence rear 201 n.north 14th.
Allen, John, barkeeper , 75 Biddle.
Allen, John, contractor , bds.boards Everett House.
Allen, John, messenger , Adams Express Company.
Allen, John, tanner , Market, se.south east c. Beaumont.
Allen, John A., (Claffin, Allen & Co. ,) r.residence Kirk-
Allen, John A., (col’d), riverman , bds.boards 140 Mor-
Allen, John w.west , assistant foreman Empire Stove
Works , r.residence 9th, bet.between Cerre and Gratiot.
Allen, Joseph, (col’d), drayman , r.residence Pratte av.avenue ,
c. Chouteau av.avenue
Allen, Judson, (Allen & Teasdale ) r.residence 53 Brooklyn.
Allen, Lewis L., (Stringer, Allen & Co. ,) r.residence Taylor
av.avenue , nr.near Olive.
Allen, Louis J., r.residence 7 Christy av.avenue
Allen, Louisa, 97 n.north 5th.
Allen, Market, c. Gravois rd.road and Allen av.avenue
Allen, Mary A., wid.widow George, , r.residence 194 n.north Market.
Allen, Mary e.east , milliner , 140 n.north 4th, r.residence same.
Allen, Michael, stone cutter , r.residence Poplar, bet.between 12th
and 13th.
Allen, Mrs., wid.widow , r.residence Lewis, bet.between O’Fallon and
Allen, Nathna D., bookkeeper Mechanics’ Bank , r.residence
Morgan, cor.corner Alby.
Allen, P., wid.widow , Bellefontaine, nr.near Grand av.avenue
Allen, Robert, (col’d), lab.laborer , r.residence 230 n.north 13th.
Allen, Sarah, wid.widow Otis, , r.residence Gamble av.avenue , n. e. cor.
Allen, Thomas, (Allen, Copp & Nisbet ,) pres.president 1st
Ward Savings Bank , office, 284 Carondelet
av.avenue , r.residence Decatur, bet.between Ann and Russell av.avenue
Allen, Thomas, riverman , ns.north side Biddle, bet.between 7th and
Hats, Caps, &c., Wholesale and Retail, by Our Hatter, Keevil, 271 Broadway.