Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Anderson, William, moulder Collins, bete. Ashley
and O’Fallon.
Anderson, William, plasterer , Bernhard, bet.between Sum-
mit av.avenue and Emily.
Anderson, William, r.residence 117 Walnut.
Anderson, Wiliam, second hand store , r.residence 11th. bet.
Howard and Brooklyn.
Anderson, William, steamboatman , r.residence ns.north side Poplar,
bet.between 12th and 13th.
Anderson, William A., shoe store , bds.boards 47 n.north 10th.
Anderson, William F., 197 Locust.
Anderson, William H., barkeeper , r. cor. 10th and
Cass av.avenue
Anderson, Williak H., bookkeeper , J.
J.Done-, , r.residence ns.north side Clark av. bet. 20th and 21st.
Anderson, William H. H., asst.assistant librarian mercan-
tile library association , r.residence 244 Pine.
Anderson, William V., clerk, Olive, bet.between 5th and
Anderson & Coyle , (GeorgeAnderson, and James
Coyle, ,) blacksmiths , 25 Pine.
Anderson & Gonter , (JosiahAnderson, and Chas.
G.Gonter, ,) publishers Price Current and job
printers , 8 Olive.
Anderson & Watson , (DavidAnderson, and
John T.Watson, ,) com. mer.commission merchant , 16 n.north Levee and
32 n.north Commercial.
Andra, William, mail agent , r.residence 126 Franklin av.avenue
Andrass, John, cooper , bds.boards Biddle, bet.between 24th and
Andre, George, lab.laborer , r.residence Glasgow av. ne. cor. St.
Charles rock road.
Andre, George H., cigar maker , r.residence Glasgow av. nr.
St. Charles Rock road.
Andre, Xaver, sausage maker , 183 s.south 2d
Andreas, Anton, whitewasher , r.residence 253 Carondelet.
Andreas, Conrad, (Kerwin & Co. ) r.residence 254 Franklin
Andreas, Louis, lab.laborer , r.residence Columbus ne. cor. Marion.
Andres, Christian, carpenter , r. al. bet. 11th and
12th, bet.between O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
Andres, Conrad, locksmith , r.residence 254 Franklin av.avenue
Andres, Fred., riverman , r.residence 13 Myrtle.
Andres, Paul, tailor , 307 s.south 5th.
Andrew, Jacob, sailmaker , r.residence Jackson cor.corner Lafay-
Andrew, John, col’d, lab.laborer , r. al. bet. 10th and 11th
Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Andrew, Susan, wid.widow , r. al. bet. 8th and 9th How-
ard and Mullanphy.
Andrew, William C.shp carpenter , r.residence 236. n.north 10th.
Andrewhan, Mary, wid.widow James, , r. al. bet. 10th and
11th, Franklin av.avenue and Morgan.
Andrews, Anna, wid.widow , r.residence Bernhard, bet.between Emily and
Pratt av.avenue
Andrews, Charles, butcher , r. ws. al. bet. Wright
and Palm, opp. N. M. R. R.
Andrews, Elizabeth, wid.widow Ira, , r.residence 400 n.north 12th.
Andrews, Jacob, sailinaker , r.residence es.east side DeKalb, bet.between Les-
perance and Picotte.
Andrews, James D., asst.assistant supt. U. S. Exp. Co. , bds.
Barnum’s Hotel.
Andrews, James, student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d, cor.corner Washington av.avenue
Andrews, John, bds.boards 331 Washington av.avenue
Andrews, John, (Andrews & McIlvaine ,) lumbber
mer. , r.residence 11th, bet.between Market and Clark av.avenue
Andrews, Joshua, carpenter , r.residence es.east side 25th, bet.between Carr
and Biddle.
Andrews, Michael, clerk , bds.boards 381 Franklin av.avenue
Andrews, Morey T., (Moody, Michel & Co. ,) r.residence Ca-
Andrews, Owen, prop. Clarendon Hotel , Poplar
cor.corner 7th.
Andrews, Theodore, bds.boards 335 Washington av.avenue
Andrews, William, notion store , 117 Morgan, r.
Andrews, William T., clerk , bds.boards Poplar cor.corner 7th.
Andrian, Pierre M., student Jones’ Commer-
cial College , 3d cor.corner Washington av
Angelbeck, Frederick, grocer and brewery , Belle-
fontaine sw. cor. Mallinkrodt
Angelo, C., fruits , 150 n.north Green, r.residence same
Angelo, Francis, musician , al.alley bet.between Biddle and
O’Fallon, 6th and 7th
Angelrodt, Augustus e.east , clerk Angelrodt & Barth ,
r.residence Walnut, near 2d
Angelrodt, Ernst C., (Angelrodt & Barth ,) and
consul gen’t for German States , r.residence in Europe
Angelrodt & Barth , (Ernst C.Angelrodt, and Robt.
Barth, ,) European collection business , Chesnut
nw cor.corner 2d
Angerel, Elizabeth, wid.widow Frederick, , r.residence 274 Biddle
Angerer, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards 243 Wash
Angermann, John, barber , 97 Franklin av.avenue , r.residence same
Angermuller, Henry, shoemaker , 3d, nr.near Vine
Angle, Elizabeth, wid.widow John, , r. al. bet. Biddle and
O’Fallon nr.near 19th
Angle, Valentine, teamster , r.residence Christy av. bet. 21st
and 22d
Anglum, John, clerk HenryReynolds, , bds.boards 22 St.
Anglum, Patrick, lab.laborer , r.residence 2d and Columbia
Angumiller, Herman, r.residence 109 n.north 3d
Angus, Bernard, lab.laborer , al.alley bet.between Biddle and O’Fallon
10th and 11th
Anhar, Frederick, saddler , J. B. Sickles & Co.
Anheuser, Peter, foreman J. J. Roe & Co. , r.residence es.east side Co-
lumbus, bet.between Marion and Carroll
Anheuser, Eberhard, (E. Anheuser & Son , and E.
Anheuser & Co. ,) r.residence 7th below Sidney
Anheuser, Heinrich, bookkeeper E. An-
heuser & Son r.residence es.east side 7th, bet.between Sidney and
Anheuser, William, (E. Anheuser & Son ,) r.residence 7th,
below Sidney.
Anhenser E. & Co. , w.westD’Oench, , e.eastAnheuser, , AdolphusBusch, , brewers , ws.west side 9th, bet.between Pesta-
lozzi and Arsenal
Anheuser E. & Son , (EberhardAnheuser, and WilliamAn-, ,) soap and candle manf. , 21 Market
Anhold, Michael, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side Anna, bet.between Easton and
Ankelger, Andrew, baker Wm.WilliamBorbein.,
Anker, Jeanette, wid.widow Seligmann, , r.residence es.east side Columbus,
bet.between Rutger and Miller.
Anna, Madam, fortune teller , 3 n.north 4th, r.residence same.
Annan, Thomas b.between , clerk assessor’s office , r.residence ws.
Dillon, bet.between Hickory and Park av.avenue
Annerar, Henry, carpenter , r.residence 79 Franklin av.avenue
Annis, Cecelia, wid.widow Asa, , r.residence es.east side 11th, bet.between Benton
and Warren.
Annis, John, ship carpenter , r.residence ws.west side Step, bet.between Pi-
cotte and Trudeau.
Annis, William K., revenue aid , bds.boards es 11th, bet.
Benton and Warren.
Anright, Eliza, wid.widow Cornelius, , r.residence 16th, c. Austin.
Anright, Patrick, r.residence 16th, c. Austin.
Anschavaka, Ernst, blacksmith , r.residence Soulard, bet.
7th and 8th.
Anschuetz, August, gusmith , r.residence ws.west side 7th, bet.
Lynch and Lancaster.
Ansel, Martin, finisher , ss. Barry, bet.between Carondelet
av.avenue and 7th.
Anselm, Frederick, barkeeper , M.Sutter, , bds.boards 63
s.south Levee.
Anselem, Francis, servant , r.residence 22 s.south 15th.
Anselmus, Albert, student Rohrer’s Com-
mercial College , 55 and 57 n.north 4th.
Anslinger, John, clerk , 62 Lafayette.
Ante, Godfried, lab.laborer , r.residence 610 Broadway.
Anterhus, Herman, collar maker , Salisbury, bet.
11th and 12th.
Antfeld, Frederick w.west , saddler , Ginlay, near Soul-
ard market, bet.between 7th and 8th.
Anthes, Christian, butcher , r.residence Pratte av.avenue bet.
Chouteau av.avenue and Elizabeth.
Anthis, George, candle maker , r.residence Missouri av.avenue , bet.
Chouteau av.avenue and Rutger.
Anthony, Christopher Y., riverman , r.residence 35 La-
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