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central Iowa. The Pacific road will make direct connection with, and will be the main outlet for
the great Central pacific Railroad, which will eventually extended in an unbroken line from the
Missouri river to the Bay on San Francisco. The other railroads centering at St. Louis are all in
excellent condition, and are largely contributing towards her prosperity.

With all these evidence of a successful future, we have reason to believe that the city will
never again be without its annual Directory, a publication which, in many places of minor impor-
tance, is conceded to be as much of necessity as is the daily newspapers. it is out wish and inten-
tion, notwithstanding the great risk and the immense labor and expense attending the compilation
and publication of a work of this characteri, to continue it reglarly, each year, providings
remunerative patronage will be extended to us by the citizens. Whether we shall recieve this
support or not, is evendently somewhat apocryphal, as may be inferred from the following brief
resume of the history of previous directories, though we shall live in hope.

The first Directory of St. Louis was published in 1821. Mr. John A.Paxton, , who had previously
published Directories in Philadelphia and other Eastern cities, being on a visit to St. Louis, was urg-
ed by his friends to try the experiment of publishing a Directory of the city, though St. Louis, at
that time, contained less than 5,000 inhabitants. Mr. Paxton, , therefore, is entitled to the credit of
being the pioneer in the Directory business in St. Louis. He was also the first party who undertook
to number the streets of our city. His enterprise, in publishing the Directory, not meeting with a re-
munerative support, he did not repeat the experiment.

The next experiment of the kind was tried by Mr. CharlesKeemle, , in 1826, who, the following yeare
1827, in conjunction with Mr. Orr, , published another one, neither of which, however, proved protitable ventures.

St. Louis was not again represented by a Directory until 1833, when Mr. CharlesKeemble, again en-
tered the field, but with very indifferent success.

After this, an interval of nearly ten years elapsed before any one could be found with bardihood
enough to venture on the publication of a Directory, so bad a repute had been thrown upon the enter-
rise by repeated failures. however, in 1842, Messrs. Chambers, and Knapp, entered the field and
produced a Directory, to which was prefixed a sketch of the city, by Col. Chambers, . The pecuniary
result of this was no better than its predecessors, at any rate, not sufficient to induce either of the
publishers to renew their efforts in that line of business.

There was a Directory published for 1846—7, entitled “Green’s St. Louis Directory,” by Green, ,
Cathcart, & Prescott, , by which the proprietors sustained loss.

In 1848 there was a Directory gotten up by J. H.Sloss, , and printed by Charles, & Hammond, , and
in 1851 another one appeared by Mr. Green, , and was printed by the same firm. There was no mon-
ey in either of them.

In 1852 there was a Directory by Morrison, , published by Chambers, & Knapp, , which scarcely paid its own expenses. for 1854—5 Mr. TimothyKnox, published one gotten up with great care, adn
printed by Chambers, & Knapp, , but like all its predecessors, it was not patronized sufficiently to pay.
Mr. r.residence V.Kennedy, published the next general City Directory in 1857, and after bestowig many
months’ time on in found himself on its completion heavily burthened with debts contracted to bring
it out. in we became associated with Mr. Kennedy in the publication, Mr. T. M.Halpin, having
charge of the compiling department, and this has been the one only instance in which a support suffi-
cient to sustain the enterprise has been given to Directory in this city. in 1860 the last issue pre-
vious to the present volume. Mr. Kennedy, had to abandon the publication previous to completion for want to means, and we had, under the most embarrassing circumstances, to put the volume through
the press, at a loss of several hundred dollars.

With our experience, second to but few men in this particular class of publications, and with a
full and intimate knowledge of the city of St. Louis, her citizens and public institutions, we have, in
compliance with the following request of the leading influential citizens and mercantile houses, again
entered the field:

Sr. Louis, August 25, 1863

RichardEdwards, , Publishers :-

The undersigned, representing the population and business community of St. Louis, feeling
the want of a reliable City Directory, such as your experience and knowledge of our city will enable
you to prepare, would respectfully recommend that you will issue, as soon as convenient, such a Di
rectory as out city requires—being convinced that it is absolutely necessary, and that you will be
amply remunerated for your enterprise and outlay which its preparation will entail.

We take pleasure in recommending our business men to give you such subscriptions for adver-
tisements and copies as will guarantee its speedy publication:

Chauncey I.Filley, , Mayor of the City, whol.wholesale China Ware.

F. w.west Cronenbold, , pres.president City Council and pres.president Ist Nat. Bank.

Chouteau, Harrison & Valle , Iron Merchants and props. Iron Mountain.

Lyon, Shorb & Co. , Iron Mfrs., and props. Sligo Iron Works