Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Geo. r.residence Taylor,
pres.president Pacific R. R. Company.
Samuel McCartney & Co. ,
whol.wholesale Grocers.
D.Hough, ,
pres.president Marine Ins. Co.
A. F. Shapleigh & Co. ,
whol.wholesale Hardware Merchants .
L. A. Benoist & Co. ,
Banking House.
S. C. Davis & Co. ,
whol.wholesale Dry Goods and Groceries .
C. C.Anderson, ,
agt.agent Adams Express.
Barnum & Fogg ,
Props. Barnum’s Hotel.
Adams Express Co. ,
C. C.Anderson, , Agent.
Lamb & Quinsin ,
Com. Mers. and whol.wholesale Grocers .
Hayden & Wilson ,
Saddlery Hardware, whol.wholesale
HenryGlover, ,
Attorney at Law.
Laflin, Smith & Boise ,
Gunpower Manufactureres .
D. A. January & Co. ,
Wholesale Grocers.
J. B. Sickles & Co. ,
Wholesale Saddlery.
H. b.between Painson, ,
Wholesale Merchant.
Merchants’ Dispatch Line.
e.eastHayden, ,
Agent American Express Co.
M. C. Teasdale & Co. ,
Produce and Provision Merchants.
Funkhouser & Burnett ,
Commission Merchants.
Derby & Day ,
Wholesale Wines and Liquors.
Peter L.Foy, ,
Postmaster of St. Louis .
G. W. Davis & Co. ,
Banking House.
Balmer & Weber ,
Music Publishers.
Alex.Leitch, ,
Wholesale and Retail Druggist.
Hafkemeyer & Finney ,
Carpet Dealers.
Parson & Co. ,
Miltary Goods.
Homer, Rex & Tracy ,
Wholesale Dry Goods.
J. T. Dowdall & Co. ,
Proprietors Washinton Foundry.
Von Phul, Waters & Co. ,
Wholesale Grocers.
Wm.WilliamConner, ,
Wholesale Merchant
J. H. Henry & Co. ,
Commission Merchants
JonathanJones, ,
Prop. Jones’ Commercial College.
Geo. C., Wales,
Prop. St. Clair Hotel
W. S. Vandervort & Co. ,
Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods.
A.McDowell, ,
Wholesale and Retail Carpet House.
Wm. Bell & Bro. ,
Booksellers and Publishers.
Grover & Baker ,
Sewing Machine Company ,
R. Keiler & Co. ,
Props. Oak Hall Clothing House.
r.residence H.Franklin, ,
White Goods and Notions.
Ubsdell, Pierson & Co. ,
Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods.
M. L.Litton, ,
Prof. St. Louis Medical College.
Walter b.between Foster, ,
Secretary Pacific Insurance Co.
WilliamNorth, ,
Wholesale Boot and Shoe Merchant.
r.residence s.south Whitting, ,
Wholesale Merchant.
D.Durkee, ,
Banking House.
J. C. Moore & Co. ,
Wholesale Dry Goods.
J. Weil & Bro. ,
Wholesale Dry Goods.
Berthold & Thompson ,
Distillers and Wholesale Liquors.
Sweeney & Schneider ,
Irsa Stansbery & Co. ,
Wholesale Saddlery.
J. F. Comstock & Co. ,
Wholesale Boots and Shoes.
John V.Lyon, ,
Insurance Agent.
G. N. Deker & Bro.
Banking Agent.
H. O.Conner, ,
Wholesale Merchant.
H. H.Weinse, ,
Wholesale Merchant.
Young, Bros. & Co. ,
Wholesale Clothing.
Grimsley & Co. ,
Wholesale Saddlery.
Plant & Bro. ,
Agricultural Warehouse.
RichardEdwards, , Esq. :

Sir:—Believing that the publication of the Directory, as above proposed, would be advantageous to our business community, I have taken the liberty to have this forwarded to you.

F. w.west Cronenbold, , Mayor, ex-officio.

The result of our labors is now tangibly before the public. We are not afraid to let that result
speak for itself. in producing the present volume we have had to encounter many difficulties
greater than ordinarily falls to the lot of a Directory publisher. in the larger cities of the
continent the publisher has, it is true, to father the errors, omissions, and imperfections
caused by the indifferent, the impudent and the ignorant citizens, who, careless in their
replies, impudent and rude in their manner, or ignorant citizens, who, careless in their
replies, impudent and rude in their manner, or ignorant of the importance of the work,
impede or mislead the canvasser in obtaining the information. He has also to assume the repon-
sibility of the mistaken made by from forty to fifty canvassers, by from fifteen to twenty typeset-
ters, and the oversights of three to four proofreaders. All this we have to bear in common with
all our brother publishers, but in this city we have had more to contend against; we have had to
overcome the stolid indifference of the men who "don’t care whether their name is in the