Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
City and County Record
Record—Chbrches. 79
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Gotte’s Freund.
Published monthly, No. 35 North Third street,
by L. G.Baesel, , editor and propreitor .
Terms—50 cents per annum.
Herald Des Glaubens.
Published weekly, at the corner of Third and
Convent streets. Francis Saler.
Terms—$2 per annum.
Merchants’ Exchange Price Current.
Published daily and weekly, by Chas. G.Gon-, , proprietor ; JosiahAnderson, , editor . Office,
No. 8 Olive street, up stairs.
Mississippi Blaetter.
Published every Sunday, at the office, Nos. 16
and 18 Chesnut street.
Terms—$1 per annum.
Mississippi Schulbate.
Published monthly, by F.Nettelbaum., office,
Third, corner Convent street.
Terms—$1 per annum.
Missouri Democrat.
Published daily, tri-weekly and weekly, by the
proprietors, McKee & Fishback , at the office, Nos.
41 and 43 Locust street.
Terms—Daily, $10 ; tri-weekly, $5 ; weekly, $2
per annum.
Missouri Republican.
Published daily, tri-weekly and weekly, by the
propreitors , George Knapp & Co. , at the office,
Nos. 9 and 11 Chesnut street, n.northPaschall, , ed-
itor .
Terms—Daily, $10; tri-weekly, $5; weekly, $2;
Sunday Morning Republican, $2 per annum.
Neue Zeit.
Published daily and weekly, at the office, No.
35 Market street, by GeorgeHillgaertner, , editor
and proprietor .
Terms—Daily $6; weekly, $2.
Pozor Bohemian Gazette.
Published weekly, by Alis & Peshek , Seventh
street, between Barry and Park av.avenue
Revue D’Louest.
Published every Friday, by JohnWolf, , proprie-
tor , at the office, 42 Market street.
Terms—$2.50 per annum.
Sabbath School Star.
Published monthly, by George L.Leaver, , No. 80
Pine street.
Terms—30 cents per annum.
Sonntags Blatt.
Published every Sunday, at the office, No. 35
Market street.
Terms—$2 per annum.
St. Louis County Legal Record And
Published daily, by M.Niedner, No. 43 PineSt.street ,
by authority, according to act of the Legislature
of the State, passed March 5th, 1861.
Terms—$2 per quarter, in advance.
fice, 27 Third street.
GeorgeScollay, , President .
St. Louis Hotel Register ,
Published daily, by Runyan, Lyons & Barnhart,
Pine , cor.corner Theater alley. Gratuitous.
St. Louis Journal Of Commerce.
Published weekly, every Thursday, R. M. Wid-
mar & Co. proprietors . Office, north-west cor.
Third and Walnut streets. Terms $3.00 per an-
St. Louis Letter-Sheet Price Current.
Issued daily and weekly. JosiahAnderson, ,
editor , Charles G.Gonter, , published. Terms:—
$1 per hundred or 6 cents per week. Terms:—
Weekly, $3.00 per hundred. Office, No. 8 Olive
St. Louis Union.
Third, cor.corner Locust. Published daily, semi.
weekly and weekly, by the St. Louis Union As-
sociation. D. M.Grisson, , editor , J. H.Parsons,
business manager . Terms:—daily $7.00, semi-
weekly, $3.00, weekly $1.00 per annum.
Valley Farmer.
Published monthly, at 97 Chesnut street, by
n.north J.Colman, , editor and propreitor . Terms:—
$1, per annum in advance
Westliche Post.
Published daily and weekly, at the office, 16 and
18 Chesnut street. TheodoreOlshausen, & Ernst
w.west Heemann, , editors and proprietors . Terms—
$10, per annum for the daily, $2, for the weekly.
Clark’s Counterfeit Detector.
Published monthly, by Charles L.Bush, No. 70
n.north Main street. Price—$1, with coin chart and
descriptive list of genuine notes.
Hammer’s Counterfeit Detector.
Published monthly, and semi-monthly, by G. s.south
Hammer, , 251 Broadway. Terms—monthly $1.50,
semi-monthly $2.00.
Lord’s Detector.
Published monthly and semi-monthly, by Bro-
thers & Co. J. H.Parsons, , Agent . Third, south
east corner Locust. Terms, $ 1.50 and $ 2.50 per
Manford’s Magazine.
Published on the 15th of every month, at the
Office, Fifth street, southeast corner Locust, by
ErastusManford, , Editor and Proprietor . Terms,
$1 per annum.
St. Louis Bank Note Reporter.
HoratioPage, , editor . Published monthly, at
65 North Main street, by Miller & Karst .
Eighth Street Baptist Church—Col-
Located on Eighth street, corner of Green.
Date of erection, 1851.
Rev. Mr. Baldwin, , pastor .
Hours of Divine service—11 A. M. and 7 P. M.
First African Baptist Church.
Located on Almond street, between Fourth and
Fifth streets. Eerected, 1842.
Rev.reverend e.eastCartwright, , pastor . Residence, Ninth
street, between Cerre and Gratiot.
AmbroseLewis, , sexton .
Hours of Divine service—11 A. M., 3 P. M. and
7 P. M.