Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
City and County Record
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Teacher , Frederic w.west Rauchholz, , Located on
Ninth street, between Einmet and Geyer avennes.
Hebre School , Located at the Hebrew Syna-
gogue, 77 NorthSixth street.
Hobere TuechterSchale., 162 Sonth Fith
street. Proprietor and teacher , HermanHelmkamp.,
Teacher assest , VonBrehm.,
Holy Trinity Church School . Located on Twelfth street, corner of Malinckrodt, under the
charge of the Sisters of St. Frances Seraoh.
Mary Institute , Located onLucas Place, be-
tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets.
Mississippi Valley Female Seminary . Located
on Pine street, corner of Seventeeth.
North St. Louis German English Institute , Lo-
cated on Carr street, northeast corner of Seven-
teenth street.
Northern School of the Church of the Holy
Ghost, German and English Protestant . Located
onthe west side of Eleventh street, between Carr
and Biddle streets.
Rotter’s Writing Academy . Located on Fourth
street, northeast corner of Poplar.
St. Ann’s Roman Catholic School . Located on
Biddle street, southeast corner of Tenth. Attach-
ed to St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Asylum, under
the direction of the Sisters of Charity.
St. Bridget’s School . Located onthe west side
of Twenty-fifth street, between Carr and Biddle,
and under the direction of the Brothers of St.,
St. John’s Evangelical School . Located on
Fourteenth street, corner of Madison.
St. Joseph’s Boy’s School . Attached to St.
Joseph’s Roman Catholic church, Biddle street,
corner of Eleventh.
St. Joseph’s Female Roman Catholic School .
located on Fifteenth street, corner of Clark ave-
St. Joseph’s Free Academy . Located on Fif-
teenth stteet, northeast corner of Clark avenue.
St. Joseph’s School . Located on Marion, north-
west corner of Fulton.
St. Joseph’s Male and Female German Catholic
School . Located on Eleventh street, between
O’Falln street and Cass avenue.
St. Joseph’s School. Attached to St. Joseph’s
Orphan Asylum , under the direction of the Sisters
of St. Joseph., Located on the corner of Clark
avenue and Fifteenth street. Sister Mary Frances
Joseph, , Principal .
St. Lawrence O’Toole’s School . Located on O’Fallon street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth
street, conducted by ChristianBrothers.,
St. Liboria School . Attached to the church,
and located on Nineteenth street, between Jeffer
son and North Market steets.
St. Maren’s Evangelische School . Attached to
the church, and located on Soulard corner of
Jackson street. ChristophRobenach, , Principal .
St. Mary’s Roman catholic School . Located on
the northeast corner of Tenth and Biddle streets.
Attached to the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Or-
phan Asylum, unde the charge of the Sisters of
Charity, SisterTheodora, , Principal .
St. Michael’s Girls’ School . Attached to the
church, and located on Jefferson steeet, corner of
Eleventh. Sister Johnde Baptist, , Principal .
St. Michael’s School for Boys . Located on
Eleventh street, corner of Jefferson. JohnWeb-, , Principal .
St. Patrick’s Male School . Located at St. Pat-
rick’s church, under the charge of the Caristian
St. Peter and Paul’s School in connection
with the church , located on Seventh street, north-
west corner.
St. Peter’s German Evangelical School . At-
tached to the church, and located on Carr street,
conrer of Fifteenth.
St. Philomena’s Academy . Located on the cor-
ner of Fifth and Walanut streets, under the direc-
tion of the Daughters of Charity.
St. Vincent’s Boys’ School, of St. Vincent de
Paul’s church . Located on Decatur steet, corner
of Park avenue, under the directin of the Chris-
tian Brothers.
St. Vincent’s Free Female School , under the
auspices of the Sisters of Charity.Located on
tenth stret, northeast corner of St. Charies.
St. Vincent’s School , attached to St. Vincent’s
German Orphan Asylum. Located on Twentieth
street, between O’Fallon street and Cass avenue,
under the direction of the Sisters of St. Joseph, ,
MotherAnbgela, , Principal .
St. Vincent Girl’s School, of St. Vincent de
Paul’s church . Located on the corner of Fulton
and Marion, under the direction of the Sisters of
St. Joseph.,
St. Xavier’s Parochial School . Located on
Tenth street, corner of Green.
School of our Lady of Merey . Located on Mor-
gan street, corner of Tenth, under the direction of
the Sisters of Loretto.,
Ursuline Academy . Located on the east side of
State street, between Russell and Aun avenues,
under the auspices of the Ursuline Convent.
Young Ladies’ Academy of Visitation . Located
on the north side of Cass avenue, between Twen-
ty-first and Twenth-second streett.
Colleges, Universities, &c.
Bryant & Satratton’s Commercial
Darby’s Marble Building, corner Fifth and Ol-
ive streets.
H. b.between Bryant, , H. D.Stratton, , and A. s.south Wheel-, Principles .
Jones’ Commercial College Of St.
Located on the south-east corner of Washing-
ton avenue and Third street. Incorporated, Jan-uary 24, 1849, with full authority “to grant diplo-
mas, award degrees, confer honors, and exercise
all and singular the privileges common to com-
mercial colleges authorized by law in other
JonathanJones, , Master of Accounts President
and Acting Professor of the Theory and Practice
of Bookkeeping, Commercial Correspondence, &c.
F. H.Wellenberg, , JamesAllan, , John w.west Johns-, , Wm.William A.Diggs, , AlbertsWilcox, , Chris.Balmer, ,
J. H.Ludas, , Practical Accountants .
H. w.west Jones, M. D.Proessor of Matheamtics .
M. S. D.Hayden, , Professor of Penminship .
JonathanJones, , Member of the St. Louis Bar,
Lecturer of Commercial Law . (See adv’t p.)
City Univesity Of St. Louis.
Located on Pine, north-east corner of Sixteenth
O’Fallon Polytechnic Institute.
Located on North Fourth street, corner of St.
Charles, Organized, 1855, under the charter of
the Washington University.
The Library is furnished with nearly 6,000 vol-
umes, and a large supply of American and Euro-
pean quarterlies and magazines; also with a large
supply of daily and weekly newspapers. The In-
stitute in under the management of
JohnHow, , President .
RulphSellow, , Vice President .
Chas. D.Dana, , Treasurer .
William r.residence Babcock, , Secretary and Librarian .
Board Of Manager.
JohnHow, , G. b.between Allen, , r.residenceSellew, , Samuel
Treat, , J. b.between Ends, , Chas A.Pope, , D. K.Ferguson, ,