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City and County Record
96 Record—Cemeteries.
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Express, Transportation, packet and Telegraph Lines
Express and Transportation Lines.
Adam’s Express Company , 27 North Main St.street
C. C.Anderson, , Agents ,
American Express Company , 95 North Fourth
St.street e.eastHayden, , Agent .
United States Express Company , 119 North
Fourth St.street C. w.west Ford, , Agent .
Parker’s Express Company , 70 North Main St.street
J. w.west Farker, , Superintendent .
Major’s Express 21 Chesnut St.street
Forbes’ Cotton Express Company , 66 levee.
ThomasMiller, jr., Agent .
Great Western Dispatch , 119 North fourth St.street
s.south M.Gray, , Agent .
Merchants’ Dispatch , 95 North Fourth St.street H.
b.between Parsons, , Agent .
Merritt’s Express Freight Line , MainSt.street , north-
West corner of Locust.J.Merritt, , Agent .
M. S. & N. I. Railroad , 50 North Commercial
St.street H. b.between Meritt, , Agent .
Bellefontaine Line and Erie Railway , 58 North
commercial street. L. e.east Forsyth, , Agent .
Pennsylvania Central Railroad , 56 North Com-
mercial St.street r.residence F.Sass, , Agent .
St. Louis & Chicago Railroad . FourthSt.street , oppo-
site the planter’s House. John P.Tansey, , Agent .
T. H. A. & St Louis railroad , 39 South fourth
St.street JamesBeebe, , Agent .
Illinois Central Railroad , secondSt.street , corner of
Poplar. n.northStevens, , Agent .
Ohio & Mississippi Railroad , Second street, near
Carr.G. w.west Jenks, , Agent .
Iron Mountain Railroad , MainSt.street , corner Plum.
G. w.west Sproull, , Agent .
Mather, Clary & Co. , Chicago Transportation
Line for New York, Boston, and intermediate
ports, 26 North Commercial St.street James r.residence Bull, ,
Agent .
Packet Lines.
St. Louis, Cairo and New Orleans Packet Line
of steamers, leave the wharf-boat, foot of Market
Street, every alternate evening.
e.east w.west Gould, , superintendent .
MathanRanney, , Agent .
St. Louis and New Orleans Merchant Line
Packets.Barton, Able & Co. , Agents .
Office 42 North Commercial street, cor.corner of Pine.
Boats leave every other day at the foot of Mar-
ket street.
Northern Line Packet Company . Leave the
wharf-boat at the foot of Washington avenue,
every day at 4 o’clock P. M., for Burlington,
Davenport, Dubuque, L. Corsse, and St. Paul,
and all points on the Upper Mississippi.
John A.Warden, , Agent , office 21 Commercial
Alley, and 63 n.north Levee.
Memphis and St. Louis Packet Company .—
Leave the wharf-boat at foot of Pine street every
day at 5 o’clock P. M., for St. Genevieve, Cape
Girardeau, , Hickman, &c.
John A.Warden, , Agent , 21 n.north Commercial Al-
1ev, and 63 n.north Levee.
Illinois River Packet Company , leave every day
at 4 o’clock P. M. at the foot of Plum street, for Pekin, Peoria, La Salle, and all points on the il-
linois river.
J. H. Whitelaw & Co. Agents , Levee, near Plum
Naples Packet Company , Leave every other
day at the foot of plum street, for all Points on
the illinois river.
Alton and St. Louis Packet Company . Leave
daily. foot of Chestnut street, at 4 P. M.
Keokuk Packet Company , leave the wharf-
boat foot of Chesnut street every day at 4 o’clock P. M., for Hanuibal, Quiney, keokuk, &c.
JohnMeCune, , President .
Capt.Phillips, , agent , office at wharf-boat.
Missouri River Packets leave daily from the
foot of Washington avenue for all points on the
Missouri river.
Telegraph Companies.
St. Louis Union Telegraph Office , corner 4th and
Locust.e.east C.Bush., manager .
Western Union Telegraph Co. Charles Daven-
port, Cincinnati, division Supt .
Illinois and Mississppi Telegraph Co. J. J. S.
Wilson, , Springfield, Ills., Supt .
Missouri and Western Telegraph Co. George T.
Williams, , St. Louis, Supt.
Baptist Cemetery , Lemp avenue, near Chero-
Bellefontaine Cemetery , Bellefontaine road.
Benui Ell , Hebrew, Gravois road, 8 miles from
Calvary Cemetery , Bellefontaine road, 6 miles
from city.
Christ Church Cemetery , Chouteau av.avenue , near
Grand av.avenue
City Cemetery . Jefferson av.avenue , between wyoming
and Arsenal road.
Episcopal Cemetery , west side of Lamotte, near
Park av.avenue
German Evanglical Cemetery , Lemp av.avenue , near
German Protestant Cemetery .
Holy Ghost Cemetery , corner of Kansas and
Holy Trinity Cemetery , Bellefontaine road.
Jewish Barying Ground . Chouteau Mill road.
New Picker Cemetery . Gralois road. 8 miles
from city.
New Saxon Cemetery , Gravois road, 7 miles
from city.
Old Picker Cemetery , Gravois road, 3 miles
from city.
Rock Sping Cemetery , Clayton road, West of
Rock Spring.
St. Vincent Cemetery , Park av.avenue , corner Lafay-
ette av.avenue
Salem Cemetery , St. charles road, 7 miles from
United Hebrew Congregation Cemetery , Pratte
av.avenue , corner Pacific Railroad.
Wesleyan Cemetery , Grand av.avenue , neeer Lindell