Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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O’Brien, Timothy, lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side 19th, b. O’Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
O’Brien, Timothy, lab.laborer , r.residence Orange, bet.between 23d and
O’Brein, Timothy, usher Provost Marshal Gen-
eral’s office , 5th and St. Charles, r.residence 9th, cor.
O’Brien, w.west, finisher Marshall & Co .
O’Brien, William, waiter Planters’ House .
O’Bryan, John, lab.laborer , 8th and Lynch.
O’Brien, Wiliam, riverman , bds.boards Main, ne.north east cor.
O’Brien A. & D. , (AndrewO’Brien, and Dan-O’Brein, , deceased ,) foreign exchange 40
O’Burk, Louis s.south , advertising agt.agent , 11 Olive.
O’Byrne, John, lab.laborer , s.south 7th, b. Papin and Gratiot.
O’Callahan, Daniel, foreman , r.residence ns.north side Biddle, b. 19th
and 20th.
O’Connell, Catharine, wid.widow Joseph, , r.residence Carr, b. 22d
and 23d.
O’Connell, Daniel, riverman , bds.boards 159 Broadway.
O’Connell, David, baggagedriver , bds.boards Levee, cor.
O’Connell, Dennis, lab.laborer , r.residence 250 n.north 12th.
O’Connell, Dennis, lab.laborer , r. al. b. 6th and 7th,
Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
O’Connell, Dennis, porter William R. Greene &
Co. , r.residence 12th, b. Biddle and O’Fallon.
O’Connell, Ellen, wid.widow John, , 173 Orange.
O’Connell, James, Grocer , 237 n.north 9th, r.residence same.
O’Connell, Jeremiab, lab.laborer , r.residence 118 n.north 16th.
O’Connell, John, baker Dunham & Gregg .
O’Connell, John, clerk Stange & Sexton , bds.
Carr, b. 22d and 23d.
O’Connell, John, grocer , 84 Locust, r.residence same.
O’Connell, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards 208 s.south 4th.
O’Connell, John, lab.laborer , Gravois, nr.near Wyoming.
O’Connell, John, Porter McCaw & Deal , r.residence c. 12th
and Carr.
O’Connell, Mary, wid.widow Timothy, , r.residence 198 n.north 9th.
O’Connell, Patrick, clerk , bds.boards Dennnison House.
O’Connell, Patrick, lab.laborer , r. al. b. 9th and 10th,
nr.near O’Fallon.
O’Connell, Patrick, porter James M.Crawford, ,
bds.boards Dennison House.
O’Connell, Patrick J., furniturewagon , ss. Carr, b.
22d and 23d.
O’Connell, Simon, sutler , r.residence ws.west side 11th, b. O’Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
O’Connell, William, mailwriter , 156 n.north 9th.
O’Conner, Hugh F., investigator of titles , Frank-
lin av.avenue , b. 25th and 26th.
o’Connor, John, Butcher Carr Market , r.residence ws.west side 24th,
b. Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
O’Conner, Patrick, saddler M. , J.Gorman, bds.
12th, b. O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue
O’Connor, Mrs., wid.widow Michael, , saloon, 61 n.north Levee,
r.residence same.
O’Connor, Andrew, carpenter , r.residence Davis, sw.south west cor.
O’Connor, Anna, wid.widow , ns.north side Carroll, b. 1th and
O’Connor, Bernard, mer. tailor , 66 Chesnut, r.residence 3d,
c. Market.
O’Connor, David, stonemason , r.residence 27 s.south 13th, nr.near
O’Connor, H., salesman Ubsdell, Barr, Duncan &
Co. , r.residence 9th and Chesnut.
O’Connor, H. F., copyist , 130 n.north 5th; information
O’Connor, Hugh, baker , Morgan, se.south east c. 25th.
O’Connor, James, second steward Plnaters’ House ,
r.residence 43 n.north 12th.
O’Connor, James, lab.laborer , r.residence rear 453 Morgan.
O’Connor, James, soldier , r.residence rear O’Fallon, ne.north east c.
O’Connor, John, grocer , O’Fallon, nw.north west c. 7th, r.
O’Connor, John, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side Randolph, b. Ulrici
and Mercer.
O’Connor, John, pirest , r.residence 33 Gay.
O’Connor, Johnstudent Jones’ Commercial
Colege , 3d. c. Washington av.avenue
O’Connor, John F., moulder , r.residence Main, b. Florida
and Mullanphy.
O’Connor, M., butcher , Broadway, b. Biddle and
O’Fallon, r.residence Page av.avenue , nr.near Grand av.avenue
O’Connor, Matthew, butcher , Broadway, nr.near
Wash, Three Mile House.
O’Connor, Maurice, lab.laborer , al.alley b. Biddle and O’Fal-
lon, 10th and 11th.
O’Connor, Michael s.south , butcher , Laclede Market ,
St. Charles Rock rd, nr.near Evans av.avenue , r.residence St.
Charles Rock rd, nr.near Evans av.avenue
O’Connor, Michael, soldier , r.residence 36 Spruce.
O’connor, Patrick, lab.laborer , r.residence 106 Morgan.
O’Connor, Feter, grocer , 134 Franklin av.avenue , r.residence same.
O’Connor, Robert, bagmkr , bds.boards 6th, c. Market.
O’Connor, Thomas, Butcher , 11 North Market Hall,
r. nr.near Wedge House.
O’Conner, Thomas, butcher , Laclede av.avenue , b. Comp-
ton av.avenue and Garrison av.avenue
O’Connor, Thomas, hatstore , 82 Franklin av.avenue , r.
100 n.north 17th.
O’Connor, Thomas, lab.laborer , r.residence 20th, b. Madison and
O’Connor, Thomas, tailor , r.residence 15 Myrlte.
O’Connor, Timothy, bookkeeper B. and J. F. Slevin ,
r.residence nw.north west c. 19th and Division.
O’Connor, John, lab.laborer , r.residence 218 High.
O’Donnell, Cornelius, harnessmkr , bds.boards Clark av.avenue ,
nr.near Centre.
O’Donnell, Edward, lab.laborer , Bellefontaine, b. Harrison
and Dock.
O’Donnell, Hugh, lab.laborer , r. al. bet. 6th and 7th,
Franklin av.avenue , and Wash.
O’Donnell, Hugh, quarryman , r.residence Gratiot, c. 15th.
O’Donnell, James, drayman , r.residence ns.north side clark av.avenue , bet.
Mercer and Naomi.
O’Donnell, James, grocer , Walnut, ne. cor. 9th.
O’Donnell, James, lab.laborer , r.residence ws.west side Moore, b. Market
and Clark av.avenue
O’Donnell, James, second hand furniture , 187 n.
7th., r.residence same.
O’Donnell, Jane, wid.widow , r.residence 226 n.north 10th.
O’Donnell, Jeremiah, lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side 11th, b. Market
and Clark av.avenue
O’Donnell, Joanna, wid.widow Michael, , r.residence Collins, bet.
Bates and Columbia.
O’Donnell, John, lab.laborer , r.residence ns.north side Biddle. nr.near 25th.
O’Donnell, John, moulder Phoenix Foundry .
O’Donnell, John, riverman , r.residence 58 Biddle.
O’Donnell, John, riverman , r.residence 354 n.north 2nd.
O’Donnell, John, teamster , 1138 Broadway.
O’DonnellJohn , C., baker , r.residence 2d nr.near Spruce.
O’Donnell, Kate, dressmaking , r.residence 105 St. Charles.
O’Donnell, Michael, lab.laborer , n.north Main, b. Florida and
O’Donnell, Owen, lab.laborer , 224 n.north 8th.
O’Donnell, Patrick, lab.laborer , r.residence 457 Morgan.
O’Donnell, Patrick, riverman , r.residence 192 s.south 2d.
O’Donnell, Thomas, lab.laborer , 170 n.north 5th.
O’Donnell, Thomas, moulder Phoenix Foundry .
O’Donnell, Thomas, riverman , r.residence 3 Morgan.
O’Donnell, Thomas, riverman , r.residence 144 s.south Main.
O’Donnell, William, striker , c. 10th and Cass av.avenue
O’Donovan, Thomas T., 3d U. S. artillery , r.residence Market,
b. 8th and 9th.
O’Dowd, James, driver Degan & Mullery .
O’Fallon, Henry A., r 237 Washington av.avenue
O’Fallon House , MichaelO’Fallon, , propr. , 60 s.
O’Fallon, James, bds.boards Lindell Hotel.
O’Fallon, James J., (St. Louis Nut and Bolt Fac-
tory.) 17, 19 and 21 Biddle.
O’Fallon, John J., student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
O’FallonJohn, jr., r.residence 237 Washington av.avenue
O’Fallon, Michael, Proprietor O’Fallon House , 60 s.
Hats, Caps, &c., Wholesale and Retail, by Our Hatter, Keevil, 271 Broadway.