Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Washington, Charles, (Post & Washington,) r.residence 145
n.north 5th.
Washington, Foundry, J. T. Dowdall & Co. , 2nd,
c. Morgan.
Washington, George, (col’d.) steamboatman , r.residence al.
bet.between 6th and 7th, Green and Morgan.
Washington Insurance Co. of New York , office
Main, nw.north west c. Locust.
Washington, James r.residence , physicia , 164 n.north 5th, r.
Washington, John, wid.widow , (col’d.) 33 Cerre.
Washgington Mutual Fire Ins. Co. , 22
Market. (See adv.)
Washington, Samuel, (col’d), porter , r. al. b. 10th
and 11th, nr.near Biddle.
Washington University , Washington av.avenue
c. 17th. (See adv.)
Wasmund, Fritz, lab.laborer , r.residence ns.north side Mouroe., b. 15th and
Wasmus, Louisteamster , ws.west side 2nd Carondelet av.avenue ,
b. Lafayette and Geyer av.avenue
Wason, Mary, wid.widow , es.east side 11th. b. Emmet and Geyer
Wassa, Silia, wid.widow Christian, , r.residence ws.west side 20th, b. Market
and Estelle.
Wasser, Joseph, collarmkr Krayer, Hildenbrand &
Wasson, Joseph, roofer , r.residence 280 Pine.
Wasson, M. s.south , agt.agent I. C. R. R. , r.residence Planters’ House.
Wasson, Thomas D., tanner , r.residence Cass av.avenue , bet.between 10th
and 11th.
Wasterhaus, William, tailor , r.residence 12th, nr.near Wash.
Wustier, Jacobbutcher , r.residence ss.south side Anna, b. Columbus
and DeKalb.
Watch, Mrs., wid.widow , r.residence 9th, b. Park av.avenue and Autumn.
Water, Joseph, shoemkr , r.residence 364 s.south 7th.
Waterhouse, Sylvester, prof. Washington Univer-
sity , r.residence 411 Morgan.
Water, Berthold, cigarmkr , r. nr.near Broadway
and Spring.
Waters, Henry G., trader , r.residence 819 Broaday.
Waters, James, moulder , r.residence ns.north side Wright, b. 9th and
Waters, James L., (Von Phul, Waters & Co.,) r.residence
205 Olive.
Waters, James s.south , prof. Washington University , r.residence
205 Olive.
Waters, Jane, (col’d), washerwoman , r. al. b. Wash
and Carr, 7th and 8th.
Waters, Madan Mary, r.residence 165 Green.
Waters, Richard w.west , clerk Iron Mountain Depot ,
r.residence 2d, se.south east c. Cedar.
Waters, samuel, r.residence 97 n.north 10th.
Waters, William H., (Levering, Waters & Co.,)
r.residence 297 Chesnut.
Waterson, Patrick, lab.laborer , r. al. bet. Engenia and Es-
telle, 20th and 21st.
Wathen, Francis, carpenter w.west , H.Newcum, r.residence
Wash, bet.between 10th and 11th.
Watkins, Benjamin F., agent Mers, and Mnfrs. In.
Co. , r.residence 128 n.north 6th.
Watkins, Joseph, cook , r.residence Biddle se.south east c. 18th.
Watkins, Leonard A., (Henry Deaa & Co.,) r.residence
Half bet.between Pratte av.avenue and High.
Watkins, Thomas, hides and furs , r.residence ws.west side Grand av.avenue ,
nr.near County rd.road
Watkins, Thomas e.east , salesman , r.residence Cooper, b. High
and Naomi.
Watkins, William H., cooper , r.residence 231 s.south 3d.
Watson, A. r.residence , saloon , 209 n.north 5th, r.residence Franklin av.avenue ,
cor.corner 21st.
Watson, Adam r.residence , stonecutter , r.residence Franklin av.avenue , b.
20th and 21st.
Watson, Charles, carriagedrive, r 175 n, 15th.
Watson, Edward, (col’d.) barber , bds.boards Randolph,
bet.between 12th and 14th.
Watson, Emma, teacher , r.residence Christny av.avenue , bet.between 19th.
adn 20th.
Watson, Frederick, machinist , bds.boards Main, cor.
Wastson, George, shoemaker , 431 Broadway.
Watson, George, shoesho , 102 n.north 7th, r.residence 121
Watson, George H.bds.boards Lindell Hotel.
Watson, Henry F., r.residence ss.south side Belmont, bet.between 15th and
Watson, Mrs., wid.widow James, s.south, ss. Lafayette av.avenue , op-
posite Lafayette park.
Watson, John, furniturecar , r.residence ns.north side Division, near
Watson, John, lab.laborer , nr.near P. R. R. Machine Shop.
Watson, John, porter JohnHow, , r.residence 270 n.north 14th.
Watson, John b.between , mate , r.residence 83 O’Fallon.
Watson, John T., (Aderson & Watson,) r.residence 4th, c.
Watson, Lewis L., paymaster O. & M. R. R. , bds.
Lindell Hote.
Watson, Richard, ostler , 198 s.south 4th.
Watson, Robert, inspector of hydrants , 407 n.north 9th,
4. r.residence 9th, c. Chambers.
Watson, Robert J., (Watson, Hinchman & Co.,) r.residence
204 Chesnut.
Watson, Thomas, bds. ss. Belmont, bet.between 15th and
Watson, Thomas, bricklayer , r. al. bet. 9th and
Broadway, nr.near Montgomery.
Watson, William, baker , r. al. bet. 4th and 5th. nr.near
Watson, William, liquors whol.wholesale , 67 s.south Levee, r.
Poplar, nr.near 4th.
Watson, William, porter Rich & Co. , r.residence Franklin
av.avenue , b. 5th and 6th.
Watson, William b.between , inspector vehicles , r.residence 198
Washington av.avenue
Watson, William Ed., quarryman , ns.north side Victor, near
McNair av.avenue
Watson, William H., newsdepot Lindell Hotel , r.residence
Watson, Hinchman & Co. , (Robert J.Watson, ,
George n.north Hinchman, and CharlesEaches, ,)
city weighers , 72 Commercial.
Watt, , clerk Register’s office , bds.boards 16 St. Charles.
Watt, James, (Watt & Vinton,) 6th, sw.south west c. Spurce.
Watt, Oliver, clerk , r.residence 29 Hazel.
Watt, Robert A., cityregister , r.residence 251 Morgan,
c. 13th.
Watt, Sarah, (col’d.) wid.widow , r. al. b. 11th and 12th,
Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Watt, William, locksmith , bds.boards 159 Broadway.
Watt, William L., gunmaker , 21 Washington av.avenue ,
r.residence same.
Watt & Vinton , (JamesWatt, and Samuel s.south Vin-, ,) wines, liquors and cigars, whol.wholesale , 15
Wattenberg, Ernst, (Wattenberg, Busch & Co.,) r.residence
164 s.south 5th.
Wattenberg, Busch & Co. , (ErnstWatten-, and AdolphusBusch, ), com. mer.commission merchant , 19 s.
Watterhouse, Sylvester, schoolteacher , bds.boards 411
Watters, Stephen, mailclerk Republican , bds.boards 6th,
bet.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash.
Watters, Isaiah, lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side Broadway, b. Buchan-
an asnd Angelrodt.
Watts, Herman, riverman , r.residence Autumn, bet.between South
and Stoddard av.avenue
Watta, Jeremiah, carpenter , 137 Collins.
Watts, John, brass rulemaker St. Louis type
Foundry Co.
Watts, Mary, wid.widow John, , r.residence Orange, bet.between 15th and
Watzenborn, Ludwig, foreman ArsenalBrewery, , r.residence
ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue , bet.between Sidney and Lynch.
Waugh, David, r.residence Gratiot, bet.between 15th and 16th.
Waugh, William, parcelclerk Ubsdell, Barr, Dun-
can & Co. , r.residence 267 Pine.
Hawer, Joseph, lab.laborer , ws.west side 10th, bet.between Marion and
Way, Edward, bds.boards 223 Market.
Way, James C., teller , r.residence Locust, bet.between Beaumont
and Leffingwell av.avenue
Keevil, our Hatter, established 6th March, 1849, at 271 Broadway.