Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
Wei 553 Wei
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Weidemann, William, soldier , rear 274 s.south 3d.
weidemueller, Heiurich, peddler , r.residence ss.south side Victor,b.
Caroudelet av.avenue and Easton.
Weider, Henry, tailor , chouteau av.avenue , b. Jefferson
av.avenue and High, r.residence same.
Weiderman, Henry, peddler , r.residence es.east side 14th, b. Jeffer-
son and Madison.
Weiding, Jacob, lab.laborer , r.residence n.north Market., Let. 18th and
Weidimier, Henry, carpenter , r.residence 97 Wash.
Weidman, Henry, machinist , Stone & Daryee.
Weidner, Edward, clark H. Dancker & Co.
Weidner, Jacob, porter E. Beckmann & Bro. , r.residence
146 s.south 5th.
Weidner, Williams, barkeeper. 224 Market,r. same.
Weigal, John, cooper , r.residence 184 Wash.
Weigand, Henry, baker , 619 s.south 7th.
Weigel, Alfred, cooper , r. ws. al. b. Jackson and
Columbus, Soulard and Lafayette.
Weigel, Henry, cooper , 58 Biddle, r.residence same.
Weigel, Philip, physicain , 12 s.south 5th, r.residence same.
Weigent, Henry, stovemoulder , r.residence 234 O’Fallon.
Weiger, George J.cooper , r.residence ws.west side 22d, bet.between Division
and O’Fallon.
Weightkamp, Henry, lab.laborer , r.residence rear 201 O’Fallon.
Weightman, josph, painter , r. al. bet. 10th and
11th. Franklin av.avenue and morgan.
Weightman, Richard.cooper , ns.north side lesperance, bet.
jackson and Columbus.
Wightman, William, cooper , r.residence 5 Hicks.
Weigle, Abrahm, dry goods store , 728 Broadway,
r.residence ns.north side Spring, b. 9th and 10th.
Weigle, Egenes, clerk AbrahamWeighle, , r.residence ws.
Broadway, b. Jeffferson and Madison.
Weigle, henry.finisher , r.residence 137 Wash.
Weighmann, Louiss, wid.widow jacob, r.residence. r.residence 24 Franklin
Weigner, , confectiner , bds.boards 41 s.south 3d.
Weigolt, Toblas, cooper , r.residence es.east side Jackson, b. Carroll
and Soulard.
Welhe, Anton, lab.laborer , ws.west side Broadway, bet.between Palm and Wright.
Well, Caroline, wid.widow Charles, , r.residence Gratiot, b. 9th adn
Weil, Catharina, wid.widow Philip, , r.residence 150 s.south 2d.
Weil, Henry L., r.residence 164 Olive.
Weil, Joseph, (J. Weil & Bro.,) R. 168 Olive.
Weil, Louis, saloon , nw. cor. 21st and Morgan, r.
Weil, Max, (J. Weil & Bro.,) r.residence New York.
Weil, Philip, porter s.south , M.Egdell, r. cor. 2d and
Weil, Rapheal, Hickory , b. 5th and 6th.
Weil J. & Bro. , (JosephWeil, and MaxWeil, ,)
whol.wholesale dry goods , 32 and 34 n Main.
Weil & Pfeiffer , (RaphaelWeil, and Leonhard
Pfeiffer, ,) boots and shoes , 299 s.south 5th.
Weiler, Gottlieb, lab.laborer , r. ws. al. bet. Columbus and DeKalb, Victor and Sidney.
Weiler, John, lab.laborer , r.residence ws.west side columbus, bet.between Rutger
and Miller.
Weiler, John G., rear 289 s.south 5th.
Weiley, David, porter medical purveyors depot.
Weiling, Jacob, tobacconist , 170 Wash.
Weiller, Engene, baker , Buel, b. Arrow and Ohio.
Weilter, Hohn, cigurmkr , 157 n.north 9th.
Welmer, Anton A., painter , 352 s.south 7th, r.residence same.
Welmeyer, August, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side Beaton, b. 14th adn
Weimeyer, Henry, teamster , r.residence ws.west side 12th, b. Benton and Warren.
Weimeier, John C., Clerk Prov. M. G. office.
Weinberg, Isaac.283 s 5th.
Weinbrecht, Wiihelm, gunsmith , r.residence 7th, sw.south west cor.
Weindel, Leonhard, cooper , ns.north side Ann av.avenue , bet.between State
and Summer.
Weinel, Hedwig, wid.widow Christian, , grocer , ws.west side 12th.
b. O’Fallon and Cass av.avenue , r.residence same.
Weiner, Frederick, ropemkr , 13th, bet.between Buchanan
and Augelrodt.
Weinerich, John, al.alley b. 6th and 7th, Hickery and
Weiners, William, bootkr , r.residence 106 Green.
Weinert, Loois, watchmkr , Bernhard, bet.between Pratta
av.avenue and Emily.
Weingaerten, Charles, cabinetmkr , al.alley bet.between Wash
and Carr, 12th and 13th.
Weingardt, Charles, blacksmith , es.east side 10th, b. Soulard and Lafayette.
Weingardt, Wilhelmins, midwife , ees. 10th, b. Sou-
lard and lafayette.
Weingartner, Philip, shoemkr , r.residence Franklin as., b.
Beaumont and Leffingwell av.avenue
Weinhagen, Adolph, lab.laborer , c. Boens Vista and Mar-
Weinhagen, George.(Weinhagen & Hornbostel.) r.residence
St. Ange. b. Choutesu av.avenue and la Salle.
Weinhagen & Hornbostel , (Geo.Wein-, and CharlesHornbostel, .) fancy gro-
ceries, wines and liguotes , 122 n.north 2d.
Weinhaus, Ansel, clothler , r.residence 136 n.north 11th.
Weinhaus, Harmon, (Weinhaus & Bro.,) r.residence 136 n.
Weinhaus, Simon, (Weinhaus & Bro.,) r.residence 136 n.
Weinhaus & Bro. , (HarmonWeinhaus, and SimonWeinhaus, ,)
38 n.north Levee.
Weinhyauser, Andrew, lab.laborer , r.residence 110 n.north Levee.
Weinhauser, Fred, clerk JohnJecko, , r.residence 114 s.south 2d.
Weinheimer, Michael, lab.laborer , r.residence ns.north side Trudeau, b. Co-
lumbus and DeKalb.
Weinhoff, Herman, barkeeper GeorgeGeissert, , r.residence
34 Cedar.
Weinlein, Joseph, lab.laborer , 36 Marion.
Weinieub, henry, trunkmaker , r.residence 201 n.north 12th.
Weinling, John.lab.laborer , al.alley bet.between 10th adn 11th. lafay-
ette and Emmet.
Weinreich, George A., grocer , 186 Carondelet av.avenue
Weinrich, John H., clerk , 186 Carondelet av.avenue
Weintmeier, mary, washing , 32 Spruce.
Weintmeler, Michael, bricklayer , r.residence 32 Sprouce.
Weinzettel, Charles, (Singer & Weinzettel,) r.residence
Hickory, bet.between 8th and 9th.
Weir, Albert M., student Jones’ Commercial
College , 3d c. Washington av.avenue
Weir, Robert C., r. al. bet. 6th and 7th, o’Fallon
adn Cass av.avenue
Weir, Walter, teacher , Bellefontaine, nr.near Penrose
Weirer, Antony, lab.laborer , r.residence rear ns.north side Davis bet.between 23d
and 24th.
Weinheide, Henry, carpenter , r.residence 109 n.north 16th.
weirick, Richard C., clerk C. S. Rogers & Co. , r.residence
121 s.south 5th.
Weis, Franz, shipcarpenter , r.residence 285 Carondelet av.avenue
Weis, Frank, striker , 19 Mound.
Weise, August, blacksmith , r.residence 14th, nw.north west c. Monroe.
Weise, Frank, blacksmith , r.residence 14th, nw.north west c. Monroe.
Weise, Frank, blacksmith , r.residence 332 s.south 7th.
Weise, Joseph, corpenter w.westHoughton, .
Weisel, Henrich, butcher , r.residence Congress, ne.north east c. Dott-
Weisemana, Frederick, carpenter , r.residence 128 n.north 9th.
Weiser, Peter H., foreman Gartside & Co. , r.residence ns.
Spring, b. 13th and 14th.
Weiser, Tony, painter , 1378 Broadway.
Weisert, John, cigarstore , 189 Carondelet av.avenue
Weishaupt, Rosina, wid.widow , Bremen av.avenue , bet.between 17th
and 18th.
Weisheier, Jacob, tailor , r.residence 13th, bet.between Howard and
Welssman, , printer , bds, 80 s, 5th.
weissman, Charles, lab.laborer , r.residence Chambers, c. 15th.
Weiss, Anna, wid.widow , 14 Carondelet av.avenue
Weiss, Carl, cabinetmaker , r.residence w87 Carondelet av.avenue
Weiss, Charles, bookeeper Meyer & Braun ,r.residence 128
Weiss, Charles, tanner , r.residence ws.west side Jackson, bet.between Carrell
and Soulard.
Weiss, Francis, cigarmaker , r.residence Hickory, c. 8th.
Weiss, Frank, blacksmith , r.residence 334 s.south 7th.
Weiss, Franz, brewer , r.residence 467 Carondelet av.avenue
Hats, Caps, &c., Wholesale and Retail, by our Hatter, keevil, 271 Broadway.