Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Kirchhoff, Ludwig, bricklayerr . DeKalb, se.south east cor.
Kirits, Peter. printer , 154n. 13th.
Kirk, , bds.boards 147 Market.
Kirk, Catharine. wid.widow , r.residence 49n. 9th.
Kirk, Frank, collector O. & M. Transfer Company ,
r.residence Collins. b. Florida and Columbia.
Kirk, George M., with s.south , H.Bailey, r.residence 149 Cham-
Kirk, James, lab.laborer , r.residence 128n. 8th.
Kirk, James, policeman , bds.boards 118n. 3d.
Kirk, Thomas, bds.boards 223 Market.
Kirkham, David. tobacconist , r.residence Park av.avenue ,c. Stod-
dard av.avenue
Kirkpatrick, Arthurstudent Jones’ Commer-
cial College , 3d, c. Washington av.avenue
Kirkpatrick, Charles, prod. mer. , 216 Carr.
Kirkpatrick, J., moulder Empire Stove Works .
Kirkpatrick, Miss Jane, r.residence 49n. 14th.
Kirkpatrick, Jasper, moulder , bds.boards Main, ne.cor.
Kirkum, Ellen, wid.widow Henry, , r.residence 19th,b. Orange and
Christy av.avenue
Kirkwood, George, clerk J.Michael, . r.residence 59s. 3d.
Kirkwurst, Jacob, stonecutter , bds.boards 8th and O’Fal-
Kirn, Frederick, saddler , r.residence 130n. 16th.
Kirn, George, grocer , r.residence 20th, ne.north east c. Estelle.
Kirn, Joseph. (Kirn & Hufnagle,) r.residence ss.south side Angel-
rodt. b.Broadway and 2d.
Kirn, Otila, wid.widow John, , r.residence 130 n.north 16th.
Kirscht, C. G., cigarmaker , bds.boards 61 s.south 7th.
Kirse, Joseph, lab.laborer , Mallinckrodt, bet.between 13th and
Kirshner, Gottleib, lab.laborer , r. al. b. Carr and Biddle,
17th and 18th.
Kirtley, Mary A., wid.widow St.streetClair, , r.residence 119 Chesnut.
Kirwan, Edward, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side University, bet.between 20th
and 21st.
Kirwan, Michael, tanner , r.residence ss.south side Barton, b. Jackson and Columbus.
Kirwick, Patrick, lab.laborer , r.residence 60 Plum.
Kisala, Rudolph, shoemaker , se.south east c. 10th and Mar-
Kisgen, Henry, butcher , bds.boards Franklin av.avenue ,cor.
Kishler, George, 7th Mo. cavalry, 84 Carr.
Kispehr, Frederick, blacksmith , r.residence 342n. 12th.
Kissell, Charles, printer Herald Des Glausbens , r.residence
71 8th.
Kissel, George, clerk People’s Savings Institution , 469s. 7th.
Kissel, Jacob, clerk , se.south east c. 11th and Lafayette.
Kissel, John, clerk , 109 Carondelet av.avenue
Kissell, William, printer Herald Des Glausbens , r.residence
71 8th.
Kissing, William, sutler , r.residence Armstrong av.avenue , bet.
Chouteau av.avenue and Rutger.
Kissner, John, lab.laborer , r.residence ss.south side Congress av.avenue , bet.between St.
Francis and Grand av.avenue
Kitchen, Louis L., carpenter Garnett & Withing-
ton .
Kittenreiner, Joachim, shipcarpenter , r.residence es.east side De-
Kalb, b. Lesperance and Picotte.
Kittle, Frederick, bootmaker , 106 Green.
Kittleman, Otto, at clothing department head-
quters Mo. , r.residence 160s. 2d.
Kivits, Albert, baker , r.residence Franklin av.avenue ,b. 14th and
Kivler, Carney, cooper , bds.boards c. 15th and Franklin
Kizler, John, lab.laborer , r.residence 24th, b. Morgan and Franklin
Klabe, Charles, saddler , bds.boards Franklin av.avenue ,b. 22d.
and 23d.
Kladiss, Henry. lab.laborer , r.residence Gamble av.avenue , sw.south west c. 21st.
Klaemann, Henry, lab.laborer , 277 n.north 12th.
Klaena, John, lab.laborer , r.residence ns.north side Warren, bet.between 15th and
Klages, Gastovus, bookkeeper . r.residence 115 Collins.
Klages, Henry, tailor , 402 Broadway, r.residence same.
Klages, Christian, (Klages and Petring,) r.residence 223 n.
Klages & Petring , (ChristianKlages, and Henry
Petring, ,) boxmakers , r.residence 81n. 11th.
Klain, Franz, wagonmaker , 255 Carondelet.
Klakes, Christopher, boxmaker , al.alley b. Biddle and
O’Fallon. 7th and 8th.
Klank, William, clerk CharlesHolmes, .
Klappltasch, Heinrich, brewer , r.residence ns.north side Sidney, bet.
Jackson and Columbus.
Klapproch, Louis, lab.laborer , r. al. es. 13th, b. O’Fallon
and Cass av.avenue
Klaren, Ciemens, (C. & G. Klaren,) 281 s.south 5th.
Klaren, George, (C. & G. Klaren,) 281 s.south 5th.
Klaren C. & G. , (ClemensKlaren, and George
Klaren, ,) Grocers , 281 s.south 5th.
Klasing, Conrad H., salesman Mitchell, Rammels-
berg & Co. , r.residence 138 s.south 4th.
Klatt, Wilhelm, lab.laborer , r.residence es.east side 3d, bet.between Harper and
Klauber, Adolph, tradesman , es.east side Hamtramck, bet.
Emmet and Julia.
Klauber, Bernhard, rag merchant , 224 Cass av.avenue
Klauenberg, William, turner , 12th, bet.between Angelrodt
and Buchanan.
Klaus, David, 12th Mo. Infantry, 110 n.north 15th.
Klaus, Gottfried, cooper , r.residence es.east side Jackson, nr.near Miller.
Klaus, Joseph, butcher , r. ws. al. b. Jackson and
Columbus, Marion and Carroll.
Klaus, Michael, huckster , 110 n.north 15 th.
Klausik, Thomas, lab.laborer , ss. Soulard, bet.between 11th and
Klausing, Conrad, salesman , 138 s.south 4th.
Klausing, Frederick, bricklayer , ws.west side 11th, bet.
Marion and Carroll.
Klauss, Dominick, lab.laborer , r.residence rear 264 n.north 12th.
Klaymayer, Henry, drayman , r.residence es.east side 13th, b. Madi-
son and Jefferson.
Kleager, Henry.lab.laborer , r.residence 8th, b. Carr and Wash.
Kleb, Antoine, saddler J. B. Sickles & Co.
Kleber, Anton, fruitstore , 224 s.south 2d.
Klecker, Henry, ns.north side Carrol,b. 11th and 12th.
Kleczka, Joseph, es.east side 10th, bet.between Soulard and La-
Klee, Henry, tobaccoroller Christian Peper , r.residence
11th, b. Wash and Carr.
Klee, Thekla, wid.widow John, , r. se. cor. Jackson and
Kiske, Theodore, coaldriver , ns.north side Soulard, bet.between 11th
and 12th.
Klee, William, tailor , r.residence 134 n.north 15th.
Klebaum, Herman, carpenter , Destrehan, b. 12th
and 13th.
Kleeburg, William, clerk Peter e.east Blow, .
Kleeburg, William, grocer , Bellefontaine, sw.south west c.
9th, r.residence 10th, cor.corner Salisbury.
Kleekamp, Frank, carpenter , r.residence 23d. c. Walnut.
Kleekamp, John C., (Mueller & Kleekamp,) r.residence
294 5th, cor.corner Rutger.
Kleemeier, Henry, drayman Baur & Bohle , r.residence n.
13th, bet.between Madison and Jefferson.
Kleescholte, Ernst, carpenter , r.residence Columbus, ne.north east c.
Kleet, Harry w.west , clerk J. M. Broadstreet & Son. ,
r.residence 14th. c. Papin.
Kleffman, William, lab.laborer , r.residence Franklin av.avenue , bet.between 15th.
and 16th.
Kleibocker, John H., salesman , John H.Kopple-, ,) r.residence 13th, bet.between Madison and Jefferson.
Kleibold, Theodore, teamster , r.residence ws.west side Jackson, bet.
Lafayette and Emmet.
Klein, , peddler , r.residence 75 Carondelet.
Klein, A. b.between , baker , r.residence 143 Biddle.
Klein, Adam, teamster , r.residence es.east side Carondelet, b. Har-
per and Dorcas.
Klein, Adam, temster , President, nr.near Carondelet
Klein, Albert, brushmaker , al.alley 7th and 8th, Mari-
on and carroll.
Hats, Caps. &c., Wholesale and Retail, by Our Hatter, Keevil, 271 Broadway.