Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, manufacturing establishments, business, business firms, etc., etc., in the city of St. Louis for ... /
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Life Insurance Company
Office: No. 69 Liberty Street, New York.

Established For The
Granting of all Descriptions of Insurances on Lives.

Special Feature:
Insures Lives declined by other Companies

Mack & Brawner ,
South West cor.corner Main and Chesnut Sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.,
General Agents
Missouri, Nebraska,
Kentucky, Kansas.

Communications from persons desiring to act as Agents of this Company in these
States, should be addressed to the General Agents.

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s.southMyers, ,
House And
Sign Painter ,
No. 32 Olive Street,
Between Second and Third Streets, And
207 Market Street,
Saint Louix.

Ph.Frank., M.Stadler.,

Frank & Stadler ,
House, Sign, Ornamental, Fresco,
Banner Painters ,
No. 27 Chesnut Street, bet.between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.

Saint Louis
Hat and Bonnet Bleachery,
No. 79 Pine Street, bet.between 4th and 5th, up stairs.

Metcalf & Spath ,
Bleaches, Dyes and Manufactures
Every Variety of Straw Goods.
Pattern Blocks and Machinery For Sale.
Orders from the country promptly attended to. Remember the Number.

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Jno. F.Thornton., Jno. F.Pierce.,

[missing figure]

Thornton & Pierce .
Livery and Sale
Walnut St.,bet.between Third & Fourth,
St. Louis.

J.Renz., F.Renz.,

Renz & Brother ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Cooking and Heating Stoves,
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Tin, Copper
And Sheet Iron Ware,

[missing figure]

No. 52 Market,
Between Third and Second Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

FrederickBolte, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Buck's Patent
Charter Oak,
New Era,
And All Kinds Of

[missing figure]

Heating Stoves
Wood or Coal.
&c.corner , &c.corner ,
Cheap for Cash

Nos. 387 and 389 Broadway,
bet.between O'Fallon and Bates Sts., St. Louis.

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G. F.Tower., J. G.Catlin., r.residence e.eastTower.,

Geo.F. Tower & Co.company ,
Successors to Cooley & Tower ,
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants ,
140 Second Street.

☞ Agents for Messrs.F.A. Cochran & Co.company , Importers of Liquors, Cigars,
Nuts, &c.corner , New Orleans.

[missing figure]

Engraver on Wood.
No. 35 n.north Third st.street
St. Louis

Ferd. F. Rozier & Co.company ,
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants ,
No. 132 North Second Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

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[missing figure]

Cray & Guerdan ,
South East cor.corner Second and Market Streets,
And 82 North Fourth Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

St. Louis Steam Candy Manufactory.

F.Walter, ,
Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of

[missing figure]

Fancy Fruits
Nuts, & c.corner
Factory, n.north e.east Corner Third and Myrtle Streets
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ All Candies manufactured in this establishment warranted to be of pure and
harmless materials.

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[missing figure]

r.residence F.Adams, ,
Photographic and Ambrotype
Chesnut, South Bast corner of Fourth Street.

Every description of Sun Pictures taken, from tbe smallest Locket to Life
Site, plain or oolored. Entire sutivfaction guaranteed in every case. Pictures of all
kinds copied equal to tbe original.

Rivers & Evans ,
Photographers ,
South East comer Fourth and Olive, No, 71,
St. Louis, Mo.

John A.Scholten, ,
Photographer ,
82 North Fourth Street.

☞ Cartes De Visits and Photographs executed in the highest style of the
Art. Gold, Ebony and Rosewood Frames, Ac., constantly on hand.

n.north B. Partionlar attention given to Porcelain Pictures.

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Varieties Theatre,
Market Street, bet.between 5th and 6th.

George J.' Deagle, ,-Business Manager .

EdwardBerry, , - - - - Stage Manager .

Open Every Night with a full and efficient Company.

New Novelties Always In Preparation.

Orchestra Chairs, 5O cts.
Boxes, - - $5 00
Colored Boxes, 30 cts.
Dress Circle, ... 35 cts.
Seats in Upper Private Boxes, 79 Cts.
Colored Gallery, - - - - 20 ots.

Box Office open daily from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

J. c.corner Barker, ,
Show & Advertising Card
Manufacturer ,
On Cards As Well As Glass,
50 Olive Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Buff & Kuhl ,
Manufacturers Of
Artificial Mineral Waters,
Carlsbad, Kis8Engen, Seltebs, Vichy, Spaa,
Pyrmont, Pullna, Eger, Marienbad, Racoczy,
And other Mineral Waters kept constantly draught and in bottles.

Fourth, n.north w.west Corner Elm.

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Large Arrivals
Of Spring and Summer

[missing figure]

Our Custom Department
Contains the Finest Selections of Imported
Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings.
Officers' Uniforms and Blouses
Fine Suits made to order In Six hours.
Large and Handsome Stock Of
Gentlemens' Furnishing Goods,
OakHall, .,
129, 131 & 133 Corner Fourth and Washington Avenue,
Saint Louis, Mo.

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John s.south Cavender, ,
Late Colonel 29th Regt Missouri

Edward 8.Rowse, ,
Late Chief Clerk in Office for
Payment of Discharged Soldiers.

War Claim Office,
No. 58 North Third Street, Nearly Opposite Fort Offloe,
St. Louis, Mo.

Cavender & Rowse ,

We Respectfully Call Your Attention to the following:
We collect Claims against tbe State of Missouri, growing out of or connected with
the Enroling, Organizing, Transporting and Furnishing Supplies to the
Enrolled Missouri Militia,
Or for Rents or Services rendered, and all Claims of whatever nature, connected with
the Militia of the State, adjusted and collected. We collect
The Back Pay and Bounty,
Due to deceased soldiers. We collect the Bounty due to soldiers discharged on ac-
count of wounds received in battle, or for more than two rears service.

We collect Pensions for
Widows, Mother, Orphans and Disabled Soldiers.
We collect the arrears of
Pay Due Officers,
And prepare their papers for final settlement. We buy, sell and eollect
Qttabtebmastebs' Vouchers.

We collect claims for supplies furnished the Army of the United States, for which
receipts or vouchers have been given which are informal, and also when no receipt
have been given.

We collect
Pay For Horses Lost In Battle,
Captured by the enemy, or lost in the service of the United States.

We collect
Prize Money.

We collect
Pay for Home Guard Service.

We collect the pay due the
Enrolled Missouri Militia.

In this connection we woald say that the State has made provision to pay off this
class of claims st an early day. We attend to all kinds of claims against the
Government of the United States and the State of Missouri.

Any business you may seod to us will be promptly and faithfully attended to.


Governor Thomas c.corner Fletcher, ; Colonel s.south P.Simpson, , Adjutant General of Missouri;
Colonel Meyers, , Chief Quartermaster Department of Missouri; Lieutenant Colonel n.north
w.west Brown, , Deputy Paymnster General U.s.south A.; Hon.James s.south Thomas, , Mayor of
St. Louis ; Messrs. Clark, Dodge & Co.company , Bankers , New York ; Wm.William H.Benton, , Esq.,
St. Louis; Messrs. Partridge & Co.company , St. Louis ; Messrs.s.south C- Davis A Co.company , St. Louis;
St. Louis Building and Saving)) Association ; Boatmen's Savings Institution , Accom-
modation Bank , St. Louis. Address

Cavender at Rowse ,
58 North Third street, St. Louis, Mo.

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Henry Bakewell & Son ,
Sheffield Steel Warehouse,
195 Main, Corner Morgan Street,
St. Louis, Established. 1849.

Manufacturers' Agents For the Sale Of
W M. Jessop & Sons
Celebrated best Bar and Sheet Cast Steel for all purposes, Double and Single Shear,
Blister Spring Plows, German and Toe Cork Steel, in store or imported to order.

Norway and Swedes Iron,
O.P.s.south Norway Nail Rods,
O.P. . and Other Brands.
Also Importers and Dealers In
English and American Files,
Horse and Mule Shoes, Horse Nails, Toe Corks, Wrenches, &c.corner , &c.corner

A. w.west Flohr, . Wm.William F.Meyer, .

Flohr & Meyer ,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Fancy Goods, Yankee Notions,
Hosiery, Gloves, Woolen Ano White Goods, &c.corner
No. 8 North Main Street,
Between Market and Chesnut Sts.,
Saint Louis.

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J. Hardy Son ,
Pork & Beef Packers,
Provision Dealers ,
Store, 91 North Second St.,
Pork House, Third St., Bet, Hazel & Convent,
St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand, of our own curing, the best quality of
New Hams, New Dried Beef,
New Breakfast Bacon, Beef Tongues,
New Mutton Hams, Bacon,
Pork and Beef, in Barrels and Half- Barrels,
Prime Leaf Lard, in Barrels, Half-Barrels and Kegs,
Pigs' Feet In Vinegar.

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The Missouri Land Company
Of St. Louis.

Incorporated by act of General Assembly of Missouri,
Feby. 18th, 1865.

Capital Stock, - - $500,000

Office, No. 12 North Fifth Street,
Between Market and Ohesnut, opposite Court House.

Directors ,

e.east w.west Fox, , Wm.William H.Benton, , w.west HMaurice, ,
MadisonMiller, , Chas. H.Howland, .

Officers ,

Chas. Ii.' Howland, , Pres't . Wm.William H.Maurice, , Vice Pres't .

MadisonMiller, , Land Commissioner ,

FelixCoste, , Treasurer .

Purchase and sell Real Estate of all descriptions, attend to the payment of taxes for
Non-residents, and the developement or sale of Mineral Lands ; also, give particular at-
tention to the iuvestraent of monies in Real Estate, or the loan, on Real Estate security.

Mawdsley & Mepham ,
Gas and Steam Pipe
40 n.north Third Street, bet.between Chesnut and-Pine,

[missing figure]

Wholesale & Retail Dealers in all Kinds of Chandeliers.

Always On Hand, All Kinds Of
Steam Pipe Fittings, Valves, Gauges, Stop Cocks.

And everything connected with Steam Pipe Work.

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White, Billingsley & Co.company ,
Wholesale Grocers ,
No. 106 n.north Second St.,
St. Louis, Mo.

B. P.Ober, , St. Louis.
J. s.south Hanson, , "

r.residence H.Ober, ,
New York.

A. O.Obr, ,
New Orleans.

Nanson, Ober & Co.company ,
Dealers In
Staple Groceries
Commission Merchants,
No. 106 North Segond St.,
St. Louis, Mo.

Ober, Nanson A Co.company New York. Ober, Atwateb & Co.company New Orleans.

Eli D.Scott, . w.west O'n.north Perkins, .

Scott & Perkins ,
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants ,
No . 117 Second Street,
Between Vine Stmt and Washington Avenue,
St, Louts, Mo.

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F.Barnum, . A.Fenner, . r.residence c.corner Barnum, .

Missouri Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store.
26 s.south Main Street,
Opposite Exchange, Saint Louis.

Sign of The

[missing figure]

Golden Yoke.

Barnum, Fenner & Co.company ,
Dealers In All Kinds Of
Agricultural Implements & Machines.
Garden, Crass, Field and Flower Seeds,
Reaper and Mowers, Threshers, Cctton Gins Horse Powers, Sulky
Corn Cultivators, Two-Horse Corn Planters, Wheat Drills,
Cider Mills, Washing Machines, Wringers, Plows,
Harrows, Cutting Boxes, &c, &c.corner

Leather and Rubber Belting.

send For Catalogue, Furnished Gratis.

Ford, Dixon & Co.company ,
(Successors to Sterling & Co.company ,)

[missing figure]

Saddlery Hardware,
107 and 109 Main Street,
Saint Louis.

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n.north Steenbock & Co.company ,
Manufacturers Of
White & Flannel Shirts,
Importers and Jobbers Of
Gent'S Furnishing Goods,
No. 61 North Main Street,
Corner. Olive,
Saint Louis.

JohnRingen, . HermanTimken, .

Ringen & Timken ,
Manufacturers and Dealers In
Tin. Copper and Sheet-Iron Wore,
Britannia Ware, Table Cutlery &c,
No. 139 Tstoi^Th Third St.,
bet.between Washington Ave. and Green,
St. Louis, - - Mo.

Sole Agents For
Little'S Patent Stoves.

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D. A.January, . J. T.Johnson, .

D.A. January & Co.company ,
Wholesale Grockers ,
No. 93 Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Personal Attention Given To Orders.

GustavusHoeber, ,
Importer Of
Wines and Cognacs.
And Wholesale Dealer in
Domestic Liquors,
No. 128 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Geoyer & Baker'S
Celebrated First Premium
Family Sewing Machines.

Important Facts For the Public.


The machines manufactured by the Grover A Baker Sewing Machine Company have
taken the First Premium at the late State Fairs held in New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, and California.


Tbe work executed by the Grover Baker Machines has received the First
Premium at every State Fair in the United States where it has been exhibited.


Experience proves that there are only two valuable sewing machine stitches—The
Grover A Baker Stitch, aud the Shuttle Stitch by some called “Lock
Stitch.” These stitches have each their peculiar merits and excellencies. For some
purposes the one stitch is better adapted, and for some purposes the other, and a selec-
tion should always be made accordingly.


Tbe Grover Baker s.south M.Co.company manufacture in addition to their celebrated Grover
A Baker Stitch machines, the most perfect Shuttle or “Lock Stitch” ma-
chines in the market, and afford purchasers the opportunity of selecting, after trial and
examination f both, the one best suited to theiifwants. Other companies manufacture
but one kind of machine each, and cannot offer this opportunity of selection to their


The Grover & Baker s.south M.Co.company are the only parties who manufaotnre and sell machines
which both Sew Perfectly and Embroider Perfectly.

☞ A pamphlet containing a sample of both the Grover A Baker Stitch and Shuttle
Stitoh in various fabrics, with full explanations, diagrams and ilinstratiens, to enable
purchasers to examine, teit and compare their relative merits, will be furnished, on re-
quest, trom pnr offices throughout the country. Those who desire machines which do
the best work, should not fail to send for this pamphlet, and tret and compare
these stitches for themselves.

Grover & Baker'S Sewing Machine Cotton

Will be found superior to any in tbe market. It is mad by the best European man-
ufacturers, and put up on spools of 200 or 500 yards, exprttely for the Grover A Baker
s.south M.Co.company In consequence of extensive and timely arrangements with these mannfac-
turers, we are able to sell this superior Cotton below the prttet qftjker leading manufac-

Grover & Baker'S Sewing Machine Twist

Long recognized as the best in the market, furnished in any quantities desired at
wholesale or retail at the lowest market prices.

Grover & Baker s.south M.Co.company ,
Salesrooms, 124 North Fourth Street, St. Louis, Mo.

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Henry VonPhul, . Jas. L.Waters, . A. T.Bird, .

Von Phul, Waters & Co.company ,
Wholesale Grocers
General Commission Merchants .
No. 127 North Second Street,
One door from Washington Ave., East side, Saint Louis.

Strode, Rubey & Co.company ,
Wholesale Grocers
Liquoe Dealers ,
No. 130 North Second Street, St. Louis.

Geo. w.west Simpkins, ,
Manufacturer Of
Alcohol, Refined Spirits
Copper Distilled Whisky.
Dealer In
Wines and Liquors,
Office, No. 63 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Distillery, No. 931 n.north Main Street.

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J. B. Sickles & Co.company ,
Wholesale Dealers In
And Importers Of
Saddlery Hardware,
142 main street,
Saint Louis.

B. J.McElhany, . H. P.Fellows, .

McElhany & Fellows ,
M. Mullin, Late With Moody, Michel & Co.company Agent.
Wholesale Dealers in
Staple and Fancy
Wines, Liquors & Cigars,
No. 116 North Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Particular attention given to Commission and fowarding and the sale of Produce.

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Lithographing Establishment.

Mackenzie & Gardner ,
Successors to Chas. Robyn & Co.company ,
Engravers and Practical
51 Chesnut Street, n.north e.east cor.corner Third.

Business Cards, Letter Heads, Checks,
Drafts, Notes, Bonds, Maps, &c.corner

Orders from the Country promptly attended to.

A. & e.east Kilburn ,
Manufacturers Of
Cigar Boxes,
No. 291-2 n.north Third Street,
Between Fine and. Chesnut,
St. Louis, Mo.

Keep constantly on hand a large assortment, ready trimmed.
Also, a variety of Labels, Edging, Cigar Nails, Plain
and Fancy Papers, Spanish Itibbon, &c.corner

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AdolphHeinickb, . John M.Estel, .

Heinicke & Estel ,
Importer of and Wholesale Dealers in

[missing figure]

China, Glass and Queensware,
Looking Glasses, Coal Oil Lamps, Britannia ware, &c.corner ,
Tea Trays, Table Outlery, & c.corner ,
No. 26 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Assorted Crates for the Country trade kept on hand. Particular attention paid to Packing.

Gallery of Oil Paintings.

JamesWilkinson, , Proprietor .

Portrait and Landscape Painting,
In Every Variety At
Prices To Suit the Times.

Of All Kinds
Colored in Oil and Water.

Old Oil Paintings
Cleaned and Repaired in an Artistic manner.

36 Fine Street,
St Louis, Mo.

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r.residence D.Lancaster, ,
House and Real Estate Agent ,
Will Rent Houses, Collect Rents, Attend to Repairs, Pay-
Tax, Buy and Sell Real Estate, &c,
Office No. 64 Chesnut Street,
Between Third and Fourth Streets, St. Louis, Mo.


IsaacWalker, , Esq.. D. A.January, . Esq., Hon.JosephO'Niel, ,
John RShipley, . Esq., Dr.Thos.O'Rielly, , r.residence LJones, , Esq.,
Hon A.Hamilton, . Hon.JohnDoyle, , JohnRiggin, , Esq.,
Dr H. VanStudiord, , KnoohPrice, . Esq.. SamuelJacoby, , Esq.,
L. H.Terry, , Esq., Dr.r.residence w.west Oliphant, , M.Kaphaelsk, , Esq.,

c.corner H.Gellenbeck, . John L.Link, .

Gellenbeck & Link ,
Manufacture and Dealers In all kind of
Coffin Trimmings
Electro Silver Plating and Gilding,
Also all sorts of
Faney Brass Castings
Made to order.
No. 1 South Ninth Street,
Between Market and Walnut Streets, St. Lowts, Mo.

G.Morgens, ,
St. Louis Steam Dyeing
Scouring, Finishing and.
Watering- Establishment.
No. 4 South Fourth Street,
Between Market and Walnut, West Side. St. Lous, Mo.

DanielKerwin, ,
Steamboat and General
Manufacturer of every Description of
Machine, Railroad, Bridge and Car Bolts,
Wheel Stirrups, Flange & Circle Bolts, &c.corner
No. 314 Main Street,
Between Carr and Biddle Streets, St. Looms, Mo.

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Saint Louis Theater.

Pine Street,

[missing figure]
bet.between Third & Fourth.

BenDebar, , - - . Proprietor .

KOoeei, , ... Acting Manager .

Open Ever Night, with a
Full Dramatic Company

Engagements have been made with all the most
Popular Stars,
Who Will Appear In Rapid Succession.

Dress Ciecle, Orchestra Seats and Balcony Circle, 75c.corner Pit And
Gallery, 25c.corner

Box Office open daily from 10 a.m. till 3p m., for the securing of seats.

P.Gleason, , Treas'r .

Ice Cream
Ladies' Restaurant .

Imported Wines
Of the Best Brands;
French Imported Cordials, Cognacs, &c, &c.corner

French Cookinc,
For Dinners, Paeties, &c, in every variety and in superior

By e.eastGuenaudon, ,
105 Washington Ave., bet.between 5th & 6th, near Lindell Hotel.

Orders from the Country, for the above articles, aud every thing in their line care-
fully paqked and punctually delivered.