Edwards' annual directory to the inhabitants, institutions, incorporated companies, business, business firms, manufacturing establishments, etc., in the city of Saint Louis
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Designated Depositary And Fisanoail Agent Of The United States.

Capital, $300,000. Surplus, 880,000.

Second National Bank Of St. Louis.

Geo.George H.Rea, . President e.east D.Jones, , Cashier .

U.S.United States Securities Of Every Description,
Bought And Sold On Most Favorable Terms.

Exchange On The Principal Cities Of The Union
Always On Hand.

Bills On Europe Furnished In Sums To Sutp Purchasers.

Collections Made On All Accessible Points
At Lowest Possible Raties.

Deposits of Gold and Current Funds Received.

Interest allow on Time Deposits at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum, for Three
Months; 6 per cent. for Six Months.

e.east D.Jones, , Cashier .

Rohrer'S Commercial College
Nos. 210 and 212 North Fourth St.Street ,
Between Pine and Olive, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

Open Day and Evening, for the Instruction of Young Men in
Book-Keeping, Penmanship,

[missing figure]

LouisRohrer, ,..

Author of Rohere's Book-keeping, and pro

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Established 1854.

The First Premium
Was Awarded To
The Empire Saw Works
For The Best

Saws And Mndrels,
At the first and last Pairs of the
Saint Louis
agriculatural & Mechanical
Association, '56 &67.'

Curtis & Co.company
Manufacturers of Patent Ground and every description of
Warranted Best Refined Cast Steel

Saw Mandrels of a superior quality.

Barlow's and Stone's Patent Saw Gummers, "the best in use."

Rubber and Leather Belting, files, &c., &c.

Mill Furnishings generally at Manufacturers' Lowest Prices.

☞Prompt and careful attention given to repairing Circular Saws.

Works, Main St., above Fiorida: office and Warerooms, 117 vinc,
St. Louis, Mo.

H. s.south Platt, . RortThornburgh, .

Platt & Thornburgh ,
And Dealers In
ts, Oils, Window Glass.

great variety at Manufacturers' Prices.

Hite Lead.
S, Dry & In Oils,
mper, for Grainers' use, in great
and warranted pure.

enth and Franklin Avenue,
St. Louis.

any part of the city.

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St. Louis
Saw Works

Branch, Crookes & Co.company
Proprietors .

[missing figure]

Manufacturers Of
Warranted Extra Fine Cast Steel
Of all descriptions now used in the United States, consisting of
Circular Saws, Cross Cut, Tenon, Mill, Mulay Mill, Pit Gang,
Will Webs, Billet Webs, Felloe Saws, Veneer,
Segments and Turning Webs,
Foksalk At Our Warehouse,
Nos. 116 & 118 Vine St., bet. Main and Second,
Saint Louis, - - - Missottrl.

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Saint Louis
Aericultural Warehouse And Seed Store.

Established 1845, By Wm.William M.Plant, .

☞ Sign of the Gilt Plos. ☜

[missing figure]

This Cut represents our New Cast Steel Chpper Plow, with slip share.

Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company
Successors to Plant & Bros., proprietors of the St. Louis Agricultural Warehouse
and Seed Store, established 1845: and Tobey & Anderson, proprie-
tors of the Peoria Steel Plow Works, established 1843;
Manufacturers Of The
Celebrated Peoria Hardened Steet

All our Plows are made with Sllip shares, which will enable the Farmer to order any
number of duplicate shares, which he can attach to the Plow himself.

Plows Delivered at Peoria or St. Louis, at option of Purchaser.

Also Dealers In Every Variety Of
Farm Machinery, Tools, Grass Seeds,
And Plants Warranted Garden Seeds;
Reapers; Mowers; Horse Powers; Hay and Cotton Presses; wheat Brills;
Sugar Cane Crushers; Clover Hullers; Cotton Gins; Portable Steam Engines;
Saw. Corn and Flour Mills; Rubber and Hemp Steam Packing; Lace Leather;
Leather And Rubber Belting And Hose;
Howe's Standard Seales; Pumps, &c., &c.

Call And Examine Our Stock And Prices.

☞ Send for our Catalogue, furnished gratis at our warehouses, or by mail when five cents is
sent to preopay the postage.

The late firm of Plant & Bro. would tender to their old friends and customers their sineere
thanks for the liberal patronage extended to them through a business course of twenty-three
years, and would solicit a continuance of the same for the new firm.

All goods manufactured or sold by us warranted equal to representation.

Very respectfully.

St.Street Louis, Mo., 1868. Plant Bros., Pratt & Co.company

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Western States Agricultural Co.company

Gneral Manuracturers' Agency For The Leading
Gricultural Goods of the Country.

All Goods Furnished At Factory Prices.

Semple, Birge & Co.company

We represent exclusively

[missing figure]

The Dodge Combined Reaper and Mower; Chicago Pitts Thresher;
Gaar's Portable Engines and Threshers; Star Cotton Gins;
Doak's Combined Planter and Cultivator; Mishawaka Plows;
Winchester and Partridge & Co.'s Wagons; Temple's Chicago Pumps;
Fowler & Wicks' Hay Pitchers and Gatherers;
Nash A Cutt's Fanning Mills; Keystone Grain Drills;
Superior Grain Drills; Hughes' Corn Planters;
Bradford's Portable Mills; Burdick's National Hay and Fodder Cutter.

A full stock of Road Scrapers; Corn Shellers; Cider Mills; Churns; Washers sod Wringers;
Hay Rakes; Corn Crushers; Wheelbarrows ; Harrows; Oxyokes;
Horse Pitchforks; Cane Mills ; Sugar Condensers;
Field Rollers ; Saw Mills; Horse Powers;
And The Most Complete Assortment Of
Small Tools, Hoes, Forks, &c, in the West.

Semple, Birge & Co.company ,
No. 13 South Main St., St. Louis.

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PhillipReiss, .
Mamifacturer of all kinds of
Traveling And Packing

[missing figure]

Valises, Carpet Bags, &c C.,
Wholesale And Retail.
No. 122 & 124 Market Street,
Betweeb Main and Second.
St. Louis, - - Missouri.

John C.Zallee, ,
Merchant Tailor .

Paris Exposition.

Our old friend. J. C.Zallee, . No. 110 Olive Street, has achieved a triubmph that,
if it does not render his name immortal, will mark him as a brave man and most con-
summate artist. Mr. Zallee, doubting the generally accepted theory that Paris is the
world in regard to fahion,s made a suit of gentlemen's clothing, and sent it to the
Exposition at paris, to compete for the prize, where there has been competition from
all parts of the world, from the finest artists and mechanica in the talloring line, where
all the crowned heads of the Continent have been to witness the competition in the
industrial productions of the civilized world. Late advices from the Grand Exposition
report Mr. Zallee successful, and St. Louis has the honor of having produced the
finest gentlemen's clothing in this great competition; and our city should take a pride
in the success of one of our own artizans, who so boldly and successfully accepted a
challenge thrown down by Paris, the heretofore acknowledged fountain-head of all

And in addition, we would say that, at this year's (the Seventh Annual) Fair,
Mr. Zallee has achieved a still greater triumph than he did at Paris. He has been
awareded by the judges the first premium for a whole suit—coat, vest and pants;
besides which, all our citizens who are competent judges award him their patron-
age; for a better fit, either abroad or at home, cannot be had than at his. Eatablish-
ment, No.110 Olive Street, hetween Main and Second.

Persons whishing fashionable clothing, should not fail to give Mr. Zallee a call,
for, in the matter of taste and skill, he has no superior.

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Incorporated 1867.

Sanint Louis
Woolen Manufacturing Co.company
716 North Fifth Street,
St. Louis, Missouri,

[missing figure]

Manufacturers Of
Fancy, Plain & Doeskin Cassimers,
Fulled Cloths, Jeans, Yarns, Plaids,
Checks, Linseys, Flannels, Blankets,
Carbuqk Trimmers' Cloth.

Wool Bought At Highest Market Rates.

Cloth Exchanged For Wool On Liberal Terms.

s.southThorp, ,
Wool And Feathers
Bought at Highest Market Rates.

No. 716 North Fifth St.,
Saint Louis.

Cloth Exchanged for Wool on Liberal Terms.

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W.A. Cuiou & Co.company ,
Cordge House
No. 104 North Second Street,
St. Louis, - Missouri.

The especial attention of Merchants is invited to the well assorted Stock of Cordage
in great variety, cosisting of
Manilla Rope,
In different length coils, from 303 to 600 feet
Manilla Cord,
6, 9 and 13 Thread.
Manilla Baleing,
2.3 ami 4 Thread.

For Baleing Hny and Tying Hides. A well assorted selection of
Flax, Hemp, Cotton and Jute Twines, Cotton and Hemp cord.

The "Empire Mills," a superior twine for hardware and heavy wrapping;
Flax Twine, in bank or ball, made especially for Bookbiners use;
The "Andover Sail Twine," for canvassing hams,
and sewing purposes, the best in use. Porkpackersssss
will save money by using this Twine.

Potent Cotton Seine Twine, Hemp Sash and Bell Cord, Hemp and Manilla Lath Yarn.
Spun Yarn, White and Tarred Marlin, Ratlhi, Tarred Rope, Dressed Hemp and No. 2
Packing Yarn, Navy. American Navy, and best American Navy Oakum. Blocks; and a
complete assortment of Goods to be found in this line, which, we offer at a fractional
advance over Easter transportation. ☞ Call or send for Price List.

n.north B.—Cable Laid Rope amde at short notice for boreing or oil developing.

Reliable And Pure Medicines Warranted.

Enno Sander & Co.company ,
Druggists ,
Under Barnim's and ander Southern Hotel,
St. Louis,-Missouri.

Importers Of
European Chemicals & Drugs,
Toilet And Fancy Articles,
Surgical and Philosophical Instruments,&c., &c.

EnnoSander, ,
Manufagtuheet Of
Standard Medicines & Pure Chemicals,
209 to 213 Myrtle Street, St Louis, Ma.

☞ Drags powdered and ground; Chemicals and Medicines manufactured to order. Special
attention paid to the analysis Muerals, Ores, &c., &c.

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Furniture Warehouse.

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Furniture And Mattresses.

[missing figure]
A fine and large stock of Parlor, Bedroom,
Dining-Room & Office Furniture
Always on Hand.

F.Hase, . H.Gosejohan, .

F. Hase & Co.company
No. 821 North Sixth Street,
Between Morgan & Franklin Ave., St. lOuis, Mo.

Missouri Mutual Life
Insurance Compnay
Of St. Louis.


TheronBarnum, , President . George H.Bender, , Secretary .

Isaac L.Garrison, , Vice-Presidetn . ThomasJessop, , General Agent .

r.residence M.Jordan, M.D.,
Medical Examiner .

e.east H.Gregory, M.D.,
Consulting Physician .

Sharp & Broadhead ,
Legal Advisers .

Directos .—TheronBarnum, , formerly of Barnum's Hotel; Isaac L.Garri-, , Pres. Home Mutual Ins. Co.; D. T.Wright, , Pres. Western Mutual Ins Co.;Josepe
Hodgamn, , Vice-Pres. Home avings Bank; Joseph W.Branch, , of Branch, Crookes & Co.;
B. W.Alexander, , Of B.w. Alexander & Sons; Geo.George M.Fichtenkam, , Sec. Borad Public
Schools; ChristianStaehlin, , Phoenix Brewery; George H.Bender, , Secretary .

Profits of the Co. divided annually and paid in Cash on division.

All Policies Nonforfeitabel From Issue.

Every Description of Life and Cudowmanet Folicies Issued.

Office: No/ 701 Olive Street,
corner of Seventh, Saint Louis Mo.

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JohnHow, ,
Hide & Leather
Nos. 701 and 703 n.north Main Street,
Corner Of Green,
St. Louis, Mo.

James F.How, ,
Successor to
How, Harrington & Co.,
No. 515 Main Street,
St. Louis, - - Missouri.

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G.Morgens, . W.Morgens, .

Morcens & Bro.Brothers
St. Louis Steam
Dyeing, Scouring,

The Advertisers Dye in every variety of Color all descriptions of Silk and Woolen Dresses, Italian and Canton Crapes, Moreen and
Damask, Merino and silk velvet, Straw and Horsehair Bonnets, and all kinds of mixe Goods.

They also clean the following Goods in a very superior manner, as
Grape, woolen and Broche shawls, silk and Merino Dresses,
Piano and Table Covers, Carpets and Rugs. Every descriptionof Gentlemen's Garments Cleaned and Dyed without ripping.
Silk And Silk Dresses Watered.

[missing figure]

Particular attention paid to all Canton Fabrics. Heavy and embroidered Crape shawls Cleaned and Bleached in a pure white,
also Dye and Finished in the latest Paris and New York style. Heavy Satin and Velvet Dyed and origianl texture preserved.

Feathers, Velvet and Kid Gloves all Cleaned inthe best manner.

Swedenborg's Works,
And a general assortment of new Church Books, for salw at The St. Louis Book And News Co.company ,
No. 207 North Fourth Street.

Finishing and Watering Establishment,
No. 5 South Fourth St.,
Between Marfeot aud Walnut, Went Side,
St. Louis, Mo.

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Marine Insurance Company
Of St. Louis.

Chartered In 1837.

D.Hough, , President . H. W.Hough, , Secretary .

Fire Risks Taken, Marine risks taken,
Fire Risks Taken, Marine risks taken,
Rire risks taken, marine risks taken.

This Company having no Agencies, its Large Capital and Sorplns enable it to
accommodate its Customers with Short Time Loans.

Premiums Cash at end of Each Month.

Losses Promptly Settled.

Offices. s.south W. Car, Main and Pine Sts.,
Over Traders' Bank.

Geo.George C.wolfe, . Geo.George A.Hynes, .

Wolff & Hynes ,
Dealers In
Brandies, Gins,
Bourbon, Rye & Rectified Whiskies,
Cigars, Tobacco,
Mississippi Valley Bitters, Fish Bitters, Hostetter's Bitters,
Drake's Bitters,
Champagnes of all kinds, &c., &c.,
No. 4 South Levee,
City Buildings, St. Louis, Mo.

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Globe Mutual
Life Insurance Co.company ,
Of New York.

Capital, - - - $1,171,193.56

PlinyFreeman, ,
President .

H. C.Freeman, ,
Secretary .

LoringAndrwews, ,
Jno; A.Hardenbergh, ,
Vice-Presidents .

All Policies non-forfeitable. Dividends paid annually in cash.

Policies issued for amounts ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 on a single life.

This Company Insures at rates which will compare favorably with those of any
other responsible Company, and grants free permits for Southern travel at all seasons
of the year.

It grants Annuities on the most favorable terms.

The experience of its Officers is unsurpassed in this Country, which is shown by
its success since organization.

By the provisions of its Charter, the entire surplus belongs to the Policy Holders,
and must be paid to them in Dividends, or reserved for their greater security.

It pays its Losses promptly and equitably, and as it receives only a Cash Premium,
so it makes no deduction for Notes.

It is in every respect a staunch and reliable Company, and is deserving of the
confidence of the public.

Wm.William A.Brawner, , Manager ,
No. 317 Olive Street,, Saint Louis.

Ed. M.McArdle, ,
Benj.Kimball, ,
I. n.north Hall, ,
Special Agents .

James F.Johnson, M.D.,
Medical Examiner .

Medical Examiner attends daily, from 3 to 4½ P.M.

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Home Mutual
Fire And Marine
Insurance Company
Of St. Louis, Missouri.

Chartered 1845.

Office, S W.southwest Cor.corner Fine And Second Streets,
Over The Mechanics' Bank.

J. J.Montgomery, ,
Secretary .

I. L.Garrison, ,
President .

The Great Western
Fire Insurance Company
Of St. Louis, Mo.

Chartered 1364.

Office, s. W.southwest Corner Pine And Second Streets,
Over The Mechanics' Bank.

J. J.Montgomery, ,
Secretary .

Isaac L.Garrison, ,
President .

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Edwards & Co.company
Publishers ,
St Louis & Newyork

Publishers of Directories,
St Louis, Louisville,
New Orleans, Memphis.
Nashville, Leaven Worth
Milwaukee, St. Joseph,
State Gazetteers.
Commercial Directories
&c., &c.,

Edwards' Annual
To The
Inhabitants, Institutions,
Incorporated Companies,
Manufacturing Estab-
lishments, Business,
Business Firms,
ets., ets.,
In The
City Of St. Louis,
For 1868.

Publisher .

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James C.Edwards, . Phillip s.south Lanham, . John F.Long, .

Edwards, Lanham & Long ,
Real Estate Agents ,
Auctioneers, Notaries Public, Conveyancers, Surveyors,
Bond and Stock Brokers,
Office 416 Walnut Street, under Southern Hotel,
Saint Louis, Mo.

J.e.east Kaime & Bro.Brothers ,
(Successors to Webb & Kaime,)
House & Real Estate Agents ,
No. 311 Washington Avenue,
Between Third And Fourth Sts.,
St. Louis, - - - - Missouri.


[missing figure]

Los Angelos,
New Jersey.

Harry M.Sherman, ,
(Late Of Saint Louis,)
AlfredSpeer, ,
Producer and Wholesale Delare in
Pure Grape Wines,
Salesroom, 243 Broadway,
Opposite city Hall park, New York.

Speer'S Natire Wines; Speer'S Port Grape Wine; Speer &
co's P.J. California Port; Speer & Co's P.J. California Sherry
Wine; Speer & Co's P.J. California Brandy; also Imported wines
and Liquors.

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[missing figure]

History Recording On Time The Events Of Nations

To the Mayor and Common Council of St Louis:

To you as the guardians of the welfare of the city, we dedicate
this, the Tenth Volume of the St. Louis Directory. As the reputation
and prosperity of this great and flourishing 6ity increases ahrpad and at
home, it is you who foster and perpetuate it. It is you who watch
over and develope the resources of the Mound' Oity, and welcome the
stranger to the hospitality of its citizens.

RichardEdwards, .

Officers Of The City Government.

Hon.Honorable James s.south Thomas, Mayor
JosephDeggendorf, Comptroller
ErnstSussisky, Treasurer
Jesse W.Heath, Register
Phil. H.Murphy, Auditor

Members Of The City Council.

AugustusKr1Kckhaus, , President ; Henry s.south Parker, , Vice President ; W. A.Ken-, , Clerk ; K. C.Katz, , Sergeant-at-Arms .

First Ward-augustEttling, ; Second Ward—AugustusKrieckhaus, and John C.
Finck, ; Third Ward—J. HenryAmelung, and Chas. W.Gottschalk, ; Fourth Wara
—Geo.GeorgeFriudrich, nnd AnthonyIttner, ; Fifth Ward—AnthonyNiedkrweiser, and
DavidPowers, ; Sixth Ward—Chas. A.Mantz, and EraetusWells, ; Seventh Ward—
Geo.GeorgeBabcock, and Chas. W.Horn, ; Eighth Ward—Wm.WilliamBosbysell, and r.residence D.Lan-, ; Ninth Ward—JohnO'Brien, and Sol. J.Qujnlivan, ; Tenth Ward— Patrick
Diuscoll, and M. W.Hogan, ; Eleventh Ward—H. s.south Parker, and Chas.Schoenrick, ,
Twelfth Ward—Chas.Borg, .

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Laclede Hotel,
St. Louis, Missouri.

This elegant first class Hotel—a five story marble building—is now open for guests, at the
cor.corner of Fifth and Chesnut Streets,
Being on the Fashionable Promenade of the City, and very conventent to the business centre,
and all place of amusement.

The street cars pass the door every three minutes, connecting this central location with all the
distant portions of the city—the Pacific Railroad, North Missouri Railroad, and Iron Mountain
Railroad Depots.

The Furniture, Beds, Bedding, and whole of the House is new, and complete with all
apporved new applicances for first class hotel keeping.

The table will be kept supplied with the best the market affords, and every effort made to
secure the comfort of our patrons.

Brolaski & Malin .

Terms, $4.00 Per Day.

P.s.south —Our Coaches or Omnibuses will be in attendance on the arrival of Trairs or Steamboats
to convey guests to the Hotel.

☞ Tickets over all Railroad or Streamboat Routes can be had at the Office.☜

D. RobertBarclay, ,
Attorney At Law
Attends Especially To The
Investigation of Titles to Real Estate
And Convkyancing,
Office, No. 80 Chesnut Street,
In Kennett'S Building.

WilliamSigerson, ,
(Successor to Sigeraon & Brinck),
House and Real Estate Agent
And Conveyancer,
Office, 420 Walnut Street,
Under the Southern Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Particular attention given to Subdividing Suburban Property and Farms for Auction
Sales; collecting House Rents; Selling City and Country Real Estate; Negotiating Loans, and

H.B. Graham & Bro.Brothers ,
Paper Dealers ,
New No. 311, Old 82 North Second Street,
St. Louis.

☞ Cash Paid Fob Bags.

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H. W.Leffingwell, . W. B.Swan, .

H.W. Leffingwell & Co.company ,
Real Estate Dealers ,
Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public, Auctioneers and Conveyancers,
No. 320 Chesnut St.,
St. Louis, - - Missouri.

Stock Sales.

The Undersigned beg loave to announce to the Public that they will resamt their Regular Sales of
Stocks, Bonds, &c., at the Union Merchants' Exchange, on and after
the first Monday in January, 1868.

Patronage respectfully solicited.

Regular Sale Days—Mondays and Thursdays.

Ben. W.Lewis, Jr., of Lewis Bros. & Co.company

Th. J.Bartholow, ,
Jas. w.Lewis, ,
Of B.w. Lewis & Bros. , Glasgow, Mo.

Jno. B.Perry, , President Union Pacific Railway Co.company , Eastern Division.

Bartholow, Lewis & Co.company
Bankers ,
No. 324 North Third Street,
Corker Of Locust.
St. Louis, - - - - - - Missouri.

Possessing large means and ample facilities, respectfully solicit business in their line from their
friends and the public.

Drafts on England, Ireland and Continent of Europe
For Sale.

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Union Steam Mill
Company ,
Organized, under the Greneral Corporation Laws of the State.

[missing figure]

Office And Mill On The Levee, South Of Florida Street,
Saint Louis, Missouri.